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Surnames L – ZThis list of Veterans burials in Jersey County was compiled by Marty Crull from on-site tombstone readings, Honor Roll by Illinois Veterans Commission 1956, Jersey County Histories, contact with family members, queries in Historical Society newsletters, etc. His list has more recent burials, some in the 1990’s. Marty is interested in obtaining any letters from Veterans while they were serving and would like to compile a publication associating these letters with some of the Vets found in this listing. If you had a Vet with a Jersey County connection (doesn’t have to be a resident of Jersey) please contact Marty Crull, [email protected]

The following message is found in the front of the book IVC published. Honor Roll of Veterans Buried in Jersey County Illinois – 1956. State of Illinois, Illinois Veterans’ Commission. “Through legislation by the 68th General Assembly, the Illinois Veterans’ Commission was charged with the responsibility of compiling, publishing, and distributing an up-to-date Honor Roll. This Honor Roll includes the names, burial places, and other related information concerning all members of the Armed Forces of the United States buried in the State of Illinois. The intent of this legislation was to provide a record to assist in honoring our dead. This booklet contains the names of those veterans buried in this county prior to July 1, 1955. The burials are listed by cemetery and are as correct as possible. In some instances it has been impossible to locate the graves and available records have not always supplied needed information. The Illinois Veterans’ Commission wishes to acknowledge the contribution made by the individual members of the various veteran organizations in obtaining the data contained in this publication.”

CODES used:
CD = Cemetery Data
CW = Civil War
HR = Honor Roll (IL Veterans Commission)
MA = Mexican-American War
SA = Spanish American War
RW or Rev. War = Revolutionary War
WWI = World War I
WWII = World War II


Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

LAHEY, Gerald R.,1939,1967,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

LAHEY, Robert,1889,1918,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

LAKE, Frank L.,26 Mar 1933,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ USA

LAMARSH, Henry Ernest,10 Mar 1945,Scenic Hill Cem.,WWI QMC 307 Railroad DET

LAMARTA, Arthur E.,20 Feb 1923,19 Dec 1982,Noble Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

LAMMY, John Louis L.,15 May 1943,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ Co G 17 INF

LANDON, Linley,16 May 1932,Grimes Neely Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co B 154 ILL INF

LANE, John W.,5 Mar 1901,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co F 14 ILL INF

LANGE, Fred H.,30 Oct 1907,20 Nov 1987,Gunterman Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

LANGE, Norman,1877,Bott Cemetery,Civil War

LANGLEY, James Sullivan,1889,1957,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ Co 153 Depot Brig

LANGLEY, Merle E.,3 May 1923,2 Apr 1962,Rosedale Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

LANHAM, Fred Ebert,25 Sep 1952,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 3 Co Dis Detach

LANHAM, Thomas Elmer,25 Jan 1945,Oak Grove Cem.,WWI ~ BTY C 6 FARD

LARABEE, William,Civil War

LARBEE, William,1912,Newbern Cemetery,Civil War

LARBEY, James,1919,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ USN

LARBY, William,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co H 10 ILL INF

LAWRENCE, Melvin J.,1916,1979,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

LAWSON, Bernard,30 Sep 1921,25 Apr 1988,East Newbern Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

LEACH, Clarence Roy,1901,1960,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI

LEE, John C.,Brown Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 61 ILL INF

LEGATE, Edward Kirby,Civil War

LEGATE, Thomas W.,1896,1944,Rosedale Cemetery,WWI

LEGATE, William F.,Meadow Branch Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co G 144 ILL INF

LEHMKULH, William H.,9 Dec 1927,Noble Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co B 144 ILL INF

LEONARD, John L.,7 Mar 1926,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 14 ILL INF

LEWIS, Carl F. MD,1884,1945,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ Med Corp

LEWIS, Carl Frederick Jr,1913,1947,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USAir Corp

LEWIS, Claude,31 Aug 1886,8 Feb 1974,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ CD

LEWIS, Wesley,Meadow Branch? Cemetery,Civil War

LEWIS, William Joseph,1899,1988,Hartford Cemetery,WWII ~

LILLIS, Leslie J.,1893,1965,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ Medical Dept

LITTLETON, Earl C.,10 Sep 1906,3 Jun 1980,East Newbern Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

LOEHR, Christian,1832,1910,Elsah CemeteryCivil War

LOELLKE, William F.,16 Sep 1953,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 2 Light Sch BTY

LOFTON, John L.,1826,1904,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War

LONG, Harold W.,WWII

LONG, John B.,27 Jun 1944,Oak Grove Cemetery,SA ~ Co E & I 5 ILL INF

LONG, Lonnie,Viet Nam

LONG, Orville,1890,1972,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI

LONG, Robert,1902,1966,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

LONG, Thomas Joseph,1948,1970,Oak Grove Cemetery,Viet Nam

LORAN, Matthew,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co F 14 ILL INF

LORSBACH, William F.,1897,1983,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

LOVELL, Henry,14 Jul 1891,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

LOWE, A. W.,3 Aug 1912,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co A 3 ILL LA

LOWE, E. D.,10 Apr 1865,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

LUCAS, John W.,Lamb Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 124 ILL INF

LURTON, Jacob,5 Oct 1896,Lurton Cemetery,Black Hawk

LURTON, Jacob P.,8 Nov 1868,Lurton Cemetery,Civil War

LYMAN, Theodore,East Newbern Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co G 2 NY CAV

LYMING, Theodore,Newbern Cemetery,Honor Roll

LYNCH, Patrick H.,26 Jul 1934,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co I 27 ILL INF

LYNN, Marion H.,28 Oct 1917,Noble Cemetery,Civil War ~ 43 US INF

LYNN, Marion H.,3 Jun 1893,28 Oct 1917,Noble Cemtery,Retired SGM ~ CD

LYNN, Thomas F.,1914,1982,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USAir Corps

LYON, Dr.,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Confederate Service

LYON, Lester Charles,1893,1955,Kemper Cemetery,WWI ~ Co I 3 BN 160 DB

LYON, S. S. DR.,1824,1896,Kemper Cemetery,Civil War


Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

MADSON, Robert W.,Viet Nam

MAINS, Floyd Freeman,1896,1956,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

MALLETT, Julius,Rosedale Cemetery,Honor Roll

MALLOY, Francis B.,22 Feb 1900,28 Feb 1972,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WW ~CD

MALOTT, Joseph S.,1841,11 Nov 1923,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 334 ILL INF

MANNING, Robert Loyal,27 Apr 1907,13 Dec 1972,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

MAPLES, Clifford “Buddy”,17 Mar 1921,25 Jul 1990,Fieldon Cemetery,WWII & Korean ~ CD

