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1930 Jersey County Census Index – S

If you find the surname you are looking for, you can return to the 1930 Page to find the family in the township listing. This will allow you to view all the individuals residing in the dwelling and their neighbors. This transcription of the index to the Jersey County Federal Census of 1930 was contributed by Delores Molloy. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors.
S or Cellkine, Fred26Richwoods2-A 
S———, Richard13Jersey2-A 
Sager, Hazel91Rosedale4-B 
Sager, Sarah L.91Rosedale4-B 
Sampson, Dorothy6Elsah1-AElsah Village
Sams, Clarence675-AEnglish 
Sams, Clarence Jr.675-AEnglish 
Sams, Lillian675-AEnglish 
Sancamper, Fannie J.1Rosedale1-A 
Sancamper, George E.1Rosedale1-A 
Sancamper, George W.1Rosedale1-A 
Sandberg, Clarence C.262Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Sandberg, Ernest C.262Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Sandberg, Ernest J.262Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Sandberg, Howard L.262Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Sandberg, Lawrence C.262Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Sandberg, Lucy M.262Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Sandberg, Mary A.262Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Sanders, Agnes27Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sanders, Allie M.55Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Sanders, charles30Ruyle2-A 
Sanders, Daisy Deane31Ruyle2-A 
Sanders, Doris30Ruyle2-A 
Sanders, Freda30Ruyle2-A 
Sanders, Gene34Ruyle2-A 
Sanders, George34Ruyle2-A 
Sanders, Louiease ?33Ruyle2-A 
Sanders, Mellotte34Ruyle2-A 
Sanders, Mildred30Ruyle2-A 
Sanders, Myrtle E.31Ruyle2-A 
Sanders, Nellie34Ruyle2-A 
Sanders, Norton33Ruyle2-A 
Sanders, Pearl H.33Ruyle2-A 
Sanders, Platt A.55Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Sanders, Richard34Ruyle2-A 
Sanders, Stanley31Ruyle2-A 
Sanders, Wm.27Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sanders,Elizabeth27Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sanger, Charles101Piasa5-A 
Sanger, Emma101Piasa5-A 
Sanger, Louis101Piasa5-A 
Sanger, Mary101Piasa5-A 
Sanger, Phillip101Piasa5-A 
Sauer, Edward H.32Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Sauer, Josephine M.32Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Saues, Edward P.242-AEnglish 
Saues, Sophia L.242-AEnglish 
Sauls, Delores19Richwoods1-BFieldon
Sawyer, Ida A.109Quarry5-AGrafton City
Sawyer, James R.109Quarry5-AGrafton City
Sawyer, Orville E.109Quarry5-AGrafton City
Sawyer, Richard A.109Quarry5-AGrafton City
Sawyer, Robert E.109Quarry5-AGrafton City
Sawyer, Thomas109Quarry5-AGrafton City
Sawyer, Vesta A.73Quarry3-BGrafton City
Saxby, Donald B.48Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Saxby, Dorothy Jean48Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Saxby, Geneva48Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sayer, Fannie May292Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sayer, Vera Frances292Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sayer, Wm. Franklin292Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schaaf, Ada4Richwoods1-A 
Schaaf, Alberta4Richwoods1-A 
Schaaf, Carrie288Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schaaf, Dorothy4Richwoods1-A 
Schaaf, Edith132Jersey8-A 
Schaaf, Edith Eileen114Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schaaf, Edna132Jersey8-A 
Schaaf, Edna288Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schaaf, Edna Marie114Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schaaf, Evalyn132Jersey8-A 
Schaaf, Evelyn114Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schaaf, Fred4Richwoods1-A 
Schaaf, Fritz49Richwoods2-BFieldon
Schaaf, George E.63Richwoods3-AFieldon
Schaaf, Hazel4Richwoods1-A 
Schaaf, Henry4Richwoods1-A 
Schaaf, Isom ?4Richwoods1-A 
Schaaf, Julius4Richwoods1-A 
Schaaf, Leonard P.206Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schaaf, Louis41Richwoods2-BFieldon
Schaaf, Louis63Richwoods3-AFieldon
Schaaf, Lucile132Jersey8-A 
Schaaf, Lucille114Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schaaf, Marjorie4Richwoods1-A 
Schaaf, Rosemary4Richwoods1-A 
Schaaf, Sarah11Richwoods1-AFieldon
Schaaf, Sigel A.43Richwoods2-BFieldon
Schaaf, Sophia4Richwoods1-A 
Schaaf, Sophia E.43Richwoods2-BFieldon
Schaaf, Tacie63Richwoods3-AFieldon
Schaaf, William132Jersey8-A 
Schaaf, William M.106Rosedale5-A 
Schaaf, Wm.114Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schaake, Albert113Jersey7-A 
Schaake, Christian113Jersey7-A 
Schaake, Emma113Jersey7-A 
Schaake, Esther113Jersey7-A 
Schaake, Gertrude113Jersey7-A 
Schaake, Mildred113Jersey7-A 
Schaeffer, Julius52Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schaeffer, Ora R.52Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schafer, Amelia37Piasa2-B 
Schafer, C or Karoline18Mississippi1-B 
Schafer, David18Mississippi1-B 
Schafer, David L.37Piasa2-B 
Schafer, Ernst ?18Mississippi1-B 
Schafer, Herman18Mississippi1-B 
Schafer, Irene18Mississippi1-B 
Schafer, Samuel18Mississippi1-B 
Schafer, William37Piasa2-B 
Schafer, William Jr.37Piasa2-B 
Schaff, Agnes66Otter Creek3-A
Schaff, Bertha67Otter Creek3-A
Schaff, Burtman66Otter Creek3-A
Schaff, Charles E.71Otter Creek3-B
Schaff, Cora67Otter Creek3-A
Schaff, Edna71Otter Creek3-B
Schaff, Emma67Otter Creek3-A
Schaff, Frank66Otter Creek3-A
Schaff, Frank67Otter Creek3-A
Schaff, Imogine66Otter Creek3-A
Schaff, Kieth66Otter Creek3-A
Schaff, Lawerence67Otter Creek3-A
Schaff, Leslie66Otter Creek3-A
Schaff, Mark67Otter Creek3-A
Schaff, Opal66Otter Creek3-A
Schaff, Raymond67Otter Creek3-A
Schaff, Russell67Otter Creek3-A 
Schaff, Ruth66Otter Creek3-A 
Schaff, Sophia71Otter Creek3-B 
Schaff, Thelma67Otter Creek3-A 
Schaff, Tina67Otter Creek3-A 
Schaff, Walter66Otter Creek3-A 
Schaff, Willie66Otter Creek3-A 
Schanz, Cathline49Otter Creek2-B 
Schanz, Edward W.47Otter Creek2-B 
Schanz, Eva Irene85Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schanz, Fredrick47Otter Creek2-B 
Schanz, Marry E.47Otter Creek2-B 
Schattgen, Alice105Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schattgen, Andrew J.150Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schattgen, Elizabeth May105Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schattgen, Harry105Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schattgen, Mary150Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schattgen, Wm. Adams105Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Scheffel, Carl81Piasa4-A 
Scheffel, Elizabeth81Piasa4-A 
Scheffel, Eunice21Piasa1-B 
Scheffel, George21Piasa1-B 
Scheffel, Herbert21Piasa1-B 
Scheffel, Jenie21Piasa1-B 
Scheffel, Lenard21Piasa1-B 
Scheffel, Ora21Piasa1-B 
Scheffel, Paul81Piasa4-A 
Scheffel, Richard81Piasa4-A 
Scheffel, Robert21Piasa1-B 
Scheffer, Lillie144Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Scheibber, Louisa A.268Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Schell, Anna G.237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schell, Ethel L.237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schell, Frederick237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schell, John D.237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schell, Joseph F. C.237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schell, Lucille T.237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schell, Mary L.237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schell, Raymond C.237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schell, Robert237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schell, Stewart J.237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schell, Theresa A.237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schell, Vivian237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schellenberg, Capitola169Quarry7-BGrafton City
Schellenberg, Dora169Quarry7-BGrafton City
Schellenberg, Frederick169Quarry7-BGrafton City
Schellenberg, Sidonia169Quarry7-BGrafton City
