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Bride Marriage Index Book Three – A


Groom Bride/b> Date/b> Verified by/b>
TURNER, William ABBOTT, Pauline 14 Apr 1926 BERTMAN, Fred J. JP
BURCH, Fred ABBOTT, Thelma 24 Apr 1943 MACKELDEN, C. A. JP
LUKE, George ABBOTT, Tillie 14 Apr 1935 SAWYERS, W. J. MG
CECIL, Johnnie A. ABBOTT, Wreatha 11 Sep 1943 DOOLIN, Marvin L. MG
KALLAL, Vincent J. ABELN, Cecelia 4 Nov 1933 KLAES, J. J. CP
KALLAL, Sylvester K. ABELN, Josephine T. 25 Sep 1937 KLAES, J. J. CP
WAGNER, Edwin L. ABRAMS, Esther R. 7 Sep 1934 BLOOMER, John JP
SCHATTGEN, Harry A. ADAMS, Alice A. 14 Sep 1918 WILSON, F. O. MG
ANDERSON, Harry R. ADAMS, Alma B. 1 Jan 1934 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
SMITH, Orville G. ADAMS, Evelyn L. 22 Jun 1929 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
HARRIS, William G. ADAMS, Helen L. 8 Aug 1925 CHAPMAN, Harry L. Co. Judge
CUSTER, Wayne W. ADCOCK, Dorothy 2 Apr 1929 THATCHER, A. JP
ELDER, Oscar M. ADERTON, Jennie 3 Aug 1944 MAXTON, David Bruce MG
NELSON, A. D. ADERTON, Mildred 2 Jun 1926 HELLER, J. W. MG
SMITH, Fred Jr. AHERN, Ruth 9 Apr 1932 BLOOMER, John JP
STORMINGER, Joe G. AHRENS, Mildred C. 14 Feb 1931 FARRILL, H. S. MG
KIRCHNER, Jesse B. AHRLING, Marie J. 10 Sep 1921 CASE, Thomas A. JP
HAUSHALTER, George W. ALBERT, Tracy C. 24 Dec 1921 SUMNER, W. T. Co. Judge
BEAUCHAMP, William Edward ALBINS, Verna 24 Jan 1916 VAN PELT, W. S. JP
MILLER, William S. ALDERSON, Catherine 21 Apr 1920 JENKINS, Joseph MG
FIRTH, Lynn R. ALDERSON, Mildred M. 5 Jul 1927 CARSON, A. B. MG
LEFORD, Byron C. ALEXANDER, Beulah, MRS. 2 Dec 1935 HANBAUM, W. A. MG
PEARSON, Vasco ALING, Angelus 21 Nov 1935 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
MILLER, Louis E. ALLEN, Alice E. 20 Oct 1933 STEINKRAUS, W. A. MG
MARLIN, Louis A. ALLEN, Mary W. 23 Jun 1928 CLANCY, John J. CP
RIVES, Albert L. ALLEN, Rose Mary 24 Mar 1945 MAXTON, David B. MG
RODGERS, Robert ALLEN, Susan E. 2 Oct 1922 LOCKWOOD, Kane MG
WALLACE, David ALLEN, Susie 18 Nov 1916 NEELY, Wm. S. MG
SCOGGINS, John ALLEN, Thelma 4 Jul 1930 BLOOMER, John JP
HANLIN, Everett ALLEN, Viola 6 Mar 1918 NEELY, William S. MG
SHARPE, George J. ALLMAN, Connie 10 Sep 1931 BLOOMER, John JP
WALSH, Edward ALRICH, Margaret 26 Mar 1940 CLANCY, John J. CP
SCOTT, Paul S. ALWARD, Marie 26 Jan 1932 O’REILLY, Philip CP
BELL, Russell D. ANDERS, Angela D. 28 Jan 1945 THATCHER, Arthur JP
BOYER, Claude ANDERSON, Cora 6 Jul 1929 RAYBURN, S. A. MG
CRUM, Raymond R. ANDERSON, Edna 19 May 1930 BLOOMER, John JP
SCHROEDER, Russell ANDERSON, Irene 3 May 1936 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
