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1930 Jersey County Census Index – G

If you find the surname you are looking for, you can return to the 1930 Page to find the family in the township listing. This will allow you to view all the individuals residing in the dwelling and their neighbors. This transcription of the index to the Jersey County Federal Census of 1930 was contributed by Delores Molloy. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors.
Gabbett, Della126Jersey8-A 
Gabbett, Delmer126Jersey8-A 
Gabbett, Donald126Jersey8-A 
Gabbett, Richard126Jersey8-A 
Gabbett, W.J.126Jersey8-A 
Gaber, Charles W.72Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gaber, Margaret E.72Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gaber, Margaret L.72Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gaber, William J.72Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gaffney, Charles P.146Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gaffney, Elston79Fidelity4-A 
Gaffney, Inez79Fidelity4-A 
Gaffney, Mary E.146Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gaffney, Nancy L.28Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gaffney, Thos.79Fidelity4-A 
Gaffney, Thos. Carl79Fidelity4-A 
Gage, Louis200Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Gaither, Clifford L.93Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gaither, Dorcas M.93Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gaither, John W.13Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gaither, Joseph E.13Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gaither, Lula13Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gaither, Stella L.93Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gaither, William93Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gaither, Zeddock L.54Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Galore, James F.117Rosedale5-B 
Galore, John L.117Rosedale5-B 
Galore, Mary E.117Rosedale5-B 
Galore, William117Rosedale5-B 
Gamerdinger, Charles P.243Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gamerdinger, Edith H.243Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gamerdinger, Eva I.243Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gamerdinger, Georgianna243Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gamindinger, Catherine70Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gamindinger, George70Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gamindinger, Helen70Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gamindinger, Katie R.70Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gans, Emma44Jersey3-B 
Gans, Loren44Jersey3-B 
Gans, Walter44Jersey3-B 
Ganz, Burell E.182Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ganz, Sadie K.182Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Garber, Barbara J.118Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Garber, Elmer F.208Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Garber, Gertrude208Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Garber, Mabel M.118Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Garber, Mary208Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Garber, William C.118Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Garber, William K.118Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gardner, Celia M.311Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gardner, Eugene311Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gardner, Leo S.311Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gardner, Peggy June311Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Garrel, Ida16Elsah1-AElsah Village
Garrell, Laura2Elsah1-AElsah Village
Garrels, Bertha174Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Garrels, Clara111-AEnglish 
Garrels, Ernest111-AEnglish 
Garrels, Freda111-AEnglish 
Garrels, Henry111-AEnglish 
Gates, Goldie93Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gates, Walter93Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gavin, Emma146Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Gavin, Helen H.139Quarry6-AGrafton City
Gavin, John M.139Quarry6-AGrafton City
Gavin, Mary225Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gavin, Patrick225Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gavin, Theresa139Quarry6-AGrafton City
