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1930 Jersey County Census Index – B

If you find the surname you are looking for, you can return to the 1930 Page to find the family in the township listing. This will allow you to view all the individuals residing in the dwelling and their neighbors. This transcription of the index to the Jersey County Federal Census of 1930 was contributed by Delores Molloy. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors.
Ba???, Cyrena71Fidelity3-B 
Ba???, Ernest71Fidelity3-B 
Ba???, Paul71Fidelity3-B 
Babbitt, Geo. W.66Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Baecht, Alice L.138Quarry6-AGrafton City
Baecht, Clarence L.138Quarry6-AGrafton City
Baecht, Clrance ? A.138Quarry6-AGrafton City
Baecht, Frank E.199Quarry8-BGrafton City
Baecht, Geneveive W.138Quarry6-AGrafton City
Baecht, Merle A.138Quarry6-AGrafton City
Baecht, Rosie E.138Quarry6-AGrafton City
Baecht, Rowena199Quarry8-BGrafton City
Bailey, Anna91Mississippi5-A 
Bailey, Darrell L.2Rosedale1-A 
Bailey, Eldon74Elsah4-A 
Bailey, Loren H.2Rosedale1-A 
Bailey, Rachel A.2Rosedale1-A 
Baird, Ada239Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Baird, Irvin137Mississippi6-B 
Baird, Ruby137Mississippi6-B 
Baissele, Dorothy42Elsah2-B 
Baker, Alva M.227Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Baker, Bernard25Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Baker, Bruce25Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Baker, Effie Mae171Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Baker, Fred36Jersey3-A 
Baker, Fred36Jersey3-A 
Baker, Gerald36Jersey3-A 
Baker, Ileen L.174Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Baker, Jacob36Jersey3-A 
Baker, John36Jersey3-A 
Baker, Jos.25Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Baker, Jos. Jr.25Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Baker, June25Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Baker, Lulu25Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Baker, Marjorie36Jersey3-A 
Baker, Martha36Jersey3-A 
Baker, Maud E.227Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Baker, Meda36Jersey3-A 
Baker, Mildred F.227Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Baker, Phyllis M.174Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Baker, Ray49Ruyle3-A 
Baker, Robert Lee171Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Baker, Rufus227Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Baker, Rufus Jr.174Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Baker, Ruth E.227Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Baker, Serilda F.227Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Baker, Verna M.174Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Baker, Wilma36Jersey3-A 
Balcom, Alice R.43Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Balcom, Fannie J.43Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Balcom, Freda L.277Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Balcom, John L.43Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Balcom, John S.43Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Balcom, Lee L.277Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Balcom, Leora M.277Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Balcom, Wanda C.43Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Balcom. Harry L.277Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Baldwin, Albert6Elsah1-A 
Baldwin, Anna6Elsah1-A 
Baldwin, Rose6Elsah1-A 
Baldwin, Ross40Fidelity2-AFidelity Village
Baldwin, Wilbur6Elsah1-A 
Baldwin, Wilma Lee6Elsah1-A 
Bale, Arthur64Fidelity3-B 
Bale, Doris64Fidelity3-B 
Bale, Ethel May64Fidelity3-B 
Bale, Ida Florence64Fidelity3-B 
Ball, Bert143Jersey8-B 
Ball, Christine143Jersey8-B 
Ballard, Alice203Mississippi9-A 
Ballard, Alice204Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Ballard, Carl F.79Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ballard, Dona166Jersey10-A 
Ballard, Grace M.79Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ballard, Harold E.79Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ballard, James W.166Jersey10-A 
Ballard, Jesse A.238Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ballard, Jessie E.238Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ballard, Joseph L.79Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ballard, Katie C.280Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ballard, Lewis166Jersey10-A 
Ballard, Lora M.280Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ballard, Louis H.204Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Ballard, Mary E.79Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ballard, Mary M.166Jersey10-A 
Ballard, Nora238Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Ballard, Roy166Jersey10-A 
Ballard, William273Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ballard, William M.79Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Ballou, Mary E.303Jersey11-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Balyard, Rex230Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bane, Agnes183Jersey11-A 
Bane, James183Jersey11-A 
Bane, Mary183Jersey11-A 
Bane, Patrick183Jersey11-A 
Banfield, Etta L.100Quarry4-BGrafton City
Banfield, Francis H.100Quarry4-BGrafton City
Banfield, Lorana M.100Quarry4-BGrafton City
Banfield, Ruth A.100Quarry4-BGrafton City
Banfield, Walter100Quarry4-BGrafton City
Banfield, Wilbur T.100Quarry4-BGrafton City
Bannan, James A.206Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bannan, Juletta206Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Barker, Edward L.195Quarry8-BGrafton City
Barker, Elbert J.195Quarry8-BGrafton City
Barker, John C.195Quarry8-BGrafton City
Barker, John W.195Quarry8-BGrafton City
Barker, Mary M.195Quarry8-BGrafton City
Barnal, Anna10Elsah1-AElsah Village
Barnal, Harry13Elsah1-AElsah Village
Barnal, John11Elsah1-AElsah Village
Barnal, John C.10Elsah1-AElsah Village
Barnal, Mary11Elsah1-AElsah Village
Barnal, Myrtle13Elsah1-AElsah Village
Barnard, Cleta L.163Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Barnard, Gertrude I.163Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Barnes, Addie36Ruyle2-B 
