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Jersey County Page     Funeral Records

Gubser Funeral Home

Record of Funeral Index Book Seven
7 Jan 1943 – 31 Dec 1948

The record can include the following, but may not always have all the information. Name of person, where resided, date of death, date of funeral, where the funeral services were held, clergy, certifying physician, cause of death, occupation of person, marital status, religon, date of birth, age, name of father & mother, birthplace,where interred. And some financial information related to burial.

Each copy of the funeral record is $3.00. Include name, book & page number. Make all checks to:

    Tri County Newsletter
    RR 1 Box 9
    Carrollton, IL 62016

Name & Page

Abeln, John Herman, p. 145

Allen, James A., p. 175

Allen, Rose Ida, p. 44

Ambrose, Sarah Ann Dunham, p. 64

Angel, Katie I., p. 22

Ayres, Joseph Franklin, p. 209

Ballard, Will, p. 221

Barton, Christopher, p. 126

Barton, Ernest C., p. 76

Beaty, Eliza Jane, p. 177

Beaty, John N., p. 183

Bell, Charles N., p. 55

Bell, Harry N., p. 43

Beneke, Ernest, p. 165

Beneke, Gertrude E., p. 285

Best, Charles Thomas, p. 219

Besterfeldt, Margaret, p. 241

Blackburn, Flora G., p. 58

Blanke, Raymond Gerald, p. 144

Boehm, Frederick C., p. 181

Boehm, Mable M., p. 106

Boushka, John, p. 200

Bowersock, Emma G., p. 62

Bowling, Wanda, p. 286

Branier, Florence Stroud, p. 115

Brauning, August, p. 193

Breitweiser, Frank Wm., p. 73

Breitweiser, John, p. 290

Brickey, Nellie, p. 40

Burns, Mary Elizabeth, p. 293

Busch, Carria A., p. 202

Calhoun, Mary Ann, p. 46

Callaway, Johanna 11

Calvert, James W., p. 163

Campion, Julia, p. 264

Carey, George Charles, p. 291

Chandler, Alfred, p. 250

Chapman, Theodore S., p. 26

Chappee, Bert, p. 273

Clarke, Robert, p. 297

Cline, Edward, p. 133

Coates, Laura, p. 39

Cockrell, Charles K., p. 254

Cooper, Cora E., p. 186

Cope, Walter J., p. 149

Cornwell, Katherine, p. 155

Cory, Harry, p. 132

Cottingham, Elizabeth A., p. 91

Cowen, Gertrude G., p. 194

Cray, Augusta, p. 88

Cray, Herbert D., p. 95

Cray, Leslie, p. 87

Croxford, John A., p. 251

Cummings, Fred S., p. 259

Cummings, William, p. 156

Cunningham, George Lloyd, p. 203

Cunningham, James, p. 100

Czaia, Roger Lee, p. 242

Dabbs, Linley, p. 212

Daniels, John, p. 152

Darr, Louise Bell, p. 29

Davidson, Louisa Viola, p. 6

Dawson, Ida Bell, p. 261

Dawson, John K. Jr., p. 192

Dawson, Thomas, p. 77

Dean, Alfred Frederick, p. 105

DeSherlia, Claude, p. 274

Dougherty, William, p. 262

Downs, Mary Ida, p. 247

Downs, Velma Louise, p. 148

Drulard, Jessie Lewis, p. 14

DuHadway, Lucia O., p. 210

Dunbar, Benjamin H., p. 50

Dunham, Laura Ann, p. 111

Edwards, Anna Sophia, p. 44

Ely, Tillie, p. 213

Emmerson, Howard, p. 138

Engel, Leo A., p. 195

Erb, Louis Carl, p. 102

Erwin, Marilyn Yvonne, p. 229

Everts, Emma L., p. 104

