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Jersey County Page     Tax List Page

Delinquent Tax List 1888 – AlphabeticalFrom the Jersey County Democrat, April 12, 1888. There will be typos.

Some of the property owners may not have resided in Jersey County

Note: With a list this long and a poor photocopy, there will be errors.

NameSection or
Lot, Block
Acres or
Adams, Asalot 1 blk 16Burk’s 2nd Add.Jerseyville
Allen, W. D.940Quarry Twp. T6 R13
Almang, M. A.640Elsah Twp.
Alton Ag’l Works1840Otter Creek Twp.
Ames, L. V. S.4,7,8,9,16,17,20,211,352+Elsah Twp.
Ames, L. V. S.majority of lots Elsah Village
Ames, Lucy V. S.lot 13 blk 13 Elsah Village
Ames, Lucy V. S.lots 1,5-8 blk 15 Elsah Village
Anderson, F. W.2380Otter Creek Twp.
Andrews, W. P.lots 3-6 blk 9 West Add. Grafton Village
Armstrong, E. Out LotsJerseyville T8 R11
Auten, Mary J.11121Otter Creek Twp.
Avdelott, M. C.lot 6 blk 4 Fidelity Village
Avery, P. A.520Quarry Twp. T6 R12
Barker, David987Quarry Twp. T6 R12
Barker, Davidlots 6,7 blk 7 West Add. Grafton Village
Barker, Davidlot 10 blk 12 West Add. Grafton Village
Barker, Davidlot 3 blk 18 West Add. Grafton Village
Barker, Davidlot 8 blk 18 West Add. Grafton Village
Barker, Davidlot 14 blk 1 Slaten’s Add. Grafton Village
Barnes, A. H.2655Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Barnhardt, Mary2580Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Barrett, A.1780Otter Creek Twp.
Barrett, A. H.1940Otter Creek Twp.
Barrett, A. H.1180Quarry Twp. T6 R12
Barth, Otto440Piasa Twp.
Barton, John A.lot 16 blk 1 Otterville Village
Bates, J. M.1380Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Bates, Silas5320Piasa Twp.
Bates, Silas6240Piasa Twp.
Bates, Silas31480Fidelity Twp.
Bell, Charleslot 5 blk 1 Daugherty’s Add. Otterville Village
Bell, W. C.lots 4,5 blk 1 Daugherty’s Add. Otterville Village
Belt Bros. & Co.1,5281Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Belt, J. H.3040Otter Creek Twp.
Belt, J. H.538Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Bennett, Annalots 9,10 Darr’s Add. Grafton Village
Bently, Sarah F.14,15171Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Bethell, E. & O.lots 2,3 blk 3 Fieldon Village
Bethell, E. O.lots 11,12 blk 3 Fieldon Village
Bierne, George3480Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Billings & Parsons1240Quarry Twp. T6 R12
Blakewell, Jos. B.940Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Blau, Johnlots 1-6 blk 4Felter & Spencer’s Add.Fieldon Village
Bois, J. K.340Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Bonnell, D. T.lots 4,5 blk 11 Jerseyville
Bonnell, D. T.22.62 a. blks 21,22Hill’s 2nd Add.Jerseyville
Boomer, John3320English Twp.
Bowman, S. H.12160Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Boyle, C. M.lot 5 blk 17 Jerseyville
Breeding, Pleasantlot 9 blk 23Adam’s AddJerseyville
Brewer, Mrs. M. E.9,10100Elsah Twp.
Briggs, G. W.12320Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Briggs, Geo. M.3540Mississippi Twp.
Briggs, Geo. W.3524Mississippi Twp.
Brigham, E. R.640Otter Creek Twp.
Brigham, Edward2460Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Brock, T. F.lots 16,17 blk 25 West Add. Grafton Village
Brower, John3280Otter Creek Twp.
Brower, John D.1,12220Quarry Twp. T6 R12
Bruer, Margaretlots 2-4 blk 19 Elsah Village
Buckles, John C.1855+Mississippi Twp.
Buffington, Mrs. C. C.lots 50, 51Oscar Hill’s sub-div
Hill’s 2nd Add.
