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1930 Jersey County Census Index – F

If you find the surname you are looking for, you can return to the 1930 Page to find the family in the township listing. This will allow you to view all the individuals residing in the dwelling and their neighbors. This transcription of the index to the Jersey County Federal Census of 1930 was contributed by Delores Molloy. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors.
Fahey, David D.127Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fahey, Julia I.127Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fahey, Mary M.127Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fahey, Newell F.77Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fahey, Rosalie C.77Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fahey, William D.127Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fahey, William F.77Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fairfax, Amos E.287Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fairfax, Anna G.251Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fairfax, Beatrice251Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fairfax, Grace C.251Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fairfax, Henry P.251Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fairfax, Nancy251Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fairfax, Nancy A.251Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fairfax, Nina H.287Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fairless, Esther M.36Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Falkner, Charles76Elsah4-A 
Falkner, Charles1197-AEnglish 
Falkner, Edna76Elsah4-A 
Falkner, Emma76Elsah4-A 
Falkner, Glen97Mississippi5-A 
Falkner, John Jr.60Mississippi3-B 
Falkner, Joseph76Elsah4-A 
Falkner, Joseph Jr.76Elsah4-A 
Falkner, Muriel60Mississippi3-B 
Falkner, Ruth60Mississippi3-B 
Falkner, William76Elsah4-A 
Farmer, Arthur299Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Farmer, Bertha Z.208Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Farmer, Bessie298Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Farmer, Charles W.298Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Farmer, Ellen L.195Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Farmer, Frances H.170Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Farmer, George W.81Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Farmer, Isaac298Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Farmer, John W.170Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Farmer, Joseph L.208Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Farmer, Lester299Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Farmer, Mildred299Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Farmer, Nellie J.81Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Farmer, Ray17Elsah1-BElsah Village
Farmer, Ray J.170Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Farnsworth, Anna89Rosedale4-A 
Farnsworth, William89Rosedale4-A 
Farrell, Elsie B.66Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Farrell, Esther Marion66Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Farrell, Harold S.66Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Faulkerson, Evangeline67Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fearno, Glenn150Mississippi7-A
Fearno, John150Mississippi7-A
Fearno, Leatha150Mississippi7-A
Federle, August48Elsah3-A
Federle, August Jr.48Elsah3-A
Federle, Lawrence46Elsah3-A
Federle, Louis L.48Elsah3-A
Federle, Mary48Elsah3-A
Federle, Mary B.46Elsah3-A
Federle, Nellie48Elsah3-A
Federle, Velda48Elsah3-A
Federle, William48Elsah3-A
Feldjes, Elizabeth82Mississippi4-B
Feldjes, Louis82Mississippi4-B
Feldman, Anna179Jersey11-A
Feldman, Lawrence179Jersey11-A
Felter, Emma1388-AEnglish 
Felter, Isabel86Fidelity4-A 
Felter, Josephine1388-AEnglish 
Felter, Junier ?86Fidelity4-A 
Felter, Maxine86Fidelity4-B 
Felter, Nadine1388-AEnglish 
Felter, W. W.1388-AEnglish 
