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1920 Jersey County Census Index – H

If you find the surname you are looking for, you can return to the 1920 Page to find the family in the township listing. This will allow you to view all the individuals residing in the dwelling and their neighbors. This transcription of the index to the Jersey County Federal Census of 1920 was contributed by Delores Molloy. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors.
Haag, Hannah175Richwood9-A
Haag, Jacob175Richwood9-A
Haag, Theresa175Richwood9-A
Haas, John5Richwood1-A
Habing, Alfred64Fidelity3-B
Habing, Frank64Fidelity3-B
Habing, Fred64Fidelity3-B
Habing, Josephine64Fidelity3-B
Habing, Lena64Fidelity3-B
Habing, Richard64Fidelity3-B
Hagan, A. F.68Piasa3-B
Hagan, David68Piasa3-B
Hagan, Eva68Piasa3-B
Hagen, Adam E.118Otter Creek5-B
Hagen, Albert A.118Otter Creek5-B
Hagen, Anna118Otter Creek5-B
Hagen, Anna M.36Otter Creek2-A
Hagen, Anna S.121Otter Creek5-B
Hagen, Charles118Otter Creek5-B
Hagen, Clara118Otter Creek5-B
Hagen, Earnest166Richwood8-B
Hagen, Edward36Otter Creek2-A
Hagen, Edwin118Otter Creek5-B
Hagen, Elisabeth166Richwood8-B
Hagen, Frank H.121Otter Creek5-B
Hagen, Fred S.118Otter Creek5-B
Hagen, George36Otter Creek2-A
Hagen, George36Otter Creek2-A
Hagen, Harry118Otter Creek5-B
Hagen, Helen M.118Otter Creek5-B
Hagen, Henry166Richwood8-B
Hagen, John95English Township5-A
Hagen, John147Richwood7-B
Hagen, John G.147Richwood7-B
Hagen, John K.155Mississippi7-A
Hagen, John W.155Mississippi7-A
Hagen, Joseph C.121Otter Creek6-A
Hagen, Katie51Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Hagen, Katie M.121Otter Creek5-B
Hagen, Kunngunda36Otter Creek2-A
Hagen, Lillie M.121Otter Creek5-B
Hagen, Louis147Richwood7-B
Hagen, Louise147Richwood7-B
Hagen, Margret147Richwood7-B
Hagen, Mary?147Richwood7-B
Hagen, Michael121Otter Creek5-B
Hagen, Minnie166Richwood8-B
Hagen, Opal L.155Mississippi7-A
Hagen, Rosetta M.121Otter Creek6-A
Hagen, Stella118Otter Creek5-B
Hagen, Thomas E.121Otter Creek5-B
Hagen, Wesley118Otter Creek5-B
Hagen, William147Richwood7-B
Haggeman, Howard H.140Otter Creek6-B
Haig, Elizabeth164Piasa7-B
Haig, William164Piasa7-B
Hall, Bertha57Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
Hall, Charles H.75Elsah6-A
Hall, Elsie137Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Hall, George F.241Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Hall, George J.241Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Hall, Gertrude A.241Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Hall, Henrietta252Jerseyville, Ward # 311-A
Hall, Leo137Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Hall, Leroy252Jerseyville, Ward # 311-A
Hall, Marie R.252Jerseyville, Ward # 311-A
Hall, Samuel S.252Jerseyville, Ward # 311-A
Hall, Sarah210Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Hall, Will56Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
Halliday, Eliza127Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Halliday, Minnie127Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Halliday, Nellie127Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Halloway, Hazel147Jersey7-A
Halls or Hills ?, C. H.37Quarry2-A
Hamel, Jessie209Jerseyville, Ward 18-A
Hamel, Lloyd209Jerseyville, Ward 18-A
Hamilton, Alma C.16Jerseyville, Ward 11-A
Hamilton, Eugene16Jerseyville, Ward 11-B
Hamilton, Marietta4Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Hamilton, Mary4Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Hamilton, Melvin4Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Hamilton, Myrtle4Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Hamilton, Paul M.16Jerseyville, Ward 11-A
Hamilton, Pauline16Jerseyville, Ward 11-B
Hammel, Lora205Jerseyville, Ward 18-A
Hammel, Nina205Jerseyville, Ward 18-A
Hammil, Verbina128Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Hammons, Grant139Rosedale7-A
Hamon, Charlie C.137English Township7-A
Hamon, Clara B.137English Township7-A
Hamon, Hellen C.137English Township7-A
Hamon, Jacob B.137English Township7-A
Hamon, Marjorie137English Township7-A
Hamon, William C.137English Township7-A
Han??by, Sarah A.38Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Hanakin, Jane M.22Fidelity1-B
Hanakin, Paula C22Fidelity1-B
Hancock, Allen R.242Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Hancock, Clifford50Jersey3-A
Hancock, Edna C.242Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Hancock, George242Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Hancock, Hattie50Jersey3-A
Hancock, Henry50Jersey3-A
Hancock, Illah P.242Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Hancock, Norman50Jersey3-A
Hancock, Paul50Jersey3-A
