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Jersey County Page     Funeral Records

Jacoby Brother’sFuneral Home

Record of Funeral Index Book Seven
14 Aug. 1929 – 30 Sep. 1933

The record can include the following, but may not always have all the information. Name of person, where resided, date of death, date of funeral, where the funeral services were held, clergy, certifying physician, cause of death, occupation of person, marital status, religon, date of birth, age, name of father & mother, birthplace,where interred. And some financial information related to burial.

Each copy of the funeral record is $3.00. Include name, book & page number. Make all checks to:

    Tri County Newsletter
    RR 1 Box 9
    Carrollton, IL 62016

Name & Page

ABBOTT, Doris Jean, p. 295

ADAMS, Olive Ellen, p. 281

ADERTON, Martha Pauline, p. 19

ANDERSON, Herbert, p. 179

ANDREWS, Laura Ann, p. 239

ASHFORD, Raymond J., p. 288

ATCHISON, Frances ?. Mrs., p. 269

AYERS, Zadock Bowen, p. 152

BALLARD, Mary Elizabeth, p. 202

BALTUFF, Guy M., p. 8

BARCHUS, Maggie E., p. 140

BEATTY, Annie Mrs., p. 258

BEATY, Charles A., p. 153

BEATY, George, p. 211

BELL, Annie Mrs., p. 275

BELT, John H., p. 132

BENNETT, David C., p. 92

BENNETT, Lucinda Lee, p. 210

BERRY, John C., p. 135

BIRKENMEYER, Daniel Wesley, p. 117

BOHANNAN, ?, p. 90

BOKER, Fred, p. 49

BOOMER, Arthur Eugene, p. 146

BOOMER, Jesse D., p. 300

BOTKIN, Almira M. Mrs., p. 116

BOWEN, Marcia D., p. 89

BOWMAN, Harriet B. Mrs., p. 272

BRADSHAW, Mary Katherine, p. 134

BREITWEISER, Mabel, p. 101

BRICKEY, F. W., p. 166

BRIGGS, Ernest, p. 157

BRIGGS, Florence Mrs., p. 156

BROWN, Harry, p. 220

BROWN, Mott, p. 71

BROWN, Sarah A., p. 24

BRYANT, Florence E. Mrs., p. 72

BUNSEY, Mary Jane, p. 158

BURGE, James Henry, p. 3

BURNS, Thelma Virginia, p. 16

CALDWELL, Mary L., p. 283

CALLAHAN, Maurice E., p. 6

CALWELL, Mary H., p. 58

CAMPBELL, James, p. 150

CAMPBELL, Laura P., p. 131

CARROLL, Sylvia Irene, p. 79

CASEY, Ellen, p. 190

CASLICK, Daniel, p. 57

CATES, Jasper, p. 252

CATES, Virginia, p. 186

CATO, Howard Raymond, p. 240

CHRISTEN, Dominick, p. 38

CISSO, George A., p. 264

CONNERS, William, p. 65

COPE, Arch, p. 28

COPE, Rachel Lavine, p. 115

CORNELIUS, John Andrew, p. 139

CORNWELL, Cora E., p. 219

CRAY, Augustus L., p. 27

CRONE, Elizabeth Rae, p. 181

CROSS, Edward, p. 231

CRULL, James, p. 97

DA???, Luetta Mrs., p. 286

DALTON, Hilda Irene, p. 76

DARR, Ruth E., p. 98

DAUGHERTY, Adele Mrs., p. 52

DAVENPORT, Mary Ellen Mrs., p. 41

DAVENPORT, Thelma Fay, p. 130

DAVIS, Robert A., p. 252

DAVIS, S. D. A., p. 94

DAY, Emma R., p. 29

DAY, John, p. 106

DESHERLIA, Charles Curtis, p. 148

DODSON, Theodore, p. 36

DORSETT, Branson, p. 173

DOWER, Ellen Mrs., p. 217

DRAINER, George Peter, p. 48

DUNCAN, Isaiah C., p. 127

DUNHAM, Stephen A., p. 85

DUNHAM, William, p. 62

DUNSING, Ellen Green Mrs., p. 4

DYMOND, Mary Ellen, p. 169

EAST, Ruby Frances, p. 160

EBY, Irwin Eugene, p. 168

EDWARDS, ?. ?., p. 77

EGELHOFF, George, p. 109

