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1920 Jersey County Census Index – M

If you find the surname you are looking for, you can return to the 1920 Page to find the family in the township listing. This will allow you to view all the individuals residing in the dwelling and their neighbors. This transcription of the index to the Jersey County Federal Census of 1920 was contributed by Delores Molloy. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors.
Maaka or Maska, Elizabeth163Fidelity8-A
Maanis ?, Antone95English Township5-A
Maanis ?, Elick95English Township5-A
MacCollistor, Edward F.137Fidelity7-A
Mack, Henry79Piasa4-A
Mack, Margaret79Piasa4-A
Mackel, Geo.244Jerseyville, Ward #210-B
Mackel, Mary244Jerseyville, Ward #210-B
Mackel, Olin244Jerseyville, Ward #210-B
Mackeldon, Malinda68English Township4-A
Mackeldon, William W.68English Township4-A
Madden, Frank25Ruyle1-B
Madden, James60Ruyle3-A
Madden, John25Ruyle1-B
Maguire, Asa17Mississippi1-B
Maguire, Bertha42Otter Creek2-B
Maguire, Claude S.166Otter Creek8-A
Maguire, Francis17Mississippi1-B
Maguire, Lucy B.166Otter Creek8-A
Maguire, Mary17Mississippi1-B
Maguire, William E.42Otter Creek2-B
Maguire, William W.166Otter Creek8-A
Mains, Anna158Jersey8-A
Mains, Augusta246Jerseyville, Ward #210-B
Mains, Clinton8Jersey1-A
Mains, Edith8Jersey1-A
Mains, Edna8Jersey1-A
Mains, Hattie158Jersey8-A
Mains, James8Jersey1-A
Mains, James S.8Jersey1-A
Mains, Kenneth8Jersey1-A
Mains, Paul H.158Jersey8-A
Mains, Robert8Jersey1-A
Mains, Ruth8Jersey1-A
Mains, Stella May8Jersey1-A
Mains, Warren158Jersey8-A
Mains, Will240Jerseyville, Ward 19-B
Mallet, Arthur E.52Rosedale3-A
Mallet, Bernice L.52Rosedale3-A
Mallet, Edgar E.52Rosedale3-A
Mallet, Julius51Rosedale3-A
Mallet, Louisa52Rosedale3-A
Mallet, Sarah51Rosedale3-A
Malley, Annie10Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Malley, William10Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Mallot, Hazel212Jerseyville, Ward 18-B
Mallot, Mertle212Jerseyville, Ward 18-B
Mallot, Mildred212Jerseyville, Ward 18-B
Mallot, Walter212Jerseyville, Ward 18-B
Maloney, Henry C.91Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Maloney, Mary M.91Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Malow, Henery116Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Maloy, Charles H.46Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Maloy, Charles H.46Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Maloy, Henry279Jerseyville, Ward 110-B
Maloy, Henry43Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Maloy, Nellie H.46Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Maloy, Robert O.46Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Maltimore, Edw.94Richwood5-A
Maltimore, John94Richwood5-A
Maluney, Hazel168Piasa7-B
Maluney, Mildred168Piasa7-B
Maluney, Minnie168Piasa7-B
Maluney, Thos.168Piasa7-B
Mandorca, Albert118Mississippi5-B
Mandorca, Dora E.118Mississippi5-B
Mandorca, Eva118Mississippi5-B
Mandorca, John H.118Mississippi5-B
Mandorca, Marguerite118Mississippi5-B
Mandorca, Mary121Mississippi5-B
Mandorca, Sophia M.118Mississippi5-B
Mandorca, William118Mississippi5-B
Mandorcia, Eulelah13Elsah Village1-A
Mandorcia, Mary L.13Elsah Village1-A
Mandorcia, William H.13Elsah Village1-A
Mann, Mary A.232Mississippi10-A
Manning, Howard11Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Manning, Lee11Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Manning, Rose11Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Manning, William F.11Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Maples, James191Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Maples, Jonnes115English Township6-A
Maples, Kate191Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Maples, Mary C.115English Township6-A
Marsden, Augusta G.7Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Marsden, B.A.7Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Marsden, Beatrice7Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Marsden, Bertram7Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Marsden, Helen7Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Marshall, Alma118Ruyle5-B
Marshall, Charles118Ruyle5-A
Marshall, Cora M.14Fidelity1-B
Marshall, Ellen105Ruyle4-B
Marshall, Elmer118Ruyle5-B
Marshall, Fred118Ruyle5-A
Marshall, Hiley E.118Ruyle5-B
Marshall, Ira118Ruyle5-B
Marshall, John116Ruyle5-A
Marshall, Leed—?118Ruyle5-A
Marshall, Lewis118Ruyle5-A
Marshall, Lewis E.118Ruyle5-B
Marshall, Norman E.118Ruyle5-B
Marshaw, Edward J.238Mississippi10-A
Marshaw, Eva May238Mississippi10-A
Marshaw, Fred E.238Mississippi10-A
Marshaw, Gladys M.238Mississippi10-A
Marshaw, Martha E.238Mississippi10-A
Marston, J. G.79Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Martin, Carl N.20Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Martin, Emma36Mississippi2-A
