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Contriubuted for use by Marty Crull and Mary Ann Kaylor for use on the Jersey County ILGenWeb page. Jersey County ILGenWeb, copyright Judy Griffin, 2002. In keeping with our policy of providing free information on the Internet, data and images may be used by non-commercial entities, as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages cannot be reproduced in any format for profit or for other presentation without express permission by the contributor(s).
Jersey County Page     Veterans Page

Surnames A – KThis list of Veterans burials in Jersey County was compiled by Marty Crull from on-site tombstone readings, Honor Roll by Illinois Veterans Commission 1956, Jersey County Histories, contact with family members, queries in Historical Society newsletters, etc. His list has more recent burials, some in the 1990’s. Marty is interested in obtaining any letters from Veterans while they were serving and would like to compile a publication associating these letters with some of the Vets found in this listing. If you had a Vet with a Jersey County connection (doesn’t have to be a resident of Jersey) please contact Marty Crull, [email protected]

The following message is found in the front of the book IVC published. Honor Roll of Veterans Buried in Jersey County Illinois – 1956. State of Illinois, Illinois Veterans’ Commission. “Through legislation by the 68th General Assembly, the Illinois Veterans’ Commission was charged with the responsibility of compiling, publishing, and distributing an up-to-date Honor Roll. This Honor Roll includes the names, burial places, and other related information concerning all members of the Armed Forces of the United States buried in the State of Illinois. The intent of this legislation was to provide a record to assist in honoring our dead. This booklet contains the names of those veterans buried in this county prior to July 1, 1955. The burials are listed by cemetery and are as correct as possible. In some instances it has been impossible to locate the graves and available records have not always supplied needed information. The Illinois Veterans’ Commission wishes to acknowledge the contribution made by the individual members of the various veteran organizations in obtaining the data contained in this publication.”

CODES used:
CD = Cemetery Data
CW = Civil War
HR = Honor Roll (IL Veterans Commission)
MA = Mexican-American War
SA = Spanish American War
RW or Rev. War = Revolutionary War
WWI = World War I
WWII = World War II

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Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

ABBOTT, Earl Edison,4 Feb 1912,29 Oct 1983, Lax Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

ABBOTT, Richard Lee,2 Dec 1928,15 Jan 1989, Lax Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

ABBOTT, William H.,1911,1982,Oak Grove Cemetery, WWII ~ USA

ADAMS, Leslie,9 Jul 1928,Medora Cemetery, WWI ~ Co B 138 INF 35 DIV

ADAMS, Newel L.,7 May 1876,Oak Grove Cemetery, War 1812

ADAMS, Thomas Grimes,1881,1962,Oak Grove Cemetery, SA~ Co E 4 TENN INF

ADNEY, Elijah,Gimes Neely Cemetery,Civil War ~ Honor Roll


ALBERT, Nicholas,1898,1938,Fieldon Cemetery, WWI

ALEXANDER, Andrew,Newbern Cemetery, Civil War

ALEXANDER, Clifford,1909,1989,Oak Grove Cemetery, WWII ~ USA

ALEXANDER, John,Oak Grove Cemetery, Honor Roll

ALEXANDER, William,Oak Grove Cemetery, Civil War ~ 1 MO CAV

ALLEMANG, Phillip,Scenic Hill Cemetery, Civil War

ALLEN, Eugene,1909,1972,St. Francis Cemetery, WWII ~

ALLEN, Lawrence,28 Mar 1898,7 Aug 1964,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ CD

ALLEN, Mark Anthony,1902,1964,St. Francis Cemetery, WWII ~ USAF

ALLEN, Oscar,1838,10 Jun 1911,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

ALLEN, Virgil L.,1917,1982,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USN

ANDREWS, Joel,Rosedale Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 61 ILL INF

ANDREWS, Joel,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 61 ILL INF

ANDREWS, John E.,,15 Jun 1945,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI

ANTROBUS, James C.,25 Sep 1948,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ Co F 78 INF

APPLIGATE, Arthur J.,3 Jul 1883,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War

ARBOGAST, John G.,1892,1939,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

ARCHER, Josiah,Rosedale Cemetery,Civil War

ARCHER, Mathias W.,18 Sep 1864,Rosedale Cemetery,Civil War

ARCHER, William,15 May 1852,Rosedale Cemetery,War 1812 ~ CD

ARKEBAUER, George,1839,1928,Hetzel Cemetery,Civil War

ARMSTRONG, Joshua,1756,1845,Armstrong Cemetery,RW, DAR, HR (ISGS)

ARMSTRONG, L. L.,1836,21 Apr 1865,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

ARMSTRONG, Samuel,1811,16 Oct 1863,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

ARTER, Thomas,7 Jun 1949,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ Co E 346 INF

ARTMAN, Aaron,Medora Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 14 ILL INF

ATCHISON, J. H.,1845,28 Oct 1915,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ 17 IL INF

ATCHISON, Theodore,1914,1983,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII

AUSTIN, Benjamin,Meadow Branch Cemetery,Honor Holl

AYLWARD, James F.,1886,1948,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

AYLWARD, John R.,1891,1968,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

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Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

BAECHET, Frank C Dr.,26 Mar 1942,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ Med Corps

BAIRD, Benjamin D.,1891,15 Nov 1950,Oak Grove Cem.,WWI CoG 351 INF 88 Div

BALCOM, Harry Lee,10 Nov 1952,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII 704 TNG GP AIR CORP

BALCOMB, William,Salem Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 27 ILL INF


BALLARD, Carl F.,1914,1986,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ USMC

BANFIELD, Charles,Noble Cemetery,Honor Roll

BANFIELD, John,PresCh Otter Creek Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 61 ILL INF

BANFIELD, Jonathan,Hamilton Cemetery,Civil War Co D. 61 ILL Inf

BANFIELD, William,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 61 ILL INF

BARBER, Daniel Henry,1891,1959,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 364 INF

BARBER, Horace K.,11 Feb 1904,Noble Cemetery;,Civil War ~ 154 ILL INF

BARBER, N. K.,Noble Cemetery,Honor Roll

BARNAL, Michael H.,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War Co A 2 MO


BARRETT, John W.,1848,14 Jan 1911,Oak Grove Cemetery,CW Co K 122 ILL VOL

BARRY, E. H. Dr,.Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

BARTLETT, Benjamin C.,18 Oct 1881,Oak Grove Cemetery,Co C 124 ILL INF

BARTLETT, Ira W.,10 Oct 1905,Noble Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 61 ILL INF

BARTON, John A.,1916,Noble Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 61 ILL INF

BATES, James F.,1837,1900,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War Co B 154 ILL Inf

BATES, William,Lockhaven Cemetery,Rev. War, HR, DAR, SAR ~1 SC INF; NC

BAUFIELD, John,Meadow Branch Cemetery,Honor Roll

BAXTER, Hiram,26 Aug 1898,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ 39 MO INF

BEACH, Charles D.,28 Mar 1895,Lax Cemetery,CD

BEACH,Charles H.,30 Nov 1936,Lax Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

BEAN, Thomas L.,1910,Lax Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co E 18 ILL INF

BEATTY, Lester D.,23 Nov 1948,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ USN

BEATY, Ninian C.,2 Dec 1902,Oak Grove Cemetery,CW ~ Co C 124 ILL INF

BECHTOLD, Edward M.,16 Jul 1919,26 Jan 1945,St. Michaels Cem.,WWII, AAF 2527 BU

BECHTOLD, Elmer J.,27 Feb 1923,27 Oct 1991,Beltrees Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

