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FieldonOtter Creek Correspondence From the Jersey County Democrat, June 1, 1866. Transcription will contain typos.

May 21, 1866.
Mr. Editor – I have just returned from an exploring excursion among the hills and valleys of Calhoun County – Having been honored by a visit from an old Geologist, Prof. H—l, from the northern part of this State, and the Professor being desirous of seeing the general lay of our geological formation, I proposed to go over to Calhoun. As I took many notes by the way, I will leave out some of the more scientific, and give your readers a general account of our trip. We started from Fieldon on Monday morning with two more added to our party. Mr. James E—-s, a well known merchant and land holder in the western part of our County, and Dr. —-d well known as a skillful disciple of Esculapius and one of the most genial interesting men it has been our good fortune to meet for many a day. While the Doctor and the Captain are packing the lunch and various other things to be taken with us, we will take a stroll about Fieldon and see how it looks. It is a small but very neat village, containing three stores, that of Mr. EADS being one of the largest country stores in the county. A large flouring mill, belonging to the Messrs. BELT, two blacksmith shops, with excellent workmen. Fieldon commands the trade of quite an extensive area of country, and will, in course of time, by greater facilities and larger assortments, swallow up all the smaller trade near it. It has, in times gone by, smelled a little of whiskey, but the doggeries are all removed, and it boasts of being a temperance town. It is incorporated, and no liquor is allowed to be sold within its limits. There is a very nicely kept saloon, neatly furnished, for gentlemen and ladies who wish a plate of good ice cream. Altogether it is a decent, orderly and respectable town.

We had the honor to grasp the good old Democratic hand of our old friend H. N. BELT, Sr., of Fieldon, who has just returned from a trip to New Orleans. He looks hale and hearty as ever. We love to take such men by the hand, for they are our great hearted christian pioneers, who by their example make any community better.

[After their investigation of the country side] . . . proceeded to the residence of Mr. Jacob REDDISH who lives near the foot of the ridge. Mr. Reddish has one of the finest residences in the western part of Jersey county.

Dear Santa, Fieldon, Illinois, December 9, 1927.

Dear Santa Claus:
     Please come on Christmas Eve. And please bring us some if not all, of the things for which we ask:

First Grade
     Little Mary Cope wants a doll, pair of rubbers, piano, candy, nuts and 2 new dresses
     Leola Seehausen, doll, go-cart and a ball for baby.
     Johnnie Haun, Flying airplane and a dancing clown.

Third Grade
     Mildred Gerson, Tricycle, dresser, bedroom slippers, dishes and candy.
     Phyllis Osburn, doll, roller skates, felt slippers, tricycle, candy.
     Augusta Russell, doll, doll-buggy, candy, kiddy car for brother.
     Orville Ridenour, sled, ball, tricycle.
     Mark Cope, wagon, tricycle, gun, pencil, rubber ball.
     Kenneth Steinhauer, Christmas Tree, wagon, one-price stocking, strolling bear, racer and hound dog.
     Rolland Looper, sled, air rifle, roller skates, electric train, saxophone, ball, glove, game of Dr. Quack.
     Leo Pruitt, sled, tricycle, roller skates, overshoes, ball, bat, glove, gun and a tablet
     Cloyde Cope, shooting star sled, costs 98 cents.
     Tray Shaw, sled, wagon, tricycle, shoes, rubbers and boxing gloves.

Fourth Grade
     Hazel Schaaf, doll, sled, story book, raincoat, and cap, beads, stockings, pencil box and doll for baby.
     Cleo Coombes, raincoat and cap, pair of galoshes, story book.
     Louis Bruegemann, roller skates, handkerchiefs, gloves, two pair stockings, story books, doll, candy.
     Harry Lee Kirby, Jr., ice skates, ‘King of Hill’ sled, books and a writing pen.
     Kersey Pruitt, sled, football, ice skates, ball glove, bat and story books.
     Russell Ridenour, I do want a sled and a bicycle.
     Seigel Haun, sled, ball, bat, boxing gloves, wagon.
     Everett Delp, sled, ice skates, baseball, glove, bat, boxing gloves.
     And please remember Miss Lawler, our teacher. From the Pupils of Fieldon Primary School

Contributed by Marty Crull and his volunteers.

Jersey County Page     Jersey County History
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