Martin, Frank38Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Martin, Frank36Mississippi2-A
Martin, George20Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Martin, George36Mississippi2-A
Martin, James20Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Martin, Malinda36Mississippi2-A
Martin, Ollie20Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Martin, Philip A.30Ruyle2-A
Martin, Ray36Mississippi2-B
Martin, Roy36Mississippi2-B
Martin, Susie38Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Masears ?, Frances110Piasa5-A
Masears ?, John110Piasa5-A
Masears ?, Paul110Piasa5-A
Masears ?, Richard110Piasa5-A
Masears ?, Walter110Piasa5-A
Mason, Albert R.43Jersey2-B
Mason, Elmer H.43Jersey2-B
Mason, Emily A.43Jersey2-B
Mason, John M.153Mississippi7-A
Mason, Mildred87Jersey5-A
Mason, Sarah153Mississippi7-A
Massar, Edwin4Piasa, Brighton1-A
Massar, George4Piasa, Brighton1-A
Massar, Gilbert4Piasa, Brighton1-A
Massar, Hilda4Piasa, Brighton1-A
Massar, Raymond4Piasa, Brighton1-A
Massar, Sadie4Piasa, Brighton1-A
Massears, Caroline111Piasa5-A
Massey, Bessie98Jersey5-A
Massey, Francis198Jersey9-B
Massey, Helen159Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
Massey, Helen A.159Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
Massey, Henry198Jersey9-B
Massey, Henry C.52Jersey3-A
Massey, James159Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
Massey, James198Jersey9-B
Massey, John198Jersey9-B
Massey, Kathleen198Jersey9-B
Massey, Lee98Jersey5-A
Massey, Lois98Jersey5-A
Massey, Lucile198Jersey9-B
Massey, Maguerite198Jersey9-B
Massey, Mary198Jersey9-B
Massey, Mary S.52Jersey3-A
Massey, Nellie198Jersey9-B
Massey, Steven198Jersey9-B
Mathews, Dan193Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Mathews, Dave193Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Mathews, Howard193Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Mathews, Irene193Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Mathews, Jerry121Richwood6-A
Mathews, Mary193Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Matthew, Laura146Jersey7-A
Matthew, Louis E.146Jersey7-A
Matthews Mark27Rosedale2-A
Matthews, Alvin141Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Matthews, Emma F.141Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Matthews, Fay B.141Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Matthews, George W.27Rosedale2-A
Matthews, Laverne141Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Matthews, Paul141Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Matthews, William141Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Maxwell, David131Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
May, Brawnlaw128Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
May, Clement190Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
May, Joseph178Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
May, Lenora128Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
May, Marie190Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Mayberry, Grover64Elsah5-B
Mayberry, Herman64Elsah5-B
Mayberry, James W.64Elsah5-B
Mayberry, Mary A.64Elsah5-B
Mayberry, Mary D.64Elsah5-B
Mayberry, Owen64Elsah5-B
Mayberry, Wilson64Elsah5-B
Mayhall, Arnel9Quarry1-A
Mayhall, Bessie B.9Quarry1-A
Mayhall, Cora Jane9Quarry1-A
Mayhall, Harold9Quarry1-A
Mayhall, Henry9Quarry1-A
Mayhall, James9Quarry1-A
Mayhall, Laura9Quarry1-A
Mayuholn ?, Frances163Piasa7-A
Mayuholn ?, William163Piasa7-A
McAdams, Almeta F.83Rosedale4-B
McAdams, Anna19Otter Creek1-B
McAdams, Buelah H.83Rosedale4-B
McAdams, Henry C.83Rosedale4-B
McAdams, Henry L.83Rosedale4-B
McAdams, Jewel S.83Rosedale4-B
McAdams, Lena V.117Otter Creek5-B
McAdams, Maud L.83Rosedale4-B
McAdams, Sarah F.83Rosedale4-B
McAdams, Velma A.83Rosedale4-B
McAmish, Bessie G.109Elsah7-B
McAmish, Bessie G.109Elsah7-B
McAmish, Sylva109Elsah7-B
McAmish, William A.109Elsah7-B
McAmish, William A.109Elsah7-B
McBride, Albert A.102Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
McBride, Dorathy102Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
McBride, Eula102Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
McBride, Melba102Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
McBride, Mildred102Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
McBride, Olivia102Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
McBride, Waldo102Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
McCabney, Bertha125Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
McCaherty, Catherine L.139Otter Creek6-B
McCaherty, Emma139Otter Creek6-B
McCaherty, James139Otter Creek6-B
McCaherty, James M.139Otter Creek6-B
McCalla, Adison15Elsah Village1-A
McCalla, Albert J.206Mississippi9-A
McCalla, Joanna g.206Mississippi9-A