Hancock, Roxie B.242Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Hancock, Vesta R.242Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Hancock, Virginia50Jersey3-A
Hand, Harold251Jerseyville, Ward # 311-A
Hand, Tabitaha28English Township2-A
Hand, William A.28English Township2-A
Handler, Anna6Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Handler, Charles122Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
Handler, Eleanor122Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
Handler, Emily117Jerseyville, Ward # 35-A
Handler, Frank L.145Mississippi6-B
Handler, Oscar F.117Jerseyville, Ward # 35-A
Handler, Sophia M.145Mississippi6-B
Handler, William6Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Handling, Eleanore32Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
Handling, Elnora94Piasa4-B
Handling, Evelyn32Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
Handling, George274Jerseyville, Ward 110-B
Handling, George B.274Jerseyville, Ward 110-B
Handling, Joe Anna274Jerseyville, Ward 110-B
Handling, Jos.94Piasa4-B
Handling, Lawrence I.274Jerseyville, Ward 110-B
Handling, Lucile32Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
Handling, Margaret94Piasa4-B
Handling, Marie94Piasa4-B
Handling, Orange A.274Jerseyville, Ward 110-B
Handling, Pearl94Piasa4-B
Handling, Ruby V.274Jerseyville, Ward 110-B
Handling, Thelma I.274Jerseyville, Ward 110-B
Handling, Willie32Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
Hanes, Adam T.142Jersey7-A
Hanes, Frances A.142Jersey7-A
Hanes, Frances L.142Jersey7-A
Hanes, Lucinda142Jersey7-A
Hankey, Norah10Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Hankins, Albert F.73Ruyle3-B
Hankins, Nancy N.73Ruyle3-B
Hanley, Chester I.72Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Hanley, Florence163Jerseyville, Ward # 47-A
Hanley, Genevieve72Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Hanley, Helen163Jerseyville, Ward # 47-A
Hanley, Loretta I.72Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Hanley, Lottie163Jerseyville, Ward # 47-A
Hanley, Margaret72Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Hanley, Margaret184Mississippi8-A
Hanley, Teresa72Jerseyville, Ward 13-A
Hanley, Thomas163Jerseyville, Ward # 47-A
Hanley, Will I.72Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Hanlin, Everett R.111Jerseyville, Ward # 35-A
Hanlin, Ileen V.111Jerseyville, Ward # 35-A
Hanlin, Viola M.111Jerseyville, Ward # 35-A
Hanold, Agusta126Piasa6-A
Hanold, Carrie126Piasa6-A
Hanold, Elmer126Piasa6-A
Hanold, Emma126Piasa6-A
Hanold, Lester126Piasa6-A
Hanold, Os126Piasa6-A
Hanold, Oscar126Piasa6-A
Hanold, Pearl126Piasa6-A
Hanold, Ruth126Piasa6-A
Hansel, Dorthey34Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
Hansen, Elizabeth49Elsah5-A
Hansen, Elizabeth L.49Elsah5-A
Hansen, Frank49Elsah4-B
Hansen, Katherine M.49Elsah5-A
Harden, Allie136Richwood7-A
Harden, Charles136Richwood7-A
Harden, Eddie136Richwood7-A
Harden, Glen136Richwood7-A
Harden, Ruth136Richwood7-A
Harding, Alva E.84Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Harding, william B.84Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Hardy, Catherine160Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Hardy, Frank149Richwood7-B
Hardy, Mildred160Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Harlan, Amanda171Mississippi7-B
Harlan, Charles171Mississippi7-B
Harlon, Albert55Mississippi3-B
Harlon, Bertha55Mississippi3-B
Harlon, Crotta ?55Mississippi3-B
Harlon, Harold55Mississippi3-B
Harmon, Cora91Jerseyville, Ward 14-A
Harmon, George91Jerseyville, Ward 14-A
Harmon, Henry C.60English Township3-B
Harmon, Maria A.102Mississippi5-A
Harmon, Marry60English Township3-B
Harmon, Nellie M.69Otter Creek3-B
Harms, Annie108Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Harms, Chris108Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Harnisch, Chas.133Piasa6-A
Harnisch, Ernest133Piasa6-A
Harnisch, Lula133Piasa6-A
Harrigan, Daniel91Piasa4-B
Harrigan, Margaret91Piasa4-B
Harrigan, Mary91Piasa4-B
Harrigan, Simon91Piasa4-B
Harris, Amy A.23Elsah Village1-B
Harris, Earl76Piasa4-A
Harris, Fred A.30Elsah3-B
Harris, Freda M.30Elsah4-A
Harris, Hazel243Jerseyville, Ward 19-B
Harris, James37Mississippi2-B
Harris, John142Richwood7-A
Harris, John76Piasa4-A
Harris, Katherine30Elsah3-B
Harris, Leroy67Richwood4-A
Harris, Lloyd243Jerseyville, Ward 19-B
Harris, Mary B.243Jerseyville, Ward 19-B
Harris, Rachel142Richwood7-A
Harris, Ralph243Jerseyville, Ward 19-B
Harris, William243Jerseyville, Ward 19-B
Harris, William H.23Elsah Village1-B
Harrison, George56Fidelity3-A
Harrison, Kate56Fidelity3-A
Harrison, Margarett56Fidelity3-A
Hart, Ada B.151Otter Creek7-A
