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Jersey County Page     Tax List Page

Delinquent Tax List 1874From the Jersey County Democrat, April 24, 1874. Partial, one page missing and a number of names were unreadable. There will be newspaper and transcriber typographical errors. The photocopy of the newspaper was particularly poor and their seems to have been more than usual newspaper typographical errors.

Some of the property owners may not have resided in Jersey County

    Township 7, Range 10 
    Manning, Wm.1
    Hupp, E. L.1
    Hart, John1,2,12
    Maare or Maar, Charles2
    Williams, Mark2
    Loveland, Leonard2
    Morrison, Geo.2,11
    Simmons, R. J.3,4
    Vance, T. C.3
    Bell, Jeremiah3,9
    Chapman, T. H.3
    Englehart, Ernest3
    Chapman, Thos. H.4,9
    Tullis, Ed4
    Tribble, John4
    Hankinson, L. T.4
    Bates, Wm.5,6
    Morehouse, R. C.6
    McCurdy, Hester9,15
    D’Arcy, E. A. heirs9
    Brooks, J. T.10
    Austin, Caroline10
    Parsons, Lewis B.10
    Canman, Jacob10,11,14
    Hennings, Joseph10
    Spittle, Ernest11
    Roberts, Francis11
    Boker, Fred11
    ??fford, A.13
    Montague, J. S.15
    Hoffman, Geo.16
    Connelly, A.16
    Coleman, Wesley16
    Oscer, John16
    Beecher, Geo. H.16
    Hof?meyer, Michael16
    Switzer, Wm.16,35
    Smith, Robert17
    Hannigan, F.17
    Gill, Wm.17
    Scott, C. W.17
    Hackney, W.19
    Gibbons, Wm.19
    Steiner, Charles20
    Ammon, Marcus20
    Summers, ?21
    Halowell, E.21
    Hamilton, Thomas22
    Smith, W. D.?
    Walwark, Daniel23
    Butterfield, Daniel24
    Butterfield, Amanda24
    Waldo, H. W.24
    Saverin (?), Peter24
    Gibson, J. W.24
    Pinkard, J. B.24
    Robbins, Andrew25
    Caddroy, L. M.25
    Robertson, D.27,33
    Hallowell, Wm.28
    Hallowell, E.28
    Robertson, Donald28
    Pinkard, James B.28,33
    Wilson, Mary31
    Harrigan, Patrick31
    Pinkard, Jas. B.33
    Waters, John33
    Do??ey, Michael35
    Holbrook, B. A.35
    Prot???, Wm.35
    Township 8, Range 10 
    Bringhurst, James2
    Osborn, Francis3,4
    Armstrong, Wm.4
    Bradshaw, Jonas5
    Powers, John5
    Sharo??, John6
    Day, Ira E.7
    Garret???, Garret(?)7
    Wooden, A. F.7
    Dolan (?), Peter8
    Armstrong, John9
    Fisher, Wm. B.9
    Garrettson, Garret10
    Ely, Richard11
    Miner, Wm. K.11
    Bowker, Wm.12
    Miner, W. K.12
    Barnes, Elizabeth12
    Moore, John15,17
    Blaney, John16
    Foster, Ben(?)16
    Lahey, Thomas17,18
    Dugan, John W.18
    Welsh, Bart19
    Lahey, Jesse19
    Rue, Geo.19
    Davis, John19
    Casey (?), John19
    Shedy, Dennis19
    Chadwell, Thomas H.20
    Coleman, Jno.22
    McLean, Alex22
    Whitefields, Jane22,23
    McLean, Geo.22
    Armstrong, Mrs. M. D.23
    Colwell, James23
    Tribble, J. M. & S. E.25
    Simmons, R. J.26,34,35
    Maloney, Rhoda28
    Cook, W. H.29
    Barnett, James F.30
    Trabue, Aaron31,32
    Tullis, Edward32
    Chapman, Thos. H.33
    Bell, Jeremiah34
    Chapman, Thos.34
    Talley, H. G.35
    Tribble, Samuel35,36
    Clark, H. C.36
    Peter, Simon36
    Township 9, Range 10 
    Manning (?), Wm.1
    Stampe, J. H.15
    Beaver, John16
    Wooden, Alex16
    Hauski?s, J. T.16
    Barnes, Martha16
    Sexton, S. W.16
    Elliott, James16
    Barnes, Marshall16
    Eastham, Geo.16
    Bradshaw, Jonas16
    Barnes (?), Gi?son17
    Hanskins, J. T.17
    King, Josiah17
    Rhoads, R.18
    Frost, S. L.18
    Meagh??, Pat19
    Osborn, Francis19
    Ryan, John20,21
    Ryan, Henry20,21,26,27
    Sto?t, John20
    Kemper, W. H. H.21,24
    Barnes, G.22
    Elliott, J. T.?
