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Jersey County Page     Funeral Records

Gubser Funeral Home

Record of Funeral Index Book Eight
5 Jan 1949 – 24 Feb 1956

The record can include the following, but may not always have all the information. Name of person, where resided, date of death, date of funeral, where the funeral services were held, clergy, certifying physician, cause of death, occupation of person, marital status, religon, date of birth, age, name of father & mother, birthplace,where interred. And some financial information related to burial.

Each copy of the funeral record is $3.00. Include name, book & page number. Make all checks to:

    Tri County Newsletter
    RR 1 Box 9
    Carrollton, IL 62016

Abbott, Christy Lynn, p. 171

Akard, Margaret Lurton, p. 283

Anderson, Marcella B., p. 240

Arnold, Josef J. Sr., p. 35

Assmann, Fred J., p. 56

Baker, John D., p. 156

Balcom, Harry Lee, p. 157

Ballard, Nora Elizabeth, p. 180

Barnes, Harriet Alice, p. 89

Barnes, Irene, p. 110

Barnett, Allen O., p. 159

Barnett, Phoebe N., p. 158

Barr, Abner, p. 234

Barr, Grace, p. 253

Barton, Harry, p. 43

Beaty, Henry Ross, p. 58

Bell, Mattie G., p. 163

Besterfeldt, Henry Thomas, p. 104

Biederman, Anna J., p. 168

Blish, Harry Luke, p. 62

Bode, Maria, p. 202

Bond, Della, p. 150

Bone, David LeRoy, p. 200

Boner, Mary A., p. 98

Boner, Mary Otilla, p. 45

Boner, William A., p. 44

Boucher, Harold Joseph, p. 189

Bradshaw, Emily, p. 130

Brannan, James A., p. 210

Brant, Lillie J., p. 264

Brauning, Mary, p. 294

Breitweiser, Fred, p. 132

Breitweiser, Lillie Ross, p. 81

Breitweiser, Robert E., p. 120

Bridges, Floyd E., p. 181

Brockman, Lewis H., p. 133

Brockman, Lilhan, p. 34

Brown, Olive L., p. 77

Buchholz, Barbara, p. 33

Buckles, John Everett, p. 173

Campbell, Joshua N., p. 211

Campbell, Nannie, p. 287

Campbell, Phebe Parcilla, p. 124

Campion, Eva, p. 179

Carroll, William Calvin, p. 249

Cary, Charles C., p. 263

Cary, Nellie Irene, p. 184

Case, Rosalie Albertie, p. 183

Cason, Henry, p. 262

Cason, Tessie W., p. 55

Catt, Henry J., p. 276

Chappell, Arthur Elmer, p. 47

Chappell, Charles M., p. 127

Chappell, Darrell Lee, p. 28

Church, George William, p. 250

Clampitt, Samuel Riley, p. 14

Cline, Elizabeth M., p. 134

Cockrell, Charles K., p. 141

Cockrell, Charlotte, p. 139

Cockrell, Elias, p. 140

Cockrell, Frank B., p. 143

Cockrell, George C., p. 154

Cockrell, James H., p. 142

Cope, Effie M., p. 273

Cope, Fannie, p. 91

Cope, Loney M., p. 135

Cope, Virginia, p. 36

Cory, Charles E., p. 63

Cottingham, Ira, p. 288

Cowan, Lela, p. 113

Cray, Herbert Davis, p. 71

Cray, Minerva Davis, p. 70

Crull, Jasper, p. 108

Culver, Justina Greene, p. 107

Cummings, Henry, p. 60

Cunningham, John W. 278

Cunningham, Mary, p. 25

Dabbs, A. J. “Bub”, p. 111

Dabbs, Hazel “Mickie”, p. 203