ELLIOTT, Irene Mrs., p. 51

ELY, Miner T., p. 69

FAIRFAX, Amos, p. 256

FALK, Fred, p. 141

FERGUSON, J. Mrs., p. 183

FERRIS, Robert Franklin, p. 235

FERRIS, Sallie B. Admire Mrs., p. 74

FINCH, Mary Ellen, p. 278

FITZGERALD, Martha J., p. 80

FORTH, Mary E. Mrs., p. 90

FRAZIER, Robert E., p. 111

FREEND, Baruard F., p. 70

FREER, Mary Angelina, p. 145

FRITZ, Charles E., p. 159

GA???DINGER, Catherine Mrs., p. 105

GAUF, George, p. 34

GEARING, Mayme Slaten, p. 197

GIBSON, Cora Mrs., p. 113

GILLELAND, Samuel A., p. 129

GILMORE, Susan Mrs., p. 30

GISY, Lucia G., p. 33

GOINGS, Gertrude May, p. 234

GRANER, William, p. 196

GRAY, Charlotte, p. 263

GRAY, George W., p. 243

GREEN, John Wesley, p. 47

GREEN, Lela Mary, p. 164

GRIMES, Florence, p. 192

GRIMES, Isabella, p. 287

GROSS, John, p. 292

H?????, Adela Mrs., p. 221

H??????, Virginia Lowe, p. 170

HALL, Eugene, p. 270

HAMILTON, Cornelia Mrs., p. 273

HANLEY, Lottie A. Mrs., p. 118

HARMON, George A., p. 222

HARRIS, Joseph A., p. 124

HAUN, Emma Mrs., p. 54

HAYNES, Adam T., p. 64

HEIZAR, Ella McGannon, p. 100

HENSON, Catherine W., p. 232

HILL, Harry Bernard, p. 11

HILL, John Quincy, p. 289

HILL, William, p. 267

HONNEGGER, Henry, p. 44

HOPPER, Sarah Emma, p. 223

HORN, M. Mrs., p. 255

HOSEY, Edward, p. 212

HOUSEMAN, Homer C., p. 184

HOUSEMAN, Mary Alice, p. 294

HUGHES, Lucy Neil, p. 207

HUME, Martha L. Shobes, p. 67

HURLEY, John William, p. 39

ISABELL, William J., p. 249

ISRINGHAUSEN, Robert Lee, p. 78

JACOBY, Theodore L., p. 43

JENNINGS, Lois, p. 41

JOHNDROW, Velma Fay, p. 87

JOHNESEE, Lucile Mae, p. 153

JOHNSON, Asa Ben, p. 213

JOHNSON, Thomas B., p. 112

JOHNSTON, Jesse Barton, p. 199

JOHNSTON, Lewis Jr., p. 182

JONES, Creighton Ellsworth, p. 120

JOUETT, H., p. 149

KADEL, Wilhelmina, p. 121

KING, Ollie L. Nrs., p. 66

KINGSTON, Kate C. Mrs., p. 154

KIRCHNER, Charles H., p. 84

KNAPP, Catherine L., p. 225

KNAPP, Henrietta Mrs., p. 15

KRAMER, E???? Mae, p. 104

KRAUSHAAR, Erma Rose, p. 259

KRAUSHAAR, John, p. 53

KRAUSHAAR, Robert, p. 276

L???SCHE, Julia, p. 200

LAVENE, Thomas E., p. 171

LEWIS, Edward Jr., p. 108

LILES, Thomas L., p. 228

LOFTON, Charles N., p. 125

LONG, David, p. 244

LONG, Eliza E. Mrs., p. 193

MADDY, James Elbert, p. 233

MALLER, Isaac N., p. 86

MALLETT, Julius, p. 23

MARSHALL, Sarah Jane Mrs., p. 284

MASON, E. Ann Mrs., p. 230

MASON, E. Harvey, p. 265

McGRATH, Mary G. Mrs., p. 12

McKABNEY, Samuel, p. 126

McPHERON, James Harvey, p. 277

McREYNOLDS, Jessie Pearl, p. 99

McSTAY, Alice A., p. 191

MEDFORD, Barbara Alice, p. 162

MEYSENBURG, Ernest, p. 136

MEYSENBURG, Mary Hughes Mrs., p. 172

MILLER, Allen, p. 293

MILLER, Victoria Pauline, p. 188

MINER, Mary Mrs., p. 83

MOONEY, Elizabeth, p. 21

MORELAND, Rachel M., p. 178

MORGAN, Alfreda Mrs., p. 42

MORGAN, Juliet Mrs., p. 246

MOTTAZ, Luiela Aderton, p. 214

MUNDY, Thomas Wesley, p. 206

MURPHY, Shirley Jane, p. 114

MURRAY, Alfred, p. 299

NICHOLAS, Ona Mrs., p. 229

NITSCHKE, Anna C. Mrs., p. 187

