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Delinquent Tax List 1886 – AlphabeticalFrom the Jersey County Democrat, April 15, 1886. There will be typos.

Some of the property owners may not have resided in Jersey County

Note: With a list this long and a poor photocopy, there will be errors.

Owner’s NameSectionAcresLocation
Abergast, J.20,24210Rosedale, T7 R13
Adams, C. N.  Jerseyville, Adam’s Add.
Addlesse, Susan  Jerseyville, Blyth’s Sub-Div
Hill’s 2nd Add.
Albert, Arch580English, T8 R12
Albert, Nick840English, T8 R12
Alkard, B. W.  Jerseyville, Burke’s Add.
Allen, J. A.22200Otter Creek, T7 R12
Allen, J. A.2980Otter Creek, T7 R12
Allen, M. O.35120Otter Creek, T7 R12
Allen, M. O.3660Otter Creek, T7 R12
Allen, W. D.940Quarry, T6 R13
Allen, W. J.537Elsah, T6 R11
Allen, W. J.680Elsah, T6 R11
Andrews, W. P.  West Add. Grafton
Andrews, Wm. J.  West Add. Grafton
Arkebauer, A.  Jerseyville, Pott’s Add.
Arkebauer, Amanda  Jerseyville, Pott’s Add.
Atkinson, Jas. H.  Jerseyville, Hill’s Add.
Atwood, R. W.3640Richwoods, T8 R13
Aydelott, Ellen  Fidelity
Aydelott, M. C.  Fidelity
Badewell, Jos. B.940Rosedale, T7 R13
Bagley, M. E.33160Rosedale, T7 R13
Balcome, H.276Otter Creek, T7 R12
Baner, Lewis2840Twp. 8, Range 10
Barber, Alex440Quarry, T6 R12
Barber, Chas.3620Twp. 8, Range 10
Barber, W. D.3680Twp. 8, Range 10
Barker, David987Quarry, T6 R12
Barker, David  West Add. Grafton
Barker, David  Slaten’s Add. Grafton
Barnes, Aaron2635Jersey, T9 R11
Barnett, A.691Otter Creek, T7 R12
Barns, A. H.2620Jersey, T9 R11
Bartlett, Ira A.  Otterville
Bartlett, Wm.2020Twp. 7, Range 10
Barton, J. A.  Otterville
Bates, J. M.1380Richwoods, T8 R13
Bayer, Rutter & Co.1610Jersey, T8 R11
Bell, Charles  Otterville
Bell, Henry  Jerseyville,
Adams & Shephard’s Add.
Bell, Jermiah34280Twp. 8, Range 10
Belt, J. H.3040Otter Creek, T7 R12
Benson, R. F.34160Jersey, T9 R11
Bermingham, Mrs. J.  Grafton
Bethel, Thos.3340Richwoods, T8 R13
Biern, Geo.3480Rosedale, T7 R13
Billings & Parsons1240Quarry, T6 R12
Bingham, E. R.340Richwoods, T8 R13
Bingham, E. R.3480Richwoods, T8 R13
Blasa, Chas.1880Otter Creek, T7 R12
Blaser, Chas.1740Otter Creek, T7 R12
Bligh, H. H.420Elsah, T6 R11
Boetgen, Fred (Hoetgen?)1620Twp. 7, Range 10
Bonnell, D. T.  Jerseyville
Bowman, S. H.1336Mississippi, T7 R11
Brace, C. W.2640Jersey, T9 R11
Brick, Jacob1640Twp. 7, Range 10
Briggs, Enoch3540Mississippi, T7 R11
Briggs, Geo.3544Mississippi, T7 R11
Briggs, J. J. & Gill, H.340Elsah, T6 R11
Briggs, Maria  Fieldon, Spencer’s Add.
Briggs, Wm.387+Richwoods, T8 R13
Brigham, E. R.?640Otter Creek, T7 R12
Brinton, Wm. S.  Grafton
Brock & Slaten  Camden
Brock, Joseph  West Add. Grafton
Brock, T. F.  West Add. Grafton
Brookmyer, H.3123Otter Creek, T7 R12
Brookmyer, H.680Otter Creek, T7 R12
Brown, Chas. F.  Fieldon, Felter
& Spencer’s Add.
Brown, J. L.149Quarry, T6 R13
Brown, John  Jerseyville, Young’s Add.
Brown, Spalding1090Quarry, T6 R13
Bruner, J.1,2400Ruyle, T9 R10
Bruner, J.380Ruyle, T9 R10
Budt, Wm.140Rosedale, T7 R13
Bull, C. F.  Otterville
Bull, C. L.  Otterville
Buminghen, J.2640Otter Creek, T7 R12
Buminham, J.2740Otter Creek, T7 R12
Burk & Brenholt2116+Twp. 7, Range 10
Burk & Brenholt12230Twp. 7, Range 10
Burk & Brenholt1380Twp. 7, Range 10
Burk, G. W.2140Jersey, T8 R11
Burke, David  West Add. Grafton
Burke, G. W.1480Jersey, T9 R11
Burke, G. W.1552Jersey, T9 R11
Burke, Geo. W.  Jerseyville, Burk 2nd Add.
Burke, Geo. W.  Jerseyville,
Burke’s 2nd Add.
