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Jersey County Page     Funeral Records

Jacoby Brother’sFuneral Home

Record of Funeral Index Book Eight
4 Oct. 1933 – 27 Nov. 1936

The record can include the following, but may not always have all the information. Name of person, where resided, date of death, date of funeral, where the funeral services were held, clergy, certifying physician, cause of death, occupation of person, marital status, religon, date of birth, age, name of father & mother, birthplace,where interred. And some financial information related to burial.

Each copy of the funeral record is $3.00. Include name, book & page number. Make all checks to:

    Tri County Newsletter
    RR 1 Box 9
    Carrollton, IL 62016

Name & Page

ALBERT, Clara A., p. 275

ALWARD, John, p. 193

ANDREWS, Alice Ruth Mrs., p. 17

ANDREWS, Emma T???? Mrs., p. 47

ANDREWS, Eugene Leslie, p. 286

ANDREWS, John, p. 113

AYERS, Maurieta Ruth, p. 104

AYRES, Olive Ruth, p. 234

BAIRD, Clara M. Mrs., p. 82

BAKER, Zarilela Frances Mrs., p. 62

BAPTIST, Florence C. Mrs., p. 48

BARR, Luther G., p. 259

BEARD, Mary N., p. 142

BEATTY, Leila McClure Mrs., p. 249

BEATY, Carl E., p. 148

BECKER, Joseph W., p. 250

BILLINGS, James E., p. 2

BLACKORBY, Leona, p. 124

BLAESER, Theresa Mrs., p. 297

BOEDY, Daniel, p. 107

BOKER, Margaret E., p. 51

BOREN, Alice Sophia, p. 179

BOWEN, Janet Gayle, p. 66

BOWERS, Harry E., p. 231

BOWLER, Barbara Mrs., p. 30

BRACY, Ada B. Mrs., p. 131

BRADSHAW, Hattie M. Mrs., p. 229

BRADSHAW, Martha Jane, p. 139

BREITWEISER, Peter, p. 188

BRIDGES, Henry W., p. 11

BRIGGS, Emily Mrs., p. 157

BROCKMEYER, John H., p. 228

BROWN, John P., p. 93

BURCH, Jacob, p. 199

BRUN?, Mary J., p. 300

BRUSH, Betty Louise, p. 260

BURCH, Perry Alvin, p. 138

BUSCH, Nettie Rice, p. 265

CALHOUN, Clarissa Jane, p. 118

CAMPBELL, Mareitta, p. 3

CARRICO, John C., p. 121

CASLICK, Nancy J., p. 166

CATT, Charles, p. 43

CATT, Tabitha S., p. 151

CHILDERS, Harvey, p. 175

CISCO, Roscoe A., p. 276

CLARK, Lewis Martin, p. 240

CLENDENEN, Lillie M., p. 95

CONNERS, John F., p. 137

COOKE, Marion E., p. 64

COOKE, Palmyra Brown, p. 170

COPE, Nathan, p. 112

COPE, William Henry, p. 201

COPE, William Jacob, p. 169

CORNS, Rhoda Hannah, p. 6

CRULL, Orville Charles, p. 87

CUMMINGS, Eva L. S., p. 194

CUMMINGS, John R., p. 296

CUMMINGS, Margaret L. Mrs., p. 63

CUNNINGHAM, John, p. 222

CURRY, Doris Louise, p. 108

DALTON, Kenneth Loren, p. 202

DANIELS, Beatrice Mrs., p. 89

DAUBMANN, Sophia Susie, p. 102

DAUM, D., p. 97

DAVENPORT, George W., p. 248

DAWSON, William R., p. 59

DAY, Mary, p. 13

DAY, Sarah Mrs., p. 225

DEEDS, Minerva East Mrs., p. 232

DELPH, John, p. 226

DEMPSEY, Hattie Mrs., p. 289

DeSHERLIA, George F, p. 96

DeSHERLIA, Mary Lou, p. 110

DEVENING, Hester Mrs., p. 298

DODGE, Laura R., p. 203

DODSON, Emina M., p. 34

DORSETT, Elizabeth, p. 219

DOWER, William J., p. 91

DUNHAM, Dewell L., p. 283

DUNSING or DEVENING, George, p. 217

DWYER, Charlene Elizabeth, p. 258

EDWARDS, Pat Lee, p. 58

