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Bride Marriage Index Book Three – U & V


Groom Bride Date Verified by
FAVORIGHT, Thomas L. UPDIKE, Verna L. 1 Jan 1931 FAVORIGHT, R. B. MG
SMITH, William Q. UTT, Thelma 22 Feb 1936 FARRILL, H. S. MG
BRAY, William S. VAHLE, Charlotte 16 May 1936 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
DARR, Stewart Barnard VAHLE, Marjorie Dorothy 11 Sep 1943 CLANCY, John J. CP
SCHMOLLINGER, Horace VAIL, Virginia 14 Jun 1937 MACKELDEN, C. A. JP
SCRINNER, Clarence VALLE, Viola 5 Nov 1926 CARSON, Augustus B. MG
GRAY, James VAN AUSDOLL, Esther D. 2 Feb 1933 FARRILL, H. S. MG
WAHLE, Henry VAN AUSDOLL, Ora L. 20 Mar 1945 FOLTZ, M. C. MG
WINSLOW, Theodore VAN METER, Helen 13 Jun 1927 CORZINE, M. V. JP
CHISM, James VAN METER, Mildred 26 Mar 1934 MACKELDEN, Charles A. JP
HOOPER, William Jessie VANAUSDOLL, Ada May 4 Sep 1917 VAN PELT, W. S. JP
HAYES, Freeman VANAUSDOLL, Ida 11 Jun 1937 BRANOM, C. H. JP
PRICE, Clifford M. VANAUSDOLL, Leona F. 13 Nov 1920 VAN PELT, William S. JP
SEAGO, Ross VANAUSDOLL, Maude 24 Nov 1918 PRATT, William H. MG
EAST, Parker L. VANAUSDOLL, Ruby F. 22 Oct 1922 DEL CANTO, R. Francis MG
PUCKETT, William VANTREASE, Minnie 8 Apr 1926 THATCHER, A. JP
JONES, Pearl VARBLE, Jennie 10 Jan 1918 VAN PELT, W. S. JP
WALLS, Howard A. VARBLE, Mildred L. 3 Apr 1925 GAITHER, William MG
SUHRE, Edwin W. VARNER, Hazel 20 Jan 1927 FARRILL, H. S. MG
BIRT, Cecil P. VARNEY, Claudie I. 29 May 1926 CORZINE, M. V. JP
WATSON, Leo C. VASSIER, C. Glendala 10 Jan 1927 GRAMKE, John H. CP
KUEBRICH, Joseph H. VAUGHN, Pauline M. 13 Sep 1941 BRADY, Terence CP
LENCLE, James Lawrence VEIOCK, Ethel 26 Jan 1916 SHIELS, Frances CP
MELOAN, Owen D. VETTER, Frances E. 8 Nov 1928 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
NEWMAN, George B. VICK, Geneva L. 12 May 1929 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
HACK, Lawrence R. VINCENT, Roena 19 Jun 1937 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
PLUMMER, Paul VINSON, Alice M. 16 May 1931 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
FELTER, William P. VOLKMAN, Eva W. 30 May 1923 MORRIS, Wm. Thomas MG
DOWDALL, Leven Marwood VOORHEES, Abbie Lucille 17 Oct 1919 NEELY, Wm. S. MG
GUBSER, Herbert VOORHEES, Doris 26 Jan 1935 FARRILL, H. S. MG
WAINWRIGHT, John Harold VOORHEES, Harriett 4 May 1920 WILSON, F. O. MG
CORY, Albert Barr VOORHEES, Lois Slattira 16 Apr 1919 McCLUSKY, E. W. MG
COPE, Orville Aron VOORHEES, Pauline 27 Aug 1939 STEINKRAUS, W. A. MG
GOWDY, Ralph C. VOSS, Vivian 11 May 1931 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
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