Schellenberg, Virginia M.215Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Schellenberg, Wilbert169Quarry7-BGrafton City
Schermerhorn, Lilly R.9Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Schermerhorn, Marjorie9Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Schermerhorn, Martha E.9Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Schermerhorn, Mary E.9Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Schermerhorn, Mary R.9Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Schermerhorn, Wm. M.9Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Schermerhorn,Wm. M. Jr.9Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Schiele ?, Geo.114Jersey6-B 
Schiele ?, Ida114Jersey6-B 
Schiener, Edward139Fidelity6-B 
Schiesuer, Louis9Piasa1-A 
Schlansker, Chas. H.258Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schlansker, Elizabeth258Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schlansker, Forrest258Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schlansker, John V.97Rosedale4-B 
Schlansker, Joseph V.23Otter Creek1-B 
Schlansker, Kermit258Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schlansker, Mahlay ? A.23Otter Creek1-B 
Schlansker, Naoma258Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schleeper, Katherine98Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Schleper, Aloys118Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schleper, C. H.118Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schleper, Clemens118Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schleper, Lucille118Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schlight, Otto P.9Piasa1-ADelhi Town
Schmeider, Carl1277-BEnglish 
Schmeider, Carrie1277-BEnglish 
Schmeider, Charles1277-BEnglish 
Schmeider, Geraldine1277-BEnglish 
Schmeider, Johnnie1277-BEnglish 
Schmeider, Joseph1378-AEnglish 
Schmeider, Marian1277-BEnglish 
Schmeider, Robert1277-BEnglish 
Schmidt, Barbara34Richwoods2-AFieldon
Schmidt, Chas.103Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schmidt, Chas. R.45Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Schmidt, Clarence45Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Schmidt, Edward34Richwoods2-AFieldon
Schmidt, Emily103Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schmidt, Emma45Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Schmidt, Emoll ?103Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schmidt, Fern A.15Rosedale1-B 
Schmidt, Florence34Richwoods2-AFieldon
Schmidt, Florence L.34Richwoods2-AFieldon
Schmidt, Franklin E.34Richwoods2-AFieldon
Schmidt, Fred31Otter Creek2-A 
Schmidt, Fred63Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schmidt, Freda103Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schmidt, Frederick D.123Rosedale5-B 
Schmidt, Helen63Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schmidt, Henry34Richwoods2-AFieldon
Schmidt, Hilda27Piasa2-A 
Schmidt, Johanna15Rosedale1-B 
Schmidt, Kenneth J.15Rosedale1-B 
Schmidt, Lena52Richwoods2-BFieldon
Schmidt, Mandy E.123Rosedale5-B 
Schmidt, Opal P.123Rosedale5-B 
Schmidt, Otto52Richwoods2-BFieldon
Schmidt, Rosalie103Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schmidt, Walter27Piasa2-A 
Schmittag, Antony214Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Schmittag, Edith291Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schmittag, Emma214Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Schmittag, Fannie F.203Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schmittag, Harry291Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schmittag, Joseph291Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schmittag, Nicholas203203Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schmittag, Paul214Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Schneider, Ada L.20Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schneider, Alma98Fidelity5-A 
Schneider, Carolyn98Fidelity5-A 
Schneider, Celia62Richwoods3-AFieldon
Schneider, Dorothy2Richwoods1-A 
Schneider, Edward32Richwoods2-AFieldon
Schneider, Edwin98Fidelity5-A 
Schneider, Etta A.219Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schneider, Gladys13Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Schneider, Harold J.20Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schneider, Julius A.20Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schneider, Julius C.20Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schneider, Kathryn13Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Schneider, Marguerite A.20Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schneider, Otto98Fidelity5-A 
Schneider, William L.219Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Schnider, Minnie134Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schoeberle ?, Annie10Piasa1-ABrighton
Schoeberle ?, John10Piasa1-ABrighton
Schoeberle ?, Leonard10Piasa1-ABrighton
Schoeberle ?, Raymond10Piasa1-ABrighton
Schoetker, Cora128Jersey8-A 
Schoetker, Dorothy128Jersey8-A 
Schoetker, William128Jersey8-A 
Schreiber, Caroline309Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schreiber, John1107-AEnglish 
Schreiber, Matt309Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schreiber, Mike309Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schribner, Adelia39Mississippi2-B 
Schribner, Estaleen39Mississippi2-B 
Schribner, Sarah39Mississippi2-B 
Schribner, Truman39Mississippi2-B 
Schrieber, Eugene189Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schrieber, Mary189Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schrieber, Matt189Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schrieber, Mitchell189Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schrieber, Wilbur189Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schroeder, Alma135Piasa6-B 
Schroeder, Alvin135Piasa6-B 
Schroeder, Bernard180Jersey11-A 
Schroeder, Bernice120Piasa5-B 
Schroeder, Chas.59Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Schroeder, Frank120Piasa5-B 
Schroeder, Freda L.139Quarry6-AGrafton City
Schroeder, Harvey135Piasa6-B 
Schroeder, Hattie122Piasa6-A 
Schroeder, Henry180Jersey11-A 
Schroeder, Lawrence180Jersey11-A 
Schroeder, Leland120Piasa5-B 
Schroeder, Lester120Piasa5-B 
Schroeder, Louise120Piasa5-B 
Schroeder, Martin180Jersey11-A 
Schroeder, Mary180Jersey11-A 
Schroeder, Mary M.180Jersey11-A 
Schroeder, Nellie C.59Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Schroeder, Oliver120Piasa5-B 
Schroeder, Raymond180Jersey11-A 
Schroeder, Vincent180Jersey11-A 
Schuckenbrock, Bernard180Jersey11-A 
Schudel, Clifton107Richwoods6-A 
Schudel, Josie107Richwoods6-A 
Schudel, Walter107Richwoods6-A 
Schulte, Mary216Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Schulz, Dorothy116Jersey6-B 
Schulz, F. W.116Jersey6-B 
Schulz, Fred116Jersey6-B 
Schulz, Hattie116Jersey6-B 
Schulz, Wilson116Jersey6-B 
Schuman, Leonard E.259Quarry11-AGrafton City
Schwab, Fred2Piasa1-ABrighton
Schwab, Mary141Piasa6-B 
Schwab, Mary141Piasa6-B 
Schwab, William141Piasa6-B 
Schwarz, Agnes133Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schwarz, D. W.133Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schwarz, Delf ?133Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schwarz, Gordon133Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schwarz, John G.303Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Schwarz, Robert133Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Schwarz, Sarah A.303Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Schweickhardt, Hallie57Mississippi3-B 
Schweickhardt, Helen73Mississippi4-A 
Schweickhardt, John57Mississippi3-B 
Schweickhardt, John J.57Mississippi3-B 
Schweickhardt, Lillie73Mississippi4-A 
Schweickhardt, Mary57Mississippi3-B 
Schweickhardt, Robert73Mississippi4-A 
Schweitzer, Roland C.172Quarry7-BGrafton City
Schwickhardt, Lorraine73Mississippi4-A 
Scipp ?, Lucy L.62Quarry3-AGrafton City
Scoggins, Charles D.146Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Scoggins, Clarence97Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Scoggins, Daisy13Richwoods1-A 
Scoggins, Delbert92Jersey5-B 