BECHTOLD, Henry B.,4 Dec 1891,3 Apr 1974,St. Michael’s Cem.,WWI ~ USA

BECHTOLD, Jerome G.,7 Feb 1934,7 Mar 1983,St. Michael’s Cemetery,USA

BECHTOLD, Raymond H.,5 Mar 1923,15 Jan 1980,Beltrees CemeteryWWII ~ USA

BECKER, Bernard,1920,1965,St. Mary’s CemeteryWWII ~ USA

BECKER, Marcus,1920,1983,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWII ~

BELCHER, Jos. S,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War, Co. D. 10 IL INF

BELL, Henry,19 Jun 1913,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co A 61 ILL INF

BELL, William D.,9 Dec 1863,Salem Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 27 ILL INF

BELT, Charles,1845,1863,Lax Cemetery,Civil War ~ CD

BELT, Francis T.,1817,9 Apr 1852,Lax Cemetery,CD

BELT, George W.,1847,1911,Lax Cemetery, CD

BENEKE, Clarence,Salem Cemetery,SA

BENEKE, Ernest H.,Viet Nam

BENNETT, William H.,5 Sep 1898,Oak Grove CemeteryCW~ Co K 4 NJ INF

BERRY, Harold B.,1920,1985,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

BERTHOUX, Dale,31 Dec 1935, 26 Nov 1967,Arlington National Cemetery,Viet Nam

BESAW, Victor J.,7 Jul 1916,19 Mar 1985,Scenic Hill CemeteryWWII ~CD

BETTENDORF, Conrad,Bott Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co. F. 22 IL INF

BETTIS, Daniel,4 Mar 1911,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 130 ILL INF

BEUSAN, Nicholas,1841,1922,Oak Grove Cem.,Info from card no vet info!

BIEDERMANN, William1891,1942,Armstrong Cemetery,WWI ~

BINGHAM, Ranson G.,Noble Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 61 ILL INF

BIRDNOW, J. L. ,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War ~

BIRKENMEYER, Richard,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

BISHOP, Joseph S.,1916,1984,Fieldon Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

BISHOP, Loran Robert,25 May 1948,Gunterman Cemetery,WWII ~ USN Reserves

BISTER, William Lynn,20 Jun 1950,Medora Cemetery,WWI ~ HQ CO 55 INF

BLACK, John,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

BLACKWELL, Josiah,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co A 2 WIS INF

BLAND, Guy Edward,30 Aug 1898,4 Apr 1989,Newbern Cem.,WWII ~ CD

BLAND, Robert Lester,25 Sep 1887,12 Oct 1956,Newbern Cemetery,WWI ~ CD

BLAY, Earl Eugene,10 Sep 1942,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ BTY F 29 FA

BLIGHT, H. H.,28 Oct 1892,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

BLIGHT, Frank,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

BOEHLER, Robert A.,18 Nov 1924,27 Oct 1994,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

BONEL, Michael,Salem Cemetery,Honor Roll

BONER, Herbert L.,26 Jan 1947,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ 786 ENGR

BOOMER, Jesse Daniel,29 Sep 1933,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ Co PWE 96 ASC

BOSWELL, Lloyd O.,18 Nov 1940,Oak Grove Cemetery, SA~ Co F 4 MO INF

BOSWELL, Robert H.,19201981,Hartford Cemetery,Korean ~ Cemetery data

BOWERS, Harry Alvin,26 Nov 1951,Oak Grove Cem.,WWII ~ Cannon Co 350 INF

BOWLING, Sheridan,19231980,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ Cemetery data

BOYER, Peter W.,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War

BOYNTON, John E.,10 Jul 1895,Oak Grove Cemetery,CW ~ Co H 31 MO INF

BOYNTON, John Edson Jr.,1881,1962,Nashville, TNWWII ~ ENGR

BOYNTON, William Parker,1878,1951,Alton, ILWWII ~ USMC

BRADDISH, N. P.,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

BRADY, Barney,1898,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co B 7 MO INF

BRADY, Groom Texas,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Spanish Amer

BRAINERD, Charles,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 50 NY INF

BRANOM, Richard E.,Viet Nam

BRAY, Edward L.,19 Sep 1945,St. Francis Cem.,,WWI 36 Co 159 DB 9 TNG BN

BRAY, James A.,11 Oct 1918,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ Co F SATC US Univ

BRAY, William Stephen,1910,1973,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ USA


BREITWEISER, Elvin J.,13 Nov 1942,St. Francis Cem/,WWI ~ 10 Co 3 TNG BN

BREITWEISER, Joh C.,5 Feb 1944,Oak Grove Cem.,WWII ~ Co C 135 INF

BREITWEISER, Victor M.,2 Aug 1898,2 Jan 197?Marston Cem.,WWII ~ PVT USA

BRICKEY, Ray Jr.,1919,1980,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USMC

BRIDGES, Floyd E.,13 Jul 1953,Oak Grove Cem.,WWII Co L Mtr BN HQ CO SV GP

BRIDGES, Howard Tony,1921,1986,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

BRIDGES, J. L. ,28 Sep 1864,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co M 5 MO CAV

BRIDGES, Leo Lewis,14 Apr 1967,Oak Grove Cemetery

BRIDGES, William A.,12 Apr 1940,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ Co D 18 INF

BRIGGS, James S.,Newbern Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 27 ILL INF

BRIGGS, Jas. S.,Newbern Cemetery,Civil War ~ Cemetery data

BRIGGS, William,1902,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co. E. 6th MO. INF

BRIGHT, Henry,5 Nov 1895,Oak Grove Cemetery,CW ~ Co M 5 MO CAV SM DIV

BRIGHT, John H.,11 Apr 1920,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

BRIGHT, John H.,1844,1920,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~

BRINGHAM, Ed A,1823,1902,Fieldon Cemetery,Mexican ~ American

BRINTON, Alfred,22 Feb 1905,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

BRITT, Bert Melvin,27 Sep 1917,2 Jan 1969,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

BRITT, James Herbert,30 Mar 1915,16 Aug 1973,Scenic Hill Cem.,WWII ~ CD

BROCK, Russell,WWI

BROCKMEYER, Frank W.,1891,1942,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~

BROWN, Chauncy,21 Oct 1878,Newbern Cemetery,Honor Roll


BROWN, Joseph W.,1 Dec 1900,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

BROWN, Milton,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War

BROWN, Tom,1910,1983,Grimes Neely Cemetery,WWII ~ Cemetery data

BROWNLEE, John Q.,1894,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

BRUNSE, John D.,1948,1976,Medora Cemetery,Viet Nam ~ Cemetery data

BRYANT, Scenic Hill Cemetery,Confederate Service

BRYANT, Arthur,1843,1890,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War ~ MO

BRYANT, Lee R.,1 Aug 1945,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 310 ?

BRYANT, Willam,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War

BUFFINGTON, Clark C.,30 Dec 1881,Oak Grove Cemetery,Co I 61 ILL INF

BUNSE, Clement C., 1909, 1985,St. Mary’s Cemetery, Fieldon, WWII

BUNSE, Edward C.,1903,1953,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~

BUNSE, Henry,1906,1982,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

BUNSE, Raymond ,A.1921,1975,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

BUNSE, William,19 Feb 1840,23 Mar 1921,Beltree/St. Michael Cem.,CW Co A 9 IL INF

BURCH, Thomas W.,2 Dec 1944,Oak Grove Cemetery;Co I 142 INF

BURK, William A.,Korean

BURKE, Charles Perry,24 Sep 1948,Medora Cemetery,WWI ~ Medical Corp

BURNETT, W. L. Dr.,9 Jul 1891,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

BURNS, John,Hartford Cemetery,Honor Roll

BURNS, Jonathan,Hartford Cemetery,Civil war ~ Co. D 61 IL INF

BURNS, Leo R.,7 Jul 1949,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ USN

BURNS, Maurice,1895,1967,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~

BURRIS, Amena,1934,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co. D 61 IL INF

BURRIS(BURROWS), Ammon, 1906, Fieldon Cemetery, Civil War ~ Co D 61 IL INF (same as above?)