Gaw, Betty74Otter Creek3-B 
Gaw, Emma74Otter Creek3-B 
Gaw, Geneva74Otter Creek3-B 
Gaw, Gwindoline74Otter Creek3-B 
Gaw, Marry74Otter Creek3-B 
Gaw, Raymond74Otter Creek3-B 
Gaw, Ruby74Otter Creek3-B 
Gaw, Volla74Otter Creek3-B 
Gearing, James E.218Quarry9-BGrafton City
Gearing, Mamie W.218Quarry9-BGrafton City
Gearing, William W.218Quarry9-BGrafton City
Geers, Herman F.145Jersey8-B 
Gehlhausen, Edd825-BEnglish
Gehlhausen, George825-BEnglish
Gehlhausen, Katherine825-BEnglish
Gehlhausen, Margaret825-BEnglish
Geirs, Anna43Richwoods2-B
Geirs, Barney43Richwoods2-B
Geirs, Mary43Richwoods2-B
Geirs, William43Richwoods2-B
Geisler, Bernice46Piasa2-B
Geisler, Edna1Piasa1-A
Geisler, Edwin103Fidelity5-A
Geisler, Helen103Fidelity5-A
Geisler, Henry103Fidelity5-A
Geisler, Herbert46Piasa2-B
Geisler, Herman46Piasa2-B
Geisler, Herman103Fidelity5-A
Geisler, Jeosie103Fidelity5-A 
Geisler, Jessie46Piasa2-B 
Geisler, Lester1Piasa1-A 
Geisler, Lester Jr.1Piasa1-A 
Geisler, Marie1Piasa1-A 
Geisler, Pauline1Piasa1-A 
Geisler, Raymond46Piasa2-B 
Geisler, Robert46Piasa2-B 
Geisler, Warren1Piasa1-A 
Genterman, Herb92Richwoods5-A 
Gentry, Floyd A.279Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gentry, Lela L.279Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Georgivits, George27Elsah2-A 
Georgivits, Ian54Elsah3-A 
Georgivits, John27Elsah2-A 
Georgivits, Joseph27Elsah2-A 
Georgivits, Kate27Elsah2-A 
Georgivits, Muriel27Elsah2-A 
Georgivits, Peter54Elsah3-A 
Georgivits, Peter Jr.54Elsah3-A 
Georgivits, Raymond27Elsah2-A 
Gerdesmeyer, Mary31Quarry2-AGrafton City
Gerdt, Mary20Piasa1-B 
German, Anna B.131Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
German, Arthur108Fidelity5-A 
German, Arthur C.131Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
German, George127Fidelity6-A 
German, George H.131Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
German, Grace E.131Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
German, James I.131Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
German, John G.131Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
German, John W.131Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
German, Mary R.131Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
German, Sallie B.131Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gerson, Addison124Mississippi6-A 
Gerson, Alma55Richwoods3-AFieldon
Gerson, Angeline95Rosedale4-B 
Gerson, Anna24Richwoods1-BFieldon
Gerson, Anna E.95Rosedale4-B 
Gerson, Charles53Elsah3-A 
Gerson, Clayton W.95Rosedale4-B 
Gerson, Edward95Rosedale4-B 
Gerson, Emil35Elsah2-B 
Gerson, Florence53Elsah3-A 
Gerson, Fred24Richwoods1-BFieldon
Gerson, Frederick E.95Rosedale4-B 
Gerson, Helen65Richwoods3-B 
Gerson, Herman65Richwoods3-B 
Gerson, Howard F.95Rosedale4-B 
Gerson, Jennie124Mississippi6-A 
Gerson, Lillian35Elsah2-B 
Gerson, Lora35Elsah2-A 
Gerson, Louis35Elsah2-A 
Gerson, Mae65Richwoods3-B 
Gerson, Mildred24Richwoods1-BFieldon
Gerson, Raymond24Richwoods1-BFieldon
Gerson, Ruth24Richwoods1-BFieldon
Gerson, Stanley W.95Rosedale4-B 
Gerson, Ulrica218Mississippi9-B 
Gettings, Billie106Richwoods6-A 
Gettings, Ella131Otter Creek5-B 
Gettings, Hazel106Richwoods6-A 
Gettings, Isac131Otter Creek5-B 
Gettings, Jacob106Richwoods6-A 
Gettings, James L.131Otter Creek5-B 
Gettings, James M.131Otter Creek5-B 
Gettings, Robert L.106Richwoods6-A 
Gettings, William106Richwoods6-A 
Ghrison (Gerson ?), Fay144Piasa6-B 
Gibbons, Agnes20Jersey1-B 
Gibbons, Catherine20Jersey1-B 
Gibbons, Catherine20Jersey1-B 
Gibbons, Cecilia8Piasa1-ADelhi Town
Gibbons, Dorothy20Jersey1-B 
Gibbons, Emma20Elsah1-B 
Gibbons, George20Elsah1-B 
Gibbons, Gregory31Piasa2-A 
Gibbons, Herbert20Jersey1-B 
Gibbons, Ileen20Jersey1-B 
Gibbons, James20Jersey1-B 
Gibbons, James31Piasa2-A 
Gibbons, John F.31Piasa2-A 
Gibbons, Joseph8Piasa1-ADelhi Town
Gibbons, Josephine31Piasa2-A 
Gibbons, Loretta53Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Gibbons, Margaret31Piasa2-A 
Gibbons, Margaret53Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Gibbons, Margaret Mary20Jersey1-B 
Gibbons, martin53Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Gibbons, Mary8Piasa1-ADelhi Town
Gibbons, Patrick20Jersey1-B 
Gibbons, Paul20Jersey1-B 
Giberson, Joel172Mississippi8-A 
