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Jersey County Page     Jerseyville History

Cooper’s History of Jerseyville, pp. 122-148

City Services, Secret Societies

Rev. Marshall M. Cooper, History of Jerseyville, Illinois 1822 to 1901, Jerseyville Republican Print, 1901, pp. 122-148. Not a complete transcription, there will be errors, typos.

Jerseyville Electric Light, Gas and Power Co.

     Secretary of State signed incorporation license July 12, 1887. The corporation was composed of: Wallace Leigh, John G. Schwarz, Sr., Walter E. Carlin. Capital stock $20,000. Began operations Dec. 3, 1887, continued under this corporate name until July 30, 1900. This corporation was succeeded by another corporation, The Jerseyville Light, Heat and Power Company. It is composed of George D. Rosenthal, Owen Ford, Josephine Rosenthal and Anna C. Ford, all of St. Louis, Mo., with J. F. Christy as superintendent. Capital stock $25,000, each share $100. The four above named persons are the only stockholders.
     This corporation has a contract to light the city for ten years, expires in 1909, also a contract for pumping water at the water-works for the city, expires in 1910.

Jerseyville Water Works

     The city council, with J. M. Page, mayor, feeling the necessity of a water supply in case of a fire, and to meet the necessities of the citizens, gave the voters of Jerseyville an opportunity to vote on issuing bonds for the construction of water-works. The first ordinance was passed September 11, 1888, for issuing $5,000 in bonds for the boring of the well. The second ordinace was passed April 4, 1889, for the issuing of $21,000 in bonds for the construction of the works. The boring of the first well began November 1, 1887, completed August 1888.
     The first well did not furnish a sufficient supply of water, and was liable to give out at any time, the city council began to make preparations to bore a second. Drilling was commenced on Nov. 30, 1896, completed on Dec. 10, 1896.

The Jerseyville Telephone Co.

     Became an incorporated Company April 1, 1895. The license was issued to John G. Schwarz, Sr., John A. Shephard, Wallace Leigh and Joseph M. Page, as commissioners to open books for subscription to the capital stock of the company. The following were elected directors of the corporation: J. M. Page, one year; John A. Shephard, two years; J. G. Schwarz, Sr., three years; Wallace Leigh, three years, with John G. Schwarz, secretary and treasurer.
     The company is now pushing the work of improvements by putting up 250 poles, 40 miles of new wire, making sixty miles in all, and they will soon have 300 phone in active operation. New phones are being put up in all parts of the county, and far more, a man in Jerseyville can talk to parties in Galveston, Texas, with points between, and to Portland, Me., with points between; from New York city to the western part of Nebraska, with points between.
     In May 1895 they began with 25 subscribers, but now (1901), have grown in popularity until 300 subscribers are reached. Traveling me declare that Jerseyville renders the best service of any telephone plant in the State, not excepting Chicago.

City Hall

     May 10, 1887, the city council of Jerseyville, for the purpose of erecting an Engine House and City Hall, issued city bonds to the amount of $3,000. The bonds were issued May 10, 1887, dated July 7, 1887; J. M. Page, mayor, T. W. Butler, city clerk. The City Hall building was accepted by the city council Dec. 6, 1887, and stands on the southeast corner of Arch and Jefferson streets. It cost the city $3,246.71. It is a substantial brick structure, 24 x 60 feet, two stories high. The lower story is devoted to the fire department, which contains two hose carts drawing 250 feet of hose each; one hook and ladder, and one hand fire engine. The fire department is not organized as thoroughly as it might be.

