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Cooper’s History of Jerseyville, pp. 56-76


Rev. Marshall M. Cooper, History of Jerseyville, Illinois 1822 to 1901, Jerseyville Republican Print, 1901, pp. 56-76. Not a complete transcription, there will be errors, typos.

Early Schools and Teachers, pp. 56-59

     The first school taught in Jerseyville was by Irvin Little, in the Old Red House, in the winter of 1834-35. He soon exchanged the hazel for the hose as the more profitable.
     The second teacher was the venerable John Adams of Jacksonville, Ill., a man, it is said, who has taught more boys than any man in the United States, having been for many years a teacher in many of the best Academies in New England. He taught here in 1836. He taught the first school in the old school house which was built in 1836, on land donated for school purposes by A. H. Burrett. The house measured 20×24 feet, and stood on land now in Capt. John Smith’s yard, on Spruce and Jefferson streets.
     The third teacher in Jerseyville was Prof. Penuel Corbett, who came to Jerseyville with his family in 1838, and began at once teaching in the old school house formerly occupied by Mr. Adams. Mr. Corbett taught for many years in Jerseyville, and will be long and favorably remembered by many of our older citizens.
     George I. Foster began teaching in the winter of 1849, and taught for about 15 years, both private and public schools. Willard Guernsey taught for several years mostly, or entirely, in the 1840s. George Crego also taught for some years, mostly in the 1840s. James Newman taught in what was known as the Guernsey school house, which is now occupied as a residence, standing on Washington st. between Pine and Mulberry streets. He taught mostly in the 1850s. Sprague White also taught for a short time somewhere about 1855-56.

Penuel Corbett School

     A graduate of Harvard University in 1817, Mr. Corbett came to Jerseyville with his family in 1838, and began teaching school in the first school house that stood in the lot now owned and occupied by Capt. John Smith, on Spruce and Jefferson streets. After teaching here a number of years; returning, he resumed teaching in the new brick school house erected in 1853. Mr. Corbett died May 1, 1878, in his 90th year. He resided in Jerseyville 40 years, devoting most of his years to teaching.

Miss Virginia Corbett’s School

     A graduate of Monticello in 1847. Immediately after graduation she taught in the Seminary for two years. Returning to Jerseyville, she opened a select school for young ladies in the Seminary building erected by Miss Farley, especially for Miss Corbett’s school. Here Miss Corbett taught for seven and one-half years, closing in the spring of 1856. Miss Virginia Corbett afterwards married Mr. Isaac Harbert, who died in Jerseyville, Ill., in September 1872. Mrs. Harbert still remains with us, living on West Pearl street.

Mrs. Susan Henderson Cutting’s School

     In the year 1857 Mrs. Cutting founded a school known as the “Jerseyville Young Ladies’ Seminary,” which she conducted as a private enterprise until 1869, about twelve years, employing in her corps of teachers the best talent she could obtain in the East and West. Instruction was given in common and higher English branches, with Latin and French, painting, drawing, vocal and instrumental music. Mrs. Cutting labored and sacrificed much through her school, to bless and refine every home represented in her school
     In her catalogue published in 1861-62, I find the following Board of Instruction: Mrs. L. M. Cutting, principal; Miss Jennie V. A. Vosburch, teacher of French and Latin; Miss Harriet M. Henderson, principal of primary department; Miss A. Maria Blackburn, teacher of music on piano; Miss Ella V. McGannon, teacher of vocal music and piano.
     Students in advanced department: Cornelia F. Bowman, Kate Beatty, Emma J. Blackburn, Josephine Bramlet, Mary J. Brown, Georgiana Bonnell, Mollie E. Blackburn, Mary A. Barry, Sarah M. Christopher, Sarah Cory, Jennie M. Carr, Mollie N. Cross, Addie S. Corbett, Mollie R. Conklin, Mary E. Dunsdon, Mary C. Dobelbower, Ella Davis, Mary A. English, Jennie M. French, Mary E. L. Herdman, Mary Hurd, Fannie Hesser, Hattie C. Henderson, Annie E. Howell, Kate McKinney, M. Jennie Kirby, Carry Lerue, Lenora A. Landon, Mary Landon, Fannie M. McGill, Anna May McGannon, Hattie Nevius, Mollie Nevius, Anna Maris Pennington, Fannie M. Paris, Anna M. Pittman, Hattie A. Paris, Emily J. Peairs, Josephine Price, Anna Rue, Henrietta Remer, Martha M. Snell, Clara J. Snell, Lucy J. Snell, Eunice M. Seward, Hanna M. Seward, Henrietta Seward, Sarah J. Smith, Martha Stelle, Josephine Smith, Mollie B. Stryker, Emma Terry, Julia Tichnor, Lizzie Van Pelt, Abbie Voorhees, S. Allice Wyche, Hattie S. Warren, Nellie J. Wyckoff, Anna M. Williams, Charlotte A. Williams, Mary Jane Wharton, Lizzie A. Wyckoff.
     Mrs. Cutting’s death was a sorrow to all who knew her, and her funeral services were held at the Presbyterian church, June 6, 1890, Rev. I. C. Tyson officiating. Besides the family and relatives who were seated nearest the casket, just behind them sat 46 of her former students, now almost all wives of prominent men of Jerseyville.