Burke, Geo. W.  Jerseyville,
Burkes’s Sub-Div.
Burke, James1210Twp. 7, Range 10
Burke, James  Jerseyville, Gaine’s Add.
Burke, Joseph4160Twp. 7, Range 10
Burns & Wood1540Rosedale, T7 R13
Burns, Pat3440English, T8 R12
Butt, Wm.240Rosedale, T7 R13
C & A RR  Jerseyville,
Burke’s 2nd Add.
Calhoun, A.22140Otter Creek, T7 R12
Calhoun, A.27120Otter Creek, T7 R12
Calhoun, B. F.1621English, T8 R12
Calhoun, B. F.1840Jersey, T8 R11
Cameron, A.340English, T8 R12
Cameron, A. J.2140Richwoods, T8 R13
Camey, Thos.1920Twp. 8, Range 10
Campbell, B. F.340Richwoods, T8 R13
Campbell, B. F.410Richwoods, T8 R13
Campbell, Nathan442Richwoods, T8 R13
Campbell, Nathan1080Richwoods, T8 R13
Campbell, Nathan1540Richwoods, T8 R13
Canvarsier, F. S.1433+Twp. 7, Range 10
Carter, John  Jerseyville, Pott’s Add.
Carter, Matilda M.2480Jersey, T8 R11
Chadwell, Thos. H.  Jerseyville, Anderson’s Add.
Chadwell, Thos. H.  Jerseyville, Anderson’s 2nd Add.
Chadwell, Thos. H.  Jerseyville out lots
Chappe, Jos.1780Otter Creek, T7 R12
Chappee, Alex259Elsah, T6 R11
Chapper, Louis2?Elsah, T6 R11
Cheney, P. D.1355Quarry, T6 R12
Cheney, P. D.340Rosedale, T7 R13
Christianson, Geo.2520Mississippi, T7 R11
Christy, Geo.1531Jersey, T9 R11
Clairdgty, J.271Otter Creek, T7 R12
Clark, Geo.  Nelson
Clark, Jos.22120Ruyle, T9 R10
Clark, Mrs. L. D.180Otter Creek, T7 R12
Clayton, B. C.lot 810Mississippi, T7 R11
Cline, Jas.1710Mississippi, T7 R11
Cockrell, G.28180Otter Creek, T7 R12
Cockrell, G. C.1440Rosedale, T7 R13
Cockrell, G. C.15160Rosedale, T7 R13
Cockrell, G. C.2280Rosedale, T7 R13
Colean, Edwin1180English, T8 R12
Colean, Edwin13,14200English, T8 R12
Collin, H. T. heirs  Grafton
Collins, David440Quarry, T6 R13
Combs, Isaac  Jerseyville, Adam’s Add.
Combs, J. C.3494+Jersey, T8 R11
Coonrod, Emeline1220Quarry, T6 R12
Cope, Leonard3640Richwoods, T8 R13
Cope, Nathan2680English, T8 R12
Cope, Nathan3640English, T8 R12
Cope, Nathen3520English, T8 R12
Corbitt, John  Jerseyville, Pott’s Add.
Cornelins, Dan380Elsah, T6 R11
Corzine, F. R.1332Twp. 7, Range 10
Courtney, W.341Otter Creek, T7 R12
Cowen, Henry  Jerseyville
Cox, Margaret  Otterville
Cresswell, W. S.  Camden
Cross, H. N.1180English, T8 R12
Cross, H. N.7447Jersey, T8 R11
Cross, H. N.2933Jersey, T8 R11
Crull, James1640Rosedale, T7 R13
Cuddaha, W. H.?  Jerseyville out lots
Cummingham, J. F.13240Rosedale, T7 R13
Cummings, Nancy E.2435Jersey, T9 R11
Cummings, Peter22Otter Creek, T7 R12
Curtis, Eliza294Jersey, T8 R11
Curtis, W. D.16220Otter Creek, T7 R12
Curtis, W. D.1612Otter Creek, T7 R12
Da???hardt, Agnea  Jerseyville, Goodrich’s Sub-Div.
Johnson’s Add.
Dabbs, J. E.1740Otter Creek, T7 R12
Daniels, C. O.1177Ruyle, T9 R10
Dare, Jas.3670Rosedale, T7 R13
Daugherty, E. A.3580Otter Creek, T7 R12
Daugherty, S. J. M.236Quarry, T6 R12
Daughtery, S. J. M.23240Otter Creek, T7 R12
Daughtery, S. M.2634Otter Creek, T7 R12
Davenport, G.236Otter Creek, T7 R12
Davis, John  Camden
Day, Ira E.1420Jersey, T9 R11
Deichler, Wm.  Fidelity
Dennison, Emma  Fidelity
Derby, L. C.  Jerseyville, Burk 2nd Add.
Dolan, Peter1540Twp. 7, Range 10
Dowdell, C. W.3640English, T8 R12
Downey, S. G.11,12120English, T8 R12
Du Hadway, C.  Jerseyville, Burke’s Add.
Dugan, Emma340Jersey, T8 R11
Dugan, J. W.1378Jersey, T8 R11
Dunahue, Hannah320Otter Creek, T7 R12
Duncan, John  Jerseyville,
Adams & Shephard’s Add.