EMMONS, Louis, p. 117

ENOS, Joseph W. Dr., p. 98

ERWIN, Louis Elmer, p. 39

ERWIN, Mary Cockrell Mrs., p. 174

ERWIN, Walter Edgar, p. 292

EVANS, Earl LeRoy, p. 94

EVANS, William Isaac, p. 268

FALLOWELL, Curry, p. 108

FARMER, Ellen Lucile Mrs., p. 92

FARMER, Mary E., p. 251

FESENIMAYER, Frank A., p. 299

FLOWERS, Benjamin, p. 14

FORD, Aaron N., p. 53

FOSHA, Rosie Helen, p. 57

FOSTER, William Henry, p. 143

FRALEY, Augusta, p. 20

FRANZ, Martha Louise Mrs., p. 86

FREER, Margaret Ada, p. 50

FRITZ, Zana Mrs. (George), p. 287

FRY, Fred, p. 36

GAITHER, William Rev., p. 278

GARDINER, James B., p. 150

GIERS, Catherine Mrs., p. 55

GIERS, Louis J. Dr., p. 267

GISY, Martha, p. 230

GLASSBRENNER, George Leonard, p. 71

GODAR, Leon, p. 76

GOODRICH, Katherine J. Mrs., p. 106

GOWIN, George F., p. 35

GRAHAM, Abbie Gill Mott, p. 160

GRANER, Buelah Anne, p. 65

GRANER, Jannis M., p. 224

GREELING, Edward Charles, p. 200

GREEMAN, Barnett Mrs., p. 252

GREEN, William L., p. 69

HAGEN, George, p. 167

HAGEN, Margaretha Mrs. (John G), p. 85

HAGEN, Wesley William, p. 141

HANES, Catherine Louise, p. 67

HARRIS, Moses Charles, p. 120

HEMBROW, Eva May, p. 273

HENRION, Marcella Louise, p. 83

HENSON, Madison, p. 163

HERRING, Margarett Effie Mrs., p. 262

HEWITT, William A., p. 254

HIGGINS, Mabel May, p. 292

HILDRED, John Edw., p. 25

HOPPE, Henry C., p. 77

HORN, John W. Pat, p. 180

HUGHES, John Harvey, p. 56

HUGHES, Joseph, p. 269

HUGHES, Leonora Mrs., p. 23

ISRINGHAUSEN, Dean, p. 181

ISRINGHAUSEN, Richard Dale, p. 173

JACKSON, Stephen Arthur, p. 12

JACOBSON, Christena, p. 198

JACOBY, Casper J., p. 90

JOHNSON, Katherine M., p. 208

JONES, James Jr., p. 280

KANALLAKAN, Frank A., p. 196

KASLICK, Henry, p. 263

KEENE, Betrice Fairfax Mrs., p. 182

KIRCHNER, Marie Anna, p. 237

KIRCHNER, Otha O., p. 281

KNAPP, Susan G., p. 223

KNIGHT, Helen E., p. 204

KRUSE, August W., p. 28

LANDON, Charles Clayton, p. 78

LAWSON, Mary Mrs., p. 279

LEAK, Esther C., p. 45

LEGATE, Freda, p. 87

LEGATE, Grace, p. 87

LEGATE, Luther, p. 210

LITTLE, Joyce E., p. 215

LONG, Blanche L., p. 16

LUMLEY, Grace E., p. 288

LYNCH, Patrick H., p. 72

MacDOUGAL, Augus, p. 209

MACKELDEN, Ada May, p. 187

MACKELDEN, John W., p. 189

MACKELDON, Malinda Mrs., p. 195

MADDY, Clydie Mae, p. 227

MANNING, William M., p. 211

MARSHALL, Clarence, p. 127

MATTHEWS, David, p. 68

McCOY, Dolla, p. 176

McKINNEY, Donald Lee, p. 186

MEYER, George, p. 158

MEYERS, Edward A., p. 233

MILLAR, Minnie Mrs., p. 161

MILLER, Francis M., p. 136

MILLER, John, p. 293

MITZEL, Ruth Anne, p. 101

MOORE, Melvin Woodrow, p. 212

MORGAN, Sarah Elizabeth, p. 7

MOURNING, Ellen Sandidge Mrs., p. 81

MUNDLE, Charlotte, p. 191

MURPHY, Russell Dale, p. 238

MURRAY, Katherine Graner, p. 111

N??WIRTH, Joseph Dr., p. 128

N?VUS, Christopher, p. 33

NEVIUS, Margaret Ann (Chris), p. 206

NEVLIN, Earl E., p. 74

NICHOLAS, Obie C., p. 80

NUTT, William, p. 122

OBERLIN, Urias, p. 115

O’NEIL, Mary, p. 140

OWENS,, p. 21

PADF??D, Charles A., p. 40