BUSKER, Lloyd M.,15 Oct 1922,Noble Cemetery,WWII ~ Cemetery data

BUSKER, Wiley C.,30 Jul 1894,&,#9;11 Aug 1986,Noble Cem.,WWI ~ CD

BUTCHART, William Bruce,1923,1958,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ USMC

BUTLER, Starlen R.,1907,1961,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII

BUTT, Henry J.,1886,1934,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~ 1st DIV, (Big Red One)

BUTT, William R.,1832, 1896, Fieldon Cemetery, CW ~ Co. C 122 IL INF

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Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

CADWALLADER, Jesse K., 19 May 1926, Oak Grove Cem.,SA ~ Co C 124 ILL INF

CAFFREY, Bryan DDS, 1897, 1983, St. Francis Cemetery, WWI

CAIN, Olna Y., 23 Dec 1887, 1 Nov 1919, Medora Cem., WWI ~ CD

CALENDER, Henry B., 31 Dec 1900, Oak Grove Cem., SP

CALLAHAN, Herbert W., 10 Mar 1945, Scenic Hill Cem., WWII ~ 21 Bomp SQ 501 BM GRP

CALLAHAN, John, 1917, Scenic Hill Cemetery, Civil War

CALLAWAY, Mason, 30 Oct 1952, Scenic Hill Cem, SA

CALLENDER, William H., Oak Grove Cemetery, Honor Roll

CALVIN, Delmiss O., Viet Nam

CAMERON, Donald T., 20 Apr 1941, Medora Cem., WWI ~ ARD 316 VET HOSP

CAMPBELL, Alex, 3 Apr 1862, Gimes Neely Cemetery,CW ~ Honor Roll

CAMPBELL, Archibald, Brown Cemetery, Civil War

CAMPBELL, Charles Laverne, 1925, 1976, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWII

CAMPBELL, George C., 2 Apr 1863, Gimes Neely Cemetery,CW ~ Honor Roll

CAMPBELL, L. A, 1845, 1911, Brown Cemetery, Civil War

CAMPBELL, Thomas L., 4 Sep 1952, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWI

CAMPBELL, Virgil, 1892, 1967, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWI & WWII

CAMPBELL, Wilford “Willie”, 1980’s-1990’s, Scenic Hill Cemetery, Korean War, WWII,

CAMPION Elmer D, 1967, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWI

CANNON, Edward L., 14 Jul 1919, 20 Dec 1990, Noble Cem., WWII ~ CD


CARCARIKO, Alec, Newbern Cemetery, Civil War

CARL, Peter, Rosedale Cemetery, Honor Holl

CARLIN, Walter E., 16 Aug 1908, Oak Grove Cemetery, CW ~ Co A 38 ILL

CARR, Howard L., Korean

CARROLL, John C., 19 Jul 1918, Oak Grove Cemetery, CW ~ Co G 144 ILL INF

CARROLL, Peter P., Rosedale Cemetery, CW ~ Co D 61 ILL INF

CARROLL, William, Rosedale Cemetery, Honor Roll

CARSTENS, Elmer J. Jr., 15 Nov 1951, Oak Grove Cemetery, Korean ~ USN

CARSTENS, Woodrow W., 26 Nov 1912, 29 Jan 1987, White Cem., WWII ~ CD

CARTER, William T., 1909, 1944, Medora Cemetery, WWII ~ CD

CASEY, Edward, 27 Nov 1866, Salem Cemetery, Civil War

CASEY, Edward Dr., 22 Mar 1874, Oak Grove Cemetery Civil War

CATT, Stephen, 27 Apr 1915, Oak Grove Cemetery, CW ~ Co F 4 ILL CAV

CAVANAUGH, Joseph Bernard, 1898, 1974, Fieldon Cemetery, WWII ~ USA

CHANDLER, Joseph, 4 Oct 1944, Noble Cemetery, Rev. War~DAR Patriot Index (ISGS)

CHAPPLE, Laverne, 8 Nov 1918, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWI ~ Medical Dept.

CHAROW, Harry Joseph, 1918, 1957, St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

CHICARD, Amadee Frank, 1910, 1978, Scenic Hill Cemetery, WWII ~ CD

CHRISTEN, Frank M., 1891, St. Francis Cemetery, WWI

CHURCH, Thomas E., 21 Nov 1914, 23 Oct 1985, Scenic Hill, WWII ~ CD



CLARIDGE, Byron D., 1932, Meadow Branch Cemetery, WWI ~ Medical Dept.

CLARK, Glenn D., 6 Jun 1943, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWI ~ Co A 122 MG BN

CLARK, James, 1949, St. Francis Cemetery, Civil War

CLENDENEN, S. T., 18 Jan 1885, Oak Grove Cemetery, CW ~ Co C 14 KAN CAV

CLINE, Emanuel R., WWI

CLINE, Leroy, 12 Oct 1918, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWI

CLOTHIER, Carl, 10 Jan 1999, Kane Cemetery, WWII

COATNEY, Oran W., 22 Jun 1940, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWI ~ Co C 48 BN US GDS

COCKRELL, George Croghan, 1919, 1969, Oak Grove Cem., WWII & Korean USA

COCKRELL, Jesse, East Newbern Cemetery, CW ~ Co K 97 ILL INF

COLEMAN, Eugene, 1895, 1972, St. Francis Cemetery, WWI ~ USA


COLEMAN, Matthew F., WWI

COLEMAN, Michael H., 1895, 1985, St. Francis Cemetery, WWI ~ USA

COLEMAN, Patrick Lee, 1897, 1952, St. Francis Cemetery, WWI ~ Co C 110 ENGR

COLLENBERGER, Lloyd, 1896, 1948, St. Francis Cemetery, WWI ~ USA

COLMAN, Matthew, St. Francis Cemetery, WWI

CONE, George W., 1891, 1964, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWI ~ 164 Depot Brigade

CONKLIN, Theodore Lurton, 1880, 1973, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWI

CONROY, Frank, Scenic Hill Cemetery, Civil War

COOK, Robert, 1945, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWII ~ Co F 533 Amph ENGR

COOK, Thomas W., 1916, Newbern Cemetery, Civil War

COOK, William H., 27 Jun 1940, Oak Grove Cemetery, CW ~ 61 ILL INF

COOPER, Jonathan, 1756, 1845, Falkner Cemetery, Revolutionary War

COPE, Andrew A., 1833, 1900, Brown Cemetery, Civil War

COPE, Clinton, Scenic Hill Cem.? or Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, WWI