Felter, Walter R.1388-AEnglish 
Felter, William P.1388-AEnglish 
Fenton, William K.12Quarry1-AGrafton City
Ferenbach, August W.200Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ferenbach, Catharine65Mississippi3-B 
Ferenbach, Doris T.200Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ferenbach, Ernest65Mississippi3-B 
Ferenbach, John A.200Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ferenbach, Joseph65Mississippi3-B 
Ferenbach, Margaret A.200Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ferenbach, Mary M.200Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ferenbach, Mildred I.200Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ferenbach, Robert65Mississippi3-B 
Ferenbach, Robert J.200Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ferenbach, Theresa65Mississippi3-B 
Fereyabend, Geraldine1428-AEnglish 
Fereyabend, Harold1428-AEnglish 
Fereyabend, Henry1418-AEnglish 
Fereyabend, John1428-AEnglish 
Fereyabend, John D.1428-AEnglish 
Fereyabend, Louise R.1418-AEnglish 
Fereyabend, Mary Josephine1418-AEnglish 
Fereyabend, Milre ?1428-AEnglish 
Fereyabend, Virginia1428-AEnglish 
Ferguson, A. V.18Fidelity1-BFidelity Village
Ferguson, Anna B.43Jersey3-B 
Ferguson, Doris144Mississippi7-A 
Ferguson, Dorothy144Mississippi7-A 
Ferguson, Flora A.244Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ferguson, Gertie43Jersey3-B 
Ferguson, Harry18Fidelity1-BFidelity Village
Ferguson, Lawrence43Jersey3-B 
Ferguson, Leslie43Jersey3-B 
Ferguson, Maggie144Mississippi7-A 
Ferguson, Muriel M.144Mississippi7-A 
Ferguson, Neomi18Fidelity1-BFidelity Village
Ferguson, Oliver144Mississippi7-A 
Ferguson, Oliver Jr.144Mississippi7-A 
Ferguson, Oscar18Fidelity1-BFidelity Village
Ferguson, Pearl R.144Mississippi7-A 
Ferguson, William43Jersey3-B 
Feris, Margaret M.77Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ferris or Fervis, Isaac J.265Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ferris or Fervis, Katherine M.265Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ferris or Fervis, Nettie M.265Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ferris or Fervis, Robert A.265Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ferris, George W.136Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fesenmeyer, Della256Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Fesenmeyer, Frank256Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Fessler, Anna Mae29Elsah1-BElsah Village
Fessler, August36Elsah2-B 
Fessler, Clarence29Elsah1-BElsah Village
Fessler, Cosny36Elsah2-B 
Fessler, Dewey100Elsah5-A 
Fessler, Donald61Elsah3-B 
Fessler, Doris60Elsah3-B 
Fessler, Edwin60Elsah3-B 
Fessler, Elizabeth96Elsah5-A 
Fessler, Emma100Elsah5-A 
Fessler, Florence36Elsah2-B 
Fessler, Frances61Elsah3-B 
Fessler, George96Elsah5-A 
Fessler, George Jr.29Elsah1-BElsah Village
Fessler, Harold68Elsah3-B 
Fessler, Helen61Elsah3-B 
Fessler, Herbert29Elsah1-BElsah Village
Fessler, Inez51Mississippi3-A 
Fessler, Isabelle51Mississippi3-A 
Fessler, James96Elsah5-A 
Fessler, Kenneth29Elsah1-BElsah Village
Fessler, Lawrence96Elsah5-A 
Fessler, Lee Roy90Elsah4-B 
Fessler, Leonard36Elsah2-B 
Fessler, Levern29Elsah1-BElsah Village
Fessler, Lileth60Elsah3-B 
Fessler, Marion60Elsah3-B 
Fessler, Mary61Elsah3-B 
Fessler, Mary E.29Elsah1-BElsah Village
Fessler, Mattie68Elsah3-B 
Fessler, Philip36Elsah2-B 
Fessler, Robert29Elsah1-BElsah Village
Fessler, Roy51Mississippi3-A 
Fessler, Roy90Elsah4-B 
Fessler, Thelma90Elsah4-B 
Fessler, Theresa36Elsah2-B 
Fessler, Walter61Elsah3-B 
Fessler, William100Elsah5-A 
Fessler, William F.51Mississippi3-A 
Feyerabend, Carl1267-BEnglish 
Feyerabend, Geraldine1267-BEnglish 
Feyerabend, Leslie1147-AEnglish 
Feyerbend, Bert169Mississippi7-B 
Feyerbend, Dorothy J.169Mississippi7-B 
Feyerbend, Velma169Mississippi7-B 
Fields, Edith84Jersey5-B 
Fields, Junior84Jersey5-B 
Fields, Roy84Jersey5-B 
Finch, Mary129Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Finches, James93Piasa4-B 
Fink, Eleanor62Ruyle3-B 
Fink, Eva62Ruyle3-B 
