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Jersey County Businesses, 1879

There may be errors. The transcription may not be complete. From Marty Crull.

    Allen, Mrs. A. B. Clothing maker (modiste)
    Argust & Keating Lawyers
    Armstrong Bee Supplies
    Bell, Horace Lightening Rods
    Belt, Horatio Miller
    Bertman & Sons Clothing
    Block, Philip Merchant Tailor
    Bowman, S. H. & G. W. Ware Bankers
    Boynton, John Clocks & Watches
    Bradish, N. P. Furniture / New and used
    Busby, C. C. Grain Mill
    Callender, Will H. Artist
    Carroll, John Gardening & lawn care
    Carroll. A. J. Organs, sewing machines sales
    Casavan, Mrs. L. J. Jewlery
    Clark, Robert Carpenter
    Daniels, J. S. Cook Stoves & Ect.
    Davenport, Fred S. Patent solicitor
    Delzell Shoes & Boots only
    Dempsy, Wm. Hotel
    Dunn, Susie Trimmer in clothing shop
    Edgar & Co. Drug store and miscellaneous
    Eglehoff, George Carriages ect
    Ely, George Livery stables
    Embly, Frank Baggage handler at Depot
    Embly, Wm. Architecture
    English & English Lawyers
    Fenity, F. C. Nursery
    Fleak, A. D. Propieter, Grafton Boat Works
    Fletcher & Warren Men’s wear
    Ford, Mrs. Wm. Dress making
    Garrettson, Charley Postmaster-Grafton
    Goetten & Weighand Fieldon
    H.Gross -G.Warren-O. Snedeker Jersey Co. Farm Insurance-since 1861
    Hamilton, E. A. General Grocer
    Hill, Oscar & Harvey News Depot-Baseballs-Toys-Cigars Ect.
    Hinton, Abner Editor
    Holecombe, James Auctioneer
    Jarobe, E. L. Florist and Greenhouses
    Kegan, Mr. Elsah tunnel contractor
    Keith, Wm. Furniture Ect.
    Krotzsch Painter (buildings ect.)
    Laufkoetter, George Tobacconist
    Leak, Henry Carpenter/builder
    Levy, Jonas Tailor
    Lipp & Holmes Clothing ect.
    Littlefield & Greene & Co. Bankers–Kane
    Lobb, Horace M. Blacksmith and Implement Dealer-Kane
    Locke, James A. & Morris Real estate
    Loddeke & Diemunsch Merchant Tailors
    McClure, Rob. N. Blacksmith
    McNair, Bros. Farm Equipment
    Moore, N. B. & Isaac Butchers
    Murphy, D. J. Surveyor
    Myers & Brown Livery
    Myers, John Blacksmith
    Nagel, Fred Groceries, Ect.
    Newton, Robert Inventer/manufacturer of farm implements
    O’Haver, Howard Carpenter
    Olney, C. S. Merchant – Fieldon
    Pitt, A. F. Harness shop
    Porter, Palmer Hotel
    Powell & Son Carpenters
    Renfro, W. P. Financial & Land Agents
    Renfro, W. P. Sewing Machine Sales Agent
    Richards, Guy & Field Henry Groceries
    Roberts & Ferguson, Misses Dress making
    Robings, J. Medora Funeral Home
    Romer & Krumpanilzky Drugist
    Sabo, Casper Cemetery Sexton (700 graves in 13yrs)
    Scheffer H. & Son Shoe & Boot Makers
    Shackelford Farm Insurance
    Smith, A. C. Hatter
    Spangle, robert Tinware & Ect.
    Spencers Ice Cream
    Titus, Col. Smith Auctioneer
    Trepp & Halls Dry Goods & Carpets
    Tunehorst & Combs Pianos-Organs-Sewing Machines
    Van Horne & Duhadway Doctors
    Vanderslice, L. Confectionary –Elsah
    Vandervoorts, B. C. General Dry Merchandise
    Villinger’s Cream & Strawberries
    Vinson & Shackelford Insurance Agents
    Voorhees, Joe Fruits & ect.
    Waggoner & McDow ????
    Warren & Pogue Attorneys
    Webster, Edward Carpenter/builder
    West. W. W. Grain mill and 2 saw mills
    Whitenack, Jacob Grain buyer–Cockerells Edition
    Whitfield, Jack Fish vender
    Wiley John Grocer
Jersey County Page     Jersey County History
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