Barnes, Charles W.34Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Barnes, Florence W.34Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Barnes, Irene177Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Barnes, Reva147Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Barnes, Thelma F.34Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Barnes, William H.34Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Barnet, Allen O.41Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Barnet, Anna41Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Barnett, Arthur5Mississippi1-A 
Barnett, Eva5Mississippi1-A 
Barnett, Frank42Piasa2-B 
Barnett, George42Piasa2-B 
Barnett, Hannah42Piasa2-B 
Barnett, Lora5Mississippi1-A 
Barnett, May35Fidelity2-A 
Baron, William T.69Rosedale3-B 
Barr, Ella M.21Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Barr, Luther G.21Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Barrett, Annie74Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Barrett, Hannah103Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Barrett, James F.103Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Barringat, Rudolph312Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Barringer, Ferdinand49Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Barringer, Mary E.49Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Barrington, Kenneth53Jersey4-A 
Barrington, Marguerite53Jersey4-A 
Barrington, Meta53Jersey4-A 
Barron, Frank J.164Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Barron, James P.164Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Barron, Josephine M.16Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Barron, Katie164Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Barron, Margaret164Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Barron, Mary151Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Barron, Minnie E.164Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Barron, Patrick164Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bartlet, Minnie B.155Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bartlett, Bessie M.210Quarry9-AGrafton City
Bartlett, Eugene36Piasa2-B 
Bartlett, Florence36Piasa2-A 
Bartlett, Freda210Quarry9-AGrafton City
Bartlett, Harold36Piasa2-A 
Bartlett, Irene210Quarry9-AGrafton City
Bartlett, Lena36Piasa2-A 
Bartlett, Lulu22Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bartlett, Ralph36Piasa2-A 
Bartlett, Walter B.22Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bartlett, Wm.36Piasa2-A 
Bartlett, Wm. Jr.36Piasa2-A 
Barton, Chriss30Otter Creek1-BOtterville
Barton, Elizabeth30Otter Creek1-BOtterville
Barton, Harry30Otter Creek1-BOtterville
Bates, Arch40Fidelity2-B 
Bates, Charles103Elsah5-A 
Bates, Daniel H.41Elsah2-AElsah Village
Bates, Dorris O.107Quarry5-AGrafton City
Bates, Earl H.107Quarry5-AGrafton City
Bates, Emma40Fidelity2-B 
Bates, Ethel S.185Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bates, Henry9Elsah1-AElsah Village
Bates, Hubert F.107Quarry5-AGrafton City
Bates, Inez M.107Quarry5-AGrafton City
Bates, Jack E.107Quarry5-AGrafton City
Bates, Lela E.40Fidelity2-B 
Bates, Lulu9Elsah1-AElsah Village
Bates, Opal8Elsah1-AElsah Village
Bates, Raymond H.185Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bates, Sophia103Elsah5-A 
Bates, Thans (Thomas ?)40Fidelity2-B 
Bates, W. H.40Fidelity2-B 
Bauer, Adaline65Piasa3-B 
Bauer, Agnes85Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bauer, Barth Jos.159Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bauer, Francis85Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bauer, Helen159Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bauer, Hulda50Piasa2-B 
Bauer, Isabel65Piasa3-B 
Bauer, Jacole P.50Piasa2-B 
Bauer, Janice50Piasa2-B 
Bauer, John H.50Piasa3-A 
Bauer, Lawrence85Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bauer, Mary85Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bauer, Michael65Piasa3-B 
Baum, Ida48Richwoods2-BFieldon
Baxter, Agnes V.161Quarry7-AGrafton City
Baxter, Beinstein G.111Quarry5-AGrafton City
Baxter, Harold S.161Quarry7-AGrafton City
Baxter, Hernando S.111Quarry5-AGrafton City
Baxter, Leslie E.48Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Baxter, Mabel J.?111Quarry5-AGrafton City
Baxter, Roscoe C.111Quarry5-AGrafton City
Baxter, Roscoe H.111Quarry5-AGrafton City
Baybo ?, Stephen205Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bayer, Frank J.20Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bayer, Lucy V.20Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Beach, Charles464-AEnglish 
Beach, Cornelia149Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Beach, Dan M.63Otter Creek3-A 
Beach, Delbert L.84Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Beach, Demetra L.196Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Beach, Froman A.196Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Beach, gerald E.84Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Beach, Gertrude149Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Beach, Harold S.464-AEnglish 
Beach, Helen B.196Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Beach, Helen D.196Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Beach, Ida149Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Beach, Kenneth E.196Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Beach, Marion M.196Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Beach, Mary E.63Otter Creek3-A 
Beach, Roberta63Otter Creek3-A 
Beach, Thornton A.196Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Beach, Walter L.544-BEnglish 
Beach, Wilma464-AEnglish 
Beam, Fred16Otter Creek1-B 
Bean, Dewey110Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bean, Hettie69Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bean, Hubert69Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bean, Mabel16Otter Creek1-B 
Bean, Mayme110Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bean, Roberta69Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Beard, Charles E.154Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Beard, Edward E.154Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Beard, Emma E.154Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Beard, Nellie M.154Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Beatty, Annie95Ruyle5-A 
Beatty, Annie M.142Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Beatty, Carl129Jersey8-A 
Beatty, Charlene18Fidelity1-BFidelity Village
Beatty, Charles A.286Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Beatty, Charles A. Jr.286Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Beatty, Christy2Mississippi1-A 
Beatty, Donald2Mississippi1-A 
