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1930 Jersey County Census Index – C

If you find the surname you are looking for, you can return to the 1930 Page to find the family in the township listing. This will allow you to view all the individuals residing in the dwelling and their neighbors. This transcription of the index to the Jersey County Federal Census of 1930 was contributed by Delores Molloy. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors.
Cabalek, Anna1137-AEnglish 
Cabalek, J. R.?1137-AEnglish 
Cabalek, Josephine81Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cabalek, Loretta81Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cabalek, Mary Louise1137-AEnglish 
Caffery, Agnes166Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Caffery, Byron166Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Caffery, Mary Jean166Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cairns, Alexander45Piasa2-B 
Cairns, Bonnie L.79Piasa4-A 
Cairns, Edward3Piasa1-A 
Cairns, Edward79Piasa4-A 
Cairns, Emma79Piasa4-A 
Cairns, Hannah45Piasa2-B 
Cairns, Harold79Piasa4-A 
Cairns, Helen79Piasa4-A 
Cairns, John3Piasa1-A 
Cairns, John79Piasa4-A 
Cairns, Joseph3Piasa1-A 
Cairns, Joseph79Piasa4-A 
Cairns, Minnie3Piasa1-A 
Calhoun, Amey12Otter Creek1-A 
Calhoun, Beryl23Jersey2-B 
Calhoun, Caleph4Otter Creek1-A 
Calhoun, Carey12Otter Creek1-A 
Calhoun, Charles12Otter Creek1-A 
Calhoun, Clarissa J.285Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Calhoun, Edith9Otter Creek1-A 
Calhoun, Edna M.9Otter Creek1-A 
Calhoun, Edwin9Otter Creek1-A 
CAlhoun, Edwin J.196Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Calhoun, Elizabeth23Jersey2-B 
Calhoun, Juanita196Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Calhoun, Marie I.196Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Calhoun, Marry4Otter Creek1-A 
Calhoun, ruth12Otter Creek1-A 
Calhoun, Vera82Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Calhoun, W. C.23Jersey2-B 
Callahan, Bernard D.62Quarry3-AGrafton City
Callahan, Charles G.216Quarry9-BGrafton City
Callahan, Daniel154Quarry7-AGrafton City
Callahan, Donald L.62Quarry3-AGrafton City
Callahan, Emma L.216Quarry9-BGrafton City
Callahan, Herbert W.216Quarry9-BGrafton City
Callahan, Marietta62Quarry3-AGrafton City
Callahan, Thomas F.216Quarry9-BGrafton City
Callahan, Thomas W.216Quarry9-BGrafton City
Callahan, William32Quarry2-AGrafton City
Callahan, William M.62Quarry3-AGrafton City
Callahan, William M.62Quarry3-AGrafton City
Callaway, Arthur J.95Quarry4-BGrafton City
Callaway, Grace L.95Quarry4-BGrafton City
Calvert, Everett33Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Calvert, James W.33Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Calvin, Ada L.240Quarry10-AGrafton City
Calvin, Alfred A.240Quarry10-AGrafton City
Calvin, Daisy M.240Quarry10-AGrafton City
Calvin, Delbern O.240Quarry10-AGrafton City
Calvin, Edward L.240Quarry10-AGrafton City
Calvin, Harold L.240Quarry10-AGrafton City
Calvin, Helen B.240Quarry10-AGrafton City
Calvin, James N.240Quarry10-AGrafton City
Camp, Cora B.103Jersey6-A 
Camp, George103Jersey6-A 
Camp, Henry25Elsah1-B 
Camp, Isabel103Jersey6-A 
Camp, Olive25Elsah1-B 
Camp, W. J.103Jersey6-A 
Campbell, Bessie C.171Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Campbell, Bettie118Jersey7-A 
Campbell, Bobley (Bobby ?)9Mississippi1-A 
Campbell, Charles C.174Quarry7-BGrafton City
Campbell, Charles L.171Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Campbell, Chas.47Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Campbell, Clara L.157Jersey9-A 
Campbell, Dorothy I.5Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Campbell, Ester82Quarry4-AGrafton City
Campbell, Ethel118Jersey7-A 
Campbell, Eva M.49Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Campbell, Freda M.41Quarry2-BGrafton City
Campbell, Geo.37Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Campbell, Henry66Richwoods4-A 
Campbell, Jas. R.297Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Campbell, Jessie47Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Campbell, John G.157Jersey9-A 
Campbell, Joseph D.55Ruyle3-B 
Campbell, Joshua N.46Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Campbell, Laura297Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Campbell, Laura P.23Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Campbell, Lela Pearl37Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Campbell, Marguerite5Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Campbell, Martha41Quarry2-BGrafton City
Campbell, Mary L.118Jersey7-A 
Campbell, Maurita23Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Campbell, Nannie S.46Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Campbell, Norman L.49Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Campbell, Orbert J.41Quarry2-BGrafton City
Campbell, Phebe55Ruyle3-B 
Campbell, Raymond118Jersey7-A 
Campbell, Raymond118Jersey7-A 
Campbell, Russell5Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Campbell, Ruth M.171Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Campbell, sadie118Jersey7-A 
Campbell, Stillman41Quarry2-BGrafton City
Campbell, Thomas L.171Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Campbell, Virgil J.157Jersey9-A 
Campbell, W. Wayne49Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Campbell, Wilbur55Ruyle3-B 
Campion, Charles31Fidelity2-A 
Campion, Edith31Fidelity2-A 
Campion, Elmer N.98Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Campion, Eva31Fidelity2-A 
Campion, Florence31Fidelity2-A 
Campion, Helen31Fidelity2-A 
Campion, John31Fidelity2-A 
Campion, John Jr.31Fidelity2-A 
Campion, Julia31Fidelity2-A 
Campion, Julia98Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Campion, Mildred E.247Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Campion, Ruth31Fidelity2-A 