Secret Societies

Sons of Temperance

     Jerseyville Division No. 16, Sons of Temperance, was the first lodge of a secret order, not only in Jerseyville, but Jersey county as well. It was first organized August 4, 1847, with the following officers: G. C. Woods, W.P.; A. B. Morean, W.A.; Wm. B. Nevius, R.S.; Thomas L. McGill, A.R.S.; W. J. West, F.S.; Charles H. Knapp, treasurer; Amos Brown, Chap.; P. C. Walker, Cond.; A. P. Staats, A.C.; George Wharton, I.S.; Francis Osborne, O.S.; Elihu J. Palmer, P.W.P.; Wm. Eads, A.C.; James C. Ross, I.S.; Johnson Norris, O.S. The Division organized with 30 members and advanced to 200.
     In 1851 the Division built a fine two story hall just north of the court house, now occupied as a residence by Mrs. J. K. Stelle. This hall was 22 x 50 feet, dedicated by G. W. P. Morean in September 1851. The buildings and ground cost about $2,000. G. C. Wood was first W.P., N. L. Adams, W.A.
     The interest gradually died out and finally meetings were no longer held and the Division was disbanded. This Division was re-organized Feb. 11, 1878, by Grand Worthy Patriarch Rev. J. Nate, of the Grand Division of the Sons of Temperance of Illinois. The charter members were: Henry Gill, Lewis R. Meyers, Wm. F. Gammell, Johnson Norris, Daniel McFain, George Morley, Eli D. Walker, Henry Delicate, Wm. H. Pogue, B. C. Clayton, Daniel W. Phillips, O. B. Hamilton, Stephen Catt, James A. Barr, James C. Ross, George W. West, Francis Osborn, Lewis R. Phelps, Francis R. Dutton, Norman E. Landon, Chas. W. Enos, N. H. Landon, and Wm. McBride.

Jerseyville Lodge, I.O.O.F.

     Jerseyville Lodge No. 53, I.O.O.F. was instituted May 3, 1849 at the court house in Jerseyville by District Deputy Grand Master Raynor, of Collinsville, assisted by T. P. Ash, N.G., and six other officers and members of Alton Lodge No. 2. The five charter members were Payten C. Walker, A. C. Hutchinson, Dr. James Bringhurst, Samuel Cowen, and C. H. Roberts. The members initiated on that evening were: Wm. Yates, Dr. J. C. Perry, N. L. Adams, A. P. Staats, R. L. Hill, P. Silloway, George E. Warren, C. F. Burke and Jonathan Plowman. The first officers were: Wm. Yates, N.G.; R. L. Hill, V.G.; C. H. Roberts, Sec’y, and Jonathan Plowman, Treasurer.
     The first hall used by the lodge was erected in 1851, by stock subscription of the members. There were 180 shares of $10 each, the lodge at first subscribing 17 1/2 shares, and finally purchasing the remainder. This hall was on North Main street, the present site of the Warren-Wiseman Dry Goods House. The lodge occupied this hall until Jan. 1871, when they took possession of their present one, in a three story brick building on West Pearl street. This edifice was erected by B. C. Vandervoort and the lodge, the former putting up the first two stories, and the lodge the third. The cost of the hall and furniture was $3,200. The old hall property was sold for $2,500. The lodge property is now valued at $3,000. The lodge is in a prosperous condition, and has a fund of $3,100 at interest. The present officers are: C. F. Fales, N.G.; Wm. Horn, V.G.; C. R. Snyder, L.S.V.G.’ D. J. Murphy, R.S.S.; F. W. Roerig, Sec.; J. H. Duffield, Chaplain; F. D. Heller, Permanent Sec.; A. W. Cross, Tr.; W. E. Holland, Warden; H. W. Fisher, Conductor; E. O. Hartwich, O.S.; D. C. Miller, J.S.; G. H. Woodruff, R.S.N.G.; W. H. Coulthard, L.S. & G.; L. C. Smalley, R.S.V.G.; W. E. Holland, Aaron N. Ford, D. J. Murphy, C. Q. Daniels, C. R. Snyder, trustees. Present membership, 82, meets every Thursday night.

