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William and Lizzie (Charnell) Vahle Family

William Vahle was born January 28, 1870 the son of John and Mary (Harris) Vahle. He married Lizzie Charnell, a daughter of William Charnell, Jr. and Eliza (Healey) Charnell. Lizzie was born April 14, 1878 in England. William Charnell died shortly after coming to America and settling in Fieldon. Eliza Charnell then married Vincent Richey, who died in 1883, and eventually she married Henry Isringhausen. William Vahle and Lizzie Charnell were married at the home of Henry and Eliza Isringhausen in Otterville on June 15, 1898. William and Lizzie Vahle lived in Jerseyville where they had children: Velma Theda Vahle, April 23, 1899; Sherrill Charnell Vahle, January 28, 1901; Ethel Vahle, December 20, 1906, died at birth; Esther Ruth Vahle, January 16, 1916. In 1922 William Vahle bought a farm south of Jerseyville, where they lived until 1954 at which time they moved to Urbana, Illinois. Velma Vahle became a longtime grade school teacher in and around Jerseyville. She married Stephen Pellikan, April 26, 1930. Sherrill Vahle worked in Jerseyville at Fred Scheffer’s shoe store. Esther Vahle attended the University of Illinois and married Earl W. Shaw, September 1, 1939; then resided in Urbana, Illinois. – Photos and information from Stan Shaw, son of Esther Vahle.

Esther and Velma Vahle

Left to right: Esther Vahle and Velma (Pellikan) Vahle.

Sherrill Vahle     Sherrill Vahle

Right photo: Sherrill Vahle in his band outfit.

Left photo: Fred Schaffer, Sherrill Vahle, Clem Sleper, show repair man, behind Schaffer Shoe Store.

Sherrill was the son of William and Lizzie Vahle. He was born in Jerseyville Jan 28, 1901. He worked at Fred Scheffer shoe store in Jerseyville which had a saying that was “Shoes, That’s All”. Sherrill Charnell Vahle died young on Sep 5, 1925.

William Vahle house

William Vahle house in Jerseyville.

Isringhausen farm house

Left to right: Mary Ann Charnell, Eliza Isringhausen, Sarah Richey at the Isringhausen farm house in Otterville, IL circa 1897.

Isringhausen house

Eliza Isringhausen in front of Jerseyville home in 1915.

Landon School

Photo labeled Landon School 1922-1923. Velma (Vahle) Pellikan drove the buggy to this school.

Velma Vahle graduated J.T.H.S. in 1919. After graduation a Mr. Lowe died and County Superintendent Becker asked her to finish the school year at Pleasant Cove. So here’s what she listed:

1920, Pleasant Cove – $60 year
1920-1921, Pleasant Hill – $640
1921-1922, Union – $680
1922-1923, Union – $720. Note: beside the picture of Landon School it says 1922-1923
1923-1924, Jerseyville Grade School – $900
1924-1925, Jerseyville Grade School – $950
1925-1926, Jerseyville Grade School – $1000

This list continues, showing how much she was paid each year teaching at Jerseyville Grade School, until 1953-1954 earning $3,250. She taught for a total of 34 years, primarily in Jerseyville.

There is no listing for a Landon School. Stan Shaw provided this information: Aunt Velma wrote about living with Anna and August Stemmler when she was teaching and they lived in Rosedale Township, which I found on the 1920 census. Maybe Landon school was in Rosedale or close to it?

Lizzie Vahle Sunday School Certificate

Lizzie Vale Sunday School certificate.

Photos and information from Stan Shaw, son of Esther Vahle.

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