Gibson, Fannie F.65Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gibson, Francis W.65Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gibson, Ruth E.65Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gibson, Sarah E.181Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gibson, Wesley U.65Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gier, Anna138Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gier, Doris Jean84Mississippi4-B 
Gier, Elizabeth291Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gier, Irene84Mississippi4-B 
Gier, Mildred M.291Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gier, Orville84Mississippi4-B 
Gier, William B.138Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Giers, Catherine68Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Giers, Fred W.244Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Giers, Harold68Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Giers, Isabel191Quarry8-AGrafton City
Giers, Lena244Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Giers, Lewis J.68Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Giers, Lewis W.68Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Giers, Theodore68Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Gift, alice S.303Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gift, Eleanor S.303Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gilbert, Edna A.134Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gilbert, William H.134Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gilberth, Anna86Elsah4-B 
Gilberth, Charles86Elsah4-B 
Gill, Anna102Elsah5-A 
Gill, David P.130Piasa6-A 
Gill, Millie102Elsah5-A 
Gill, Sarah21Elsah1-BElsah Village
Gilleland, Allie A.79Rosedale4-A 
Gilleland, Bertha4Richwoods1-AFieldon
Gilleland, Keith4Richwoods1-AFieldon
Gilleland, Paul4Richwoods1-AFieldon
Gilleland, Samuel171Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Gilleland, Thelma4Richwoods1-AFieldon
Gilleland, Walter156Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Gilleland, William F.79Rosedale4-A 
Giller, Richard56Jersey4-A 
Giller, Vieginia56Jersey4-A 
Gillespie, Donald236Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Gillespie, Lyman236Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Gillespie, Manfred236Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Gillespie, Mildred236Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Gillespie, Rodney236Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Gillham, Edina141Mississippi6-B 
Gillham, Edythe141Mississippi6-B 
Gillham, Ida168Mississippi7-B 
Gillham, Luther141Mississippi6-B 
Gilworth, , Alma96Ruyle5-A 
Gilworth, Dean96Ruyle5-A 
Gilworth, Elmer96Ruyle5-A
Gilworth, Flora145Mississippi7-A
Gilworth, Hawe Y.84Ruyle4-B
Gilworth, Howard4Jersey1-A
Gilworth, John145Mississippi7-A
Gilworth, Kenneth84Ruyle4-B
Gilworth, Lois Lee96Ruyle5-A
Gilworth, Louis145Mississippi7-A
Gilworth, Mary4Jersey1-A
Gilworth, Mildred84Ruyle4-B
Gilworth, Nellie84Ruyle4-B
Gilworth, Neta4Jersey1-A
Gilworth, Stewart4Jersey1-A
Gilworth, Virginia4Jersey1-A
Gilworth, Wayne4Jersey1-A
Gilworth, Wilbur145Mississippi7-A
Gimmy, Mary M.182Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gisy, Albert166Mississippi7-B 
Gisy, Avery166Mississippi7-B 
Gittun, Lee158Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Glassbrenner, Annie26Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Glassbrenner, Bertha42Elsah2-B 
Glassbrenner, Fred Edw.235Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Glassbrenner, Geo.26Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Glassbrenner, Henry13Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Glassbrenner, Lenore235Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Glassbrenner, Leonard235Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Glassbrenner, Peter42Elsah2-B 
Glassbrenner, Ray42Elsah2-B 
Gleason, Bridget11Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Gleason, Charlie11Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Gleason, Kattie11Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Gledhill, Cornelia259Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Gledhill, Henry R.259Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Gledhill, Mary Florence259Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Gledhill, Robert Henry259Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Gleesaen, Hugh87Mississippi5-A 