McCalla, John B.15Elsah Village1-A
McCalla, Julia E.15Elsah Village1-A
McCalla, Nathaniel S.15Elsah Village1-A
McCalla, Ruth15Elsah Village1-A
McCanor, Bessie M.29Elsah Village1-B
McCanor, Vilas29Elsah Village1-B
McCanor, Virginia M.29Elsah Village1-B
McCauley, James118Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
McClerry, Alonzo74English Township4-A
McClerry, Emma M.74English Township4-A
McClure, Catharine3Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
McClure, Fannie123Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
McClure, Mary123Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
McClure, William P.3Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
McClusky, Amy210Mississippi9-A
McClusky, Henry H.210Mississippi9-A
McClusky, Mary A.210Mississippi9-A
McCollister, Edith39Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
McCollister, Elizabeth39Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
McCollister, Fanny39Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
McConnell, Charles144Jersey7-A
McConnell, Delbert144Jersey7-A
McConnell, Nannie144Jersey7-A
McConnell, Oscar144Jersey7-A
McCormac, Freda129Richwood6-B
McCormac, Leonard129Richwood6-B
McCormick, Clarence A.136English Township7-A
McCormick, Ellie M.136English Township7-A
McCormick, Frank136English Township7-A
McCormick, Freda50Rosedale3-A
McCormick, Leonard50Rosedale3-A
McCormick, Morria E.136English Township7-A
McCormick, Truman E.136English Township7-A
McCormik, Gerold54Mississippi3-B
McCoy, Charles65Rosedale3-B
McCoy, Hallie68Rosedale3-B
McCoy, Harry65Rosedale3-B
McCoy, Henry M.69Rosedale3-B
McCoy, James H.68Rosedale3-B
McCoy, Louisa68Rosedale3-B
McCoy, Mabel M.69Rosedale3-B
McCoy, Mildred M.69Rosedale3-B
McCoy, Ray68Rosedale3-B
McCoy, Richard65Rosedale3-B
McCoy, Sophia65Rosedale3-B
McCoy, Verna68Rosedale3-B
McDaniel, Anna98Mississippi5-A
McDaniel, Anna L.98Mississippi5-A
McDaniel, Charles G.98Mississippi5-A
McDaniel, Chas. G.98Mississippi5-A
McDaniel, Ethel98Mississippi5-A
McDaniel, George C.98Mississippi5-A
McDaniel, Louis H.98Mississippi5-A
McDaniel, Mame98Mississippi5-A
McDaniel, Marguerite98Mississippi5-A
McDaniel, Oliver98Mississippi5-A
McDaniels, Alda194Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
McDaniels, Eliza V.182Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
McDaniels, Geo. W.182Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
McDaniels, Joe?194Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
McDaniels, Lila M.194Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
McDaniels, Mary A.182Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
McDaniels, Namoa ? L.194Jerseyville, Ward 18-A
McDaniels, Wana M.194Jerseyville, Ward 18-A
McDonald, Barney96Piasa4-B
McDougall, Duncan261Jerseyville, Ward 110-A
McDougall, Lena261Jerseyville, Ward 110-A
McDow, Bert E.232Mississippi10-A
McDow, Byron, L.245Mississippi10-B
McDow, Claude N.123Mississippi5-B
McDow, Clyde H.1Mississippi1-A
McDow, Dallas M.232Mississippi10-A
McDow, Dewey28Elsah Village1-B
McDow, Dwight123Mississippi5-B
McDow, Elizbeth32Mississippi2-A
McDow, Ennace ?123Mississippi5-B
McDow, Francis32Mississippi2-A
McDow, Homer32Mississippi2-A
McDow, James W.120Mississippi5-B
McDow, Jessie D.232Mississippi10-A
McDow, Lucy28Elsah Village1-B
McDow, Lucy120Mississippi5-B
McDow, Lucy123Mississippi5-B
McDow, Lulu32Mississippi2-A
McDow, Margaret232Mississippi10-A
McDow, Marguerite1Mississippi1-A
McDow, Martha74Mississippi4-A
McDow, Mary28Elsah Village1-B
McDow, Medora A.245Mississippi10-B
McDow, Nenah63Mississippi3-B
McDow, Robert A.74Mississippi4-A
McDow, Ruby1Mississippi1-A
McDow, Tell. E.1Mississippi1-A
McDow, William C.63Mississippi3-B
McDow, William H.28Elsah Village1-B
McDow, William H. Jr.28Elsah Village1-B
McEliott, Martha37Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
McEvers, William E.23Jerseyville, Ward # 31-B
McFain, Charlotte152Jerseyville, Ward 16-B
McFain, Dan152Jerseyville, Ward 16-B
McFain, Dannie152Jerseyville, Ward 16-B
McFain, Frederick152Jerseyville, Ward 16-B
McFain, George179Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
McFain, Josephine179Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
McFain, Lulu L.232Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
McFain, Mary179Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
McFain, Minnie179Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
McFain, Paul168Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
McFain, Richard179Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
McFain, Robert168Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
McFain, Sadie152Jerseyville, Ward 16-B
McFain, William232Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
McGee, Bettie208Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