Campios, Harry A.98Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Canatsey, Hazel L.29Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cannon, Edward L.270Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cannon, John E.270Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cannon, John W.270Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cannon, Leonard R.270Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cannon, Lois J.270Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cannon, Lottie270Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cantrell, Dwight7Otter Creek1-A 
Cantrell, Leola7Otter Creek1-A 
Cappel, George13Rosedale1-B 
Cappel, George138Otter Creek6-A 
Capples, Edwin110Otter Creek5-A 
Capples, George110Otter Creek5-A 
Capples, Lilian110Otter Creek5-A 
Capples, Louis110Otter Creek5-A 
Capples, Ruth110Otter Creek5-A 
Carey, Pauline26Otter Creek1-B 
Carey, Benjamin39Quarry2-BGrafton City
Carey, Blanch26Otter Creek1-B 
Carey, Dorthey26Otter Creek1-B 
Carey, Dorthey132Otter Creek5-B 
Carey, Elizabeth152Quarry7-AGrafton City
Carey, Erie14Quarry1-BGrafton City
Carey, Ester39Quarry2-BGrafton City
Carey, Francis132Otter Creek6-A 
Carey, Henry14Quarry1-BGrafton City
Carey, Mitchell G.39Quarry2-BGrafton City
Carey, Paul26Otter Creek1-B 
Carey, Ray132Otter Creek5-B 
Carey, Roland E.39Quarry2-BGrafton City
Carey, Vincent G.39Quarry2-BGrafton City
Carey, Walter26Otter Creek1-B 
Carey, william132Otter Creek6-A 
Cargill, Adeline E.213Quarry9-AGrafton City
Cargill, Amy E.213Quarry9-AGrafton City
Cargill, Everett C.213Quarry9-AGrafton City
Carleton, William59Jersey4-B 
Carlin, Lina D.274Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Carney, Augusta5Fidelity1-A 
Carney, Catherine10Piasa1-ADelhi Town
Carney, George T.10Piasa1-ADelhi Town
Carney, Louise5Fidelity1-A 
Carney, Richard5Fidelity1-A 
Carney, Ronald5Fidelity1-A 
Carpenter, James113Mississippi5-B 
Carpenter, Leo J.98Quarry4-BGrafton City
Carpenter, Nora E.98Quarry4-BGrafton City
Carpenter, Veronica113Mississippi5-B 
Carpunky, Althea M.153Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Carpunky, Ethel E.266Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Carpunky, Fred154Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Carpunky, Harold F.153Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Carpunky, Helen E.153Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Carpunky, James A.266Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Carpunky, Louise153Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Carpunky, Stewart B.153Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Carpunky, Wesley L.153Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Carpunky, William W.153Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Carpunky, Willie E.153Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Carpunky, Wm.154Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Carr ?, Clyde17Jersey2-A 
Carr ?, Earl17Jersey2-A 
Carr ?, Edward17Jersey2-A 
Carr ?, Gladis17Jersey2-A 
Carr ?, Hazel17Jersey2-A 
Carr ?, LeRoy17Jersey2-A 
Carr ?, Mildred17Jersey2-A 
Carr ?, Oneida17Jersey2-A 
Carr, Elmer70Fidelity3-B 
Carr, Elmer H.70Fidelity3-B 
Carr, Loretta70Fidelity3-B 
Carr, Maggie70Fidelity3-B 
Carr, Russel70Fidelity3-B 
Carrico, Homer454-AEnglish 
Carrico, Mary454-AEnglish 
Carrico, Sylvester454-AEnglish 
Carroll, Anna C.285Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Carroll, Glen C.85Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Carroll, Howard J.85Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Carroll, Jane51Richwoods2-BFieldon
Carroll, John285Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Carroll, John C.85Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Carroll, Mary A.22Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Carson, Augustus B.290Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Carson, Corrine290Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Carstens, Elmer J.192Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Carstens, Elmer Jr.192Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Carstens, Luella C.192Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Carstens, Veeta ? A.192Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Carter, Aline G.126Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Carter, Maxine J.126Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Carter, Meredith F.126Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Carter, Raymond222-AEnglish 
Carter, Roy C.126Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Case, Alberta240Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Case, Thos. A.240Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cason, Adrian W.239Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cason, Audrey G.239Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cason, Leal F.239Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cason, Melba F.239Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cason, Morris L.239Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Casten, Jerry M.200Quarry8-BGrafton City
Casten, Leslie W.200Quarry8-BGrafton City
Casten, Rachel M.200Quarry8-BGrafton City
Castor, Hattie177Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Castor, John177Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Castor, Martha141Jersey8-B 
Castor, William141Jersey8-B 
Caswell, Harry154Quarry7-AGrafton City
Caswell, Ruth J.154Quarry7-AGrafton City
Cates, Charles W.110Quarry5-AGrafton City
Cates, Geraldean110Quarry5-AGrafton City
Cates, Leroy110Quarry5-AGrafton City
Cates, Lewis A.110Quarry5-AGrafton City
Cates, Luceile184Mississippi8-B 
Cates, Verna A.110Quarry5-AGrafton City
Cates, William184Mississippi8-B 
Cato, Florence J.94Rosedale4-B 
Cato, Howard H.94Rosedale4-B 
Cato, James19Fidelity1-B 
Cato, Nellie19Fidelity1-B 
Cato, Rosetta W.94Rosedale4-B 