Beatty, Eliza J.125Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Beatty, George B.286Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Beatty, Grace2Mississippi1-A 
Beatty, Henery95Ruyle5-A 
Beatty, John N.125Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Beatty, L.R.129Jersey8-A 
Beatty, Leila286Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Beatty, Marie129Jersey8-A 
Beatty, Marjorie129Jersey8-A 
Beatty, Mary E.142Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Beatty, Oliver C.2Mississippi1-A 
Beatty, Vera18Fidelity1-BFidelity Village
Beatty, William129Jersey8-A 
Beaty ?, Betty288Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Beaty ?, David E.288Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Beaty ?, Matilda S.288Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bechtold, Albert97Elsah5-A 
Bechtold, Anna64Elsah3-B 
Bechtold, Anna67Elsah3-B 
Bechtold, Bernard97Elsah5-A 
Bechtold, Catherine107Elsah5-B 
Bechtold, Charles97Elsah5-A 
Bechtold, Clarence97Elsah5-A
Bechtold, Edward107Elsah5-B
Bechtold, Eleanor107Elsah5-B
Bechtold, Elizabeth99Elsah5-A
Bechtold, Elmer97Elsah5-A
Bechtold, Francis97Elsah5-A
Bechtold, Frank97Elsah5-A
Bechtold, Helen107Elsah5-B
Bechtold, Henry67Elsah3-B
Bechtold, Ida107Elsah5-B
Bechtold, John107Elsah5-B
Bechtold, Joseph99Elsah5-A
Bechtold, Leo107Elsah5-B
Bechtold, Loretta67Elsah3-B
Bechtold, Lovina97Elsah5-A
Bechtold, Marie107Elsah5-B
Bechtold, Mary97Elsah5-A 
Bechtold, Mary107Elsah5-B 
Bechtold, Matheis64Elsah3-B 
Bechtold, Paul99Elsah5-A 
Bechtold, Raymond67Elsah3-B 
Becker, Alvena31-AEnglish 
Becker, Anna272-AEnglish 
Becker, Annie M.123Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Becker, Charles31-AEnglish 
Becker, Clarence282-AEnglish 
Becker, Cora W.27Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Becker, Dorothy282-AEnglish 
Becker, Eddie282-AEnglish 
Becker, Ernest J.123Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Becker, Frances282-AEnglish 
Becker, Frances V.279Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Becker, Frank886-AEnglish 
Becker, Freddie31-AEnglish 
Becker, H. Wm.27Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Becker, Hilda282-AEnglish 
Becker, Ivie M.27Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Becker, James282-AEnglish 
Becker, John886-AEnglish 
Becker, Joseph282-AEnglish 
Becker, Joseph282-AEnglish 
Becker, Josephine272-AEnglish 
Becker, Lena31-AEnglish 
Becker, Lloyd A.123Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Becker, Marcus282-AEnglish 
Becker, Mary886-AEnglish 
Becker, Mervin A.123Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Becker, Nora282-AEnglish 
Becker, Theodore272-AEnglish 
Becker, Vernard282-AEnglish 
Becker, Wilhelmina272-AEnglish 
Beckner, Asa715-AEnglish 
Beckner, Illger715-AEnglish 
Beckner, Melvin715-AEnglish 
Beckner, Sarah M.715-AEnglish 
Beeman, Orman A.237Quarry10-AGrafton City
Beher, Bertha M.50Mississippi3-A 
Beher, Charles50Mississippi3-A 
Beher, Francis50Mississippi3-A 
Behrens, Herman113Mississippi5-B 
Behrens, Mary113Mississippi5-B 
Beierman, Anastasia116Jersey7-A 
Beierman, Carl322Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Beierman, Christopher116Jersey7-A 
Beierman, Harold116Jersey7-A
Beierman, Herman116Jersey7-A
Beierman, Paul116Jersey7-A
Beierman, Raymond116Jersey7-A
Beierman, Teresa116Jersey7-A
Beiermann, Alfred976-BEnglish
Beiermann, Andrew976-BEnglish
Beiermann, Clarence976-BEnglish
Beiermann, Cornelia1468-BEnglish
Beiermann, Dorothy976-BEnglish
Beiermann, Emma976-BEnglish
Beiermann, Eugene1317-BEnglish
Beiermann, Gilbert1468-BEnglish
Beiermann, Herbert976-BEnglish
Beiermann, Jerome1468-BEnglish
Beiermann, Joseph976-BEnglish
Beiermann, Joseph1317-BEnglish 
Beiermann, Josephine1468-BEnglish 
Beiermann, Lawrence1317-BEnglish 
Beiermann, Loretta1468-BEnglish 
Beiermann, Ludovic1317-BEnglish 
Beiermann, Mary976-BEnglish 
Beiermann, Mary1317-BEnglish 
Beiermann, Maurice1468-BEnglish 
Beiermann, Minnie162Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Beiermann, Theodore1317-BEnglish 
Beiermann, Tony J.1468-BEnglish 
Beiermann, Wilbur976-BEnglish 
Beiser, Edward120Mississippi6-A 
Beiser, Eugene120Mississippi6-A 
Beiser, Verna120Mississippi6-A 
Beiser, Victor120Mississippi6-A 
Bell, A. Maurice108Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bell, Annie223Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bell, Bert61Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bell, Charles22Otter Creek1-B 
Bell, Chas. C.80Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bell, Chas. H.47Fidelity2-B 
Bell, Chas. Z.77Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bell, Eber42Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bell, Elizabeth42Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bell, Florence77Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bell, Francis R.108Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bell, George34Fidelity2-AFidelity Village
Bell, George156Mississippi7-B 
Bell, George L.156Mississippi7-B 
Bell, Harry11Otter Creek1-A 
Bell, James80Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bell, Kathryn80Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bell, Leista F.108Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bell, Leslie156Mississippi7-B 
Bell, Mae34Fidelity2-AFidelity Village
Bell, Mattie22Otter Creek1-B 
Bell, Nancy156Mississippi7-B 
Bell, Nellie61Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bell, Priscilla80Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bell, Wife – no name77Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bell, Zella Fay77Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Belt, Anna E.125Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Belt, Charlotte J.125Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Belt, George71Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Belt, Horace312-AEnglish 
Belt, Louise E.125Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Belt, Lula312-AEnglish 
Benger, Annie59Ruyle3-B 
Benger, Charles F.59Ruyle3-B 
Bennett, Adda C.53Ruyle3-A 
Bennett, Beulah K.189Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bennett, David C.299Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bennett, Elry ?53Ruyle3-A 
Bennett, Esther53Ruyle3-A 
Bennett, Lavella53Ruyle3-A 
Bennett, Louis M.189Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bennett, Lucinda L.299Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bennett, Luella53Ruyle3-A 