McGee, Frances28Elsah3-B
McGee, Julia198Jerseyville, Ward 18-A
McGee, Martin28Elsah3-B
McGee, Michael28Elsah3-B
McGee, Michael28Elsah3-B
McGowen, cannot read (daughter)134English Township6-B
McGowen, Edward W.134English Township6-B
McGowen, Opal B.134English Township6-B
McGowen, Pearl A.134English Township6-B
McGowen, Walter U.134English Township6-B
McGrath, Florence L.137Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
McGrath, John C.137Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
McGrath, Margaret158Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
McGrath, Mary158Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
McGrath, Mary G.137Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
McGready, Lyber ? D.59Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
McGuire, Annie45Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
McGuire, Charles82Richwood4-B
McGuire, Clarence82Richwood4-B
McGuire, Clayton82Richwood4-B
McGuire, Dora82Richwood4-B
McGuire, Dorthy I.229Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
McGuire, Gladys82Richwood4-B
McGuire, John91Ruyle4-B
McGuire, John J.45Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
McGuire, John J.45Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
McGuire, Kathaleen I.229Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
McGuire, Louise45Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
McGuire, Nellie E.45Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
McGuire, Orville82Richwood4-B
McGuire, Rith A.91Ruyle4-B
McGuire, Walter R.229Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
McGuire, William L.229Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
McHale, Mae178Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
McIlvane, Effie159Jerseyville, Ward # 36-B
McIlvane, Elmer159Jerseyville, Ward # 36-B
McIlvane, Ernest159Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
McIlvane, Florence159Jerseyville, Ward # 36-B
McIlvane, Ida M.159Jerseyville, Ward # 36-B
McIlvane, Iola M.159Jerseyville, Ward # 36-B
McIntyre, Evelyn E.42Elsah Village2-A
McKabney, Eula M.136Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
McKabney, Regina136Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
McKabney, Sam L.136Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
McKee, Lulu D.59Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
McKennon, John (H.?)60Ruyle3-A
McKernan, Edward M.40Ruyle2-A
McKernan, Frank16Ruyle1-B
McKernan, Herbert B.40Ruyle2-A
McKernan, Mary B.16Ruyle1-B
McKernan, Mary J.40Ruyle2-A
McKinney, Charles2Richwood1-A
McKinney, John2Richwood1-A
McKinney, Minnie2Richwood1-A
McKinney, Samuel2Richwood1-A
McKinny, Franklin31Richwood2-A
McKinny, Joseph31Richwood2-A
McKinny, Joseph31Richwood2-A
McKinny, Rachael31Richwood2-A
McKlusky, Ella H.33Elsah Village2-A
McKlusky, John A.33Elsah Village2-A
McLavin, Walter69Elsah5-B
McLean, Mary69Mississippi4-A
McLean, Mary A.69Mississippi4-A
McLean, Raymond69Mississippi4-A
McLean, Robert69Mississippi4-A
McMahin, Blanche C.72Quarry4-A
McMahin, E. G.72Quarry4-A
McMahin, Marian M.72Quarry4-A
McMahon, Doris192Jerseyville, Ward # 48-B
McMahon, Elsie M.192Jerseyville, Ward # 48-B
McMahon, John A.85Mississippi4-B
McMahon, M. A.192Jerseyville, Ward # 48-B
McMahon, William192Jerseyville, Ward # 48-B
McMahon, William R.45Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
McManes, Thomas131English Township6-B
McManus, Mary23Jerseyville, Ward # 31-B
McMichael, Malinda B.4Ruyle1-A
McNabb, Mary108Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
McNally, Alma S.104Elsah7-B
McNally, George104Elsah7-B
McNally, infant son, unnamed104Elsah7-B
McNally, Jaunita104Elsah7-B
McNally, Plinnie A.104Elsah7-B
McNally, Raymond104Elsah7-B
McNally, Zelma I.104Elsah7-B
McNear, Clara115Piasa5-B
McNear, Edith134Piasa6-A
McNear, Elisiah115Piasa5-B
McNear, Elisiah134Piasa6-A
McNear, Geo.134Piasa6-A
McNear, Grace134Piasa6-A
McNear, Laura134Piasa6-A
McNear, William134Piasa6-A
McPherson, Anna57Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
McPherson, Harvey57Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
McPherson, John57Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
McPherson, Robert57Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
McPherson, Ruth57Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
McQuality, Clarence W.67Rosedale3-B
McQuality, Clarence W.67Rosedale3-B
McQuality, John E.67Rosedale3-B
McQuality, Nellie E.67Rosedale3-B
McQuality, Pearl A.67Rosedale3-B
McQuerry, Grace184Jersey9-A
McQuerry, Hewitt184Jersey9-A
McQuerry, John184Jersey9-A
McQuerry, John E.184Jersey9-A
McQuerry, Vonly K.184Jersey9-A
McRenolds, Sarah82Jerseyville, Ward #24-A
McReynolds, Ellen M.33Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
