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Groom Marriage Index Book Three – U & V


GroomBrideDateVerified by
UHL, Theodore N.MAYES, Grace M. MRS.3 Dec 1930THATCHER, Arthur JP
ULAKEY, WilliamHENDREW, Mamie25 Feb 1922SUMNER, W. T. Co. Judge
ULERY, JosephCRADER, Phydella4 Aug 1934ROADY, T. J. MG
ULFFERS, Walter H.WEST, Louise5 Dec 1919NEELY, William S. MG
UNDERWOOD, RoyRYDER, Florence MRS.18 Mar 1931CARSON, Augustus B. MG
UNGARD, Boyd Jr.JONES, Ruth27 Jun 1934BRASHEAR, T. G. MG
VAHILE, CharlesHAUSHALTER, Lena M.23 Aug 1917STANGE, Paul G. MG
VAHLE, Edward E.KLUNK, Florence12 Apr 1939KLAES, J. J. CP
VAHLE, John HenryGIER, Georgia MRS.10 Dec 1936KLAES, J. J. CP
VAHLE, LouisWILLIAMS, Blanche27 Dec 1917RUSSELL, Reuben MG
VAHLE, Louis O.CUNNINGHAM, Ilda M.6 Jul 1941TODD, Leonard F. MG
VALASEK, Arthur G.SAVAGE, Mary23 Jun 1933KLAES, J. J. CP
VALERICES, Edward L.GOWEN, Alga L. MRS.7 Oct 1942SHEEHY, Michael CP
VAN SCHULTZ, Jack A.BISHOP, Clara E.23 Mar 1925CHAPMAN, Harry L. Co. Judge
VAN TASSEL, Everett R.MAGUIRE, Verna3 Mar 1944HUBER, Louis V. MG
VANAUSDOLL, Charles A.MOURNING, Lura14 Dec 1940HARMON, Dale MG
VANAUSDOLL, RaymondBUSH, Pauline20 Oct 1923CHAPMAN, H. L. Co. Judge
VANCIL, Fred E.PARISON, Kathryne E.12 Oct 1935THATCHER, Arthur JP
VANDAVEER, GlennHADAPP, Julia25 Jan 1919CLANCY, John J. CP
VANDERGRIFF, LeroyWALKER, Leona14 Feb 1935HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
VARBLE, Glenn G.CUMMINGS, Bernita M.5 Feb 1937JENKINS, Joseph MG
VARNEY, JohnSCHAAF, Rachael16 Mar 1917VAN PELT, W. S. JP
VARVA, Emerich RobertO’REAR, Margaet Janet6 Apr 1936LILLARD, John T. MG
VAUGHN, Frederick F.HERATY, Mary Bell25 Nov 1942KLAES, J. J. CP
VAUGHN, JeremiahLIGIBEL, Rosa L. MRS.11 Aug 1932CLANCY, John J. CP
VEACH, Elmer KennethWALLACE, Betty10 Aug 1938O’HALLERY, Thomas MG
VENEGANI, Joseph D.BURRIS, Lorraine21 Feb 1936HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
VEST, Thomas E.ZEIGER, Maurine2 Jul 1945HEINEN, P. P. CP
VETTER, Cedric J.FOLLIS, Harriet E.26 Dec 1932HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
VETTER, HarrisonBRANGENBERG, Grace17 Nov 1936HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
VIDMAR, FrankDECABERT, Eugenia15 Sep 1925KINSEY, O. B. MG
VIERLING, George F.SINGER, Vera MRS.12 Feb 1944VINZ, Arthur A. MG
VINSON, CharlesPRICE, Mildred I.27 Nov 1925CHAPMAN, Harry L. Co. Judge
VINSON, RobertLEVI, Etta3 May 1919VAN PELT, W. S. JP
VOGLES, CharlesHAVENS, Jessie4 Sep 1926THATCHER, A. JP
VOILES, John T.BROOKS, Gladys E.24 Sep 1932FARRILL, H. S. MG
VOILES, William P.ELLISON, Mildred R.21 Apr 1928CARSON, A. B. MG
VOORHEES, George R.HATHOWAY, Fannie L. MRS.22 Mar 1932HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
VORHEES, DonaldARMSTRONG, Hattie27 Jun 1917WILSON, F. O. MG
VORHEES, Otis C.ARMSTRONG, Clara E.27 Jan 1917NEELY, Wm. S. MG
VOSSEN, Ray J.ARNOLD, Louise M.9 Jun 1932HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
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