Bennett, Mary K.189Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bennett, Melvin53Ruyle3-A 
Bennett, Milford53Ruyle3-A 
Bennett, Raymond53Ruyle3-A 
Bennett, Velma53Ruyle3-A 
Bennett, William F.53Ruyle3-A 
Benson, Agatha122Mississippi6-A 
Benson, Bertha122Mississippi6-A 
Benson, Bertha E.122Mississippi6-A 
Benson, Bodine122Mississippi6-A 
Benson, Claude122Mississippi6-A 
Benson, Robert A.90Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Benson, Ruth122Mississippi6-A 
Benson, Susie E.164Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Benson, W. O.164Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Benton, Dorothy1227-AEnglish 
Benton, Margaret1227-AEnglish 
Benton, Mrs. Mary1227-AEnglish 
Berger, Docia112Jersey6-B 
Berger, Freeman112Jersey6-B 
Berkenmayer, Chas.81Fidelity4-A 
Berkenmayer, Elizabeth84Fidelity4-A 
Berkenmayer, Mary81Fidelity4-A 
Berkenmeyer, Mary73Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Berner, Victorine119Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Berry, Allie13Jersey2-A 
Berry, Daisy D.301Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Berry, Dorothy484-AEnglish 
Berry, J. L.484-AEnglish 
Berry, J. T.484-AEnglish 
Berthoux, Esther Virginia106Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Berthoux, Paul H.106Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bertman, Eleanor L.98Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bertman, Eugenia H.98Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bertman, Herbert C.98Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bertman, John C.98Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bertman, Louise144Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bertman, Rosemary R.98Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bertman, Theresa M.98Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Besaw, Carl J.242Quarry10-AGrafton City
Besaw, Charles246Quarry10-BGrafton City
Besaw, Charles J.246Quarry10-BGrafton City
Besaw, Curtis C.242Quarry10-AGrafton City
Besaw, Donald L.245Quarry10-BGrafton City
Besaw, Ernest242Quarry10-AGrafton City
Besaw, Frank E.230Quarry9-BGrafton City
Besaw, Helen I.246Quarry10-BGrafton City
Besaw, Lillian M.242Quarry10-AGrafton City
Besaw, Lydia246Quarry10-BGrafton City
Besaw, Myrtle246Quarry10-BGrafton City
Besaw, Robert242Quarry10-AGrafton City
Besaw, Stanley245Quarry10-BGrafton City
Besaw, Wilbur R.245Quarry10-BGrafton City
Besaw, Zella S.242Quarry10-AGrafton City
Besterfeldt, Albert E.53Rosedale3-A 
Besterfeldt, Bessie H.53Rosedale3-A 
Besterfeldt, Enos E.53Rosedale3-A 
Besterfeldt, Eva R.53Rosedale3-A 
Besterfeldt, John C.53Rosedale3-A 
Besterfeldt, Maureen O.53Rosedale3-A 
Besterfelt, John91Jersey5-B 
Bethel, Marry E.14Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Bethel, Rollen14Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Bethel, william14Otter Creek1-AOtterville
Bethell, George B.36Rosedale2-A 
Bethell, Ida C.36Rosedale2-A 
Bettendorf, Anna8Piasa1-A 
Bettendorf, Carl8Piasa1-A 
Bettendorf, Louis8Piasa1-A 
Beuschel, Henry W.52Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Beuschel, Walter L.52Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Biederman, Anna232-AEnglish 
Biederman, Edna232-AEnglish 
Biederman, Gladys232-AEnglish 
Biederman, Leo232-AEnglish 
Biederman, Lovie232-AEnglish 
Biederman, Lucille H.301Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Biederman, Otto232-AEnglish 
Bieremann, Edna137Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bierman, Edna154Jersey9-A 
Bierman, Elizabeth154Jersey9-A 
Bierman, Frank154Jersey9-A 
Bierman, Walter154Jersey9-A 
Biggerstaff, Jennie90Piasa4-B 
Birkenmeyer, Cecelia150Jersey9-A 
Birkenmeyer, Dan W.63Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Birkenmeyer, Earl150Jersey9-A 
Birkenmeyer, Frank182Jersey11-A 
Birkenmeyer, Grace182Jersey11-A 
Birkenmeyer, Helen150Jersey9-A 
Birkenmeyer, Luella B.63Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Birkenmeyer, Nelle182Jersey11-A 
Birkenmeyer, Phylis150Jersey9-A 
Blackburn, Flora G.202Mississippi8-B 
Blackburn, William202Mississippi8-B 
Blackwell Louise15Jersey1-B 
Blackwell, Daisy15Jersey1-B 
Blackwell, Ella15Jersey1-B 
Blackwell, Glenn15Jersey1-B 
Blackwell, Irene15Jersey1-B 
Blackwell, Lee15Jersey1-B 
Blackwell, Roy15Jersey1-B 
Blaeser, Charles1227-AEnglish 
Blaeser, John E.145Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Blaeser, John F.145Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Blaeser, Kenneth E.145Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Blaeser, Mary C.145Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Blaeser, Peter1227-AEnglish 
Blaeser, Threasa1227-AEnglish 
Blair, George C.34Ruyle2-B 
Blakeman, Evelyn F.6Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Blakeman, Leonard L.6Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Blakeman, Loka I.6Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bland, Guy E.174Quarry7-BGrafton City
Bland, Irene171Mississippi8-A 
Bland, Kathryn171Mississippi8-A 
Bland, Robert171Mississippi8-A 
Blasa, Charles61Rosedale3-A 
Blasa, Claxton J.61Rosedale3-A 
Blasa, Fred46Otter Creek2-B 
Blasa, Freeda46Otter Creek2-B 
Blasa, Lloyd W.8Rosedale1-A 
Blasa, Mary E.61Rosedale3-A 
Blasa, Morine E.8Rosedale1-A 
Blasa, Pearl C.61Rosedale3-A 
Blasa, Philis ?46Otter Creek2-B 
Blasa, Ray J.61Rosedale3-A 
Blay, Emma F.134Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bligh, Catherine E.226Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bligh, Donald15Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bligh, Dora15Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bligh, Francis A.22Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bligh, Hugh H.226Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bligh, Hugh H. Jr.226Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bligh, Kathleen222Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bligh, Margaret22Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bligh, Margaret M.222Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bligh, Norma L.226Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bligh, Preston15Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Blish, Emma106Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Blish, Harry L.132Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Blish, L.Farrell132Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Blish, Nellie132Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Blish, Zetta132Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bloomer, Cathryn M.209Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bloomer, Elizabeth A.209Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bloomer, John G.209Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bloomer, John G. Jr.209Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bloomer, Maud M.209Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bloomer, Thomas C.209Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bloyd, Thomas124Rosedale5-B 