Dunsdon, David  Grafton
Dunsdon, Julia B.  Grafton
Durney, Jas.1920Twp. 8, Range 10
Durney, Jas.20100Twp. 8, Range 10
Dymond, Robt.140Elsah, T6 R11
Dymond, Robt.35160Mississippi, T7 R11
Eads, James  West Add. Grafton
Eads, Jas.  West Add. Grafton
Eads, Wm.2292+Richwoods, T8 R13
Eads, Wm.  Fieldon, Bridge’s N Add.
Eads, Wm.  Fieldon, Spencer’s Add.
Eads, Wm.  Jerseyville, Gaine’s Add.
Earl, B. C.10240Richwoods, T8 R13
Eastham, N. R.  Fidelity
Eastman, Henry  West Add. Grafton
Edee, Chas. T.281Jersey, T8 R11
Edsall, Emily3023Mississippi, T7 R11
Edwards, Thos.17,18200Twp. 7, Range 10
Edwards, Wm. B.3567Richwoods, T9 R13
Egan, Edward280Quarry, T6 R13
Egelhoff, Fred  Jerseyville, Blyth’s Sub-Div
Hill’s 2nd Add.
Egelhoff, Geo.  Jerseyville
Egelhoff, Geo.  Jerseyville, Burk 2nd Add.
Egelhoff, Geo.  Jerseyville, McGee & Blackburn
Sub-Div. Johnson’s Add.
Egelhoff, Geo.  Jerseyville, Blyth’s Sub-Div
Hill’s 2nd Add.
Egelhoff, Wm.  Jerseyville, Adam’s Add.
Eglehoff, G.  Jerseyville, Burke’s Add.
Eglehoff, Geo.  Jerseyville, Johnson’s Add.
Eglehoff, John  Jerseyville, Burke’s Add.
Elber, Mrs. L. A.3280Richwoods, T8 R13
Elliott, Lewis1610Ruyle, T9 R10
Elliott, Lewis21100Ruyle, T9 R10
Elliott, Lewis26440Ruyle, T9 R10
Elliott, T. B.1610Ruyle, T9 R10
Elliott, T. B.2180Ruyle, T9 R10
Elliott, T. B.2310Ruyle, T9 R10
Elliott, T. B.3675Ruyle, T9 R10
Ellis, S. C.  Otterville
Ellis, S. S.21,22400Elsah, T6 R11
Ellis, S. S.2823Elsah, T6 R11
Embly, Wm.  Jerseyville, Goodrich’s Sub-Div.
Johnson’s Add.
Engelhoff, John680Otter Creek, T7 R12
Enniss, Zack540Quarry, T6 R12
Enos, C. W.  Jerseyville, Blyth’s Sub-Div
Hill’s 2nd Add.
Erwin, J. W.2710Otter Creek, T7 R12
Erwin, Joseph320Twp. 7, Range 10
Evans, Samuel  Jerseyville
Falkner, Mrs. E. A.3660English, T8 R12
Fally, H. G.3520Twp. 8, Range 10
Farley, R. D.  Jerseyville, Burk 2nd Add.
Farrington, Silas  Grafton
Farrington, Silas  West Add. Grafton
Fen??y, M. C.  Jerseyville, Anderson’s Add.
Fenlong, John840Twp. 8, Range 10
Ferris, Robt.1612+Jersey, T8 R11
Finch, James M.  Jerseyville, Pott’s Add.
Fitzgeralds, J.?267+Jersey, T9 R11
Fitzjerald, Carrie320Jersey, T8 R11
Flamm, John1630Jersey, T8 R11
Fletcher, Herman540Twp. 7, Range 10
Ford, Thomas23320Rosedale, T7 R13
Ford, Thomas  Jerseyville
Ford, Wm.  Jerseyville, Hill’s Sub-Div.
Foster, Geo. I.826Quarry, T6 R13
Foster, Geo. I.  Jerseyville, Pott’s Add.
Fox, John  Jerseyville out lots
Fredenburg, Mary1410Otter Creek, T7 R12
Fredenburg, Mary  Otterville
Frost, Chas.1480Twp. 8, Range 10
Fu?ks, Lydia1360Elsah, T6 R11
Funke, Stephen143Richwoods, T8 R13
Funke, Stephen1260Richwoods, T8 R13
Funke, Stephen  Jerseyville, McGee & Blackburn
Sub-Div. Johnson’s Add.
Furlong, Jno.1920Twp. 8, Range 10
Gamble, Matilda  Jerseyville,
Burkes’s Sub-Div.
Gammerdenger, J.  Jerseyville
Gammerdenger, Jacob  Jerseyville, Burke’s Add.
Gavin, Pat6160Twp. 7, Range 10
Gibson, J. B.  Nelson
Gilberson, Jno. J.  Elsah
Gill, Wm.1780Twp. 7, Range 10
Gill, Wm.1160Mississippi, T7 R11
Gillham, Wm.  Elsah
Gillworth, Reed3020Ruyle, T9 R10
Gilmore, Jos.2840Otter Creek, T7 R12
Gilworth, Reed2940Ruyle, T9 R10
Gilworth, Reed32120.5Ruyle, T9 R10
Gocke, E.  Jerseyville
Goeke, Gustav  Jerseyville, Blyth’s Sub-Div
Hill’s 2nd Add.