McReynolds, Joe33Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
Means, Jack191Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Mears, Camille A.177Otter Creek8-A
Mears, Clarence R.177Otter Creek8-A
Mears, George R.177Otter Creek8-A
Mears, Hattie E.177Otter Creek8-A
Mears, Helen E.177Otter Creek8-A
Mecurio, Alice marie159Jerseyville, Ward # 47-A
Mecurio, Gladys L.159Jerseyville, Ward # 47-A
Mecurio, Joseph159Jerseyville, Ward # 47-A
Mecurio, Leo159Jerseyville, Ward # 47-A
Mecurio, Virginia R.159Jerseyville, Ward # 47-A
Meddock, Mary248Jerseyville, Ward 19-B
Medford, Amanda65Richwood4-A
Medford, Anna88Richwood4-B
Medford, Beman88Richwood4-B
Medford, Earnest M.65Richwood4-A
Medford, George65Richwood4-A
Medford, George L.65Richwood4-A
Medford, Harold M.65Richwood4-A
Medford, Herschel102Richwood5-B
Medford, Jennett152Jerseyville, Ward # 36-B
Medford, Leola48Richwood2-B
Medford, Leroy68Richwood4-A
Medford, Mary68Richwood4-A
Medford, Morris152Jerseyville, Ward # 36-B
Meechman ?, Abbey38Piasa2-B
Meechman ?, James38Piasa2-B
Meechman ?, Paul38Piasa2-B
Meeden (Muden ?), Arnold39Piasa2-B
Meeden (Muden ?), Evert39Piasa2-B
Meeden (Muden ?), Margaret39Piasa2-B
Meeden (Muden ?), Walter39Piasa2-B
Meeden (Murden ?), Minnie39Piasa2-B
Meeks or Meehs, Agnes3Jersey1-A
Meeks or Meehs, Daisy3Jersey1-A
Meeks or Meehs, Everet3Jersey1-A
Meeks or Meehs, Harry3Jersey1-A
Meeks or Meehs, Hershel3Jersey1-A
Meeks or Meehs, John3Jersey1-A
Mefford, Edna140Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Mefford, George140Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Mefford, George Jr.140Jerseyville, Ward 16-B
Mefford, Irene140Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Mefford, Lula140Jerseyville, Ward 16-B
Mefford, Mary M.140Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Meirman, Chas.12Piasa1-A
Meisner, Henry177Jersey8-B
Meisner, Ida177Jersey8-B
Meisner, Mildred177Jersey8-B
Melford, Anna226Jerseyville, Ward 18-B
Melford, Elizabeth226Jerseyville, Ward 18-B
Melford, Julia F.196Mississippi8-B
Melford, Leslie F.196Mississippi8-B
Meneley, Joe E.67Fidelity3-B
Meneley, Mary J.67Fidelity3-B
Meneley, Viola67Fidelity3-B
Mercurio, Charley24Jerseyville, Ward # 31-B
Mercurio, Leo24Jerseyville, Ward # 31-B
Mercurio, Mary24Jerseyville, Ward # 31-B
Merian, James59Rosedale3-A
Merian, Mary59Rosedale3-A
Merrill, Beatrix42Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Merrill, Helen M.7Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Merrill, Kate7Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Merrill, Kenneth42Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Merrill, Russell42Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Merrill, Thomas K.7Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Merritt, Freeman ?112Ruyle5-A
Merritt, I. Washington112Ruyle5-A
Merry, Mary163Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Merry, Michael163Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Metzdorf, Antone40English Township2-B
Metzler, Jacob52Quarry3-A
Metzler, Josephine52Quarry3-A
Meyer, Elizabeth92Jersey5-A
Meyer, George92Jerseyville, Ward 14-A
Meyer, Henry Antone92Jersey5-A
Meyer, Herman92Jersey5-A
Meyer, Margaret92Jerseyville, Ward 14-A
Meyer, Margaret92Jersey5-A
Meyer, Rosie A.92Jersey5-A
Meyerhover, Anna21Piasa1-B
Meyerhover, Anthony21Piasa1-B
Meyerhover, Barbara21Piasa1-B
Meyerhover, John21Piasa1-B
Meyerhover, Joseph21Piasa1-B
Meyerhover, Mary21Piasa1-B
Meyers, Almieta131Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Meyers, Antone55Jersey3-A
Meyers, Arthur140Piasa6-B
Meyers, Bertha140Piasa6-B
Meyers, Carl131Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Meyers, Carl F.131Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Meyers, Clara B.88Rosedale4-B
Meyers, Clyde W,88Rosedale4-B
Meyers, Glennon A.88Rosedale4-B
Meyers, Gordon W.88Rosedale4-B
Meyers, Ida M.86Rosedale4-B
Meyers, John H.86Rosedale4-B
Meyers, Joseph55Jersey3-A
Meyers, Katie131Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Meyers, Leah140Piasa6-B
Meyers, Lela214Jerseyville, Ward 18-B
Meyers, Leo55Jersey3-A
Meyers, Marie140Piasa6-B
Meyers, Roy140Piasa6-B
Meyers, Thersa55Jersey3-A
Meyers, Virgil G.88Rosedale4-B
Meyers, Waldo131Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Meyers, William55Jersey3-A
Meyrs, Marvin131Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Michael, Edward122Piasa5-B
Michael, Edwin122Piasa5-B
Michael, Eseline122Piasa5-B
Michael, Flossie24Mississippi1-B
Michael, Francis122Piasa5-B
Michael, John105Elsah7-B
Michael, Laura24Mississippi1-B
Michael, Lawrence105Elsah7-B
Michael, Lawrence24Mississippi1-B
Michael, Mike105Elsah7-B
Michael, Nora M.105Elsah7-B
Michael, Pauline122Piasa5-B
Michael, Pauline122Piasa5-B
Michael, Peter122Piasa5-B
Michael, Spencer122Piasa5-B