Bockholdt, Charles260Quarry11-AGrafton City
Bockholdt, Garnett D.170Quarry7-BGrafton City
Bockholdt, Louis170Quarry7-BGrafton City
Bockholdt, Rose170Quarry7-BGrafton City
Bockstruck, Gertrude V.165Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bockstruck, Robert W.165Jersey7-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Boedy, Amelia56Mississippi3-B 
Boedy, Archie O.56Mississippi3-B 
Boedy, Daniel56Mississippi3-B 
Boedy, Marie67Mississippi4-A 
Boedy, Roy56Mississippi3-B 
Bohannan, Agnes136Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bohannan, H. Russell136Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bohannon, Charles A.196Quarry8-BGrafton City
Bohannon, Mattie S.196Quarry8-BGrafton City
Boker, Annie139Piasa6-B 
Boker, Henry138Piasa6-B 
Boker, Henry Sr.139Piasa6-B 
Boker, Hilda138Piasa6-B 
Boker, Margaret E.282Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Boker, Robert138Piasa6-B 
Boker, Victor76Piasa4-A 
Boker, William T.282Jersey11-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bolin, Agnes17Ruyle1-B 
Bolin, Edith L.17Ruyle1-B 
Bolin, Floyd17Ruyle1-B 
Bolin, Floyd Melvin17Ruyle1-B 
Bolin, John17Ruyle1-B 
Bond, Goldie9Quarry1-AGrafton City
Bond, Hugh G.9Quarry1-AGrafton City
Bond, Robert M.9Quarry1-AGrafton City
Bone, Mary151Piasa7-A 
Bone, William151Piasa7-A 
Boner, Edward67Ruyle3-B 
Boner, Herbert81Mississippi4-B 
Boner, John228Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Boner, Lester81Mississippi4-B 
Boner, Lizzie67Ruyle3-B 
Boner, Lizzie B.228Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Boner, LolaMae81Mississippi4-B 
Boner, Mary232Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Boner, Wm. A.232Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bonjay, John76Mississippi4-B 
Boomer, Arthur109Richwoods6-A 
Boomer, Beulah109Richwoods6-A 
Boomer, Ethel M.926-AEnglish 
Boomer, Eva926-AEnglish 
Boomer, Ione926-AEnglish 
Boomer, Jesse109Richwoods6-A 
Boomer, Johnnie1036-BEnglish 
Boomer, Lloyd109Richwoods6-A 
Boomer, Nadine109Richwoods6-A 
Boomer, Rosy926-AEnglish 
Boomer, Violet926-AEnglish 
Boomer, Virgil109Richwoods6-A 
Bopp, Albert51Quarry2-BGrafton City
Bopp, Alice51Quarry3-AGrafton City
Bopp, George51Quarry3-AGrafton City
Bopp, Hazel51Quarry3-AGrafton City
Bopp, Minnie51Quarry3-AGrafton City
Boque, Charles C.75Quarry3-BGrafton City
Boque, Cleve75Quarry3-BGrafton City
Boque, Rosa B.75Quarry3-BGrafton City
Boren, Diana V.32Fidelity2-AFidelity Village
Borman, Carl F.88Fidelity4-B 
Borman, Carl Jr.88Fidelity4-B 
Borman, Clara58Richwoods3-B 
Borman, Frances88Fidelity4-B 
Borman, J. A.58Richwoods3-B 
Borman, Jas. L.88Fidelity4-B 
Borman, Marcelle88Fidelity4-B 
Borman, Robert88Fidelity4-B 
Borman, Viola88Fidelity4-B 
Borton, George423-AEnglish 
Botsworth, Fred244Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Botsworth, Robert244Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Botsworth, Velma244Jersey9-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Boushka, Julia504-AEnglish 
Boushka, Leo504-AEnglish 
Boushka, Leo Jr.504-AEnglish 
Boushka, Mira504-AEnglish 
Boushka, Ralph E.504-AEnglish 
Bowen, Anna C.122Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bowen, Bert H.122Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bowen, Eleanor36Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bowen, Myrtle L.122Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bowen, Richard W.122Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bowen, Robert36Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bowen, Ronald122Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Boweras, Harry E.121-AEnglish 
Bowerman, Charles9Piasa1-ABrighton
Bowerman, Lena9Piasa1-ABrighton
Bowers, Alvin121-AEnglish 
Bowers, Arthur94Mississippi5-A 
Bowers, Beulah167Jersey10-B 
Bowers, Edna Mae94Mississippi5-A 
Bowers, Emma167Jersey10-B 
Bowers, Ethel I.121-AEnglish 
Bowers, Eula94Mississippi5-A 
Bowers, George167Jersey10-B 
Bowers, George W. Jr.167Jersey10-B 
Bowers, Helen167Jersey10-B 
Bowers, Herschel94Mississippi5-A 
Bowers, James D.94Mississippi5-A 
Bowers, James R.167Jersey10-B 
Bowers, Lois167Jersey10-B 
Bowers, Mildred167Jersey10-B 
Bowers, Paul167Jersey10-B 
Bowers, Richard94Mississippi5-A 
Bowers, Robert121-AEnglish 
Bowers, Robert K.167Jersey10-B 
Bowers, Stella M.94Mississippi5-A 
Bowersock, Chas.260Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bowersock, Emma260Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bowker, Geo.58Piasa3-A 
Bowker, Mary58Piasa3-A 
Bowler, Barbara47Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bowman, Fred L.19Elsah1-B 
Bowman, Harriet B.6Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bowman, Harriet C.6Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bowman, James19Elsah1-B 
Bowman, James A.19Elsah1-B 
Bowman, Mary E.19Elsah1-B 
Bowman, Nellie G.6Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bowman, Nettie L.19Elsah1-B 
Bowman, Raymond19Elsah1-B 
Boyer, Barleigh ? W.309Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Boyer, Charles N.106Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Boyer, Emma M.309Jersey12-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Boyer, Katherine L.106Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Boyle, James124Piasa6-A 
Boyle, Michael423-AEnglish 
Bradfisch, Donald E.26Quarry2-AGrafton City
Bradfisch, Ethol ? R.26Quarry1-BGrafton City
Bradfisch, John E.26Quarry1-BGrafton City