Goetten, Godfrey1040Twp. 7, Range 10
Goetten, Godfrey11160Twp. 7, Range 10
Goetten, Godfrey14230Twp. 7, Range 10
Golden, Jas.  Jerseyville, Burke’s Add.
Goodman, G. & J.2840Twp. 7, Range 10
Goodman, M. C. & J. G.2980Twp. 7, Range 10
Goodman, W. C. & J. G.29120Twp. 7, Range 10
Goodman, W. C. & J. G.32160Twp. 7, Range 10
Gowling, Jas.  Jerseyville out lots
Gowling, Jos.2680Jersey, T8 R11
Graff, D. W.  Jerseyville, Adam’s Add.
Graham, Jno. F.1020Twp. 8, Range 10
Green, W. E.1710Ruyle, T9 R10
Green, Wm. E.1740Ruyle, T9 R10
Greswold, Sylvester6159Jersey, T8 R11
Groppell, Herman780Mississippi, T7 R11
Gropple, H.1263+Otter Creek, T7 R12
Gropple, H. F.1180Rosedale, T7 R13
Gropple, H. F.2840Rosedale, T7 R13
Gropple, Herman1440Rosedale, T7 R13
Gulick, Jacob19166Richwoods, T8 R13
Gulick, Jacob3081Richwoods, T8 R13
Gunterman, Jacob6120Twp. 7, Range 10
Ha?k, Mrs.1040Elsah, T6 R11
Hack?ey, A. M.  Fieldon, Felter
& Spencer’s Add.
Hallowell, Wm.2820Twp. 7, Range 10
Hamellin, T. J.1940Otter Creek, T7 R12
Hamillton, E. A.  Jerseyville, Hill’s Add.
Hamilton, Alex2280Twp. 7, Range 10
Hamilton, C. M.  Jerseyville, Gaine’s Add.
Hamilton, E. A.  Jerseyville, Hill’s Sub-Div.
Hamor, Moses2240Rosedale, T7 R13
Hansell, L. S.  Jerseyville, Burk 2nd Add.
Hansell, L. S.  Jerseyville,
Burke’s 2nd Add.
Hanshalter, Martin1340Richwoods, T8 R13
Harmon, G. N.  Fieldon, Spencer’s Add.
Harmon, G. W.26140Richwoods, T8 R13
Harrington, John  Jerseyville, Adam’s Add.
Harrison, G. A.1940Richwoods, T8 R13
Hart, A. S.1120Twp. 7, Range 10
Hart, Alvin S.12155Twp. 7, Range 10
Hart, Elvira S.130Twp. 7, Range 10
Haskins, James1610Ruyle, T9 R10
Hausholder, Annie  Jerseyville, Pott’s Add.
Hays, Margaret248Otter Creek, T7 R12
Healy, S.1280Rosedale, T7 R13
Healy, Stephen1264+Rosedale, T7 R13
Henderson, Mrs. W. S.  Jerseyville,
Adams & Shephard’s Add.
Henson, Hanna2614English, T8 R12
Henson, Wm.2140Richwoods, T8 R13
Herbet, Jas.440Elsah, T6 R11
Herbst, J.3273Mississippi, T7 R11
Herting, M.  Fieldon
Hertzhill, John1740English, T8 R12
Highfield, G. T.2380Rosedale, T7 R13
Highfield, T. F.35120Rosedale, T7 R13
Higins, John1620Ruyle, T9 R10
Hill, Mrs. A. T.  Jerseyville, Hill’s Add.
Hill, Oscar  Jerseyville, Hill’s 2nd Add.
Hill, Theo. L.  Jerseyville, Burk 2nd Add.
Hills, L. O.3340Otter Creek, T7 R12
Hodges, C. M.1540Jersey, T9 R11
Holden, Mary L.1277Twp. 8, Range 10
Hondeshell, Henry2781Richwoods, T9 R13
Hooper, Henry30160Mississippi, T7 R11
Hopper, Henry2080English, T8 R12
Hoselton, Lewis28100Mississippi, T7 R11
Howard, C. D.  Elsah
Howell, John J.  Jerseyville
Huffma, John2140Richwoods, T8 R13
Humeston, Warren4160Otter Creek, T7 R12
Humiston, A. H.1450.5Otter Creek, T7 R12
Hund, Roeming  Jerseyville, Burk 2nd Add.
Hunt, Wm.640English, T8 R12
Hunter, John450Jersey, T8 R11
Hunter, W. W.430Jersey, T8 R11
Hunter, Wm.420Jersey, T8 R11
Hursh, William570English, T8 R12
Hutchinson, Mrs. M. H.1080Twp. 8, Range 10
Irwin, Amos22120Jersey, T9 R11
Jackson, Mary E.  Grafton
James, J.  Jerseyville out lots
Jaynes, Isaac2880Richwoods, T8 R13
Jennings, Mary  Jerseyville
Jett, Henry  Jerseyville
Jillick, Wm.6160English, T8 R12
Johnisee, S. B.  Fieldon, Bridge’s N Add.
Johnson, Amos3240Ruyle, T9 R10
Johnson, Wm.380Elsah, T6 R11
Jonisee, S. B.  Fieldon, Spencer’s Add.