    Barnes, Gib?o?23
    Palmer, L. B.24
    Barnes, Marshall25
    Lally, Wm.28
    Peyton, Geo.29
    Gilworth, John29
    Rhoads, Samuel30
    Gilworth, Geo.30
    Pruitt, Martin31
    Cowen, Mather31
    Pruitt, James32
    Ryan, John35
    Barnes, M.(?)36
    Ely, R. R.36
    Ely, I.(?) R.36
    Love, L. L.36
    Stump, M. S.36
    Barnes, E. W.36
    Bonker, Wm.36
    Stump, M. I.36
    Township 6, Range 11 
    Chappee, Alex2
    Chappee, Lewis2
    Gatewood, E. B.3,10
    Lurton, N. M.4
    McDow, Mary4
    Worthy, Absolom5
    Tyler (?), Rachel(?)5
    Lawrence, Chapman5
    Smith, Robert M.(?)5
    Swan, J. G.6,7
    Smith, R. M.8
    Tonkinson, D.8
    Case, Thomas10
    ?usk, Wm.10
    Schweighart, Adam11
    Schwartz, Fred11
    Lurton, N. M.11
    Glassbremer, G. F.11
    Bunse, Lewis12
    Schile (?), John12
    Boedy, Henry12
    Davis, L.12
    Forbes, John13
    Thomas, Henrietta13
    VanTrain, L. & J.13
    Coles, Lydia A.13
    Ba?nett, James13
    Youngblood, Geo. H.15(?),22
    Doll, John15
    Carroll, Thomas15,16,12,22
    Cook, John16
    Bea?giull (?), Geo.17
    Semple, James17
    Semple, James estate17
    Fuller, Maria20,21
    Schneder, Peter20
    Ellis, S. S.21,22,27
    Peter, Oliver22
    Beck, Geo.24
    Price, Cornelia24
    Ruhl, E. A. & Co.25
    Piggott, J. N.26
    Starr, James E.28
    Township 7, Range 11 
    Gill, Wm.1
    Kirby, Geo. H.4
    Kirby, Geo. G.4
    Walker, P. C.5
    Massey, H. C.6
    Linnell, Wm.6
    White, J. L.6
    Kirby, Wm.7
    Ashford, W. R.7
    Sperry, N. P.9
    Evans, John W.10
    Updike, Jasper10
    Tillotson, E.12,13
    Beecher, Geo. H.13
    Lewis, Chas.13
    Daley, C. C.14,23
    Updike, Theodore15
    Davison, Wm.15,17
    Kirby, Thomas16
    Newberry, Henry17
    Martin, Joshua17,20
    Sperry, N. C. heirs17
    Henrion, Andie17
    Cadwalder, John18,19
    Sisson, John W.18
    Noble, Sidney?
    Brock, J. T.19
    Miller, John D.25
    Kane, John?
    Gardner, Robert25,26,36
    Yokers, Geo.27
    McDow, Thomas29
    Slaten, Geo. Heirs30
    Utt, Jacob30
    Knight, Mrs. E.32
    McDow, J. N.32
    McDow, Wm.32
    Mott, J. D. & Gilham, M.32
    Lurton, N.33
    Lurton, N. M.33
    Township 8, Range 11 
    Rowland, Henry1
    Fitzgerald, P. W.3
    Hunter, W. W.4
    Richards, Guy6(?)