Fink, John F.173Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fink, Lucinda173Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fink, Wayne62Ruyle3-B 
Finkes, Anton62Elsah3-B
Finkes, Joseph56Elsah3-A
Finkes, Lawrence79Elsah4-A
Finkes, Lawrence Jr.79Elsah4-A
Finkes, Margareth56Elsah3-A
Finkes, Mary79Elsah4-A
Finkes, Susan62Elsah3-B
Fischer, Emil7Elsah1-A
Fischer, Margaret7Elsah1-A
Fishback, Eugene745-AEnglish
Fisher, Albert187Mississippi8-B
Fisher, Bertha60Richwoods3-B
Fisher, Bessie60Richwoods3-B
Fisher, Clarabell60Richwoods3-B
Fisher, Frankie60Richwoods3-B
Fisher, John60Richwoods3-B
Fisher, Orville187Mississippi8-B 
Fisher, Walter60Richwoods3-B 
Fisher, Walter187Mississippi8-B 
Fisk, Charles47Richwoods3-A 
Fisk, Evelyn47Richwoods3-A 
Fisk, George47Richwoods3-A 
Fisk, Louise47Richwoods3-A 
Fisk, Minnie47Richwoods3-A 
Fisk, Roy47Richwoods3-A 
Fitts, Emmit26Richwoods2-A 
Fitts, Marion26Richwoods2-A 
Fitts, Marjorie26Richwoods2-A 
Fitts, Pearl26Richwoods2-A 
Fitzgerald, Margaret160Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fitzgerald, Mary160Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fitzgerald, Michael121Fidelity5-B 
Fitzgibbons, Bridget103Piasa5-A 
Fitzgibbons, Edward96Piasa4-B 
Fitzgibbons, Elizabeth96Piasa4-B 
Fitzgibbons, Helen96Piasa5-A 
Fitzgibbons, Joseph96Piasa4-B 
Fitzgibbons, Margaret96Piasa4-B 
Fitzgibbons, Martin103Piasa5-A 
Fitzgibbons, Thos.96Piasa5-A 
Fitzgibbons, William96Piasa4-B 
Fitzgibons, Thomas96Piasa4-B 
Fitzpatrick, Geo.136Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fitzpatrick, Lillie136Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fitzpatrick, Myra136Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fitzpatrick, thomas15Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fitzsimmons, Annie M.157Quarry7-AGrafton City
Fitzsimmons, Philip F.157Quarry7-AGrafton City
Flaharaty, Eva K.177Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Flaharaty, James E.177Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Flaharaty, Leona R.177Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Flaharaty, Ruth M.177Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Flaharty, James C.177Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Flamm, Carl161Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Flamm, Chas.151Jersey9-A 
Flamm, Elston153Jersey9-A 
Flamm, Florence M.161Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Flamm, Fred151Jersey9-A 
Flamm, Harry153Jersey9-A 
Flamm, Leo171Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Flamm, Lewis151Jersey9-A 
Flamm, Luella153Jersey9-A 
Flamm, Mary151Jersey9-A 
Flamm, Nettie153Jersey9-A 
Flamm, Robert171Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Flatt, susan11Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fleckenstern, Carrol S.72Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fleckenstern, Leo A.72Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fleckenstern, Leona L.72Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fleckenstern, Marjorie M.72Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Flemiing, Dorothy1207-AEnglish 
Fleming, Anna1Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fleming, Catherine30Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fleming, Edd.1207-AEnglish 
Fleming, Gertrude1Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fleming, Hubert1207-AEnglish 
Fleming, John1Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fleming, John58Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Fleming, Laverne1Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fleming, Lyman106Fidelity5-A 
Fleming, Madita1207-AEnglish 
Fleming, Mary30Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fleming, Nellie58Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Fleming, P.J.30Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fleming, Paul30Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fleming, Rita1Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fleming, Theodore30Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fleming, William30Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Fleminig, Edgar58Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Flinn, Jasee ?144Piasa6-B 