MARCH, John A.,Viet Nam

MARSH, Albert T.,16 Jul 1911,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

MARSHALL, Ashley R.,21 Oct 1895,23 Oct 1973,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ CD

MARSHALL, John D.,1847,1895,Pruitt Hawkins Cemetery,Civil War ~ 61 Vol INF

MARSHALL, John W.,Medora Cemetery,Honor Roll

MARSHAW, William,1827,1902,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War ~ 154 ILL INF

MARTIN, Carl,30 Jun 1954,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ Sv Co 323 INF 81 DIV

MARTIN, John,1840,1863,Black Mound Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 61 ILL INF

MARTIN, John,McManus Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 61ILL INF

MARTIN, Leonard,Brown Cemetery,Civil War ~ Cemetery data

MARTIN, Leonard,1841,1862,Black Mound Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 61 ILL INF

MARTIN, Leonard,McManus Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 61 ILL INF

MASSEY, John,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

MASSEY, William C.,Sep 1873,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co B 91 ILL INF

MATHEWS, James,1 Apr 1914,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

MATTHEWS, John,1828,1908,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

MATTHEWS, John,5 Feb 1908,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

MAUPIN, Edward M.,1911,1981,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ Cemetery data


MAXWELL, Harry,2 Feb 1891,1 Mar 1982,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ CD

MAYHALL, Harold,13 Jan 1908,13 Jun 1969,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

McCAN, George,WhiteCivil War ~ Co E 61 ILL INF

McCANN, John T.,Korean

McCARTHY, Michael,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co F 2 ILL INF

McCAULEY James,13 Dec 1938,Oak Grove Cem.,WWI ~ 2 Lt Sch Cas Det FA COTS

McCLAIN, Michael D.,Viet Nam

McClAINE, Robert Lee,19 Nov 1927,26 Sep 1992,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Korean ~ CD

McCLELLAN, John W.,15 Jun 1924,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co B 32 MO INF

McCLUER, Samuel,Rosedale Cemetery,Civil War

McCOLLISTER, Isaac H.,1 Jun 1919,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ USN

McCORMICK, Joseph J.,9 May 1946,Oak Grove Cem.,WWI ~ Bty D 320 FA 82 DIV

McDOW, Byron Lacie,2 Oct 1952,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ Bty C 308 FA

McDOW, J. Hardin,1918,Newbern Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 124 ILL INF

McDOW, James,Newbern Cemetery,Civil War

McDOW, Thomas,16 Jul 1873,Newbern Cemetery,Black Hawk

McDOW, W. H.,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 61 ILL INF

McDOW, William,Noble Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 61 ILL INF

McFAIN, Daniel,28 Mar 1888,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

McGEE, James H.,St. Francis Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co H 37 ILL INF

McGEE, John,s25 Dec 1891,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

McGUIRE, John Joseph,1895,1968,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~

McINTIRE, Floyd Arthu,20 Oct 1916,21 Feb 1990,Scenic Hill Cem.,WWII ~ CD

McMANUS, Thomas,St. Mary’s Cemetery,Mexican ~ Co B 8 US INF

McQUILTY, David,Noble Cemetery,Honor Roll

McQUITTY, David,Lofton Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 61 ILL INF

McQUITTY, James D.,1843,17 Jul 1871,Lofton Cemetery,May be Civil War


MEDFORD, Charles W.,10 Jun 1938,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ Co K 11 INF

MEDFORD, Forrest S.,26 Mar 1944,Oak Grove Cem.,WWII ~ HQ CO 2 Sq 12 CAV

MEDFORD, Henry,Salem Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 61 ILL INF

MEDSTROF, Mathew A.,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War

MENSCORCA, Cedro,Newbern Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 97 ILL INF

MERCURIO, Leo J.,1913,1957,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ BTRY D 53 AABNCAC

MEUTH, John Gregory,1923,1944,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWII

MEYER, John H.,1878,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 97 ILL INF

MEYERS, Conrad,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Honor Roll ~ Co F 3 MO INF

MEYERS, Henry,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 97 ILL INF

MEYERS, Val Gregory,Viet Nam

MEYSENBURG, Ernest,25 May 1931,Scenic Hill Cem.,CW ~ Co E 2 MO CAV

MEYSENBURG, Robert,1923,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ Co C 308 FA

MIDDENDORF, William F.,1887,1958,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWI ~ 309 RPR UNIT

MILES, Gerald E.,24 Feb 1931,11 Feb 1987,Rosedale Cem., Korean ~ CD

MILES, Luvina,1937,Rosedale Cemetery,Honor Roll

MILES, William,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 122 ILL INF

MILES, William,1888,1954,Rosedale Cemetery,WWI Co C 18 INF

MILES, William W.,Rosedale Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 122 ILL INF

MILFORD, Bartholemew,1918,East Newbern Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 61 ILL INF

MILFORD, Fletcher H.,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 61 ILL INF

MILFORD, Henry F.,27 Mar 1919,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War ~ 61 ILL INF

MILLER, Frederick A.,WWII

MILLER, George E. or B.,1922,Hartford Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

MILLER, Isaac,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co I 144 ILL INF

MILLER, John,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Honor Roll

MILLER, Joseph W.,16 Jun 1950,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ 1 USMC DIV 1 MT BN

MILLER, Lebbeus,5 Jul 1893,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 61 ILL INF

MILLER, Lorenzo D.,31 Dec 1891,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co G 10 MO INF

MILLER, Loya F.,1921,1970,Fieldon Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

MILLER, Roy U.,1898,1975,Fieldon Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

MILLER, Stanley,3 Nov 1929,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

MILLER, William F.,Viet Nam

MILLINKIN, William R.,26 Jul 1922,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

MILLS, John,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 27 ILL INF

MINER, Lorenzo L.,15 Dec 1864,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co B 61 ILL INF

MINESINGER, William H.,1839,1927,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War Co C 97 ILL

MISEGADES Edward Louis,24 Sep 1911,5 Nov 1991,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

MITCHELL, Adam,11 Aug 1871,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War

MITCHELL, Charles H.,15 Aug 1926,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

MOHLER, W. H.,1902,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co F 73 ILL INF

MOLLOY, Joseph James,1949,1969,St. Francis Cemetery,Viet Nam ~ USMC

MOLOHON, William D.,1892,1975,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

MOLOHON, William David,1923,1986,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USAir Corps

MONK, Ralph,12 Apr 1924,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI

MOORE, Charles H.,1902,1984,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI & II ~ USA

MOORE, James D.,1893,1963,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

MOORE, John D.,1826,1869,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co F 14 ILL INF

MOORE, William M.,18441865,Moore Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 14 REG ILL INF

Researcher note: In a listing of the burials from the Jersey County Historical Association William M. Moore was not listed (William served from Fidelity in the 14th Ill). The veteran listed in the Moore cemetery is Wyatt Moore. There were four Moores from Fidelity in the 14th ILL. Infantry during the Civil War. John D. (Captain), William (entered the same day as John D.), James, and Wyatt (entered the same day as James). The cemetery listing shows – Wyatt, diedNov.2, 1865 aged 21 yr 10 mo 7 da., Co. D, 14 Reg., Ill Inf. James Moore is buried in Sunny Slope Cemetery, Richmond, Missouri [born 4 Aug 1843, 44, or 45 depending on the source document, and died 27 May 1918]. James’ father was Stanford Moore (buried in the Moore Cemetery – died in February 1847), an early land owner in Greene – later Jersey County. From great grandson of James Moore.

