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Jerseyville To-day

Leon Engel – Clothing and Gent’s Furnishing Goods

Mr. Leon ENGEL is justly called the leading clothier now doing business in Jerseyville, and though a comparatively new man, he has by dint of economy, untiring industry and fair dealing, built up a substantial and lucrative trade. He was born in West Prussia, in 1859, and came to this country in 1878, landing first at Boston, and afterwards pushing his way west to St. Louis that same year. He received a liberal education in his native country and was thus amply fortified for any business he might choose to follow in the new world. He drifted into Clothing and Gent’s Furnishing Goods, served as salesman at St. Louis and other places a number of years, and became master of the business in all its details. In 1880 he came to Jerseyville and opened up an establishment of his own on South State Street; he applied himself diligently to business, made friends and soon had his share of the trade. During the nine years of his sojourn in Jerseyville he found it necessary to move his stock into larger and more commodious quarters to meet the growing demands of his business, and in September of this year moved from the Leigh building on State street to the new and elegant store room in Shephard’s Block, that he now occupies. His store is 95 feet in length by 25 in width, and is supplied with electric lights and all modern conveniences. Mr. Engel carries a stock varying from $12,000 to $15,000; he discounts his bills, has no partner, and buys directly from eastern manufacturers, all of which circumstances enable him to mark his goods down to prices within the reach of all. He employs three clerks and keeps his shelves well filled with the latest and best goods in the market. Mr. Engel is a liberal advertiser and enterprising man, and if no misfortune overtakes him, will earn his title to a handsome competency. Albro B. Allen home

Dr. Albro B. Allen, Specialist in Orificial Surgery

John Quincy Adams called the medical profession “the most honorable of all professions,” and it may be said of the medical fraternity of Jersey county that they have with few, if any exceptions, proved honorable and high minded men ever standing ready to respond to the call of duty. The “good doctor” of ye olden time, standing ready with pill-box in one hand and surgeon’s knife in the other to answer the cry of distress, has well nigh passed into history. We have in these modern days surgeons and specialists of the eye, ear, lungs and nervous and other diseases, who have relieved the old time “all round” doctor of much of his arduous labor, and the people at large are the beneficiaries. In these days a physician rarely uses a surgeon’s knife or treats a certain line of diseases if a specialist is at hand, and this is as it should be. The specialist by reason of his peculiar training and aptitude, will diagnose and treat his speciality more intelligently and successfully than one not so skilled or trained. Our fellow citizen Dr. Albro B. ALLEN, is a specialist in Orificial Surgery, and after many years successful practice as such, has secured an enviable reputation. He was born in Lincoln county, Missouri, and came to Jerseyville sixteen years ago, and engaged in the drug business and general practice of medicine. He is a graduate of the St. Louis Medical College, and has been actively engaged in practice for close on to thirty years. Having a special aptitude for surgery and being remarkably successful in delicate operations requiring great skill and precision, he soon attained a deserved reputation for skill that has brought him patients from every part of the United States and one from Australia, and is now frequently called to different states to operate in severe cases. Dr. Allen is a public spirited citizen and “wears his heart upon his sleeve.” Snedeker Block

Orville A. Snedeker Esq., Real Estate

The successful real estate man in these days, must be what the world calls a hustler or hammer, and more or less of a boomer, and we do not over strike the mark when we characterize our real estate man Snedeker as just this sort of a man. It is with men as with horses. The pulling horse or “free” horse is always in demand and commands a good price. There are pulling men – men who forge ahead whatever the obstacles in the way, and get a front seat and hold it, while the “pull back” man gets a back seat and holds it also. It is safe to say of Mr. Snedeker that he is not a “pull back”man. He is a native of this city and at 16 years of age entered Shurtleff College, and remained about three years, taking the degree of Master of Arts, he subsequently took a commercial course at Chicago, and after a term of two years reading law, he was licensed in 1871 by the Supreme Court of Illinois and the U. S. Circuit and District Courts to practice law. He soon entered into partnership with Hon. O. B. HAMILTON, now of Meade Center, Kansas, which partnership continued nine years, during which time the firm enjoyed a very large and lucrative business. Upon the dissolution of this partnership, Mr. Snedeker devoted his whole attention to the handling of real estate in which business he has been remarkably successful, as most of the large deals in Jersey and surrounding counties have been effected either directly through his agency or with the aid of his counsel. His is the owner of the “Etta Buildings,” an ornamental new block on State street – named in remembrance of his departed daughter – also 1230 acres of very fine improved farming land in Macoupin county, Ill., and some lands in Missouri, Kansas and Texas. His home residence is one of the attractions of the city, and in the companionship of his estimable wife and two sons – Isaac and Frank, he is a very contented and useful citizen. Dr. A. A. Shobe home

Jersey County Page     Jerseyville History
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