Michael, Thomas197Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Middendorph, Frank107Richwood5-B
Middendorph, William107Richwood5-B
Middleton, Carrie93Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Middleton, Dorthy M.93Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Middleton, Elsie G.93Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Middleton, Erma E.93Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Middleton, Joseph L.93Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Middleton, Vera H.93Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Miles, Ida M.131Rosedale6-B
Miles, John W.62Rosedale3-B
Miles, Lavina16Rosedale1-B
Miles, Mary J.62Rosedale3-B
MIles, Raymond W.62Rosedale3-B
Miles, William E.16Rosedale1-B
Miles, William W.16Rosedale1-B
Miles, Wilmena131Rosedale6-B
Miley, Rose A.30Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Milford, Grace52Elsah Village2-B
Milford, Nancu J.52Elsah Village2-B
Milford, Nancy52Elsah Village2-B
Miller, Agnes68English Township4-A
Miller, Aless ( Alice ?)112Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Miller, Alice39Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Miller, Allen161Richwood8-A
Miller, Alma S.218Jerseyville, Ward # 39-B
Miller, Anna35Piasa2-A
Miller, Charles145Jersey7-A
Miller, Donald86Richwood4-B
Miller, Dorothy112Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Miller, Edward46Richwood2-B
Miller, Edward86Richwood4-B
Miller, Eleybeth80Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Miller, Elizabeth87Elsah6-B
Miller, Elizabeth145Jersey7-A
Miller, Ellen R.218Jerseyville, Ward # 39-B
Miller, Florence112Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Miller, Floyd R.37Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Miller, Frank208Jerseyville, Ward 18-A
Miller, Frank F.87Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Miller, Fred81Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Miller, Fredrick A.37Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Miller, George112English Township6-A
Miller, George11Quarry1-A
Miller, Getrude81Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Miller, Harry46Richwood2-B
Miller, Ida H.116English Township6-A
Miller, Isaac N.18Rosedale1-B
Miller, John231Jerseyville, Ward 19-A
Miller, John D.116English Township6-A
Miller, Julia11Quarry1-A
Miller, Julin (Julia ?)161Richwood8-A
Miller, Leora F.87Elsah6-B
Miller, Lillian46Richwood2-B
Miller, Lizabeth35Piasa2-A
Miller, Lora46Richwood2-B
Miller, Lottie R.37Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Miller, Louis154Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
Miller, Louis46Richwood2-B
Miller, Marie11Quarry1-A
Miller, Martha J.18Rosedale1-B
Miller, Mary87Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Miller, Mary53Piasa3-A
Miller, Mary E.218Jerseyville, Ward # 39-B
Miller, Nora81Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Miller, Nora86Richwood4-B
Miller, Ollin112Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Miller, Patrick39Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Miller, Robert B.81Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Miller, Ruby86Richwood4-B
Miller, Stanley39Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Miller, Steve208Jerseyville, Ward 18-A
Miller, Walter35Piasa2-A
Miller, Walter L.18Rosedale1-B
Miller, William35Piasa2-A
Miller, William E.18Rosedale1-B
Miller, william P.19Jerseyville, Ward # 31-B
Miller, Williamson80Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Miller, Willis S.218Jerseyville, Ward # 39-B
Miller, Wm.35Piasa2-A
Millr, Frank11Quarry1-A
Millton, Walter116English Township6-A
Minard Curtis A.195Mississippi8-B
Miner, George W.28Jersey2-A
Miner, Mary I.28Jersey2-A
Miner, Maud28Jersey2-A
Mininersburg, Christina W.196Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Mininersburg, John H.196Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Mitchell, Anna141Piasa6-B
Mitchell, James141Piasa6-B
Mitchell, Jane141Piasa6-B
Mitchell, John141Piasa6-B
Mitchell, Lizzie199Piasa8-B
Mitchell, Norval199Piasa8-B
Mitzel, Agnes S.38Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Mitzel, August F.38Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Mitzel, Blanche E.38Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Mitzel, Herold A.38Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Mitzel, Irene M.38Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Mitzel, Leona L.38Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Mitzel, Marie C.38Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Mitzel, Mildred L.38Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Mitzel, Pasuline M.38Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Mitzel, Raymond S.38Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Mitzel, Ruth A.38Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Mitzel, Sarrah M.38Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Mohr, Beulah19Ruyle1-B
