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Groom Marriage Index Book Three – I & J


GroomBrideDateVerified by
IMMING, CharlesOSBORNE, Inez24 Apr 1917VAN PELT, W. S. JP
INGALSBE, S. T.LAXTON, Elizabeth20 Jun 1929FARRILL, H. S. MG
INGERSOLL, CharlesEWELL, Ellen11 Mar 1945HUBER, Louis V. MG
INLOW, JamesJOHNSTON, Annabel20 Apr 1930CARSON, Augustus B. MG
IRVIN, Ray A.SPOONER, Geraldine T.5 Sep 1931DAWDY, Claude C. MG
ISAACS, Delmer O.HARPER, Birdie M. MRS.28 May 1932THATCHER, Arthur JP
ISRAEL, William J.JOHN, Margaret S.22 Jul 1925CARSON, Augustus B. MG
ISRINGHAUSEN, CharlesCOPE, Carrie26 Aug 1916NEELY, W. S. MG
ISRINGHAUSEN, FloydWINCHELL, Virginia23 Dec 1944HUBER, Louis V. MG
ISRINGHAUSEN, Floyd R.SCHAAF, Agnes I.16 Nov 1941TODD, Leonard F. MG
ISRINGHAUSEN, LeoPARISH, Mary Grace12 Mar 1944VINZ, Arthur A. MG
ISRINGHAUSEN, Marvin E.WALZ, Nellie6 Nov 1929BOCKSTRUCK, Robert MG
JACKSON, GeorgeRAINWATER, Leola31 Jan 1935HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
JACKSON, James W.HALE, Bernice25 Nov 1933FARRILL, H. S. MG
JACKSON, OmarCONRAD, Nancy30 May 1923THATCHER, Arthur JP
JACOB, Henry JosephHUGHES, Mary Margaret26 May 1945CLANCY, John J. CP
JACOBS, ArthurBETTERTON, Beulah29 Jul 1926FARRILL, H. S. MG
JACOBS, Fred D.WOODS, Penelope14 Sep 1921PORTER, L. W. MG
JACOBSON, August M.WIELAND, Bertha M.31 Dec 1916FAHNESTOCK, W. J, MG
JACOBSON, Willis E.WORTHEY, Mayne V.21 Jun 1916CARROLL, E. T. MG
JACOBY, AlbertMcCULLEY, Rose25 Sep 1919GUISTA, Amos E. MG
JACOBY, Leslie K.ROBB, Estelle M.9 Jan 1922CLANCY, John J. CP
JACOBY, Mairice H.WALSH, Mary F.21 Oct 1931CLANCY, John J. CP
JAMES, Charley G.ASHLOCK, Millie J.10 Mar 1917JENKINS, Joseph MG
JAMES, Edward A.HACKETT, Evelyn A.26 Aug 1917WILSON, F. O. MG
JANSSEN, Harry H.HORN, Anna Ruth25 May 1929HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
JARCHAW, DolenWHITE, Genevieve J.20 Jun 1931CARSON, Augustus B. MG
JARRETT, Richard E.REARDON, Margaret C.18 Aug 1934HANBAUM, W. L. MG
JARRETT, TrumanCOLEMAN, Geraldine11 May 1931FARRILL, Harold S. MG
JASPER, LesterHORN, Virginia16 Jul 1934HANBAUM, W. L. MG
JEFFERS, OthaSHORT, Edna May6 Apr 1929CARSON, Augustus B. MG
JENNINGS, JamesCHAPPEL, Marjorie3 Oct 1938BLUNT, D. C. MG
JENNINGS, MatthewJACOBY, Pauline5 Sep 1917CLANCY, John J. CP
JEWELL, Raymond R.PAYNTER, Annie Grace4 Jun 1916GAITHER, William MG
JEX, Charles L.FINNEY, Velma A.22 Jul 1932FARRILL, H. S. MG
JIMENEZ, Allen C.QUIROZ, Mary15 Jan 1945SHEEHY, Michael CP
JOHANN, AustinBONNER, Therza10 Mar 1927HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
JOHNESEE, Orvin J.WILTON, Mabel14 Dec 1921FAVOUGHT, R. B. MG
JOHNESSEE, ClintonGRIZZLE, Evelyn19 Oct 1935JENKINS, Joseph MG
JOHNSON, Arthur W.HOLS, Hazel15 Dec 1931DAWDY, Claude C. MG
JOHNSON, Clarence N.JACOBSON, Mayme F.1 Feb 1919CLOWER, John T. MG
JOHNSON, CliffordDUNSING, Mary27 Jun 1917VAN PELT, W. S. JP
JOHNSON, Elmer D.REXROOT, Gracie E.22 Oct 1924FARRILL, H. S. MG
JOHNSON, Lawrence O.GILWORTH, Mildred Mae21 Feb 1934TATMAN, Paul J. MG
JOHNSON, Luther M.COOPER, Ida9 Mar 1929HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
JOHNSON, M. E.HOLT, Golda19 Mar 1933HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
JOHNSON, Raymond C.LOVELL, Dorothy Dell8 Jul 1922FAVOUGHT, R. B. MG
JOHNSON, Robert A.SMITH, Pauline24 Nov 1919VAN PELT, W. S. JP
JOHNSON, Robert F.PRICE, Marguerite30 Jan 1929HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
JOHNSON, ThomasJOHNSON, Mary E. MRS.17 Sep 1919VAN PELT, W. S. JP
JOHNSON, Victor A.MCKINNEY, Thelma O.7 Jun 1933HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
JOHNSON, Wiley E.FROST, Stella29 Nov 1917WILKERSON, Roy E. MG
JOHNSTON, Lewis EdwardMCGOWEN, Gladys I.1 Oct 1930HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
JOHNSTON, WilliamCATES, P. Marie18 Mar 1926THATCHER, A. JP
JOKERS, Harry L.FENTON, Stella M.4 Jun 1924FARRILL, H. S. MG
JONES, Dewey L.HAVEN, Mary F.18 Jul 1929CLANCY, John J. CP
JONES, GilbertJOHNSON, Lily30 Nov 1935STEINKRAUS, W. A. MG
JONES, Howard C.SULLIVAN, Ruth J.12 Dec 1922THATCHER, A. JP
JONES, JacksonWALSH, Germaine18 Jul 1933HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
JONES, James W.FUST, Lillie A. MRS.13 Aug 1932HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
JONES, JohnEBBLER, Ellen1 Aug 1929HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
JONES, John E.BUNTIN, Eu Turp16 Mar 1918NEEL, Wm. S. MG
JONES, KennethOVERBY, Dorothy13 Mar 1927CARSON, A. B. MG
JONES, Lee A.SCOGGINS, Flora E.8 Apr 1926BERTMAN, Fred J. JP
JONES, Newton J. D.GIDDENS, Eunice L.6 May 1930HOWELL, Fred W. Co. Judge
JONES, PearlVARBLE, Jennie10 Jan 1918VAN PELT, W. S. JP
JONES, PearlSCOGGINS, Daisy23 Feb 1920VAN PELT, William S. JP
JONES, Wesley G.HEWITT, Mary M.8 May 1922BERTMAN, Fred J. JP
JORDAN, FloydSHAFFNER, Alberta8 Mar 1930DAWDY, Claude C. MG
JOSLIN, William G.MCKAY, ANNA3 Nov 1920SUMNER, W. T. Co. Judge
JOUETT, William W.LOTT, Dora MRS.4 Jul 1923THATCHER, Arthur JP
JUDSON, Charles G.HAZELWOOD, Emma E.7 Apr 1929CUMMINS, J. B. MG
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