    Sunderland, Lloyd8,16
    Shephard & Robbins8
    Allen, Frank9,16
    Haynes, Adam10,11,14,15
    Cark????, N.11,12
    Smith, E. M.15
    Jarboe, W. P.16
    Nichols, L.16
    Moore, Amos16
    Stryker, W. C.16
    Osborn, Francis16
    Conway, James16
    Snell, Asa19
    Hill, R. L. est.20
    Bonnell, D. S.20
    Striker, W. C.21
    Jerseyville Out Lots 
    Ford, Thomas 
    Taylor, Wm. 
    Sanford, J. E. 
    Kirk, John 
    Landon (?), A. H. 
    Leach, D. C. 
    Shephard, Wm. 
    Osborn, Francis 
    Wharton, Geo. 
    Page, Thomas 
    Rue, Geo. S. 
    VanLion, Fred 
    Stryker, W. C. 
    Adams, C. N. 
    Kirby, Wm. 
    Spacht, Margaret 
    Patterson, G. C. 
    Calhoun, A. 
    S?e?l, Asa 
    Massey, H. C. 
    Marshall, Mary W. 
    Walker, P. C. 
    Kirby, N. T. 
    Duncan, John 
    Township 9, Range 11 
    Bowker, Wm.14
    Fitzgerald, Joseph14
    Day, Ira E.?
    McDaniel, ?15
    Brown, A. J.22
    Denham (?), W. B.22
    Mains, James23(?)
    Adams, C. N.23
    Mains, F. J.23
    Nelson, Frank23
    Reddish, John H.24
    Davis, A.24
    Livingston, Geo. H.24
    Grizzle, James25
    Swann (?), M. B.?
    Smith, E. M.26(?)
    Harrington, Wm.26
    Waddle, W. G.26
    Brown, Wm.27
    Davis, Abijah36
    Township 6(?), Range 12 
    Slaten, W. D. F.1,2
    Utt, Jacob2
    Wallace, E. W.2
    Ward, J.3
    Lewis, Jacob3
    Goodrich, Ralph3
    Wildt, W. N.4
    Evans, John4
    Walsh, J. & E.4,11
    White, J.5
    Westlake, J. N.5
    D’Arcy, E.5
    Slaten, Brock & Co.8(?)
    Piggott, Slaten & Brock8(?)
    Hackett, T. W. & Co.9
    McDaniel, Gregg9
    Stafford, B.9
    Barker, Dennis9
    Allen, W. H.11
    Mason, P. H.11
    Larsen, Edward11
    Burriss (?), Seth11
    Spaulding, E. heirs12
    Billings & Parsons12
    Veitch, James B.12
    Hamilton, W. D.14
    Lewis, Ford16
    Fry, Jacob16
    Ivers (?), James T. heirs16
    Township 7, Range 12 
    Hinson, Joel1
    Cisco, John1
    Walker, P. C.1
    Haddix, David1,6
    Fitzgerald, Richard2
    Dugan, Michael2,11
    Amburg, Moses2
    Fleming, James3
    Dabbs, W. W.3
    Stamps, Geo.3
    Worthy, J. J.3
    Stamps, Samuel4
    Ely, Geo. I.4
    Hamilton, Daniel4
    Ernesty, Fred5
    Noble, Caleb5,12,13
    Ashford, William5
    Cadwalder, John5,13
    Russel, Mrs. L.8
    Casey, Wright8
    Kidwell, Daniel8
    Noble, W. T.8,10
    Dabbs, Joshua8,9
    Vanosdall, John8
    Cartwright, B. F.8
    Kent, John8,9
    Lawrence, Reese9
    Adenstall, Fred9
    Murphy, Braxton9
    Slaten, W. W.9,10
    Noble, Wm.9,10,15
    Spangle, Andrew10
    Hughes, S. L.10
    Kirchner, J. G. heirs11
    McAdams, Wm.11,12
    McAdams, Lewis12
    Ashford, W. R.12
    Vanasdall, A. M.13
    Curtis, Anna A.13,14
    Sisson, John13
    Dougharty, J. G.13,14
    Noble, William14,20
    Dodson, E.14
    Hamilton, D. H.14
    Rogers, E.14
    McDow, William14,21
    Montgomery, W. D.14,15,16
    Dougharty, H. E.14
    Lofton, C. K.14
    Hughes, Sabra L.15
    Curtis, W. D.15,21
    Noble, William T.15
    Beck, A. L.15,20
    Hull, Milton J.16(?)