Falkner, John Sr., p. 97

Farmer, Jesse J., p. 284

Farmer, John W., p. 234

Farris, Mary Alberta (twin), p. 174

Farris, Sarah Pauline (twin), p. 197

Felter, Joyce Maxine, p. 147

Flaugher, Mary Jane, p. 56

Fleming, Harriet, p. 80

Fletcher, Luella Barr, p. 75

Flowers, Harry, p. 295

Ford, Thomas S., p. 103

Frazer, Frederick, p. 13

Freand, theresa, p. 258

Freeman, Benjamin, p. 48

Fulkerson, Mary Alice, p. 151

Gamerdinger, Georgianna, p. 33

Ginger, Rachel Whitlock, p. 199

Gledhill, Henry Robert Dr., p. 70

Goen, Shirley, p. 129

Goewey, Paul, p. 89

Gorham, John E., p. 124

Gowin, Leonard, p. 34

Greathouse, Gertrude 179

Grether, Ella Belle, p. 86

Griesemer, William Charles, p. 139

Griffin, Charles Wesley, p. 21

Griffin, Emmert Edw. PFC, p. 260

Groppel, Louis Henry, p. 245

Gubser, Henry J., p. 277

Gunterman, Joseph, p. 176

Hagen, William Henry, p. 222

Hall, Evelyn, p. 265

Halter, Babies, p. 24

Hamilton, Ormond, p. 101

Hanks, Homer L., p. 85

Hawkins, Mary O., p. 143

Hayes, Telithia, p. 79

Hays, Olney, p. 30

Hazelwood, Mary Ann, p. 45

Heiderscheid, Alice, p. 90

Heiderscheid, Carrie, p. 217

Henson, Ida Boston, p. 169

Herder, Mary Ann, p. 1

Herrmann, Emma, p. 292

Hewitt, Hannah Martha, p. 98

Hewitt, Maria, p. 121

Hooper, Sarah, p. 47

Hunter, Charles Wesley, p. 78

Hunter, John L., p. 140

Ieppert, Frederick B., p. 178

Irwin, Patience, p. 270

Jaynes, Alice Ardell, p. 28

Jenkins, Susie, p. 36

Johnson, Luther M., p. 16

Karr, Emma Sophia, p. 27

Keehner, Archie, p. 130

Keehner, John, p. 131

Keehner, Sarah Jane, p. 113

Keeley, Edy Ellen, p. 37

Kelly, Eleanor, p. 20

Keyes, Edw. E. SGT, p. 239

King, Frank B., p. 224

King, Hershel V., p. 66

Kirchner, Charlotte, p. 83

Knight, David LeRoy, p. 252

Kraushaar, Charles, p. 236

Kraushaar, Monroe Clayton, p. 172

Krotzsch, G. J. Dr., p. 249

Lacey, Catherine M., p. 238

Lake, Sarah, p. 107

Lanham, Thomas Elmer, p. 116

Larby, George Walter Jr., p. 123

Lester, Carrol, p. 110

Levi, Delilah Catherine, p. 218

Locke, Anna M., p. 51

Lyall, Anna H., p. 2

Lyall, William, p. 4

Lyles, Myrtle Alice, p. 52

Lynn, Ellis, p. 255

Malloy, Nellie S., p. 296

Maltimore, Minnie, p. 248

Marshall, Dora Bell, p. 159

Marshall, William E., p. 81

Matevy, Elizabeth, p. 137

Mayhall, Helen, p. 282

Mayhall, James Henry, p. 278

McFain, Josephine Pruiett, p. 57

McGrew, James, p. 92

McHugh, Etta, p. 94

McKenna, Laverne, p. 42

McNear, Clara, p. 185

McNear, Grace Ann, p. 204

McQuality, John, p. 168

Meisenheimer, Ada Nail, p. 275

Milem, Sarah Olive, p. 61

Milner, Darrell Wayne, p. 220

Mitchell, Bertha Hester, p. 208

Moore, Gertrude Ann, p. 294

Moses, Eliza, p. 120

Mowen, Mary Jane, p. 63

Murphy, Delilah C., p. 93

Murphy, Henry C., p. 214

Murrell, Gloria Jean, p. 206

Nelson, Kattie, p. 266

Nelson, Nellie, p. 263

Nelson, Theodore, p. 215

Nelson, William E., p. 267