Catt, Charles T.31Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Catt, Edith187Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Catt, Frank B.187Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Catt, Gertrude187Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Catt, Harold B55Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Catt, Henry J.55Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Catt, Hollis W.55Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Catt, Hubert J.55Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Catt, Isabel L.89Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Catt, James316Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Catt, John124Jersey7-B 
Catt, Lizzie F.31Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Catt, Lora B.281Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Catt, Mary316Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Catt, Mary C.316Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Catt, Mayme M.55Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Catt, Tabitha89Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Catt, Walter S.281Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Chandler, Emma M.148Fidelity7-A 
Chandler, Mamie148Fidelity7-A 
Chandler, Ralph148Fidelity7-A 
Chaplin, Anna111Mississippi5-B 
Chaplin, William111Mississippi5-B 
Chapman, Harvey33Piasa2-A 
Chapman, Homer33Piasa2-A 
Chapman, Ida33Piasa2-A 
Chapman, Jane E.22Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Chapman, John33Piasa2-A 
Chapman, Mary33Piasa2-A 
Chapman, Mary Louise15Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Chapman, Maurice33Piasa2-A 
chapman, Myrtle15Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Chapman, Norman33Piasa2-A 
Chapman, Richard33Piasa2-A 
Chappee, Bert129Mississippi6-B 
Chappee, Bert Jr.129Mississippi6-B 
Chappee, Bertha129Mississippi6-B 
Chappee, Dorothy A.176Quarry7-BGrafton City
Chappee, James176Quarry7-BGrafton City
Chappee, James Sr.190Mississippi8-B 
Chappee, James W.176Quarry7-BGrafton City
Chappee, Lester G.176Quarry7-BGrafton City
Chappee, Mamie190Mississippi8-B 
Chappee, Nina M.176Quarry7-BGrafton City
Chappel, Octavia222Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Chappell, A. Ross31Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Chappell, A. Ross Jr.31Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Chappell, Arthur47Mississippi3-A 
Chappell, Blanche155Mississippi7-B 
Chappell, Charles30Piasa2-A 
Chappell, Clyde40Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Chappell, Donald40Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Chappell, Dorothy47Mississippi3-A 
Chappell, Edwin40Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Chappell, Ellae ?73Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Chappell, Elmer S.47Mississippi3-A 
Chappell, Evertt47Mississippi3-A 
Chappell, Fay47Mississippi3-A 
Chappell, Helen30Piasa2-A 
Chappell, Jessie31Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Chappell, Lula30Piasa2-A 
Chappell, Margaret40Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Chappell, Margery30Piasa2-A 
Chappell, William30Piasa2-A 
Chappett, Esther55Elsah3-A 
Chappill, J. Frederick51Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Chappill, Mildred J.51Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Charlton, Allen30Mississippi2-A 
Charlton, Anna30Mississippi2-A 
Charlton, Dallas M.230Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Charlton, Erma H.230Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Charlton, Gladys V.230Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Charlton, Isa O.230Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Charlton, John H.30Mississippi2-A 
Charlton, Lula M.230Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Charlton, Mabel L.230Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Charlton, Pearl L.230Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Charow, Harry205Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Charow, Mary C.205Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Charow, Mike205Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Charow, Steve205Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Chase, Alma M.133Quarry6-AGrafton City
Chase, Anna M.234Quarry10-AGrafton City
Chase, Clement M.133Quarry6-AGrafton City
Chase, Dorris G.132Quarry6-AGrafton City
Chase, Harry W.133Quarry6-AGrafton City
Cheney, Prentis D.301Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cheney, Sarah T.301Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Childers, Charley210Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Childers, Harvey210Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Christan, Frank L.110Jersey6-B 
Christian, Anna110Jersey6-B 
Christian, Everett110Jersey6-B 
Christian, Frank110Jersey6-B 
Christian, Henry110Jersey6-B 
Christian, Louis110Jersey6-B 
Christian, Marie K.134Mississippi6-B 
Christian, Nellie134Mississippi6-B 
Christian, Paul110Jersey6-B 
Christian, Walter134Mississippi6-B 
Christon, Chloris51Fidelity3-A 
Christon, John51Fidelity3-A 
Christon, Viola51Fidelity3-A 
Christon, William51Fidelity3-A 
Christy, Anna N.50Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cisco, Arnold W.10Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cisco, Flora M.10Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cisco, George A.10Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cisco, George E.10Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cisco, Harlow B.10Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cisco, Roscoe A.10Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Claflin, Clyde111Richwoods6-A 
Clancy, John J.144Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Clanin, Dollie91Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Clanin, Henry91Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Clanin, Lulla91Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Clanin, Verne ?91Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Clarey, Judith H.52Rosedale3-A 