Daly, Mary E., p. 160

Daniels, ethel, p. 97

Darr, Jennie, p. 214

Daum, Dieter, p. 194

davenport, Stella, p. 188

Davis, Howard D., p. 199

Davis, Stephanie Ann, p. 222

Dawdy, C. C. Rev., p. 256

Day, Sherry Lynn, p. 5

Delling, Nelle, p. 197

Dixon, Raymond A., p. 10

Donohoe, Mary M., p. 246

Donohoe, Wayne Francis, p. 186

Downs, Everett, p. 26

Dunham, Gladys, p. 17

Durney, Nellie, p. 88

Early, Retha Marie, p. 190

Eastman, Addie, p. 293

Eastman, Anna M., p. 78

Edwards, Eleanor “Berle”, p. 175

Eisler, Michael E., p. 82

Ellenbaum, Della L., p. 257

Ellis, James, p. 65

Embley, Irene, p. 138

Erb, Sophie, p. 112

Erwin, Mary A., p. 191

Everetts, Myron V., p. 177

Ewin, Edw., p. 261

Falkner, Charles Nelson, p. 6

Ferke, Arthur, p. 268

Feyerabend, Bert Frederick, p. 228

Foley, Jesse James, p. 109

Ford, Cora E., p. 129

Frazer, Jeanie, p. 282

Frazer, Margaret Ellen, p. 66

Freeman, Sarah J., p. 4

Fryman, Levit, p. 119

Garber, Mary c., p. 170

Gerson, Ulrica, p. 231

Gibbons, Martin, p. 86

Gilbreth, Rex, p. 289

Gill, John Henry, p. 284

Gleespin, Ida B., p. 247

Goodman, Ida Mae, p. 193

Goodman, Melvin N., p. 149

Gray, Paul T., p. 1

Griffin, Mitchel, p. 280

Groppel, Grace, p. 51

Gunterman, Gertrude May, p. 116

Hagen, Stacy Renee (twin), p. 281

Hagen, Tracy Kay (twin), p. 281

Hall, John W., p. 215

Hammel, Verbena, p. 254

Handler, Oscar, p. 126

Harlan, Charles Albert, p. 48

Hart, Rowena, p. 24

Hathway, Laura, p. 125

Hayes, Pearl, p. 105

Heffron, James, p. 233

Heiderscheid, Henry C., p. 267

Heitzman, Fannie, p. 83

Henson, Oscar, p. 68

Herold, Frederick, p. 279

Herold, Minnie, p. 265

Hinson, Estel, p. 27

Hinson, Harry E., p. 182

Hinson, Hattie Leona, p. 93

Holder, Charles B., p. 29

Holder, Charles D. Jr., p. 266

Hospes, Gustavus W., p. 117

Howard, Mary Heiderscheid, p. 290

Huffman, Harley E., p. 64

Hughes, Barbara, p. 216

Hughes, Louise M., p. 53

Hungerford, Willis E. 7

Hunt, Charles Wesley, p. 223

Hutchinson, Isabel, p. 31

Hutchinson, William R., p. 241

Jacobson, Charlie R., p. 161

Jenkins, Mamie L., p. 285

Jenkins, Thomas, p. 205

Jewsbury, Emma L., p. 22

Johnson, Andrew, p. 87

Jones, John E., p. 272

Jones, Marie Pauline, p. 30

Junette, james Roy, p. 179

Karr, Austin F., p. 8

Kell, Catherine, p. 275

Keyes, Elmer, p. 128

Keyes, Maude, p. 39

Kirchner, Edith Louise, p. 226

Kirkpatrick, Gussie, p. 165

Knight, James, p. 101

Knight, Joseph, p. 99

Knight, Joseph, p. 13

Knight, Margaret Elmeda, p. 102

Landon, Carrie, p. 217

Landon, Leslie, p. 192

Landon, William D., p. 291

Lane, Sarah Jane, p. 274

Larbey, Catherine, p. 286

Laurence, Henry Lafe, p. 218

Legate, Samuel Harry, p. 147

Lockwood, Anne Sarah, p. 123

Lurton, Dollie Estelle, p. 106

Lynn, Rebecca d., p. 52

Lynn, Walter Scott, p. 37

Martin, Fred W., p. 230

Mayhall, George, p. 40

McCalla, Mary, p. 185