MORELAND, Charles C.,25 Sep 1890,27 May 1979,Medora Cem.,WWI ~ CD

MORELAND, Hazel,Noble Cemetery,Civil War

MORELAND, Weldon J.,25 Sep 1950,Medora Cemetery,Korean ~ Co F 32 INF

MORGAN, Raymond L.,12 Jul 1893,23 Feb 1966,Scenic Hill Cem.,WWI & WWII ~ CD

MORRIS, Bernard,29 May 1933,10 Jan 1991,Meadow Branch Cem.,Korean ~ CD

MORRIS, Robert Eugene,24 Aug 1929,9 Apr 1989,Meadow Branch Cem.,HM3 ~ CD

MORRISON, George G.,26 Apr 1945,24 May 1993,Gunterman Cem.,Viet Nam ~ CD

MOSES, John Wesle,1884,1965,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 145 Coast ARTY

MOTT, Asbury,1842,1864,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co F 144 ILL INF

MURPHY, Madison,Hartford Cemetery,Spanish ~ American

MURPHY, Milton,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War Co K 7 MO INF

MURPHY, Nelson,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co E IND INF

MURPHY, William,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co E 10 MO INF

MURPHY, William H.,2 May 1939,Noble Cemetery,Honor Roll

MUSTERMAN, Francis A.,1899,1985,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~

MUSTERMAN, John Robert,1933,1981,St. Francis Cem.,Korean War ~ USCG

MUTH, R. P.,Bott Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 144 ILL INF

MYERS, D. H.,1880Hartford Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 91 ILL INF

MYERS, Franklin,2 Aug 1890,21 Jun 1950,Oak Grove Cem.,WWI ~ Co G 54 ILL INF 6 DIV

MYERS, Harold Franklin,17 May 1917,27 Jun 1997,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII

MYERS, Samuel James,18 Dec 1845,29 May 1919,Meadow Branch Cem.,CW ~ Co G 144 ILL INF


Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

NARIN, Gerald “Windy”, 1998, Scenic Hill Cemetery, Korean War ~Machine gunner

NARUP, John H.,1875,1962,St. Mary’s Cemetery,Spanish ~ American

NASH, Calloway L.,19 Dec 1910,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War


NAYLOR, John Henry,24 Feb 1936,15 Jun 1992,Rosedale Cemetery,Retired US Army

NEIMEYER, Howard W.,Viet Nam

NELSON, Conrad,10 Nov 1923,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co F 27 ILL INF

NELSON, Robert A.,Viet Nam

NESTLER, Robert,10 Dec 1883,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

NEVIUS, Henry,18426 Oct 1900,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 61 ILL INF

NEVLIN, Glenn Edwin,1909,1968,Fieldon Cemetery,WWII ~ USAF

NEWBERRY, F. A.,Edsall Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co B 3 IND CAV

NEWBERRY,,Frank,Noble Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 14 ILL INF

NEWBERRY, George,18 Aug 1932,Noble Cemetery,Civil War ~ 154 ILL INF

NEWBERRY, Harold E.,7 Feb 1944,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ 188 Port Co TC

NEWBURY, Frank,Meadow Branch Cemetery,Honor Roll

NICHOLS, Thomas,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

NICKLES, Leslie D.,Viet Nam

NIHLES, M. M.,Oak Grove Cemetery,Mexican Amer ~ Co K 1 US Dragoons

NOBLE, George L.,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 97 ILL INF

NOBLE, Justin,Noble Cemetery,Honor Roll

NOLAN, Randolph,St. Michaels Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co H 10 MO INF

NUTT, Harry Gavin,1895,1957,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

NUTT, Richard,4 Feb 1893,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

NUTT, William Joseph,24 Aug 1916,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War


Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

OATES, James P.,10 May 1927,19 Mar 1979,Noble Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

OATES, Pascal,1 Jul 1900,13 Jan 1957,Noble Cemetery,WWII ~ Cemetery data

OBERLIN, Urias,16 Dec 1934,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

O’DONNELL, Charles,12 Mar 1919,27 Apr 1990,Gunterman Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

O’DONNELL, Charles E.,1875,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

O’DONNELL, Edward,Kemper Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co M 1 MICH CAV

O’LAUGHLIN, Richard J.,1907,1964,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USN ~ Reserves

O’NEIL, James Carlisle,1928,1980,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USMC

ONTIS, Henry,Rosedale Cemetery,Honor Roll

Researcher note: According to Henry Ontis’ National Archives & Bounty Land Warrant, he served in the War of 1812. Ron Schulz [email protected]

ONTIS, Lawrence,1896,1964,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~ 159 Depot Brig.

ONTIS, S.,Hartford Cemetery,Honor Roll

Researcher note: a “most probable” on S. Ontis buried in Hartford. This is almost certainly Eliphalet S. Ontis, served the Union in Ohio in Civil War. He is the second son of Henry, prisoner of war at the Battle of Port Republic, discharged for illness after release from Rebel Prison. His pension file mentions only that he’d moved to Grafton, Illinois and then no more about him, so must have died about mid 1880’s. Nothing more was recorded and I searched the newspapers with no success. His wife died in Ohio in 1881 and his sons went west to the Colorado goldfields. He must have stayed with his half brother’s children west of Grafton by the Hartford Church where he was buried? Eliphalet would have been too long, he went by initials “E. S. Ontis” so maybe the E. was lost? Ron Schulz [email protected]


OVERMEYER, Charles H.30 Jul 1888,31 Jan 1976,Scenic Hill Cem.,WWI ~ CD


Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

PAGE, Joseph M. W.,5 Dec 1938,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

PALMER, Daniel,1822,1851,Kemper Cemetery,Honor Roll

PALMER, Dennis,1828,1893,Kemper Cemetery,Honor Roll

PALMER, George L.,24 Aug 1899,Scenic Hill Cemetery,CW ~ Co K 7 ILL INF

PALMER, Leonard H.,1839,1908,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War

PARISH, John,1922,Kemper Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co B 106 ILL INF

PARK, Wesley Dr.,18 Feb 1914,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

PARRICH, Jeremiah,Rosedale Cemetery,HR ~ See PENICK, Uriah J.

