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Surnames starting with I

This listing gives birth and/or death dates for people whose obituaries are available. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors. When duplicate entries were found, they were not deleted. You should send for a copy of the original obituary to verify the correctness of information. There is a $2.00 lookup and copy charge and a SASE for copies of the obituaries. Send your request to: Jersey County Historical Society, 601 N. State St., Jerseyville, IL 62052.

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IbergMarjorie M13-Nov-96
IlerLaverne M4-Feb-94Upper Alton
IllschJohnJan 18, 1842
ImelElsie20-Apr-89Rose Lawn Mem Gardens Ceme, Bethalto
ImelHoward1-Jan-93Rose Lawn Mem Gardens Ceme, Bethalto
ImelJosephine7-Mar-02Rose Lawn Mem Gardens Ceme, Bethalto
ImelMary T19-Dec-01Hickory Grove Ceme
ImelRalph1-Aug-94Rose Lawn Mem Gardens Ceme, Bethalto
ImmingCharles B10-Jul-10
ImmingElizabeth MaryFeb-80St Francis Xavier Ceme
ImmingFloyd J28-Sep-10St Marys, Brussels
ImmingInez MNov-77Hardin Ceme
ImmingJohn C25-Apr-93
ImmingJoseph HOct-31
ImmingRita7-Feb-04St Marys, Brussels
IngElmer D1987
IngOpal V13-Feb-96
IngersollDavid Keith14-Jun-14
IngersollDorothy6-Mar-02Oak Grove Ceme
IngersollFlora Ann30-Aug-37
IngersollKenneth19-Dec-89Oak Grove Ceme
IngersollLouis T22-Aug-21
IngersollMildred V. “Millie”29-Jun-11Oak Grove Ceme
IngersollPaul E25-Jul-08Valhalla Mem Park
IngersollRachel Helen2-Sep-92Oak Grove Ceme
IngersollRalph EApr-76Oak Grove Ceme
IngersollRichard Albert, Jr.13-Mar-96Oak Grove Ceme
IngersollRichard Albert, Sr.8-Jan-00Oak Grove Ceme
IngersollRichard ThomasSep-80Oak Grove Ceme
IngersollRobert CecilFeb-64Woodland Ceme
IngleAdaline Christina
IngleLeo R13-Oct-75
Ingle/IngelsMary Elaine16-Aug-87
IngramJames R27-Feb-12
IngramMary Ann (Kemper)18-Nov-99Jacksonville East Ceme
IngramNorine4-Jul-99Gasgow Ceme
IngramRodney2-Feb-91Alton, MO
IngramVera22-Oct-06Oak Grove Ceme
IngramWalter “Geno”18-Oct-03
InlowClem5-Dec-84Carrollton City Ceme
InlowDorothyNov-81Carrollton City Ceme
InlowLillian “Pat” (Lewis)29-Jan-98
InmanAbigail2-Aug-28Wilson Ceme
InmanAileen (Mehroff)19-Dec-85Carrollton City Ceme
InmanCuba M7-Jul-57Oak Grove Ceme
InmanDale1959Oak Grove Ceme
InmanDorothy Faye14-Sep-86Pine Tree Ceme
InmanEdward A6-Mar-06Pine Tree Ceme
InmanJack28-Jan-02Carrollton City Ceme
InmanJames L11-Mar-94
InmanJerry E11-Nov-13Borlin Ceme
InmanLial Lavery23-Jul-99Murrayville Ceme
InmanMargie6-May-99Mt Gilead Ceme
InmanMary L “Teddi”6-Oct-07Wilson Ceme
InmanThomas G17-Jan-87Mt Gilead Ceme
InskeepSylvia Pearle28-Apr-93
InskipPauline O (Bass)28-Nov-03Richter Ceme
IrlamOpal Agnes26-Oct-85Winchester City Ceme
IrvinJo Ann12-Jul-96Oaklawn Ceme
IrvinOpal I6-Feb-98Upper Alton Ceme
IrvinWilbur M6-Feb-97Rose Lawn Mem Gardens Ceme, Bethalto
IrwinC Yvonne6-Oct-87Oakwood Ceme
IrwinEdna FMay-82Scenic Hill Ceme
IrwinHarriet Edna1981Scenic Hill Ceme
IrwinJames Monroe30-Dec-28
IrwinMarlin “Spike”22-Apr-84Otterville Ceme
IrwinMary Adaline1-Jul-86
IrwinMary Frances26-Feb-86Otterville Ceme
IrwinRachelFeb-26Providence Ceme
IrwinRichard “Dick”16-Feb-09Hartford Ceme
IrwinRobert Leonard10-Apr-91
IsaacAda M9-Nov-75Carrollton City Ceme
IsaacAndrew “Ike”26-Oct-90Carrollton City Ceme
IsaacJoseph D12-Apr-93Upper Alton Ceme
IsaacLucille Louise19-Sep-92Caton, CO
IsaacsLucilleAug-83Carrollton City Ceme
IsbellBertie19-Oct-92Valhalla Mem Park
IsbellLeroy RandolphSep-76Oak Grove Ceme
IsbellNancy25-Jun-97Oak Grove Ceme
IsbellWilliam19-Nov-32Oak Grove Ceme
IsenbergOliver Charles1983Brighton City Ceme
IsenbergRuth25-Aug-99Brighton City Ceme
IsettElizabethMay 1889
IshamAlice Louise (Hardwick)31-May-89Carter Ceme
IshamBobby J “Bob”29-Oct-06White Hall Ceme
IsraelBeulah WApr-81Richwoods North Ceme
IsraelElmer12-May-99Richwoods North Ceme
IsraelFrank J17-Feb-03
IsraelLeona Mae19-Aug-05Jacksonville East Ceme
IsraelLloyd Dean7-Oct-93Richwoods North Ceme
IsraelMargaret S1-Nov-87Fernwood Ceme
IsraelMildred G14-Jun-94White Hall Ceme
IsraelRussell W24-Feb-91White Hall Ceme
IsringhausenAdolph JJan-60Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenAgnes Irene17-Jun-43Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenAlfred Oscar8-Apr-71Oak Grove Ceme
IsringhausenArthur John14-Jan-10Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenBette RFeb-80Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenCarl Loren25-Jul-96Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenCarolyn LouiseFeb-75Oak Grove Ceme
