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Updated Naturalization Index – P


This Index to Naturalization Records of Jersey County, Illinois was taken from the 1997 publication compiled by the Jersey County Clerk. Any and all requests for copies of any papers on Naturalization must be directed to that office. Jersey County Clerk, PO Box 216, Jerseyville, IL 62052. Thanks to Jersey County Historical Society, Tri County Newsletter and Marty Crull for this information.

Column 1 – Name of immigrant including variants in spelling or name. Names were difficult to read, interpret or were written in foreign script. Some names were changed completely. Some immigrants signed their documents with an “X” leaving the spelling to a registrar, who recorded the name as it sounded.

Column 2 – Place of birth or country to which immigrant owed allegiance.

Column 3 – Date of “Bona Fide Intention” to become a citizen. Date of 1st Papers, 2nd Papers, Final Papers, Oaths, or Naturaliztion.

Column 4 – Source of information, some in files, some recorded.

Definitions – Not recorded means a document exists but was not recorded. Intention (another county or state) means the “Bona Fide Intention” was registered in another county or state but recorded in Jersey County also. Wife, Husband, Child or Children recorded in this column means that the names of the wife, husband, child or children are listed in the documents.

Filed Documents – Immigrants whose surnames begin with A to E, Miscellaneous File, Drawer 6. Immigrants whose surnames begin with F to K, Miscellaneous File, Drawer 7. Immigrants whose surnames begin with L to Q, Miscellaneous File, Drawer 8. Immigrants whose surnames begin with R to Z, Miscellaneous File, Drawer 9.

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4
PABST (Papst), LouisGermany1878/1880Intention. Book C, p. 219
PADDOCK, BenjaminEngland1868Book A, p. 227
PADDOCK, JohnEngland18641st Papers, Vol. A, p. 12; 2nd Papers, Vol. B, p. 61
PALMER, JohnGreat Britain18642nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 74
PAPKE, CharlesGermany1880Intention. Book B, p. 39
PARKER, WilliamEngland1936Book G, p. 3. 3 children, wife deceased
PARKOS, MatthewBohemia1876/1882Intention. Book B, p. 17; Book D, p. 22
PARKOS, VaclayAustria1880Final Papers, not recorded
PARKOS, VojtechAustria18771st Papers, Vol. B, p. 35
PATTON, JohnGreat Britain1878/1878Intention. Book B, p. 28; Book C, p. 2
PAUL, John PhillipGermany1855/1860Intention, St. Louis. 2nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 22
PAUL, Louis JosephFrance1862/1864Intention. 2nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 72
PEAKIN, FrancisGreat Britain & Ireland1896Book C, p. 207
PEARCE, Albany M.England1898Book C, p. 211
PEARCE, CharlesGreat Britain & Ireland1889Intention. Book B, p. 64
PEARCE, Percy R.Great Britain & Ireland1896Intention. Book B, p. 74
PEARCE, RichardGreat Britain & Ireland1896Intention. Book B, p. 74
PELCIER, PaulItaly18682nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 113
PERRSON, Andreas P.Norway/Sweden1891/1896Intention. Book B, p. 69; Book D, p. 86
PERRY, James C.Great Britain1839/1842Intention. Commissioners Record A, p. 39. Oath & Certificate, p. 174, 175
PERZGEN, Mathias JosephGermany1878Book B, p. 185. Final papers
PETERSON, John JuliusSweden1918Intention. Book I, p. 17. Book F, p. 18, wife, 3 children
PETERSON, LeoRussia1904/1914Intention, New York. Book F, p. 10, wife, 3 children
PETTON, EdwardGermany1886Book C, p. 159
PETTON, JohnPrussia1880Not recorded
PFEIFER, FrederickGermany1880/1886Intention, Indiana. Book D, p. 62
PFEIFER, JohnAustria18712nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 221
PHILLIPS, PeterGermany1880not recorded
PIEPER, Franz—-1879Book B, p. 202
PIERCE, Gilbert D.see Gilbert D. Price  
PIETSCH, WilliamGermany1906/1910Intention, Ohio. Book F, p. 4. Priest
PILGER, WilliamPrussia1857/1864Intention. 2nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 68
PIVODER, Stephensee Bivoder, Stephen  
PLUNKET, PhilipGreat Britain & Ireland18682nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 198
PLUNKET, ThomasEngland18682nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 194
POETTGEN, ClementsPrussia1876/1878Intention, Book B, p. 10; Book B, p. 201
POGMORE, RobertGreat Britain & Ireland18682nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 134
POMMER, FrankPrussia1872Intention
PORZGEN, Mathias J.Germany1876/1878Intention. Book B, p. 24; Book B, p. 185
POTTGEN, LouisPrussia1865/1868Intention. 1st Papers, Vol. A, p. 14; 2nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 114
POTTLER, PeterBavaria1887/1889Intention. Book B, p. 58; Book D, p. 71
POWDERLY, ThomasGreat Britain & Ireland1858/1876Intention. Book B, p. 163
POWER, PeterGreat Britain & Ireland18562nd Papers, Vol. B, p. 8
POWERS, JamesGreat Britain & Ireland18682nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 196
POWERS, JohnGreat Britain & Ireland18682nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 115
POWERS, LawrenceGreat Britain & Ireland18562nd Papers, Vol. B, p. 10
POWERS, MichaelIreland1874Book C, p. 291
POWERS, PatrickGreat Britain & Ireland18642nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 53
POWERS, PatrickGreat Britain & Ireland1856/1864Intention, Massachusetts. 2nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 54
POERS (POWERS?), ThomasGreat Britain & Ireland18682nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 201
POWERS, ThomasGreat Britain & Ireland18682nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 113
POWERS, William—-18682nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 129
POWRIE, JamesGreat Britain & Ireland1862/18641st Papers, Vol. B, p. 17; 2nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 66
PRATT, MosesEngland1853/1862Intention, Ohio. 2nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 35
PREGER, FrederickGermany1876Book C, p. 89
PREGER, MartinGermany1876Book C, p. 85
PREVERT, HenryPrussia18702nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 218
PREVOT, Francois August MatheySwitzerland1880Intention. Book B, p. 40
PRICE, BenjaminGreat Britain & Ireland18682nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 202
PRICE, GilbertEngland1884/1886Intention. Book B, p. 52; Book C, p. 157
PRICE, ThomasGreat Britain & Ireland1892Book C, p. 193
PRILL, CharlesPrussia1870/18761st Papers, Vol. A, p. 26; Book C, p. 62
PRILL, John (Johann)Prussia1870/18761st Papers, Vol. A, p. 26; Book B, p. 172; Book C, p. 74
PTAK (PTIK, PTECK), JosephAustria1872/18741st Papers, Vol. A, p. 33; Book C, p. 12
PURCELL, MichaelGreat Britain18682nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 177
PYKET, George F.Great Britain & Ireland18682nd Papers, Vol. A, p. 140
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