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Jerseyville Business DirectoryInformation from the Jersey County Democrat, February 1, 1865.

J. H. Ames, dealer in tinware and hardware.

W. H. Anderson, dealer in lumber near depot.

Henry A. Brandt, dealer in tobacco and cigars.

F. Bertman, merchant.

Geo. Bickelhaupt, baker and confectioner.

W. W. Bollinger, watch maker and jeweler.

David T. Bonnell, banker and merchant.

Henry F. Bayer, barber and hair dresser.

Black & Wood, dealer in stoves, kitchen furniture &c.

J. H. Buffington, postmaster.

Buffington & Bro., druggists, dealers in stationery, &c.

Larkin Bethell, R.R. baggage master.

J. P. Bell, carriage maker.

George Burris, barber and hair dresser.

J. K. & J. N. Beardslee, stationers, dealers in fancy notions, &c.

M. E. Bagley, circuit clerk, master in chancery.

C. H. Bowman, sheriff.

Barnes, physician and surgeon.

Casey & Coe, physicians and surgeons.

H. Calkins, dentist

E. C. Calm, merchant.

P. Conway, dealer in groceries and produce.

Luther Chaffee, telegraph operator.

Cross & Swallow, bankers.

Pat Dunphrey, dealer in groceries.

John C. Darby, dealer in groceries.

S. W. Davis & O. M. Paris, grain.

Wm. Taylor Dapper, [no information given]

J. S. Daniels, deputy sheriff and town collector.

Derbys & Houston, dealers in hardware and agricultural implements.

Wm. Embly, architect and builder.

R. P. Elliot & Co., dress furnishing house.

Geo. Eglehoff, carriage & wagon maker.

Thomas Ford, boarding house.

John Flamm, notary public.

Flamm & Hund, restaurant.

W. H. Fields, barber and hair dresser.

A. P. Ferguson, boot and shoe store.

Mrs. Ford, dress maker.

Ford & Bro., house and sign painters.

Fields, H D R K, freight agent.

Geo I. Foster, county surveyor.

Mrs. Frost, boarding house.

Farley, physician and surgeon.

N. Grosjean, barber and hair dresser.

Jacob Gammindinger, wagon maker.

Lewis Grosjean, boot and shoe maker.

Goodrich, Nevius & Co., millers and flour merchants.

A. Hollenback, butcher.

J. O. Hamilton, physician and surgeon.

J. O. Hamilton, dealer in drugs, stationery, &c.

Hewitt & Drotsch, house and sign painters.

Herdman & Bro., merchants.

Wm. Hesser, physician and surgeon.

P. L. Hargiss, harness maker.

Geo. H. HOdgkens, Merchant’s Union Express Co. agent.

J. Halstead & Co., dealers in tobacco, cigars and fancy notions.

C. R. Hardin, boot and shoe maker.

Thos. J. Houston, auctioneer.

C. M. Hamilton, groceries, produce, pork, &c.

F. S. Hanghawout, editor “Jerseyville Register.”

T. J. Selby, editor “Jersey County Democrat.”

A. Jett and Son, dealer in groceries.

A. Jett, auctioneer.

L. Johnson, coroner.

L. Johnson, livery stable.

Andrew Jackson, county clerk.

Geo. H. Jackson, notary public and real estate agent.

M. S. Parker, “Jersey House” landlord.

Mrs. Jennings, millinery.

Wm. Keith, cabinet maker and dealer in furniture.

King & Pinero, attorneys at law.

R. M. Knapp, attorney at law.

C. M. Knapp, merchant.

Jefferson King, blacksmith.

Krumpanitzky & Son, dealers in groceries and produce.

Lyon & DuHadway, physicians and surgeons.

Chas. Lipscomb, gunsmith.

John Laufketter, tobacconist.

Paul Lareashe, jeweler.

Wallace Leigh, baker and confectioner.

Mrs. McGill & Co., milliners.

R. M. McClure, blacksmith.

James McClure, blacksmith.

Geo. S. Miles, dentist.

M. B. Miner, government assessor and attorney at law.

Daniel McFain, dealer in groceries.

John McFain, U.S. Express Co. agent.

Tomas May, blacksmith.

James McGannon, blacksmith.

James McKinney, deputy sheriff.

Newton 7 Cory, machinists and manufacturers of agricultural implements.

P. S. Nevius, wagon maker.

James Nelson, boot and shoe maker.

James O’Halloran, groceries and produce.

F. Osburn, wool carding machine.

Wm. E. Pitt, news dealer, stationery, books, &c.

George Parent, painter.

Pierce & Wilson, restaurant.

Wm. Pilger, harness maker.

L. H. Robbins, physician and surgeon.

A. Recappe, harness and saddlery.

P. H. Ryan, dealer in fancy notions, tobacco and cigars.

Shephard & Co., bankers.

Wm. Shroeder, merchant.

S. M. Shayer (Shaver?), artist.

Swan & Rockwell, dealers in furniture and house furnishing goods.

Henry Schefler(?), boot and shoemaker.

J. E. Sanford(?), butcher and dealer in pork(?).

[three entries unreadable: butcher, grocer, notions]

J. C. Strong, photographer and artist.

Wm. Shephard, merchant.

J. Geo Swartz, livery stable.

Steiner & Cockrell, grain merchants.

Charles Shroeder, harness maker.

John F. Smith, county assessor.

S. M. Titus, auctioneer.

O. A. Tiff, blacksmith.

Lewis Turner, miller and grain dealer.

John C. Tack, dealer in ready made clothing.

L. Thurston, harness and saddlery.

V. Villinger, watchmaker and jeweler.

A. K. Van Horne, physician and surgeon.

Mrs. S. Van Pelt, milliner.

Vandervort & Beardslee, merchants.

J. E. Van Pelt, grain dealer and commission merchant.

Warren & Pogue, attorneys at law.

Geo. W. Ware, druggist, stationery, bookstore, fancy notions, &c.

Wiley & Ten Eick, hardware, queensware and house furnishing goods.

H. A. Whiting & Co., dealers in produce.

L. Williams, milk man.

H. N. Wyckoff & Co., merchants.

Benjamin Wedding, government collector.

M. Walker, dealer in produce.

Waldron & Williams, marble works.

J. L. White, physician and surgeon.

harvy Yeaman, dealer in furnishing goods.


Mrs. L. M. Cutting, principal, Young Ladies Seminary.

Miss Ada C. Joy, acting principal of advanced department.

Miss A. Brumback, painting, drawing and classics.

Miss H. H. Henderson, primary department.

Miss Hattie Gunnison, piano.

Jersey County Page     Jerseyville History
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