Flinn, Lillian144Piasa6-B 
Flunker, August W.67Quarry3-BGrafton City
Flunker, Bertha81Richwoods4-B 
Flunker, Elsie81Richwoods4-B 
Flunker, Emil80Richwoods4-B 
Flunker, Emma80Richwoods4-B 
Flunker, Erma81Richwoods4-B 
Flunker, Ethel81Richwoods4-B 
Flunker, Eva81Richwoods4-B 
Flunker, Fleder ?28Otter Creek1-B 
Flunker, Freda81Richwoods4-B 
Flunker, Fritz81Richwoods4-B 
Flunker, Guss28Otter Creek1-B 
Flunker, Hilda81Richwoods4-B 
Flunker, Nora81Richwoods4-B 
Flunker, Nora81Richwoods4-B 
Flynn, Edwin3Mississippi1-A 
Flynn, Frank37Fidelity2-B 
Flynn, Helen3Mississippi1-A 
Flynn, John3Mississippi1-A 
Flynn, Josephine145Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Flynn, Mary242Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Flynn, Maurice3Mississippi1-A 
Flynn, Michael242Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Flynn, Monk G.3Mississippi1-A 
Flynn, Robert E.145Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Flynn, Susan3Mississippi1-A 
Flynn, Talty ?3Mississippi1-A 
Folts, Hattie H.102Quarry4-BGrafton City
Fones, Mancy182Mississippi8-A 
Forbes, Alma P.91Quarry4-AGrafton City
Forbes, Anna P.91Quarry4-AGrafton City
Forbes, Catherine A.97Quarry4-BGrafton City
Forbes, Corinne81Quarry4-AGrafton City
Forbes, Dorothy A.97Quarry4-BGrafton City
Forbes, Elmer L.91Quarry4-AGrafton City
Forbes, Frederick W.81Quarry4-AGrafton City
Forbes, Frederick W.91Quarry4-AGrafton City
Forbes, Henry D.58Quarry3-AGrafton City
Forbes, Louis L.97Quarry4-BGrafton City
Forbes, Mariah A.78Quarry4-AGrafton City
Forbes, Roberta58Quarry3-AGrafton City
Forbes, Ronald E.81Quarry4-AGrafton City
Ford, Aaron N.139Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ford, Alice C.134Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ford, Ava193Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ford, Bernice157Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Ford, Cora227Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ford, Cora E.57Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ford, Eliner R.58Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ford, Francis E.134Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ford, Helen L.193Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ford, Henry594-BEnglish 
Ford, Henry L.134Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ford, John W.193Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ford, Mary L.227Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ford, Minerva226Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Ford, Nellie134Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ford, Stella594-BEnglish 
Ford, Thomas, S.57Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ford, Virginia E.227Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ford, Wilbert M.134Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ford, William K.227Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ford, Winslin M.134Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ford, Woodrow W.134Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Foree ?, John M.17Elsah1-B 
Forrest, Julia99Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Forth, Mary E.285Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fosha, Faye73Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fosha, Franklin R.32Quarry2-AGrafton City
Fosha, Harry R.73Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fosha, Junior73Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fosha, Robert W.32Quarry2-AGrafton City
Fosha, Ruth W.32Quarry2-AGrafton City
Fosha, Thelma73Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Foster, Andrew J.224Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Foster, Bessie69Piasa3-B 