COPE, John, 1842, 1862, Brown Cemetery, Civil War

COPE, Leonard, 1841, 1914, Fieldon Cemetery, Civil War ~ Co G 144 Reg. ILL

COPE, Martin, Brown Cemetery Civil War ~ Co. C 61 IL INF

COPE, Maurice, 1925, 1981, St. Francis Cemetery, WWII

CORBETT, William A., Oak Grove Cemetery, Civil War

COREY, Clarence N., 17 Jun 1948, Scenic Hill Cemetery, WWI ~ 113 FSB Co C

CORNELIUS, Zach, 24 Aug 1899, Scenic Hill Cemetery, CW ~ Co E 22 ILL INF

CORY, Lester R., 8 Dec 1894, 10 Oct 1918, Scenic Hill Cemetery, WWI ~ CD

CORZINE, Franklin J., 5 May 1881, Oak Grove Cemetery, Civil War

COULTHARD, William H., 27 Feb 1921, Oak Grove Cemetery, Civil War

COX, Harry E., 1889, 1959, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWI

CRABTREE, Edward, Salem Cemetery, Civil War ~ Co B 144 ILL INF


CRAIN, Silas Sr., 1762, 1842, Lax Cemetery, RW ~ CD

CRAWFORD, C. B., Medora Cemetery, Honor Roll

CRAWFORD, Isaac D., 20 Jan 1910, Lax Cemetery, CW ~ Co D 6 MO CAV


CRAWSHAW, Titus, Medora Cemetery, Honor Roll

CRAY, Leslie A., 29 Jan 1918, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWI ~ HQ CO 2 Baloon SQ

CRISSWELL, Ronald C. Jr., Viet Nam

CROCKER, Ulrick, Medora Cemetery, Honor Roll ~ Co M 6 MICH CAV

CRULL, James Lewis “Bird”, 22 Apr 1875, 9 Jan 1953, Scenic Hill Cem., SA ~ Co H 15 US INF

CRULL, Paul Everett, 1921, 1983, Rosedale Cemetery, WWII ~ USA

CRULL, Robert Smith, 1920, 1994, Rosedale Cemetery, WWII ~ USN

CRULL, Warren Laverne, 1927, 1981, Rosedale Cemetery, US Merchant Marines

CUDDY, Harold J., 1918, 1978, Scenic Hill Cemetery, WWII ~ Cemetery data

CULP, Irving Thomas, 1889, 1959, St. Francis Cem., WWI ~ 23 RCT Co Gen SVC Inf

CUMMINGS, John, 1946, St. Francis Cemetery, WWII ~ Co A 1635 ENGR Const

CUMMINGS, Josiah, Mississippi Twp., Revolutionary War ~ (ISHS Journal – ISGS)

CUMMINGS, Theodore A., 13 Jul 1912, 2 Jan 1982, Newbern Cemetery, WWII ~ CD

CUNNINGHAM, Clifton I., 14 Apr 1894, 7 Nov 1980, Gunterman Cem., WWI ~ CD

CURTIS, William D., 7 Mar 1906, Oak Grove Cemetery, Civil

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Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

DABBS, Elias, Dabbs Cemetery,Civil War

DABBS, Emanuel,25 Aug 1936,Oak Grove Cemetery, Civil War ~ Co D 61 ILL INF

DABBS, Everett P.,28 Sep 1944,Oak Grove Cem., WWII HQ CO 137 INF 35 INF DIV

DABBS, Immanuel, 1845, 1936, Oak Grove Cemetery, Civil War

DABBS, Joshua, 1841, 1928,Rosedale Cemetery, Civil War CO A 13 US REG

DAIKER, Ralph, 23 Jul 1926, 24 Oct 1988,Scenic Hill Cem., WWII ~ CD

DALEY, Patrick, 1830, 1907, Oak Grove Cemetery, Civil War ~ Co F 27 ILL INF

DANIELS, Chester Dale, 11 Oct 1919, 10 Jun 1976, Oak Grove Cemetery, USA Cav

DANIELS, James S., 12 Jul 1892, Oak Grove Cemetery, Honor Roll

DANIELS, L. S., 12 Jul 1892, Oak Grove Cemetery, Civil War

DANIELS, Louis Wesley, 1887, 1950, Reddish Cemetery, WWI ~ FA Army

DARR, Aaron Lee, 8 Jan 1948, 12 Mar 1970, Elsah Cemetery, Viet Nam ~ USA

DAUGHTERY, Charles, Noble Cemetery, Honor Roll

DAUGHTERY, James, 1865, Salem Cemetery, Civil War ~ Co D 61 ILL INF

DAUGHTERY, Patrick W., 1905, Salem Cemetery, Civil War ~ Co C 33 ILL INF

DAVENPORT, William E., Hartford Cemtery, Civil War ~ Co C 122 ILL INF

DAVES, Eskell Merle, 5 Dec 1945, 18 Apr 1967, Noble Cemetery, Viet Nam ~ CD


DAVIS, William, Newbern Cemetery, Civil War ~ Co K 97 ILL INF

DAWSON, William R., 26 May 1934, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWI ~ Co C 309 ENGR

DEAN, Alfred, WWII

DEAN, Jesse L., Scenic Hill Cemetery, Honor Roll ~ Co H 17 MASS INF

DECOURCY, Robert C., Viet Nam

DEEN, Nick, Medora Cemetery, Honor Roll

DEFOCHIA, Anton, Meadow Branch Cemetery, Civil War

DELL, David, Korean

DELP, Andrew J., Hartford Cemetery, Civil War ~ Co O 16 ILL INF

DELP, Robert Laverne, 1 Jan 1931, 24 Jan 1992, Fieldon Cemetery, Korean ~ CD

DEMPSEY, Daniel, 1918, Scenic Hill Cemetery, Honor Roll

DEPPER, Paul E., Korean

DESHERLIA, Adam H., 17 Jan 1915, 14 Mar 1983, Scenic Hill Cem., WWII ~ CD

DESHERLIA, John Amos, 1919, 1971, Hartford Cemetery, WWII ~ USN-Reserves


DIAMOND, Charles W., Noble Cemetery, Civil War ~ Co G 4 US CAV

DICKERSON, Peat K., 22 Jun 1919, 13 Aug 1988, Scenic Hill Cem., WWII ~ CD

DIERKING, Forrest H., 1919, 1943, Oak Grove Cemetery, May not Be
Note: Forrest Harrison Dierking was a veteran. From Joe Dierking.

DIERKING, Nolan A., 1911, 1979, St. Francis Cemetery, WWII
Note: My father Nolan A. Dierking is not a veteran. From Joe Dierking [email protected]

DILKS, Owen Leroy, 1924, 1980, Fieldon Cemetery, WWII ~ USA

DIXON, Raymond A., 12 Apr 1945, Oak Grove WWII ~ USA

DIXON, William H., Scenic Hill Cemetery, Civil War

DODSON, Aaron, 8 Aug 1911, Noble Cemetery, Civil War ~ Co C 14 ILL INF

DODGSON, John W., 19 October 1916, East Newbern Cemetery, Civil War – Pvt., Company G, 154th Regiment, Illinois Infantry. Data from Jana, ggg-grand daughter.

DOENGES, Henry, 15 Jan 1922 Oak Grove Cemetery, Civil War


DONAHUE, Patrick, Scenic Hill Cemetery, Civil War

DOOLEY, Thomas, Scenic Hill Cemetery, Honor Roll ~ Co G 69 NY INF

DOUGHTERY, Jonathan P., Ferguson Cemetery, Civil War ~ Cemetery data

DOWALL, William H., 23 Nov 1911, Scenic Hill Cem., CW ~ Co I 144 ILL INF

DOWNING, William, 1889, 1939, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWI ~ Co C 328 ENGR.

