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This listing gives birth and/or death dates for people whose obituaries are available. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors. When duplicate entries were found, they were not deleted. You should send for a copy of the original obituary to verify the correctness of information. There is a $2.00 lookup and copy charge and a SASE for copies of the obituaries. Send your request to: Jersey County Historical Society, 601 N. State St., Jerseyville, IL 62052.

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Iberg Marjorie M 13-Nov-96
Icide Richard 28-Dec-84
Iler Laverne M 4-Feb-94 Upper Alton
Illsch John Jan 18, 1842
Imel Elsie 20-Apr-89 Rose Lawn Mem Gardens Ceme, Bethalto
Imel Howard 1-Jan-93 Rose Lawn Mem Gardens Ceme, Bethalto
Imel Josephine 7-Mar-02 Rose Lawn Mem Gardens Ceme, Bethalto
Imel Mary T 19-Dec-01 Hickory Grove Ceme
Imel Ralph 1-Aug-94 Rose Lawn Mem Gardens Ceme, Bethalto
Imming Charles B 10-Jul-10
Imming Elizabeth Mary Feb-80 St Francis Xavier Ceme
Imming Floyd J 28-Sep-10 St Marys, Brussels
Imming Inez M Nov-77 Hardin Ceme
Imming John C 25-Apr-93
Imming Joseph H Oct-31
Imming Rita 7-Feb-04 St Marys, Brussels
Ing Elmer D 1987
Ing Opal V 13-Feb-96
Ingersoll David Keith 14-Jun-14
Ingersoll Dorothy 6-Mar-02 Oak Grove Ceme
Ingersoll Flora Ann 30-Aug-37
Ingersoll Kenneth 19-Dec-89 Oak Grove Ceme
Ingersoll Louis T 22-Aug-21
Ingersoll Mildred V. “Millie” 29-Jun-11 Oak Grove Ceme
Ingersoll Paul E 25-Jul-08 Valhalla Mem Park
Ingersoll Rachel Helen 2-Sep-92 Oak Grove Ceme
Ingersoll Ralph E Apr-76 Oak Grove Ceme
Ingersoll Richard Albert, Jr. 13-Mar-96 Oak Grove Ceme
Ingersoll Richard Albert, Sr. 8-Jan-00 Oak Grove Ceme
Ingersoll Richard Thomas Sep-80 Oak Grove Ceme
Ingersoll Robert Cecil Feb-64 Woodland Ceme
Ingle Adaline Christina
Ingle Leo R 13-Oct-75
Ingle/Ingels Mary Elaine 16-Aug-87
Ingram James R 27-Feb-12
Ingram Mary Ann (Kemper) 18-Nov-99 Jacksonville East Ceme
Ingram Norine 4-Jul-99 Gasgow Ceme
Ingram Rodney 2-Feb-91 Alton, MO
Ingram Vera 22-Oct-06 Oak Grove Ceme
Ingram Walter “Geno” 18-Oct-03
Inlow Clem 5-Dec-84 Carrollton City Ceme
Inlow Dorothy Nov-81 Carrollton City Ceme
Inlow Lillian “Pat” (Lewis) 29-Jan-98
Inman Abigail 2-Aug-28 Wilson Ceme
Inman Aileen (Mehroff) 19-Dec-85 Carrollton City Ceme
Inman Allen 20-Feb-61
Inman Cuba M 7-Jul-57 Oak Grove Ceme
Inman Dale 1959 Oak Grove Ceme
Inman Dorothy Faye 14-Sep-86 Pine Tree Ceme
Inman Edward A 6-Mar-06 Pine Tree Ceme
Inman Jack 28-Jan-02 Carrollton City Ceme
Inman James L 11-Mar-94
Inman Jerry E 11-Nov-13 Borlin Ceme
Inman Lial Lavery 23-Jul-99 Murrayville Ceme
Inman Margie 6-May-99 Mt Gilead Ceme
Inman Mary L “Teddi” 6-Oct-07 Wilson Ceme
Inman Thomas G 17-Jan-87 Mt Gilead Ceme
Inskeep Sylvia Pearle 28-Apr-93
Inskip Pauline O (Bass) 28-Nov-03 Richter Ceme
Irlam Opal Agnes 26-Oct-85 Winchester City Ceme
Irvin Jo Ann 12-Jul-96 Oaklawn Ceme
Irvin Opal I 6-Feb-98 Upper Alton Ceme
Irvin Wilbur M 6-Feb-97 Rose Lawn Mem Gardens Ceme, Bethalto
Irwin C Yvonne 6-Oct-87 Oakwood Ceme
Irwin Edna F May-82 Scenic Hill Ceme