    Davenport, Absolom16
    Chapple, Ephraim16
    Dabbs, William16
    Dabbs, Jesse15,16,17
    Hall, J. M.16
    Dunnegan, Wm.16,26
    Hull, J. M.16,17
    Dabbs, Joshua17
    Dougharty, H. E.17
    C?one, Christian17
    Houston, C. M.17,18
    Murphy, Milton17
    Davenport, John18
    Hamilton, J. H.18,19
    McNulta, C.19
    Hamilton, T. J.19
    Phillips, Charles19
    Choteau & McPike19
    Day, Jeduthan19
    Anderson, T. W.20,22
    Terry, J. M.20,24,27
    Morgan, Media20
    Burriss, O. H.20,21
    Anderson, John C.21
    Lewis, Jacob21
    Lewis, Jacob E.21
    Frye, William21
    Newberry, D.22
    McDow, William22,23
    Doughaety, S. J. M.23
    Noble, Sidney23,27,34
    Dougharty, J. G.23
    Sisson, John24
    Brock, T. F.24,25
    Moss, J. F.25
    Randall, J. G.25
    White, John L.25
    Swann, J. P.25
    Slaten, W. H.25
    White, Rebecca26
    White, Hiram26
    Lewis, John S.27
    Barton, John A.27
    Reed, Wm. H.28
    Claridge, Josiah28
    Davenport, Isaac28
    Reed, W. H.28
    McCann, ?29
    Smith, M. L.29
    Vanosdall, Caleb29,30
    Steadman, S. ?30
    Ka?le, Joseph30
    Sisson, John30
    Day, Juduthan30
    Walsh, J. & E.33
    Lewis, Jas. E.34
    Brown, W. ?34
    Lewis, James E.34
    Lewis, Elijah34
    Fuller, Richard?
    Moss, James F.36
    Campbell, J. A.36
    Spaulding, R.36
    Township 8, Range 12 
    Richards, Guy1
    Beeman, John1
    Seago (?), James3
    Seago, W. T.3
    Vanmeter, S. ?.3
    Fulkerson, W. H.3
    Johnisee, H. ?4
    Seago, James4
    Peters, Thaddeus5
    Davis, R. W.6
    House????, Charles6
    Nichols, P.7
    Houseman, Charles7
    Lentz, Joseph8
    Lentz, Theodore8
    Jileck, John9
    Egalhoff, John9
    Downey (?), James12
    Beach, C. D.14,15
    Vaughn, Hester14
    Sharpe, W. P. heirs15
    Osborn, J. H. M.?
    Mourning, W. R.17
    Sunderland, Lloyd17
    Musterman, J.18
    Albert, John19
    Drainer, Peter19,30
    Lyons, Thomas21,22
    Shafer, W. P. heirs22
    Darr, Matthew heirs22
    Darr, Matthew Jr.23
    McKinney (?), Mary A. heirs23
    Cambell, John A.24
    Brown, Dennis24
    Campbell, Mary26
    Cope, Henry26
    Martin, Geo.26,35
    Henson, Wm.26
    Hinson, Hannah26
    Hughes, James27,34
    Schaaf, C.31
    Geirs, C.(?) H.32
    Paul, L. J.34
    Massey, Mrs.34
    Fleming, James34
    Nelson, James35(?)