Jerseyville Encampment

     Jerseyville Encampment No. 20, I.O.O.F. was instituted July 6, 1852, by Grand Patriach James E. Starr, assisted by J. P. Baumont, H.P.; Wm. Shattuck, S.W.; A. S. Barry, J.W.; B. F. Barry, Scribe, with the following charter members: Rev. L. P. Grosvenor, P. C. Walker, Wright Casey, Edwin A. Casey, A. L. Knapp, N. L. Adams, C. H. Roberts. The first officers elected were: L. P. Grosvenor, C.P.; N. L. Adams, S.W.; C. H. Roberts, Scribe; Wright Casey, Treasurer. At the same meeting the following members were elected and initiated: Wm. Yates, A. M. Blackburn, George E. Warren, B. B. Hamilton and H. O. Goodrich. This lodge is still prospering.

Ruby Lodge No. 263

     Daughters of Rebekah was organized in Jerseyville by Past Grand Master James E. Starr, acting under and by virtue of a warrant and dispensation issued by J. Otis Humphrey, Grand Master of Illinois. The first officers elected were as follows: Noble Grand, Henrietta Ford; Vice Grand, Carry Sisson; Secretary, Henretta I. Carr; Treasurer, Harriet G. Warren. The above officers were installed into their respective offices September 13, 1889. The following persons were its charter members: Judge Geo. E. Warren, Sr., Joseph S. Carr, William M. Estebrooke, Henry W. Fisher, George A. Fry, Henry Schoppe, C. Flencer, and Geo. W. Woodruff, Sr., Mrs. H. C. Leak, Mrs. Henry W. Fisher, Mrs. C. F. Cruser, Mrs. Henrietta Ford, Mrs. Henrietta I. Carr, Mrs. Carrie Sissons, Mrs. George E. Warren.
     The present officers are: Noble Grand, J. H. Duffield; Vice Grand, A. W. Cross; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Carrie L. Tack; Financial Secretary, Mrs. W. E. Carlin; Chaplain, Mrs. Henrietta Ford; Treasurer, Mrs. Anna Cross; Right-and-Left Supporters of Noble Grand, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Houghtlin; Right Supporter of Vice Grand, Mrs. Anna Snedeker; Warden, Mrs. Etta Carr; Inner Guardian, Miss Ollie Gamble; Outer Guardian, Geo. Woodruff, Sr.; Conductor, Mrs. Pina Engel.

Knights of Pythias

     Antioch Lodge No. 65, Knights of Pythias, was organized April 5, 1876. The following were its charter members: George W. Herdman, George C. Cockrell, H. D. Stelle, Elias Cockrell, W. S. Bowman, J. P Holcomb, Wm. L. Scott, Henry Nevius, G. M. Eaton, A. H. Barrett, C. E. Casey, Henry T. Nail, John Wiley, S. J. Snedeker, J. H. Bothwell, J. I. McGready, H. D. Field and Wm. H. Edgar. The first officers were: George W. Herdman, C.C.; H. T. Nail, V.C.; G. M. Eaton, M. of E.; G. C. Cockrell, P.C.; H. D. Stelle, R.S. of R & S.; A. H. Barrett, M. at A.; H. Nevius, I.G.; John Wiley, O.G.; W. S. Bowman, Prelate.

Knights of Honor

     Apollo Lodge No. 877, Knights of Honor, was organized February 11, 1878 by D. G. D. John B. Booker, of the Grand Lodge K. of H. of Illinois, with 20 charter members. The membership is composed of some of the most prominent citizens of Jerseyville and Jersey county.

Mutual Aid

     Jerseyville Lodge No. 87, Independent Order of Mutual Aid, was instituted and charter granted July 20, 1880. The charter members were: R. P. Shackelford, Wm. Ford, Peter Dolan, Thomas A. Davis, Wm. E. Hibble, H. Z. Gill, Philip Block, John Mode, Henry Heller, Frank Hartzen, David W. Zeller, Christian Harms, Joseph W. Van Cleve, John W. Vinson, John M. Waller, Chas. A. Edgar, Conrad Borger, Fredrick Hund, Fredrick Nagle, C. F. Hawkins, George W. Wolfe and G. W. Shafer. The first officers were: R. P. Shackelford, P.P.; Wm. Ford, Pres.; Peter Dolan, V.P.; T. A. Davis, R.S.; W. E. Hibble, F.S.; H. Z. Gill, Treasurer; J. M. Van Cleve, Chaplain; John Mode, I.G.; Christian Harms, O.G.; Fred Hartzen, Conductor; D. M. Zeller, Henry Heller and Philip Block, Trustees.