OBERLIN, Clara E. Mrs., p. 209

OBERLIN, Melvina, p. 91

OSBURNE, Ruth M. Mrs., p. 55

OWENS, Emma R. Mrs., p. 291

PARSELL, Adelia C., p. 268

PARSELL, Jeremiah, p. 176

PARSELL, Paul A., p. 45

PETTY, Charles Isaac, p. 26

PETTY, Rose E., p. 144

PICKEREL, Donald J., p. 88

PIGUES, Agnes Marie, p. 198

POWEL, Anna K., p. 143

POWEL, George Warren, p. 31

POWEL, John F., p. 123

POWEL, Robert D., p. 165

POWERS, Addie Mrs., p. 60

PRESLEY, Ernest Eugene, p. 274

PRICE, Hannah E. Mrs., p. 25

PRICE, Matilda Mrs., p. 93

PRUITT, Cora S., p. 223

PULLIAN, Winfried W. Dr., p. 218

QUINN, John T., p. 103

QUINN, Thomas H., p. 215

R?G??HARDT, Martha Mrs., p. 5

RAMIREZ, Mae Mrs., p. 271

REDLICK, Sarah E. Mrs., p. 254

REDLICK, William L., p. 216

REED, Patsy Ruth, p. 13

RENNISON, William Edgar, p. 177

REYNOLDS, Edgar William, p. 281

RHOADS, Samuel H., p. 50

RICHIE, Clarinda Mrs., p. 147

ROARK, H????, p. 102

ROBB, Alex C., p. 35

ROBERTS, Rosella C., p. 73

RODIMER, Charles Leslie, p. 290

ROSS, William, p. 175

RUDOLPH, Charles, p. 37

RUSSEL, RUEBEN Mrs., p. 75

SANDIDGE, Joel Frederick, p. 279

SCHAAF, Julia, p. 17

SCHAAF, Louis, p. 296

SCHATTGEN, Andrew Jackson, p. 282

SCHRIEBER, Louisa, p. 167

SEAGO, Douglas, p. 174

SECHRET, Laurel LeRoy, p. 247

SEIK, William Franklin, p. 238

SHAFER, Harry W., p. 204

SHOBE, Mary Ophelia, p. 46

SIMPSON, Levi, p. 266

SIMPSON, Martha, p. 122

SINCLAIR, Frances Loretta, p. 110

SLATEN, Emma I., p. 119

SLATEN, George W., p. 208

SLATEN, Lee Burbridge, p. 68

SLATEN, M?????? M., p. 194

SLATEN, Mary Eva Mrs., p. 32

SLATEN, Thomas Leander, p. 241

SPAULDING, Theddaus N., p. 261

SPENCER, Rebecca Pittman Mrs., p. 22

SPRI?H, Frank Joseph, p. 226

SPRIGGS, Riley Floyd, p. 262

SPRINGMAN, Francis, p. 10

SPRINGMAN, Jacqueline Ann, p. 189

STAHL, Eliza Mrs., p. 107

STONE, John M., p. 248

STREBEL, William, p. 95

SUMNER, William T., p. 242

SUNDERLAND, Carrie S. Mrs., p. 250

SUNDERLAND, James S., p. 138

SUNDERLAND, John P., p. 257

SUNDERLAND, Marcus B., p. 63

SUTTON, Louisiana, p. 180

SWEELY, Oscar M., p. 142

SWORTS, William, p. 297

TAYLOR, L??? Mrs., p. 245

THATCHER, Jennie, p. 236

THAXTON, Ethel Virginia, p. 81

TUCKER, Thelma May, p. 161

TWEEDY, Willis, p. 96

ULRICH, William, p. 18

WADDLE, James Herbert, p. 9

WALKOFF, Elizabeth, p. 18?

WALLACE, Eli M., p. 1?

WARD, Robert William, p. 195

WATERS, Hattie ?., p. 59

WATT, Frances Ann, p. 1

WATTS, Jesse C., p. 137

WEBB, Carrie Ann Mrs., p. 251

WEDDING, Mary G., p. 151

WEISS, T????? G????? Mrs., p. 2

WHITE, Charles Henry, p. 8?

WHITEHEAD, Margaret B., p. 2?

WHITENACK, Alma Mrs., p. 128

WHITENACK, Harry, p. 29?

WIENEKE, Frederick, p. 5?

WILLIAM, Charles, p. 205

WILLIAM, William H., p. 163

WILLIAMS, Lucy Belle Mrs., p. 26?

WISER, Emma Mrs., p. 285

WISER, T???, p. 227

WOOD, Antoinette Mrs., p. 15?

WOODBURY, Robert E., p. 203

WORTHY, James Frank, p. 61

WYLER, Thomas C. H., p. 201

YOUNG, Howard, p. 237

Jersey County Page     Funeral Records
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