Jerseyville Public Schools, pp. 60-76

     Prof. J. Pike became principal of the public schools of Jerseyville, September 1874, with Prof. M. E. Ellenwood as assistant. In the spring of 1875, Prof. D. J. Murphy assumed the place of Prof. Ellenwood as assistant, and continued to hold his position until the spring of 1886, when he was elected to the office of county clerk.
     Following is the Board of Education for 1901-02: H. S. Daniels, president; George D. Locke, secretary; Ed J. Vaughn; Charles S. White; M. A. Warren; H. R. Gledhill; Fred Jacobs.
     The following teachers are employed for the years 1901-02. J. Pike, M.A., superintendent, depart of language and history. Edward B. Shafer, department of mathematics and astronomy. John A. Egelhoff, department of shorthand and business course. Herbert F. Blair, department of science. Grammer department: Caroline Leresche, Frances M. Hassett, Gertrude Greathouse. Intermediate department: Amanda Lynn, Jessie Houghtlin, Hattie Erwin. Primary department. Julia M. Laurent, Cornelia Newton, Anna E. Spencer. Colored School: Mary J. Paul.

High School Courses

Classical Course

First Year: Higher English Grammar and Composition, Latin, Algebra, Physiology, Reading and Orthography, Penmanship

Second Year: Latin, Geometry, Rhetoric and Composition, Botany (4 mos.), Physics, Reading and Orthography, Penmanship

Third Year: Latin, Chemistry (5 mos.), Arithmetic, Civil Government (5 mos.), English Literature and Composition

Fourth Year: General History and Essays, Astronomy (4 mos.), Zoology (4 mos.) University Algebra (4 mos.), Reviews

Scientific Course

First Year: Higher English Grammar and Composition, Algebra, Physiology, Reading and Orthography, Penmanship

Second Year: Geometry, Rhetoric and Composition, Botany (4 mos.), Physics, Reading and Orthography, Penmanship

Third Year: Trigonometry and Surveying, Chemistry, Arithmetic, Civil Government (5 mos.), English Literature and Composition

Fourth Year: General History and Essays, Astronomy, Zoology (4 mos.) University Algebra (4 mos.), English Literature, Reviews

Optional Studies: German, Book-keeping, Shorthand, Typewriting, Greek.

Business Course

     The requirements in this department are the same as those of the first and second year of the Scientific Course. In the third year, students of the Business Course will do the work of the regular classes in Arithmetic, Civil Government, and English Literature, and, in addition, will take single and double entry book-keeping.

Shorthand and Typewriting

     The course of study in this division of the High School includes all the branches prescribed for the Business Course, except book-keeping, for which Shorthand and Typewriting will be substituted in the third year.

Post-graduate Courses

     The work of this department is as follows: In High Mathematics, Analytical Geometry, Differential and Integral Calculus; in Language, advanced Latin, German, Greek, and English Literature; in Science, Chemistry and Physics. These courses are open to all regular graduates of teh High School, and to others who have the necessary preparation to enable them successfully to take up the work of the course selected.