Scoggins, Delbert W.146Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Scoggins, Edith I.146Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Scoggins, Edwin E.111Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Scoggins, Emil14Richwoods1-B 
Scoggins, Emma13Richwoods1-B 
Scoggins, Emmett W.111Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Scoggins, Ethel13Richwoods1-A 
Scoggins, Ethel E.146Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Scoggins, Florence E.111Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Scoggins, Foster13Richwoods1-A 
Scoggins, Francis E.146Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Scoggins, Frank H.273Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Scoggins, Ima May99Jersey6-A 
Scoggins, Irene99Jersey6-A 
Scoggins, John H.146Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Scoggins, Lafe99Jersey6-A 
Scoggins, Malissa R.273Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Scoggins, Mary15Richwoods1-B 
Scoggins, Mary42Richwoods2-B 
Scoggins, Middleton13Richwoods1-A 
Scoggins, Mildred G.146Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Scoggins, Mildred L.97Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Scoggins, Mildred P.163Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Scoggins, Robert15Richwoods1-B 
Scoggins, Robert A.273Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Scoggins, Ruby L.273Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Scoggins, Ruth99Jersey6-A 
Scoggins, Safrona13Richwoods1-A 
Scoggins, Virginia13Richwoods1-A 
Scoggins, Virginia P.163Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Scoggins, Walter P.163Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Scoggins, Willim D.273Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Sconce, Almon93Rosedale4-B 
Sconce, Charles A.93Rosedale4-B 
Sconce, Lawrence W.93Rosedale4-B 
Sconce, Mahalie F.2Rosedale1-A 
Sconce, Samuel2Rosedale1-A 
Sconce, Velma M.93Rosedale4-B 
Scott, Anna87Otter Creek4-A 
Scott, Bettie87Otter Creek4-A 
Scott, Charles1056-BEnglish 
Scott, Clarence111Jersey7-A 
Scott, Edward87Otter Creek4-A 
Scott, Edward B.301Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Scott, Emma P.257Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Scott, Frank423-AEnglish 
Scott, Hazel64Richwoods3-B 
Scott, Herbert134Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Scott, James64Richwoods3-B 
Scott, James1056-BEnglish 
Scott, James1056-BEnglish 
Scott, John65Richwoods4-A 
Scott, Joseph T.83Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Scott, Lizzie B.1056-BEnglish 
Scott, Maxine D.83Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Scott, Norma97Mississippi5-A 
Scott, Pearl87Otter Creek4-A 
Scott, Robert87Otter Creek4-A 
Scott, rosie64Richwoods3-B 
Scott, Steve1056-BEnglish 
Scott, Tacey1056-BEnglish 
Scott, William97Mississippi5-A 
Scribner, Joseph39Mississippi2-B 
Scribner, Powel39Mississippi3-A 
Scribner, Wilson39Mississippi2-B 
Seago, Albert22Mississippi2-A 
Seago, Anna H.52Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Seago, Barbara22Mississippi2-A 
Seago, Carl105Mississippi5-B 
Seago, Charlotte155Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Seago, Dorothy105Mississippi5-B 
Seago, Douglas42Richwoods2-B 
Seago, Emma8Richwoods1-A 
Seago, Ernest41Jersey3-A 
Seago, Frank22Mississippi2-A 
Seago, Geo. M.52Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Seago, George41Jersey3-A 
Seago, Harold52Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Seago, Harry8Richwoods1-A 
Seago, Hester A.42Richwoods2-B 
Seago, Ida41Jersey3-A 
Seago, Irene A.175Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Seago, J. Henry594-BEnglish 
Seago, James52Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Seago, James H.175Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Seago, Leta95Mississippi5-A 
Seago, Margaret K.95Mississippi5-A 
Seago, Maude105Mississippi5-B 
Seago, Otis8Richwoods1-A 
Seago, Ross105Mississippi5-B 
Seago, Sarah594-BEnglish 
Seago, Tom42Richwoods2-B 
Seagraves, Alexina31Elsah2-A 
Seagraves, Jordan E.31Elsah2-A 
Seal, Charles8Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Seal, John8Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Seal, Mary8Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Seal, Mildred8Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Searles, Dean147Fidelity7-A 
Searles, Elmer147Fidelity7-A 
Searles, Eva56Fidelity3-A 
Searles, Harold56Fidelity3-A 
Searles, Harry56Fidelity3-A 
Searles, Jennie147Fidelity7-A 
Searles, Ray147Fidelity7-A 
Searles, Vergil147Fidelity7-A 
Searles, Vern147Fidelity7-A 
Sears, Anna201-BEnglish 
Sears, Betty171Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sears, Donald171Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sears, Dorothy171Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sears, Eugene194Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sears, Mary E.153Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Sears, Mary J.11Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Sears, Oliver423-AEnglish 
Sears, Pearl201-BEnglish 
Sears, Roy171Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sears, Theresa171Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sears, Vera201-BEnglish 
Sears, Victor201-BEnglish 
Sears, Virgil201-BEnglish 
Sears, Vivian201-BEnglish 
Seehausen, Dorothy21Richwoods1-BFieldon
Seehausen, Eva21Richwoods1-BFieldon
Seehausen, Fred H.215Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Seehausen, Leola21Richwoods1-BFieldon
Seehausen, Louis20Fidelity1-B 
Seehausen, Nancy E.215Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Seehausen, Stanley21Richwoods1-BFieldon
Seehausen, Wilbur21Richwoods1-BFieldon
Seehausen, William21Richwoods1-BFieldon
Seely, Harry H.9Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Seely, Lula E.9Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Seeman, Agnes91Richwoods5-A 
Seeman, Hazel91Richwoods5-A 
Seeman, Lena E.201Quarry8-BGrafton City
Seet, David191Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Seet, Lorana Katherine191Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Segar, William40Elsah2-AElsah Village
Segraves, Fay85Elsah4-B 
Segraves, Margaret85Elsah4-B 
Segraves, Nelson85Elsah4-B 
Segraves, Nettie B.23Elsah1-BElsah Village
Segraves, Wilbur85Elsah4-B 
Segraves, William23Elsah1-BElsah Village
Seik, Edgar C.252Quarry10-BGrafton City
Seik, George J.186Quarry8-AGrafton City
Seik, Harold L.186Quarry8-AGrafton City
Seik, Herman T.186Quarry8-AGrafton City
Seik, Irene186Quarry8-AGrafton City
Seik, Margaret A.207Quarry9-AGrafton City
Seik, Margaret K.252Quarry10-BGrafton City
Seik, Margery J.252Quarry10-BGrafton City
Seik, William F.207Quarry9-AGrafton City
Senior, Addie Louise241Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Senor, Geo.241Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Setenkueller, Floyd63Jersey4-B 
Settemaier, Florence67Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Settemaier, Julia67Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Settles, Newton259Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Seveson, Edward9Ruyle1-A 
Seveson, Lincon9Ruyle1-A 
Seveson, Marie9Ruyle1-A 
Seveson, Wilma9Ruyle1-A 
Seward, Floyd195Mississippi8-B 
Sewell, Arthur86Richwoods5-A 
Sewell, Helen86Richwoods5-A 
Sexton, Clarence118Mississippi6-A 
Sexton, Elvin118Mississippi6-A 
Sexton, Ethel118Mississippi6-A 
Sexton, Ethel Pearl118Mississippi6-A 
Sexton, Evert118Mississippi6-A 
Sexton, Harold118Mississippi6-A 
Sexton, Louise118Mississippi6-A 
Sexton, Neal118Mississippi6-A 
Shackelford, Jane P.261Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Shafer, edward B.306Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Shafer, Estella18Quarry1-BGrafton City
Shafer, William H.18Quarry1-BGrafton City
Shaff, August102Rosedale5-A 
Shanks, Charles H.160Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shanks, George109Otter Creek5-A 
Shanks, Margaret B.160Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Sharder, Melvin84Elsah4-B 
Shaw, Alice76Richwoods4-B 
Shaw, Bernard W.173Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shaw, C. Filmon95Richwoods5-B 