Gleespin, Ida278Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Gleespin, Peter F.278Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Godar, Leon27Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Godfrey, James M.205Quarry9-AGrafton City
Godfrey, Nancy E.205Quarry9-AGrafton City
Godfrey, Roy170Quarry7-BGrafton City
Goedde, Emma110Jersey6-B 
Goemann, Dora262-AEnglish 
Goemann, Henry262-AEnglish 
Goemann, Henry E.262-AEnglish 
Goemann, Katherine D.262-AEnglish 
Goen, Dorothy49Elsah2-AElsah Village
Goen, Elmer49Elsah2-AElsah Village
Goen, Henry49Elsah2-AElsah Village
Goen, Louis49Elsah2-AElsah Village
Goen, Martha49Elsah2-AElsah Village
Goepper ?, Charles J.95Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Goepper ?, Minnie M.95Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Goetten, Bernadine1217-AEnglish 
Goetten, Charles117Jersey6-B 
Goetten, Cyril1217-AEnglish 
Goetten, Edmund117Jersey6-B 
Goetten, Edward117Jersey6-B 
Goetten, Elizabeth1217-AEnglish 
Goetten, Genevieve1217-AEnglish 
Goetten, Gertrude117Jersey6-B 
Goetten, Henry1247-BEnglish 
Goetten, John1247-BEnglish 
Goetten, Josephine93Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Goetten, Katherine117Jersey6-B 
Goetten, Marcella117Jersey6-B 
Goetten, Margaret1247-BEnglish 
Goetten, Marie117Jersey6-B 
Goetten, Maurita1247-BEnglish 
Goetten, Roger1247-BEnglish 
Goetten, Rosalie1247-BEnglish 
Goetten, Tony1217-AEnglish 
Goldsmith, Lois22Jersey2-A 
Goldsmith, Oliver22Jersey2-A 
Goltz, Arthur B.143Quarry6-BGrafton City
Gonder, Jake34Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Gonder, John34Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Goode, Don29Fidelity2-A 
Goode, Lloyd29Fidelity2-A 
Goode, Mary H.29Fidelity2-A 
Goode, Mildred29Fidelity2-A 
Goodrich, Clara B.129Quarry5-B.Grafton City
Goodrich, Ella8Elsah1-A 
Goodrich, Ernest R.45Quarry2-BGrafton City
Goodrich, Katherine293Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Goodrich, Mary A.44Quarry2-BGrafton City
Goodrich, Ralph C.239Quarry10-AGrafton City
Goodrich, Robert B.129Quarry5-B.Grafton City
Goodwin, William83Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gore, Mercedes16Elsah1-B 
Gorham, Elma134Fidelity6-B 
Gorham, Elmore134Fidelity6-B 
Gorham, Eugene134Fidelity6-B 
Gorham, Harvey134Fidelity6-B 
Gorham, John E.152Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gorham, Katie152Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gorham, Laura134Fidelity6-B 
Gorham, Ollie134Fidelity6-B 
Gorham, Paul134Fidelity6-B 
Gorin, Adda111Piasa5-B 
Gorin, Anne111Piasa5-B 
Gorin, Frank111Piasa5-B 
Gorman, Bernie137Fidelity6-B 
Gorman, Harry137Fidelity6-B 
Gorman, James137Fidelity6-B 
Gorman, Janet36Otter Creek2-A 
Gorman, Louis137Fidelity6-B 
Gorman, Margaret137Fidelity6-B 
Gorman, Mary A.229Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gorman, Rosalie137Fidelity6-B 
Gorman, Rose137Fidelity6-B
Goshorn, Helen8Jersey1-A
Goshorn, James137Jersey8-A
Goshorn, Jennie8Jersey1-A
Goshorn, Lewis8Jersey1-A
Goshorn, Neta137Jersey8-A
Gotter, Alice77Piasa4-A
Gotter, Erma77Piasa4-A
Gotter, John77Piasa4-A
Gotter, John77Piasa4-A
Gotter, Olga77Piasa4-A
Gotter, Vanetta77Piasa4-A
Gowdrich, Charley423-AEnglish
Gowen, Donald494-AEnglish
Gowen, Freda494-AEnglish
Gowen, Leslie494-AEnglish
Gowen, Mildred494-AEnglish
Gowen, Norman494-AEnglish
Gowen, Raymond494-AEnglish
Gowin, Elmer87Jersey5-B
Gowin, Eugene87Jersey5-B
Gowin, Florence87Jersey5-B
Gowin, Lucile87Jersey5-B
Gowin, Preston87Jersey5-B
Gowins, Clyde10Otter Creek1-A
Gowins, Elizebeth42Otter Creek2-A
Gowins, John10Otter Creek1-A
Gowins, Katie M.42Otter Creek2-A
Gowins, Lela42Otter Creek2-A
Gowins, Lenard10Otter Creek1-A
Gowins, Lulu10Otter Creek1-A
Gowins, Masson10Otter Creek1-A 
Gowins, Minor10Otter Creek1-A 
Gowins, Paris42Otter Creek2-A 
Gowins, Verna10Otter Creek1-A 
Gowling, Fannie58Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Gowling, Jos. E.305Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Gowling, Lyman106Fidelity5-A 
Gowling, Nettie106Fidelity5-A 
Gowling, Sarah E.305Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Grabbe, Emma146Piasa6-B 
Grabbe, George146Piasa6-B 
Grabbe, Hazel146Piasa7-A 
Grabbe, Mable146Piasa7-A 
Grabbe, Myrtle146Piasa7-A 
Grabbe, Phillip147Piasa7-A 
Grabbe, Viola146Piasa7-A 
Grabe, William1Piasa1-ABrighton
Grady, Emma151Mississippi7-A 