Colored School

     The course of study in this school extends from the Primary Grade of the other departments to the High School inclusive, the branches, from term to term, being adapted to the advancement of the various classes. Non-resident pupils entering High School are required to pay $30 per year tuition. The school has an Astronomical Observatory, a good Chemical Laboratory, and a complete reference Library.


Class of 1878: Jennie Anderson, Denver, Col.; Leela (Fletcher) Barr, Quincy, Ill.; Linna (Carey) Bartlett, Delaware, Ohio; George A. Bothwell, St. Louis, Mo.; Rosa (Roberts) Cory, Jerseyville; Elizabeth (Enos) Cory, Denver, Col.; Leonard M. Cutting, Jerseyville; Charlotte (Pritchett) Darby, Jerseyville; Rosa (Terrell) Foster, Tecumseh, Neb.; Mollie (Bush) Gray, Pittsfield, Ill.; Ormond Hamilton, Meade, Kan.; Frances Maria Hassett, Jerseyville; Charles W. Keith, Denver, Col.; Austin W. Leigh, Jerseyville; Birdie (Todd) Lindley, Batchtown, Ill.; William T. Roach, Carthage, Mo.; Anna E. Spencer, Jerseyville; Ella (Casey) VanHorne, Chicago, Ill.

Class of 1879: Charlotte (McArthur) Bothwell, St. Louis, Mo.; George M. Cockrell, Omaha, Neb.; Cora (McKee) Dunsdon, Lebanon, Ill.; Douglas Erwin, Fidelity, Ill.; Margaret (Akard) Lurton, Jerseyville; Jennie (Reed) Pittman, Benton, Ill.; Fanny (Henry) Potts, Pawnee City, Neb.; Mabelle Scott, Anchorage, Ky.; Allen B. Seaman, Denver, Col.; Thomas Wedding, Jerseyville.

Class of 1880: Rebecca (Lynn) Dare, Otterville, Ill.; Jennie D. Herdman, LeRoy, Kan.; William Edward Kingsley, Scranton, Kan.; Otis D. Leach, Jerseyville; James A. Potts, Richmond, Va.; Evelyn (Minier) Rider, Dallas, Texas; Helena Ross, Litchfield, Ill.

Class of 1881: John Christy, Jerseyville; Loula (McGready) Dunsdon, Jerseyville; Perry Erwin, Medora, Ill.; William Hanley, Jerseyville; Herbert W. Miles, Beatrice, Neb.; Cornelius Roach, Carthage, Mo.; Lulu (Armstrong) Vinson, St. Louis, Mo.; Mollie (Wedding) Whitenack, Jerseyville; Hugh VanHorne, Pawnee City, Neb.

Class of 1882: Flora (Miles) Cory, Beatrice, Neb.; Lee Evans, Jerseyville; Thomas F. Ferns, Jerseyville; E. L. Leonard, LaCrosse, Wis.; James D. Perrings, Jerseyville; Harrison W. Pogue, Jerseyville; William A. Potts, Morrisonville, Ill.; William S. Potts, Morrisonville, Ill.; William P. Richards, Jerseyville; Charles H. Strong, New York; Anna Vinson, Jerseyville; Harriett (Armstrong) Young, St. Louis, Mo.

Class of 1883: Edith (Kennedy) Bothwell, St. Louis, Mo.; Mary (Smith) Dolan, Springfield, Ill.; Florence (Schaaf) Houghtlin, Trenton, N.J.; Catherine (Calhoun) McKinstry, Nebraska; Clarence J. Miles, Beatrice, Neb.; Mary J. Paul, Jerseyville; Edward D. W. Pogue, Denver, Col.

Class of 1884: Harry B. Cockrell, Omaha, Neb.; Edgar M. Dyer, Ashland, Ill.; Josephine (Holland) Dunsdon, Jerseyville; Bertha (Cockrell) Hamilton, Omaha, Neb.; Lizzy (Smith) Hassett, Madison, Ill.; Laura (Daniels) Milton, Jerseyville; Albert W. Newton, Jerseyville; Cornelia (Hamilton) Powell, Chicago; Louis J. Tyson, Pueblo, Col.