Shaw, Caledonia82Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shaw, Carrie95Richwoods5-B 
Shaw, Charlotte M.173Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shaw, Donald T.173Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shaw, Dorothy73Richwoods4-A 
Shaw, Elinor173Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shaw, Elmer Lee161Mississippi7-B 
Shaw, Esto ?161Mississippi7-B 
Shaw, Floyd L.161Mississippi7-B 
Shaw, Harold E.173Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shaw, Helen M.76Richwoods4-B 
Shaw, Henry C.73Richwoods4-A 
Shaw, Hubert73Richwoods4-A 
Shaw, James61Richwoods3-B 
shaw, Kenneth R.161Mississippi7-B 
Shaw, L. D.95Richwoods5-B 
Shaw, Lena134Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Shaw, Mabel73Richwoods4-A 
Shaw, Margaret I.173Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shaw, Mary F.76Richwoods4-B 
Shaw, Mason E.82Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shaw, Muriel73Richwoods4-A 
Shaw, Perry134Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Shaw, Roberta73Richwoods4-A 
Shaw, Roscoe G.?161Mississippi7-B 
Shaw, Russell134Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Shaw, Thelma134Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Shaw, Vesta161Mississippi7-B 
Shaw, Virginia L.173Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shaw, William B.173Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shaw, Zeno76Richwoods4-A 
Shaw, Zeno Jr.76Richwoods4-B 
Shea, Annie R.132Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shea, James173Jersey11-A 
Shea, John R.132Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shea, Madge173Jersey11-A 
Shea, Mark173Jersey11-A 
Shea, Mary132Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Sheff, Betty57Elsah3-A 
Sheff, Charles57Elsah3-A 
Sheff, Clarence57Elsah3-A 
Sheff, Fletcher57Elsah3-A 
Sheff, Florence57Elsah3-A 
Sheff, Gladys57Elsah3-A 
Sheff, Leonard57Elsah3-A 
Sheff, Mary57Elsah3-A 
Sheff, Roy57Elsah3-A 
Sheff, Thomas57Elsah3-A 
Shell, Eula P.13Richwoods1-AFieldon
Shell, Fred E.13Richwoods1-AFieldon
Shelton, Donald12Fidelity1-B 
Shelton, Edna12Fidelity1-A 
Shelton, Ernest12Fidelity1-A 
Shelton, James12Fidelity1-A 
Shelton, Paul12Fidelity1-A 
Shelton, Ruth12Fidelity1-B 
Shepherd, Elizabeth146Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Shepherd, Helen146Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Shepherd, Helen Louise146Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Shepherd, Mary Louise137Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Shepherd, Mary Matilda146Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Shepherd, Wm. F.146Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Shepherd,Harriet137Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Sherdian ?, Joseph H.63Quarry3-BGrafton City
Sherdian, Agnes63Quarry3-BGrafton City
Sherdian, Martha A.63Quarry3-BGrafton City
Sherdian, Rose A.63Quarry3-BGrafton City
Sherman, Alma101Fidelity5-A 
Sherman, Beulah101Fidelity5-A 
Sherman, Curtis22Elsah1-B 
Sherman, David22Elsah1-B 
Sherman, Delmar3Elsah1-AElsah Village
Sherman, Elizabeth22Elsah1-B 
Sherman, Ella44Elsah2-AElsah Village
Sherman, Elsie22Elsah1-B 
Sherman, Gladis150Piasa7-A 
Sherman, Hershal150Piasa7-A 
Sherman, James44Elsah2-AElsah Village
Sherman, James Sr.45Elsah2-AElsah Village
Sherman, Jesse101Fidelity5-A 
Sherman, Jesse Jr.101Fidelity5-A 
Sherman, Lizzie150Piasa7-A 
Sherman, Margaret22Elsah1-B 
Sherman, Mary22Elsah1-B 
Sherman, Maude3Elsah1-AElsah Village
Sherman, Mildred7Fidelity1-AFidelity Village
Sherman, Russell7Fidelity1-AFidelity Village
Sherman, Ruth7Fidelity1-AFidelity Village
Sherman, Sessil101Fidelity5-A 
Sherman, Sina45Elsah2-AElsah Village
Sherman, Thelma22Elsah1-B 
Sherman, Walter22Elsah1-B 
Sherman, William H.22Elsah1-B 
Sherman, Wilson3Elsah1-AElsah Village
Shields, America108Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shields, Gene B.159Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shields, Margaret S.159Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shields, Roma ? J.159Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shine, James F.13Ruyle1-A 
Shines, Irene135Fidelity6-B 
Shines, john135Fidelity6-B 
Shines, Leslie135Fidelity6-B 
Shirack, Meade225Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Short, Glover W.112Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Short, Harvey A.302Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Short, Lucille302Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Short, Mary112Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Shortal, Anne179Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Shortal, Anne D.6Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shortal, Betty2Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Shortal, Christina238Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Shortal, Florence C.6Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shortal, Irene1177-AEnglish 
Shortal, James H.1177-AEnglish 
Shortal, John2Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Shortal, Josephine1177-AEnglish 
Shortal, Josephine L.238Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Shortal, Leslie2Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Shortal, Margaret2Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Shortal, Mary J.1177-AEnglish 
Shortal, May2Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Shortal, Ray2Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Shortal, Ray Jr.2Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Shortal, Robert179Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Shortal, Russell238Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Shortal, Theodore2Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Shrader, Edward84Elsah4-B 
Shults, Catherine119Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shults, Henry A.119Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Shults, William H.119Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Siebenmann, Bernice46Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Siebenmann, Chas.46Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Siebenmann, Paul46Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sieger, Carrie3Richwoods1-AFieldon
Siget, Pete67Piasa3-B 
Siget, Rose67Piasa3-B 
Simmons, Alfred B.182Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Simmons, Lydia J.182Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Simonds, Charles H.233Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Simonds, Goldie T.233Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Simpson, Betty163Quarry7-AGrafton City
Simpson, Billie L.263Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Simpson, Charles Thomas163Quarry7-AGrafton City
Simpson, Dean W.263Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Simpson, Elberta M.240Quarry10-AGrafton City
Simpson, Florance163Quarry7-AGrafton City
Simpson, George H.263Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Simpson, Glenna M.139Quarry6-AGrafton City
Simpson, Hazel I.263Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Simpson, Helen L.263Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Simpson, Hubert L.240Quarry10-AGrafton City
Simpson, James L.240Quarry10-AGrafton City
Simpson, Kentnor D.282Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Simpson, Mabel G.263Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Simpson, Thelma D.263Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Sinclair, Bea129Fidelity6-A 
Sinclair, Bertren76Fidelity4-A 
Sinclair, Caroline80Fidelity4-A 
Sinclair, Celia97Otter Creek4-B 
Sinclair, Emma80Fidelity4-A 
Sinclair, Emma97Otter Creek4-B 
Sinclair, Ervan100Otter Creek4-B 
Sinclair, Frances76Fidelity4-A
Sinclair, Frank76Fidelity4-A
Sinclair, Fred97Otter Creek4-B
Sinclair, Fredrick97Otter Creek4-B
Sinclair, Genevieve98Otter Creek4-B
Sinclair, Grover129Fidelity6-A
Sinclair, Harry97Otter Creek4-B
Sinclair, Hershall76Fidelity4-A
Sinclair, Imogene129Fidelity6-A
Sinclair, Lela100Otter Creek4-B
Sinclair, Leslie100Otter Creek4-B
Sinclair, Lloyd100Otter Creek4-B
Sinclair, Louise76Fidelity4-A