DOWNING, William, 25 Feb 1939, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWI ~ Co C 528 ENGR

DRAINER, Chris J., 12 Sep 1903, 27 Jul 1987, St. Mary’s Cemetery, WWII ~ CD

DRAINER, John D., 1932, 1951, St. Mary’s Cem., Korean ~ USA (lost at sea)

DRAINER, Linus W., 1 Jul 1915, 12 Apr 1993, St. Mary’s Cemetery, WWII ~ CD

DRING, John, 1890, Oak Grove Cemetery, Civil War ~ Co K 8 KANS

DRULAND, William, Noble Cemetery, Honor Roll

DRULARD, John S., 1907, White Cemetery, Civil War

DUFF, Darrell M., 16 Jul 1950, Scenic Hill Cem., Korean Co F 19 INF 24 DIV

DUGAN, John, 30 Nov 1900, Scenic Hill Cemetery, Civil War ~ Co D 61 ILL INF

DUGAN, John W., 1925, Oak Grove Cemetery, Civil War ~ Co D 6 IL INF

DUGAN, John W., 26 Sep 1925, Oak Grove Cemetery, Civil War ~ Co D 6 ILL INF

DUGAN, W. J., Elsah Cemetery, Civil War ~ TN CAV

DUGINSON, W. J., Edsall Cemetery, CW ~ Co H 5 TENN CAV

DUHADWAY, Caleb Dr., 21 Dec 1901, Oak Grove Cemetery, Civil War

DUHADWAY, Daniel, Oak Grove Cemetery, Honor Roll

DUNCAN, Carl Louis, 9 Jul 1926, 14 Dec 1969, Scenic Hill Cemetery, WWII ~ CD

DUNHAM, Lester, 1894, 1961, Fieldon Cemetery, WWII 326 FA 84 Div.

DUNHICH, James, Scenic Hill Cemetery, CW ~ Co I 10 ILL INF

DUNLOPE, Frank O., 28 Oct 1895, 10 Mar 1960, Scenic Hill Cemetery, WWII ~ CD

DUNLOPE, Harry A., 9 Aug 1888, 7 Sep 1980, Scenic Hill Cemetery, WWI ~ CD

DUNSE, Walter, 1918, 1989, St. Francis Cemetery, WWII ~ USA

DUNSING, Charles I., 4 Apr 1892, 17 Jan 1969, Meadow Branch Cem., WWI ~ CD


DUNSING, Robert J., 8 Feb 1952, Oak Grove Cem., WWII ~ Co B 115 INF 29 DIV

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Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

EAST, Henry O.,1891,1944,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 113 ENGR

EAST, Henry O.,8 Jan 1944,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 113 ENGR SAN DET

EAST, Vernon Parker,10 Jul 1923,9 Jan 1978,St. Mary’s Cem.,WWII ~ Cemetery data

EASTMAN, Henry,1832,1876,Hartford Cemetery,Mexican ~ Co H 3 US INF

EBERHARDT, William,1893,1962,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ Co C 308 Machine Gun

EDGAR, William H.,1917,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 33 ILL INF

EDSALL, John H.,14 Feb 1883,Noble Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 40 MO INF

EDSALL, Thomas J.,1928,Edsall Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co E 9 ILL Cav

EDSALL, William H.,1838,1923,Edsall Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co B 122 ILL INF

EDWARDS, Dewey C.,1898,1969,Hartford Cemetery,WWI ~ USM

EDWARDS, William W.,22 Jun 1930,Oak Grove Cemetery,CW ~ Co B 80 ILL INF

EISCHEN, Michael,St. Francis Cemetery,Civil War ~ 9 NY CAV

EISLER, Frank,9 Mar 1913,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~

ELLIOTT, Harold B.,1913,1986,Kemper Cemetery,WWII USA

ELLIS, Samuel C.,8 Jun 1907,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Mexican Amer ~ 2 OH INF

EMBLEY, William H.,14 Jun 1940,Oak Grove Cemetery,HR ~ Med Department

EMORY, Charles D.,30 Jan 1906,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

ENGEL, Fred,1886,1941,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI

ENGLAND, George W.,2 Oct 1925,St. Francis Cemetery,Honor Roll

ENGLISH, David,1917,White Cemetery,Honor Roll

ENGLISH, Philip,Gimes Neely Cemetery,Civil War ~ Honor Roll

ENGLISH, Thomas,2 Aug 1929,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

ENNIS, Edward, April 1951, buried Ft. Worth, TX TSgt USAF WWII, Korean War

ENNIS, Herbert Henry,24 Aug 1933,3 Oct 1967,Meadow Branch Cem.,Korean ~ CD

ENNIS, Jesse, PVT D Moore, Rosedale Cem., War of 1812, submitted by Ron Schulz

ENNIS, William Z.,19 Sep 1889,6 Nov 1959,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ CD

ENOS, Laurens,19 Feb 1945,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ Medical Corps

ERWIN, Donald Smith,1919,1978,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII

ERWIN, James L.,9 Jun 1918,14 Jan 194&,#9;St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

ERWIN, Morris J.,1894,1962,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI

ERWIN, Paul C.,1914,1984,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

ESCHENBACH,, Joseph28 Mar 1930,Oak Grove Cemetery,CW ~ Co I 1 WISC

ESTES, Jerome A.,4 May 1865,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co F 14 ILL INF

EVANS, Isreal,25 Jul 19048,#9;Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 13 US ART

EVANS, Raldon F.,29 Nov 1945,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

EVANS, William,7 Jun 1934,Oak Grove CemeterySA~ Co C 161 DEPOT BRIG

EVERTS, A. J.,23 Nov 1890,Oak Grove Cemetery,HR ~ Co D 184 NY INF

EWIN, Charles W.,9 Oct 1918,Oak Grove CemeteryWWI ~ 4 SQ MAR AVI

EWING, James A.,10 Jul 1939,Oak Grove Cem.,WWI ~ IL Base Hosp 100 MED DEPT

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Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

FAIRFAX, Amos,1896,1933,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ Co G 804 INF

FAIRFAX, Amos,11 Jan 1933,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ Co G 804 P INF

FALKNER, James,Falkner Cemetery,Revolutionary War ~ Honor Roll(ISGS)

FALKNER, Joseph,1823,1867,Armstrong Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co G. 61 ILL INF

FALKNER, William,1822,1898,Falkner Cemetery,Mexican ~

FARLEY, Frank B. Dr.,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War ~ 116 ILL INF

FARMER, Ray J.,1910,1973,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USN

FARRIS, Robert T.,12 Jul 1899,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co I 144 ILL INF

FELTY, Samuel,20 Dec 1893,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co H 50 ILL INF

FERENBACH, Ernest,1894,1977,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

FERENBACH, John,1897,1918,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWI ~ ENGR

FERENBACH, John A., 1927,1965,St. Francis Cemetery,Korean ~ USN

FERRIS, John,20 Nov 1927,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

FESTER, Fred L.,1887,1972,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

FESTER, G. H.,Meadow Branch Cemetery,Civil War ~ Cemetery data

FEYERABEND, Bert,23 Aug 1954,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 23 Aug 1954

FEYERABEND, Louis R.,1905,1972,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

FINNEY, Dan,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War ~

FINNEY, George,Hartford Cemetery,War 1812

FISHER, John,Lamb Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 97 ILL INF

FITZGERALD, John W.,1890,1966,St. Francis Cem.,WWI Co. E 310 ENGR

FITZGERALD, Joseph W.,6 Apr 1924,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

FITZGERALD, William,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll



FITZGIBBONS, Thomas J.,Korean

FITZPATRICK, Patrick,St. Francis Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co N 97 ILL INF