Kaslick, N.552Quarry, T6 R13
Keller, Thos.2975Jersey, T8 R11
Kelly, Michael12320Rosedale, T7 R13
Kemper, W. H.2980Otter Creek, T7 R12
Kemper, W. H.2980Otter Creek, T7 R12
Kennedy, Pat  Jerseyville
Kinchner, Otho3540English, T8 R12
King, F. C.1540Jersey, T9 R11
King, Joniah1338.5Twp. 8, Range 10
King, Mary1680Twp. 8, Range 10
Kingston, T. A.  Jerseyville, Burke’s Add.
Kinsla, Martin  Jerseyville, Adam’s Add.
Kirby, L. L.2061Jersey, T8 R11
Kirchner, J. G.1141Otter Creek, T7 R12
Kirchner, V.1450Otter Creek, T7 R12
Kirchner, V.??Otter Creek, T7 R12
Kirchner, V.1660+Otter Creek, T7 R12
Kirchner, V.2151+Otter Creek, T7 R12
Kleffner, Warren1580Elsah, T6 R11
Knapp, Wm.480Elsah, T6 R11
Kneleker, Fred144Richwoods, T8 R13
Lahey, James2140Twp. 8, Range 10
Lahey, Michael1960Twp. 8, Range 10
Lahey, Mike1020Twp. 8, Range 10
Lahey, Thos.1780Twp. 8, Range 10
Lamb, Johnpt lot 182Mississippi, T7 R11
Lamb, John17138Mississippi, T7 R11
Lamb, Mrs. J. J.lot 1940Mississippi, T7 R11
Lamb, Mrs. J. lot 185Mississippi, T7 R11
Landon, A. H.2015Jersey, T8 R11
Landon, Milo3660English, T8 R12
Landon, Milo  Jerseyville, Adam’s Add.
Landon, Mrs. A.2015Jersey, T8 R11
Landon, N. H.  Jerseyville, Hill’s Sub-Div.
Landon, Oscar940Mississippi, T7 R11
Landon, Oscar1640Mississippi, T7 R11
Landon, Oscarpt lot 238Mississippi, T7 R11
Landon, Oscarlot 340Mississippi, T7 R11
Landon, Oscarlot 1440Mississippi, T7 R11
Lane, J. W.3380Otter Creek, T7 R12
Leigh, Wm.  Jerseyville, Gaine’s Add.
Lentz, Jacob8128English, T8 R12
Lewis, Chas.1339+Mississippi, T7 R11
Lewis, Ford140Ruyle, T9 R10
Lewis, J.3180Otter Creek, T7 R12
Lewis, Jacob2980Otter Creek, T7 R12
Limkuhl, Am??Otter Creek, T7 R12
Livingston, G. H.24100Jersey, T9 R11
Lock, John & Thos1340Quarry, T6 R12
Locke, J. A. & M. R.280Quarry, T6 R12
Locke, J. A. & M. R.360Quarry, T6 R12
Locke, John1280Quarry, T6 R12
Locke, John1340Quarry, T6 R12
Loelke, Fred  Fieldon, Bridge’s S Add.
Longwell, David  Jerseyville, Blyth’s Sub-Div
Hill’s 2nd Add.
Longwell, Elizabeth340Twp. 8, Range 10
Longwell, Jas.  Fidelity
Luckey, Jos.1380Jersey, T8 R11
Lung, Jno.1020Twp. 8, Range 10
Lung, Mrs. B.?1035Twp. 8, Range 10
Lutt, Christian  Jerseyville, Adam’s Add.
Lynch, Catherine  Jerseyville, Johnson’s Add.
Madden, Martin2820Twp. 7, Range 10
Maloney, H.3325Twp. 8, Range 10
Maloney, Henry2840Twp. 8, Range 10
Manning, Eliza926English, T8 R12
Manning, John R.920English, T8 R12
Marrion, Michael380Rosedale, T7 R13
Marsh, T. N.3610Twp. 8, Range 10
Marshall, Samuel210Twp. 7, Range 10
Marshaw, Wm.820Elsah, T6 R11
Mass, J. F.2440Otter Creek, T7 R12
Mass, J. F.25160Otter Creek, T7 R12
Massey, Catherine  Jerseyville, Bailey’s 2nd Add.
McAdams, Wm.341Mississippi, T7 R11
McAdams, Wm. Jr.169Quarry, T6 R13
McCarty, Flora  Grafton
McClintock, R. J.  Jerseyville out lots
McClure, Sam1640Rosedale, T7 R13
McCrosky, W. B.  Jerseyville, Gaine’s Add.
McCrosky, Wm. B.  Jerseyville, Goodrich’s Sub-Div.
Johnson’s Add.
McDow, W. H.  Elsah
McDow, Wm.3240Mississippi, T7 R11
McKinney, H.574Rosedale, T7 R13
McManns, Wm.250Otter Creek, T7 R12
McMurphy, C. C.  Otterville
McNair, B. H. & W. A.  Elsah
McNair, Elizabeth  Elsah
McNair, W. A.  Elsah
McPike, H. G.1910Otter Creek, T7 R12
M’Cray, J. A.164Ruyle, T9 R10
McReynolds, T. J.  Jerseyville, Burke’s Add.
