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Jerseyville Public Schools

Also Xavier Parochial

From Jersey County Democrat, May 8, 1877. There will be typos.

The undersigned, your committee, beg leave to report that, in accordance with your resolution, they visited the public schools of this district and find each department ably managed and the mode of instruction in each adapted to the mental capacity of the scholars, all of which is under the superintendency of Prof. Joshua Pike, who has had charge of the schools for three years, and has given general satisfaction.

Prof. Pike is master of is situation. He has done and is now doing good work in behalf of education in his general supervision of the several schools under his control. Besides, he teaches the High School in person. This is embraced in Room No. Eight, and composed now of fifty-one scholars from 14 to 21 years, the attendance having been larger than last year. Mathematics, commercial arithmetic, rhetoric, higher English grammar, Latin, natural philosophy and German are successfully taught in this room a number of these students are on the pay roll, being non-residents of the district.

Prof. Daniel J. Murphy is the assistant of Prof. Pike and ably discharges the duties incumbent upon him in teaching and managing the different classes under him, and in the general supervision of the entire school system of the city.

We found these gentlemen each at his post faithfully instilling knowledge into the minds of attentive and appreciative students, and ready and willing to impart information to your committee. While perhaps the law does not authorize a classical education in the public schools, we regard the High School Department and the University Series taught therein a great desideratum in the educational interests of the city.

Rhetoric. We have taken pains for examine the written exemplifications of Rhetoric by this class. Examples in antithesis, parallels, synonyms, apologues, &c., were given; also examples of complimentary invitations. The following is the standing of the class: Jennie Pittman, 96; Della Ware, 96; Jennie Herdman, 93; Cora Birdsall, 96; William Roach, 92; Ormand Hamilton, 94; Ella Van Horne, 97; Anna Elenora Spencer, 97; sue Knapp, 83; Rosa Foster, 98; Austin Leigh, 93; Frances Hassett, 96; C. E. Darby, 97; Jennie Anderson, 95.

In addition to this, we have also the examination of the following classes before us in writing, from which we note the grade of each scholar, as follows, viz:

Algebra – D. Mabel Scott, 94, Douglass Erwin, 88; W. Hanley, 95; Douglass Leach, 99; Hattie Spencer, 79; Katie Daniels, 67; Lilia McClure, 90; Helen L. Rose, 89; W. S. Pittman, 73; Emma McKinney, 86; Laura Clark, 83; Charles Cory, 90; Fannie Potts, 83; Lucy Schatigen(?), 93; Lizzie Carkhuff, 75.

Arithmetic – A. Frances Hassett, 90; Cora Birdsall, 79; Austin Leigh, 98; Ormand Hamilton, 99; Allen b. Seaman, 991/2; A. T. Lowe, 78; W. Roach, 991/2; Charlotte Darby, 90; Anna Spencer, 90; Rosa Foster, 90; Jennie Pittman, 99; Anna Hoffman, 95; Sue Knapp, 85; Ella Van Horne, 89.

Mensuration. Ella Van Horne, 99; William Roach, 99; Anna Spencer, 99.

German – Junior Class. Della Ware, 96; Katie Daniels, 93; George McIntyre, 97; Jennie Herdman, 93; Robert Morehouse, 76; Eunice Bowman, 95; Fannie L. Potts, 95; Lucy Schattgen, 97; Mabel Scott, 98; Fannie Fulkerson, 95; Hugh Van Horne, 86.

Grammar – D. Katie Daniels, 95; Lucy Schattgen, 100; Douglass Leach, 97; Fannie Fulkerson, 99; W. S. Pittman, 94; Helen L. Ross, 90; Charles Cory, 100; Hattie Spencer, 98; Lelia McClure, 99; Laura Clark, 98; W. Hanley, 99; Emma McKinney, 84.

Algebra – C. Ned Kingsley, 99; Della Ware, 97; Cora Dunsdon, 87; Jennie Pittman, 98; Eunice Bowman, 99; George Cockrell, Jr., 99.

Arithmetic – C. Lucy Schattgen, 100; Helen L. Ross, 98; Katie Daniels, 99; Laura Clark, 88; W. W. Pittman, 78; Hattie Spencer, 80; Emma McKinney, 98; Douglass Leach, 97; Lelia McClure, 98; Fannie Fulkerson, 98; W. Hanley, 99.

University Algebra. Allen B. Seaman, 99; Annie Hoffman, 100; William Roach, 100; Cora Birdsall, 93; A.T. Lowe, 86; George McIntyre, 69; Birdie Lindley, 97.