Clarey, Orvile C.52Rosedale3-A 
Clarey, Sylvia M.52Rosedale3-A 
Clarey, Theresa I.52Rosedale3-A 
Clarey, Truman N.52Rosedale3-A 
Claridge, Frances A.44Otter Creek2-B 
Clark, Alice J.79Rosedale4-A 
Clark, Charles C.128Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Clark, Clyde W.86Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Clark, Edward79Mississippi4-B 
Clark, Elizabeth S.128Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Clark, Everett132Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Clark, Florence P.86Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Clark, Fred L.79Rosedale4-A 
Clark, George79Mississippi4-B 
Clark, Glen112Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Clark, Helen132Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Clark, Henry132Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Clark, Lewis M.79Rosedale4-A 
Clark, Lottie79Mississippi4-B 
Clark, Marie L.68Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Clark, Maud M.128Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Clark, May112Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Clark, Melvin G.48Rosedale2-B 
Clark, Patricia M.86Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Clark, Pete167Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Clark, Robert C.195Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Clark, Robert E.68Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Clark, Wayne E.48Rosedale2-B 
Clark, William D.86Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Clendenny, Bernard88Mississippi5-A 
Clendenny, Logan88Mississippi5-A 
Clendenny, Margaret88Mississippi5-A 
Clendenny, Opal88Mississippi5-A 
Cleveland, Ben F.68Richwoods4-A 
Cleveland, Cynthia68Richwoods4-A 
Cleveland, Hattie M.255Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Clifford, Mary G.74Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Clifford, Paul G.74Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Clifton, Leslie T.37Richwoods2-AFieldon
Cline or Clines, Janie423-AEnglish 
Cline, Chester A.42Quarry2-BGrafton City
Cline, Delmer L.42Quarry2-BGrafton City
Cline, Edward182Mississippi8-A 
Cline, Elizabeth182Mississippi8-A 
Cline, Emanuel17Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cline, Laura42Quarry2-BGrafton City
Cline, Lawrence L.42Quarry2-BGrafton City
Cline, Mary E,17Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Clines, Jack423-AEnglish 
Clines, Jim423-AEnglish 
Clower, John T.109Piasa5-B 
Clower, Minnie109Piasa5-B 
Clower, Robert109Piasa5-B 
Cluster, Chris17Fidelity1-BFidelity Village
Cluster, Martha17Fidelity1-BFidelity Village
Cluster, William17Fidelity1-BFidelity Village
Coats, Claude176Jersey11-A 
Coats, Emma176Jersey11-A 
Coats, John H.176Jersey11-A 
Cochran, Alonzo B.157Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cochran, Augustus H.135Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cochran, Edith157Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cochran, Geo. Alfred157Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cochran, James E.157Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cochran, Winona B.135Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cockrell, Charles N.4Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cockrell, Charlotte E.25Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cockrell, Charlotte F.4Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cockrell, George C.25Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cockrell, George C. Jr.25Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cockrell, Martha135Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cockrell, Mary E.25Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cockshot, Thomas S.103Quarry4-BGrafton City
Colean, no name;head of family90Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Coleman, Andrew C307Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Coleman, Anna M.270Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Coleman, Annie16Fidelity1-B 
Coleman, Catherine201Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Coleman, Cecil D.307Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Coleman, Dan121Fidelity5-B 
Coleman, Eugene9Fidelity1-A 
Coleman, Francis9Fidelity1-A 
Coleman, Francis67Fidelity3-B 
Coleman, Helen121Fidelity5-B 
Coleman, Herbert60Fidelity3-A 
Coleman, James9Fidelity1-A 
Coleman, James16Fidelity1-B 
Coleman, John99Fidelity5-A 
Coleman, Mamie95Fidelity4-B 
Coleman, Margaret121Fidelity5-B 
Coleman, Margaret G.270Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Coleman, Mary60Fidelity3-A 
Coleman, Mary A.121Fidelity5-B 
Coleman, Michael121Fidelity5-B 
Coleman, Patrick L.270Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Coleman, Richard95Fidelity4-B 
Coleman, Rosemary270Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Coleman, Ruth67Fidelity3-B 
Coleman, Thelma9Fidelity1-A 
Coleman, Thos.60Fidelity3-A 
Coleman, Verna R.9Fidelity1-A 
Coleman, Wheeler W.156Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Coleman, William67Fidelity3-B 
Coleman, William99Fidelity5-A 
Coleman, William P.201Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Collenberger, George R.116Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Collenberger, Jessie L.116Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Collenberger, Mary L.116Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Colley, Albert7Elsah1-AElsah Village
Colley, Emily7Elsah1-AElsah Village
Colley, Sidney7Elsah1-AElsah Village
Collinberger, Frances A.257Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Collinberger, Lloyd257Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Collins, Anna131Fidelity6-A 
Collins, Betty Lee119Quarry5-B.Grafton City
Collins, Dave131Fidelity6-A 
Collins, Edward131Fidelity6-A 
Collins, Elizabeth A.119Quarry5-B.Grafton City
