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Jersey County Schools, 1916

Jersey County Democrat, October 5, 1916

New life and a keen interest characterize the public school activities in Jersey County at the opening of the new year. Many schools opened Sept. 4th, others Sept. 11th, and a few did not open until the 18th. There are forty-nine changes in teaching positions in the county this year, not including the additional teachers employed in the Jersey Township high school and the Jerseyville grade schools. The total number of teachers employed in the county this year is 107, an increase of five over that of last year. Of this number fifteen are beginning teachers. The county superintendent of schools has met the teachers of the rural and village schools in three groups to discuss the work and plans, and to distribute supplies for the year. For the first time teachers of these schools will have a comprehensive county manual and course of study outline the work for each month in the uniform text-books in use.

The boards of education and the boards of directors have endeavored, so far as they were able, to meet the requirements of the new sanitation law. All the schools of the county, except four, have met the requirements as a whole or in part. The directors in a number of districts will require two years to carry out the provisions of the new law.

As a result of these changed conditions there has been added interest in the local school on part of directors, patrons and pupils. These things ought to inspire the teachers to higher ideas and better work. It ought to result in increase enrollment in all the schools and more punctual and regular attendance. One of the greatest hindrance to successful school work is irregular attendance. The state law requires that all children under sixteen years, unless they have finished the course, attend the full term every day. The penalty for violation on part of parents or guardian is a fine of not less than five dollars nor more than twenty dollars for each offence. It is the duty of the board of directors to appoint a truant officer for the district to enforce the law. The following boards have appointed Sheriff Ed. Chappell truant officer for their respective districts: Hawkins’ Prairie, Rosedale, Webster, St. Andrews, Oakland, Kemper, and Pleasant Hill No. 36. Other boards contemplate taking similar action.

Following are the teachers employed in the county for the ensuing school year:

School, Teacher

1. Bott, Pearl E. Sarius
2. Pembroke, Gertrude Welch
3. Diamond, Vivian J. Robinson
4. Delhi, Nettie Roach
5. Wagonblast, W. P. Miller
6. Central, Ethel E. Cope
7. Eldredge, Jennie I. McLean
8. Prairie Union, Hattie M. Armstrong
9. Paradise, Stella Garber
11. Brush College, Leora Lyall
12. Franklin, Alice Egelhoff
13. Fidelity, Principal, J. W. Holmes
13. Fidelity, Assistant, Minnie Bartlett
14. Oakland, Bessie L. Branom
15. Hawkins Prairie, Elliott C. Long
16. Jefferson, Pluma E. Slaten
17. Randolph, Bertha Struif
18. Elsah, Principal Paul Fenity
18. Elsah, Assistant Emily Cutting
19. Plainview, Mazzarett Slaten
20. Kemper, Principal W. Austin Cope
20. Kemper, Assistant Bertha Roady
21. White Oak, Elizabeth Keller
22. Dow, Principal Loretta Leeson
22. Dow, Assistant Nellie K. Wade
23. Round Prairie, Lola Elliott
24. Irene, Margaret Harold
25. Webster, Gladys Spangle
27. Union, Florence G. Beatty
28. Blackjack, Josephine Tuetkin
29. White, Alice J. Curran
31. Clayton, Josie E. Campbell
32. Henderson, Mary Mahey
33. Centennial, Esther Landon


    D. R. Henry, Superintendent
    Lillian Sparks, Principal
    Frances M. Hassett, Departmental.
    Harriet B. Erwin, Departmental.
    Carrie Given, Departmental.
    Flora Fink, Departmental
    Ida Coulthard, grade 5.
    Loretta Burns, grade 5 and drawing.
    Genevieve Bonwell, grade 4.
    Pearl Sauer, grade 4 and penmanship.
    Nancy Fristoe, grade 3.
    Anna McKabney, grade 3.
    Frederica M. Keller, grade 2.
    Susan Nott, grade 2.
    Mary E. Dodge, grade 1.
    Anna Spencer, grade 1.
    Special Teachers: Music, Catherine Barker; Home Economics, Winnifred McCoy and Cornelia F. Powel; Manual Training, C. C. Wilkin.

