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Jerseyville Grade School, circa 1910-1916

Jerseyville Grade School circa 1910-1916

The teacher on the right is Frederica Keller. Contributed by Sheri Iamele, [email protected]

Jerseyville Grade School, 1932

Clowns, Jerseyville Grade School 1932

Clowns: Pauline Tucker, Charline Norris, Geraldine Woolsey, Jackie House, Edith Kirby, Betty June Welch. Photo from Stan Shaw.

Jerseyville Grade School, First Grade 1946

Jerseyville Grade School 1946

1946 – Miss Worthy, Teacher. Persons in picture: Amma Grace Mashburn, Ernest Watts, Jacky Shaffer, Mary Jean Menzie, Phyllis Bopp, Glenda Short, Ronnie Delp, Gloria Watts, Shirley Shults, Billy Murphy, Mary Ann Murray, Judy Purcell, Charlotte Scott, Sally Ann Hughes, Noreen Guntren, Larry Hill, Wm. Decker, John Miller, Sylvia Carroll, Cynthia Mindrup, Jimmie Purcell, Ronald Lawrence, Judy Pereboom, Bobby Downey, Gerda Link, Shirley Cravens, David March.

Jerseyville Grade School, 1947

Jerseyville Grade School 1947

1947 – Miss Curaan, Teacher. Persons in picture: Betty Lou Quinn, Hazel Camerer, Anna Grace Mashburn, Ellen Kay Erdman, Bily Murphy, Janet Ozburn, Judy Purcell, Sally Ann Hughes, Juanita Mae Walker, Virginia Thomas, Charlotte Scott, Bobby Downey, Sharon Watts, Gloria Watts, Mary Ann Murray, Bobby Abbott, Larry Woolsey, Sam Reynolds, Emma Hayworth, Natalie Powers, Larry Townzen, Leonard Boxtrom, Lester Weller, Gerda Link, Erma Looper, Lula Mae Meyer, Jimmie Dirking. (This is probably second grade)

Jerseyville Grade School, 1947

Jerseyville Grade School 1947

Not all students are identified, it is unknown in what order the names are listed for each row, possibly left to right.

Front Row: Lonnie McGiffen, Janet Wells, Richard Greeling, Marjorie Minard.
Second Row: Gary Strebel, Arlene Butkovetch(?), Stanley Barnard.
Third Row: Billy Collins.
Fourth Row: Shirley Cockren, Charles Weller, Daniel Hefner, Paul Ward, Louis Frank.
Fifth Row: David Cope, Flossie Waters, Billy Lonton(?).

Jerseyville Grade School

Jerseyville Grade School     Jerseyville Grade School

Velma Pellikan’s Second Grade class, no date. Photos from Stan Shaw

This list shows how much Velma (Vahle) Pellikan was paid each year teaching at Jerseyville Grade School. By 1953-1954 she earned $3,250. She taught for a total of 34 years, primarily in Jerseyville. – Stan Shaw

1923-1924, Jerseyville Grade School – $900
1924-1925, Jerseyville Grade School – $950
1925-1926, Jerseyville Grade School – $1000

Photos from Marty Crull unless otherwise indicated.

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