Foster, Blythe W.121Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Foster, Doris I.121Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Foster, Dorothy M.121Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Foster, Elfleda44Quarry2-BGrafton City
Foster, Elsie140Mississippi6-B 
Foster, Everst J.121Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Foster, Freeda M.121Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Foster, Helen B.224Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Foster, Inez44Quarry2-BGrafton City
Foster, Jabe69Piasa3-B 
Foster, James140Mississippi6-B 
Foster, Joseph B.121Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Foster, Lucy140Mississippi6-B 
Foster, Maggie81Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Foster, Mary F.121Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Foster, Mary Y.69Piasa3-B 
Foster, Mena224Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Foster, Mike A.76Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Foster, Pearl H.81Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Foster, Roy E.121Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Foster, Stewart140Mississippi6-B 
Foster, Trulbie R.224Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Foster, Truman A.224Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Foster, William120Mississippi6-A 
Foster, William H.81Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fountain, Ethel105Fidelity5-A 
Fountain, John C.105Fidelity5-A 
Foval, Charles J.228Quarry9-BGrafton City
Foval, Jerome228Quarry9-BGrafton City
Foval, Jesse S.123Quarry5-B.Grafton City
Foval, Lora M.228Quarry9-BGrafton City
Fowler, Arthur15Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Fowler, Flora15Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Fowler, Opal15Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Fox (Fuchs), Annie237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fox (Fuchs), Charles E.237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fox (Fuchs), Francis J.237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fox (Fuchs), Frederick237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fox (Fuchs), Frederick L.237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fox (Fuchs), Marie237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fox (Fuchs), Nicholas237Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fox, Eleanor190Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fox, Ester49Quarry2-BGrafton City
Fox, Grover96Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fox, Hazel114Piasa5-B 
Fox, John J.190Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fox, Marmaduke190Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fox, Marvin114Piasa5-B 
Fox, Stella M.96Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Frager ?, Emma66Elsah3-B 
Frager ?, George66Elsah3-B 
Fraley, Bertha R.75Otter Creek3-B 
Fraley, Earl75Otter Creek3-B 
Fraley, Earl S.75Otter Creek3-B 
Fraley, Effie75Otter Creek3-B 
Fraley, Emma B.13Rosedale1-B 
Fraley, Estell65Otter Creek3-A 
Fraley, Lila65Otter Creek3-A 
Fraley, Mamie65Otter Creek3-A 
Fraley, Mark H.13Rosedale1-B 
Fraley, Mildred65Otter Creek3-A 
Fraley, Opal C.13Rosedale1-B 
Fraley, Orval65Otter Creek3-A 
Fraley, Stanley H.75Otter Creek3-B 
Fraley, Wilbert J.75Otter Creek3-B 
Frances, Enola248Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Francis, Erma M.Line 53JerseySheet 11 ?Jerseyville, Ward # 1
Frank, Anna33Elsah2-A 
Frank, Arthur33Elsah2-A 
Frank, Clinton33Elsah2-A 
Frank, Edwin33Elsah2-A 
Frank, Freeman98Ruyle5-A 
Frank, George98Ruyle5-A 
Frank, Gordon98Ruyle5-A
Frank, Jessie33Elsah2-A
Frank, Joseph33Elsah2-A
Frank, Leona98Ruyle5-A
Frank, Nellie33Elsah2-A
Frank, Ralph98Ruyle5-A
Frank, Verna98Ruyle5-A
Frank, Virginia98Ruyle5-A
Frank, William33Elsah2-A
Frank, Wilma33Elsah2-A
Franz, Beaula V.31Rosedale2-A
Franz, Lulu F.31Rosedale2-A
Franz, Myrtle F.31Rosedale2-A
Franz, Prudence W.31Rosedale2-A
Franz, Vivian31Rosedale2-A
Franz, William P.31Rosedale2-A
Frazer, Bill210Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Frazer, Dorthey126Otter Creek5-B 
