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1920 Jersey County Census Index – G

If you find the surname you are looking for, you can return to the 1920 Page to find the family in the township listing. This will allow you to view all the individuals residing in the dwelling and their neighbors. This transcription of the index to the Jersey County Federal Census of 1920 was contributed by Delores Molloy. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors.
Gaber, Charles J.178Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Gaber, Minnie M.178Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Gaffney, Charles P.105Fidelity5-A
Gaffney, Grace E.153Jerseyville, Ward # 36-B
Gaffney, Margarett I.105Fidelity5-A
Gaffney, Nancy L.153Jerseyville, Ward # 36-B
Gaffney, Nellie105Fidelity5-A
Gaffney, Rosie A.153Jerseyville, Ward # 36-B
Gaige, Elizabeth161Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Gaige, Lewis161Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Gaither, Alice155Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Gaither, John155Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Gaither, Joseph155Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Gaither, Lulu155Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Galespie, Lois93Jerseyville, Ward # 44-B
Galespie, Lyman93Jerseyville, Ward # 44-B
Galespie, Manford93Jerseyville, Ward # 44-B
Galespie, Nadine93Jerseyville, Ward # 44-B
Galespie, Sarah93Jerseyville, Ward # 44-B
Gamindinger, Charles168Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Gamindinger, Edith168Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Gamindinger, Eva168Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Gamindinger, George50Jerseyville, Ward #22-B
Gamindinger, Georgiana168Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Gamindinger, Helen50Jerseyville, Ward #22-B
Gamindinger, Katherine50Jerseyville, Ward #22-B
Gamindinger, Katie50Jerseyville, Ward #22-B
Gamindinger, Paul50Jerseyville, Ward #22-B
Gammerdinger, Edith M.56Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Gammerdinger, Wm.56Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Garber, Cecil V.183Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Garber, Lottie R.183Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Garber, Mary C.183Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Garber, William C.183Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Gardner, Alice E.98Otter Creek4-B
Gardner, Floyd J.98Otter Creek4-B
Gardner, George E.98Otter Creek4-B
Gardner, George Theo.23Mississippi1-B
Gardner, Joseph M.98Otter Creek4-B
Gardner, Leo S.98Otter Creek4-B
Gardner, Lorlisa E.98Otter Creek4-B
Gardner, Mary23Mississippi1-B
Gardner, Naomi23Mississippi1-B
Gardner, Owen23Mississippi1-B
Gardner, Theo. P.98Otter Creek4-B
Garrell, Emily87Mississippi4-B
Garrell, Henry J.3Elsah3-A
Garrell, Ida87Mississippi4-B
Garrell, Laura L.3Elsah3-A
Garrels, Bertha L.38English Township2-B
Garrels, Clara L.38English Township2-B
Garrels, Edward L.38English Township2-B
Garrels, Ernest A.38English Township2-B
Garrels, Freda M.38English Township2-B
Garrels, Henry38English Township2-B
Garvin, Patrick J.47Elsah Village2-B
Gaul, Anna200Piasa9-A
Gaul, Fred200Piasa9-A
Gauntt, Catherine E.83Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Gaven, Joseph74Elsah6-A
Gayle, Mary133Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Gayle, Robert E.133Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Gearing, Lloyd M.18Quarry1-B
Gearing, Mary O.18Quarry1-B
Gebson, Vivian165Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
Geers, Anna196Jersey9-B
Geers, Bernard196Jersey9-B
Geers, Henry196Jersey9-B
Geers, Irma196Jersey9-B
Geers, Mary196Jersey9-B
Geers, William196Jersey9-B
Geisenheiner, August66Quarry4-A
Geisler, Elizbeth211Mississippi9-A
Geisler, Francis H.211Mississippi9-A
Geisler, Fred G.211Mississippi9-A
Geisler, Herbert142Piasa6-B
Geisler, Herman142Piasa6-B
Geisler, Josie142Piasa6-B
Geisler, Mary E.211Mississippi9-A
Geisler, Ralph D.211Mississippi9-A
Geisler, Raymond L.211Mississippi9-A