Class of 1885: Kate Augusta (Cory) Barr, Jerseyville; Juliet Bothwell, Jerseyville; Harry S. Daniels, Jerseyville; Emma (McReynolds) Martin, Kansas City, Mo.; Maud (Perrings) Selby, Jerseyville; Edward B. Shafer, Jerseyville; Nettie K. Turner, Meade Kansas; May B. (Cutting) VanHorne, Jerseyville.

Class of 1886: Morris Block, St. Louis, Mo.; Nora Carroll, Jerseyville; Minnie D. Cory, St. Louis, Mo.; Ida M. Duffield, Jerseyville; Sarah B. Fulkerson, Jerseyville; Leila Henderson, Wahoo, Neb.; Charles V. Miles, Peoria, Ill.; Joseph O’Loughlin, Springfield, Ill.; Fannie A. (Pillsbury), Tyson, Denver, Col.; Ralph L. Vandenburg, Canton, Ill.; Albert E. Voorhees, Jerseyville; Charles S. White, Jerseyville.

Class of 1887: Lulu H. Barr, Jerseyville; Mary H. (Gard) Catt, Los Angeles, Cal.; Alex M. Cheney, Denver, Col.; Ida Coulthard, Jerseyville; Clinton Enos, Denver, Col.; Laurens Enos, Decatur, Ill.; Fred Fenity, Colby, Kansas; Harry R. Gledhill, Jerseyville; Magdalene (Sunderland) Hand, Jerseyville; David M. Houghtlin, East St. Louis, Ill.; Stewart C. Marsh, New York, N.Y.; James F. McClure, Jerseyville; Lizzie (Halliday) O’Halloran, St. Louis, Mo.; Alex C. Robb, Jerseyville; Lulu, Weyham, Chicago, Ill. Researcher note: Magdaline Hand was probably Emma Magadline Hand. J. Griffin

Class of 1888: Blanche (Chappell) Ashford, Newbern, Ill.; Herbert B. Beaty, St. Louis, Mo.; Alberta S. Eaton, Jerseyville; Grace Enos, Jerseyville; Thomas S. Ford, Jerseyville; Fannie B. (McCollister) Frost, Fidelity, Ill.; Nicholas A. Grosjean, Otterville, Ill.; Alta C. (Rush) Hamilton, Minneapolis, Minn.; Frank Mallot, South Dakota; Anna (Roach) McClure, Carthage, Mo.; Harriett S. Pogue, Jerseyville; David Roach, Carthage, Mo.; Mabel (Van Auken) Rue, Los Angeles, Cal.; Harry W. Shafer, Jerseyville; Capitola (Perrings) Skelley, Jerseyville; Clara (Campbell) Sturdevant, Jerseyville; Mary L. Tyson, Pueblo, Col.; Emma L. Utt, Jerseyville; Edward J. Vaughn, Jerseyville.

Class of 1889: Carroll, Patrick M., St. Louis, Mo.; Lora (Richards) Cowen, Jerseyville; Flora (Reintges) Daniels, Jerseyville; Emma (McReynolds) Ford, Jerseyville; Catherine C. (O’Maley) Fitzgerald, Jerseyville; Veleria Greathouse, Jerseyville; Lucy (Evans) McGready, East St. Louis, Ill.; Thomas Henry, Jerseyville; Robert M. Howell, Chicago; George Legate, Jerseyville; Clara A. Miles, Beatrice, Neb.; Minnie L. Rowray, Olivet, S. Dak.; Emma (Corzine) Sharp, Jerseyville; Minnie A. (Maltimore) Thatcher, Chicago; Thomas Tucker, Rockbridge, Ill.; Maud (Webster) Vinson, Kansas City, Mo.; Sallie A. (Schwarz) White, Jerseyville; Nellie G. Wyckoff, Jerseyville; George B. Wurtz, Shreveport, La.