Burke, Geo. W.1552Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Burke, James480Piasa Twp.
Burke, James480Piasa Twp.
Burns & Hood1540Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Burris, Chas. P.1180Quarry Twp. T6 R12
Butler, Wiley1613Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Buzby, C. C.340Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Calkins, Mary M.lots 13, 14 blk 12 Elsah Village
Cameron, A.335English Twp.
Campbell, Nathan1080Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Campbell, W. J.2480English Twp.
Campbell, W. J. Jr.2415English Twp.
Cartney, M.lot 3 blk 25 West Add. Grafton Village
Casey, E. 2 acresOut LotsJerseyville T8 R11
Chappee, Joseph1780Otter Creek Twp.
Chicago & Alton RRlots 1,4 blk 10Burk’s 2nd Add.Jerseyville
Christy, Geo.1531Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Clarage, Jas.271Otter Creek Twp.
Claridge, Josie1980Otter Creek Twp.
Clark, H. C.260Piasa Twp.
Clayton, B. C.1610Mississippi Twp.
Clyne, James1710Mississippi Twp.
Coarvesier, F. S.1332Piasa Twp.
Cockrell, Geo. C.2040Otter Creek Twp.
Cockrell, Moseslot 13Oscar Hill’s sub-div
Hill’s 2nd Add.
Coe, Margaretlot 8 blk 3 Otterville Village
Collins, David480Quarry Twp. T6 R13
Colwell, Jas.29Piasa Twp.
Colwell, Martha2380Fidelity Twp.
Colwell, Martha2540Fidelity Twp.
Colwell, Martha2680Fidelity Twp.
Connely, A.1640Piasa Twp.
Cook & Branch30 lots blks 4-6 West Add. Grafton Village
Coonrad, Emilein1220Quarry Twp. T6 R12
Cornelius, Daniel380Elsah Twp.
Courvesier, F. S.1433.5Piasa Twp.
Creswell, W. S.lot 1 blk 2 Camden Village
Cruiser, Fredlots 23, 25Curtis’ Add.Jerseyville
Cunningham, J. F.13240Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Curren, Michael1380Elsah Twp.
Curtis, W. D.16232Otter Creek Twp.
D.D. Slaten & Co.5160Quarry Twp. T6 R12
D?mond, Robert140Elsah Twp.
Dannel?, J. F.10,1195Ruyle Twp.
D’Arcy, E. A.3480Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
D’Arcy, E. A. heirs540Quarry Twp. T6 R12
Dare, Isaiahlot 10 blk 23 Jerseyville
Darlington, J. H.1670Mississippi Twp.
Darr, A. J.2 acresOut LotsJerseyville T8 R11
Daugherty, J. G.lot 5 blk 3 Otterville Village
Davenport, Geo.236Otter Creek Twp.
Davis, John3640Otter Creek Twp.
Davis, Johnlots 9,10 blk 2 Camden Village
Davis, Johnlot 8 blk 19 Camden Village
Davis, Mary E.3640Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Davis, Mrs. A.1240Elsah Twp.
Day, Ira E.1420Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Defosia, Antonielots 9,10 blk 23 West Add. Grafton Village
Defosia, D.lot 10 blk 1 Slaten’s Add. Grafton Village
Diamond, C. W.1740Otter Creek Twp.
Donahue, Hannah320Otter Creek Twp.
Dowdall, C. W.3610English Twp.
Durney, James1940Fidelity Twp.
Durney, James20100Fidelity Twp.
Dymond, Chas.2030Otter Creek Twp.
Dymond, Robert35160Mississippi Twp.
Eads, Jameslot 20 blk 25 West Add. Grafton Village
Eads, Jameslots 4,17 blk 28 West Add. Grafton Village
Eads, Jas.6+ acresOut LotsJerseyville T8 R11
Eastman, Henrylot 5 blk 13 West Add. Grafton Village
Eastman, U. K.?lots 1-3 blk 20 Fidelity Village
Eaton, John2620Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Edgar, W. H.lot 25Oscar Hill’s sub-div
Hill’s 2nd Add.