Geisler, Robert142Piasa6-B
Geisler, William143Piasa6-B
Georgivits, George33Elsah4-A
Georgivits, John33Elsah4-A
Georgivits, John33Elsah4-A
Georgivits, Joseph33Elsah4-A
Georgivits, Katherine33Elsah4-A
Georgivits, Mary33Elsah4-A
Georgivits, Mura33Elsah4-A
Georgivits, Peter33Elsah4-A
Georgivits, Victor33Elsah4-A
Gerdt, Mary72Piasa3-B
Gerson, Addison240Mississippi10-A
Gerson, Albert W.235Mississippi10-A
Gerson, Alice M.240Mississippi10-A
Gerson, Angelina155Richwood8-A
Gerson, Anna174Richwood9-A
Gerson, Anni ? D.110Richwood5-B
Gerson, August155Richwood8-A
Gerson, Clara240Mississippi10-A
Gerson, Dorothy A.235Mississippi10-A
Gerson, Edna E.86Elsah6-B
Gerson, Edward174Richwood9-A
Gerson, Emil J.86Elsah6-B
Gerson, Emilia3Jerseyville, Ward #210-B
Gerson, Frank155Richwood8-A
Gerson, Frank K.240Mississippi10-A
Gerson, Fred110Richwood5-B
Gerson, Frederick174Richwood9-A
Gerson, Hattie A.235Mississippi10-A
Gerson, Helen A.154Richwood8-A
Gerson, Herman154Richwood8-A
Gerson, Jetta112Richwood5-B
Gerson, John3Jerseyville, Ward #210-B
Gerson, John112Richwood5-B
Gerson, Lillian E.86Elsah6-B
Gerson, Lora V.86Elsah6-B
Gerson, Louis F.86Elsah6-B
Gerson, Mary154Richwood8-A
Gerson, Raymond110Richwood5-B
Gerson, Truman112Richwood5-B
Gerson, Ulrica240Mississippi10-A
Gerson, William155Richwood8-A
Gettings, Ella N.97Otter Creek4-B
Gettings, Isaac N.97Otter Creek4-B
Gettings, James A.43Rosedale2-B
Gettings, James N.97Otter Creek4-B
Gettings, William A.97Otter Creek4-B
Gibbons, Celia200Piasa8-A
Gibbons, Emma18Elsah3-B
Gibbons, George W.18Elsah3-B
Gibbons, J.Herbert103Jersey5-B
Gibbons, James103Jersey5-B
Gibbons, Joe200Piasa8-B
Gibbons, John198Piasa8-B
Gibbons, John F.6Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Gibbons, Katherine103Jersey5-B
Gibbons, Loretta6Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Gibbons, Marcus6Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Gibbons, Margaret6Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Gibbons, Margaret198Piasa8-B
Gibbons, Marion6Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Gibbons, Martin6Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Gibbons, Mary198Piasa8-B
Gibbons, Mary200Piasa8-B
Gibbons, Mary M.103Jersey5-B
Gibbons, Veronica6Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Gibbons, William200Piasa9-A
Giberson, Eph. C.169Mississippi7-B
Giberson, Joel B.163Mississippi7-A
Giberson, Lola I.169Mississippi7-B
Gibson, Frances35Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
Gibson, Frances W.35Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
Gibson, Fred165Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
Gibson, Joseph M.31Jersey2-A
Gibson, Ruth E.35Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
Gibson, Saral E.31Jersey2-A
Gibson, Wesley35Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
Gier, Edith E.96Mississippi5-A
Gier, George87Richwood4-B
Gier, George S.87Richwood4-B
Gier, Lizzie96Mississippi5-A
Gier, Mildred96Mississippi5-A
Gier, Orville F.87Richwood4-B
Gier, Viola87Richwood4-B
Gier, Wanda87Richwood4-B
Gier, William B.96Mississippi5-A
Giers, Catherine89Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Giers, Fred132Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Giers, Harold L.89Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Giers, L. J.89Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Giers, Lena M.132Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Giers, Louis W.89Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Giers, Theodore F.89Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Gilham, Ida172Mississippi7-B
Gill, David156Piasa7-A
Gill, Elsah164Mississippi7-A
Gill, John H.164Mississippi7-A
Gill, Mason164Mississippi7-A
Gill, Millie43Elsah4-B
Gill, Sarah A.43Elsah4-B
Gill, Sarah E.36Elsah Village2-A
Gill, William E.36Elsah Village2-A
Gilleland, Alfie A.42Rosedale2-B
Gilleland, Bertha3Richwood1-A
Gilleland, Keith3Richwood1-A
Gilleland, Olive172Jerseyville, Ward # 47-B
Gilleland, Paul3Richwood1-A
Gilleland, Samuel A.172Jerseyville, Ward # 47-B
Gilleland, Thelma3Richwood1-A