The Latin Class is composed of Rosa Foster, Jennie Herdman, Mabel Scott, Geo. Cockrell Jr., Fannie Potts, Annie Hoffman, Augustus Lowe, L. M. Cutting Jr., Allen B. Seaman, Birdie Lindley, Jennie Anderson, Jennie Pittman and Lizzie Carkhuff.

Natural Philosophy: Augustus T. Lowe, Susie Knapp, Annie Spencer, Anna Hoffman, Cora Birdsall, Geo. McIntyre.

Room No. Seven

is in charge of Miss Mattie Garrett, and is composed of boys and girls averaging about 15 years. When we entered the room a class of spelling was reciting by writing the words given out in their books provided for that purpose which are gathered up and examined by the teacher and mistakes are corrected. We make mention of some of the best specimens we saw, viz: Clara Lamb, Clara Hamilton, Lulu Vinson, W. E. Sanford, H. W. Miles, Perry Erwin, Ollie Brooks.

The next class brought on was in arithmetic. The little folks, without exception, make good figures, putting a good many of us who are older to blush because we are not more artistic. Those who were at the board while we were there and handled chalk so dexterously were Allen Edee, Harry Pogue, Willie Richards, Jennie Osborn, Henry Massey, Oscar Stout, Annie Vinson, Ella Spencer.

Miss Garrett has upon her roll 49, and for the last month an average attendance of 35. This falling off was owing to sickness.

Room No. Six

with fifty pupils of the average age of about 14, is in charge of Miss Amanda Lynn. Class A, in arithmetic, was reciting when we entered, and right well did they go through with their lesson in computing interest at 6, 8, and 9 per cent. Those who were at the board were Eddie Pogue, Winnie Barr, Luther Young, John Houghtlin, Mary Dolan, Bertha Hamilton, Edith Bothwell, Agnes Telley, Henry Cockrell, Eddie Bagley, Katie McKinstry(?), Etta Hansell. The attendance in this room has averaged since January 35.

Room No. Five

presided over by Miss Emma C. Hurd. We heard the examination of Class A in reading and spelling. Maud Selby, Emma Rowray, Willie Moone, Carrie Compton, Emma Phillips, Fannie Hunter, Eva Cory, Nickey Egelhoff, Carrie Finch, Arthur Hewit, Florence Houghtlin, Grace Hann, Grant Leonard and George Smith acquitted themselves creditably. Class B was also examined in reading and spelling. This class was composed of Josie Dunsdon, Katie Woods, Frank Embly, Lucy Ford, Lina Finch, Jacob Garmadinger, Willie Paris, Allie Newton, Mary Paul, Mary Van Horne, Louisa Vogel, Leona Monk, Ella Buckley, Addie McKinney, Millard Tack, Evy Robbins, Hattie Kirby, Willie England, Rennie England.

Room No. Four

has upon its roll 54, with an average attendance of 36. The B Class in geography was upon the floor, composed of Ida Hill, Gussie Barr, Agnes McNally, Cady Landon, Herman Myer, Mamie Hann, Charley Fritz, Clara Hill, Lulia Leresche, Josie Michael, Eddie Niles, John Marsh, Dora Duke, Julia Bothwell, Willie McClure, May Bartlett, Harry Daniels, Katie Richards.

Miss E. C. Pierson conducts this room, and, like all other department of the school, it is divided into A and B classes. Your committee did not have time to hear but the above class recite. We give the names of the scholars in this room at present: A Class: Willie Clark, John W. Kinney, Fred Moone, Walter Thompson, Frank Utt, John Whitenack, Henry Turner, George Stelle, Clarence E. Hamilton, Frank Hughes, Carrie Allen, Ross Bradish, Anna Howard, Hattie Morehouse, Hattie Osborn, Lena Vogel, Libbie McFain, Eliza Landon. B Class: Cady Landon, Willie McClure, Charley Fritz, Josie Machel, Eddie Nichols, Herman Meyer, Susan Simonds, John Marsh, Harry Daniels, Gussie Barr, May Bartlett, Clara Hill, Rosa Schwarz, Julia Bothwell, Mamie Hanu, Ida Hill, Julia Leresche, Agnes McNaley, Katie Richards, Dora Dake. The age of the scholars will average about 12 years.