Sinclair, Maggie100Otter Creek4-B
Sinclair, Marry100Otter Creek4-B
Sinclair, Maurice129Fidelity6-A
Sinclair, Norman76Fidelity4-A 
Sinclair, Russell98Otter Creek4-B 
Sinclair, Russell E.98Otter Creek4-B 
Sinclair, Samuel80Fidelity4-A 
Sinclair, Wilma97Otter Creek4-B 
Sionce, West24Elsah1-B 
Sipes, Maggie91Elsah4-B 
Sipes, Robert91Elsah4-B 
Sisson, Cyrus A.38Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Sisson, Jessie May38Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Skiff, Ruth30Richwoods2-AFieldon
Skinner, Bernice59Richwoods2-BFieldon
Skinner, Clinton S.84Rosedale4-A 
Skinner, Doris59Richwoods2-BFieldon
Skinner, Edward L.84Rosedale4-A 
Skinner, Elizabeth A.84Rosedale4-A 
Skinner, Emma80Richwoods4-B 
Skinner, Floyd E.84Rosedale4-A 
Skinner, Inez E.84Rosedale4-A 
Skinner, John59Richwoods2-BFieldon
Skinner, Kenneth L.84Rosedale4-A 
Skinner, Laverne104Richwoods5-B 
Skinner, Marie N.84Rosedale4-A 
Skinner, Mary59Richwoods2-BFieldon
Skinner, Sophid ?59Richwoods2-BFieldon
Skinner, Thelma59Richwoods2-BFieldon
Skinner, Troy P.84Rosedale4-A 
Skinner, William L.84Rosedale4-A 
Skinner, William P.84Rosedale4-A 
Slaten, Abraham L.190Quarry8-AGrafton City
Slaten, Agnes M.217Quarry9-BGrafton City
Slaten, Amelia25Quarry1-BGrafton City
Slaten, Bernice208Mississippi9-A 
Slaten, Burbridge2Elsah1-A 
Slaten, C. Evert232Quarry9-BGrafton City
Slaten, Calvin208Mississippi9-A 
Slaten, Charles98Rosedale4-B 
Slaten, Clara14Elsah1-A 
Slaten, Erma217Quarry9-BGrafton City
Slaten, Ernest W.217Quarry9-BGrafton City
Slaten, Ethel14Elsah1-A 
Slaten, Fanny121Otter Creek5-B 
Slaten, Fay R.218Quarry9-BGrafton City
Slaten, George W.206Mississippi9-A 
Slaten, Irene208Mississippi9-A 
Slaten, Josiah2Elsah1-A 
Slaten, Juliah2Elsah1-A 
Slaten, Mark T.171Quarry7-BGrafton City
Slaten, Mary I.232Quarry10-AGrafton City
Slaten, Mary L.171Quarry7-BGrafton City
Slaten, Mazzarett2Elsah1-A 
Slaten, Pluma ? C.190Quarry8-AGrafton City
Slaten, Rollie121Otter Creek5-B 
Slaten, Sussie ? J.121Otter Creek5-B 
Slaten, Tressie C.190Quarry8-AGrafton City
Slaten, Vernon217Quarry9-BGrafton City
Slaten, Wilbur232Quarry10-AGrafton City
Slaten, Willard217Quarry9-BGrafton City
Slaten, William14Elsah1-A 
Smalley, Ruth M.59Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Smith, Aaron L.146Quarry6-BGrafton City
Smith, Abbie G.206Quarry9-AGrafton City
Smith, Ada M.94Ruyle5-A 
Smith, Adah59Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Smith, Anna33Rosedale2-A 
Smith, Anna78Otter Creek3-B 
Smith, Anna95Piasa4-B 
Smith, Annie107Piasa5-B 
Smith, Arthur B.147Quarry6-BGrafton City
Smith, Augusta L.147Quarry6-BGrafton City
Smith, Bernice107Piasa5-B 
Smith, Bert23Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Smith, Betty J.147Quarry6-BGrafton City
Smith, Betty Lou94Ruyle5-A 
Smith, Carl94Ruyle5-A 
Smith, Chester35Jersey3-A 
Smith, Chester F.60Rosedale3-A 
Smith, Clara E.18Rosedale1-B 
Smith, Clinton28Rosedale2-A 
Smith, Comfort D.146Quarry6-BGrafton City
Smith, Darrell M.191Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Smith, Dean54Jersey4-A 
Smith, Don94Ruyle5-A 
Smith, Donald D.94Ruyle5-A 
Smith, Dora94Ruyle5-A 
Smith, Douglas54Jersey4-A 
Smith, Ed76Ruyle4-A 
Smith, Edna107Piasa5-B 
Smith, Elizabeth295Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Smith, Emma76Ruyle4-A 
Smith, Emma S.128Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Smith, Emogene178Mississippi8-A 
Smith, Ernie ? N.28Rosedale2-A 
Smith, Ethel M.146Quarry6-BGrafton City
Smith, Eva2Otter Creek1-A 
Smith, Eva A.147Quarry6-BGrafton City
Smith, Evylen ?28Rosedale2-A 
Smith, Florence54Jersey4-A 
Smith, Floyd W.147Quarry6-BGrafton City
Smith, Frances5Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Smith, Frances E.248Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Smith, Frank D.28Rosedale1-B 
Smith, Fred J.222Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Smith, Gaither49Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Smith, Garnet54Jersey4-A 
Smith, Geo.35Jersey3-A 
Smith, George M.58Ruyle3-B 
Smith, Glenn10Fidelity1-AFidelity Village
Smith, Glenn54Jersey4-A 
Smith, Grace M.27Rosedale1-B 
Smith, Harry107Piasa5-B 
Smith, Hartford C.93Quarry4-AGrafton City
Smith, Hattie L.147Quarry6-BGrafton City
Smith, Hellen I.147Quarry6-BGrafton City
Smith, Henry2Otter Creek1-A 
Smith, Henry147Quarry6-BGrafton City
Smith, Henry D.33Rosedale2-A 
Smith, Herbert128Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Smith, Hugh76Ruyle4-A 
Smith, Iva ?78Otter Creek3-B 
Smith, Iva V.191Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Smith, James28Rosedale2-A 
Smith, James54Jersey4-A 
Smith, James H.4Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Smith, James R.89Quarry4-AGrafton City
Smith, Jasper58Ruyle3-B 
Smith, Jeanette59Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Smith, Jessie33Jersey2-B 
Smith, Jessie33Jersey2-B 
Smith, John28Mississippi2-A 
Smith, John W.23Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Smith, John W.177Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Smith, Joseph107Piasa5-B 
Smith, Joseph Jr.107Piasa5-B 
Smith, L. Jane142Quarry6-BGrafton City
Smith, Laura E.89Quarry4-AGrafton City
Smith, Lela33Jersey2-B 
Smith, Lenora C.28Rosedale2-A 
Smith, Lillioan F.18Rosedale1-B 
Smith, Lois Lee54Jersey4-A 
Smith, Lucie B.248Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Smith, Lucile35Jersey3-A 
Smith, Lucy54Jersey4-A 
Smith, Maggie148Mississippi7-A 
Smith, Margie A.60Rosedale3-A 
Smith, Margie A.60Rosedale3-A 
Smith, Mary35Jersey3-A 
Smith, Mary54Jersey4-A 
Smith, Mary E.78Otter Creek3-B 
Smith, Mary E.93Quarry4-AGrafton City
Smith, Mildred184Jersey11-B 
Smith, Mildred M.60Rosedale3-A 
Smith, Muriel10Fidelity1-AFidelity Village
Smith, Nana58Ruyle3-B 
Smith, Nellie14Jersey2-A 
Smith, Nellie F.23Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Smith, Nellie J.60Rosedale3-A 
Smith, No name; daughter35Jersey3-A 
Smith, Paul54Jersey4-A 
Smith, Paul177Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Smith, Pearl78Otter Creek3-B 
Smith, R. Leo59Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Smith, Ray A.191Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Smith, Ray R.191Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Smith, Robert14Jersey2-A 
Smith, Robert14Jersey2-A 
Smith, Robert54Jersey4-A 
Smith, Robert V.147Quarry6-BGrafton City
Smith, Roberta Lee59Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Smith, Rosella14Jersey2-A 
Smith, Ruth S.177Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Smith, Stanton94Ruyle5-A 
Smith, Stella177Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Smith, Stephen178Mississippi8-A 
Smith, Thelbert E.191Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Smith, Thomas54Jersey4-A 
Smith, Vera L.89Quarry4-AGrafton City
Smith, Vera Mae94Ruyle5-A 
Smith, Vinson78Otter Creek3-B 
Smith, Virgil18Rosedale1-B 
Smith, Virginia A.23Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Smith, Walter49Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Smith, Walter148Mississippi7-A 
Smith, Wesley10Fidelity1-AFidelity Village
Smith, William F.60Rosedale3-A 
Smith, William H.93Quarry4-AGrafton City
Smith, Wilson W.248Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Smith, Winfred A.191Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Smock, Holmes W.11Mississippi1-A 
Smock, Olive J.11Mississippi1-A 
Smock, Raymond11Mississippi1-A 
Smock, Susan S.11Mississippi1-A 
Smow, Joseph79Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sndrews, James E.87Rosedale4-A 
Snedeker, Annie E.128Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snedeker, Benjamin128Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snedeker, Frank60Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snedeker, Ilda E.18Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Snedeker, Isaac18Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Snedeker, Janet60Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snedeker, Kathryn60Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snedeker, Ruth60Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snedeker, Samuel60Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snell, Charles H.135Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Snell, Clara896-AEnglish 