Egelhoff, John4,6,9362Otter Creek Twp.
Egelhoff, Williamlot 3 blk 4Adam’s AddJerseyville
Ellis, S. E.lot 4 blk 4 Otterville Village
Embley, Wm Goodrich sub-divJerseyville
Ennis, Zach520Quarry Twp. T6 R12
Erwin, E. D.lot 6 blk BDavis’ Add.Jerseyville
Erwin, M. L.1388Mississippi Twp.
Erwin, Nance132Mississippi Twp.
Evans, John440Quarry Twp. T6 R12
Evans, Samuel estatelot 3 blk 3 Jerseyville
Evretts, Chas.lot 2 blk 6 Fieldon Village
Farrington, S. S.6160Otter Creek Twp.
Feirbend, John1280Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Ferguson, Alex3440Piasa Twp.
Ferguson, Alex35120Piasa Twp.
Fitzgerald, Richard2150Otter Creek Twp.
Florida, A. K.2240Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Fonnell, Mathias1580Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Ford, Williamlots 15, 16Oscar Hill’s sub-div
Hill’s 2nd Add.
Foster, Geo. I. Estate826Quarry Twp. T6 R13
Fox, Martinlot 1 blk 22 Grafton Village
Fredenburg, Marylot 9 blk 3 Otterville Village
French, Sarah F.1240Quarry Twp. T6 R12
Fritz, Fred34English Twp.
Fulkes, Lydia A.1360Elsah Twp.
Fuller, W. J.27,2880Otter Creek Twp.
Funkey?, Stephen McGill & Blackburn sub-divJerseyville
Gamerdinger, Jacoblot 6 blk 11Burk’s Add.Jerseyville
Gammerdinger, J.lots 1,2 blk 7 Jerseyville
Garrell, Johnlot 1 blk6 Fieldon Village
Garrell, Peter960Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Gibson, J. B.lots 2,4 blk 1Town of NelsonFieldon Village
Gill, Robert560Elsah Twp.
Gocke, Elizabethpt lots 1,2 blk 13 Jerseyville
Goecke, Gustavelots 1-4 blk 11Hill’s 2nd Add. Blyth’s sub-divJerseyville
Gonings, N. A.21160Otter Creek Twp.
Gorman, James580Fidelity Twp.
Gorman, Jas.838+Fidelity Twp.
Gotter, Godfrey1040Piasa Twp.
Gotter, Godfrey11160Piasa Twp.
Gotter, Godfrey14230Piasa Twp.
Graner, Jacob1040Piasa Twp.
Green, Chas. C.2980Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Green, Hester A.2080Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Greene, Addison3140Mississippi Twp.
Greene, John1512Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Griswold, Lowvel2440Ruyle Twp.
Grizzile, James2480Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Groppel, H. T.1140Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Groppel, Herman F.2380Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Gropple, Henry1140Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Gropple, Herman14,2880Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Guess, Leanderlot 2 blk 5 Otterville Village
Hackley, A. M.lots 9-12 blk 3Felter & Spencer’s Add.Fieldon Village
Hall & Neviuslots 13,14Oscar Hill’s sub-div
Hill’s 2nd Add.
Hamilton, B.lot 2 blk 20 Grafton Village
Harding, Charleslots 26,27Oscar Hill’s sub-div
Hill’s 2nd Add.
Harnish, Fred1040Piasa Twp.
Harris, Nathan140Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Hart, Susan1120Piasa Twp.
Hart, Susan12175Piasa Twp.
Hartley, R. H.lot 26 blk 26 Elsah Village
Hauskins, James1610Ruyle Twp.
Haycraft, J. J.lot 3 blk 19 Fidelity Village
Hays, Margaret248Otter Creek Twp.
Healy, Stephen1280Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Heffner, Werner1540Elsah Twp.
Henderson, W. S.lot 8Adams & Shephard’s Add.Jerseyville
Henrion, Philip13,24100Mississippi Twp.
Herbst, Jos.3273Mississippi Twp.
Herrity, Tim11,1283+Mississippi Twp.
Hewitt, John4,980Otter Creek Twp.