Class of 1890: Marie P. (Mayfield) Allen, New Orleans, La.; Fannie E. Bowman, Jerseyville; Gertrude (Elliott) Bohannan, Chicago; Isabel Catt, Jerseyville; Alice M. Cory, Jerseyville; Murry V. Corzine, Jerseyville; Andrew Duggan, Carlinville, Ill.; Cora (Ford) Everts, Jerseyville; Cora (Seago) Finch, Jerseyville; Joseph R. Fulkerson, Jerseyville; Alfred Gowling, Chicago; Gertrude Greathouse, Jerseyville; Walter Hansell, Jerseyville; Minnie T. (Bott) Hassett, Brighton, Ill.; Jessie M. Houghtlin, Jerseyville; Verbena Hammell, Jerseyville; Sadie F. Maley, South Dakota; George McReynolds, Jerseyville; Lena B. Purinton, Chicago; Herbert Stafford, St. Louis, Mo.; Jennie A. Turner, Jerseyville; Lulu Utt, Jerseyville; John F. Walsh, Jerseyville; Mary S. Wurtz, Jerseyville.

Class of 1891: Virginia M. Borer, Kane, Ill.; Estella Cockrell, Kane, Ill.; Urban Carr, Jerseyville; Harry Colean, Chicago; Edgar Cook, Jerseyville; John A. Egelhoff, Jerseyville; Hattie Erwin, Jerseyville; Hattie Everts, Jerseyville; William Fahey, Jerseyville; William Flamm, Batchtown, Ill.; Nellie Flaherty, Jerseyville; Frank Glosup, Jerseyville; Royal Landon, Jerseyville; Edwin M. Long, St. Louis, Mo.; Dora Nelson, Jerseyville; Fred W. Pike, Jerseyville; Emma Pope, Jerseyville; Lelah (Lamb) Post, Peculiar, Mo.; Ella Randolph, Jerseyville; Eugene Roach, Jerseyville; George M. Seago, Jerseyville; Caroline Schmidt, Jerseyville.

Class of 1892: Daisy D. Barry, Jerseyville; Eva C. Beaty, Knob Noster, Mo.; David E. Beaty, Jerseyville; Charles H. Bridges, West Point, N.Y.; Ethel (Robards) Blish, Jerseyville; Nellie J. Catt, Jerseyville; Alma (Hamilton) Carlin, Jerseyville; Arthur B. Cook, Jerseyville; William Dempsey, Grafton, Ill.; Oscar Dunham, East St. Louis, Ill.; Effie (Noble) Du Hadway, Jerseyville; Mary (Chappell) Duggan, East Newbern, Ill.; Katie A. Fitzpatrick, Jerseyville; George M. Hassett, Jerseyville; Maggie Kinsella, Jerseyville; Caroline Leresche, Jerseyville; Maggie McReynolds, Jerseyville; Charles N. Noble, Jerseyville; Amy (Kehoe) Nutt, San Antonio, Tex.; Thomas O’Keefe, Grafton, Ill.; Nellie E. Quinn, Jerseyville; Edwin S. Terry, Elsah, Ill.; Perry Voorhees, St. Louis, Mo.; Emma M. West, Jerseyville; Herbert A. Ross, Jerseyville; Justus V. White, Kane, Ill.; David A. Wyckoff, St. Louis, Mo.; Antonio Young, Jacksonville, Ill.

Class of 1893: Nellie G. Bowman, Jerseyville; Effie Clendennen, Jerseyville; John Duggan, Jerseyville; Lulu M. Ely, St. Louis, Mo.; Lillie, Houghtlin, Jerseyville; James Massey, Jerseyville; Lewis Y. C. McAdams, East St. Louis, Mo.; Sarah (Vaughn) McNabb, Jerseyville; Florence M. Newton, Jerseyville; Mark P. Olney, Fieldon, Ill.; Clara E. (Legate) Olney, Jerseyville; Theodore H. Page, St. Louis, Mo.; Jennie Randolph, Jerseyville; Margaret Randolph, Jerseyville; Edwin M. Ross, Jerseyville; Louis J. Sunderland, Jerseyville; Minnie Terry, Elsah, Ill.; Robert E. Wahl, Jerseyville.

Class of 1894: Everett L. Alexander, Jerseyville; Janette G. Dodson, Jerseyville; John H. Dressel, Kane, Ill.; James Edwin Duffield, Alton, Ill.; Grace (Robinson) Hamilton, East Newbern, Ill.; Thomas Kraus, Jerseyville; H. Pearl Noble, Jerseyville; John R. Powers, Jerseyville; Charles F. Poettgen, St. Louis, Mo.; Alice C. Randolph, Jerseyville; Thomas F. Roach, Carthage, Mo.; William Rohacek, Jerseyville; Orville Rice, Jerseyville; Ada White, Jerseyville.