Collins, Emmet131Fidelity6-A 
Collins, Geneva65Jersey4-B 
Collins, George119Quarry5-B.Grafton City
Collins, George119Quarry5-B.Grafton City
Collins, Harry114Piasa5-B 
Collins, John65Jersey4-B 
Collins, Lavern131Fidelity6-A 
Collins, Lucia114Piasa5-B 
Collins, Margaret131Fidelity6-A 
Collins, Marita131Fidelity6-A 
Collins, Mary B.119Quarry5-B.Grafton City
Collins, Thomas131Fidelity6-A 
Combes, Alta90Richwoods5-A 
Combes, Amanda1368-AEnglish 
Combes, James L.90Richwoods5-A 
Combes, Pearl90Richwoods5-A 
Combes, Rose90Richwoods5-A 
Combes, William90Richwoods5-A 
Compton, Alvie G.197Quarry8-BGrafton City
Compton, Claudine F.197Quarry8-BGrafton City
Compton, Donald J.197Quarry8-BGrafton City
Compton, Edna R.197Quarry8-BGrafton City
Compton, Evedna J.197Quarry8-BGrafton City
Compton, Francis J.197Quarry8-BGrafton City
Compton, Francis L.197Quarry8-BGrafton City
Compton, John F.198Quarry8-BGrafton City
Compton, Maud E.198Quarry8-BGrafton City
Compton, Orville H.198Quarry8-BGrafton City
Compton, Robert E.197Quarry8-BGrafton City
Compton, Ruby I.198Quarry8-BGrafton City
Compton, Vincent L.197Quarry8-BGrafton City
Compton, Woodrow Paul197Quarry8-BGrafton City
Cone, Betty L.85Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cone, Edith M.85Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cone, George W.85Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Conklin, Fredrick87Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Conklin, Marjorie Bell87Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Conklin, Mary Winifred87Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Conklin, Sarah98Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Conklin, Theodore87Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Conley, Eveline76Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Connelly, Clarence271Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Connelly, Ellen271Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Connelly, Paul271Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Conners, John111Fidelity5-A 
Conners, John Jr.111Fidelity5-A 
Conners, Julia F.111Fidelity5-A 
Conners, Margaret111Fidelity5-A 
Connolly, Hanah271Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Connolly, Peter271Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Connors, Annie165Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Connors, Edd165Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cook, Arthur58Mississippi3-B 
Cook, Bertha Mae225Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cook, Charles58Mississippi3-B 
Cook, Evertt58Mississippi3-B 
Cook, Harold E.225Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cook, Ida58Mississippi3-B 
Cook, James E.252Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cook, Julius F.252Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cook, Lola M.252Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cook, Mary J.138Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cook, Paul G.252Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cook, Ruby E.252Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cook, Virgel58Mississippi3-B 
Cook, Virginia B.252Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cook, William H.138Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cooke, Elizabeth75Mississippi4-A 
Cooke, Firm75Mississippi4-A 
Cooke, Hayden75Mississippi4-A 
Cooke, Leona75Mississippi4-A 
Cooke, marjorie75Mississippi4-A 
Cooke, Norman75Mississippi4-A 
Cooke, Palmyra75Mississippi4-A 
Cooke, Paul75Mississippi4-A 
Cooke, Ralph75Mississippi4-A 
Cooksey, Alvin10Ruyle1-A 
Cooksey, Ethel10Ruyle1-A 
Cooksey, Harlan10Ruyle1-A 
Cooksey, Leslie10Ruyle1-A 
Cooksey, Marguriete10Ruyle1-A 
Coombes, Cleo65Richwoods3-AFieldon
Coombes, Everett65Richwoods3-AFieldon
Coombes, Nola65Richwoods3-AFieldon
Coop, Garret H.186Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Coop, Harry A.156Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Coop, Harry G.156Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Coop, Myrtle L.156Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cooper, Alfred268Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cooper, Bertha55Richwoods2-BFieldon
Cooper, Cora147Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cooper, Edith A.93Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cooper, Edna55Richwoods3-B 
Cooper, Jessie268Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cooper, Otis55Richwoods3-B 
Cooper, Robert55Richwoods3-A 
Cooper, Robert55Richwoods3-B 
Cooper, Rose55Richwoods2-BFieldon
Cooper, Thomas L.93Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cooper, Virgie55Richwoods3-B 
Cope, Adelaide186Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cope, Alberta49Richwoods3-A 
Cope, Allen59Richwoods3-B 
Cope, Alvis L.245Quarry10-AGrafton City
Cope, Anna F.236Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cope, Bertha147Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cope, Betty J.45Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cope, Betty M.277Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cope, Blanch16Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Cope, Catherine J.245Quarry10-BGrafton City
Cope, Charles L.83Rosedale4-A 
Cope, Claude E.245Quarry10-BGrafton City
Cope, Clinton241Quarry10-AGrafton City
Cope, Clyde16Otter Creek1-BOtterville
Cope, Clyde282Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cope, Daniel168Quarry7-BGrafton City
Cope, Daniel168Quarry7-BGrafton City
Cope, Dorothy M.241Quarry10-AGrafton City
Cope, Dwight186Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cope, Earl99Richwoods5-B 
Cope, Ed292Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cope, Edna J.66Rosedale3-B 
Cope, Edward49Richwoods3-A 
Cope, Effie1327-BEnglish 
Cope, Effie E.282Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cope, Elbert W.45Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cope, Eliza99Richwoods5-B 