Hill, Loftus O.3340Otter Creek Twp.
Hill, Theo. L.lot 7 blk 6Burk’s 2nd Add.Jerseyville
Holden, Mary L.1277Fidelity Twp.
Holmes, S. A.lots 1,2 blk 17Hill’s 2nd Add. Blyth’s sub-divJerseyville
Hoppe, Henry2380Fidelity Twp.
Hoseiton, Louis28101Mississippi Twp.
Houpt, Isaaclots 7-8 blk 27 Elsah Village
Houpt, Isaaclot 14 blk 29 Elsah Village
Housman, Antonlot 4 blk 17 Jerseyville
Huber, Joseph26100Piasa Twp.
Huffman, M. J.lots 1-10 blk 8 West Add. Grafton Village
Hund, Remiglots 6,7 blk 3Burk’s 2nd Add.Jerseyville
Hurt, Susan130Piasa Twp.
Hutchinson, Mrs. W. H.1980Fidelity Twp.
Jackson, Mary E.lots 2,4 blk 61 Grafton Village
Janes, Isaac2880Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Jett, Henrylot 3 blk 26 Jerseyville
Jirleck?, William127Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Johnson, Joseph1620Piasa Twp.
Jones & Wright31160Fidelity Twp.
Jones, Charles1680Piasa Twp.
Jones, Edward2020Piasa Twp.
Jorman, Henrylot 5 blk 1Young’s Add.Jerseyville
Kappel, Jos.2080Otter Creek Twp.
Kappel, Jos.3030Otter Creek Twp.
Kappel, Joseph1980Otter Creek Twp.
Kelley, Williamlots 7,8 blk 4Adam’s AddJerseyville
Kenneda, Isaaclot 10 blk 4 Otterville Village
Kennedy, Patrick estatelot 4 blk 19 Jerseyville
Keslick, N. Estate552Quarry Twp. T6 R13
Kinsla, Mrs. Martinlot 3 blk 21Adam’s AddJerseyville
Kinsla, Mrs. Robertlot 7 blk 6Adam’s AddJerseyville
Kirby, Ella Out LotsJerseyville T8 R11
Kirchner, G. B.420Otter Creek Twp.
Kirchner, Val140.5Otter Creek Twp.
Knetzel, Antonlot 3 blk 11 Jerseyville
Knight, John2150Piasa Twp.
Knight, John2840Piasa Twp.
Knight, John2980Piasa Twp.
Kraus, John A.lots 10-12 blk 3 Fieldon Village
Kraushaar, Frank580English Twp.
Kuennel, Otto840Piasa Twp.
Lamb, E. J.20,21240Mississippi Twp.
Landon, Hulda3540English Twp.
Landon, Milo25,35,3681English Twp.
Landon, Milolot 6 blk 21Adam’s AddJerseyville
Landon, Oscar9,16198Mississippi Twp.
Landon, Oscarlots 52,53Oscar Hill’s sub-div
Hill’s 2nd Add.
Larsen, Edward280Quarry Twp. T6 R12
Leak, R. B.lots 15,16 blks 5,6 Elsah Village
Leggate, E. K.25,3560Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Leritz, Jos.7198English Twp.
Lewis, Charles1339+Mississippi Twp.
Lewis, Ford120Ruyle Twp.
Lewis, Jacob29,31120Otter Creek Twp.
Lock, W. T.2361Elsah Twp.
Lock, Walter12,13160Quarry Twp. T6 R12
Locke, Morris R.lots 2,3 blk 6Burk’s Add.Jerseyville
Locke, Morris R. McGill & Blackburn sub-divJerseyville
Locke, Morris R.lots 1,2 blk 14Adam’s AddJerseyville
Locke, Morris R.lot 5 blk 20Adam’s AddJerseyville
Loehr?, A. C.lot 1 blk 11Adam’s AddJerseyville
Long, Israel13160Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Long, Israel2320Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Long, Isreal Anderson’s 2nd Add.Jerseyville
Long, James1380Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Long, Jameslots 3,4 blk 13Burk’s 2nd Add.Jerseyville
Long, Peter24120Mississippi Twp.