Nimz, Amelia, p. 9

Nott, Ida Belle, p. 22

Parish, John, p. 198

Pegram, Emma, p. 109

Pellikaan, Stephan 184

Perkins, Sherrill Jean, p. 84

Perrrine, Grace, p. 118

Pistol, Winfield Scott, p. 122

Powers, Joshua, p. 65

Price, Albert, p. 141

Price, Alma B., p. 190

Price, Elmer Eugene, p. 125

Price, Rhoda Ann, p. 170

Pruitt, Ernest E., p. 240

Rae, Rachela, p. 114

Ramsey, Cordelia Bell, p. 59

Ramsey, Leroy, p. 19

Ramsey, Rose Mary Cummings, p. 25

Randolph, Alice C., p. 10

Randolph, Selina, p. 7

Reed, Edwin, p. 271

Reed, Mary, p. 272

Reno, Susan I., p. 32

Rice, D. J. O., p. 53

Rice, Joseph A., p. 216

Rice, Olive Irene, p. 74

Rister, Joseph H., p. 289

Rives, John W., p. 153

Rodger, Viola, p. 5

Roerhig, Anna, p. 150

Rowden, Clara, p. 182

Rue, Florence Gertrude 246

Rue, Mary Lovina, p. 146

Ruyle, Thomas B., p. 119

Sandidge, Robert Francis, p. 256

Sayer, William Franklin, p. 82

Schell, Eddie Connors 189

Schmidt, Rosalea J., p. 164

Schulte, Joanna Bonita, p. 67

Schultz, Frederick William, p. 167

Schultz, William Edwin, p. 31

Scoggins, James William, p. 227

Sconce, Mahalia, p. 68

Sears, Charles, p. 128

Sears, Mary E., p. 112

Segar, william, p. 230

Shandrow, ?, p. 171

Shandrow, Elvin Floyd, p. 136

Shaw, George Ann, p. 173

Shaw, Simon Peter, p. 72

Simpson, William T., p. 276

Slover, Joe, p. 108

Smalley, Gertrude, p. 54

Snider, Rachel Annie, p. 232

Spangle, Leslie R., p. 243

Springman, George, p. 237

Squiers, Walter Green, p. 188

Stanton, John Leo, p. 154

Stillman, Robert LeRoy, p. 142

Stone, Bertha Maude, p. 228

Stone, Rosemary, p. 127

Sunderland, Daniel, p. 287

Sunderland, Edw., p. 158

Taylor, Alex A., p. 60

Terry, Charles H., p. 226

Thiel, George, p. 117

Thompson, Cyrena S., p. 225

Thompson, Shirley K., p. 160

Tiburzi, Marilyn Kay, p. 157

Titsworth, Edw. Leon, p. 235

Tonkinson, George, p. 135

Tucker, Charles J., p. 104

Tucker, Laura Alice, p. 180

Tuetken, Minnie D., p. 279

Unknown, Male, p. 280

Vinson, George, p. 231

Voorhees, Nina T., p. 252

Wade, Marion Lee, p. 223

Wadlow, Barbara Sue, p. 8

Wallace, Clarence C., p. 99

Wallendorff, Amina Etta, p. 3

Warren, Alex Arthur, p. 233

Warren, Earless Arthur, p. 201

Watts, James Arthur, p. 162

Wayham, Harold Damon, p. 288

Weaver, William Laverne, p. 35

Webb, Marie, p. 196

Welch, John, p. 38

Weller, Fred, p. 161

Wenzel, Josephine, p. 207

Westfall, Charles Lee, p. 12

Westfall, Phillip, p. 211

White, Sarah Fulkerson, p. 69

Whitfield, John, p. 17

Whitfield, Zelphia, p. 18

Whitlow, Hugh, p. 257

Wiegand, Addie A., p. 205

Wiegand, Albert L., p. 96

Williams, Georgia Rice, p. 166

Wiseman, Jacob J., p. 281

Woodruff Emma, p. 15

Woodruff, Hattie, p. 283

Woods, Sue J., p. 191

Worthy, Charles Edward, p. 71

Worthy, Mary C., p. 187

Zimmermann, Frank, p. 244

Jersey County Page     Funeral Records
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