Cope, Elizabeth277Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cope, Ella P.66Rosedale3-B 
Cope, Era J.1127-AEnglish 
Cope, Everett C.66Rosedale3-B 
Cope, Fay49Richwoods3-A 
Cope, Faye292Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cope, Florence M.277Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cope, Floyd ?99Richwoods5-B 
Cope, Frank38Richwoods2-AFieldon
Cope, Freda M.83Rosedale4-A 
Cope, George147Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cope, Gladis16Otter Creek1-BOtterville
Cope, Gussie49Richwoods3-A 
Cope, Harry1327-BEnglish 
Cope, Herbert1117-AEnglish 
Cope, Ida G.292Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cope, Irene N.241Quarry10-AGrafton City
Cope, Ivan66Rosedale3-B 
Cope, James E.83Rosedale4-A 
Cope, Jerome E.245Quarry10-BGrafton City
Cope, Jerry49Richwoods3-A 
Cope, Jesse231Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cope, Jos.155Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cope, Julia310Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cope, Juliana236Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cope, Katherine1127-AEnglish 
Cope, Kenneth186Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cope, Leonard99Richwoods5-B 
Cope, Leonard A.245Quarry10-BGrafton City
Cope, Leslie16Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Cope, Lester16Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Cope, Loney99Richwoods5-B 
Cope, Loren R.241Quarry10-AGrafton City
Cope, Lottie A.147Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cope, Lucille C.292Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cope, Lulu82Rosedale4-A 
Cope, Mae1117-AEnglish 
Cope, Marcus16Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Cope, Mark14Richwoods1-AFieldon
Cope, Mark14Richwoods1-AFieldon
Cope, Marsella C.277Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cope, Mary14Richwoods1-AFieldon
Cope, Mary38Richwoods2-AFieldon
Cope, Mary99Richwoods5-B 
Cope, Mary J.168Quarry7-BGrafton City
Cope, Maurice F.282Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cope, May14Richwoods1-AFieldon
Cope, Myrtle231Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cope, Nathan310Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cope, Norah E.45Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cope, Olga38Richwoods2-AFieldon
Cope, Orville186Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cope, Paul16Otter Creek1-BOtterville
Cope, Pearl39Richwoods2-AFieldon
Cope, Pearl1117-AEnglish 
Cope, Rachel31Richwoods2-AFieldon
Cope, Raymond J.277Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cope, Robert49Richwoods3-A 
Cope, Robert H.245Quarry10-BGrafton City
Cope, Rolin82Rosedale4-A 
Cope, Rosemary49Richwoods3-A 
Cope, Ruby J.245Quarry10-AGrafton City
Cope, Russell49Richwoods3-A 
Cope, Stella105Richwoods5-B 
Cope, Thelma49Richwoods3-A 
Cope, Troy66Rosedale3-B 
Cope, Verna S.147Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cope, Virgil97Richwoods5-B 
Cope, Ward N.66Rosedale3-B 
Cope, Wesley39Richwoods2-AFieldon
Cope, William H.31Richwoods2-AFieldon
Cope, Wm. J.186Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Copp, Floyd17Quarry1-BGrafton City
Copp, Lena17Quarry1-BGrafton City
Cordes, Dorothy Caroline33Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cordes, Jos.33Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cordes, Oma33Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cordes, Wilbert Lee33Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cordrey, Jewel D.246Quarry10-BGrafton City
Cordrey, Oscar S.246Quarry10-BGrafton City
Corley, Harry J.79Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cornelius, Anna13Fidelity1-AFidelity Village
Cornelius, Clarence59Elsah3-A 
Cornelius, Edith59Elsah3-A 
Cornelius, Effie192Mississippi8-B 
Cornelius, Evelyn38Elsah2-B 
Cornelius, Everett38Elsah2-B 
Cornelius, H. S.13Fidelity1-AFidelity Village
Cornelius, John39Elsah2-B 
Cornelius, John W.38Elsah2-B 
Cornelius, Joshua192Mississippi8-B 
Cornelius, Marian59Elsah3-B 
Cornelius, Mary F.39Elsah2-B 
Cornelius, Orlan38Elsah2-B 
Cornelius, Paul59Elsah3-A 
Cornelius, Sylvia13Fidelity1-AFidelity Village
Cornelius, Virginia59Elsah3-B 
Cornelius, Winfield38Elsah2-B 
Cornelius. Mary E.38Elsah2-B 
Corns, Blanche64Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Corns, Emma B.64Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Corns, James W.234Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Corns, Josephine D.234Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Corns, Rhoda H.234Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Corns, William P.64Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cornwall, Bert95Mississippi5-A 
Cornwall, Edwin G.102Mississippi5-B 
Cornwall, Essie95Mississippi5-A 
Cornwall, Katherine102Mississippi5-B 
Cornwell, James153Mississippi7-A 
Corsiean, Anette143Piasa6-B 
Corvan, Jason52Rosedale3-A 
Cory, Edith M.161Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cory, Elizabeth76Rosedale4-A 
Cory, John Post161Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cory, John T.76Rosedale4-A 
Cory, Junior G.76Rosedale4-A 
Cory, L J.161Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Coryell, Addie87Ruyle4-B 
Coryell, Elmer87Ruyle4-B 
Coryell, Elmer87Ruyle4-B 
Coryell, Lois87Ruyle4-B 
Coryell, Scott87Ruyle4-B 
Corzine, Anna L.21Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Corzine, Barnadine A.284Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Corzine, Bertha B.21Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Corzine, Catherine58Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Corzine, Eugenia G.284Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Corzine, Helen T.284Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Corzine, Junior F.21Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Corzine, Mattie M.230Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Corzine, Murray V.21Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Corzine, Nona D.284Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Corzine, William H.284Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cose or Case, Charles T.36Rosedale2-A 