Grady, Ethel May151Mississippi7-A 
Grady, Harry151Mississippi7-A 
Grady, William151Mississippi7-A 
Graf, Angela285Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Graf, Jos.285Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Grafford, Edna E.207Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Grafford, Elmer207Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Grafford, Evelyn M.207Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Grafford, Francis A.207Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Grafford, Harold L.207Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Grafford, John D.207Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Graham, Abbie193Mississippi8-B 
Graham, Durwood B.128Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
GRaham, John193Mississippi8-B 
Graham, Locke A.128Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Graham, Nellie B.128Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Graham,. Dorothy288Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Graner, Beulah142Jersey8-B 
Graner, Blanche142Jersey8-B 
Graner, Chas.196Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Graner, George142Jersey8-B 
Graner, Gladys142Jersey8-B 
Graner, Marcella142Jersey8-B 
Graner, Ross142Jersey8-B 
Graner, Stella196Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Graner, Tossie142Jersey8-B 
Graner, William142Jersey8-B 
Grange, Alma44Elsah2-B 
Grange, Darrell44Elsah2-B 
Grange, Kenneth44Elsah2-B 
Grange, William44Elsah2-B 
Grange, William Jr.44Elsah2-B 
Gray, Anna85Mississippi4-B 
Gray, Charlotte287Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gray, Dorothy C.287Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gray, Edward85Mississippi4-B 
Gray, Enid15Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Gray, Halbert15Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Gray, Harry L.287Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gray, John85Mississippi4-B 
Gray, John85Mississippi4-B 
Gray, Katherine1197-AEnglish 
Gray, Oliver85Mississippi4-B 
Gray, Paul85Mississippi4-B 
Gray, Robert L.287Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gray, Virginia85Mississippi4-B 
Greany, Mike W.9Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Greeling, Albert29Elsah2-A 
Greeling, Anna41Fidelity2-B 
Greeling, Anna41Fidelity2-B 
Greeling, Chas.41Fidelity2-B 
Greeling, Dallas41Fidelity2-B 
Greeling, Ephrin147Mississippi7-A 
Greeling, Grace29Elsah2-A 
Greeling, Jacob29Elsah2-A 
Greeling, John197Mississippi8-B 
Greeling, John Jr.197Mississippi8-B 
Greeling, Mary197Mississippi8-B 
Greeling, Paul29Elsah2-A 
Greeling, Wilbur41Fidelity2-B 
Green, Adrian E.247Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Green, Adrian J.247Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Green, Blanche C.249Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Green, Charles906-AEnglish 
Green, Daisey E.260Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Green, Elmer128Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Green, Esther C.249Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Green, Evelyn V.186Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Green, Everett W.118Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Green, Ewell225Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Green, Flora L.249Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Green, Florence20Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Green, Flossie F.186Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Green, Frances E.118Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Green, George L.118Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Green, George W.118Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Green, Hazel20Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Green, Hazel R.249Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Green, Helen906-AEnglish 
Green, Helen M.118Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Green, Herman179Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Green, Ida M.179Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Green, Irene906-AEnglish 
Green, Jake260Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Green, Jessie A.7Jersey1-A 
Green, Joseph89Mississippi5-A 