COLE, Albert W. ANDREWS, Addie 16 Mar 1927 KINSEY, O. B. MG
ASHLOCK, Howard E. ANTHONY, Sara L. 19 Jul 1936 TATMAN, Paul MG
HOUSE, Chester ANTROBUS, Dica M. 28 Apr 1928 FARRILL, H. S. MG
HOUZE, Chester ANTROBUS, Dica Minerva 30 Sep 1919 JENKINS, Joseph MG
TIMPE, Lionel F. ANTROBUS, Edith 6 Aug 1918 JENKINS, Joseph MG
FIELD, Otis ANTROBUS, Edith Mae 16 Oct 1921 LAMKIN, L. D. MG
NEAL, David E. ARENZ, Helen M. 10 Dec 1931 CARSON, Augustus B. MG
VORHEES, Otis C. ARMSTRONG, Clara E. 27 Jan 1917 NEELY, Wm. S. MG
CHANDLER, George ARMSTRONG, Frances 19 Mar 1938 ATCHISON, Robert H. MG
VORHEES, Donald ARMSTRONG, Hattie 27 Jun 1917 WILSON, F. O. MG
McINTIRE, Floyd ARMSTRONG, Katherine 23 May 1940 LYLES, L. Raymond MG
SHEARY, Paul N. ARNOLD, Faith L. 24 Oct 1942 LAMPE, John A. MG
REDD, Robert L. ARNOLD, Genevieve W. 6 Jun 1935 NEVELING, Frederick CP
WHIPPLE, Richard C. ARNOLD, Gertrude B. 31 Aug 1929 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
VOSSEN, Ray J. ARNOLD, Louise M. 9 Jun 1932 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
HAMLIN, Henry S. ARNOLD, Marjorie MRS. 5 Jun 1945 GILL, John G. MG
SCHANTZ, William L. ARNOLD, Pauline 27 Mar 1932 FARRILL, H. S. MG
PLATTO, W. Myron ARTER, Catherine 11 Oct 1945 FOLTZ, M. C. MG
BURWIG, Alvin E. ARTER, Geraldine G. 16 Jun 1934 FARRILL, H. S. MG
GUENTHER, Herman ASHFORD, Hazel 31 Aug 1934 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
PERRY, Gussie ASHFORD, Lorena 26 Mar 1929 CORZINE, M. V. JP
JAMES, Charley G. ASHLOCK, Millie J. 10 Mar 1917 JENKINS, Joseph MG
PICKEREL, Clarence E. ATCHINSON, Delia E. 25 May 1932 CLANCY, John J. CP
FLAMM, Leo F. ATCHISON, Ethel 18 May 1935 GAITHER, William MG
HEWLETT, Glen E. ATKINS, Florence U. 30 Aug 1926 BERTMAN, Fred J. JP
HACKES, Herman ATTEBERRY, Beulah 13 Dec 1917 NEELY, W. S. MG
HAWKS, Warren AUSTIN, Iola MRS. 20 Jun 1933 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
MOORE, James AUSTIN, Rosa MRS. 16 Aug 1920 BERTMAN, Fred J. JP
FOSHA, Franklin AUSTON, Bernadine 23 Jan 1937 GLOTFELTY, Philip A. MG
GARRISON, Elmer R. AXLEY, Lucille 2 Mar 1928 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
LANE, Orlen AYERS, Dixie 14 Apr 1929 LAWSON, George W. MG
SEIDLER, Aloyes AYRES, Beulah 29 Nov 1945 MACKELDEN, C. A. JP
LANE, Leonard AYRES, Kathleen 4 Oct 1939 HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
WADE, Heber AYRES, Mabel 27 Sep 1916 CARROLL, E. T. MG
SEIDLER, Henry W. AYRES, Mary Louise 12 Dec 1944 THATCHER, Arthur JP
HUGHES, Clarence F. AYRES, Ruth 16 Feb 1935 CLANCY, John J. CP
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