Hart, Ernest B.151Otter Creek7-A
Hart, Lulu M.151Otter Creek7-A
Harting, Christina14Richwood1-B
Harting, Truman14Richwood1-B
Harting, William14Richwood1-B
Hartley, Jane51Elsah Village2-B
Hartwick, James136Piasa6-B
Hartwick, Letha136Piasa6-B
Hartwick, Mary136Piasa6-B
Hartwick, W. S.136Piasa6-A
Hassett, Frances M.143Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Hassett, John143Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Hauch, Joseph M.65Elsah5-B
Haun, Clarence12Richwood1-A
Haun, Eda12Richwood1-A
Haun, Edward12Richwood1-A
Haun, Emma12Richwood1-A
Haun, Helen12Richwood1-A
Haun, Lawrence12Richwood1-A
Haun, Siegel12Richwood1-A
Haun, William12Richwood1-A
Haushalter, Carl177Richwood9-A
Haushalter, Earnest177Richwood9-A
Haushalter, Edward177Richwood9-A
Haushalter, Fred179Richwood9-A
Haushalter, George177Richwood9-A
Haushalter, Gertrude179Richwood9-A
Haushalter, Josephine177Richwood9-A
Haushalter, Lena177Richwood9-A
Haushalter, Louis179Richwood9-A
Haushalter, Marion179Richwood9-A
Haushalter, Raymond179Richwood9-A
Haushalter, Stella179Richwood9-A
Hauzi or Hanzi, George63Piasa3-B
Hauzi or Hanzi, Mary E.63Piasa3-B
Hawkins, Alzela97Piasa4-B
Hawkins, Bert98Piasa4-B
Hawkins, Beulah162Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Hawkins, Cleo97Piasa4-B
Hawkins, Darnetta97Piasa4-B
Hawkins, Drothy?97Piasa4-B
Hawkins, Edward97Piasa4-B
Hawkins, Ellis or Ellia98Piasa4-B
Hawkins, Ethel162Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Hawkins, Ethel G.103Elsah7-B
Hawkins, Gertrude97Piasa4-B
Hawkins, Helen97Piasa4-B
Hawkins, Howard162Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Hawkins, James162Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Hawkins, John97Piasa4-B
Hawkins, Loretta162Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Hawkins, Lucile97Piasa4-B
Hawkins, Magaline97Piasa4-B
Hawkins, Sarah162Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Hawkins, Vesta162Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Hawkins, Viola162Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Hawkins. Emma162Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Hayes, Christina47Piasa2-B
Hayes, Della L.174Mississippi7-B
Hayes, Florence L.190Mississippi8-A
Hayes, Geo.47Piasa2-B
Hayes, Gladys47Piasa2-B
Hayes, Homer W.190Mississippi8-A
Hayes, Irene215Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Hayes, James C.174Mississippi7-B
Hayes, James W.174Mississippi7-B
Hayes, John W.10Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Hayes, Joseph W.174Mississippi7-B
Hayes, Louis ? H.174Mississippi7-B
Hayes, Myrtle D.190Mississippi8-A
Hayes, Pearl E.190Mississippi8-A
Hayes, William H.190Mississippi8-B
Haynes, Albert D.139Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Haynes, Charles M.139Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Haynes, Margaret P.139Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Haynes, Mary E.139Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Haynes, Mary E.139Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Haynes, Moses139Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Haynes, Robert W.139Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Haynic ?, unreadable44Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Haynic ?, Bertha44Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Haynic ?, Lulu44Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Haynic ?, Nellie44Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Head, Alice E.104Mississippi5-A
Head, Bernice E.95Mississippi4-B
Head, Charles H.104Mississippi5-A
Head, Enos S.97Mississippi5-A
Head, George95Mississippi4-B
Head, Louis G.104Mississippi5-A
Head, Myrtle97Mississippi5-A
Head, Thomas G.97Mississippi5-A
Heafner, Caroline B.47Elsah4-B
Heafner, Elmer E.47Elsah4-B
Heafner, John M.47Elsah4-B
Heafner, William H.47Elsah4-B
Healey, Minnie79Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Healey, Ruth79Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Healy, Colonel168Richwood8-B
Healy, Harry168Richwood8-B
Healy, Hazel168Richwood8-B
Healy, John168Richwood8-B
Healy, Stephen168Richwood8-B
Healy, Wesley168Richwood8-B
Heath, Albert112Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Heath, Clifford112Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Heath, Effihel ?112Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Heath, Elizabeth225Jerseyville, Ward 18-B
Heath, Florence112Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Heath, Mildred F.112Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Heath, Pearl112Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Heath, William225Jerseyville, Ward 18-B
Hedding, Edith284Jerseyville, Ward 110-B