35. Spencer, Mary E. Curran
36. Pleasant Hill, Anna Hunter
37. Victory, Lenora Hunter
38. White Rose, Ina B. Hunter
39. Tolman, Clara L. Campbell
41. Washington, Margaret Curran
42. Sherman, Louise Nitschke

    Louis E. Groppel, Principal
    Mary Riordan, grades 7 and 8.
    Alberta Slaten, grades 5 and 6.
    Mabel Seik, grades 3 and 4.
    Emma J. Slaten, grade 2.
    Myrtle Slaten, grade 1.

43. Independence, Mabel Slaten
44. Liberty, Kathleen Freeman
45. Shiloh, Elsie Brown
46. Pleasant Grove, Eva G. Spangle
47. Salem, Daisy DeSherlia
48. Otterville, Principal E. S. Terry
48. Otterville, Assistant Tessie Bethel
49. Buckeye, Charlotte Hageman
50. Fremont, Isabel O’Donnell
51. Grant, Amy M. Morgan
52. Douglas, Tressie C. Slaten
53. Buena Vista, Wm. G. Worthey
54. Franklin, Tacie E. White
55. Washington, Elizabeth O’Donnell
56. Central, Clara Armstrong
57. Shakerag, Stella Hazelwood
58. Hickory Log, Annis Wilson
59. Hartford, F. M. Lynn
60. Williams’ Hollow, Frank A. Lowe
61. St. Andrews, Charles E. Lowe
62. Meadow Branch, Faye Botkin
63. Rosedale, Harry M. Lowe
64. Teneriffe, Edith E. Cope
65. Pleasant Cove, Ida M. Queen
66. Fieldon, Principal Henry L. Schmidt
66. Fieldon, Assistant Augusta F. Baum
67. Lone Star, Clara Lawler
68. Gunterman, Clinton Clark
69. Reddish, Edith M. Medford
71. Pleasant Hill, Leona Busch
72. McKinley, Mary J. Martin

    D. R. Henry, Principal
    J. H. Baldwin, assistant principal, agriculture.
    C. E. Prinhard, science and mathematics.
    Edna K. Rentchler, science and mathematics.
    Vera Tritipoe, mathematics.
    Caroline Christie, German.
    Florence Palmstrom, Latin and English.
    Zila Robbins, history and English.
    Con. C. Flynn, history and commericial.
    Floyd E. Clements, commercial.
    C. C. Wilkin, manual training.
    Winifred McCoy, home economics.
    Cornelia Powel, home economics.
    Catherine Barker, music.

Another 1916 list (no source), some teacher’s names are different.

Blackjack, Josephine Tuetken
Bott, Pearl E. Sarius
Brush College, Mabel Breitweiser
Buena Vista, Wm. G. Worthy
Centennial, Alice Egeloff
Central #56, Nena Faulkner
Delhi, Nettie Roach
Douglas, Isabell O’Donnell
Dow, Ethel Cope
Elsah, Clinton Cope
Fidelity, J.W. Holmes
Fieldon, Henry L. Smith
Franklin #12, Lenora Hunger
Fremont, Amy Morgan
Grafton, Mary Riordon
Gunterman, John E. Rhoads
Hartford, Florence Powel
Henderson, Mary Maley
Irene, Margaret Harold
Kemper, W. Austin Cope
Liberty, Nellie Wade
Locust Pond, Wm. Getting
Lone Star, Clara Lawler
Meadow Branch, J. Stahl
Otterville, E.S. Terry
Paradise, Edith Cope
Plainview, Mazzarett Slaten
Pleasant Grove
Pleasant Hill, Stella Mille
Randolph, Bertha Struif
Rosedale, Cora Wedding
Salem, Tressie Slaten
Sherman, Lucy Loy
Shiloh, Elsie Brown
Teneriffe, Harry W. Lowe
Tolman, Clara Campbell
Union, Bessie L. Brannom
Victory, Ida Queen
Wagonblast, Lillie Downs
Washington #55, W.H. Bray
Webster, Ella Carroll
White, Alice J. Curran
White Rose, Ina B. Hunter

From Marty Crull.

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