FLAMM, Elston J.,1897,1969,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

FLAMM, James A.,1889,1963,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

FLAMM, John,1832,1891,St. Francis Cemetery,Civil War ~ 6 MO INF

FLAMM, John William,1919,1976,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USAF

FLAMM, Thomas J.,1895,1979,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

FLAMM, Wilfred,1891,1944,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ Med Det

FLANAGAN, John D.,1911,1971,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ Korean USA

FLEMING, Frank,1896,1961,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

FLIPPO, George,1902,Hartford Cemetery,Listed but no War info

FLORINE, C.,Bott Cemetery,Civil War ~

FLYNN, James J.,1887,1924,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

FLYNN, Michael,1870,1945,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

FLYNN, Robert E.,1890,1943,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ USN

FORBES, Richard Tate,9 Apr 1912,Scenic Hill Cemetery,CW~ Co I 2 Maine CAV

FORD, Egbert A.,Lax Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 10 ILL VAV

FORD, George A.,1 Oct 1911,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co G 144 ILL INF

FORD, George H.,5 Apr 1883,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co G 144 ILL INF

FORRESTER, Jack,Korean

FOSHA, Edward C.,1877,Meadow Branch Cemetery,Civil War


FOSTER, William,1 Mar 1935,Newbern Cemetery,Civil War

FOX, Allan Slaten,11 Apr 1911,15 Aug 1985Scenic Hill Cemetery,Cemetery data

FRALEY, Mark,30 Oct 1954,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 80 SAN SQ

FRANK, George,1835,1900,Keller Cemetery,Civil War

FRANKE, Charles Leo,4 Jul 1953,Medora Cemetery,WWI ~ Co D 46 INF

FRANKE, Henry W.,19 Nov 1906,Oak Grove CemeteryCivil War

FRAZIER, Harry,Noble Cemetery,Civil War, ~ Cemetery data

FREAND, Leroy Henry, 31 May 1919, 26 Nov 1993, Oak Grove Cemetery, Tech 4 US Army WWII

FRED, Clarence A.,,12 Mar 1951,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 10 Constr. Co.

FREDENBERG, Mark,1929,Noble Cemetery,WWI

FREE, Isaac M.,7 Jan 1900,Salem Cemetery, MA; Civil War

FREEMAN, George H.,26 Aug 1901,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

FREIMANN, Charles H.,18991978,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ Cemetery data

FRENCH, James Harry,6 Dec 1948,Medora Cemetery,WWI ~ USN

FRESES, Erasmus,6 Nov 1904,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co A 9 ILL INF

FRIEDEL, Aloys A.,6 Oct 1931,28 Jun 1990,St. Mary’s Cem.,Korean ~ CD

FRIEND, Lewis Andrew,4 Jun 1895,5 Jun 1971,Lax Cemetery,WWI ~ Cemetery data

FULKERSON, Frank E.,2 Aug 1944,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ Co D 47 INF 9 INF DIV

FULKERSON, R. H.,1 Jan 1880,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

FULKERSON, W. H.,3 Dec 1919,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

FULLER, James,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War

FULLER, Richard C.,Newbern Cemetery,War 1812

FUNK, Hezekiah,1816,1878,Funk Cemetery,Mexican American

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Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

GABBETT, Delmar Joseph, 6 Nov 1911, 9 June 1987, Oak Grove Cem., WWII~USNavy

GAITHER, Earl,1892,1960,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI

GAITHER, Zadok L.,31 Aug 1932,Medora Cemetery,Confederate Service


GARAGHTY, William R.,Medora Cemetery,Confederate Service

GARBER, George F.,1 Sep 1903,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

GARL, William A.,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War

GEIGER, Harry Jr.,17 Dec 1922,22 Jan 1990,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

GEISLER, Raymond E.,6 Jan 1906,26 Dec 1982,E. Newbern Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

GETTINGS, O. D.,Salem Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 5 MO CAV

GIBBONS, Joseph F.,1890,1972,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

GIBSON, Francis W., 17 Nov 1907, 1 May 1985, Oak Grove Cem., WWII ~Army 12th Armored Div.

GIDDINGS, Hezekiah,Salem Cemetery,Honor Roll

GIERS, Carl J.,28 Sep 1918,Oak Grove Cem.,,WWI ~ Co D 302 Water Tank Tr

GIERS, Harold Lambert,28 Dec 1952,Oak Grove Cem.,WWI ~ SUP CO 78 INF

GIERS, Ralph E.,18 Oct 1918,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI

GIERS, Scott G.,Korean

GILBERT, David, b. abt 1788; d. before 19 Nov 1842, Jersey Co, IL; Listed in Jersey Early history book as one of about 6 or 7 men discharged c 1819 in St. Louis from the regular Army. His military company never found. Lived in the Rosedale and Quarry area of Jersey co.IL

GILBERT, David, b. 12 Dec 1842, Jersey co. IL; d. 19 Mar 1913, in Woody; buried in Woodville twp, Greene Co. IL. Possible Cummings Cemetery; entered Civil War service 10 Feb 1862, mustered into Service 7 Mar 1861 61st Illinois Infantry Company D

?GILBERT, David,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War

?GILBERT, David,Hartford Cemetery,War 1812

GILES, Andrew,St. Francis Cemetery,Civil War

GILL, Hershell,17 Oct 1918,Newbern Cemetery,WWI ~ 24 BN 120 DB

GILLHAM, William,1750,(27 Oct)1825,East Newbern Cemetery,RW, CD, DAR (ISGS)

GILMORE, Thomas P.,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War

GLEASON, Charles W.,5 Nov 1925,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

GLEDHILL, Robert C.,21 Jun 1917,Oak Grove Cemtery,Civil War ~ Co A 10 ILL INF

GLOBE, John,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 97 ILL INF

GLOSUP, Jonathan,20 Mar 1891,Noble Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co I 150 ILL INF

GOEDDE, John H.,1910,1977,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

GOEMANN, J. Henry,4 Apr 1829,24 Nov 1895,Armstrong Cemetery,Civil War

GOETTEN, John L.,1893,1949,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWI ~ QMC Salvage Div.

GOODMAN,Benjamin F.,22 Sep 1898,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

GOODRICH, Ernest Rector,13 Dec 1943,Scenic Hill Cem.,,WWI ~ 6 Co 6 Ord Dept HMORS

GOODRICH, Robert B.,14 Feb 1897,6 Jul 1956,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ CD

GOODWIN, Glynn Smith,15 Mar 1920,5 Jun 1983,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

GOODWIN, Leslie Carl,17 Oct 1896,10 Mar 1976,Noble Cemetery,WWI ~ CD

GOODWIN, Wilbur,1841,14 Dec 1887,Kemper Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co F 12 ILL CAV

GORDON, Hubert Eldon,2 Feb 1946,25 Jun 1967,Rosedale Cem.,Viet Nam ~ J. C. 1st casuality

GORMAN, Bernard Louis,1906,1980,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII

GORMAN, James L.,1908,1979,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII

GORRELL, Peter P., 9 May 1889, Rosedale Cemetery, Civil War ~ Co.D 61st Inf

GOSHOM, William,1836,1914,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War ~ 93 OH INF

GOWIN, Leonard, 1901, 1943, Scenic Hill Cemetery, WWII USA

GRADFORD, Walter,16 Nov 1912,Oak Grove Cemetery,Spanish American

GRADY, Terrence T.,WWII

GRAFFORD, Walter,1912,Oak Grove Cemetery,Spanish American

GRANT, Fabian J.,5 May 1947,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI & WWII