Longwell, Jameslot 1 blk 13 Fidelity Village
Loux, John780Fidelity Twp.
Lynch, C. W.16170+Mississippi Twp.
Marsh, T. M.3610Fidelity Twp.
Marshall, Conrad? Blk 16 Fidelity Village
Marshall, Conrad? Blks 21,22 Fidelity Village
Martin, George2640English Twp.
Martin, Marypt lots 9,10 blk 3Burk’s Add.Jerseyville
Massey, Maud Z.lots 1,2 blk 11 Jerseyville
Mathews, Guslot 3 blk 7 Grafton Village
Matthews, Elijah2280Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Matthews, Eliza1187Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
McAdams, Wm.169Quarry Twp. T6 R13
McCann, John2140Otter Creek Twp.
McCarren, Alicia7,17,18,19809+Elsah Twp.
McCarren, Alicialots 13,16-21 blk 29 Elsah Village
McClintock, Rose J.2+ acresOut LotsJerseyville T8 R11
McClure, Samuel1640Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
McDow, M.lots 15,16 blk 3 Otterville Village
McDow, Maninlots 3-6 blk 3 Otterville Village
McDow, Marion8120Otter Creek Twp.
McDow, William14,21,22,23312Otter Creek Twp.
McDow, Wm.lot 7 blk 36 Grafton Village
McGee, Jameslot 1 blk CDavis’ Add.Jerseyville
McManus, William250Otter Creek Twp.
McNair, R. H. & W. A.lots 18-19 blk 12 Elsah Village
McReynolds, T. J.lots 7,10 blk 11Burk’s Add.Jerseyville
Mettie & Kinneylot 27Adams & Shephard’s Add.Jerseyville
Metzdorf, Anton12140Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Metzdorf, Mathias12120Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Metzendorff, A.725English Twp.
Meyers, Angelin3080Otter Creek Twp.
Meyers, Emilinelots 3,8 blk 5Delhi Village 
Meyers, John L.3370Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Michael, Elizabethlots 2,3 blk 19Adam’s AddJerseyville
Miller, H. T.3680Otter Creek Twp.
Miller, J. H.3480Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Miner, Nathaniel1932Jersey Twp. T8 R11
Morland, H.lot 1 blk 3 Otterville Village
Moss, J. F.lot 9 blk 36 Grafton Village
Mulholland, D.lot 2 blk 23Adam’s AddJerseyville
Muller, Williamlot 5 blk 2 Fieldon Village
Munson, Catherinept lot 3 blk 5Burk’s Add.Jerseyville
Murphy, Julialots 6,7 blk 24 Jerseyville
Newbery, Dan266Otter Creek Twp.
Nichols, Charles3340Piasa Twp.
Noble, Zibe197+Quarry Twp. T6 R12
Nutt, R. A.1180Jersey Twp. T8 R11
O’Conner, Michael384+English Twp.
O’Conner, Patrick6+ acresOut LotsJerseyville T8 R11
O’Day, Michael1080Piasa Twp.
O’Donnell, Ann W.2740Piasa Twp.
O’Donnell, Mrs.2640Piasa Twp.
Onetto, Johnlot 1 blk 13 Camden Village
Ontes, Wm.15107Quarry Twp. T6 R13
Park & Beltlots 6-9 blk 2 Fieldon Village
Park & Beltlots 5-10 blk 3 Fieldon Village
Park, G. & A.511Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Park, Wesley9,1080Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Parker, M. J.3573+Richwoods Twp. T9 R13
Parker, Mart3567Richwoods Twp. T9 R13
Parkins, W. T.personal taxOut LotsJerseyville T8 R11
Perrings, G. W.27,28150+Jersey Twp. T8 R11
Phipps, Mary12160Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Phipps, T. K.952Quarry Twp. T6 R13
Phipps, T. K.11,14120Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Piggott, Geo.533+Elsah Twp.
Piggott, Geo. M.974+Elsah Twp.
Pinney, E. M.lots 11-13 blk 27 Elsah Village
Potts, John M.lot 1 blk 3Pott’s Add.Jerseyville
Pourzgen, Jos.146Elsah Twp.