Snell, Fred896-AEnglish 
Snell, Fredrica896-AEnglish 
Snell, Harry F.135Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Snell, Hugh121Jersey7-B 
Snell, Hugh C.135Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Snell, John896-AEnglish 
Snell, Josephine896-AEnglish 
Snell, Katie C.135Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Snell, Leona896-AEnglish 
Snell, Leora121Jersey7-B 
Snell, Mabel896-AEnglish 
Snell, Ray121Jersey7-B 
Snell, Wilbur896-AEnglish 
Snider, Clarence1Mississippi1-A 
Snodgrass, Ella L.8Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Snodgrass, Joseph A.8Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Snow, Addison L.240Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Snow, Anna L.240Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Snow, David16Rosedale1-B 
Snow, Dora or Doris79Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snow, Ed33Ruyle2-A 
Snow, Edward W.240Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Snow, Gilbert79Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snow, Judson79Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snow, Margaret F.16Rosedale1-B 
Snow, Vina M.4Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Snow, Vivian E.18Rosedale1-B 
Snow, William A.4Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Snyder, Anna74Jersey5-A 
Snyder, Harold74Jersey5-A 
Snyder, Harriett214Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snyder, Helen Louise168Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snyder, Henry74Jersey5-A 
Snyder, Herbert214Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snyder, Josie168Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snyder, Marie214Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snyder, Martha E.300Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snyder, Opal74Jersey5-A 
Snyder, Rupert392-BEnglish 
Snyder, Rupert168Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snyder, Stewart214Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Snyder, Walter168Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Soehnlin ?, Bessie110Piasa5-B 
Soehnlin ?, Dolores110Piasa5-B 
Soehnlin ?, Janett110Piasa5-B 
Soehnlin ?, Jeon110Piasa5-B 
Soehnlin ?, Matthew110Piasa5-B 
Soehnlin ?, Vernieda110Piasa5-B 
Sonnenberg, Ester229Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Sonnenberg, Lucille M.229Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Sowell, Katherine221Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Spangle, Bernard113Otter Creek5-A 
Spangle, Clara206Mississippi9-A 
Spangle, Cora M.57Rosedale3-A 
Spangle, Edna129Otter Creek5-B 
Spangle, Elva113Otter Creek5-A 
Spangle, Emma J.2Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Spangle, Estell113Otter Creek5-A 
Spangle, Forrest113Otter Creek5-A 
Spangle, Hal E.125Mississippi6-A 
Spangle, James113Otter Creek5-A 
Spangle, Jane215Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Spangle, Jeannette125Mississippi6-A 
Spangle, Leslie113Otter Creek5-A 
Spangle, Louis2Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Spangle, Marion E.116Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Spangle, Perry206Mississippi9-A 
Spangle, Tessie113Otter Creek5-A 
Spangle, Walter J.116Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Spangle, William129Otter Creek5-B 
Spatz, Albert20Elsah1-BElsah Village
Spatz, Catherine35Elsah2-AElsah Village
Spatz, Edwin35Elsah2-AElsah Village
Spatz, Fred G.4Elsah1-AElsah Village
Spatz, Jacob35Elsah2-AElsah Village
Spatz, Leesa20Elsah1-BElsah Village
Spatz, Lottie4Elsah1-AElsah Village
Spatz, Louis5Elsah1-A 
Spaulding, Clara Irene209Mississippi9-A 
Spaulding, Clarence210Mississippi9-A 
Spaulding, Eugene154Mississippi7-A 
Spaulding, Helen154Mississippi7-A 
Spaulding, Jack210Mississippi9-A 
Spaulding, Margaret210Mississippi9-A 
Spaulding, Robert154Mississippi7-B 
Spaulding, Roger154Mississippi7-B 
Spaulding, Thaddeus170Mississippi7-B 
Spaulding, Walter209Mississippi9-A 
Spears, Bertha E.87Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Spears, Harry R.87Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Speigelman, Bertha C.179Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Speigelman, Melvin B.179Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Speigelman, Sam179Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Spelman, James1127-AEnglish 
Spencer, Anna E.51Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Spencer, Dixie A.78Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Spencer, Ethel28Ruyle2-A 
Spencer, Forest28Ruyle2-A 
Spencer, Frank P.78Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Spencer, Hattie L.51Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Spencer, John28Ruyle2-A 
Spencer, Lorene Mae28Ruyle2-A 
Spencer, Raymond28Ruyle2-A 
Spencer, Sarah N.78Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Spencer, Virginia A.78Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Spencer, Winford28Ruyle2-A 
Spink ?, Betta130Fidelity6-A 
Spink ?, Frank130Fidelity6-A 
Spriggs, Gertrude108Elsah5-B 
Spriggs, Herbert108Elsah5-B 
Sprigs, Maree71Otter Creek3-B 
Springman, Edward104Rosedale5-A 
Springman, Ann805-BEnglish 
Springman, Charles83Mississippi4-B 
Springman, Charles292Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Springman, Christina C.292Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Springman, Dora A.2Richwoods1-A 
Springman, Doris H.104Rosedale5-A 
Springman, Edward104Rosedale5-A 
Springman, Elmer292Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Springman, Ethel147Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
springman, Everett805-BEnglish 
Springman, George1528-BEnglish 
Springman, Hazel L.104Rosedale5-A 
Springman, Henry805-BEnglish 
Springman, Jamie W.96Otter Creek4-B 
Springman, John83Mississippi4-B 
Springman, John C.2Richwoods1-A 
Springman, Kathleen292Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Springman, Laverne292Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Springman, Lawrence278Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Springman, Lester805-BEnglish 
Springman, Mary54Piasa3-A 
Springman, Nellie1528-BEnglish 
Springman, Ottillie83Mississippi4-B 
Springman, Robert83Mississippi4-B 
Springman, Rozina K.278Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Springman, Susie805-BEnglish 
Springman, Victor217Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Springman, William H.96Otter Creek4-B 
Springman, Zella R.278Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Spry, Lacinda130Rosedale6-A 
St.Peters, Agnes5Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
St.Peters, Donald40Elsah2-B 
St.Peters, Doris5Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
St.Peters, Elizabeth40Elsah2-B 
St.Peters, Eugene5Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
St.Peters, Helen30Elsah2-A 
St.Peters, Juliah41Elsah2-B 
St.Peters, Louise30Elsah2-A 
St.Peters, Minnie5Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
St.Peters, Oliver5Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
St.Peters, Oliver H.41Elsah2-B 
St.Peters, Sarah62Mississippi3-B 
St.Peters, Virgil40Elsah2-B 
St.Peters, Walter40Elsah2-B 
Staats, Annie181Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stacckert ?, Dorothea54Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Stadts, Henry705-AEnglish 
Staff, Albert165Quarry7-BGrafton City
Staff, Lucille E.165Quarry7-BGrafton City
Stafford, Donald T.113Rosedale5-A 
Stafford, Dorothy V.25Rosedale1-B 
Stafford, Frances W.25Rosedale1-B 
Stafford, Frederick S.25Rosedale1-B 
Stafford, Mary E.25Rosedale1-B 
Stafford, Mary M.25Rosedale1-B 
Stafford, Mildred E.113Rosedale5-A 
Stafford, robert E.113Rosedale5-A 
Stahl, Alma11Rosedale1-A 
Stahl, August11Rosedale1-A 
Stahl, Eliza228Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Stahl, Elizabeth228Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Stahl, Freda E.12Rosedale1-A 
