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Updated Naturalization Index – A


This Index to Naturalization Records of Jersey County, Illinois was taken from the 1997 publication compiled by the Jersey County Clerk. Any and all requests for copies of any papers on Naturalization must be directed to that office. Jersey County Clerk, PO Box 216, Jerseyville, IL 62052. Thanks to Jersey County Historical Society, Tri County Newsletter and Marty Crull for this information.

Column 1 – Name of immigrant including variants in spelling or name. Names were difficult to read, interpret or were written in foreign script. Some names were changed completely. Some immigrants signed their documents with an “X” leaving the spelling to a registrar, who recorded the name as it sounded.

Column 2 – Place of birth or country to which immigrant owed allegiance.

Column 3 – Date of “Bona Fide Intention” to become a citizen. Date of 1st Papers, 2nd Papers, Final Papers, Oaths, or Naturaliztion.

Column 4 – Source of information, some in files, some recorded.

Definitions – Not recorded means a document exists but was not recorded. Intention (another county or state) means the “Bona Fide Intention” was registered in another county or state but recorded in Jersey County also. Wife, Husband, Child or Children recorded in this column means that the names of the wife, husband, child or children are listed in the documents.

Filed Documents – Immigrants whose surnames begin with A to E, Miscellaneous File, Drawer 6. Immigrants whose surnames begin with F to K, Miscellaneous File, Drawer 7. Immigrants whose surnames begin with L to Q, Miscellaneous File, Drawer 8. Immigrants whose surnames begin with R to Z, Miscellaneous File, Drawer 9.

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
ACCARIO, Nicolo Italy 1900 Book D., p. 91
AHLING, Henry Prussia 1880 Book D., p. 6
AHRLING, H. A. Germany 1877 Book B, p. 25
ALBERT, Andreas Germany 1886 Book D, p. 58
ALBERT, Carl Germany 1884; 1886 1884 Intention, Madison County; 1886 Book D, p. 58
ALBRECHT, Alois Germany 1876; 1880 1876 1st papers, Vol. B, p. 33; 1880 Book D., p. 3
ALEXANDER, Great Britain & Ireland 1857; 1864 1857 Intention Iowa; 1864 2ns Papers, Vol. A, p. 57
AMEN, Mark Wurtemberg 1871 1st Papers, Vol. A, p. 31
ANDERSON, Sven Sweden 1882; 1884 Intention Book D, p. 32; Book B, p. 46
ANDRIS, Joseph Germany 1875; 1887 1875 Intention, St. Louis, Mo.; 1887 Book D, p. 65
ANTONISHYN, Maximilian Russia 1916 Intention Book I, p. 10
APPS, Thomas Great Britain & Ireland 1862 Intention, 1st Papers, Vol. A, p. 9, 2nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 59
ARKEBAUER, Edward Hanover 1860 2nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 4
ARKEBAUER, J. C. Hanover 1857 2nd Papers, Vol. B., p. 14
ARMSTRONG, George E. Great Britain 1872 2nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 239
ARNOLD, James Ireland 1872; 1874 1872 Intention, Book A, p. 34; 1874 Book C, p. 21
ARNOLD, Josef Switzerland 1909 Intention. Book I, p. 2
ARP, Hermann Richard Germany 1938 Intention. Book H, p. 1
ARZT, Franc. ARTZ, Frank   1878 Not recorded
ASHENBAH, Otto Saxony 1870 1st Papers, Vol. B., p. 26
AXFORD, John Canada 1874; 1886 1874 Intention. Madison County; 1886 Book D, p. 64
AYLWARD, James Great Britain & Ireland 1860 2nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 19
AYLWARD, Thomas Great Britain & Ireland 1864; 1866 1864 1st Papers, Vol. B, p. 20; 2nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 101
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