Gilleland, William T.42Rosedale2-B
Gillespie, Beryle13Jerseyville, Ward #21-A
Gillespie, Dorothy13Jerseyville, Ward #21-A
Gillespie, George13Jerseyville, Ward #21-A
Gillespie, Helen13Jerseyville, Ward #21-A
Gillespie, Martha13Jerseyville, Ward #21-A
Gillham, Chas C.162Mississippi7-A
Gillham, Edith31Mississippi2-A
Gillham, Edna31Mississippi2-A
Gillham, Luther31Mississippi2-A
Gillham, Martha V.162Mississippi7-A
Gillham, Ruth V.162Mississippi7-A
Gillham, Theda I.162Mississippi7-A
Gilworth, Alma J.101Ruyle4-B
Gilworth, Annie24Ruyle1-B
Gilworth, Elmer C.101Ruyle4-B
Gilworth, Flora37Mississippi2-B
Gilworth, Harvey Y.92Ruyle4-B
Gilworth, Howard W. Jr.143Jersey7-A
Gilworth, James S.143Jersey7-A
Gilworth, John37Mississippi2-B
Gilworth, Keneth H.92Ruyle4-B
Gilworth, Leo C.101Ruyle4-B
Gilworth, Lewis37Mississippi2-B
Gilworth, Mildred M.92Ruyle4-B
Gilworth, Nellie W.92Ruyle4-B
Gilworth, Neta A.143Jersey7-A
Gilworth, Raymond37Mississippi2-B
Gilworth, Velma37Mississippi2-B
Gilworth, Virginia H.143Jersey7-A
Gilworth, Walter D.101Ruyle4-B
Gilworth, Wilbert37Mississippi2-B
Gilworth. Howard143Jersey7-A
Gimny ?, Leon124Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Gimny ?, Loyal124Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Gimny ?, Mary124Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Girdt, Arnold114Jersey6-A
Girdt, Mamie114Jersey6-A
Gisy, Albert179Mississippi7-B
Gisy, Avery W.179Mississippi7-B
Gisy, Grace L.179Mississippi7-B
Gleason, Bridget24Otter Creek1-B
Gleason, Cathrine A.24Otter Creek1-B
Gleason, Charles H.24Otter Creek1-B
Gleason, Phillip24Otter Creek1-B
Gledhill, Cornelia53Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Gledhill, Dr. H.R.53Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Gledhill, Mary F.53Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Gledhill, Mrs. R.C.53Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Gledhill, Robert H.53Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Gleespen, Hugh39Mississippi2-B
Gleespen, Ida B.84Mississippi4-B
Gleespen, Iverna A.84Mississippi4-B
Gleespen, Mabel A.84Mississippi4-B
Gleespen, Peter F.84Mississippi4-B
Glowner, Mary3Jersey1-A
Godar, Alma Irene230Jerseyville, Ward #210-A
Godar, Cleta230Jerseyville, Ward #210-A
Godar, Floyd230Jerseyville, Ward #210-A
Godar, Geraldine178Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Godar, Henry222Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Godar, Leon266Jerseyville, Ward 110-A
Godar, Lester230Jerseyville, Ward #210-A
Godar, Lucy J.178Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Godar, Nettie230Jerseyville, Ward #210-A
Godar, Olive222Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Godar, William J.178Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Godfrey, Albert W.8Elsah3-A
Godfrey, Ernest J.8Elsah3-A
Godfrey, Helen I.8Elsah3-A
Godfrey, Ilah F.8Elsah3-A
Godfrey, James P.8Elsah3-A
Godfrey, Loretta8Elsah3-A
Godfrey, Nancy E.8Elsah3-A
Godfry, Herman149Piasa7-A
Goen, Alva R.30Elsah Village1-B
Goen, Charles E.30Elsah Village1-B
Goen, Dorothy V.30Elsah Village1-B
Goen, Florence H.30Elsah Village1-B
Goen, Henry R.30Elsah Village1-B
Goen, Mamie V.30Elsah Village1-B
Goen, Martha G.30Elsah Village1-B
Goetten, Barba93English Township5-A
Goetten, Bernardean C.94English Township5-A
Goetten, C.152English Township7-B
Goetten, Charles48Jersey3-A
Goetten, Cyril H.94English Township5-A
Goetten, Edward48Jersey3-A
Goetten, Elizabeth94English Township5-A
Goetten, Henry93English Township5-A
Goetten, Henry93English Township5-A
Goetten, John93English Township5-A
Goetten, Josephine214Jerseyville, Ward 18-B
Goetten, Katherine48Jersey3-A
Goetten, Lenna93English Township5-A
Goetten, Marcella48Jersey3-A
Goetten, Marie48Jersey3-A
Goetten, Tony94English Township5-A
