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Civil War Letter, 1864

Camp Butler, Oct 21,1864

My ever Dear and effectionat wife, I am here in Camp Butler yet I expected I would leave before now. I am well as common, I have had a bad cold but I am giting over it. I cant tell when I will leave here there has some of my acquaintinces left and gon to the 29 redgement. I want to go to the 61 redgement if I can, there is me and Mcnair, George Roberts, Jame Reynolds, Charly Myers and Claus, Chas Sinclair and several more that I am well acquainted with wants to go to the 61 redgement and all stay together. We may go in in a day or two and we may have to stay a week. I cant tell now. I must tell you how I fare for I no you think about. I have got good clothes, I got 2 woolen shirts, one Blue cloth coat, one over coat, two pare of drawers, one pare of pants and two pare one Blanket, two pare of socks, one pare of shoes.

Sinclair and me sleeps together and we keep comfortable we have a tolarable good Baricks to sleep in we dont sleep out on the ground. We have a pretty good house. I would like to have a letter from but I dont expect to stay here long enought to git it when I git to the ridgement I will let you no how to send me a letter. It seems strange to me that I had to go this war but I have to go I am told here that there is one month of my time out now. Now I want you to take good care of your health and dont work to hard an dont grieve after me, for my trust is in the lord, my prayer is that the lord will bless, guard and protect my family, and that we may yett have the happy priveledge of enjoying each others company and raising our children in the admonation of the lord.

Now may the ever blessed spirit rest[?] remain guide and protect us all both now and forever.

To my Beloved wife and sweet little children.

To Louise Curtis, Jane, Colly, Marty, Mary and little Emily, O bless there sweet little souls.

Charles C. Curtis

The above letter was addressed to: To Louisa Curtis. Vedder Post Office, Calhoun County, Illinois. Post marked: Springfield, ILL., Oct 24, ’64

From Marty Crull.

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