Mohr, Charles E.19Ruyle1-B
Mohr, Ernest19Ruyle1-B
Mohr, Ferdinand46Ruyle2-B
Mohr, Iola T.19Ruyle1-B
Mohr, Martha W.46Ruyle2-B
Mohr, Rosa E.19Ruyle1-B
Mohr, Wesley C.19Ruyle1-B
Moltimore, Reed ?83Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Monk, Katherine173Jersey8-B
Monk, William103Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Montague, Arthur184Piasa8-A
Montague, Emma184Piasa8-A
Montague, Eugene184Piasa8-A
Montague, Harriet184Piasa8-A
Montague, James184Piasa8-A
Montague, Melvin184Piasa8-A
Montague, Milton184Piasa8-A
Montague, Raymond184Piasa8-A
Montague, Roy184Piasa8-A
Montague, Samuel184Piasa8-A
Montague, Samuel184Piasa8-A
Moore, Agnes111Ruyle5-A
Moore, Alvin H.135Fidelity7-A
Moore, Cecil T.135Fidelity7-A
Moore, Charles H.104Fidelity5-A
Moore, Clarence106Ruyle4-B
Moore, Clarence G.106Ruyle5-A
Moore, Dicie174Piasa7-B
Moore, Edward104Fidelity5-A
Moore, Edward158Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Moore, Eldon E.135Fidelity7-A
Moore, Elizabeth111Ruyle5-A
Moore, Eugene104Fidelity5-A
Moore, Genela135Fidelity7-A
Moore, George111Ruyle5-A
Moore, Gertrude158Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Moore, Gussie E.139Fidelity7-A
Moore, Helen L.139Fidelity7-A
Moore, Herbert70Fidelity3-B
Moore, Hugh T.135Fidelity7-A
Moore, Hugh W.135Fidelity7-A
Moore, J.L.174Piasa7-B
Moore, James174Piasa7-B
Moore, James D.139Fidelity7-A
Moore, John111Ruyle5-A
Moore, Katie A.139Fidelity7-A
Moore, Laura111Ruyle5-A
Moore, LaVerne E.158Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Moore, Lawrence E.158Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Moore, Lelia C.106Ruyle5-A
Moore, Lelia G.106Ruyle5-A
Moore, Lida L.104Fidelity5-A
Moore, Lloyd111Ruyle5-A
Moore, Magy M.139Fidelity7-A
Moore, Margaret J.139Fidelity7-A
Moore, Mary B.145Fidelity7-A
Moore, Maurice104Fidelity5-A
Moore, Ray111Ruyle5-A
Moore, Robert E.145Fidelity7-A
Moore, Roy44Jerseyville, Ward #22-B
Moore, Ruth70Fidelity3-B
Moore, Sarah E.42Fidelity2-A
Moore, Sarah J.135Fidelity7-A
Moore, Sylvia137Fidelity7-A
Moore, Tossie111Ruyle5-A
Moore, Vita F.106Ruyle5-A
Moore, William137Fidelity7-A
Moore, William111Ruyle5-A
Moore, William H.139Fidelity7-A
Moran, Elmer E.38Fidelity2-A
Moran, Harley E.38Fidelity2-A
Moran, Rose A.38Fidelity2-A
Moran, Theresa W.38Fidelity2-A
Moran, Thomas38Fidelity2-A
Morgan, Alfred48Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Morgan, Amy48Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Morgan, Bertha48Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Morgan, Charles A.85Rosedale4-B
Morgan, Edith85Rosedale4-B
Morgan, Eliza48Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Morgan, Freda O.90Otter Creek4-B
Morgan, James F.56Rosedale3-A
Morgan, Jesse48Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Morgan, Russell J.90Otter Creek4-B
Morgan, Sarah E.56Rosedale3-A
Morgan, william A.90Otter Creek4-B
Morhman, George143Fidelity7-A
Morhman, Harold J.143Fidelity7-A
Morhman, Mary E.143Fidelity7-A
Morning, Ellen231Jerseyville, Ward 19-A
Morning, Richard231Jerseyville, Ward 19-A
Morrison, Agnes7Richwood1-A
Morrison, Alberta7Richwood1-A
Morrison, Alice7Richwood1-A
Morrison, Burton102Richwood5-B
Morrison, Grace7Richwood1-A
Morrison, Joe4Richwood1-A
Morrison, Joel4Richwood1-A
Morrison, Lawrence102Richwood5-B
Morrison, Lida102Richwood5-B
Morrison, Mary4Richwood1-A
Morrison, Nannie4Richwood1-A
Morrison, Sylvester102Richwood5-B
Morrison, Thomas7Richwood1-A
Morrison, Tillie102Richwood5-B
Morrison, Zeddoch4Richwood1-A
Moses, Eluize ?180Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Moses, John180Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Moses, Leroy180Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Moses, Samuel180Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Mosley, Clarence206Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Mosley, Nancy206Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Mott, Ida Marie124Mississippi6-A
Mott, John P.124Mississippi6-A
Mott, Laverne124Mississippi6-A
Mott, Marguerite124Mississippi6-A
Mottay, May135Jersey6-B
Mottay, william135Jersey6-B
Mouirning, Sirra A.141English Township7-B
Mouirning, Virgil189Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Mourning, Charles W.68Otter Creek3-B
Mourning, Corra L.54English Township3-A
Mourning, Edward E.54English Township3-A
Mourning, Falena13English Township1-A
Mourning, Hattie32English Township2-A
Mourning, Hattie I.68Otter Creek3-B
Mourning, Hazel32English Township2-A
Mourning, Howard32English Township2-A
Mourning, Hubert E.68Otter Creek3-B
Mourning, Imogene32English Township2-A
Mourning, James L.141English Township7-B
Mourning, Jaunita A.68Otter Creek3-B