Costello, Anna534-BEnglish 
Costello, Catherine68Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Costello, Harry534-BEnglish 
Costello, John68Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Costello, Josephine534-BEnglish 
Costello, Margaret534-BEnglish 
Costello, Margaret534-BEnglish 
Costello, Margaret68Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Costello, Mary534-BEnglish 
Costello, Mike534-BEnglish 
Costello, Ollie68Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Costello, Thomas534-BEnglish 
Cottingham, Anna L.306Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cottingham, Carey69Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cottingham, Carol306Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cottingham, Dale306Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cottingham, Elizabeth69Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cottingham, Ira69Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cottingham, Keith306Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cottingham, Lloyd306Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cottingham, Morris W.306Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cottingham, Ralph I.306Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Coultas, Byron C.172Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Coultas, Dorothy172Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Coultas, Edw. C.172Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Coulthard, Eva248Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Coulthard, Ida248Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cousins, Anna82Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cousins, Anna M.82Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cousins, Clarence C.82Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cousins, Edward C.82Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cousins, Josephine I.82Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cousins, Lillian F.82Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cousins, Lillian M.82Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cowan, Dela ?47Jersey3-B 
Cowan, Frank46Jersey3-B 
Cowan, Gertrude46Jersey3-B 
Cowan, Myrtle47Jersey3-B 
Cowna, Mary47Jersey3-B 
Cox, Charles178Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cox, Clarence178Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cox, Cordelia178Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cox, Elsie J.178Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cox, Harold E.178Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cox, Harry31Fidelity2-AFidelity Village
Cox, Marjorie178Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cox, Mildred178Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cox, Roy31Fidelity2-AFidelity Village
Cox, Spencer34Mississippi2-B 
Coyle, Julia61Mississippi3-B 
Coyle, Rufus61Mississippi3-B 
Cragmiles, Paul286Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Craig, Emma104Fidelity5-A 
Craig, Garret104Fidelity5-A 
Craig, Henry104Fidelity5-A 
Craig, Lucy E.48Fidelity2-B 
Craig, T??? H.48Fidelity2-B 
Craigmiles, Adraine286Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Craigmiles, Donald286Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Craigmiles, Frqnces286Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Craigmiles, Ida286Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Craigmiles, Junior286Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Crandall, Iva162Quarry7-AGrafton City
Crandell, Laura83Quarry4-AGrafton City
Crandell, william W.83Quarry4-AGrafton City
Crane, Evelyn24Fidelity1-BFidelity Village
Crane, Lyman192Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Crane, Lyman Jr.192Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Crane, Mary24Fidelity1-BFidelity Village
Crane, Mary M.24Fidelity1-BFidelity Village
Crane, Mazie192Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Crane, Robert192Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Crane, William24Fidelity1-BFidelity Village
Crane, William Jr.24Fidelity1-BFidelity Village
Cravens, Nancy C.124Rosedale5-B 
Crawford, Joseph F.302Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cray, Ella M.56Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cray, Herb62Jersey4-B 
Creag, Delila26Otter Creek1-BOtterville
Cresswell, Barnal W.179Quarry8-AGrafton City
Cresswell, Betty G.179Quarry8-AGrafton City
Cresswell, Catherine37Elsah2-AElsah Village
Cresswell, Edward L.179Quarry8-AGrafton City
Cresswell, Grace M.179Quarry8-AGrafton City
Cresswell, Marie M.179Quarry8-AGrafton City
Cresswell, Walter J.179Quarry8-AGrafton City
Crochett, Dimple23Mississippi2-A 
Crochett, Hazel23Mississippi2-A 
Crochett, Lawrence23Mississippi2-A 
Crochett, Melvin23Mississippi2-A 
Crochett, Perry23Mississippi2-A 
Crochett, Sophia23Mississippi2-A 
Crocker, Arthur37Fidelity2-AFidelity Village
Crocker, Carl37Fidelity2-AFidelity Village
Crocker, Pete37Fidelity2-AFidelity Village
Cronan, Annetta15Elsah1-AElsah Village
Cronan, Catherine15Elsah1-AElsah Village
Cronan, Edgar15Elsah1-AElsah Village
Cronan, James15Elsah1-AElsah Village
Cronan, John15Elsah1-AElsah Village
Cronan, John98Elsah5-A 
Cronan, Robert15Elsah1-AElsah Village
Crone, Edward170Jersey10-B 
Crone, Edward170Jersey10-B 
Crone, Elizabeth201Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Crone, Ernest D.201Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Crone, Ethel A.201Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Crone, James210Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Crone, James210Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Crone, Jessie210Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Crone, Lawrence210Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Crone, Martha170Jersey10-B 