Meller, I. N.3540Rosedale, T7 R13
Mershon, A. V.2377Jersey, T8 R11
Mershon, H.2380Jersey, T8 R11
Metcalf, Anton12120Richwoods, T8 R13
Metcalf, Martin12160Richwoods, T8 R13
Metzdorff, Anton1260Richwoods, T8 R13
Meyers, Aug.3080Otter Creek, T7 R12
Meyers, Emeline  Delhi
Meyers, John A.53Quarry, T6 R13
Miland, D.  Jerseyville
Miller, Chas.477Quarry, T6 R13
Miller, Chas.554Quarry, T6 R13
Miller, Elbert1080Quarry, T6 R13
Miller, Elbert1120Quarry, T6 R13
Miller, H. L.3660Otter Creek, T7 R12
Miller, J. N.3480Rosedale, T7 R13
Miller, John340Quarry, T6 R13
Miner, Alma1198.5Twp. 8, Range 10
Miner, Nat1932Jersey, T8 R11
Mitzdorff, A.750English, T8 R12
Moor, Cephas2940Jersey, T8 R11
Moore, I. N.1318Richwoods, T8 R14
Moore, Jas. B.16160Richwoods, T8 R13
Moore, Mason1640Richwoods, T8 R13
Morley, Jas.  Fidelity
Morrison, Benton1740Richwoods, T8 R13
Morrison, Benton20120Richwoods, T8 R13
Morrison, Benton21200Richwoods, T8 R13
Morrison, Burton2140Richwoods, T8 R13
Moss, J. F.  Grafton
Mulholland, D.  Jerseyville, Adam’s Add.
Murphy, David2040Otter Creek, T7 R12
Murphy, W.16?Otter Creek, T7 R12
Murphy, W. H.??Otter Creek, T7 R12
Myers, J. L.3370Rosedale, T7 R13
Nahle, L.2080Twp. 8, Range 10
Nelson, W. J.  Nelson
Newberry, Henry  West Add. Grafton
Nichols, Chas.3340Twp. 7, Range 10
Noble, Ziba1157+Quarry, T6 R12
Norris, Johnson  Jerseyville,
Burke’s 2nd Add.
Nutt, R. A.1180Jersey, T8 R11
O’Netta, C. A.1980Mississippi, T7 R11
O’Netta, J. H.  Camden
Onetto, C. A.2440Otter Creek, T7 R12
Palmer, Geo.248Ruyle, T9 R10
Palmer, Mrs. S. F.2120Ruyle, T9 R10
Palmer, Mrs. S. F.22,23140Ruyle, T9 R10
Park & Belt  Fieldon, Spencer’s Add.
Parker, M. J.3573+Richwoods, T9 R13
Parks, David1020Elsah, T6 R11
Patten, I.272Otter Creek, T7 R12
Patten, I.3489Otter Creek, T7 R12
Perrings, Amos6100Twp. 8, Range 10
Perrings, Amos3240Ruyle, T9 R10
Perrings, Amos5325Otter Creek, T7 R12
Perrings, Amos  Jerseyville
Perrings, G. W.27154Jersey, T8 R11
Perrings, G. W.286+Jersey, T8 R11
Phelps, Wm.  Jerseyville out lots
Philips, Chas.1940Otter Creek, T7 R12
Phipps, Lewis1566Rosedale, T7 R13
Phipps, Sarah F.1514Rosedale, T7 R13
Phipps, T. K.952Quarry, T6 R13
Phipps, T. K.14160Rosedale, T7 R13
Phipps, T. K.1551Rosedale, T7 R13
Phipps, T. R.11240Rosedale, T7 R13
Phipps?, Mary E.11226Rosedale, T7 R13
Piggott, Geo. M.975.5Elsah, T6 R11
Pinkard, Roper & Kent204Elsah, T6 R11
Potts, John M.  Jerseyville, Pott’s Add.
Potts, Thomas  Jerseyville, Pott’s Add.
Powel, O. P.12,13360?English, T8 R12
Powel, O. P.1880Jersey, T8 R11
Powell, O. P.140English, T8 R12
Powell, O. P.1180English, T8 R12
Powell, O. P.780Jersey, T8 R11
Powers, John580Twp. 8, Range 10
Powers, Peter2476.5Jersey, T8 R11
Ratcliff, G. W.180Quarry, T6 R13
Ratcliff, J. W.121Quarry, T6 R13
Rawling, S.3340Otter Creek, T7 R12
Reed, Etta580Mississippi, T7 R11
Reed, Geo.480Mississippi, T7 R11
Reed, Wm.  Jerseyville out lots
Reintges, J. B.  Elsah
Remaker, Fred3160Otter Creek, T7 R12
Remer, G. M.  Jerseyville, Adam’s Add.