PATTON, Calvin Gilbert, 1998, stone in Scenic Hill Cemetery, body donated to science, WWII ~ USN

PATTON, Earl,7 Nov 1945,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ Co B 160 DB 1 BN

PATTON, William Russell, Salem Cemetery, Civil War Co I 144 IL Vol Inf

PAYNER, Robert Lee,Viet Nam

PAYNTER, Elmer F.,19 Apr 1925,Medora Cemetery,WWI ~ Co B 5 MG 2 DIV

PEACOCK, F. M.,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 10 IL INF

PEEBLES, Marquis D. L.,11 Mar 1930,Medora Cemetery,CW ~ Co D 122 ILL INF

PENICK, Uriah J.,1865,Rosedale Cem.,CW ~ Co H 99 ILL INF See PARRICH, Jeremiaah

PERRINGS, Charles,21 May 1912,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

PERRINGS, George W.,25 Feb 1909,Oak Grove Cemetery,CW ~ Co C 124 ILL INF

PERRY, C. E.,12 Aug 1908,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

PERRY, Charles,23 Mar 1950,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 48 INF 20 DIV

PERRY, Commodore R.,12 Aug 1938,Oak Grove Cemetery,CW ~ Co K 144 ILL INF


PHIPPS, Henry,Rosedale Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co I 7 ILL INF

PICKETT, Edgar E.,8 Aug 1951,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ 534 Trnk BN

PIDCOCK, Harry R.,22 Jan 1939,Salem Missouri,Honor Roll ~ Co C 129 MG BN

PIEPER, Frank,1890,1959,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWI

PIERRE, Rainer G.,1893,1978,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

PIGGOTT George M.,1923,Newbern Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co H 144 ILL INF

PIGGOTT, Roy B.,1922,Elsah Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

PIKE, Joshua,14 Jan 1915,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co G 134 ILL INF

PINNEY, Edward H.,1838,1908,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War

PIRTLE, William H.,Medora Cemetery,Spanish Amer ~ Co I 47 Coast ART

PISTOLE, Martin,1870,Watson Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co H 144 ILL INF

PISTOLE, William,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co G 61 ILL INF

PITCHFORD, Richard G.,16 Jul 1911,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

PITT, Alexander F.,28 Mar 1873,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

PLUMMER, Cecil “Mike”1912,1997,Rosedale Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

PLUMMER, Francis G.,17 Sep 1951,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII & Korean

PLUMMER, Robert Louis,1942,1972,Rosedale Cemetery,US Navy Veteran

POHLMAN, Robert J.,1919,1979,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ Korean

POINTER, Darryl W.,Viet Nam

POPPE, Edward W.,1920,1969,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII

PORTER, D. D.,Salem Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co B 144 ILL INF

PORTER, John,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War

PORTER, Macy,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Army Nurse Corp

PORTER, William S.,22 Sep 1921,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 144 ILL INF

POWEL, Charles A.,5 Jan 1952,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI

POWEL, Harold O.,1894,1975,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ USN

POWELL, Calvin,1925,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War

POWELL, John,28 Jan 1921,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co G 61 ILL INF

POWERS, John,Spry / Rowden Cemetery,WWI

POWERS, John N.,1919,Gimes Neely Cemetery,Honor Roll

POWERS, Peter J. E.,Viet Nam

PREBBLE, Hiram,Civil War

PRESLEY, Arthur M.,26 Oct 1912,30 Jun 1967,Meadow Branch Cem.,WWII ~ CD

PRESLEY, Marion F.,18 Apr 1928,25 May 1965,Meadow Branch Cem.,Korean ~ CD

PRICE, John H.,11 Sep 1909,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 9 ILL CAV

PRITCHETT, Gilbert,1889,1976,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI

PROCTOR, John,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War

PROUGH, Simon,2 Apr 1923,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ 152 IND INF

PRUITT, James, 1788, 1857, Pruitt-Hawkins Cemetery, War of 1812

PRUITT, John,3 Apr 1838,7 Dec 1865,Lax Cemetery,Civil War ~ Cem data

PRUITT, Joseph,9 Mar 1898,Lax Cemetery,Civil War ~ Cem data

PURINTON, A. B.,30 Apr 1902,UnknownHonor Roll ~ Co I 4 MICH CAV


Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

QUIRK, Joseph Louis,1891,1941,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI


Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

RADY, Lawrence,St. Francis Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co I 81 ILL INF

RAINEY, William M.1895,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War

RAMEL, Joseph,Hartford Cemtery,Civil War ~ Co D 10 MO INF

RAMSEY, John D.,1894,1954,Hartford Cemetery,WWI ~ BTY B 139 INF

RANFT, Alvin L.,23 Mar 1936,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 4 Co 311 INF

RATCLIFF, George W.,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co F 144 ILL INF

RAYFIELD, John N.,4 Apr 1890,15 Mar 1958,Lax Cemetery,WWI ~ Cemetery data


REDDISH, Jacob H.,1895,1981,Reddish Cemetery,WWI ~ USA


REDDISH, Zed Fieldon,1927,1954,Reddish Cemetery,WWII ~ USMC

REED, Aaron,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co H 144 ILL INF

REED, Fred Ballard,1896,1974,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

REED, James,St. Francis Cemetery,Civil War

REED, John C.,4 Mar 1908,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 144 ILL INF

REED, John L.,18 Aug 1902,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll ~ Co D 144 ILL INF

REED, Lester P.,1902,1965,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

REED, W. G.,7 Mar 1863,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co I 3 OH INF

REEDER, David,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War ~ 10 OH INF

REEDY. Daniel Reedy served in the Union Forces, Illinois 32nd Infantry, Company E from 1861 to 1864, then joined the U.S. Navy from May, 1864 to May 1865 as a Landsman. He and his wife Ellen Roach lived nearly their entire lives in Fidelity Twp and in older age in Jerseyville. Daniel enlisted at Greene County and they are buried at St. Francis Cemetery. From John Reedy, great grandson of Daniel Reedy.