Jerseyville Lodge, A.F. & A.M.

     At a meeting at the office of Dr. J. L. White, Sept. 19, 1863, D’Arcy Lodge, U.D., A.F. & A.M. was organized with the following officers: J. L. White, W.M.; John N. Squier, S.W.; Wm. B. Nevius, J.W. Others present at the meeting were: Milton Park, J. E. Van Pelt, N. Smith, S. Calhoun, B. F. Calhoun, J. B. Schroeder, Andrew Jackson.
     September 12, 1864 the name of the Lodge was changed to the Jerseyville Lodge, and an application was made for a charter, which was granted on October 5, 1864. The petitioners were: N. L. Adams, Charles N. Adams, W. W. Bailey, Charles H. Bowman, James Bringhurst, Edward Bohannan, A. Calhoun, B. F. Calhoun, P. D. Cheney, M. V. Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, John L. Lofton, Thos. Marshall, W. B. Nevius, John H. Onetto, Milton Park, W. H. Schroeder, J. E. Van Pelt, J. L. White, W. H. Smith, besides several others residing in and near Jerseyville.
     The Lodge was chartered as Jerseyville Lodge No. 394, with J. L. White, W.M.; John N. Squier, S.W.; Wm. B. Nevius, J.R. On December 12, 1864 officer were elected as follows: John L. White, W.M.; John N. Squier, S.W.; J. B. Schroeder, J.W.; W. W. Bailey, Treasurer; Andrew Jackson, SEcretary; Edward Bohannan, S.D.; B. F. Calhoun, J.D.
     In 1882 the Lodge purchased the third story of the store building, then owned by J. C. Barr and A. W. Cross, for $1,500. They then raised the roof and remodeled the same at an additonal expense of $1,800, so they have now elegant apartments 24 x 100 feet in size, the main lodge room being 24 x 60 feet. The Chapter rents the use of the apartments of the Blue Lodge.
     The stated communications are held on Monday, on or before full moon in each month. Annual elections are held on the stated meetings in December of each year. The following are the present officers installed on December 31, 1901: Nicholas A. Grosjean, W.M.; William H. Catt, S.W.; Alex C. Robb, J.W.; Isaac D. Snedeker, Secretary; Rev. S. Catt, Chaplain; Charles E. Miner, S.D.; L. P. Squier, J.D.; A. F. Pitt, S.S.; C. A. Fales, J.S.; A. G. Erwin, Tyler. The present membership in good and regular standing is 89.

Hickory Grove Camp, M.W.A.

     Hickory Grove Camp, Modern Woodman of America No. 442, was organized Nov. 28, 1887, with forty-two charter members. The following were the first officers: J. K. Cadwallader, V.C.; J. B. Burley, W.A.; H. H. Brockman, Banker; Oscar Hill, Clerk; George Sturdevant, Escourt; D. U. Zeller, Sentry; Dr. E. L. H. Barry, Physician; O. A. Snedeker and C. R. Hutchison, managers. The Camp meets regularly on the second and fourth Monday nights of each month in Odd Fellows’ Hall. Present membership is 225. Officers for 1901: Wm. Rohacek, V.C.; W. H. H. West, Sr., W.A.; H. H. Brockman, Banker; Oscar Hill, Clerk; F. M. Dashner, Escort; E. C. Brooks, Watchman; Henry Duelling, Sentry; Dr. H. R. Gledhill, Physician; W. P. Corns, W. H. Coulthard, J. W. Becker, Managers; B. W. Akard, H. B. Hill, D. J. Murphy, Relief Committee.