Rheil, E. N.25157Elsah, T6 R11
Rhoads, J.1360Jersey, T9 R11
Rhoads, J. S.2480Jersey, T9 R11
Rhoads, Jacob1840Ruyle, T9 R10
Rhoads, Jacob1979Ruyle, T9 R10
Rhoads, Lucinda1920Ruyle, T9 R10
Rice, A. J.1060English, T8 R12
Rice, A. J.1580English, T8 R12
Rice, Thos. R.3640Ruyle, T9 R10
Richard, Sarah C.1357.5Elsah, T6 R11
Richer, Samuel2980Twp. 7, Range 10
Richey, Caleb940Otter Creek, T7 R12
Roach, Terance2880Ruyle, T9 R10
Roads, Wm.7,8180Elsah, T6 R11
Roady, Emma  Fidelity
Robinson, Thos.  Grafton
Rogers, A. T.540Otter Creek, T7 R12
Rogers, E.1426+Otter Creek, T7 R12
Rogers, E.  Otterville
Rogers, N.3460English, T8 R12
Rogers, S. W.  Otterville
Ross, D. R.2380Jersey, T8 R11
Ross, D. R.23160Jersey, T8 R11
Roth, Wm.1440Richwoods, T8 R13
Roundtree, Ann3548Richwoods, T9 R13
Rowden, Emma488Rosedale, T7 R13
Rowden, Emma940Rosedale, T7 R13
Rowden, Lydia440Rosedale, T7 R13
Rowden, Lydia8,940Rosedale, T7 R13
Rowden, Miles F.  Fieldon, Felter
& Spencer’s Add.
Rowdena, Lydia J.5,8220Rosedale, T7 R13
Rowling, Sam3440Otter Creek, T7 R12
Runell, Mrs. G.  Fidelity
Ruyle, Chas.1580Ruyle, T9 R10
Ryan, Michael2840Ruyle, T9 R10
Ryan, W.2680Otter Creek, T7 R12
Salton, Jos.  Jerseyville, Goodrich’s Sub-Div.
Johnson’s Add.
Sanders, Chas.1,2300Ruyle, T9 R10
Sanders, Chas.12,13838Ruyle, T9 R10
Sapington, S. S.  Otterville
Schaff, H.1160Rosedale, T7 R13
Schaff, H.1215+Rosedale, T7 R13
Schaff, Henry180Rosedale, T7 R13
Schietker, Jacob  Slaten’s Add. Grafton
Schlunner, Joseph1179Elsah, T6 R11
Schroeder, Jos.25200English, T8 R12
Schutger, C. L.3020Otter Creek, T7 R12
Schwarn, Fred1140Elsah, T6 R11
Scribner, G.  Jerseyville out lots
Seagraves, C.3540Mississippi, T7 R11
Seagraves, C.3640Mississippi, T7 R11
Sexton, Harry E.  Fieldon
Sharon, John6320Twp. 8, Range 10
Shaw, T.1540Rosedale, T7 R13
Sheehe, John3060Ruyle, T9 R10
Sheehey, Pat1960Twp. 8, Range 10
Shelton, S. D.3680Ruyle, T9 R10
Sherin, John1127+Jersey, T8 R11
Sherin, John1480Jersey, T8 R11
Shields, Peter2710Twp. 7, Range 10
Shord, H. A.3180Otter Creek, T7 R12
Short, Glover  Jerseyville, Pott’s Add.
Shortal, Robt.17,18104Twp. 8, Range 10
Sisson, J. W.18,19134Mississippi, T7 R11
Sisson, John1340Otter Creek, T7 R12
Sisson, John24120Otter Creek, T7 R12
Skinner, John940Twp. 7, Range 10
Slaten, G.3150Mississippi, T7 R11
Slaten, Geo. N.578Elsah, T6 R11
Slaten, H. L.537Elsah, T6 R11
Slaten, H. S.540Elsah, T6 R11
SLJ & S RR513.5Elsah, T6 R11
Slover, J.3160Elsah, T6 R11
Slover, John360Elsah, T6 R11
Slover, L.14240Elsah, T6 R11
Smalley, J. S.  Jerseyville, Burke’s Add.
Smith, Armstrong1315Elsah, T6 R11
Smith, E. M.15100Jersey, T8 R11
Smith, E. M.1630Jersey, T8 R11
Smith, E. M.2645Jersey, T9 R11
Smith, Frank  Jerseyville, Adam’s Add.
Smith, Frank & Co.32120Rosedale, T7 R13
Smith, Margaret  Jerseyville, Adam’s Add.
Smith, R. G.135Elsah, T6 R11
Smith, R. G.24168Elsah, T6 R11
Smith, R. G. heirs1322.5Elsah, T6 R11
Smith, S.2540Mississippi, T7 R11
Smith, Thos. R.  Fidelity
Snegist, John3640Otter Creek, T7 R12
Snell, Asa3680English, T8 R12
Snell, H. H.19100+Jersey, T8 R11
Snell, H. H.3180Jersey, T8 R11
Snyder, John J.2440Richwoods, T8 R13
Spacht, M.2938Jersey, T8 R11
Spaulding, W.3620Otter Creek, T7 R12
Spaulding, W. A.36100Otter Creek, T7 R12
Spencer, H.2512+Jersey, T8 R11
Spencer, J. A.1340Richwoods, T8 R13
Spry, Sarah1840Otter Creek, T7 R12
Squiers, L. P.2367Jersey, T8 R11
Squire, A. Y. heirs  Jerseyville, Adam’s Add.
St. LJ & S RR172.5Elsah, T6 R11
St. LJ & S RR  Elsah
Stallings, N. E.27120Jersey, T8 R11
Startwick, E. O.2740Jersey, T8 R11
Steadman, S. C.3040Otter Creek, T7 R12
Stenson, Catherine3580Ruyle, T9 R10
Stewart, Allen  Jerseyville, Adam’s Add.