    Stamps, Geo.35
    Township 6, Range 13 
    Graham, Daniel1
    Tribble, Samuel1,2
    Williams, William4
    Stafford, Geo.5
    Allen, Wm. H.9
    Thompson, W. G.10,11,15
    Miller, F. D.10,11
    Eastman (?), Henry11
    Dinsmore (?), S. P.11
    Fitzgerald, John A.11
    Dinsmore (?), Francis11,13
    Walsh, J. & E.12
    Eastman, Henry12,14
    Journey, Samuel est.14
    Gilbert, George15
    Gross (?), Geo.16
    Township 7, Range 13 
    Spry, C. H.(?) & W. T.1
    Schaaf, H.1
    Erwin, John2
    Maloy, John3,6
    Gardiner, E. G.3,4
    Cheney, P. D.3,27
    Hackley, L. E.4
    Felter, Peter4,5
    Nevlin, Wm.4,6
    McCullough, M.4,9
    Spry, B. H.4
    Ricketts, A.5
    Bolan, Pat9
    Janey (?), Jane9
    Garl, Peter9
    Shephard, Hannah10
    Schaaf, Henry12
    Tranicht, Fred13
    Speckman, William13
    Ohn, John14
    Berkemeyer, Joseph heirs14
    Travicht, Fred14
    McClure, Samuel16
    Curtis, Alex16
    Spaulding, R.17,21
    Hadley, J. H.17
    Reed, Hannah20,21
    Mathews, Joam21
    Andrews, Joel21
    Thompson, W. G.22,28,34
    Smith, W. H.22
    Bliesner (?), August23
    Lorain (?), C. L.23
    Jimmerly, Jacob23
    Arbergrast, John24
    Warren, Charles24
    Faigh, John24
    Smith, Robert27
    Cutler, Leonard27
    Williams, William28
    Albert, Fred28
    Noble, Nancy A.29
    Curtis, J. A.29,32
    Thompson, Wm. G.32
    Gailbraith, C. E.32
    Shephard & Plowman32,33
    Hamilton, W. D.32
    Spaulding, A.33,34
    Manning, Wm.33
    D’Arcy, E. A.34
    Phipps, Thomas K.36
    Radcliff, Geo.36
    Slaten, C. J.36
    Township 8, Range 13 
    Roberts, J. A. & ? W.1
    Jackson, Andrew1
    Turner, L. M.2
    Reddish, Stephen2,3
    Foyles (?), Thomas R.2
    Dunham, Benjamin2,3,11
    Dunham, Anna(?)2
    Campbell, J. E.3
    Campbell, Nathan3,4,9,15
    Dunham, Amos3
    Reddish, Jacob3
    Jackson, C. A.7
    Watson, Sebastian7,8,9
    Bonnell, D. T.10,11,25
    Householder, Fred11
    Householder, Geo.11,13,14
    Wade (?) & Turner12
    Bowman, C. H.12
    Gibbs, John12
    Dunham, David heirs13,14
    Schultz, Albert13
    Turner, H. C.13
    Pistole, Wm.16
    Campbell, T. J.16
    Morrison, Barton20,21
    Green, E. H.20
    Shaw, Alex20
    ?r?nger, Girard21
    Hoffman (?), John21
    VanLiew, Ben24(?)
    Albert, John24(?)
    Eads, James25
    Powell (?), John25
    Arkeha?er, J. G.25(?), 26
    S?itxler, Fritz27
    Hankey, Christian27
    Berger, August27
    Snow, Geo.28(?)
    Reinhardt, Phillip28
    Alford, Harvey28(?)
    D’Arcy, E. A.?
    Davis, John32
    Hayner & Co.32
    Lewis, Fred32
    Wiseman, J. R.33(?)
    Snow (?) heirs33(?)
    Ayers (?), Zaddock33
    White, James33,34
    Wiseman, R.33
    Ayers, Zaddoc33
    Maloy (?), John34
    Arkebauer, J. G.35
    Brigham, E. R.36(?)
    Lofton, John36
    Township 9(?), Range 13(?) 
    Miner, M. B.27
    Reddish, Stephen33(?)
    Edwards, William35(?)
    Parker, Thomas35(?)

    City of Jerseyville          Town of Fieldon
    Wedding, Benjamin          Name
    Evans, Samuel          Skiff, G. L.
    Dapper, Wm.          Miller, William
    Clark, R. H.          Powel, John
    Cowen, Henry          McGill, S. L.
    Massey, Solon          Hackley, L. E.
    Thompson, J. G.(?)          Johnisee, S. B.
    Ki??nberger, J.          West, John C.
    Gamerdinger, Jacob          Felter, W. W.
    Howelln, C. D.          Briggs, Asa(?)
    Parent, Geo.          Turner, Leonard
    Hill, Martin L.          Crotchett, Ann
    Sanford, J. E.          Hackley, A.
    Massey, H. C.          …
    Knetzell, Anthony          Town of Otterville
    King, Geo. I.          Name
    Buffington, J. H.          Rogers, Elizabeth
    Pauly, C.          Beaver (?), N.