A. Steelman Camp, M.W.A.

     A. Steelman Camp, M.W.A. No. 3410 was organized Nov. 25, 1895, with the following as its first officers: W. P. Richards, V.C.; Robert B. Shortal, W.A.; William Hanley, Banker; E. C. Sperling, Clerk; Fred Schmidt, Jacob Wagner, H. C. Leak, Managers; Dr. E. L. H. Barry, Physician. The Camp has a membership of 135, and meets in a nicely furnished hall on the third floor of the Chapman Block, on the first and third Friday nights of each month. Present officers: Joe A. Snodgrass, V.C.; John A. Walker, W.A.; William Hanley, Banker; Ed. L. Derby, Clerk; Wm. Ballard, Escort; Charles W. Rudolph, watchman; Albert Riley, sentry; Aaron Dodson, Philip Mode, Patrick Pursell, managers; Dr. M. B. Titterington, physician; James A. Bracy, chief forester; W. H. Noble, Richard Flamm, Edward Pope, relief committee.

Royal Neighbors of America

     Steelman Camp, Royal Neighbors of America No. 146, was organized April 12, 1895, with fifty-three charter members. The camp has at present 80 members, and meets in the hall of A. Steelman Camp, M.W.A. Present officers: Mrs. Maggie Akard, oracle; Miss Nellie Ford, vice-oracle; Mrs. Lena Griggs, chancellor; Mrs. Emma Dodson, past oracle; Mrs. Charles H. Voorhees, receiver; Mrs. Anna Snedeker, recorder; Mrs. Bertha Erwin, marshal; Mrs. Sophia Zeller, inside sentinel; Mrs. Suzie Walker, outside sentinel; Mrs. Lottie Perrine, musician; Dr. Cordelia Enos and Dr. H. R. Gledhill, physicians; Mrs. A. Seago, Mrs. Jennie Miller, Mrs. Emma Wilcox, managers.

Lowe Post No. 295, G.A.R.

     Lowe Post, G.A.R., No. 295 held its first organized meeting July 6, 1883, and the following charter members were mustered in by commander John G. Mack, of Springfield, Ill.: H. C. Bull, J. H. Duffield, A. J. Osborn, John Powell, W. H. Coulthard, C. R. Cruser, S. P. Clendened, G. H. Sturdevant, John E. Boynston, Charles Doerge, Wm. L. Rue, John H. Price, G. C. Cockrell, J. S. Malott, E. L. H. Barry, Stephen Catt, John Fraser, and Wm. F. Gambel. Officers were elected at the first meeting as follows: J. H. Duffield, P.C.; A. J. Osborn, S.V.C.; Chas. Doerge, J.V.C.; J. S. Malott, Adjutant; W. H. Coulthard, Q.M.; E. L. H. Barry, Surgeon; Rev. Stephen Catt, Chaplain; John Powell, O.D.; H. C. Bull, O.G.; N. C. Beaty, S.M.; G. H. STurdevant, Q.S. The present (1901) officers in command: John Hargraves, P.C.; W. H. Houghtlin, S.V.C.; Wm. Cook, J.V.C.; J. H. Duffield, P.P.C.; Rev. S. Catt, Chaplain; W. H. Colthard, Q.M.; J. H. Duffield, Adjutant; R. C. Gledhill, Surgeon; H. T. Hill, O.D.; Pat. Fitzpatrick, O.G.; F. M. Dodson, S.M.; Al Hughes, Q.M.S. Present membership is 33. Meet the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month.

