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Jersey County Page     Jerseyville History

Illustrations From Cooper’s History of Jerseyville

Rev. Marshall M. Cooper, History of Jerseyville, Illinois 1822 to 1901, Jerseyville Republican Print, 1901.

Jerseyville Hospital and Sanitarium

Office and Hospital Reception Room


     To furnish to those who are ill, or in need of rest and recreation, a home provided with every facility necessary for their proper care and treatment. To supplement the work of the general practitioner by having the means at command which he cannot possess, and which are many times essential to the successful treatment of serious cases. To use all methods known to legitimate medicine to restore health, and to teach the principles that maintain it. Sanitarium

     All classes of cases are accepted, other than the insane, or those having contagious diseases. Upon admission a thorough physical examination is made by the physician, including, when necessary, microscopical and chemical analysis of the secretions. Cases are studied and prescribed for individually each day, no routine in treatment being followed. Drugs are employed in a rational manner when there exist positive indications for their use. Conditions due to auto-intoxication from defective elimation are improved and usually cured by the systematic treatment pursued.

Dr. Enos' Consultation Room

     Well lighted operating room, fully equipped with all the necessary appliances for carrying out the principles of aseptic surgery. The absence of germ life, due to perfect hygienic surroundings, affords better opportunities for recovery, than are available in any general hospital. The thorough and careful preparation given the patient by rigid hygiene, proper baths, and general tonic treatment, insures sucess when otherwise failure might ensue. The most difficut and intricate operations are performed by the staff. A separate department for the care of surgical cases till convalescent. In the last few years orificial surgery has done many times more for the cure of obscure chronic diseases than any other one method.

Dr. Titterington's Consultation Room

     In the cure of reflex diseases this branch of surgery plays the most important part, such as hemorrhoids, bladder troubles, uterine inflammation, diseases of the air passages, and neurasthenia. Many afflicted with diseases peculiar to their sex recover without surgical procedure, after receiving the benefit of the treatment here given. Abdominal operations for the removal of tumors and growths of different kinds, as well as all plastic operations, are performed when necessary. Upon admission, the secretion from the kidneys for twenty-four hours is collected for chemical and microscopical examination, in order that the correct diet and treatment may be prescribed.

Operating Room

     By the proper use of treatment, the skin is made to do a large part of the eliminating, thereby giving the kidneys a rest, when they are restored to their normal functions. The excellent results obtained are many times beyond expectation. With the thorough eliminative treatments given, the use of electricity, physiological diet and judicious medication, rheumatic conditionsa are easily cured. The neurotic cure for drug and whisky habits is also in the line of treatments given at this hospital. Its object is to cure permanently and quickly all deaseases produced by the excessive use of Whiskey, Tobacco, Cigarettes, Opium, Morphine, Laudanum, Cocaine, Chloral, and all other drug habits.

Surgical Ward

     The treatment is painless and absolutely safe. Several thousands persons have been cured by our treatment, with no failures and no relapses. No other treatment has proven so successful. – Drs. Enos & Titerington, Jerseyville, Illinois.

Illustrations contributed by Marty Crull.

Jersey County Page     Jerseyville History
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