McDow, Maria, p. 100

McDow, Tell E., p. 15

McGiffen, Freda M., p. 270

McKenna, Frank, p. 174

Miller, August Edward, p. 46

Miller, Elizabeth Lee, p. 18

Miller, Olin, p. 195

Minzie?, Gary “baby”, p. 162

Mourning, Mary Jane, p. 201

Mowen, Walter, p. 73

Murray, Elsie L., p. 155

Nevius, Ora Ray, p. 172

Noble, Claudia A., p. 221

Noble, Dora, p. 164

O’Neal, Dora Griffin, p. 213

Owens, George, p. 224

Parent, Lillie M., p. 96

Parsell, Etta, p. 208

Parsell, James M., p. 21

Parsell, Jeremiah, p. 207

Parsell, John, p. 209

Penniman, William L. Dr., p. 258

Peters, Annie, p. 2

Phipps, Mattie, p. 253

Pickett, Edna Almeda, p. 61

Plummer, Amy Ophelia, p. 131

Plummer, William, p. 114

Poleet, David harold, p. 13

Powers, Patrick Lee, p. 74

Price, Michael Lee, p. 67

Randolph, Oliver Perry, p. 49

Reed, Jennie, p. 23

Rice, William R., p. 277

Richey, Michael Vincent, p. 115

Ridenour, Robert, p. 118

Ringhausen, Stephen T., p. 252

Roady, John, p. 176

Schaaf, Louis C., p. 153

Schaaf, Tacie E., p. 69

Schaaf, William, p. 9

Schierbaum, Minnie L., p. 152

Seago, Ernest, p. 271

Seago, Ida Bell, p. 269

Shackelford, Jane Pittman, p. 95

Shandrow, Lewis H., p. 206

Slaten, Charles, p. 121

Slaten, Edith, p. 122

Smith, Anna, p. 11

Smith, emma T., p. 75

Smith, henry, p. 41

Smith, Mary Elizabeth, p. 79

Snider, James Henry, p. 243

Spangle, Cora M., p. 239

Spangle, Emma Jane, p. 144

Springman, Nellie E., p. 72

Springman, William, p. 255

Stafford, Frederick S., p. 50

Stafford, John H., p. 136

Stafford, Mildred P., p. 76

Steinberg, Etna Jane, p. 42

Steinkuehler, John Henry, p. 19

Steinman, Robert O. Dr., p. 85

Stone, Kenneth George, p. 54

Stroud, Anna, p. 145

Stroud, Mary L., p. 146

Sturdevant, Nora N., p. 84

Suddeth, Harriet, p. 38

Sunderland, Emma M., p. 90

Surgeon, John D., p. 248

Swann, Floyd E., p. 227

Sweeney, Rosa, p. 94

Taylor, Janet, p. 169

Taylor, Mary Ellen, p. 148

Tepen, Diana Margaret, p. 204

Terpening, William, p. 259

Terry, Ada M., p. 167

Tohill, George Frederick, p. 292

Tohill, Hattie R., p. 260

Vanausdoll, Christian, p. 236

Waggoner, Helen E., p. 151

Walfington, Clark, p. 137

Walkington, Jennie Myrtle, p. 232

Walther, Oscar, p. 295

Warner, Georgia May, p. 20

Warren, Everett, p. 166

Waters, Wellington A., p. 220

Watts, Eugene, p. 16

Watts, Frederick M., p. 225

Wayham, Hugh Harold, p. 196

Weller, Richard Lee, p. 198

Wells, Agnes, p. 59

Westerhold, William Charles, p. 212

Whalen, Sarah J., p. 3

Wiegand, Clarence 242

Willard, Arthur, p. 187

Williams, Dalton, p. 57

Williams, John W., p. 296

Wiseman, Cora M., p. 251

Wiseman, Harold L., p. 12

Wiseman, Nora Elizabeth, p. 32

Woolsey, Harold Melvin “Bill”, p. 229

Yocom, Claude M., p. 80

Zeiser, Alyda, p. 92

Jersey County Page     Funeral Records
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