Heffron, Patrick214Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Heffron, Susie214Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Heiderscheid, Alice132Richwood6-B
Heiderscheid, Carrie79Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Heiderscheid, Chester132Richwood6-B
Heiderscheid, Clayton132Richwood6-B
Heiderscheid, Dollie69Richwood4-A
Heiderscheid, Evelyn69Richwood4-A
Heiderscheid, Grace132Richwood6-B
Heiderscheid, Hazel69Richwood4-A
Heiderscheid, Henry C.132Richwood6-B
Heiderscheid, John69Richwood4-A
Heiderscheid, John132Richwood6-B
Heiderscheid, Laura D.79Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Heiderscheid, Leona69Richwood4-A
Heiderscheid, Mary79Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Heiderscheid, Morris69Richwood4-A
Heiderscheid, Victor69Richwood4-A
Heitzig, Bertha60Richwood3-A
Heitzig, Cletus J.153English Township7-B
Heitzig, Edward60Richwood3-A
Heitzig, Elisabeth60Richwood3-A
Heitzig, Elizabeth20Richwood1-B
Heitzig, Fred20Richwood1-B
Heitzig, Fred60Richwood3-A
Heitzig, Fred C.20Richwood1-B
Heitzig, Gerald W.152English Township7-B
Heitzig, Herbert J.152English Township7-B
Heitzig, Joe A.153English Township7-B
Heitzig, Josephine60Richwood3-A
Heitzig, Lena F.152English Township7-B
Heitzig, Mary K.153English Township7-B
Heitzig, Nellie60Richwood3-A
Heitzig, William H.152English Township7-B
Heitzman, Blanche97Elsah7-A
Heitzman, Edna97Elsah7-A
Heitzman, Esther K.27Elsah3-B
Heitzman, Fannie97Elsah7-A
Heitzman, Fred97Elsah7-A
Heitzman, Hattie97Elsah7-A
Heitzman, Henry97Elsah7-A
Heitzman, John E.27Elsah3-B
Heitzman, John F.34Elsah Village2-A
Heitzman, John L.27Elsah3-B
Heitzman, Joseph97Elsah7-A
Heitzman, Josephine34Elsah Village2-A
Heitzman, Louisa F.27Elsah3-B
Heitzman, Mabel Rhea27Elsah3-B
Heitzman, Rosie97Elsah7-A
Hekes, Beulah129Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Hekes, Denzil129Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Hekes, Herman129Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Hekes, Philis Irene129Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Heller, cannot read–female116Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Heller, Frank179Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Heller, Fred W.126Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Heller, Helle,179Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Heller, Ida179Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Heller, Kittie M.126Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Heller, Virginia179Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Heller, Wilhemina279Jerseyville, Ward 110-B
Hembrow, Anna125Fidelity6-A
Hembrow, Charles125Fidelity6-A
Hembrow, Edward125Fidelity6-A
Hembrow, Etta125Fidelity6-A
Hembrow, Hannah125Fidelity6-A
Hembrow, Sarah125Fidelity6-A
Hembrow, William125Fidelity6-A
Hemphill, Amanda A.132Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Hemphill, Daisy M.132Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Hemphill, ida M.132Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Hemphill, Louisa B.132Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Hemphill, Robert M.132Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Hemphill, Virden M.132Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Henderson, Arthur L.22Jerseyville, Ward # 31-B
Henderson, Arthur W.22Jerseyville, Ward # 31-B
Henderson, Chilton W.22Jerseyville, Ward # 31-B
Henderson, Irene182Fidelity9-A
Henderson, James W.22Jerseyville, Ward # 31-B
Henderson, Mary J.131Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Henderson, Michel182Fidelity9-A
Henderson, Roy182Fidelity9-A
Henderson, Willis131Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Heneghan, Dorthey113Jersey6-A
Heneghan, Elizabeth W.113Jersey6-A
Heneghan, Gus F.10Jersey1-A
Heneghan, Matt113Jersey6-A
Heneghan, Norma10Jersey1-A
Heneghan, Paul113Jersey6-A
Heneghan, Richard113Jersey6-A
Heneghan, Sherold10Jersey1-A
Hennegan, Ella202Jerseyville, Ward 18-A
Hennegan, Mary202Jerseyville, Ward 18-A
Hennegan, Philip202Jerseyville, Ward 18-A
Henning, Margaret114Richwood6-A
Henrion, Annie231Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
Henrion, Harry231Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
Henrion, Hattie M.72English Township4-A
Henrion, Nick P.72English Township4-A
Henrion, Peter231Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
Henry, Adelle277Jerseyville, Ward 110-B
Henry, Delt277Jerseyville, Ward 110-B
Henry, Elizabeth277Jerseyville, Ward 110-B
Henry, Hattie123Rosedale6-A