Powers, John580Fidelity Twp.
Powers, Peter2176+Jersey Twp. T8 R11
Pritchet, D. P.2320Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Pruitt, William1277+Fidelity Twp.
Quinn, A. H. Van Pelt’s sub-divJerseyville
Randolph, Lewis Out LotsJerseyville T8 R11
Ratcliff, G. W.1101Quarry Twp. T6 R13
Ratcliff, Geo. W.3680Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Reed, Etta580Mississippi Twp.
Reed, George W.480Mississippi Twp.
Reed, J. S.lot 5, blk 4 Fidelity Village
Reeves, Mrs. T. A.lots 3,4 blk 7 Grafton Village
Remer, Minerva E.lots 10-13 blk 5Adam’s AddJerseyville
Rhoads, William780Elsah Twp.
Roach, John A.lot 1 blk 17Burk’s 2nd Add.Jerseyville
Robb, Alexander2720Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Roberts, Francis1140Piasa Twp.
Robinson, Thomaslot 8 blk 25 Grafton Village
Roetger, Julius440Piasa Twp.
Rogers, Elizabethlots 1-2 blk 1 Otterville Village
Rogers, Elizabethlot 30 blk 2 Otterville Village
Rogers, H. T.11120Otter Creek Twp.
Ross, Mrs. L. M. Goodrich sub-divJerseyville
Ross, Mrs. L. M.lot 1 blk 3Baley’s Add.Jerseyville
Rowden, Lydia4,5,8,9300Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Rowdon, M. F.lot 6 blk 3Felter & Spencer’s Add.Fieldon Village
Russell, Mrs. J.lot 10 blk 19 Fidelity Village
Salter, Joseph Goodrich sub-divJerseyville
Sandridge, P. J.lots 7,8 blk 12Hill’s 2nd Add. Blyth’s sub-divJerseyville
Sandridge, W. F.420Otter Creek Twp.
Sanford, J. E.1 acreOut LotsJerseyville T8 R11
Savers, James2140Fidelity Twp.
Schaaf, Henry1,12255+Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Schlausker, John35160Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Schlimmer, Jos. J.1079Elsah Twp.
Schneider, Julius1240+Elsah Twp.
Schroeder, B.2440Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Shaw, John R.1640Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Shaw, S. A.lots 1-3 blk 3 Fieldon Village
Shearin, John6320Fidelity Twp.
Sheehy, Patrick1957Fidelity Twp.
Shephard, A. M.3440Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Shields, Peter2710Piasa Twp.
Shortal, Robert1724Fidelity Twp.
Shortal, Robert18120Fidelity Twp.
Simons, Henrylots 9,10 blk 4Adam’s AddJerseyville
Skinner, John940Piasa Twp.
Slaten & Brock880Quarry Twp. T6 R12
Slaten, A. M.20160Otter Creek Twp.
Slaten, B. F.5,6183Elsah Twp.
Slaten, D. C.lot 1 blk6 Grafton Village
Slaten, W. D.180Quarry Twp. T6 R12
Slaunaker, C. L.3020Otter Creek Twp.
Slover, John3200Elsah Twp.
Smalley, J. S.lot 7 blk 10Burk’s Add.Jerseyville
Smalley, Mrs. C. S.lot 2 blk 1C. N. Adam’s Add.Jerseyville
Smith & Warrenlots 5,6 blk 17Hill’s 2nd Add. Blyth’s sub-divJerseyville
Smith, Frank W.lots 6,7 blk 12Adam’s AddJerseyville
Smith, Geo. W.2642+Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Smith, Geo. W.27,34,35400Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Smith, John lot 20 blk 20Burk’s 2nd Add.Jerseyville
Smith, R. G. heirs135Elsah Twp.
Snedeker, S. J.22211Jersey Twp. T8 R11
Snedeker, Samuel J.15 acresOut LotsJerseyville T8 R11
Snow, C. M.lots 3,12 blks 5,6 Elsah Village
Snow, Wash.1540Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Spacht, Margaret2938Jersey Twp. T8 R11
Spangle, Alvin1235Elsah Twp.