Irwin Harriet Edna 1981 Scenic Hill Ceme
Irwin James Monroe 30-Dec-28
Irwin Marlin “Spike” 22-Apr-84 Otterville Ceme
Irwin Mary Adaline 1-Jul-86
Irwin Mary Frances 26-Feb-86 Otterville Ceme
Irwin Rachel Feb-26 Providence Ceme
Irwin Richard “Dick” 16-Feb-09 Hartford Ceme
Irwin Robert Leonard 10-Apr-91
Isaac Ada M 9-Nov-75 Carrollton City Ceme
Isaac Andrew “Ike” 26-Oct-90 Carrollton City Ceme
Isaac Joseph D 12-Apr-93 Upper Alton Ceme
Isaac Lucille Louise 19-Sep-92 Caton, CO
Isaacs Lucille Aug-83 Carrollton City Ceme
Isbell Bertie 19-Oct-92 Valhalla Mem Park
Isbell Leroy Randolph Sep-76 Oak Grove Ceme
Isbell Nancy 25-Jun-97 Oak Grove Ceme
Isbell William 19-Nov-32 Oak Grove Ceme
Isenberg Oliver Charles 1983 Brighton City Ceme
Isenberg Ruth 25-Aug-99 Brighton City Ceme
Isett Elizabeth May 1889
Isham Alice Louise (Hardwick) 31-May-89 Carter Ceme
Isham Bobby J “Bob” 29-Oct-06 White Hall Ceme
Israel Beulah W Apr-81 Richwoods North Ceme
Israel Elmer 12-May-99 Richwoods North Ceme
Israel Frank J 17-Feb-03
Israel Leona Mae 19-Aug-05 Jacksonville East Ceme
Israel Lloyd Dean 7-Oct-93 Richwoods North Ceme
Israel Margaret S 1-Nov-87 Fernwood Ceme
Israel Mildred G 14-Jun-94 White Hall Ceme
Israel Russell W 24-Feb-91 White Hall Ceme
Isringhausen Adolph J Jan-60 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Agnes Irene 17-Jun-43 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Alfred Oscar 8-Apr-71 Oak Grove Ceme
Isringhausen Arthur John 14-Jan-10 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Bette R Feb-80 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Carl Loren 25-Jul-96 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Carolyn Louise Feb-75 Oak Grove Ceme
Isringhausen Carrie 27-Jun-87 Oak Grove Ceme
Isringhausen Charles J Sep-69 Oak Grove Ceme
Isringhausen Clara 28-Jun-22 Oak Grove Ceme
Isringhausen Clyde Frederick 28-Jun-22 St Johns Ceme
Isringhausen Clyde Frederick “Fred” 5-Mar-05
Isringhausen Clyde William 29-Jan-00 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Clydia 8-Aug-97 Oak Grove Ceme
Isringhausen Daisy L 3-Dec-20 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Dean, Mrs. 30-Jul-35 Rosedale Ceme
Isringhausen Donna M 3-May-86 Elmhurst, PA
Isringhausen Eliza Jul-15 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Ella G 16-Sep-90 Rosedale Ceme
Isringhausen Emil Apr-70 Oak Grove Ceme
Isringhausen Emma “Babe” 10-Apr-10 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Emma Louise Jul-14 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Ernest O 18-Oct-94 Oak Grove Ceme
Isringhausen Florence E 2-May-61 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Floyd G 24-Dec-08 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Franklin J 12-Jul-12 Rose Lawn Mem Gardens, Bethalto
Isringhausen Fred “Junior” Sep-73 Oak Grove Ceme
Isringhausen Frederick William Henry “Fritz” 4-Sep-44 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Geneva Ellen 19-Dec-11 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Glenn E 25-Aug-07 Moberly, MO
Isringhausen Grace L 23-Apr-06 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Hazel R 25-Apr-13 Oak Grove Ceme