Stone, A. F.2030Twp. 8, Range 10
Stone, A. F.21120Twp. 8, Range 10
Stone, Geo.2220Jersey, T9 R11
Stone, Joseph  Fidelity
Stone, Thos. Heirs1840Ruyle, T9 R10
Stone, Thos. W.1320Jersey, T9 R11
Stringer, Levi1730Ruyle, T9 R10
Strong, Geo.2210Jersey, T9 R11
Sunderland, F.24,25120Mississippi, T7 R11
Sunderland, J. R.1180Jersey, T8 R11
Sunderland, Julia104Twp. 7, Range 10
Swan, J. P.2580Otter Creek, T7 R12
Talmage, L. & S. H.30,31240Twp. 7, Range 10
Terry, H. C.1980Mississippi, T7 R11
Terry, H. C.2440Otter Creek, T7 R12
Terry, Henry2440Otter Creek, T7 R12
Thatcher, B. R.780Twp. 8, Range 10
Thatcher, R. B.12120Jersey, T8 R11
Thompson, A. J.860Rosedale, T7 R13
Thompson, A. J.940Rosedale, T7 R13
Thompson, A. J.1640Rosedale, T7 R13
Thompson, A. J.2040Rosedale, T7 R13
Thompson, W. G.20120Richwoods, T8 R13
Thompson, Wm. G.1740Richwoods, T8 R13
Timmons, Martin  Jerseyville, Adam’s Add.
Tolman, Cyrus240English, T8 R12
Trible, Samuel140Quarry, T6 R13
Tucker, Ephriam2840Twp. 7, Range 10
Utt, Jacob220Twp. 7, Range 10
Valentine, J. M.  Jerseyville, Adam’s Add.
Vandenburg, P. E.  Jerseyville, Hill’s 2nd Add.
Vanersdale, C.2980Otter Creek, T7 R12
Vanorsdale, A. M.141Otter Creek, T7 R12
Vanort, A.880Otter Creek, T7 R12
Veitch, Jas. B.1230Quarry, T6 R12
Waddel, R. C.2630Jersey, T9 R11
Wahl & Carpenter  Slaten’s Add. Grafton
Wahoffen, Eugene2760Twp. 7, Range 10
Walker, Eli  Jerseyville, Burk 2nd Add.
Walsh, Wm.  Jerseyville out lots
Ward, B. C.2040Twp. 7, Range 10
Ward, S. A.  Fieldon, Bridge’s N Add.
Warren & Pogue1620Jersey, T8 R11
Washburn, L. C.284Rosedale, T7 R13
Washburn, L. C.32120Rosedale, T7 R13
Washburn, L. C.3340Rosedale, T7 R13
Washburn, L. C.  Jerseyville, Young’s Add.
Waters, Harriet140Otter Creek, T7 R12
Waters, John3340Twp. 7, Range 10
Watson, R. J. & F.137Mississippi, T7 R11
Wayham, H. T.27100Jersey, T9 R11
Wedding, C. H.16.5?Rosedale, T7 R13
West, Sarah Jane  Jerseyville, Adam’s Add.
White, D. P.2580Otter Creek, T7 R12
White, H.2680Jersey, T9 R11
White, Hiram2640Otter Creek, T7 R12
White, Hirman2639Otter Creek, T7 R12
White, J.540Quarry, T6 R12
White, J. L.261Otter Creek, T7 R12
White, Jessie  Otterville
White, John L.26120Otter Creek, T7 R12
White, L.  Otterville
Whitefield, J. J.  Fidelity
Whitefield, J. W.  Fidelity
Whitefield, W. T.  Fidelity
Whitfield, Mary R.  West Add. Grafton
Whitfield, W. T.2120Ruyle, T9 R10
Whitfield, W. T.23198Ruyle, T9 R10
Wildred, W.180Otter Creek, T7 R12
Wilkes  Fidelity
Williams, Mark239Twp. 7, Range 10
Williams, Mary  Fidelity
Williams, W.540English, T8 R12
Wilson, C. B.3610Twp. 8, Range 10
Wilson, Chas.361+Twp. 8, Range 10
Wilson, Chas. B.3620Twp. 8, Range 10
Wilson, S.34?Mississippi, T7 R11
Withrow, Mr.  Fidelity
Wollenwaver, Aug.682Otter Creek, T7 R12
Wood, J.3080Ruyle, T9 R10
Wood, John2560Jersey, T9 R11
Wooden, A. F.  Jerseyville,
Burke’s 2nd Add.
Wooden, Richard1610Ruyle, T9 R10
Wooden, W. P.2780Jersey, T8 R11
Woodruff, G. N.2720Jersey, T8 R11
Woodruff, W. W.2719+Jersey, T8 R11
Wooldridge, B. C.1540Jersey, T9 R11
Woolsey, G. H.27160Jersey, T9 R11
Woolsey, J. B.2340Jersey, T9 R11
Woolsey, J. B.27160Jersey, T9 R11
Worthy, David1640Otter Creek, T7 R12
Worthy, David1710Otter Creek, T7 R12
Worthy, R.34120Otter Creek, T7 R12
Wright, James31160Twp. 8, Range 10
Wurth, Vincent  Jerseyville,
Burke’s 2nd Add.
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