Spaulding, Sarah J.36120Otter Creek Twp.
Spellman, Chrislot 6 blk 6 Jerseyville
Spital, Ernest1120Piasa Twp.
St. L A & S RR Co.lot 6 blk 16 Elsah Village
Stamps, A. J.4,5,8,9136Otter Creek Twp.
Stamps, Geo. W.580Otter Creek Twp.
Stedman, S. C.3040Otter Creek Twp.
Stellings, N. E.27120Jersey Twp. T8 R11
Stewart, Charles3640Mississippi Twp.
Stone, A. F.2060Fidelity Twp.
Stone, A. F.21140Fidelity Twp.
Stone, Geo.2210Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Stone, Shomas (Thomas?) heirs1840Ruyle Twp.
Stone, Thos. W.1320Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Stute?, Fred420Piasa Twp.
Suddeth, J. E.2440Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Sullivan, Daniel3480Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Sunderland, J. P.1180Jersey Twp. T8 R11
Sunderland, Lloyd8155Jersey Twp. T8 R11
Sunderland, Lloyd1640Jersey Twp. T8 R11
Swann, J. P.2580Otter Creek Twp.
Tack, John C.lots 3,4 blk 2 Jerseyville
Talley, H. G.3520Fidelity Twp.
Terry, Williamlot 6 blk 2 Otterville Village
Tucker, Ephrian2840Piasa Twp.
Turner, Leonardlots 2-5 blk 1 Spencer Add. Fieldon Village
Turner, Leonardlots 2-10 blk 4 Fieldon Village
Turner, P.1532Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Turner, Permelialots 3,4 blk 1 Bridge’s Add. Fieldon Village
Turner, Pomella24116Richwoods Twp. T8 R13
Vahle, Mary M.2280English Twp.
Valentine, J. M.160Ruyle Twp.
Valentine, J. M.lots 1-3 blk 17Adam’s AddJerseyville
Vanarsdall, A. M.141Otter Creek Twp.
Vanpelt, W. S.lot 6 blk FDavis’ Add.Jerseyville
Veitch, James B.lots 1,2 blk 7 Grafton Village
Vinson, John W.lots 3-5 blk 1Baley’s 2nd AddJerseyville
Voustein, John14160Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Waddle, R. C.26110Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Wagoner, B. F. L. T.lot 1 blk EDavis’ Add.Jerseyville
Walker, Elilots 5,8 blk 6Burk’s 2nd Add.Jerseyville
Wallace, Mrs. lots 6,7 blk 13 Jerseyville
Wallace, Nicklot 4 blk 17 Jerseyville
Ward, Amos heirs315Otter Creek Twp.
Warren & Pogue1620Jersey Twp. T8 R11
Waters, Winifred estate3340Piasa Twp.
Welch, Wm. Out LotsJerseyville T8 R11
Welsh, Bartley1940Fidelity Twp.
Welsh, Walter1940Fidelity Twp.
White, Jesselots 8,21,22 blk 2 Otterville Village
White, John L.lot 10 blk 7 Jerseyville
Whitfield, Marylots 4-7 blk 18 West Add. Grafton Village
Whitfield, W. T.lot 2 blk 13 Fidelity Village
Williams, Andy J.580Quarry Twp. T6 R13
Willis, W. H.3599Rosedale Twp. T7 R13
Willison, Wm.168Piasa Twp.
Wilson, James3140Piasa Twp.
Winger, Fred940Elsah Twp.
Withrow, Mrs.lots 4,5 blk 11 Fidelity Village
Wolsey, James H.lot 8 blk 20 Fidelity Village
Wood, John3080Ruyle Twp.
Wood, John2560Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Wooden, A. T.71Fidelity Twp.
Woolsey, G. H.27160Jersey Twp. T9 R11
Worth, Vincentlots 3,4 blk 11Burk’s 2nd Add.Jerseyville
Worthy, D.1620Otter Creek Twp.
Young, Belka N.lots 1-3 blk 2Brighton Village 
Young, R. J.lot 5, blk 1Brighton Village 
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