Isringhausen Henry Feb-07 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen James Frederick 2-Sep-13
Isringhausen Laverne F May-72 Medora Ceme
Isringhausen Lawrence 23-Dec-90 Oak Grove Ceme
Isringhausen Leo “Pete” “Scotty” 22-Aug-96 Kane Ceme
Isringhausen Louis Henry 1971 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Louis Wayne Dec-70 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Louis Wayne 1976 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Louise Dec 1895 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Madonna T Feb-83 Oak Grove Ceme
Isringhausen Marcella Jane 4-Apr-10 Oak Grove Ceme
Isringhausen Marilyn Joyce “Joy” 6-Mar-13 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Marvin E Nov-29
Isringhausen Marvin Earl 26-Nov-03 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Marvin Earl 29-Jan-87 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Mary Apr-23 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Mary F 14-Mar-88 Oak Grove Ceme
Isringhausen Mary Margaret 27-May-83 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Mary Margaret May-83 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Melba D Apr 28,2006 Eldred Memorial Gardens
Isringhausen Nellie D Aug-81 Pine Tree Ceme
Isringhausen Nellie Margaret Jun-80 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Nellie Margaret 4-Jan-11 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Opal Grace 15-Jun-21 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Opal Pauline Jan-75 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Paul 25-Apr-28 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Pearl Clayton 29-Jan-04 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Ralph W 24-Dec-97 Oak Grove Ceme
Isringhausen Richard Dale 15-Jun-35 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Richard Eugene 11-Aug-84 Eldred Memorial Gardens
Isringhausen Robert Lee Jun-30 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Scott Eugene 4-Jun-95 Rosedale Ceme
Isringhausen Sharon D 19-Jun-12 Oak Grove Ceme
Isringhausen Virginia Lee 8-Jun-94 Pine Tree Ceme
Isringhausen Virginia Mae 1957
Isringhausen Virginia Mae Feb-81 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Walter 1962 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen Walter Elsworth Feb. 1978 Rosedale Ceme
Isringhausen William 27-Dec-23 Fieldon Ceme
Isringhausen William A 5-Feb-95 Eldred Memorial Gardens
Ivers Cressie Opal Jan-67 Dayton Ceme
Ivers Earl C 6-Jan-90 Eldred Memorial Gardens
Ivers Edith “Bobby” 19-Jan-07 Eldred Memorial Gardens
Ivers Elma Irene 30-Nov-99 Eldred Memorial Gardens
Ivers James 26-May-93 Eldred Memorial Gardens
Ivers Kilby 31-Jan-92 Eldred Memorial Gardens
Ivers Stanley D 27-Mar-85 Eldred Memorial Gardens
Ivers Ward 17-Apr-85 Eldred Memorial Gardens
Ives Helen 18-Apr-94 Hillside Ceme, New York
Ives Paul L, Sr 11-May-86 Upper Alton Ceme
Ives Sophia B 2-Feb-14 Upper Alton Ceme
Ivester Charles T Dec-81 Bethany Ceme
Ivester Della J 14-Mar-94 Oak Grove Ceme
Ivester Kathlyn Beatrice 29-May-02 Bethany Ceme

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