Goff, Byrl202Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Goff, Edward202Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Goff, George D.202Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Goff, Jane L.203Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Goff, Lynn202Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Goff, Roberta202Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Goff, Sadie K.202Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Goff, Stella L.202Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Goheen, Alice B.181Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Goheen, Bessie J.181Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Goheen, Charles B.181Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Goheen, Charles B.181Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Goheen, Harry S.181Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Goheen, Lelia M.181Jerseyville, Ward # 37-B
Golmes, Ira74Piasa3-B
Goodman, Mary E.6Jerseyville, Ward #21-A
Goodnight, Jewel C.149Otter Creek7-A
Goodrich, Catherine13Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Goodrich, Charles43Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Goodrich, Henry54English Township3-A
Gorham, Elma M.123Fidelity6-A
Gorham, Elmore H.123Fidelity6-A
Gorham, Eugene A.123Fidelity6-A
Gorham, Harvey123Fidelity6-A
Gorham, Laura F.123Fidelity6-A
Gorham, Ollie M.123Fidelity6-A
Gorham, Paul E.123Fidelity6-A
Gorhane ?, John C.85Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Gorhane ?, Katie85Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Gorhane ?, Lottie85Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Gorin, Ada23Piasa2-A
Gorin, Annie23Piasa2-A
Gorin, Frank128Piasa6-A
Gorin, Harry128Piasa6-A
Gorin, John128Piasa6-A
Gorin, Nellie128Piasa6-A
Gorman, Annie96Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Gorman, Bernard126Fidelity6-B
Gorman, Bernard L.126Fidelity6-B
Gorman, Francis J.96Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Gorman, Harry126Fidelity6-B
Gorman, James L.126Fidelity6-B
Gorman, James R.96Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Gorman, Joseph B.96Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Gorman, Margaret126Fidelity6-B
Gorman, Marguarett198Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Gorman, Mary198Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Gorman, Rosalie126Fidelity6-B
Gorman, Rose126Fidelity6-B
Gormann, Dorris87English Township5-A
Gormann, Henry87English Township4-B
Gormann, Henry E.87English Township5-A
Goshorn, Antoinette9Richwood1-A
Goshorn, Jennie152Richwood7-B
Goshorn, Louis152Richwood7-B
Goshorn, Mary9Richwood1-A
Goshorn, Virginia152Richwood7-B
Gotter, Alice148Piasa6-B
Gotter, Godfry149Piasa7-A
Gotter, John148Piasa6-B
Gotter, John Jr.148Piasa7-A
Gotter, Olga148Piasa6-B
Gotter, Urma148Piasa6-B
Gotter, Veneta148Piasa7-A
Gotto, Frank68Otter Creek3-B
Goudar or Gondar, Louisa210Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Goudar or Gondar, Peter210Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Gowin, Clyde L.109Otter Creek5-B
Gowin, Earnest17Quarry1-B
Gowin, Freda59Jersey3-B
Gowin, Fredie17Quarry1-B
Gowin, George R.129Otter Creek6-A
Gowin, John L.109Otter Creek5-A
Gowin, Leonard109Otter Creek5-A
Gowin, Leslie59Jersey3-B
Gowin, Libbie E.129Otter Creek6-A
Gowin, Lulu E.109Otter Creek5-A
Gowin, Mason J.109Otter Creek5-A
Gowin, Mildred59Jersey3-B
Gowin, Minor109Otter Creek5-A
Gowin, Minor S.129Otter Creek6-A
Gowin, Murl ? A.109Otter Creek5-A
Gowin, Paris M.17Quarry1-B
Gowin, Verna109Otter Creek5-A
Gowling, Clara84Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Gowling, Fannie84Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Gowling, George84Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Gowling, Lyman, L.62Fidelity3-B
Gowling, Nettie V.62Fidelity3-B
Gowling, Virginia62Fidelity3-B
Grabbe, Aug.153Piasa7-A
Grabbe, Emma15Piasa1-B
Grabbe, George15Piasa1-B
Grabbe, Hazel15Piasa1-B
Grabbe, Mabel15Piasa1-B
Grabbe, Myrtle15Piasa1-B
Grabbe, Philip8Piasa, Brighton1-A
Grabbe, Philip15Piasa1-B
Grabbe, Viola15Piasa1-B