    Bonnell, D. T.          McAdams, William
    Bleisner, Charles          Nichols, ? S.
    Beaty, John          Moore, Mrs.
    Grosjean, N.          Campbell, John A.
    Holenback (?), A.          Williams, J. S.
    Maupin, J. ?.          Vanasdall, R.
    Osborn, Francis          Williams, Dr.
    Miner, M. B.          Anderson, T. W.
    Hurth, Jeremiah heirs          Giers (?), Frederick
    Shephard, Wm.          Cadwalder, John
    Thuston, L. C.          Bray, E. A.
    Houseman, Charles          Slaten, W. D. F.
    Casey, Wright          Dougharty, H. E.
    Maley, John          McDow, Wm.
    Beekman, Henry          Hughes, Ephraim
    Fitzgerald, John          Gier, Lewis
    Richards, Guy          Dodson, Amos(?)
    Kennedy, Patrick          Kennedy, J.
    Zeiser, F. X.          Vanasdall, C.
    Hamilton, C. M.          Terry, H. C.
    Bartlett, B. C.          Hamilton, O. B.
    Worthington, Mrs.          Linkogle, John
    Keith, Wm.          Curtis, John
    Smith, John F.          …
    West, J. C.          Town of Fidelity
    Frost, Mrs. R.          Name
    Fisher, Catherine          Miner, W. K.
    Carmichael, Donald          Whitfiled, W. J.(?)
    McGill, Mrs. A.          Joy, David
    Coddington, David          Rowland, Henry
    Bailey, W. W.          Stapes, Geo.
    Crain, Silas(?) heirs          Reed, J. S.
    Smalley, Isaac J.(?)          Perrings, Amos
    Gammendinger, Jacob          Jay, David
    Johnson, W. H. heirs          Stamps, Adam
    Farley, R. D.          Williamson, Mary A.
    Bowman, C. H.          Haycraft, J. J.
    Pittman, Benjamin          Norman, James
    Wurth, Vincent          Aydelott, Thomas
    Adams, Asa          Worley, J. H.
    Burke, George W.          Stone, Joseph
    Steickle, Henry          Garretson, Garret R.
    Jackson, Mrs. Mary E.          Holden, Richard
    Pope, Chris          Whitfield, W. T.
    West, John C.          Watson, T. C.
    Timmons, N. B.          …
    DuHadway, C.          Town of Elsah
    Randolph, L.          Bates (?), Wm.
    Embley, William          Tyler, S. H.
    Leitz, Geo.          Snyder, Peter
    Henrion, Andre          Sereni, ?
    Mays, Thomas          O’Netta, C. A.
    Osborn, F.          Drixillines, August
    Calhoun, J. W.          Gibson, John
    Richards, J. L. C.          Vandershie (?), W. H.
    Ford, Geo. R.          Glea?nor, F.
    Smalley, A. L.          Ward, W. H. heirs
    King, Jefferson          Bate, John heirs
    Sweeney, Michael          Fuller, William
    Tillotson (?), Elias          Reed, S. R.
    Rue (?), Geo. S.          Brewer, Mary C.(?)
    McGrath, Peter          Green, S. W.
    Ford, William          Keyser (?), H. F.
    Harris, Chas.          Houpt, Isaac
    Page, Thomas M.          Graham, R. H.
    Gooch, Mary          Bates, William Sr.
    Slaten, W. D. F.          Hansell, A. F.
    Smith, Mrs.          Besterfelt, Julia
    Kremer (?), John          Mason, Thomas
    Turner, L. H.          Hansell, Myron
    Drainer, Peter          Case, Thomas
    Lax, Juli???           
    McBride, Mary           
    Massey, Henry           
    Donald, James O.           
    Gibbons, John           
    Mulholland, D.           
    Massey, Henry C.           
    Breeding, Pleasant           
    Hollenback, A.           
    Buckley, Stephen           
    Wharton, George           
    Erwin, ? D.           
    Spellman, ?           
    Davis, A.           
    Cuddahay, Thomas           
    Field, Sarah           
    Kirkner, Chas.           
    Snedeker, Orville A.           
    Post, Justus L.           
    Finch, James M.           
    Potts, James A.           
    Hickey, John           
    Clinton, Michael           
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