Crone, Virgil210Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cross, Ann B.131Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cross, Della48Richwoods3-A 
Cross, Ea??s48Richwoods3-A 
Cross, Edward11Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cross, Frank48Richwoods3-A 
Cross, Frankie48Richwoods3-A 
Cross, Helen11Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cross, Hugh Edward11Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cross, Hugh W.11Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Croxford, Alice3Elsah1-A 
Croxford, Harold3Elsah1-A 
Croxford, John104Elsah5-A 
Croxford, Kenneth104Elsah5-B 
Croxford, Kittie104Elsah5-A 
Croxford, Mary104Elsah5-A 
Croxford, Stanley104Elsah5-A 
Croxford, Verne104Elsah5-A 
Crull Jasper49Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Alma J.47Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Bird96Quarry4-BGrafton City
Crull, CharlesE.49Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Clara B.96Quarry4-BGrafton City
Crull, Dorothy47Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Dwight L.49Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Elizabeth43Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Emma E.49Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Ezra L.47Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Imogene49Rosedale2-B 
Crull, James43Rosedale2-B 
Crull, James L.47Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Jane M.49Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Laverne W.47Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Leola47Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Lucille E.49Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Mildred L.47Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Paul E.47Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Plowman L.46Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Plowman L.46Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Rhoda155Jersey9-A 
Crull, Robert S.47Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Violet L.46Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Wilbur V.49Rosedale2-B 
Crull, Woodrow M.49Rosedale2-B 
Cuddihy, Johanna35Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Culver, Justina7Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cummings, Alberta112Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cummings, Alfred215Mississippi9-A 
Cummings, Alice112Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cummings, Alta126Rosedale5-B 
Cummings, Bertie99Otter Creek4-B 
Cummings, Betty J.27Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cummings, Catherine82Otter Creek3-B 
Cummings, Charles215Mississippi9-A 
Cummings, Charles A.126Rosedale5-B 
Cummings, Chester215Mississippi9-A 
Cummings, Cora215Mississippi9-A 
Cummings, Delbert82Otter Creek3-B 
Cummings, Edith M.126Rosedale5-B 
Cummings, Effie112Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cummings, Effie M.126Rosedale5-B 
Cummings, Ella178Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cummings, Elmer E.27Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cummings, Ethel82Otter Creek3-B 
Cummings, Eva115Jersey6-B 
Cummings, George215Mississippi9-A 
Cummings, Ida Bell215Mississippi9-A 
Cummings, Ioline (Eileen ?)99Otter Creek4-B 
Cummings, Ira L.126Rosedale5-B 
Cummings, Jake178Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cummings, James E.82Otter Creek3-B 
Cummings, Janey127Rosedale5-B 
Cummings, Jasper112Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cummings, John99Otter Creek4-B 
Cummings, John112Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cummings, John I.99Otter Creek4-B 
Cummings, Lodis44Jersey3-B 
Cummings, Lorine112Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cummings, Lucy180Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cummings, Marguerite180Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cummings, Marry G.99Otter Creek4-B 
Cummings, Owen99Otter Creek4-B 
Cummings, Raymond112Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cummings, Rose Marie215Mississippi9-A 
Cummings, Ruby147Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cummings, Thos.115Jersey6-B 
Cummings, Truman112Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cummings, Verna F.27Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cummings, Virginia115Jersey6-B 
Cummings, William215Mississippi9-A 
Cummings, Zata ?112Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Cumminigs, Lois G.27Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Cummins, Agnes116Fidelity5-B 
Cummins, Anna116Fidelity5-B 
Cummins, Joseph116Fidelity5-B 
Cummins, Susie116Fidelity5-B 
Cunningham, Celiste130Jersey8-A 
Cunningham, George L.210Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cunningham, John69Fidelity4-A 
Cunningham, Leroy130Jersey8-A 
Cunningham, Levis130Jersey8-A 
Cunningham, Mary41Richwoods2-B 
Cunningham, Mary A.210Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Cunningham, Maurice140Fidelity6-B 
Cunningham, Minnie7Ruyle1-A 
Cunningham, no name–male197Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Cunningham, Philip7Ruyle1-A 
Curran, Katherine105Jersey6-A 
Curran, M. A.105Jersey6-A 
Curran, Mary E.105Jersey6-A 
Curran, richard105Jersey6-A 
Currey, Genive (Genevieve ?)17Otter Creek1-BOtterville
Curtis, William175Mississippi8-A 
Custer, Bulah ?99Piasa5-A 
Custer, Chester99Piasa5-A 
Custer, Hershal99Piasa5-A 
Custer, Hilda99Piasa5-A 
Custer, Julia99Piasa5-A 
Custer, Kenneth99Piasa5-A 
Czaia, Frances B.129Rosedale6-A 
Czaia, Henry L.129Rosedale5-B 
Czaia, Joseph F.73Rosedale3-B 
Czaia, Rosa73Rosedale3-B 
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