Class of 1895: James W. Bell, Jerseyville; Harry L. Chapman, Jerseyville; Nellie S. Cone, Jerseyville; Frank B. Cockrell, Jerseyville; C. RoyCory, Jerseyville; Mary E. Dodge, Kemper, Ill.; Nellie E. Dodson, Jerseyville; Elizabeth Eaton, Jerseyville; Maude E. Fales, Jerseyville; Clara Froelich, Bunker Hill, Ill.; Alice Gibbs, St. Louis, Mo.; Henry J. Grosjean, Jerseyville; Nina L. Greathouse, Jerseyville; Mary L. Lovell, Jerseyville; Dixon G. Mundle, Delhi, Ill.; Mary J. Paul (Post-graduate), Jerseyville; Elizabeth Purinton, Jerseyville; Nellie H. Osborne, Jerseyville; Hayden O. Richards, Jerseyville; Leonard Roach, Jerseyville; Mary T. Schmieder, Jerseyville; Leanna Scott, Jerseyville; Henry F. Smith, Jerseyville; Fay S. Warren, Jerseyville; Harry A. Warren, Jerseyville; John I. White, Jerseyville; Mary E. Wyckoff, Jerseyville.

Class of 1896: George Brainerd, Grafton, Ill.; Myrtle Cowen, Jerseyville; James Curran, Jerseyville; George Dodge, Kemper, Ill.; Addie Dressel, Kane, Ill.; Marian English, Jerseyville; Eugene Everts, Jerseyville; Fred Hamilton, Jerseyville; William Montgomery, Jerseyville; Cornelia Newton, Jerseyville; Roy Shafer, Jerseyville; Aaron Simmons, Jerseyville; Isaac Snedeker, Jerseyville; Gertrude Voorhees, Jerseyville; Florence Warren, Jerseyville; Eugene Wurtz, Jerseyville.

Class of 1897: Minnie E. Barron, Jerseyville; Charles A. Bassett, Jerseyville; Harriet Bowman, Jerseyville; Lizzie M. Brokamp, Jerseyville; Cornelia J. Brownlee, Jerseyville; Theodore Chapman, Jerseyville; Charles Colean, Jerseyville; Edna L. Curtis, Jerseyville; Edward A. Dodge, Jerseyville; Sylvester W. Downey, Jerseyville; Jesse G. Hansell, Jerseyville; Edna E. Heller, Jerseyville; Daisy Houghtlin, Jerseyville; Truman Landon, Jerseyville; Helen Laswell, Raymond, Ill.; Minnie E. Maltimore, Jerseyville; John Mackeldon, Jerseyville; Mary Helen Porter, Jerseyville; O. Perry Randolph, Jerseyville; Scott Rice, Jerseyville; J. Augustine Roach, Jerseyville; Minnie D. Shackelford, Jerseyville; Harry E. Stafford, Grafton, Ill.; Louis H. Strasser, Fieldon, Ill.; Ruth O. Vinson, Jerseyville; Alma Wedding, Jerseyville; Martha W. Wurtz, Jerseyville; Terese E. Wyckoff, Jerseyville.

Class of 1898: Walter S. Daniels, Jr., Jerseyville; William P. Boynton, Jerseyville; Robert O. Bell, Jerseyville; Robert C. English, Jerseyville; Elmer Erwin, Jerseyville; William H. Maupin, Jerseyville; Roy G. Beaty, Jerseyville; William P. Jennings, Jerseyville; Brainard J. Daniels, Jerseyville; Oscar Hildred, Jerseyville; Charles H. Rowden, Jerseyville; Henry G. Kraus, Jerseyville; Ida M. Sutton, Jerseyville; Anna Duncan, Jerseyville; Elizabeth Mary Rue, Jerseyville; Jesse E. Erwin, Jerseyville; G. Stella Irwin, Jerseyville; Margaret A. Gibbons, Jerseyville; Mary L. Sweeney, Jerseyville; Stella M. Meyers, Jerseyville; Jennie Chapman, Jerseyville; Margaret C. Curran, Jerseyville.