Frazer, Earl48Otter Creek2-B 
Frazer, Fred48Otter Creek2-B 
Frazer, George86Otter Creek4-A 
Frazer, George86Otter Creek4-A 
Frazer, Hebert48Otter Creek2-B 
Frazer, Henry101Otter Creek4-B 
Frazer, Lena86Otter Creek4-A 
Frazer, Louisa101Otter Creek4-B 
Frazer, Maggie48Otter Creek2-B 
Frazer, Mikel87Elsah4-B 
Frazer, Oscar101Otter Creek4-B 
Frazer, Ruth86Otter Creek4-A 
Frazier, Bernice79Mississippi4-B 
Frazier, Blanche43Mississippi2-B 
Frazier, Bulaha43Mississippi3-A 
Frazier, Carl43Mississippi2-B 
Frazier, Clifford43Mississippi2-B 
Frazier, Edward79Mississippi4-B 
Frazier, Helen43Mississippi2-B 
Frazier, John95Elsah5-A 
Frazier, Lavina217Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Frazier, Lena43Mississippi2-B 
Frazier, Marie43Mississippi2-B 
Frazier, Martin79Mississippi4-B 
Frazier, Robert43Mississippi2-B 
Frazier, Willard81Mississippi4-B 
Freand, Barney191-BEnglish 
Freand, Carl L.130Quarry5-B.Grafton City
Freand, Edward W.130Quarry5-B.Grafton City
Freand, Ellen161-BEnglish 
Freand, Freddie161-BEnglish 
Freand, George161-BEnglish 
Freand, Henry191-BEnglish 
Freand, Imogene M.130Quarry5-B.Grafton City
Freand, John M.130Quarry5-B.Grafton City
Freand, Leroy H.130Quarry5-B.Grafton City
Freand, Louis161-BEnglish 
Freand, Mildred M.130Quarry5-B.Grafton City
Freand, Nellie161-BEnglish 
Freand, Ruby161-BEnglish 
Freand, Theresa T.130Quarry5-B.Grafton City
Freand, Viola191-BEnglish 
Freeman, Albert J.19Quarry1-BGrafton City
Freeman, Benjamin F.13Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Freeman, Catherine19Quarry1-BGrafton City
Freeman, Elbert J.222Quarry9-BGrafton City
Freeman, Hettie78Piasa4-A 
Freeman, Hillary J.13Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Freeman, James C.117Quarry5-AGrafton City
Freeman, Lester77Fidelity4-A 
Freeman, Letitia19Quarry1-BGrafton City
Freeman, Magdalena C.222Quarry9-BGrafton City
Freeman, Martha V.197Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Freeman, Mary77Fidelity4-A 
Freeman, Robert A.222Quarry9-BGrafton City
Freeman, Robert E.222Quarry9-BGrafton City
Freeman, Sarah F.13Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Freeman, Stella V.117Quarry5-AGrafton City
Freeman, Virginia78Piasa4-A 
Freeman, Walter78Piasa4-A 
Freeman, Waver26Piasa2-A 
Freer, Arnold64Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Freer, Arnold Jr.64Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Freer, Edith64Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Freer, Imogene64Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Freer, John80Mississippi4-B 
Freer, Mamie64Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Freer, Margaret64Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Freer, Mary80Mississippi4-B 
Freidline, Floyd132Piasa6-A 
Freidline, Irene132Piasa6-A 
Freidline, Kengon ?132Piasa6-A 
Freidline, Robert132Piasa6-A 
Freidline, Thomas132Piasa6-A 
Freidline, Vera132Piasa6-A 
Freidline, William132Piasa6-A 
Freiman, Arleigh C.248Quarry10-BGrafton City
Freiman, Charles H.52Quarry3-AGrafton City
Freiman, Freda B.52Quarry3-AGrafton City
Freiman, Frederick W.248Quarry10-BGrafton City
Freiman, Leon H.248Quarry10-BGrafton City
Freiman, Lora I.52Quarry3-AGrafton City
Freiman, Lyle H.248Quarry10-BGrafton City
Freiman, Peter52Quarry3-AGrafton City
Freiman, Sophia52Quarry3-AGrafton City
Freiman, Stuart M.248Quarry10-BGrafton City
Freiman, Sybil C.248Quarry10-BGrafton City
French, Augusta24Mississippi2-A 
French, Doris J.20Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
French, Dorothy L.24Mississippi2-A 
French, George H.24Mississippi2-A 
French, John18Jersey1-B 
French, Karherine24Mississippi2-A 
French, Mary L.24Mississippi2-A 
French, May18Jersey1-B 
French, Pearl A.20Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
French, Robert L.20Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Frendenberg, Delevan108Otter Creek5-A 
Friedline, Ivy45Ruyle2-B 
Friedline, Jacob45Ruyle2-B 
Friedline, Louis45Ruyle2-B 
Fries, George M.A.159Quarry7-AGrafton City