REGENHORDT, Louis,7 Jan 1926,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

REUBEL, Michael,1910,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ 3 MO INF

REYNOLDS, John G.,25 Nov ,26 Aug 1987,Noble Cemetery,Korean ~ CD

REYNOLDS, William Clyde,1911,1988,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII

RHOADS, Harrison,Medora Cemetery,Honor Roll

RHODES, Earl L.,4 Aug 1946,Medora Cemetery,WWII

RICE, Charles J.,22 May 192029 Apr 1946MedoraWWII ~ Cemetery data

RICHARDS, A. P.,5 Apr 1895,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co F 14 ILL INF

RICHARDS, J. H.,22 Jul 1882,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

RICHARDS, John L. C.,12 Sep 1908,Oak Grove Cemetery,Cw ~ Co C 124 ILL INF


RICHARDSON, Louis E.,23 Nov 1953,Medora Cemetery,Korean ~ 1414 AB

RICHEY, James O.,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co E 14 ILL INF

RICHEY, John,1833,1919,Armstrong Cemetery,Civil War Co D 61 ILL INF

RICHEY, Joseph Vincent,12 Nov 1918,18 Sep 1988,Fieldon Cemetery,WWII ~ CD


RIEGER, Leo J.,20 Jul 1901,16 Feb 1976,Beltrees Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

RILEY, Billie L.,30 Nov 1938,3 Apr 1959,Noble Cemetery,Korean ~ CD

RINGHAUSEN, Stephen,15 Mar 1955,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ HQ CO 78 INF

RINTOUL, Morris C.,29 Mar 1938,Newbern Cemetery,WWI ~ 138 MG Co 35 DIV

RISTER, Jacob,1899,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War ~ 154 ILL INF


ROACH, Marcus M.,1890,1931,St. FrancisWWI Co E 24 ENGR

ROBB, Francis V.,1891,1919,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

ROBERTS, Edward N.,1890,1946,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI

ROBERTS, Hugh “Speck”,1896,1965,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

ROBINSON, George H.,25 Jul 1927,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI

ROBINSON, James W.,1868,1943,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Cemetery data


ROBINSON, William,Medora Cemetery,Honor Roll

ROBY, Lawrence,St. Francis Cemetery,Civil War ~ 91 ILL INF

RODIMER, Charles L.,26 Jun 1933,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 12 Sqdn

ROENTZ, Francis X.,26 Mar 1921,8 Oct 1970,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

ROGERS, James E.,Noble Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co G 14 ILL Cav

ROSE, Charles.Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

ROSE, James.Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll ~ Co G 12 ILL INF

ROSENTHAL, Amiel,1894,1967,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~ 181 INF SSPH

ROSENTHAL, Charles E.,17 Aug 1919,13 Apr 1973,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

ROSENTHAL, Louis F.,18 Nov 1888,2 Sep 1965,Gunterman Cemetery,WWI ~ CD

ROSS, Harry Elbert,22 Jul 1939,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI

ROSS, Herbert L.,30 Mar 1918,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 2 Co 1 BN 159 DB

ROTH, Earl D.,1937,1981,St. Francis Cemetery,Korean ~ USAF

ROTH, Ivan,Viet Nam

ROTH, Ivan D.,1944,1967,St. Francis Cemetery,Viet Nam

ROTH, Joseph F.,1891,1981,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

ROTH, Louis J.,1922,1987,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII

ROWARY, James B.,19 Dec 1879,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

ROWLING, Samuel R.,24 Feb 1925,16 Feb 1959,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Cemetery data

RUE, William H.,1 Mar 1927,Oak Grove Cemetery,Mexican American

RUMMERFIELD, John,1867,Old M. E. Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co E 144 ILL INFResearcher note: Jerseyville library book lists the burial locations of most of the Jersey County Veterans. John Rummerfield who served in Company E of the 144 ILL Infantry during the Civil War is listed as being buried at Old Methodist Evangelical Cemetery in Otter Creek Township. During my visits to McDow Cemetery I make it a point to check on one headstone in particular at the back of the cemetery. The headstone reads John Rummerfield Company E 144 ILL Inf. John Rummerfield died on May 27, 1867. Names that the McDow cemetery has been known as: Otterville, McDow-Otterville, Methodist, McDowell (misspelling, pronunciation), Old Methodist Evangelical (Old M. E. Cemetery) – from Veteran’s of JerseyCounty. Gowin, Hagen, Picket (owner of the land at one time in which the cemeteryis located, Jersey Co GenWeb), and Ferguson (due to large headstone at front of cemetery). Hopefully this problem of various name will end as soon as the name of the cemetery is posted on the pillars at the entrance. Allen Austin

RUSSELL, R. R.,Newbern Cemetery,Mexican Amer ~ Co E 1 ILL INF

RUTHERFORD, George W.,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 124 ILL INF

RUTHERFORD, W. M.,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

RYAN, John M.,6 Apr 1919,29 Oct 1990,Scenic HillWWII ~ Cemetery data

RYAN, Samuel,1862,Rosedale Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 10 REG ILL

RYAN, Timothy,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War

SACKMAN, Alfred C.,1920,1963,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USA


Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

SALTAR, William H.,21 Jul 1900,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

SANGER, Louis,27 Oct 1887,6 Feb 1967,Marston Cem.,WWI ~PFC Medical Dept.

SAPPINGTON, Mark T.,14 Jan 1879,Noble Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 11 MO INF

SAUERWEIN, Edwin F. Sr., Oak Grove Cemetery, WWI ~ USA

SAUERWEIN, Charles W., 21 Oct 1997, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWII ~ USA

SCHAAF, Frank,1880,1953,Fieldon Cemetery,WWII ~ Cemetery data

SCHAAF, Mark,1907,1972,Fieldon Cemetery,WWII ~

SCHEURER, Frederick,Bott Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 144 ILL INF

SCHLAGER, Frank C.,11 Sep 1937,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll ~ USA

SCHLEPER, Clemens N.,1895,1977,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

SCHMIDT, August,5 Sep 1925,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

SCHMIDT, Henry,1920,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War ~ MO INF

SCHMITTAG, Joe Joseph,1900,1967,Oak GroveWWII

SCHNEIDER, James August,1934,1958,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ???