GRAY, Douglas,WWI

GRAY, Michael R.,1945,1971,St. Francis Cemetery,Viet Nam ~ 168 ENGR BN

GRAY, Paul ,1920,1945,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ Co C 330 Inf 83 Div

GREATHOUSE, James F.,2 Jun 1919,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

GREELING, Jacob,Newbern Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 97 ILL INF

GREELING, Jonnie E.,6 Dec 1895,11 Jul 1966,Newbern Cemetery,WWI ~ CD

GREEN, Adrian,1907,1985,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII

GREEN, Adrian,1924,1981,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII

GREEN, John Wesley,28 Feb 1930,Oak Grove Cemetery,CW ~ Co E 61 ILL INF

GREENE, Almeanian,Greene Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co H 144 ILL INF

GREENE, Elisha F.,Greene Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 61 ILL INF

GREENE, Ralph,1918,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI


GREER, Paul,12 Oct 1924,22 May 1987,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

GRETHER, Michael,Noble Cemetery,Honor Roll

GRETHER, William,Elsah or Salem Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 61 ILL INF

GRIFFIN, Emmert E.,2 Dec 1944,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

GRISWOLD, John,29 May 1917,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 4 ILL INF

GROSJEAN, Nicholas,16 Dec 1903,Oak Grove Cemetery,CW ~ Co F 14 ILL INF

GROTHAUS, John F.,3 Jul 1954,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ QMC

GUIRE, John,Lax Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co G 144 ILL INF

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Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

HABIN, Richard H.,1913,1977,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII

HACKER, Wilbur,1919,1964,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII

HAGEN, Charlie G.,1893,1918,FieldonCemetery,WWI

HAGEN, John C.,1888,1975,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

HAGEN, Nelson,Noble Cemetery,Honor Roll

HAMBLEN, James (Ted),1920,1971,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII

HAMILTON, B. B.,11 Nov 1894,Noble Cemetery,Civil War ~ 61 ILL INF

HAMPTON, David L.,Viet Nam

HANDLER, Charles,13 Jan 1929,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co M 7 ILL CAV

HANEKY, John E.,19 Nov 1876,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War


HANLEY, William F.,1894,1951,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

HANSELL, George,3 Aug 1913,Oak Grove Cemetery,Spanish Amer

HANSELL, L. S.,27 Mar 1921,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

HANSELL, Myron H.,1842,1903,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War ~ 33 MO INF

HANSELL, William,11 Feb 1872,Oak Grove Cemetery,Spanish Amer

HARDIN, Isaac,Medora Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 133 ILL INF

HARGRAVES, John,10 May 1903,Unknown Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co I 101 ILL INF

HARMON, Charles C.,18941954,Hartford Cemetery,WWI ~ Co G 7 INF

HARMON, George A.,18 Jun 1932,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co G 61 REG ARMY

HARRINGTON, Ralph E.,1910,1984,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWII ~ USN

HARRIS, Joseph A.,13 Mar 1931,Oak Grove CemeteryCivil War ~ Co C 122 ILL INF

HARTLEY, R. P.,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 27 ILL INF

HAWKINS, Andrew E.,31 Jul 1950,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 79 Repl BN

HAYS, William H.,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co E 33 ILL INF

HAYWARD, Ansel,1789,1862,Medora Cemetery,War 1812 ~ Cemetery data

HEDGES, George W.,14 Jan 1918,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ 15 IND INF

HEGGER, Jerome,1921,1972,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII

HEIDERSCHEID, Chester,18 Feb 1937,Gunterman Cemetery,Honor Roll

HEITZIG, Edward,28 Jan 1892,15 Feb 1972,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWI ~ CD

HEITZIG, Edward,1892,1972,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

HEMBROW, William R.,1892,1969,Kemper Cemetery,WWI ~ Co B 147 ILL INF


HENEGHAN, Floyd,1921,1944,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII

HENNING, Harold Maurice,1974,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ USAAC

HENSON, Allen,1923,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War

HENSON, Sydney,1923,Fieldon Cemetery,Civil War


HETZEL, Levi L.,1896,1966,Hetzel Cemetery,WWI~ USA


HEWITT, John F.,1887,1974,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

HEWITT, Paul Leonard,1938,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWI ~ Field Arty

HEWITT, William,7 Feb 1941,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll~Co B 7 INF

HIGHFILL, Harry, 12 Jun 1873,17 Jan 1902,Meadow Branch Cemetery,SA ~ CD

HIGHFILL, Herbert V.,1893,1929,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ Cemetery data

HILL, T.,3 Nov 1914,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll ~ 12 MICH INF

HILL, Sylvanus L.,16 Jul 1930,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

HILL, W. N.,9 Aug 1883,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

HINMAN, Loy Allyn,1951,1974,Oak Grove Cemetery,USA

HINSON, Estel W.,29 Aug 1949,Noble Cemetery,WWII ~ Co C 249 ENGR CBT BN

HINSON, Osborne E.,15 Feb 1926,28 Feb 1976,Noble Cemetery,WWII ~CD

HOELKER, Joseph J.,1896,1968,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWI ~ Medical Corps


HOFFNAGEL, James S.,1861,Kemper Cemetery,Civil War

HOGAN, Alfred G.,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

HOLCOMB, Joseph,30 Dec 1900,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ 144 ILL INF

HOLLADAY, Jesse E.,7 Feb 1900,19 Nov 1982,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ CD

HOLLAND, W. D.,22 Feb 1905,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co H 61 ILL INF

HOMER, Matthew M.,1837,1925,Hartford Cemetery,Honor Roll

HOPPE, H. C.,24 Oct 1918,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ Co C 10 FLD SIG BN

HOPPE, J. T.,13 Mar 1925,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ 23 PROV RCT Co

HOUGHTLIN, D. M.,26 Apr 1903,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ MO

HOUGHTLIN, W. H. H.,26 Jun 1933,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ 21 PA CAV

HOUSE, Oliver T.,25 Sep 1950,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ Co K 11 INF

HOUSE, Robert M.,1919,1980,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII

HOUSEMAN, Charles Anton,1892,1960,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ Co D 302

HUBER, Josef,1886,Bott Cemetery,Honor Roll

HUGHES, Albert G.,1846,1919,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

HUGHES, Charles,30 Mar 1955,Oak Grove Cem.,WWI ~ 7 REMOUNT SQ AMC

HUGHES, Earl,1950,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

HUGHES, George,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 10 IL INF

HUGHES, Henry,Lax Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co E 18 ILL INF

HUGHES, Robert W.,Viet Nam

HUGHES, Rutherford,Rosedale Cemetery,Honor Roll

HUGHES, Thomas,8 Jan 1926,Newbern Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 124 ILL INF

HUGHES, Thomas E.,1917,1986,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII

HUGHES, William,26 Nov 1861, stone in Rosedale Cem., buried in Mound City National Cem., Cairo, IL, Civil War ~ Co D 10 IL INF

HUMISTON, Linius,1 Dec 1911,Noble Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 33 ILL INF

HUNT, Charles Wesley,5 Jul 1954,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ QMC GEN HOSP

HUNT, William,1905,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co A 110 ILL INF

HUNTER, Andrew,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

HUNTER, Hershel Stephenson,1895,1978,Oak Grove Cemetery,USAF Reserve

HUNTER, Jack Burl,1892,1964,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI

HUNTER, Joseph,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

HUNTER, Joseph, Wesley1937,1994,Rosedale Cem.,US Navy Veteran cremated

HUNTER, Wesley Monroe,1917,1990,Rosedale Cemetery,WWII ~ USN

HURLEY, Noel,Viet Nam

HUSK, William,Newbern Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co D 27 ILL INF

HUTCHINSON, William H.,8 Aug 1909,Oak Grove Cem.,Civil War ~ Co K 17 ILL INF

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Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

IMMING, Harry H.,1894,1966,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ 34 Co Depot Brig.


