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Illustrations From Cooper’s History of Jerseyville

Rev. Marshall M. Cooper, History of Jerseyville, Illinois 1822 to 1901, Jerseyville Republican Print, 1901.

Cooper family

1. Mrs. Nellie M. Templeton, 2. Charles M. Cooper, 3. Mrs. V. E. Cooper, 4. Rev. Wm. Carl Cooper, 5. Rev. M. M. Cooper, 6. Mrs. M. E. Wade, 7. Mrs. Sara C. Cooper, 8. Mrs. Hattie Cooper Crawford.


Board of Supervisors

Board of Supervisors

1. J. C. McGrath, Co. Clerk; 2. H. H. Snell; 3. Thos. A. Case; 4. James Powers; 5. Thomas B. Ruyle; 6. Clarence West; 7. G. M. Seago, State’s Attorney; 8. Grant Thompson; 9. J. M. Allen; 10. F. J. Mains; 11. T. E. McDow, Chairman; 12. J. B. Reintges; 13. C. B. Bartlett; 14. T. H. Craig.

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Judge A. M. Slaten Judge G. W. Herdman Cosmos Keller, Sheriff
J. C. McGrath, Co. Clerk Richard Kiely, Treasurer J. W. Roberts, Supt. Schools
W. H. Schroeder, Marshall A. H. Foster, Clerk H. P. Noble, Attorney
W. E. Carlin, Treasurer City Hall  

Jerseyville Public School


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First Presbyterian Church Methodist Episcopal Church First Baptist Church
St. Francis Xavier Church Church of Holy Ghost  
Rev. J. A. Ford Rev. J. G. Klene Rev. C. ? Besse
Rev. M. M. Cooper Rev. P. Fallon Rev. Francis A. Marks


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Dr. C. R. Enos Dr. A. A. Barnett Dr. J. W. Enos
Dr. M. B. Titterington Dr. A. K. Horne Dr. L. T. Waggoner
Edward L. H. Barry, M.D. Albert M. Wiles, D.O. Henry W. Rich, D.D.S.

Medical Facilities


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Dr. A. B. Allen

David H. Ames, age 100

M. E. Bagley

David E. Beaty

Becker family, J. W. Becker & Maggie, Nellie, Grace.

P. A. Bowler

Dr. E. A. Casey

T. S. Chapman

Prentiss Dana Cheney

Mrs. Prentiss D. Cheney

Gilead P. Cheney

Mrs. Gilead P. Cheney. Caroline Plowman Cheney was the daughter of Jonathan Plowman and Elizabeth Crull.

Murray Cheney

Mrs. Murray Cheney

Dr. A. M. Cheney

J. F. Christy

Capt. J. E. Cooper

Hugh N. Cross

H. S. Daniels

Dr. E. A. D’Arcy

Mrs. Mary D’Arcy

M. J. Dolan

W. F. Fahey

Owen Ford

O. B. Hamilton

J. Scott Holmes

Col. C. H. Knapp

Hon. A. L. Knapp

Hon. H. M. Knapp

O. D. Leach

George D. Locke

Nathaniel Miner

E. A. R. Myers

Oliver P. Myrick

Paul Nitschke

Prof. J. Pike

William Pittman

Hon. Jonathan Plowman

H. W. Pogue

Geo. D. Rosenthal

J. G. Schwarz

Hon. William Shephard

Orville A. Snedeker

Col. Geo. R. Swallow

Ed J. Vaughn

Hon. Geo. E. Warren

W. H. H. West, Jr.

George W. Wharton

Chas. White

J. J. Wiseman

David G. Wyckoff

Monday Musical Club. Some surnames: Cadwallader, Daniels, Burnett, Curtis, Ware, Bothwell, Brownlee, Porter, Colean, Cutting, Florida, Cochran, Wycoff.

Contributed by Marty Crull.

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