Stahl, Josephine A.228Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Stahl, Louise101Rosedale5-A 
Stahl, Nicholas H.101Rosedale5-A 
Stahl, Sophia C.12Rosedale1-A 
Stahl, Virginia P.101Rosedale5-A 
Stahl, Walter S.101Rosedale5-A 
Stahl, William J.12Rosedale1-A 
Stahl. Ella C.228Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Stahlings, Clara82Piasa4-A 
Stahlings, Helen82Piasa4-A 
Stahlings, Joseph82Piasa4-A 
Stahlings, Joseph J.82Piasa4-A 
Stahlings, Martha82Piasa4-A 
Stahlings, Mary82Piasa4-A 
Stahlings, Mary82Piasa4-A 
Stahlings, Ruth82Piasa4-A 
Stallman, Annabell52Piasa3-A 
Stallman, Arthur52Piasa3-A 
Stallman, Edward51Piasa3-A 
Stallman, Estella51Piasa3-A 
Stallman, Eugene52Piasa3-A 
Stallman, Harriett52Piasa3-A 
Stallman, Melvin52Piasa3-A 
Stallman, Milton52Piasa3-A 
Stallman, Samuel Jr.52Piasa3-A 
Stamps, Albert89Otter Creek4-A 
Stamps, Amelia89Otter Creek4-A 
Stamps, Charles E.110Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stamps, Daniel241Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stamps, Edith89Otter Creek4-A 
Stamps, Juanita U.110Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stamps, Kermit89Otter Creek4-A 
Stamps, L. Ervine110Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stamps, Leslie89Otter Creek4-A 
Stamps, Loyal89Otter Creek4-A 
Stamps, Luceil89Otter Creek4-A 
Stamps, Pearl G.110Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stamps, Victor89Otter Creek4-A 
Stamps, William G.110Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stamps, William P.110Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stanley, Belle163Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Stanley, Bettie79Jersey5-A 
Stanley, Capitola W.244Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Stanley, Catherine79Jersey5-A 
Stanley, Charles F.244Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Stanley, Chas.139Jersey8-B 
Stanley, Clifford79Jersey5-A 
Stanley, Douglas S.69Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stanley, Ed77Jersey5-A 
Stanley, Elizabeth A.69Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stanley, Esther139Jersey8-B 
Stanley, Frederick139Jersey8-B 
Stanley, Imo G.79Jersey5-A 
Stanley, Jane139Jersey8-B 
Stanley, Jean139Jersey8-B 
Stanley, Margaret139Jersey8-B 
Stanley, Mildred244Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Stanley, Nettie163Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Stanley, Sarah77Jersey5-A 
Stanley, Virginia79Jersey5-A 
Stanton, Donald214Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Stanton, Dorothy214Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Stanton, Leo E.214Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Stanton, Leona214Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Stanton, Robert214Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Stanton, Virginia214Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Stanton,Lela W.214Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Stanwood, Harold B.152Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Stanwood, Helen152Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Stanwood, Marion152Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Stanwood, Roland152Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Statton, Fred36Ruyle2-B 
Statton, Myrtle B.36Ruyle2-B 
Steckel, Charles Jr.271Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Steckel, Charles W.271Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Steckel, Clarence E.271Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Steckel, Harold E.271Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Steckel, Kenneth A.271Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Steckel, Mary J.31Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Steckel, Rhoda E.271Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Steele, R. Moore60Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Steele, T. Ellsworth60Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Steinberg, Etna J.254Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Steinberg, John W.254Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Steiner, Fern55Jersey4-A 
Steiner, Jay55Jersey4-A 
Steiner, Larrene A.223Quarry9-BGrafton City
Steiner, Margaret C.223Quarry9-BGrafton City
Steiner, Morjoria H.223Quarry9-BGrafton City
Steiner, Nelson H.223Quarry9-BGrafton City
Steiner, Norman55Jersey4-A 
Steiner, Ross55Jersey4-A 
Steiner, William55Jersey4-A 
Steinkueller, Elizabeth63Jersey4-B 
Steinkueller, H. J.63Jersey4-B 
Steinman, Louise9Elsah1-A 
Steinman, Trellia D.89Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stelle, Florence D.60Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stelle, Frank E.60Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stemmler, Anna L.96Rosedale4-B 
Stemmler, august C.96Rosedale4-B 
Stemmler, Gladys N.96Rosedale4-B 
Stemmler, Theodore H.96Rosedale4-B 
Stephenson, David165Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stephenson, Ellen S.185Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Stephenson, Opal164Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Stephenson, Phoebe An165Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stephenson, Samuel164Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Stephenson, Willia185Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Stephenson, Wm.185Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Steplenson ?, Flora B.48Ruyle3-A 
Steplenson ?, Richard48Ruyle3-A 
Stevens, Earl88Richwoods5-A 
Stevens, Eileen88Richwoods5-A 
Stevens, Freda88Richwoods5-A 
Stevens, H. L.13Jersey2-A 
Stevens, Henrietta13Jersey2-A 
Stevens, Loretta13Jersey2-A 
Stevens, Lula88Richwoods5-A 
Stevens, Meda88Richwoods5-A 
Stevens, Myrtle13Jersey2-A 
Stevens, Porter13Jersey2-A 
Stevens, Roy Jr.88Richwoods5-A 
Stevens, Roy R.88Richwoods5-A 
Stevens, William88Richwoods5-A 
Stewart, Charles W.74Quarry3-BGrafton City
Stewart, Lawrence91Mississippi5-A 
Stewart, Mabel M.74Quarry3-BGrafton City
Stewart, Malissa91Mississippi5-A 
Stewart, William E.30Elsah1-BElsah Village
Stewart, William H.141Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Stinnett, Alice172Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stinnett, Elmer172Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stinnett, Francis172Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stinnett, Gene172Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stoeckel, Eileen J.74Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stoeckel, Elizabeth74Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stoeckel, Frances74Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stoeckel, Julia17Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Stoeckel, Lela74Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stoeckel, Loren74Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stoeckel, Louis74Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stoekel, Catherine185Jersey11-B 
Stoekel, Cora185Jersey11-B 
Stoekel, Francis185Jersey11-B 
Stoekel, Fred185Jersey11-B 
Stoekel, Leo185Jersey11-B 
Stoekel, Mary E.6Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stoekel, Peter185Jersey11-B 
Stoekel, Wilhelmina185Jersey11-B 
Stoffel, Olive186Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Stoll, Bertha305Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stollman, Juineta D.166Quarry7-BGrafton City
Stone, Arlina204Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Stone, Bertha M.26Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stone, Carrie N.56Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stone, Creda205Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stone, Daniel98Piasa5-A 
Stone, Dean71Piasa3-B 
Stone, Earl204Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Stone, Eldon205Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stone, Floyd T.205Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stone, Harriett71Piasa3-B 
Stone, Idella71Piasa3-B 
Stone, Jess71Piasa3-B 
Stone, John71Piasa3-B 
Stone, John72Piasa3-B 
Stone, Kenneth71Piasa3-B 
Stone, Laverne E.26Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stone, Lenard71Piasa3-B 