Green, Josephine20Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Green, Juanita179Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Green, Junior280Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Green, Leah V.118Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Green, Lela280Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Green, Lloyd E.249Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Green, Lloyd L.249Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Green, Louis20Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Green, Margaret B.247Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Green, Maurice T.179Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Green, Minnie81Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Green, Samuel G.7Jersey1-A 
Green, susie E.118Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Green, Thelma20Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Green, Tony20Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Green, Virgil186Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Green, Wm. B.81Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Green, Wm. R.20Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Greenstreet, Orville93Fidelity4-B 
Greenwalt, Charles34Mississippi2-B 
Greenwalt, Edward34Mississippi2-B 
Greenwalt, Eva34Mississippi2-B 
Greenwalt, Lucille34Mississippi2-B 
Greenwalt, Ralph34Mississippi2-B 
Greenwood, Wm.41Jersey3-A 
Grether, Catherine50Rosedale2-B 
Grether, Daniel50Rosedale2-B 
Grether, Daniel B.34Rosedale2-A 
Grether, Daniel B.50Rosedale2-B 
Grether, Doris R.34Rosedale2-A 
Grether, Eileen M.34Rosedale2-A 
Grether, Ella B.34Rosedale2-A 
Grether, Richard B.34Rosedale2-A 
Grether, Robert E.34Rosedale2-A 
Griesemer, Alma110Rosedale5-A 
Griesemer, Clarence E.110Rosedale5-A 
Griesemer, Clarence W.110Rosedale5-A 
Griesemer, Edwin R.110Rosedale5-A 
Griffen, Horace20Otter Creek1-BOtterville
Griffen, Ida B.20Otter Creek1-BOtterville
Griffin, Emmett177Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Griffin, Jasper H.252Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Griffin, Lawrene94Richwoods5-B 
Griffin, Martha A.252Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Griffin, William94Richwoods5-A 
Griffith, John180Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Griffith, Susie F.142Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Griffon, Anna135Otter Creek6-A 
Griffon, Burnice107Otter Creek5-A 
Griffon, Charles Otter Creek5-A 
Griffon, Dora107Otter Creek5-A 
Griffon, Ethel May107Otter Creek5-A 
Griffon, Gerold107Otter Creek5-A 
Griffon, Harold135Otter Creek6-A 
Griffon, Rubby107Otter Creek5-A 
Griffon, Viola135Otter Creek6-A 
Griffon, Weslie135Otter Creek6-A 
Grimes, Belle123Jersey7-B 
Grimes, Flora123Jersey7-B 
Griswald, Mary19Fidelity1-BFidelity Village
Grizzle, Adam39Jersey3-A 
Grizzle, Adeline45Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Grizzle, Albin (Alvin ?)124Fidelity6-A 
Grizzle, Bertha64Jersey4-B 
Grizzle, C. C.18Jersey2-A 
Grizzle, Charles124Fidelity6-A 
Grizzle, Chas. Jr.124Fidelity6-A 
Grizzle, Chester18Jersey2-A 
Grizzle, Dorothy124Fidelity6-A 
Grizzle, Elmer64Jersey4-B 
Grizzle, Elston66Fidelity3-B 
Grizzle, Ethel28Jersey2-B 
Grizzle, Ethel39Jersey3-A 
Grizzle, Evelyn82Fidelity4-A 
Grizzle, Evelyn124Fidelity6-A 
Grizzle, Frank64Jersey4-B 
Grizzle, Frank Jr.64Jersey4-B 
Grizzle, Freeman J.45Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Grizzle, George28Jersey2-B 
Grizzle, Harold18Jersey2-A 
Grizzle, Harry39Jersey3-A 
Grizzle, Joseph124Fidelity6-A 
Grizzle, Lilly28Jersey2-B 
Grizzle, Mary39Jersey3-A 
Grizzle, Ora124Fidelity6-A 
Grizzle, Ourtis ?82Fidelity4-A 
Grizzle, Paul39Jersey3-A 
Grizzle, Ralph124Fidelity6-A 
Grizzle, Rose18Jersey2-A 
Grizzle, Rosemary18Jersey2-A 
Grizzle, Sarah45Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Grizzle, Vera124Fidelity6-A 
Grizzle, Virginia64Jersey4-B 
Grizzle, Wilbur124Fidelity6-A 
Groeppel, Ethel M.35Rosedale2-A 
Groeppel, Oscar H.35Rosedale2-A 
Groeppel, Truman P.35Rosedale2-A 
Groom, Buelah231Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Groom, Joseph231Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Groom, Martha231Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Groom, Mary231Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Groom, Mildred231Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Groppel, Annie M.153Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Groppel, Augusta E.115Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Groppel, Carl E.153Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Groppel, Charles32Richwoods2-A 