Hensler, Dorthy E.174Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Hensler, Freddie E.174Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Hensler, George174Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Hensler, Georgie174Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Hensler, Gertie174Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Hensler, Hannah174Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Hensler, Marie174Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Hensler, Mildred174Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Hensler, Rosanna174Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Henson, Anna47Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Henson, Edward47Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Henson, Ethel61Jersey3-B
Henson, George L.112Mississippi5-B
Henson, Georgia181Otter Creek8-A
Henson, Harry E.112Mississippi5-B
Henson, Harry W.112Mississippi5-B
Henson, Hattie L.112Mississippi5-B
Henson, Julia C.50Otter Creek2-B
Henson, Kate C.47Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Henson, Leone M.112Mississippi5-B
Henson, Lewis T.50Otter Creek2-B
Henson, Nola181Otter Creek8-A
Henson, Oscar181Otter Creek8-A
Henson, Rose61Jersey3-B
Henson, Russl (Russell ?)61Jersey3-B
Henson, Samuel61Jersey3-B
Henson, Virginia A.181Otter Creek8-B
Herdeman, Edw.153Piasa7-A
Herdeman, Geo. L.153Piasa7-A
Herdeman, Minnie153Piasa7-A
Herdeman, Otto F.153Piasa7-A
Herety, William J.133English Township6-B
Hermis, Anna32Piasa2-A
Hermis, Anthony7Piasa, Brighton1-A
Hermis, Edna7Piasa, Brighton1-A
Hermis, Frank7Piasa, Brighton1-A
Hermis, Frank Jr.7Piasa, Brighton1-A
Hermis, Fred7Piasa, Brighton1-A
Hermis, Helen7Piasa, Brighton1-A
Hermis, Martin32Piasa2-A
Hermis, Olin7Piasa, Brighton1-A
Hermis, Oscar32Piasa2-A
Hermis, Pearl32Piasa2-A
Hermis, Ruth32Piasa2-A
Hermis, Sophia7Piasa, Brighton1-A
Hermis, Theo7Piasa, Brighton1-A
Herold, Fred80Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Herold, Frederick C.80Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Herold, Hugo80Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Herold, Lucile E.80Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Herold, Margaret M.80Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Herold, Minnie80Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Herring, Arthur J.237Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
Herring, Effie M.237Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
Herring, John L.237Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
Herring, Marguarette114Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Herring, May N.237Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
Herring, Paul R.237Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
Hetzel, Andrew77English Township4-A
Hetzel, August78English Township4-B
Hetzel, Earl77English Township4-A
Hetzel, Emilly L.78English Township4-B
Hetzel, Ernest A.77English Township4-B
Hetzel, George F.77English Township4-A
Hetzel, Hazel E.77English Township4-B
Hetzel, Irene77English Township4-A
Hetzel, John77English Township4-A
Hetzel, Joseph77English Township4-A
Hetzel, Josephine77English Township4-A
Hetzel, Katie ? M.77English Township4-A
Hetzel, Levi77English Township4-A
Hetzel, Lloyd77English Township4-A
Hetzel, Nettie H.78English Township4-B
Heusler, Edward167Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Hewitt, Cornealus163Otter Creek7-B
Hewitt, Cornelius131English Township6-B
Hewitt, Fred J.63Otter Creek3-B
Hewitt, Hannah M.170Fidelity8-B
Hewitt, John J.63Otter Creek3-B
Hewitt, Maggie M.63Otter Creek3-B
Hewitt, Mary63Otter Creek3-B
Hewitt, William A.63Otter Creek3-B
Hewitt, William R.170Fidelity8-B
Hickman, Charles149Richwood7-B
Hickman, Gifford149Richwood7-B
Hickman, James137English Township7-A
Hickman, James149Richwood7-B
Hickman, Mimis ?149Richwood7-B
Hickman, Pearl E.137English Township7-A
Hicks, Mrs. Anna55Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Hicks, Roy55Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Highfill, Edward J.180Otter Creek8-A
Highfill, Lloyd (H ?)180Otter Creek8-A
Highfill, Mary H.180Otter Creek8-A
Highfill, Mary L.180Otter Creek8-A
Highfill, Raymond R.180Otter Creek8-A
Highfill, Verna H.180Otter Creek8-A
Hildred, Calista112Fidelity5-B
Hildred, Clarence D.51Otter Creek3-A
Hildred, Etta N?112Fidelity5-B
Hildred, F. Cora112Fidelity5-B
Hildred, Jennie M.51Otter Creek3-A
Hildred, Jennie S.1Jersey1-A
Hildred, Jerome M.112Fidelity5-B
Hildred, John E.51Otter Creek3-A
Hildred, Joseph H.1Jersey1-A
Hildred, Savina51Otter Creek3-A
Hildred, William51Otter Creek3-A
Hildred, William H.112Fidelity5-B
Hildred, William O.1Jersey1-A
Hill, Addie T.68Jerseyville, Ward # 43-B
Hill, Delia E.31Fidelity1-B
Hill, Emma A.125Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Hill, Eugene91Jerseyville, Ward #24-B