Stone, Loyd F.26Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stone, Margaret98Piasa5-A 
Stone, Mary71Piasa3-B 
Stone, Mary71Piasa3-B 
Stone, Mary98Piasa5-A 
Stone, Nettie98Piasa5-A 
Stone, Norman71Piasa3-B 
Stone, Paul R.26Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stone, Ralph L.26Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stone, Raymond A.26Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stone, Rebecca72Piasa3-B 
Stone, Richard C.26Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Stone, Ruth98Piasa5-A 
Stone, Sam F.204Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Stone, Simon30Fidelity2-AFidelity Village
Stone, Wilbert71Piasa3-B 
Stone, William98Piasa5-A 
Story, Florence F.14Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Story, Goldie14Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Story, Hulett14Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Story, Leslie14Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Story, Mary14Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Story, Russell H.14Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
StPeters, Edward30Elsah2-A 
Strack, Catherine8Piasa1-ABrighton
Strack, Philip8Piasa1-ABrighton
Strand, Fannie G.91Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Strand, Wiley O.91Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Strebel, Anna L.117Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Strebel, Dorothy38Fidelity2-B 
Strebel, Fred38Fidelity2-B 
Strebel, Glenda M.117Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Strebel, Helen I.117Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Strebel, Kenneth38Fidelity2-B 
Strebel, Lloyd E.117Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Strebel, May E.117Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Strebel, Prudence188Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Strebel, Sarah38Fidelity2-B 
Strebel, Sylvester C.188Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Strebel, Sylvester P.188Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Strebel, Theodore38Fidelity2-B 
Strebel, Wilma J.117Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Strebel, Wm. Antone188Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stroud, Ed110Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stroud, Mildred110Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stuckert, Carl68Mississippi4-A 
Stuckert, Carrie68Mississippi4-A 
Stuckert, Margaret306Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Stuckert, Philip68Mississippi4-A 
Suddeth, Edith S.231Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Suddeth, Florence15Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Suddeth, Gladys B.88Rosedale4-A 
Suddeth, Harriet E.7Rosedale1-A 
Suddeth, James F.7Rosedale1-A 
Suddeth, Mary88Rosedale4-A 
Suddeth, William J.88Rosedale4-A 
Sullivan, Charles J.65Fidelity3-B 
Sullivan, Leslie65Fidelity3-B 
Sullivan, Veriel65Fidelity3-B 
Sullivan, Walter65Fidelity3-B 
Sullivan, Walter A.65Fidelity3-B 
Summers, Fergus K.200Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Summers, Imogene F.167Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Summers, Mildred I.200Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Summers, Ora G.200Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Summers, Rosella167Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Summers, Verlin W.200Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Summers, Veronica200Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Sumner, Abby252Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sumner, Wm. T.252Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sumner, Zara253Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
sunderland, Allen83Jersey5-A 
Sunderland, Augusta94Jersey5-B 
Sunderland, Barbara65Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sunderland, Carrie S.140Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Sunderland, Clara140Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Sunderland, Clarence5Piasa1-ADelhi Town
Sunderland, Dan3Piasa1-ADelhi Town
Sunderland, Edward94Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Sunderland, Elizabeth101Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Sunderland, Emma M.94Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Sunderland, Hazel140Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Sunderland, James65Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sunderland, Jett H.140Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Sunderland, Jett O.140Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Sunderland, John94Jersey5-B 
Sunderland, John P.94Jersey5-B 
Sunderland, Julia5Piasa1-ADelhi Town
Sunderland, Julia61Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sunderland, Laura2Piasa1-ADelhi Town
Sunderland, Lavina61Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sunderland, Leslie2Piasa1-ADelhi Town
Sunderland, Lloyd100Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Sunderland, Lloyd C.61Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sunderland, Lloyd Jr.100Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Sunderland, Marcus101Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Sunderland, Margaret3Piasa1-ADelhi Town
Sunderland, Marie61Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sunderland, Mary94Jersey5-B 
Sunderland, Mary L.5Piasa1-ADelhi Town
Sunderland, Nell100Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Sunderland, Nell255Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sunderland, Perry61Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sunderland, Q.I.94Jersey5-B 
Sunderland, Ruth Virginia101Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Sunderland, Sadie83Jersey5-A 
Sunderland, Valera2Piasa1-ADelhi Town
Sunderland, Wm.61Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sunderland, Wm. F.61Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sutton, Coreine41Mississippi2-B 
Sutton, Hazel41Mississippi2-B 
Sutton, Hazel Dell41Mississippi2-B 
Sutton, James55Piasa3-A 
Sutton, Josephine41Mississippi2-B 
Sutton, Louisiana54Richwoods2-BFieldon
Sutton, Milton41Mississippi2-B 
Sutton, Milton E.41Mississippi2-B 
Sutton, William41Mississippi2-B 
Swan, Mary1Mississippi1-A 
Swan, Wiliam1Mississippi1-A 
Swarringin ?, Clyde44Richwoods2-B 
Swarringin ?, David44Richwoods2-B 
Swarringin ?, Mattie44Richwoods2-B 
Swarringin ?, Russell44Richwoods2-B 
Sweely, Ernest E.57Quarry3-AGrafton City
Sweely, Hellen C.57Quarry3-AGrafton City
Sweely, Lee G.57Quarry3-AGrafton City
Sweely, Louise M.57Quarry3-AGrafton City
Sweely, Mary Lou57Quarry3-AGrafton City
Sweely, Oscar B.57Quarry3-AGrafton City
Sweely, Oscar M.57Quarry3-AGrafton City
Sweely, Ruth M.57Quarry3-AGrafton City
Sweely, William F.57Quarry3-AGrafton City
Sweeney, Elizabeth A.39Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Sweeney, Ellen284Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sweeney, George444-AEnglish 
Sweeney, George H.444-AEnglish 
Sweeney, Hazel444-AEnglish 
Sweeney, Hazel M.444-AEnglish 
Sweeney, James1408-AEnglish 
Sweeney, John284Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sweeney, Lewis66Quarry3-BGrafton City
Sweeney, Louis39Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Sweeney, Margaret39Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Sweeney, Martha1408-AEnglish 
Sweeney, Mary Lois444-AEnglish 
Sweeney, Nellie39Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Sweeney, Paul284Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sweeney, Stuart284Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Sweitzer, Mirrian F.172Quarry7-BGrafton City
Sweitzer, Regina B.172Quarry7-BGrafton City
Swerringen, Sarah227Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Sykes, Dorothy E.149Quarry6-BGrafton City
Sykes, Everet J.149Quarry6-BGrafton City
Sykes, Henrietta M.149Quarry6-BGrafton City
Sykes, Joseph A.149Quarry6-BGrafton City
Sykes, Kenneth149Quarry6-BGrafton City
Sykes, Mabel A.149Quarry6-BGrafton City
Sykes, Robert J.149Quarry6-BGrafton City
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