Bradley, Donald S.78Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bradley, John24Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bradley, Julia24Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bradshaw, Emily229Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bradshaw, Fannie161Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bradshaw, Jake161Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bradshaw, Mary73Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bradshaw, Ray G.161Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Brakepiece, Mervine ?36Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Braly, Ada B.136Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Braly, James A.136Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brammeier, Robert Jr.94Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Brammeier, Robt.94Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Brammeier, Wilena94Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Brammier, August F.62Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brammier, Dorothy62Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brammier, Marie D.62Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brand, Fannie P.5Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Branhan, Alberta9Richwoods1-AFieldon
Branhan, Elanor9Richwoods1-AFieldon
Branhan, Flora9Richwoods1-AFieldon
Branhan, Len?9Richwoods1-AFieldon
Branhan, Robert9Richwoods1-AFieldon
Brannan, Bernice207Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Brannan, Evelyn207Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Brannan, Lillie207Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Brannan, Luther207Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Brannan, Neva207Jersey8-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Brannon, Charles H.65Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brannon, Emily V.65Jersey3-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brannon, Harold100Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Brannon, Mary100Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Brauning, August1Quarry1-AGrafton City
Brauning, Mary1Quarry1-AGrafton City
Bray, Catherine115Richwoods6-A 
Bray, Doris113Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bray, Edna113Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bray, Edna113Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bray, Edward L.152Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bray, Elizebeth93Otter Creek4-A 
Bray, Ella W.152Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bray, Frank115Richwoods6-A 
Bray, George W.115Richwoods6-A 
Bray, Helen113Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bray, Hubert124Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bray, Irene280Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bray, James124Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bray, John113Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bray, John113Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bray, John124Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bray, Josephine124Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bray, Katherine113Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bray, Kathryn L.124Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bray, Lois113Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bray, Marcus116Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bray, Margaret113Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bray, Margaret116Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bray, Mary116Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bray, Mary Frances124Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bray, Myrtle25Quarry1-BGrafton City
Bray, Nathaniel L.25Quarry1-BGrafton City
Bray, Ruth I.88Quarry4-AGrafton City
Bray, Slaten M.25Quarry1-BGrafton City
Bray, Stephen280Jersey10-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bray, William43Elsah2-B 
Bray, Ziba S.88Quarry4-AGrafton City
Breden, Harold120Otter Creek5-A 
Breden, Hellene120Otter Creek5-A 
Breden, Kenneth120Otter Creek5-A 
BReden, Laverne120Otter Creek5-B 
Breden, Mae120Otter Creek5-A 
Breden, Norman120Otter Creek5-A 
Breden, Ralph120Otter Creek5-A 
Breden, William120Otter Creek5-A 
Brefeld, Dorothy E.249Quarry10-BGrafton City
Brefeld, Mary L.249Quarry10-BGrafton City
Bregheger ?, John35Piasa2-A 
Breitweiser, Victor16Piasa1-B 
Breitweiser, Adelia4Piasa1-ADelhi Town
Breitweiser, Alice17Jersey1-B 
Breitweiser, Alma114Jersey7-A 
Breitweiser, Anna16Jersey1-B 
Breitweiser, Applonia84Piasa4-B
Breitweiser, Clara19Mississippi1-B
Breitweiser, Clementine18Piasa1-B
Breitweiser, Doris16Jersey1-B
Breitweiser, Edna114Jersey7-A
Breitweiser, Edward17Mississippi1-B
Breitweiser, Elizabeth114Jersey7-A
Breitweiser, Elvin17Jersey1-B
Breitweiser, Emma17Mississippi1-B
Breitweiser, Eugene17Jersey1-B
Breitweiser, Frank84Piasa4-B
Breitweiser, Frank Jr.84Piasa4-B
Breitweiser, Frank W.17Mississippi1-B
Breitweiser, Fred17Mississippi1-B
Breitweiser, Fred Jr.17Mississippi1-B
Breitweiser, Harry18Piasa1-B
Breitweiser, Herbert17Mississippi1-B 
Breitweiser, Herman P.117Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Breitweiser, Hettie117Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 1
Breitweiser, Ira16Jersey1-B 
Breitweiser, Jerome84Piasa4-B 
Breitweiser, John17Mississippi1-B 
Breitweiser, Lillie M.17Mississippi1-B 
Breitweiser, Marion19Mississippi1-B 
Breitweiser, Marjorie16Jersey1-B 
Breitweiser, Marjorie17Mississippi1-B 
Breitweiser, Mary17Mississippi1-B 
Breitweiser, Oral4Piasa1-ADelhi Town
Breitweiser, Peter17Mississippi1-B 
Breitweiser, Peter18Piasa1-B 
Breitweiser, Robert114Jersey7-A 
Breitweiser, Thomas19Mississippi1-B 
Breitweiser, Victor19Mississippi1-B 
Breitweiser, Vida17Mississippi1-B 
Breitweiser, Wilbur ?114Jersey7-A 
Brewer, Louis31Elsah2-A 
Brewster, Bert M.12Richwoods1-AFieldon
Brewster, Bertrand12Richwoods1-AFieldon
Brewster, Leila H.12Richwoods1-AFieldon
Brickey, F. W.82Jersey5-A 
Brickey, Louise82Jersey5-A 
Brickey, Nellie L.155Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Brickey, Ray J.155Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Brickey, Ray L.155Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bridges, Allie1458-AEnglish 
Bridges, Bernice352-BEnglish 
Bridges, Bertha352-BEnglish 
Bridges, Clara1157-AEnglish 
Bridges, Edgar R.14Ruyle1-B
Bridges, Ethel352-BEnglish
Bridges, Florence M.83Otter Creek3-B
Bridges, Floyd352-BEnglish
Bridges, Fred1157-AEnglish
Bridges, Gertrude1458-BEnglish
Bridges, H. W.1157-AEnglish
Bridges, Hariett83Otter Creek4-A
Bridges, Harley60Ruyle3-B
Bridges, Howard352-BEnglish
Bridges, Kenneth1458-AEnglish
Bridges, Leo1458-BEnglish
Bridges, Leonard175Mississippi8-A
Bridges, Leslie A.83Otter Creek4-A
Bridges, Leslie E.83Otter Creek3-B
Bridges, Margaret175Mississippi8-A
Bridges, Mary14Ruyle1-B 
Bridges, Matilva ?175Mississippi8-A 
Bridges, Mildred352-BEnglish 
Bridges, Opal60Ruyle3-B 