Hill, Harry125Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Hill, John150Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Hill, Josephine91Jerseyville, Ward #24-B
Hill, Mary A.150Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Hill, Mary A.32Jerseyville, Ward # 42-A
Hill, Nellie B.68Jerseyville, Ward # 43-B
Hill, S. L.32Jerseyville, Ward # 42-A
Hill, Sarah L.150Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Hills, Rosetta60Otter Creek3-A
Hills, Stephen M.60Otter Creek3-A
Hinkel, Fannie78Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Hitchell, Donnabelle155Jersey7-B
Hitchell, Frances155Jersey7-B
Hitchell, Harold155Jersey7-B
Hitchell, Hazel155Jersey7-B
Hitchell, John155Jersey7-B
Hitchell, Kenneth155Jersey7-B
Hitchell, Lucile155Jersey7-B
Hitchell, Willard155Jersey7-B
Hobkirk, Dorothy A.3Ruyle1-A
Hobson, Edward E.17Jerseyville, Ward 11-B
Hodges, Hazel75Jerseyville, Ward # 33-B
Hodges, John75Jerseyville, Ward # 33-B
Hodges, John P.75Jerseyville, Ward # 33-B
Hodges, May75Jerseyville, Ward # 33-B
Hoffman, Clara I.45Elsah4-B
Hoffman, Edward C.45Elsah4-B
Hoffman, Elmer G.45Elsah4-B
Hoffman, Frank45Elsah4-B
Hoffman, Herbert H.45Elsah4-B
Hoffman, John A.4545Elsah4-B
Hoffman, Lawrence45Elsah4-B
Hoffman, Lawrence J.45Elsah4-B
Hoffman, Leo J.45Elsah4-B
Hoffman, Verna A.45Elsah4-B
Hoffman, Viola M.45Elsah4-B
Hogland, Betty Ann7Jerseyville, Ward 11-A
Hogland, Ollie7Jerseyville, Ward 11-A
Hogland, W—–?7Jerseyville, Ward 11-A
Holder, Charles241Jerseyville, Ward #210-A
Holder, Charles Elmer241Jerseyville, Ward #210-A
Holder, Leona241Jerseyville, Ward #210-A
Holder, Virgil Leo241Jerseyville, Ward #210-A
Holland, Josephine D.59Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Holland, Lynn H.59Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Holland, N.E.59Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Holmes, Anna74Piasa3-B
Holmes, Anna64Jersey3-B
Holmes, Bernice64Jersey3-B
Holmes, Daniel186Jersey9-A
Holmes, Elsie186Jersey9-A
Holmes, Ericwith ?64Jersey3-B
Holmes, Glen64Jersey3-B
Holmes, James W.186Jersey9-A
Holmes, Oliver B.50Jerseyville, Ward # 33-A
Holmes, Orpha186Jersey9-A
Holmes, Paul50Jerseyville, Ward # 33-A
Holmes, Pearl50Jerseyville, Ward # 33-A
Holmes, Vale64Jersey3-B
Holteen, Albert W.9Rosedale1-A
Holten, Emily121English Township6-A
Holten, Henry121English Township6-A
Homer, Clifton66Quarry4-A
Homer, Herbert15Richwood1-B
Homer, James66Quarry4-A
Homer, Laura66Quarry4-A
Homer, Leona66Quarry4-A
Homer, Marie66Quarry4-A
Homer, Preston66Quarry4-A
Homer, Wesley66Quarry4-A
Hooper, Ada M.88Otter Creek4-B
Hooper, Adah13Quarry1-A
Hooper, Amy13Quarry1-A
Hooper, Bessie I.226Mississippi9-B
Hooper, Dena M/219Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Hooper, Dora13Quarry1-B
Hooper, Dorothy L.226Mississippi9-B
Hooper, Emma23Quarry2-B
Hooper, Eta23Quarry2-B
Hooper, Frank13Quarry1-A
Hooper, Frank13Quarry1-A
Hooper, Fred23Quarry2-B
Hooper, Fredia13Quarry1-B
Hooper, George13Quarry1-B
Hooper, Hattie226Mississippi9-B
Hooper, Henry80Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Hooper, Henry H.226Mississippi9-B
Hooper, Jesse W.88Otter Creek4-B
Hooper, John219Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Hooper, Leith A.62Jerseyville, Ward 13-A
Hooper, Leo23Quarry2-B
Hooper, Leta23Quarry2-B
Hooper, Lewis172Otter Creek8-A
Hooper, Sarah172Otter Creek8-A
Hoots, cannot read (male)246Jerseyville, Ward 19-B
Hoots, Harriet246Jerseyville, Ward 19-B
Hoover, William70Otter Creek3-B
Hopkins, Edna M.93Richwood5-A
Hopkins, Jene93Richwood5-A
Hopper, Fred73Jersey4-A
Hopper, Jessie E.140Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Hopper, Rupert73Jersey4-A
Hopper, Stella73Jersey4-A
Hopper, William E.140Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Horn, Bertha C.3English Township1-A
Horn, Cornelius R.3English Township1-A
Horn, George P.3English Township1-A
Horn, Harry141Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Horn, Henry141Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Horn, John58Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Horn, John141Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Horn, Julia58Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Horn, Matilda141Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Horn, Paul58Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
House, George W.261Jerseyville, Ward # 311-A
House, Harry94Jerseyville, Ward # 44-B
House, Ira110Jerseyville, Ward # 35-A
House, Leavetta94Jerseyville, Ward # 44-B
House, Nettie240Jerseyville, Ward 19-A
House, Nona94Jerseyville, Ward # 44-B
House, Robert94Jerseyville, Ward # 44-B
House, Russel G.240Jerseyville, Ward 19-A