Room No. Three

is made up of A Class: Willie Bayer, Willie Cory, Willie Cory (two Willie Corys), Gussie Embly, Albert Foster, Freddie Fritz, Willie McKinney, Otto Oahmstead, John Perrings, Charley Stout, Charley Smith, George Holnback, Able D. Locke, Mary Bayer, Fannie Bridges, Ida Colthard, Lelia Cyter, Della Davis, Effie Fryer, Nellie Ford, Annie Holnback, Tracy Roerig, Jennie Stout, Annie Schattgen, Mary West Susie Young, Mary Davis, Hattie Sabo, Clara Vaughn. Class B: Ollie Pittenger, George Egelhoff, Charley Bowman, Levi Hunter, Charley Jackson, Charley Miles, George Powell, Ernest Phelps, Eddie Smith, Eddie Sunderland, Eddie Walters, John Smith, Harry Selby, Theodore Hammel, George Pennington, Stewart March, Julia Grosjean, Maria Glore, Carrie Randolph, Kate Stickles, Mamie Newton, Minnie Cory, Ella H. Callender, Mary Catt, Lena Finch. 25 averaging about 11 years. Good penmanship is noticable in this room, and the pupils take pleasure in writing on the black board their full christian names, as, for instance: William Washington Bayer, Mary Rosina Bayer, Minnie Darlington Cory, Ella Hope Callender. This room is presided over by Miss Lena Bartlett.


We noticed at this junction that each department was systematically and without disturbance dismissed into the large hall and thence to the play ground (the girls on the south and the boys on the north side of the building), where all entered heartily into plays and games.

Room No. Two

where Miss Irene Furguson presides not only over the school but at the organ as well, and all were joining heartily in singing “Blackbirds.” The following names appear upon the role who are now in attendance in this room. B Class: Chauncy Cave, Willie Sabo, Willie Kedell, Charley Field, Charley Pittenger, Charley Zeiser, Charley Hodgkin, Louis Casavant, Thomas Ford, Lony Wade, Rowena Hewitt, Eva Coethart, Sarah Andrews, Lena Reynolds, Anna Duke, Mena Pauly, Mena Hart, Minnie Turner, Lizzie Fritz, James Espey, Theodore Gamble, John Coddington, Edwin Chase, Walter Bartlett, Frank Malott, John Van Pelt, Lulu Flaum. A Class: Mary Snodgrass, Emma Salter, Sophia Schmidt, Lily Carson, Hattie Andrews, Emma Hutchinson, Stephen Buckley, Frank Hamilton, Charley Whyte, Charley Campeon, Kessie Rowray, Willie Smith, Willie Daniels, Clarence Brookshire, Louis Paul, Frank Osborne, John Burns, David Houghtlin, Nickey Grosjean.

Room No. One

where we examined specimens of writing, by Harry Gledhill, Eddie Pope, John Hill, Maud Vinson, Hattie Pogue, Harry Smith, Nellie Wyckoff, Walter Coddington, Lewis Cole, Mable Rue, Bur Locke, Lena Bayer, Gussie Barr, Alta Embly, Lizzie Scott, Ida Leonard, John Simmonds, of the A Class. The following are the names. A Class: Bertie Eaton, Ralph McFain, Dollie McKinney, Minnie Hassett, Burford Locke, Maud Vinson, Charles Vogel, George Schwarz, Mary Richards, John Hill, Walter Coddington, Susie Andrews, Harry Gledhill, Rosa Hamilton, Hattie Pogue, Nellie Wyckoff, Hattie Monk, Dennis Landon, Lida O’Rourk, Harry Smith, Louis Cole, Maud Beardslee, Eliza Jackson, Eddie Pope, Irving Phelps, Henry Stickles, Mary Maley, Katie West, George Gamidinger. B Class: Annie Whitenack, Theodore Barry, Lizzie Scott, Phillip Wedding, Alta Embly, Willie Paul, John Simonds, Freddie Smith, Morris Block, Lulu Barr, Ida Leonard, Willie Roerig, Lena Bayer, Gussie Ross, Theodore Thuston, Julia Harness, August Griesbaum, Lizzie Ford, Emma Ford, Lizzie Smith, Annie Bell, Ada Harris, William Compton, Mable Rue, Cora Hann, Alta Hamilton, Jennie Edee, Eldora Stobbs. Miss Mary F. Cox, teacher.