Bridges, Orville60Ruyle3-B 
Bridges, Sylvia14Ruyle1-B 
Bridges, Vina175Mississippi8-A 
Bridges, Walter H.1157-AEnglish 
Bridges, William A.1458-AEnglish 
Bridges, William L.1458-AEnglish 
Briggs, Charles39Piasa2-B 
Briggs, Clarence39Piasa2-B 
Briggs, Earnest215Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Briggs, Ellis40Richwoods2-AFieldon
Briggs, Emily40Richwoods2-AFieldon
Briggs, Florence215Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Briggs, Jeff40Richwoods2-AFieldon
Briggs, Jerome40Richwoods2-AFieldon
Briggs, Lottie39Piasa2-B 
Briggs, Paul23Richwoods1-BFieldon
Briggs, Pearl23Richwoods1-BFieldon
Briggs, Thelma23Richwoods1-BFieldon
Briggs, William23Richwoods1-BFieldon
Briggs, William Jr.23Richwoods1-BFieldon
Briggs, Winston23Richwoods1-BFieldon
Bright, Clara127Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bright, Eva127Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bright, John R.127Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bristol, Anna7Fidelity1-AFidelity Village
Britt, Bert M.46Quarry2-BGrafton City
Britt, Edward L.46Quarry2-BGrafton City
Britt, Emma V.46Quarry2-BGrafton City
Britt, James H.46Quarry2-BGrafton City
Britt, Lowell M.46Quarry2-BGrafton City
Britt, Muriel46Quarry2-BGrafton City
Britt, William J.46Quarry2-BGrafton City
Britton, Thomas74Ruyle4-A 
Brock, Carey43Richwoods2-BFieldon
Brockamp, Frances I.172Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brockman, Lillian74Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Brockman, Louis74Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Brockman, Minnie74Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Brockman, Wm. F.74Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Brockmeyer, Ada H.94Otter Creek4-A 
Brockmeyer, Frank94Otter Creek4-A 
Brockmeyer, Henry94Otter Creek4-A 
Brockmeyer, Henry254Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Brockmeyer, Ida94Otter Creek4-A 
Brockmeyer, John94Otter Creek4-A 
Brockmeyer, Mary E.254Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Brockus, James25Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Brockus, Rose25Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Brokamp, John H.71Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Brooks, Althea144Fidelity6-B 
Brooks, Callie144Fidelity6-B 
Brooks, Clara90Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brooks, Clarence144Fidelity6-B 
Brooks, Elsie V.144Fidelity6-B 
Brooks, G. Pauline90Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brooks, Harold B.90Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brooks, Helen M.90Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brooks, Howard144Fidelity6-B 
Brooks, Lyman26Jersey2-B 
Brooks, Mary142Jersey6-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brooks, Minta144Fidelity6-B 
Brooks, Nellie26Jersey2-B 
Brooks, Ralph144Fidelity6-B 
Brooks, Ray144Fidelity6-B 
Brooks, Roger26Jersey2-B 
Brooks, Wanda M.144Fidelity6-B 
Brown, Agnes135Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Brown, Alberta75Ruyle4-A 
Brown, Amos251Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brown, Arlen C.24Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Brown, Arvilla J.120Quarry5-B.Grafton City
Brown, Bennett W.120Quarry5-B.Grafton City
Brown, Charles H.53Quarry3-AGrafton City
Brown, Cherry Mae56Quarry3-AGrafton City
Brown, Chester133Piasa6-A 
Brown, Clarence75Ruyle4-A 
Brown, Clayton D.24Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Brown, Cora D.55Quarry3-AGrafton City
Brown, Dale18Ruyle1-B 
Brown, Dorothy74Piasa4-A 
Brown, Dorothy204Mississippi9-A 
Brown, Earl17Jersey1-B 
Brown, Ed.131Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Brown, Edna133Piasa6-B 
Brown, Edwin210Quarry9-AGrafton City
Brown, Ellen24Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Brown, Ernest D.54Quarry3-AGrafton City
Brown, Francis O.24Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Brown, George E.131Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Brown, George L.18Ruyle1-B 
Brown, George L.210Quarry9-AGrafton City
Brown, Gladys55Quarry3-AGrafton City
Brown, Gladys204Mississippi9-A 
Brown, Grace56Quarry3-AGrafton City
Brown, Grace75Ruyle4-A 
Brown, Helen133Piasa6-B 
Brown, Hellen53Quarry3-AGrafton City
Brown, Irene131Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Brown, J. J.135Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Brown, Jack A.56Quarry3-AGrafton City
Brown, James56Quarry3-AGrafton City
Brown, James E.56Quarry3-AGrafton City
Brown, Jessie74Piasa4-A 
Brown, John41Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Brown, John74Piasa4-A 
Brown, John86Richwoods5-A 
Brown, John204Mississippi9-A 
Brown, John L.110Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Brown, Lester74Piasa4-A 
Brown, Lester133Piasa6-B 
Brown, Lillian18Ruyle1-B 
Brown, Lillie133Piasa6-A 
Brown, Louvina110Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Brown, Luttia83Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Brown, Mabel C.129Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brown, Margaret L.53Quarry3-AGrafton City
Brown, Mary Alice131Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Brown, Mary Helen18Ruyle1-B 
Brown, Mattie C.210Quarry9-AGrafton City
Brown, Melvin L.220Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brown, Minnie54Quarry3-AGrafton City
Brown, Minnie133Piasa6-A 
Brown, Mott ?129Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brown, Nellie Pearl51Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Brown, Paul Raymond204Mississippi9-A 
Brown, Percival210Quarry9-AGrafton City
Brown, Preston16Jersey1-B 
Brown, Raymond74Piasa4-A 
Brown, Richard210Quarry9-AGrafton City
Brown, Robert204Mississippi9-A 
Brown, Robert J.135Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Brown, Ruth56Quarry3-AGrafton City
Brown, Ruth O.129Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brown, Sarah74Piasa4-A 
Brown, Sarah J.129Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Brown, Tina131Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Brown, William A.208Quarry9-AGrafton City
Brown, William H.55Quarry3-AGrafton City
Brown, Woodrow210Quarry9-AGrafton City
Browning, Arthur16Quarry1-BGrafton City
Browning, Eveline16Quarry1-BGrafton City
Browning, James E.16Quarry1-BGrafton City
Browning, Loretta16Quarry1-BGrafton City
Browning, Mary16Quarry1-BGrafton City
Browning, Mary16Quarry1-BGrafton City
Bruggemann, Ida18Richwoods1-BFieldon
Bruggemann, Lena18Richwoods1-BFieldon