JENSEN, Tim A.,1985,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

JETT, Randolph B., 19 Sep 1924, 28 Dec 1989, Oak Grove Cemetery, US Navy ~ WWII

JEWSBURY, Ebenezer,1838,1912,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

JEWSBURY, Paul Calvin,1916,1956,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII

JOHNSON, A. C.,25 Aug 1909,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 124 ILL INF

JOHNSON, A. P.,14 Apr 1905,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

JOHNSON, Charles W.,26 Dec 1908,19 Sep 1985,Scenic Hill Cem.,WWI ~ CD

JOHNSON, James,28 Dec 1941,Scenic Hill Cem.,WWI ~ Co A 309 ENGR 84 DIV

JOHNSON, Russell,1891,1920,Pruitt Hawkins Cemetery,WWI ~ Co I 358 INF 90 DIV

JOHNSON, William,Gimes Neely Cemetery,Civil War ~ Honor Roll

JOHNSTON, Loris Don,1904,1970,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ USN


JONES, Charles William,1894,1974,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

JONES, Phillip B.,4 Mar 1936,Piasa Cemetery,WWI ~ 159 Depot Brg

JONES, Wesley George,14 Nov 1940,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ BTY 5 FARR

JORS, John,7 Nov 1951,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI ~ QMC Util Det CONST DIV

JUNSBURY, Ebenezer,19 Jun 1912,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

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Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial/Cemetery, Service/Data

KADEL, Valentine,27 Sep 1893,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co B 9 ILL INF

KADELL, Edward L.,1925,1960,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USN ~ Reserves

KADELL, Louis M.,1918,1978,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

KADELL, Robert Lee,1920,1958,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII

KALEDA, Peter J.,1891,1968,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ BTRY C 69 ARTY

KALLAL, Bernard Joseph,1893,1983,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWI

KALLAL, John F.,1889,1966,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI

KALLAL, Leo John, 1914, 1997, St Francis Cemetery in Jerseyville, US Army, 3rd Armored Division

KALLAL, Theodore,1915,1972,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

KALLAL, Virgil,1922,1970,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWII

KAMP, Edward,4 Jul 1926,Scenic Hill Cemetery,

KANALLAKAN, Meinrad T.,1908,1962,St. Mary’s Cemetery,WWII

KAPPELL, Hugh B.,1926,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

KAPPLER, Edwin Russell,1972,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ USA

KARL, Robert,28 Aug 1940,Medora Cemetery,WWI ~ 1 Co I 164 DB 356 INF

KARR, Austin F.,WWII

KASLICK, John H.,1841,1922,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co K 97 ILL INF

KASLICK Nicholas,1844,1916,Hartford Cemetery,Civil War

KEELEY, Dan L. S.,10 Feb 1872,Lax Cemetery,Civil War ~ 61 ILL INF

KEENER, Archibald F.,15 Oct 1918,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWI ~ HQ CO 84 DIV

KEENER, Everett H.,26 Jan 1917,15 Nov 1988,Scenic Hill Cemtery,WWII ~ CD

KELLER, George F.,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Honor Roll

KELLER, Louis,1896,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co B 154 ILL INF

KELLER, Stroud V.,15 Feb 1919,Medora Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co C 133 ILL INF

KELLY, Daniel M.,1920,1976,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USN

KELLY, Daniel J.,1890,1969,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

KELLY, James Joseph,1922,1956,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USN ~ Reserves

KEMPER, Napoleon,1863,Kemper Cemetery,Civil War
Researcher’s note: Napoleon Bonaparte Kemper, 12th Illinois Cavalry, Company F, 1st Sergeant, residence: Rockbridge, Green County, mustered in on 31 December 1861, died at Culpepper, Virginia on 14 September 1863 of wounds. General John Buford’s Cavalry Division, present for duty on June 30, 1863, the eve of the Battle of Gettysburg. Also see Thomas’ entry.

KEMPER, Thomas B. [sic],1863,Kemper Cemetery,Civil War
Researcher’s note: Thomas Jefferson Kemper, 12th Illinois Cavalry, Company F, Corporal, residence: Rockbridge, Green County, mustered in on 31 December 1861, died 8 November 1863. General John Buford’s Cavalry Division, present for duty on June 30, 1863, the eve of the Battle of Gettysburg. Father of Napoleon and Thomas was William HenryHarrison Kemper (d. 8 September 1882, buried in Medora, probably Kemper Cemetery). Their brother was Zachary Taylor Kemper. Information from great grandson of Zachary.

KESLER, Jacob,1901,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War ~ 33 MO INF

KETCHUM, Charles H.,1871,1959,Kemper Cemetery,WWII

KETCHUM, David,1842,1865,Kemper Cemetery,Civil War

KETCHUM, Edmund H.,1846,1893,Kemper Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co F 133 ILL INF

KETCHUM, Franklin C.,19 Dec 1951,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ USN

KETCHUM, Leonard,1842,1912,Kemper Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co F 12 ILL Cav

KEYES, Edward E.,25 Dec 1947,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ 37 DIV 148 INF

KEYSER, William,Elsah Cemetery,Civil War

KIELY, Richard,18541930,St. Francis Cemetery,Legion Marker

KILLIAN, Claude D.,21 Apr 1955,Oak Grove Cemetery,Spanish Amer ~ 1 REG CAV

KINCADE, James H. Sr.,1921,1976,St. Francis Cemetery,WWII ~ USN

KING, Jeff,20 Jul 1924,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

KINGSLEY, N. J.,28 Jan 1906,Oak Grove Cemetery,Civil War

KINNEY, Jacob,Kemper Cemetery,Civil War

KINNEY, John,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War

KINSELLA, Martin,St. Francis Cemetery,Honor Roll

KIRCHNER, Henry C.,1919,1977,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ Cemetery data

KLEFFNER, Fred W.,1890,1939,St. Francis Cemetery,WWI ~

KNAPP, Claude E.,18 Oct 1945,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWI

KNIGHT, David L.,6 Feb 1943,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ Co A 58 SIG CORP

KNIGHT, Joseph,1922,Newbern Cemetery,Civil War

KNOTT, John,Scenic Hill Cemetery,Civil War

KOHLMEYER, Fred A.,5 Jun 1908,24 Jan 1972,Scenic Hill Cemetery,WWII ~ CD

KRAMER, Anthony, 1890, 6 Jan 1974, Oak Grove Cemetery, WWI, served with thearmy in France

KRAMER, John William,7 Mar 1952,Oak Grove Cemetery,WWII ~ BTY A 722 FA


KRAUSHAAR, Joseph,1868,1928,Fieldon Cemetery,Honor Roll

KRUEGER, Frank,11 Mar 1896,25 Dec 1970,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~ Cemetery data

KRUEGER, Frank,1896,1970,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~ USA

KRUEGER, Walter G.,1897,1938,Fieldon Cemetery,WWI ~ USN

KRUSE, Charles F.,WWI

KRUSE, Henry J.,Viet Nam

KUBY, David T.,Lax Cemetery,Civil War ~ Co A 61 ILL INF

KURTH, William,14 Dec 1908,Oak Grove Cemetery,Honor Roll

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