Colored School

in charge of Mrs. Halstead. The number of pupils in attendance was 25 (15 girls and 10 boys), from 6 to 14 years old. The studies were reading, writing, spelling, grammar, geography and arithmetic. The following are the names of scholars: Henry Downs, John King, Willie Kirk, Able Kirk, Charley Wilson, Eddie Wilson, Charley Willis, John Willis, Willie Webb, George Webb, Peter Joiner, Mamie Brown, Eliza Wallace, Eliza King, Ellen King, James Kirk, Laura Kirk, Ollie Leslie, Emma Swan, Hattie Wilson, Dollie Webb, Julia Webb, Alice Webb and Fannie Smith.

Primary Departments are located in the building north of the Public School Building.

Primary Number One

is in charge of Mrs. Lou Allen. The pupils in attendance were Louis Block, Mamie Foster, John Frazier, Katie Lipscomb, Andy Cuddahay, Willie Ford, George Senior, Nellie Ford, William Faulkner, Emma Thompson, Allen Miller, Bertie Howell, Harry Egelhoff, Mary Turner, Walter Osborne, Lena Garrett, Charley Walker, Willie Buckley, Robert Nicholls, Andy Taybo, Louise Chrisbeaum, Jakie Coddle, Walter Eaton, Mary Allen, Carrie Stone, Ella Randolph, George Potts, Sadie McGee, Mollie Maley, Jennie Sabo.

Primary Number Two

is in the hands of Miss Mollie Gray. A Class: Elise Pinero, Minnie Spencer, Nellie Allen, Cora Finch, Jessie McFain, Verbena Hamil, Rena Anderson, Isabella Catt, Mary Leak, Maggie Leak, Mary Hill, Linie Walters, Sherman Field, Patsie Carroll, Flora Daniels, Willie Bell, Joe Kennedy, Alice Egelhoff, Lizzie Christman, Emma Oehmstead, Annie Bayer, Clara Nichols, Lucy Van Horne, Ophelia Shobe, Rowena Timmons. B Class: Sadie Bartlett, Minnie Landon, Meady Stobbs, Gussie Hodgkins, Ada Faris, Harry Sabo, Frank Fritz, John Gorham, John Conner, Belle Conner, Nickey Fox, Anna Buckley, Minnie Du Hadway, Ida Carroll, Dickey Blythe, Lynn Selby, Nancy Osborne, Addie Davis, Archie Osborne, Lelia Pitt, Byron Gamble.

St. Xavier’s Parochial School

From Jersey County Democrat, July 5, 1877.

The anniversary exercises of this school occurred last Friday. The old Wharton machine shop was purchased last year by Father Harty and converted into a good school building, and the Parochial school with competent teachers was opened last September, and during the past year has been very successful. The number of scholars enrolled being 124 – girls, 70; boys, 54 – with an average daily attendance of 76. The examinations were held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, all the classes proving most satisfactory. At the close of the exercises on Friday the following prizes were awarded:

Bible History Class: 1st class, 1st prize, Maggie Harty. 2d class, 1st prize, Lelia Shephard.

Christian Doctrine: 1st class, 1st prize, Maggie Harty. 2d class, 1st prize, Maggie Michael. 3d class, 1st prize, Nellie McGraw.

Spelling: 1st class, 1st prize, Maggie Harty; 2d, Minnie Harty. 2d class, 1st prize, Lillie Hassett; 2d, Lizzie O’Halloran. 3d class, 1st prize, Kate Keefe; 2d, Mary Harrington. 4th class, 1st prize, Lucy Murphy.

Reading: 1st class, 1st prize, Maggie Harty; 2d, Minnie Harty. 2d class, 1st prize, Lizzie O’Halloran; 2d, Nora Carroll. 3d class, 1st prize, Kate Keefe; 2d, Annie Dunphy. 4th class, 1st prize, Della (Delia?) Fitzpatrick; 2d, Jennie Powers.

Grammar: 1st class, 1st prize, Minnie Harty. 2d class, 1st prize, Flora Shephard, 2d, Mary McGraw.

Arithmetic: 1st class, 1st prize, Tom Ferns; 2d, Minnie Harty. 2d class, 1st prize, Tom Butler. 3d class, 1st prize, Lillie Hassett; 2d, Lelia Shephard. 4th class, 1st prize, Kate McGuire; 2d, Maggie Ferns. 5th class, 1st prize, Mary Kinsla. 6th class, 1st prize, Antoine Poettgen; 2d, John Mullin.

United States History: 1st class, 1st prize, Maggie Harty; 2d, Mary Harrington. 2d class, 1st prize, Flora Shephard.

For general good conduct, Mary England; application to study, Lizzie Sweeney; fancy needle work, Flora Shephard.

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