Bruggemann, Lois18Richwoods1-BFieldon
Bruggemann, Mary18Richwoods1-BFieldon
Brummer, Henry157Piasa7-A 
Brummer, Louise157Piasa7-A 
Brush, Dorene106Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Brush, Ralph M.106Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Brwin ?, Roy9Piasa1-ADelhi Town
Bryant, Amelia83Elsah4-B 
Bryant, Anna83Elsah4-B 
Bryant, Arthur83Elsah4-B 
Bryant, Harold83Elsah4-B 
Buchanan, Wilma A.205Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Buelhman, John19Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bulan, John291Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bull, Herman D.14Jersey1-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bummer, Frank51Elsah3-A 
Bunse, Clement C.71-AEnglish 
Bunse, Edward160Jersey10-A 
Bunse, Frank C.71-AEnglish 
Bunse, Fred J.71-AEnglish 
Bunse, Freda160Jersey10-A 
Bunse, George130Jersey10-A 
Bunse, Henry1378-AEnglish 
Bunse, Henry J.71-AEnglish 
Bunse, Mary71-AEnglish 
Bunse, Raymond71-AEnglish 
Bunzy, Barbara159Piasa7-A 
Bunzy, Eva296Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bunzy, Francis87Fidelity4-B 
Bunzy, Francis C.221Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bunzy, Frederick L.221Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bunzy, Herman296Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bunzy, John159Piasa7-A 
Bunzy, Katherine221Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bunzy, Katherine I.221Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bunzy, mary J.296Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bunzy, Pete H.221Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bunzy, Rexford J.221Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Bunzy, William159Piasa7-A 
Bunzy, William296Jersey12-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Burch, Alva27Richwoods2-AFieldon
Burch, Claud42Fidelity2-B 
Burch, Dee17Richwoods1-BFieldon
Burch, Delbert V.50Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Burch, Elizabeth101-AEnglish 
Burch, Freddie634-BEnglish 
Burch, George50Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Burch, Hazel42Fidelity2-B 
Burch, Hazel E.42Fidelity2-B 
Burch, Henry L.101-AEnglish 
Burch, Hilda G.50Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Burch, John27Richwoods2-AFieldon
Burch, Lois17Richwoods1-BFieldon
Burch, Lucile17Richwoods1-BFieldon
Burch, Margaret101-AEnglish 
Burch, Mattie27Richwoods2-AFieldon
Burch, Maurita42Fidelity2-B 
Burch, May M.67Jersey3-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Burch, Mollie138Jersey8-A 
Burch, Perry138Jersey8-A 
Burch, Ralph110Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Burch, Robert101-AEnglish 
Burch, Robert27Richwoods2-AFieldon
Burch, Rosezella634-BEnglish 
Burch, Ruth634-BEnglish 
Burch, Thomas W.50Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Burch, Zella634-BEnglish 
Burg, Anna76Mississippi4-B 
Burg, Otto76Mississippi4-B 
Burge, Clarence11Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Burge, Earl111Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Burge, Harry82Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Burge, Homer11Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Burge, James111Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Burge, Jennette L.11Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Burge, Juanita11Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Burge, Lizzie11Jersey1-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Burge, Louise J.31Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 3
Burge, Mabel82Jersey4-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Burge, Mary111Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Burge, Mary Jo111Jersey4-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Burk, Barney423-AEnglish 
Burke, Euphrasia119Jersey5-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Burke, Margaret128Jersey5-BJerseyville, Ward # 4
Burmester, Gus52Elsah3-A 
Burmester, Theresa52Elsah3-A 
Burnett, Clarance164Quarry7-AGrafton City
Burnett, Clarance F.164Quarry7-AGrafton City
Burnett, Emma255Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Burnett, Ernest F.221Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Burnett, Frank221Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Burnett, Golda A.221Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Burnett, Josephine G.221Jersey9-AJerseyville, Ward # 2
Burnett, Mrs. Addie54Richwoods3-A 
Burnett, William54Richwoods3-A 
Burns, annie296Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Burns, Charles G.224Quarry9-BGrafton City
Burns, Daisy101Jersey6-A 
Burns, David S.224Quarry9-BGrafton City
Burns, Harry296Jersey10-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Burns, Irene R.36Jersey2-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Burns, Leo53Mississippi3-B 
Burns, Leo R.224Quarry9-BGrafton City
Burns, Leo R.224Quarry9-BGrafton City
Burns, Lola101Jersey6-A 
Burns, Margaret101Jersey6-A 
Burns, Margaret I.224Quarry9-BGrafton City
Burns, Marvin101Jersey6-A 
Burns, Mary101Jersey6-A 
Burns, Mary J.155Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Burns, Matt J.155Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 2
Burns, William L.53Mississippi3-B 
Burrowa, Edna206Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Burrows, Billy D.206Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Burrows, Bobie D.206Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Burrows, Paul W.206Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Burrows, Richard206Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Burrows, Sarah206Jersey8-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Burton, Marie H.145Jersey6-BJerseyville, Ward # 3
Bush, Frank H.184Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bush, George106Otter Creek4-B 
Bush, Howard103Otter Creek4-B 
Bush, Irene106Otter Creek4-B 
Bush, Louise34Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bush, Louise103Otter Creek4-B 
Bush, Mable106Otter Creek4-B 
Bush, Olive184Jersey7-BJerseyville, Ward # 1
Bush, Siegel34Jersey2-AJerseyville, Ward # 4
Bush, Virgil106Otter Creek4-B 
Bushay, Ellen3Quarry1-AGrafton City
Bushay, John3Quarry1-AGrafton City
Butler, Albert57Piasa3-A 
Butler, Dan100Piasa5-A 
Butler, Daniel423-AEnglish 
Butler, George56Piasa3-A 
Butler, Starlen ?56Piasa3-A 
Byrnes, Emma123Piasa6-A 
Byrnes, John123Piasa6-A
Byrnes, John E.123Piasa6-A
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