Groppel, Charles H.111Rosedale5-A 
Groppel, Clemens G.119Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Groppel, Clemens G. Jr.119Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Groppel, Dorothy L.119Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Groppel, Edgar J.75Rosedale3-B 
Groppel, Edna C.111Rosedale5-A 
Groppel, Edward T.40Rosedale6-A 
Groppel, Ella M.42Rosedale2-B 
Groppel, Ernest W.42Rosedale2-B 
Groppel, Francis L.115Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Groppel, Frank A.75Rosedale3-B 
Groppel, Freda G.119Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Groppel, Frederick19Rosedale1-B 
Groppel, Grace223Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Groppel, Hettie L.111Rosedale5-A 
Groppel, Howard F.75Rosedale3-B 
Groppel, Lolla ?32Richwoods2-A 
Groppel, Louis E.40Rosedale6-A 
Groppel, Louis H.223Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Groppel, Margaret M.119Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Groppel, Matilda M.75Rosedale3-B 
Groppel, Minnie19Rosedale1-B 
Groppel, Morris W.115Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Groppel, Naomi E.111Rosedale5-A 
Groppel, Otis32Richwoods2-B 
Groppel, Raymond C.111Rosedale5-A 
Groppel, Robert H.111Rosedale5-A 
Groppel, Velma A.42Rosedale2-B 
Groppel, William H.223Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Groppel, William J.42Rosedale2-B 
Gross, Betty J.258Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gross, Carl S.258Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gross, Charley423-AEnglish 
Gross, Claude A.258Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gross, Cora29Ruyle2-A 
Gross, Curtis91Ruyle5-A 
Gross, Delbert R.91Ruyle5-A 
Gross, Dorothey91Ruyle5-A 
Gross, Dovie M.258Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gross, Earl L.258Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gross, Edna P.258Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gross, Floyd91Ruyle5-A 
Gross, Hattie91Ruyle5-A 
Gross, John84Ruyle4-B 
Gross, John E.258Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gross, Joseph20Ruyle1-B 
Gross, Leroy29Ruyle2-A 
Gross, Lester29Ruyle2-A 
Gross, Paul W.258Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gross, Pearl91Ruyle5-A 
Gross, Ray L.258Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gross, Rita M.258Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Gross, Robert G.91Ruyle5-A 
Gross, Sarah20Ruyle1-B 
Gross, William J.258Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Grub, Frederick K.204Quarry9-AGrafton City
Grubb, Addie E.204Quarry9-AGrafton City
Grubb, Dorothy L.204Quarry9-AGrafton City
Grubb, Leo204Quarry9-AGrafton City
G’Sell, James F.173Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
G’Sell, Maybelle E.173Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
G’Sell, Robert R.173Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Gubser, Eliza5Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Gubser, Henry J.5Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Gubser, Herbert5Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Gubser, Luella5Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Guenther, Bertha30Otter Creek2-A 
Guenther, Herman30Otter Creek2-A 
Guenther, Herman30Otter Creek2-A 
Guenther, Josephine30Otter Creek2-A 
Guess, Frederic L.6Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Guess, Josephine6Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Gumn ?, George44Elsah2-B 
Gunterman, Albert E.665-AEnglish 
Gunterman, Alene V.85Rosedale4-A 
Gunterman, Edna M.85Rosedale4-A 
Gunterman, Georgia665-AEnglish 
Gunterman, Gertrude1478-BEnglish 
Gunterman, Herbert L.177Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Gunterman, Herschel665-AEnglish 
Gunterman, Hildred1478-BEnglish 
Gunterman, Holland1478-BEnglish 
Gunterman, John1478-BEnglish 
Gunterman, Leslie C.85Rosedale4-A 
Gunterman, Pearlie63Otter Creek3-A 
Gunterman, Raymond63Rosedale3-B 
Guntren, Floy F.17Rosedale1-B 
Guntren, John F.17Rosedale1-B 
Guntren, Melva L.17Rosedale1-B 
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