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Fieldon, Fourth Grade

Fieldon, Fourth Grade


Sitting: Judith Scott, Susie Scott, unidentified, Cathy Brown, unidentified, unidentified, Judith Hamilton, unidentified.
Second Row: Mike Plummer, Donnie Williams, ? Langley, Betty Miller, Mrs. Lida Medford, Linda Gilman, Alan Crull, Wilbur Cain, Alan Davenport.
Third Row: ? Driver, unidentified, Gene Isringhausen, Jimmy Warford, unidentified, ? Erwin, unidentified, Bruce Crull, Joe Czaia.

Fieldon, 1958-59

Fieldon, 1958

Fieldon Band, 1958-59

Fieldon Band, 1958

Fieldon, 1959-60

Fieldon, 1959

Fieldon, 1961-62

Fieldon, 1961

Seventh Grade at Fieldon Grade school 1961-62

Front Row, left to right: Linda Williams; Patti Morrison; Charlotte Ontis; Anna Bick; Cheryl White; Carolyn Davenport; Joyce Scott, Shirley Thompson
Middle Row: Darlene Willenburg; Mrs. Leona Krueger; Joyce Weller
Back Row: Charlie Galore; Darrell Willenburg; Bill Cates; Paul Talley; Allie Pruitt; Roger Czaia; Marty Crull; Kenny Plummer

Fieldon, 1962-63

Fieldon, 1962

Mr. Raymond B. Smith, 8th grade 1962-63 Fieldon.

Sitting: Carolyn Davenport; Patti Morrison; Anna Bick; Cheryl White; Linda Williams
Middle Row: Larry Emerick; Roger Czaia; Darlene Willenburg; Allie Pruitt; ShirleyThompson; Paul Talley; Joyce Scott; Doug Miller; Joyce Weller; Bill Cates; Mr. Smith
Back Row: John Cooper; Kenny Plummer; Marty Crull; Darrell Willenburg; Charlie Galore

Fieldon, 1964-65

Fieldon, 1964

The only two identified are the two little girls sitting on the left: Rita Crull, Esther Czaia.

From Marty Crull.

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