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Jersey County Page     Jersey County History

Hamiltons’s Jersey County History – Illustrations

O. B. Hamilton

Court House

Court House 1872-1884

City Building

Farm Scenes

Disking the Stubble Ground

Farm Team at Work

Breaking the Soil

Wheat in the Stack

Bailing Threshed Straw


Aylward, John R. Jr., Thomas, James Aylward

Aylward, Delia Aylward, John R. Aylward

Barnes, Edward & Nellie Barnes

J. W. Becker Becken?

Breitweiser, Peter & Sophia Breitweiser

J. K. Cadwallader

Walter E. Carlin

Catt, Rev. S. Catt, Tabitha Catt

Day, ? E. Day & Bertha M., William A. Day

John Ewin

Charles F. Fales

Go?, Gotter?

Gotter?, G. Gotter/Gutter?

J. T. Grimes

Hanley, William M. Hanley & family

D. R. Henry

Hildred, William Hildred family

David W. Hunt family

Kirby, William & Experience Kirby

Chas. E. Lock

Louise R. Lock

Frank I. Lowe

Mains, James S. Mains, Stella M. Mains

Pearce, G. R. Pearce, Hattie Pearce

Powel, Joseph S. Powel, Antoinette V. Powel

Gerald G. Reardon

Rowley, possibly Frank Rowley?

J. S. Shea

Slaten, Geo. W. Slaten, Emma J. Slaten

Ludlow P. Squire

Matthew C. Stanley, and wife

Updike, Edith M. Updike, C. D. Updike

Martha E. VanDike

C. H. VanDike

Voorhees, G. R. Voorhees & family

Wallace, Clarence Wallace & wife

George W. Ware

Thomas C. Watson

Wieghard, Wm. Wieghard & family

Woolsey, Georgh H. Woolsey & family

Contributed by Marty Crull.

Jersey County Page     Jersey County History
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