SCHNEIDER, James Harold,10 July 1906, 23 Aug 1977, Oak Grove Cem., WWII~ AAF

SCHREIBER, John,29 May 1943,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

SCHREIBER, Mathauis,29 Feb 1912,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

SCHRIBNER, George F.,6 Jul 1905,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 130 NY INF

SCHREIBER, Julius C.,1891,1960,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI

SCHROEDER, W. J.,16 Mar 1923,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ Co A 5 LTD SER RGT

SCHULTE, Dorothy A.,20 Jan 1991,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USMC

SCHUMACHER, William J.,27 Jun 1886,7 Aug 1912,Scenic Hill Cem.,HR ~ Co E 102 NY INF


SCOGGINS, Henry,Gimes Neely Cemetery,Civil War ~ Honor Roll

SCONCE, Almon J.,6 Sep 1926,30 Jul 1971,Meadow Branch Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

SCOTT, Joseph,1881,Otterville Cemetery,Mexican American


SCRIBNER, George F.,1840,1905,Oak Grove Cemetery,CW ~ Co D 130 NY INF

SEAGO, William Allen,28 Nov 1893,2 Jul 1972,Lax Cemetery,Cemetery data

SEAL, Fred L.,8 Jun 1915,19 Jul 1992,Scenic Hill CemeteryWWII ~ Cemetery data

SEARLS, J. Allen,Medora Cemetery,Honor Roll

SEEHAUSEN, Stanley C.,1921,1972,Fieldon Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

SEEHAUSEN, William H.,1893,1968Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~

SEGAR, Thomas F.,4 Apr 1928,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 80 ILL INF

SEGRAVES, Arthur A.,1920,Elsah Cemetery,WWI ~ Medical Dept.

SEIK, Edgar C.,17 Aug 1896,18 Mar 1983Scenic HillWWI ~ Cemetery data

SEIK, Herman,1893,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War

SENIOR, H. S.,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ 144 ILL INF

SHAW, Everett L.,Korean


SHAW, Sanford A.,1847,1920,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co H 144 ILL INF

SHEA, Dennis,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 2 ILL CAV

SHEA, John,15 Jan 1908,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War

SHELLEY, John T.,Korean

SHERMAN, J. H.,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co F 122 ILL INF

SHOEMAKER, Charles,1795,1909,Falkner Cemetery,SA ~ Co M 5 REGT MO

SHULTS, Albert,Dunham Reddish Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co G 150 ILL INF

SIMMONS, Claire,11 Sep 1954,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 48 Co 28 ENGR

SIMPSON, William1884,Meadow Branch Cemetery,Civil War

SIMPSON, William M.,1894,1973,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

SINCLAIR, Herschel,1924,1945,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII

SKELLY, Walter B.,11 Dec 1905,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co G 144 ILL INF

SKIFF, Robert L.,6 Jun 1922,17 May 1982,White Cemetery,WWI ~ Cemetery data

SLATEN, Benjamin F.,14 Jan 1902,Salem Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 97 ILL INF

SLATEN, Byron,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ 33 DIV

SLATEN, Edward E.,7 Aug 1890,28 Aug 1961,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ CD

SLATEN, Henry L.,4 May 1922,Salem Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 61 ILL INF

SLATEN, John P.,1 Nov 1863,Salem Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 97 ILL INF

SLATEN, John W.,9 Feb 1889,Salem Cemetery,Black Hawk

SLATEN, Morton L.,5 Sep 1954,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

SLATTERY, Jonathan,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co G 144 ILL INF

SLATTERY, S. M.(Edward?),1904,St. Francis Cemetery,Civil War

SLUSSER, J. P.,1836,1890,RosedaleCivil War

SMITH, Arthur B.,1919,9 Jun 1984,Meadow Branch Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

SMITH, Charles L.,1919,1982,Kemper Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

SMITH, Darrell,Korean


SMITH, George W. L.,1917,Newbern Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 154 ILL INF

SMITH, Henry C.,1923,Pruitt Hawkins Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

SMITH, Herbert A.,1888,1968,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ USA


SMITH, James Albert,1876,1948,Oak Grove Cemetery,SA~ USA ENGR

SMITH, John,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Co D 10 MO INF

SMITH, John,1811,1901,Oak Grove Cemetery,Mexican Amer

SMITH, Milton Jasper,1905,1979,Kemper Cemetery,WWII ~ USA


SMITH, T. T.,1861,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

SMITZ, D. P.,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

SNEDEKER, Frank Samuel,1918,1977,Oak Grove CemeteryWWII

SNEDEKER, Samuel,17 Jan 1877,Oak Grove Cemetery,CW ~ Co I 30 OH INF

SNIDER, Allen D.,1877,1955,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~ Co F 349 INF

SNOW, Lester E.,1887,1949,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~ QM Corps

SNOW, William M.,1891,1959,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~ 160 Depot

SPANGLE, Perry,5 Apr 1931,Newbern Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 144 ILL INF

SPANGLE, Walter J.,1888,1961,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

SPARKS, David A.,10 Jul 1928,Medora Cemetery,SA ~ TR D 1 ILL CAV

SPATZ, Phillip,1836,1877,Elsah Cemetery,Co C 34 OHIO INF

SPAULDING, Joseph,5 Mar 1862,East Newbern Cemetery,CW~ Co D 27 ILL INF

SPAULDING, Thaddius,27 Feb 1933,Newbern Cemetery,CW~ Co C 59 ILL INF


SPENCER, F. Allen,1834,1897,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War

SPENCER, J. A.,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co G 122 ILL INF

SPENCER, Roy,1892,1927,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

SPINGMAN, John C.,1895,1970,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~ Co B 160 DEP BRIG.

SPONSLER, Roy,1908,1966,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

SPRIGGS, Edwin L.,1892,1918,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI


SPRIGGS, Herbert,1898,1933,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

SPRINGMAN, Roger K.,4 May 1933,18 Jan 1981,White Cemetery,Korean ~ CD

SPRINGMAN, Victor H.,1888,1964,Oak Grove Cem.,WWI ~ HQ CO 4 INF 141 DIV

SPRY, William Thomas,1844,1926, Spry / Rowden Cemetery,CW~ Co D 10 ILL INF

St. PETERS, John D.,Viet Nam

St. PETERS, Phillip,1880,1910,Elsah Cemetery,Spanish Amer ~ USN

STAFFORD, William,Hartford Cemetery,War 1812

STAMPER, Norman Eugene,12 Nov 1951,16 Oct 1991,Newbern Cem.,Viet Nam ~ CD


STECKEL, William Fred,1894,1972,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

STEED, Andrew,MedoraHonor Roll ~ Co F 1 MO CAV

STEINKEULER, Floyd L.,1897,1952,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ Co B 132 ENGR

STEVENS, Charles Eugene,21 Nov 1930,4 Apr 1975,Scenic Hill Cem.,Korean ~ CD

STIPE, Charles H.,28 Jun 1918,Medora Cemetery,WWI ~ Cemetery data

STOCKS, Pearl,1918,1978,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

STOECKEL, William H.,1841,1880,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

STONE, J. R.,Paradise Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co G 149 ILL INF