Fries, George M.A.159Quarry7-AGrafton City
Fries, Irene D.159Quarry7-AGrafton City
Fritz, Charles E.176Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fritz, Dellon624-BEnglish 
Fritz, Eugene122Fidelity5-B 
Fritz, Florence44Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fritz, George122Fidelity5-B 
Fritz, Gordon S.44Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fritz, Harriett E.176Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fritz, Helen122Fidelity5-B 
Fritz, Hershall122Fidelity5-B 
Fritz, Leona624-BEnglish 
Fritz, Leona295Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Fritz, Lester S.44Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fritz, Lovie E.624-BEnglish 
Fritz, Marvell624-BEnglish 
Fritz, Melva624-BEnglish 
Fritz, Paul624-BEnglish 
Fritz, Ralph122Fidelity5-B 
Fritz, Sherman122Fidelity5-B 
Fritz, William624-BEnglish 
Fritz, Zana122Fidelity5-B 
Fronens, Frank55Mississippi3-B 
Fronens, Frank55Mississippi3-B 
Fronens, Margaretha55Mississippi3-B 
Fronens, Susan55Mississippi3-B 
Frost, Cuma Lee311Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Frost, Curtis311Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Frost, Dona Fay311Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Frost, Doris80Ruyle4-B 
Frost, Dorothy78Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Frost, Elmer80Ruyle4-B 
Frost, Esther36Fidelity2-AFidelity Village
Frost, Floyd36Fidelity2-AFidelity Village
Frost, Geo.78Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Frost, Gertrude311Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Frost, Herman36Fidelity2-AFidelity Village
Frost, Ida82Ruyle4-B 
Frost, Lillian78Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Frost, Louiease ?82Ruyle4-B 
Frost, Mildred82Ruyle4-B 
Frost, Nellie80Ruyle4-B 
Frost, Paul82Ruyle4-B 
Frost, Polly82Ruyle4-B 
Frost, Rebecca282Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Frost, Russell M.2Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Frost, Sadie2Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Frost, Thurow78Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Frost, Virginis M2Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Frost, william O.2Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fry, Fred66Ruyle3-B 
Fry, Ollie66Ruyle3-B 
Fry, Reta66Ruyle3-B 
Fry, Ruby66Ruyle3-B 
Frye, Dorothy M.217Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Frye, Francis L.217Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Frye, Ida F.217Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Frye, Orville W.217Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Frye, Reetha M.217Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Frye, Virginia P.217Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Fryman, Beulah121Rosedale5-B 
Fryman, Daisy120Rosedale5-B 
Fryman, Juanita L.120Rosedale5-B 
Fryman, Leslie121Rosedale5-B 
Fryman, Levet120Rosedale5-B 
Fryman, Mary L.120Rosedale5-B 
Fryman, Wesley120Rosedale5-B 
Fuchs, Hazel96Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fuchs, William96Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Fulkerson, Alice C.9Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Fulkerson, Charlotte165Jersey10-A 
Fulkerson, Dwight9Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Fulkerson, Fay6Otter Creek1-A 
Fulkerson, Florence165Jersey10-A 
Fulkerson, Frank165Jersey10-A 
Fulkerson, Frank J.165Jersey10-A 
Fulkerson, Harry6Otter Creek1-A 
Fulkerson, Harry K.6Otter Creek1-A 
Fulkerson, Jos. R.9Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Fulkerson, Mary Alice9Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Fulkerson, William A.6Otter Creek1-A 
Fulkerson, Wm. H.165Jersey10-A 
Fuller, Frank N.15Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Furlong, John92Fidelity4-B 
Furlong, Katie H.92Fidelity4-B 
Furlong, Steve92Fidelity4-B 
Fuser, Bertha122Piasa6-A 
Fuser, Martin122Piasa6-A 
Fwssler, Joseph60Elsah3-B
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