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The Girl Graduate, Her Own Book

The 1912 Yearbook of Helen K. Cory
Jerseyville High School

This book was found recently in the attic of Pat Howell Allen. She has very graciously donated this book and I will do my best to try and capture a little of the past for you here, a little at a time. The book has a good many pictures of classmates and quite a bit of information which might be of interest to genealogy researchers. If anyone remembers Helen Cory or her family, please let me know. If you enjoy this page and would like to see more, drop me a line. Many thanks to Pat Howell Allen.

Who’s Who at Jerseyville High School
The Class of 1912 Class Prophecy and The Outcome, 1920

S. Lorena Adams ( Mrs. Robert Fitzgibbons) Robert was killed in auto accident in France in January after signing of armistice. One little daughter, Roberta, born in 1918

Clara Elizabeth Armstrong (Mrs. Otis Voorhees) Has two daughters, Jane Elizabeth and Abbie Annette. Lives on a farm near Jerseyville.

Grace Edith Baptist Married to Dr. D. F. Howard, Brookfield, MO, whom she met while nursing in St. Louis. Grace writes that at the age of 27, she feels especially distinguished in having 5 month old grandson. (1920)- 223 E. Wood St.

Genevra Baxter (Mrs. Earl Saxby) Her duties as a farmer’s wife and the mother of two children do not keep her from making frequent visits to Jerseyville.

Dorothy E. Bull (Mrs. Herbert U. Landon) Married Oct. 12, 1916, at home. Still buzzing around the old town, but with her husband and daughter, Dorothy Ann, born Nov. 1917.

Edward Leo Burns Married a few years after we graduated and resides at: 1216 Sixth St. Alexandria, LA. We were delighted to receive a telegram at the time of the reunion.

T.W. Butler, Jr. “Dub” enlisted in the U.S. Army and served overseas several months. Is now in charge of his father’s in Alton and is also working on the Alton Telegraph. “Dub” finished up the reunion for me by playing his old favorite “Casey Jones”.

Richard Clyde Chappell Admitted to practice law about 1918. Nominated in Sept, 1920 as candidate for State’s Attorney, Jersey County.

Helen K. Cory Still the same old “Hell-n” Private secretary to J.M. Page, Editor, Democrat, since May 1917. Still living the life of single blessedness and is Business Manager of THE paper of Jersey County, The Democrat.

Hubert Alexander Davis July 23, 1914 married to Irene Handely at Galveston, TX. A daughter, Jane, born Oct. 1919. Hubert died March 6, 1920 at Drumright, OK and was buried in Tulsa.

Helen Elizabeth Fahey 1738 N. Euclid St., St. Louis. “Nell” came up for the reunion and is the same old jollier–“says she likes her work fine and has no time in her young life for the men (?) Stenographer

Geraldine Jane Frost Married Glenn S. Haven, Editor of the Greenfield paper. A daughter, Carmelette Jane, born Oct. 18, 1920.

Mildred Agnes Gibbons died November, 1918, during the “flu” epidemic. She had a charge of office force at International Shoe Co., in Jerseyville. Caught cold in Parade on Armistice Day and developed into “flu”.

Frederic Raymond Gibson Married in 1919 to Miss Vivian Carter of Alton, formerly of Jerseyville. Employed by Polloch Lumber and Coal Co.

Hugo A. Herold Enlisted and served in the Navy during the War. Has been in Jerseyville since but left last week for Lincoln, IL, where he accepted a postition with an engineering firm.

George Edward Henghan 4430 Delmar St., St. Louis. Made Ensighn in the Navy and served during the entire period of the war. Upon his return, was made a member of a prominent St. Louis law firm.

Samuel H. Holmes 4419 Ellenwood Ave.,St. Louis The only member of the class we didn’t hear from so can’t tell you much about him. We hear he is carrying mail in St. Louis for Uncle Sam.

Walter S. Hughes Served during the war in Army. Married a Minnesota girl in 1920. reisedes in Moorhead, Minn.

Marie Ruth Hardy Married at her Aunt’s home in California, where she had been since she was out of school. Married to George Barry Oct. 1919, 1580 Madison St., Oakland, Calif. Moved to 815 Paru St, Alameda, Calif.

Florence Kitzmiller-Hendrix Married in 1919. Resides in Philadelphia, PA., 1307 Susquehanna Ave. Florence says she is greatly enjoying the East.

Robert King Married Lucy Robinson and has two daughters. Robert is an official in the local factory of the International Shoe Company.

Helen Pearl Kutzenberger Married Dr. Lipp in Chicago about 1915. After leaving school Pearl took a medical course and was practicing physician. Has a son, 3 1/2 year old (as of Oct. 1920) and is a menber of tha college faculty at Greeley. Living at #9 GAbles St., Greeley, Colo.

Otis C. Mode is living in Dinuba, Calif., where he and his father own a large vineyard.

Mary Augusta Retterath Stenographer at Shepard’s Garage and later at Jersey Garage. In 1920 is living in the big city of Jerseyville and is with the National Bank.

Etta La Dena Searls Married to J.T. Cunningham of Louisville, KY. Her address is Third and Broadway, Care of the Y.M.C.A, of which she is the manger.

Gladys Oneta Searls In charge of office at Redlich and Sons Shop. Married to George Noble. Living in Jerseyville in the house directly back of Prof. Pike’s old home.

Iva Ellen Shank (Mrs. J.N. Brewer) Resides at Kingman, Ariz., where her husband is in the automobile business. Mr. Brewer is a State Representative. Iva has two children, a daughter and a son. She writes that she expects to “fly” back to the next reunion.

Leo William Tracy Public Accountant for E.H. Wagner & Co., 1510 Arcade Bldg., St. Louis. It ws impossible for Leo to attend the reunion because he was at that time completing some work in Dallas,Texas.

Lucille Mildred Woodruff Employed at the Jersey Mercantile Company in Jerseyville.

Minnie Walker (Mrs. C.A. Brown) Resides at the Lambert Hotel, Deleon, Tex.

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