Mourning, Lavina189Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Mourning, Leonard13English Township1-A
Mourning, Lester D.40Jersey2-B
Mourning, Lois32English Township2-A
Mourning, Loulla J.12English Township1-A
Mourning, Lura40Jersey2-B
Mourning, Mary V.40Jersey2-B
Mourning, Melvin32English Township2-A
Mourning, Nellie40Jersey2-B
Mourning, Nettie32English Township2-A
Mourning, Routh (Ruth ?)32English Township2-A
Mourning, Russell189Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Mourning, Steve D.12English Township1-A
Mourning, Thomas D.32English Township2-A
Mourning, Vera M.68Otter Creek3-B
Mourning, Virginia32English Township2-A
Mourning, William C.141English Township7-B
Mowen, Cyrus T.194Jersey9-B
Mowen, Ethel194Jersey9-B
Mowen, Eva M.27English Township2-A
Mowen, Fred P.25English Township2-A
Mowen, Lellia27English Township2-A
Mowen, Marry A.27English Township2-A
Mowen, Nellie27English Township2-A
Mowen, Ramona194Jersey9-B
Mowen, Soafy I.25English Township2-A
Mowen, Walter G.27English Township2-A
Mowen, Walter P.27English Township2-A
Moxey, Lester G.141Fidelity7-A
Moxey, Marie141Fidelity7-A
Muffley, Alice176Fidelity8-B
Muffley, Grace M.176Fidelity8-B
Muffley, Leonard176Fidelity8-B
Muffley, Thelma G.176Fidelity8-B
Muffley, William E.176Fidelity8-B
Muffley, William H.176Fidelity8-B
Mulkey, Ben O.53Rosedale3-A
Mulkey, Florence53Rosedale3-A
Mulligan, Mary A.34Jerseyville, Ward # 42-A
Mulligan, Wm. R.34Jerseyville, Ward # 42-A
Munday, Martha A.110Jersey5-B
Munday, Ronena110Jersey5-B
Mundle, Charlotte127Piasa6-A
Mundle, Dixon127Piasa6-A
Mundle, Earl127Piasa6-A
Mundle, Edith127Piasa6-A
Mundle, Ethel127Piasa6-A
Mundle, Kenneth127Piasa6-A
Mundle, Lenora127Piasa6-A
Mundle, Thomas127Piasa6-A
Mundy Brook ?, Gerome44Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
Mundy Brook ?, Mirtle44Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
Mundy Brook ?, Neal44Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
Mundy Brook ?, Oral44Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
Mundy Brook ?, Zeno44Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
Mundy, Charles W.110Jersey5-B
Mundy, George A.129Rosedale6-B
Mundy, George F.129Rosedale6-B
Mundy, George P.128Rosedale6-B
Mundy, Grover F.129Rosedale6-B
Mundy, Harvey110Jersey5-B
Mundy, Harvey L.110Jersey5-B
Mundy, Neva E.129Rosedale6-B
Mundy, Sarah E.128Rosedale6-B
Munsterman, Regina C.44English Township3-A
Munsterman, Tony44English Township3-A
Munwise or Murwise, Fred108Piasa5-A
Murphy, Alma E.160Mississippi7-A
Murphy, Andrew83Mississippi4-B
Murphy, Anna M.83Mississippi4-B
Murphy, Catherine184Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Murphy, Dorothy L.83Mississippi4-B
Murphy, Emma83Mississippi4-B
Murphy, Florence184Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Murphy, Florence184Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Murphy, Francis184Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Murphy, James F.184Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Murphy, Jarlath184Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Murphy, Joseph184Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Murphy, Katie W.169Richwood8-B
Murphy, Maria12Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Murphy, Marie184Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Murphy, Mary F.6Otter Creek1-A
Murphy, Michael152Jersey7-B
Murphy, Myrtle J.200Mississippi8-B
Murphy, Nellie152Jersey7-B
Murphy, Nora152Jersey7-B
Murphy, Pearl M.160Mississippi7-A
Murphy, Raymond169Richwood8-B
Murphy, Russell A.160Mississippi7-A
Murphy, Sarah169Richwood8-B
Murphy, Truman169Richwood8-B
Murphy, Verna V.160Mississippi7-A
Murphy, William A.169Richwood8-B
Murphy, William A.160Mississippi7-A
Murphy, William H.6Otter Creek1-A
Murray, Otis181Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Murry, Alfrerd192Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Murry, Francis204Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Murry, Harrold87Jerseyville, Ward #24-A
Murry, Hazel204Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Murry, Henry87Jerseyville, Ward #24-A
Murry, Irene204Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Murry, John204Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Murry, John204Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Murry, Katherine204Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Murry, Mary87Jerseyville, Ward #24-A
Murry, Melvin204Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Murry, Sarah87Jerseyville, Ward #24-A
Murry, Sarah192Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Murry, Tish87Jerseyville, Ward #24-A
Myers, Edward M.105Mississippi5-A
Myers, Francis A.105Mississippi5-A
Myers, Marshall105Mississippi5-A
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