STONE, Raymond Arthur,1916,1982,Oak GroveWWII

STONE, Simon,1928,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

STOWE, David,1865,Kemper Cemetery,Civil War

STUDEVILLE, Henry,Medora Cemetery,Honor Roll

SUDDETH, James,Meadow Branch Cemetery,Civil War ~ 2 MO INF

SUHLING, Kenneth,1911,1981,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

SUMMERS, Fergus,1894,1983,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI

SUMMERS, N. W.,Medora Cemetery,Honor Roll

SUMMERS, William H.,1889,1925,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 335 Fld HOSP

SUMMERSCALES, Jesse,1901,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War

SUNDERLAND, Joseph W.,1843,1924,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

SUNDERLAND, William S.,1849,1939,Oak Grove Cemetery,CW ~ Co F 144 ILL INF

SURGEON, John D.,8 Jul 1920,23 Jan 1981,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~CD

SUTTLES, Louis,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 10 MO INF

SUTTON, John,1845,1917,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War ~

SUTTON, Lewis C.,1845,1882,Pruitt Hawkins Cemetery,Civil War ~ 17 MO CAV

SWAN, Alonzo,Salem Cemetery,Civil War

SWAN, John P.,Salem Cemetery,Civil War

SWAN, William,1833,1915,Oak GroveCivil War (Colored)


Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

TABLE,, Justin,Noble Cemetery,Honor Roll

TALBERT, Walter Eugene,29 Jun 1937,2 Nov 1990,Scenic Hill Cem.,Viet Nam ~ CD

TALENT, John,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War

TAYLOR, John W.,1887,1967,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

TEBOW, Edward A.,4 Apr 1920,15 Dec 1986,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Cemetery data

TELKAMP, Henry,7 Dec 1936,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ Cemetery data

TELKAMP, Henry,7 Dec 1936,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ HQ Co TRP 14 DIV

TERPENING, Charles S.,1894,1952,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

TERRY, Anslem O.,Noble Cemetery,Honor Roll

TERRY, Henry G.,1845,1907,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 33 ILL INF

THATCHER, James William,1917,1989,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USN

THATCHER, John S. ,1915,1961,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII


THOMAS, Herbert H.,1912,1993,Fieldon Cemetery,WWII ~ Cemetery data

THOMAS, James Oliver,1947,1967,Fieldon Cemetery,Viet Nam ~ USA


THOMAS, William Leroy,22 May 1948,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ INF

THOMPSON, W. V. F.,Medora Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co E 14 ILL INF

THURSTON, James Louis,1932,1988,St. Francis Cemetery,Korean War

TOADRANK, William,Meadow Branch? Cemetery,Civil War

TOHILL, George C. Jr.,Korean

TOLBERT, William,4 Oct 1906,Gimes Neely Cemetery,CW ~ Co B 154 ILL INF

TOLBERT, William,Brown Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 61 ILL INF

TONKINSON, David L.,4 Nov 1907,East Newbern Cem.,CW ~ Co C 154 ILL INF

TONSOR, Joseph A.,1894,1955,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWI

TOPPING, Willis E.,23 Jun 1888,18 Aug 1972,Lamb Cemetery,WWI ~ CD

TOWELL, Roy L.,28 Feb 1938,8 Jun 1988,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Viet Nam ~ CD

TRABUE, Aaron,29 Dec 1877,Paradise Cemetery,War 1812 ~ NSUSD

TRACY, Frank B.,1889,1966,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

TRACY, John J.,Korean

TRACY, John Joseph,1926,1956,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USAF

TRANKLE, Henry W.,1864,1906,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War (dates wrong)

TRANTHAM, W. Thomas,1920,1988,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWII

TRIBLE, John,22 Feb 1826,25 Jan 1863,Trible Cemetery,Civil War ~ CD

TROUT, Sheldon K.,1930,1981,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Korean ~ Cemetery data

TUCKER, Arthur,Viet Nam

TUCKER, Jerome E.,1928,1985,Fieldon Cemetery,WWII ~ Korean


TUCKER, Roy A.,22 Apr 1950,Medora Cemetery,WWI ~ 159 DB

TURPIN, H. J. “Junior”,1926,1989,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

TYLER, John,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War


Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

VAHLE, Leo J.,1892,1951,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI QMS Bakers & Cook

VAHLE, Louis,1919,1987,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

VAHLE, Louis H.,1894,1956,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~ Field Arty

VAHLE, Tony,1842,1956,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 6 REG D RGT

VAN PELT, Richard W.,9 Apr 1865,Van Pelt Cemetery,CW~ Co K 97 ILL INF

VANAUSDALE, Daniel L.,26 Jan 1922,10 Feb 1975,Scenic Hill Cemetery,CD

VANCE, Robert C.,Medora Cemetery,Honor Roll

VASSAR, Frank Donald,1923,1983,Fieldon Cemetery,WWII ~ USN

VAUGHN, James A.,1890,1964,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ 159 Depot Brigrade

VAUGHN, John,21 Dec 1865,Lax Cemetery,Civil War

VAWTER, George Roy,22 Jan 1898,6 Jan 1986,White Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

VEACH, Nathan L.,31 Oct 1896,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 56 OH INF

VOORHEES, Murphy Louis,1919,1942,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII


Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

WADDLE, John,1842,1901,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 29 ILL INF

WADE, Albert,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War

WADE, Everett H.,Korean

WADE, Henry,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 99 ILL INF

WADE, Robert Henry,1914,Spry / Rowden Cemetery,WWI USA

WADLOW, E. F.,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co H 144 ILL INF

WADLOW, Halla T.,19 Jan 1888,15 Sep 196?,Noble Cemetery,WWI ~ CD

WAGGONER, Benjamin F.,1871,1932,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 41 Vol INF

WAGGONER, Raymond F.,1934,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Honor Roll

WAGNER, Edgar Frank,20 Dec 1953,Scenic Hill Cem.WWI ~ Co F 211 ENGR

WAGONER, Phillip,Elsah Cemetery,Honor Roll

WAHL, Norbert James,6 Apr 1915,25 Dec 1964,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

WAHL, Norman,4 Apr 1937,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ Co C 52 ENGR

WALDRON, Elias,26 Aug 1896,Lax Cemetery,Mexican American

WALKER, Eli,1843,1920,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

WALKER, Melvin W.,1918,1976,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ USAAC

WALKER, Melvin W.,1918,1976,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ USAAC

WALKHOFF, Rudolph,1847,1908,St. Mary’s Cemetery,CW ~ Co G 15 MO VOL INF

WALLACE, Cedro Mendoza,12 Jun 1835,24 Nov 1901,Newbern Cemetery,CW~ CD

WALLACE, Enoch,25 Jun 1829,Scenic Hill Cemetery,CW, Co D 61 ILVol Inf; MW 3 USDragoons; (stone in Scenic Hill Cem., burial is in Pine Grove Cemetery, Barnum, Livingston Co., TX)