Woman’s Relief Corps

     Woman’s Relief Corps organized in Jerseyville, October 25, 1882, by Mrs. Josie Bailey of East St. Louis, with 19 charter members. The following were charter officers: Mrs. Emma Everts, President; Mrs. Walter Carlin, St., Vice President; Mrs. Ella Rue, Jr., Vice President; Miss Ida Coulthard, treasurer; Mrs. N. C. Beaty, chaplain; Miss Eugenia Carlin, conductor; Mrs. W. H. Cook, guard; Miss Florence Everts, secretary.
     Motto: Charity, Loyalty, Fraternity. This organization has done much more charitable work than any person outside of the society is aware of. Since the Provident society ceased to exist, their work has been done by this Society. Able and benevolent woman constitute the membership of this corps. In the treasurer’s report, about $47 was given to the deserving poor during one quarter. Present officers are: Mrs. Sarah Squier, president; Mrs. May Cook, Sr., vice president; Mrs. J. H. Duffield, Jr., vice president; Mrs. Stephen Catt, chaplain; Mrs. Ella Rue, secretary; Mrs. Harry Houghtlin, treasurer; Mrs. Hattie Dodson, conductor; Mrs. Nettie Purinton, guard. The color bearers are: Mrs. Clara Brooks, 1st color bearer; Mrs. Carrie Tack, 2nd color bearer; Mrs. John Christy, 3rd color bearer; Mrs. R. C. Gledhill, 4th color bearer. The present membership is about 25.

Mutual Protective League

     The Mutual Protective League was organized in Jerseyville, September 27, 1898, by George A. Rowden, Deputy Vice President, with 70 charter members. Charter officers were: Eugene Hale, president; Samantha Wylder, vice president; W. H. Schroeder, secretary; Jacob Wagner, treasurer; Rev. Wm. Kearns, chaplain. Meeting in Chapman Hall every 1st and 3rd Thursday evenings. Present membership is 140.

Western Catholic Union

     The Western Catholic Union is a benevolent association for mutual protection and aid in time of need, sickness and death, to be called St. Francis Xavier No. 12, subject to the constitution of the supreme council of the Western Catholic Union, permanently located at Quincy, Ill., and in accordance with the provisions and regulations of the charter granted by the Central Union. The charter officers were: John A. Shephard, president; Patrick Dunphy, vice president; Fred J. Bertman, financial secretary; Nicholas Wallace, secretary; John Sweeney, treasurer; John Jennings, Patrick Fahey, Robert Kinsella, John F. Bertman, James Flemming, trustees.
     This association was organized by Mr. Gatz at the Catholic school house January 13, 1881. Mr. Gatz was president of the Western Catholic Union of Quincy, Ill. The following persons composed the charter members: Patrick Dunphy, Robert Kinsella, Fred J. Bertman, John F. Bertman, Wm. H. Ryan, John Sweeney, Nicholas Wallace, John Jennings, James Gibbs, John A. Shephard, Patric Fahey, James Flemming, John Flaherty. Officers for 1901 are: John Dunphy, president; Edward Burns, vice president; Thomas A. Kraus, financial secretary; John C. Bertman, recording secretary; John C. McGrath, treasurer. Rev. F. A. Marks, Thomas Costello, Mathew Welch, John Sweeney, Henry C. Maloney, trustees.

The Mothers’ Society

     The object of this society is to encourage every thing that aids in the happiness and usefulness of home life. Officers are Mrs. Wm. Landon, President; Mrs. Eugene Brooks, Secretary.

Monday Musical Club

     The Monday Musical Club was organized in the fall of 1896. The first officers were: Miss Elizabeth VanHorne, president; Mrs. Harry S. Daniels, secretary and treasurer. Club meets every alternate Monday in each month. The object of the organization is to provide profitable exercises of vocal and instrumental talent among the members in the community, and to cultivate a taste for classica music. The membership of the society consists of ladies, who are divided into 25 active, and 20 associate members. Present officers are: President, Mrs. Nellie Porter; vice president, Mrs. J. R. Colean; secretary and treasurer, Miss Juliet Bothwell; executive committee, Mrs. L. M. Cutting, Mrs. A. H. Cochran, Miss Nellie Porter. Present membership is 40.

Clubs and Other Societies

     Among the other clubs and societies are the following: The Ladies’ Tourist Club, the Bachelor Maids’ Club, the Young Married Women’s Club, the Jerseyville Humane Society, the Y.M.C.A. The Jerseyville Commercial Club was organized in 1901. It has nicely furnished rooms on the second floor of Odd Fellows’ building.

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