Class of 1899: Leo C. Roberts, Jerseyville; Leslie C. Ross, Jerseyville; Evaline R. Duncan, Jerseyville; Louis E. Groppel, Jerseyville; Jesse W. Downey, Jerseyville; Charles Barnett, Jerseyville; Oliver J. Miller, Jerseyville; Charles M. Powers, Jerseyville; Stasia B. Fahey, Jerseyville; Cora B. Conklin, Jerseyville; Lezetta M. Reintges, Elsah; Wilhelmina c. Schmeider, Jerseyville; Susie A. Bringhurst, Jerseyville; Walter S. Dressel, Kane; James C. Downey, Jerseyville; Mary P. Scott, Jerseyville; Julia Am Laurent, Jerseyville; Russell D. Howell, Jerseyville; Walter E. Knight, Jerseyville; Grace M. Sunderland, Jerseyville; Charles E. Warren, Jerseyville; Paul W. Chapman, Jerseyville; Albert E. McDow, Newbern; Grace L. Cheney, Virden; Carrie M. Stalder, Alton; Anna T. Duncan, Jerseyville.

Class of 1900: Mary Bassett, Jerseyville; Anna L. Todd, Batchtown; Anna Hedges, Jerseyville; Mabel Robings, Jerseyville; Minnie Howell, Jerseyville; Susanna Warren, Jerseyville; Gertrude Richards, Jerseyville; Clara Heller, Jerseyville; Ollie Updike, McClusky; David A. Daly, Jerseyville; William J. Herdman, Jerseyville; Roy Stanley, Jerseyville; Carleton Randolph, Jerseyville; Herbert Brinton, Jerseyville; Truman Chapman, Jerseyville; Edson J. Boynton, Jerseyville; William Holmes, Fieldon; Samuel L. Wilcox, Jerseyville.

Class of 1901: Anna E. Bassett, Jerseyville; Lovie E. Erwin, Jerseyville; Ruth Cook, Jerseyville; Lottie E. Jacobs, Jerseyville; Katherine Heffron, Jerseyville; Jane P. Shackleford, Jerseyville; Ora E. Owens, Jerseyville; William F. Fahey, Jerseyville; George W. Campbell, Jerseyville; Ray A. Hamilton, Jerseyville; Richard H. Voorhees, Jerseyville; William J. Kraus, Jerseyville; Charles H. Blish, Jerseyville; Floyd E. Miller, Rockbridge; Frank S. Snedeker, Jerseyville; Elmer H. Mayes, Jerseyville.

Graduates in Stenography

Class of 1895: M. Alice Cory, Louella Hacquard, Cornelia A. Newton, Joseph Pankey, Lulu M. Hill, Charles F. Poettgen, Alice Powers, Mary S. Wurtz.

Class of 1896: Nellie S. Cone, Anna Houghtlin, Elizabeth Eaton, Elizabeth Purinton, Fay S. Warren.

Class of 1897: Margaret Curran, Helen Laswell.

Class of 1898: Ruth Vinson, Julia Barron, Elizabeth Brokamp, Charles Rowden.

Class of 1900: Mabel Pittinger, Leslie Post.

Class of 1901: Webster Giers, Lucy E. Locke.

Post Graduate Work

Analytical Geometry and Calculus: Estella Cockrell, Gertrude Greathouse, Lillie Houghtlin, Florence M. Newton, Nellie S. Cone, Mary J. Paul, Hayden O. Richards, Leanna Scott, Herbert A. Ross, M. Alice Cory, Albert W. Newton, Thomas Kraus, William Rohacek, Maud E. Fales, Elizabeth Purinton, Edwin M. Ross, Henry F. Smith.

Miscellaneous: Mary J. Paul, Three years’ general work; Albert E. Voorhees, General Review; Charles H. Strong, Latin; Hattie Everts, Greek; Elizabeth Eaton, Latin; Maude E. Fales, Latin; Haydon O. Richards, Latin; Edward M. Ross, Latin; Henry F. Smith, Latin; Harry A. Warren, Latin.

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