WALLACE, Louis Henry,24 Feb 1919,21 Mar 1985,Noble Cemetery,WWI ~ CD

WALLS, Cyrus Hugh,1923,1966,Fieldon Cemetery,WWII & Korean ~ USA

WALSH, Martin F.,1918,1980,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

WALSH, Matthew J.,1892,1980,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

WALSH, Richard J.,WWII

WALSH, Walter,St. Francis Cemetery,Civil War

WALSH, William,St. Francis Cemetery,Civil War

WARD, Amos,Meadow Branch Cemetery,Honor Roll

WARNER, George W.,21 Jul 1923,7 Oct 1985,White Cemetery,WWII & Korean ~ CD

WARNER, Howard L.,28 Aug 1938,Medora Cemetery,WWI ~ 1 Avia Force


WARREN, Robert,Salem Cemetery,Civil War

WARREN, W. H.,8 Aug 1866,Salem Cemetery,Civil War

WATERS, Harold L.,Korean

WATKINS, Isaiah,Medora Cemetery,Honor Roll ~ Co A 1 Maine

WATSON, John,1838,1917,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 10 IL INF

WATTS, John W.,1888,1954,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI _ Medic DEPOT


WEAVER, Adam, 21 Jan 1919, Rosedale Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 61 ILL INF

WEAVER, Andrew,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War

WEBSTER, Floyd C.,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

WEDDING, Charles Henry,1843,1908,Rosedale Cemetery,Co H 99 ILL INF

WEDDING, James H.,1785,1837,Rosedale Cemetery,War 1812

WEIBLE, Eugene O.,12 Dec 1917,20 Nov 1975,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

WELCH, Melvin M.,25 Jan 1929,29 May 1989,Lamb Cemetery,Korean ~ CD

WELLER, Everett F.,1903,1972,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

WELLER, L. Gary,Viet Nam

WELLER, Richard Lee,1931,1954,Fieldon Cemetery,WWII ~ 151 Engr Avn BN


WENDLE, Vincent J.,27 Apr 1945,St. Michaels Cem.,WWII ~ 874 ENGR AVN BN

WEST, Ira,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

WHALEN, Thomas,26 Oct 1918,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI

WHEATON, August J.,1894,1981,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

WHEATON, Clarence,1920,1945,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWII AAF

WHEATON, Frederick,1892,1970,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWI

WHITE, Elwood,1931,1981,Fieldon Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

WHITE, George W.,12 Dec 1906,White Cemetery,Civil War

WHITE, George W.,Newbern Cemetery,Civil War ~ 97 ILL INF

WHITE, Hiram,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 27 ILL INF

WHITE, Joab,Newbern Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 97 ILL INF

WHITE, John I.,1835,1924,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

WHITE, John L.,3 Jan 1896,Newbern Cemetery,CW~ Co G 97 ILL INF

WHITEHEAD, Warren R.,1891,1957,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI

WIENEKE, Carl J.,Viet Nam

WIENEKE, Festus,Meadow Branch? Cemetery,Civil War

WILDT, William N.,20 Oct 1905,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Mexican Amer

WILES, Albert Marion Dr.,1880,1952,Oak GroveWWI

WILKERSON, L. C.,22 Jan 1923,Unknown Cemetery,CW~ Co E 146 INF OH NG

WILKERSON, Lucius G.,1845,1924,Trible Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co E 146 ILL ENGR

WILLIAMS, David S.,Salem Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co L 97 ILL INF

WILLIAMS, Joseph M.,Viet Nam

WILLIAMS, Nelson,1947,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War Co K 99 ILL INF
Researcher note: The Illinois IRAD database listed a NelsonWilliams as dying in Alton, Madison County on 08/24/1927. The microfilm page with Nelson Williams’s obituary was printed in the Alton Evening Telegraph, page 14, on August 26, 1927. It says he is an 86-year-old Civil War veteran. In “History of Greene & Jersey Counties, IL – 1885”, published by the Greene Co. Historical & Genealogical Society of Carrollton, IL, Nelson is a son (born in 1840) of William and Sydney (Darnell) Williams. It states he was in the war of the Rebellion (Civil War) enlisting in 1862 inthe 97th Ill. Infantry. Nelson is buried in Hartford Cemetery. Submitted by Sue Williams, [email protected]

WILLIAMS, Rufus G.,Medora Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 98 ILL INF

WILLIS, William,Kansas,Civil War

WILSON, William Shelby,1 Oct 1933,Medora Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 97 INF


WINDLE, Willie B.,1937,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~

WINGER, John,1916,East Newbern Cemetery,Civil War

WINSELL, Roy,5 May 1892,4 Jun 1971,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ Cemetery data

WOCK, Louis,1894,1962,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

WOLLENWEBER, William,19 Apr 1893,Fieldon Cemetery,Honor Roll

WOOD, Charles P.,1872,1935,Oak Grove Cemetery,SA ~ Field ARTY

WOOD, Marcus G.,1918,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

WOODS, Lloyd Jr.,1926,1949,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ QM Truck Co.


WOOLSEY, J. D.,21 Oct 1908,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War

WOOLSEY, Richard G.,30 Mar 1926,6 Jul 1986,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

WORDEN, Stauts Alexander,1889,1963,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI

WORTHEY, Newell Jasper,1895,1965,Oak Grove Cem.,WWI ~ Co L 22 ENGR

WORTHY, Fred L.,26 Sep 1918,Gimes Neely Cemetery,WWI ~ Co K 138 INF

WORTHY, Harold,1 Oct 1918,Gimes Neely Cemetery,WWI ~ Co K 138 INF

WORTHY, Henry,Salem Cemetery,Civil War ~ 61 ILL INF

WRIGHT, Alfred G.,8 Feb 1930,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War

WURTH, William,1857,1909,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

WYLDER, James R. M.,1835,1894,Oak Grove Cemetery,CW~ Co D 61 ILL INF


Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

YOCOM, Austin Q.,1901,1968,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

YOUNG, Andrew,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ USA

YOUNG, Ernest,Dougherty Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co B 154 ILL INF


Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

ZIMMERMAN, Alan H.9 Aug 1947, 3 Mar 1990, Scenic Hill Cem.,Viet Nam ~CD

ZIMMERMAN, Eleanor S.,18 Apr 1925, 14 Jul 1986, Scenic Hill Cem.,WWII ~ CD

ZIMMERMAN, Robert E.,11 Dec 1949 ,4 Apr 1993, Scenic Hill Cem.,Viet Nam ~ CD

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