House, Ruth110Jerseyville, Ward # 35-A
House, Victoria94Jerseyville, Ward # 44-B
House, Virginia94Jerseyville, Ward # 44-B
House, Walter P.240Jerseyville, Ward 19-A
Houseman ?, Amie ?26English Township2-A
Houseman ?, Lewis W.26English Township2-A
Houseman, Allice M.39English Township2-B
Houseman, Charles A.29English Township2-A
Houseman, Charles A.46English Township3-A
Houseman, Dorthey C.46English Township3-A
Houseman, Ed116Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Houseman, Gean116Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Houseman, George H.29English Township2-A
Houseman, Homer C.46English Township3-A
Houseman, Hubert H.70Otter Creek3-B
Houseman, Ida M.39English Township2-B
Houseman, John H.39English Township2-B
Houseman, Josephine46English Township3-A
Houseman, Lenda M. (Linda ?)116Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Houseman, Lewis G.70Otter Creek3-B
Houseman, Louise116Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Houseman, Marry (Mary ?)39English Township2-B
Houseman, Mimmie P.70Otter Creek3-B
Houseman, Nettie C.29English Township2-A
Houseman, Verna G.46English Township3-A
Houseman, Will58Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
Houseman, William A.46English Township3-A
Houze, Charles H.250Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Houze, Cora M.250Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Houze, Edgar193Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Houze, Emma F.250Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Houze, Geraldine M.193Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Houze, Harry J.250Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Houze, Laura193Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Hovey or Honey, Mattie J.107Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Hovey or Honey, William P.107Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Howe, Agnes215Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Howe, Lauretta215Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Howell, Blanche41Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Howell, Catherine41Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Howell, Dorthy7Quarry1-A
Howell, Elmer41Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Howell, Elvin7Quarry1-A
Howell, Evelyn41Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Howell, Florence199Jerseyville, Ward 18-A
Howell, Floyd41Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Howell, Frances41Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Howell, Fred199Jerseyville, Ward 18-A
Howell, Gussie79Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Howell, Helen41Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Howell, Leroy7Quarry1-A
Howell, Louise7Quarry1-A
Howell, Opal41Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Hoyt, Dora123Rosedale6-A
Hoyt, Fred M.123Rosedale6-A
Hoyt, Fredrick M.123Rosedale6-A
Huber, Frank177Piasa8-A
Huber, Philip177Piasa8-A
Huber, Tony177Piasa8-A
Huchinson, Charles A.77Otter Creek4-A
Huchinson, Claud C.77Otter Creek4-A
Huchinson, Dorthey E.76Otter Creek4-A
Huchinson, Elizabeth A.77Otter Creek4-A
Huchinson, Elvin C.76Otter Creek4-A
Huchinson, Emma M.76Otter Creek4-A
Huchinson, Hilda I.76Otter Creek4-A
Huchinson, Linley W.76Otter Creek4-A
Huchinson, Opal L.76Otter Creek4-A
Huchinson, Sadie V.76Otter Creek4-A
Hudson, Grace C.249Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Huebner, Benjamin57Piasa3-A
Huebner, Catherine150Piasa7-A
Huebner, Ethel55Piasa3-A
Huebner, Fred57Piasa3-A
Huebner, Gus ??57Piasa3-A
Huebner, Lawrence57Piasa3-A
Huebner, Martin55Piasa3-A
Huebner, Mayme55Piasa3-A
Huebner, Sophia57Piasa3-A
Huebner, Victor55Piasa3-A
Huebner, Victor Jr.55Piasa3-A
Huebner, William150Piasa7-A
Huesler, Florine167Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Huff, Anna21Jersey1-B
Huff, Charles21Jersey1-B
Huff, Dorthey21Jersey2-A
Huff, Floy21Jersey1-B
Huff, Jessie21Jersey1-B
Huff, John F.43Fidelity2-A
Huff, Lester14Jersey1-B
Huff, Lilian221Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Huff, Martha A.43Fidelity2-A
Huff, Mary14Jersey1-B
Huff, Mildred221Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Huff, Myrtle221Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Huff, Rose221Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Huff, Samuel221Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Huff, Tossie14Jersey1-B
Huff, William14Jersey1-B
Hughes, Adele L.109Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Hughes, Charles175Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
Hughes, Clara175Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
