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Jersey County Pensioners

Certificate No. Name of Pensioner P.O. Address Cause for Pension
191490 Alexander,Andrew J Elsah gsw back
182327 Anderson,James M. Delhi dis. Lungs
54646 Barrit, Patrick Jerseyville loss r. index finger
125526 Barry, Edward L. H. Jerseyville emphysema
188762 Bell, Martha Otterville dep. mother
24098 Bell, Mary E. Jerseyville widow
204584 Boon, Peter Rosedale gsw r. leg
158786 Burley, Joel East Newbern rheum, dis. Heart
61353 Butts, Wm Fieldon wd. L. thigh
113081 Campbell, John C. Jerseyville ch. Conjunctivitis
19051 Chadwell, Thos. H Jerseyville wd. R. hand
152052 Chaput, Joseph A. East Newbern inj. Chest
197009 Cockrell, Jesse East Newbern axe wd. L. foot
64121 Davenport, Wm Grafton wd. L. foot
38284 Devol, Hannah Otterville widow
212862 Diamond, Wm Jerseyville gsw r. thigh
92307 Dooley, Thos Grafton wd. L. leg
161707 Doron, Duval Elsah dis. lungs
115196 Dugan, John W. Jerseyville wd. L. groin
82880 Estes, Sarah A. Jerseyville widow
156614 Felty, Samuel Jerseyville wd. L. arm
32538 Frances, James K. Elsah inj. L. hip
42882 Gaston, Elizabeth Jerseyville widow
167679 Gilham, William Elsah inj. To abd
127166 Goshorn, Wm. Fieldon wd. R. thigh, hand, & l. knee
30335 Gowin, Sylva Otterville widow 1812
30115 Grether, Wm. M. Rosedale wd. R. foot&ankle
121099 Hartley, Nev Elsah wd. Abdomen
204222 Hartley, Ruthven P. Elsah gsw l. arm&breast
799 Hays, Elis’th Fieldon widow
29364 Hughes, Peter Jerseyville inj. Head & c
136434 Husk, William Elsah wd. L. shoulder
51656 Kadel, Valentine Jerseyville wd. L. side head
222109 Kelly, Joseph A. Otterville inj to abdomen
128589 Lewis, Charles Delhi wd. R. hand
17704 Lovell, Jr., Henry C. Jerseyville wd. R. leg
178684 Lucas, Lydia Newbern dep. Mother
174270 Masten, Cornelius S Jerseyville gsw l. shoulder
186373 McCarty, Michael Grafton gsw r. foot,rheum., var.veins r. leg
22865 McDow, Matilda Newbern widow 1812
212914 Mendoza, Cedro Newbern gsw r. arm
174752 Mott, John Newbern wd. R. hand
21087 Murphy, Milton Fieldon anch. L. hip joint
172335 Orm, Philanda Ann Jerseyville widow
117298 Owens, Wm. Jerseyville total blindness
24002 Philip, Wagner Elsah deafness, loss of teeth, gsw thru face
47864 Porter, Lucinda D. Elsah widow
32719 Powell, Dorcas Ann Jerseyville widow 1812
14757 Pruitt, Mary Fidelity widow 1812
20783 Schubert, Mary D.W Jerseyville widow
194510 Shea, Dennis Grafton wds.both thighs, & var. veins l. leg
147771 Sherman, John H. Elsah anch. L. knee
129190 Simpson, Geo. W Fieldon wd. L. leg
79967 Smith, John Grafton wd. Back, r. should
142255 Spry, Sarah Fieldon widow
153055 Summerscales, Jesse Grafton wd. L. forearm
205560 Swartswelter, Abner Otterville loss sight l. eye
109444 Turner, William T. Fieldon gsw hand, loss left finger
10802 Vance, Mary W. Fidelity widow
102041 Walters, Harriet C. Fieldon widow
56249 Watts, Jannet Fidelity mother
8620 West, John C. Jerseyville dis.abd viscera
96076 White, Geo. W. Fieldon wd. Both thighs
117391 Wilson, Wm S. Elsah inj. R. side &chest

From Marty Crull.

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