IsringhausenCarrie27-Jun-87Oak Grove Ceme
IsringhausenCharles JSep-69Oak Grove Ceme
IsringhausenClara28-Jun-22Oak Grove Ceme
IsringhausenClyde Frederick28-Jun-22St Johns Ceme
IsringhausenClyde Frederick “Fred”5-Mar-05
IsringhausenClyde William29-Jan-00Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenClydia8-Aug-97Oak Grove Ceme
IsringhausenDaisy L3-Dec-20Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenDean, Mrs.30-Jul-35Rosedale Ceme
IsringhausenDonna M3-May-86Elmhurst, PA
IsringhausenElizaJul-15Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenElla G16-Sep-90Rosedale Ceme
IsringhausenEmilApr-70Oak Grove Ceme
IsringhausenEmma “Babe”10-Apr-10Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenEmma LouiseJul-14Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenErnest O18-Oct-94Oak Grove Ceme
IsringhausenFlorence E2-May-61Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenFloyd G24-Dec-08Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenFranklin J12-Jul-12Rose Lawn Mem Gardens, Bethalto
IsringhausenFred “Junior”Sep-73Oak Grove Ceme
IsringhausenFrederick William Henry “Fritz”4-Sep-44Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenGeneva Ellen19-Dec-11Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenGlenn E25-Aug-07Moberly, MO
IsringhausenGrace L23-Apr-06Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenHazel R25-Apr-13Oak Grove Ceme
IsringhausenHenryFeb-07Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenJames Frederick2-Sep-13
IsringhausenLaverne FMay-72Medora Ceme
IsringhausenLawrence23-Dec-90Oak Grove Ceme
IsringhausenLeo “Pete” “Scotty”22-Aug-96Kane Ceme
IsringhausenLouis Henry1971Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenLouis WayneDec-70Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenLouis Wayne1976Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenLouiseDec 1895Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenMadonna TFeb-83Oak Grove Ceme
IsringhausenMarcella Jane4-Apr-10Oak Grove Ceme
IsringhausenMarilyn Joyce “Joy”6-Mar-13Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenMarvin ENov-29
IsringhausenMarvin Earl26-Nov-03Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenMarvin Earl29-Jan-87Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenMaryApr-23Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenMary F14-Mar-88Oak Grove Ceme
IsringhausenMary Margaret27-May-83Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenMary MargaretMay-83Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenMelba DApr 28,2006Eldred Memorial Gardens
IsringhausenNellie DAug-81Pine Tree Ceme
IsringhausenNellie MargaretJun-80Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenNellie Margaret4-Jan-11Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenOpal Grace15-Jun-21Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenOpal PaulineJan-75Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenPaul25-Apr-28Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenPearl Clayton29-Jan-04Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenRalph W24-Dec-97Oak Grove Ceme
IsringhausenRichard Dale15-Jun-35Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenRichard Eugene11-Aug-84Eldred Memorial Gardens
IsringhausenRobert LeeJun-30Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenScott Eugene4-Jun-95Rosedale Ceme
IsringhausenSharon D19-Jun-12Oak Grove Ceme
IsringhausenVirginia Lee8-Jun-94Pine Tree Ceme
IsringhausenVirginia Mae1957
IsringhausenVirginia MaeFeb-81Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenWalter1962Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenWalter ElsworthFeb. 1978Rosedale Ceme
IsringhausenWilliam27-Dec-23Fieldon Ceme
IsringhausenWilliam A5-Feb-95Eldred Memorial Gardens
IversCressie OpalJan-67Dayton Ceme
IversEarl C6-Jan-90Eldred Memorial Gardens
IversEdith “Bobby”19-Jan-07Eldred Memorial Gardens
IversElma Irene30-Nov-99Eldred Memorial Gardens
IversJames26-May-93Eldred Memorial Gardens
IversKilby31-Jan-92Eldred Memorial Gardens
IversStanley D27-Mar-85Eldred Memorial Gardens
IversWard17-Apr-85Eldred Memorial Gardens
IvesHelen18-Apr-94Hillside Ceme, New York
IvesPaul L, Sr11-May-86Upper Alton Ceme
IvesSophia B2-Feb-14Upper Alton Ceme
IvesterCharles TDec-81Bethany Ceme
IvesterDella J14-Mar-94Oak Grove Ceme
IvesterKathlyn Beatrice29-May-02Bethany Ceme

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