Hughes, Clarence F.109Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Hughes, Edward175Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
Hughes, Ella E.109Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Hughes, Joe216Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Hughes, John N.175Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
Hughes, Lenora216Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Hughes, Lester175Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
Hughes, Louise60Mississippi3-B
Hughes, Lucy175Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
Hughes, Mable M.109Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Hughes, Mary175Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
Hughes, Mary216Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Hughes, Norman175Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
Hughes, Robert175Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
Hughes, Robert E.109Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Hughes, Rose175Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
Hughes, Thomas60Mississippi3-B
Hughtlin, Susan Liliels ?126Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Hughtlin, W. E.126Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Hulku ?, Albert Y.142English Township7-B
Hulku ?, Elizabeth142English Township7-B
Hulku ?, Joseph J.142English Township7-B
Humiston, andrew J.25Otter Creek1-B
Humiston, Charles O.25Otter Creek1-B
Humiston, James J.25Otter Creek2-A
Humiston, Laura E.25Otter Creek2-A
Humiston, Mary A.25Otter Creek1-B
Humiston, Vera L.25Otter Creek2-A
Humphrey, William J.178Otter Creek8-A
Hund, Catherine10Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Hund, Charles10Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Hund, Emma115Jerseyville, Ward # 35-A
Hund, John113Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Hund, Louisa115Jerseyville, Ward # 35-A
Hund, Nellie L.10Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Hund, Pauline113Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Hungerford, Mary O.25Elsah Village1-B
Hungerford, Olga E.25Elsah Village1-B
Hungerford, Willis E.25Elsah Village1-B
Hunt, Augustus96Jerseyville, Ward #24-B
Hunt, Clarence10Elsah Village1-A
Hunt, Dora M.2Jersey1-A
Hunt, Dorthey2Jersey1-A
Hunt, Frances Jane96Jerseyville, Ward #24-B
Hunt, Fritz138English Township7-A
Hunt, Georgiania2Jersey1-A
Hunt, Harry2Jersey1-A
Hunt, Helen2Jersey1-A
Hunt, Hugh D.194Mississippi8-B
Hunt, Judson D.2Jersey1-A
Hunt, Julia10Elsah Village1-A
Hunt, Lois Virginia96Jerseyville, Ward #24-B
Hunt, Mrs. Lucy J.111Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Hunt, Ralph2Jersey1-A
Hunt, Roberta2Jersey1-A
Hunt, Tossie96Jerseyville, Ward #24-B
Hunt, William S.10Elsah Village1-A
Hunter ?, Harriet248Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Hunter ?, James248Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Hunter, Alma108Fidelity5-B
Hunter, Anna83Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Hunter, Blanch83Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Hunter, Charles F.67English Township4-A
Hunter, Charles W.67English Township3-B
Hunter, Dorthey L.67English Township4-A
Hunter, Ella E.67English Township3-B
Hunter, Herschel124Jersey6-A
Hunter, Howard M.67English Township3-B
Hunter, Ida83Jerseyville, Ward 14-A
Hunter, John B.67English Township3-B
Hunter, Lenora83Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Hunter, Leonoa108Fidelity5-B
Hunter, Lillian I.83Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Hunter, Sadie124Jersey6-A
Hunter, Will H.83Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Hunter, William K.83Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Hupp or Happ, Clarance140English Township7-B
Hurd, Cordelia E.49Fidelity3-A
Hurd, Emmett49Fidelity3-A
Hurley, Edna151Jersey7-B
Hurley, John151Jersey7-B
Hurley, Joseph151Jersey7-B
Hutchens, Carl20Jersey1-B
Hutchens, Edith20Jersey1-B
Hutchens, Edith E.239Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Hutchens, Geraldine20Jersey1-B
Hutchens, Gertrude111Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Hutchens, Irwin20Jersey1-B
Hutchens, Minnie J.239Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Hutchens, Myrtle A.239Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Hutchens, Rachael E.239Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Hutchens, Stella20Jersey1-B
Hutchens, Walter E.239Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Hutchinson, Eva156Mississippi7-A
Hutchinson, Gertrude182Otter Creek8-B
Hutchinson, Russell R.182Otter Creek8-B
Hutchinson, William156Mississippi7-A
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