PARSELL, Effie C. Mrs., p. 190

PARSELL, James S., p. 145

PEACOCK, Jesse Dr., p. 162

PEGUES, Gertrude Rose, p. 22

PERRY, Philip Eugene, p. 44

PERRY, Sarah A. Mrs., p. 284

PETERS, Edward L., p. 32

POWEL, George V., p. 146

POWERS, James Douglas, p. 100

PRICE, Alice M., p. 153

PROUGH, Margaret, p. 133

PRUITT, Robert Louis, p. 152

PRUITT, Walter, p. 129

QUANTE, Herman J., p. 264

QUITT, Pauline, p. 26

RAUFT, Alvin L., p. 239

REED, Fred E., p. 185

RICHEY, Mary Agnes Mrs., p. 294

RICHEY, Mary Mrs., p. 119

RIDENOUR, Amanda Louella, p. 75

RITCHEY, W. P., p. 155

ROADY, Winnie, p. 266

ROBERTS, Dorothy Ruth, p. 54

ROERIG, Annie Mrs., p. 27

ROERIG, Anthony, p. 46

ROERIG, Frank N., p. 125

ROWLING, Pearl James, p. 52

RUDOLPH, Earnest, p. 256

RUSSELL, Reuben J., p. 245

RUTHERFORD, John P., p. 235

RYAN, Ada Janet, p. 214

SAUER, Sophie Mrs., p. 49

SCHAAF, Gustave, p. 247

SCHAAF, Sophia N. Mrs., p. 18

SCHANG, Frederick, p. 241

SCHILLE, George P., p. 144

SCHMIDT, Julia B. A. Mrs., p. 205

SCHNEIDER, Ada Leah Mrs., p. 207

SEAGO, Anna Houghtlin, p. 9

SEARS, Elizabeth Ann, p. 164

SEARS, Oliver T., p. 183

SEIGER, Carrie C. Mrs., p. 60

SHAW, Charles Herman, p. 218

SHAW, Hubert N., p. 70

SHAW, John, p. 42

SHEA, John Stephen, p. 156

SIMPSON, Gail Yvonne, p. 171

SINCLAIR, Samuel, p. 197

SKIFF, Billie Park, p. 178

SLATEN, Mary I., p. 192

SMITH, Hartford C., p. 221

SNEDEKER, Annie E., p. 38

SNYDER, Herbert, p. 255

SOWELL, Catherine Ann, p. 271

SPAULDING, Clarence T., p. 114

SPENCER, Anna E., p. 257

SPENCER, Sarah Ann, p. 242

SPRIGGS, Charles Roy, p. 99

SPRIGGS, Herbert, p. 15

SPRINGMAN, Cathleen Mrs., p. 213

SPROWEL, Marilyn Jean, p. 246

SPRY, Georgia Lucinda, p. 261

STAATS, Annie Mrs., p. 1

STAATS, George Henry William, p. 19

STANLEY, Isabelle, p. 109

STEMMLER, Anna Louise, p. 154

STEPHENSON, Phebe Ann Mrs., p. 168

STONE, Rebecca A., p. 277

STONE, William A., p. 4

STROUD, Wiley O., p. 73

SUMMERS, Rosella, p. 270

SUNDERLAND, Barbara Mrs. James, p. 8

SUNDERLAND, Laviana E., p. 132

SUTTON, Frances Gertrude, p. 105

SUTTON, Helen G., p. 220

TACK, Albert M., p. 5

TERRY, Thomas, p. 172

THACKER, Louise, p. 31

THOMPSON, William Henry, p. 123


THURSTON, Elizabeth Mrs., p. 149

THURSTON, Theodore, p. 126

TUCKER, Sarah C., p. 88

VAHLE, Theresa, p. 177

VAN DYKE, Walter, p. 236

VEGGAS, Sam, p. 285

WADDLE, James, p. 147

WADE, Elvira G., p. 216

WAGGONER, John T., p. 134

WAGNER, Annie Marie Mrs., p. 130

WALTZ, Arthur F., p. 244

WARREN, Caroline Stanley Mrs., p. 61

WATSON, Samuel Madison Dr., p. 10

WEDDING, James, p. 103

WEDDING, Phil, p. 282

WELCH, Alexander, p. 79

WEST, Della Mrs., p. 41

WHALEN, John E. Jr., p. 290

WILCOX, Fred Benjamin, p. 165

WILDT, Anna M., p. 243

WILLIAM, Rush Dean, p. 84

WILLIAMS, James F., p. 295

WILLIS, Algie, p. 116

WILSON, Theodore, p. 24

WYLDER, Lucy, p. 135

YOCUM, Jean R., p. 184

YOUNG, Matilda, p. 274

YOUNG, Romalee, p. 29

ZAHN, Charles Gustave, p. 159

Jersey County Page     Funeral Records
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