Graff, Joseph A.26Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Grafford, Elmer145Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Grafford, Evelyn May145Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Grafford, Harold L.145Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Grafford, John H.118Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Grafford, Matilda118Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Grafford, Pauline145Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Graham, Abby30Mississippi2-A
Graham, Durward B.71Jerseyville, Ward # 33-B
Graham, Eli66Richwood4-A
Graham, Grace V.71Jerseyville, Ward # 33-B
Graham, John30Mississippi2-A
Graham, Loche A.71Jerseyville, Ward # 33-B
Graham, Nellie B.71Jerseyville, Ward # 33-B
Gramer, Albert208Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Gramer, Buelah208Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Gramer, Emma208Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Gramer, Geprge208Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Gramer, Gladys208Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Gramer, Tossie208Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Gramer, William208Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Graner, Jacob245Jerseyville, Ward #210-B
Granke, Anna43Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
Granke, John Rev.43Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
Graves, Fannie118Jersey6-A
Graves, Francis J.118Jersey6-A
Graves, Homer A.118Jersey6-A
Graves, James L.118Jersey6-A
Gray, Anna E.202Mississippi8-B
Gray, Christine57Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Gray, Dorthy C.223Jerseyville, Ward # 39-B
Gray, Harry222Jerseyville, Ward # 39-B
Gray, John G.202Mississippi8-B
Gray, Lottie222Jerseyville, Ward # 39-B
Gray, Robert L.223Jerseyville, Ward # 39-B
Gray, Warren57Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Greany ?, Mike8Jerseyville, Ward #21-A
Greeling, Albert27Mississippi2-A
Greeling, Clarence27Mississippi2-A
Greeling, Effie M.231Mississippi10-A
Greeling, Ephil J.231Mississippi10-A
Greeling, Florien V.231Mississippi10-A
Greeling, Freda27Mississippi2-A
Greeling, Gilbert E.231Mississippi10-A
Greeling, Grace27Mississippi2-A
Greeling, Hilda27Mississippi2-A
Greeling, Jacob27Mississippi2-A
Greeling, Opal L.231Mississippi10-A
Greeling, Paul27Mississippi2-A
Greeling, Pearl L.231Mississippi10-A
Greeling, Unace27Mississippi2-A
Green ?, Alvina78Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Green ?, William78Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Green, Buela I.203Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Green, Chas.106Richwood5-B
Green, Chester134Rosedale6-B
Green, Colmar106Richwood5-B
Green, Daisy56Richwood3-A
Green, Florence106Richwood5-B
Green, Hazel134Rosedale6-B
Green, Helen56Richwood3-A
Green, Helen106Richwood5-B
Green, Herman203Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Green, Ida M.203Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Green, Irene106Richwood5-B
Green, Jake56Richwood3-A
Green, Jessie134Rosedale6-B
Green, Josephine134Rosedale6-B
Green, Josephine29Otter Creek2-A
Green, Junita203Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Green, Lewis203Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Green, Mildred F.203Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Green, Ruth56Richwood3-A
Green, Sarah J.250Jerseyville, Ward 19-B
Green, Thelma134Rosedale6-B
Green, Theodore M.203Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Green, Velma F.203Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Green, William134Rosedale6-B
Greenwalt, Charles2Mississippi1-A
Greenwalt, Edward2Mississippi1-A
Greenwalt, Eva2Mississippi1-A
Greenwalt, Luceile2Mississippi1-A
Grelling, John W.92Mississippi4-B
Grelling, Mary E.92Mississippi4-B
Gresemer, Clarence E.134Mississippi6-A
Gresemer, Grace E.134Mississippi6-A
Gresemer, Paul R.134Mississippi6-A
Gresemer, William C.134Mississippi6-A
Grether, Boone D.119Rosedale6-A
Grether, Daniel B.113Rosedale5-B
Grether, Eileen M.113Rosedale5-B
Grether, Ella113Rosedale5-B
Grether, Kate119Rosedale6-A
Grether, Richard B.113Rosedale5-B
Grether, Robert E.113Rosedale5-B
Griffen, Jasper H.13Ruyle1-B
Griffen, Wilbur44Richwood2-B
Griffens, Alice44Richwood2-B
Griffin, Bernice45Otter Creek2-B
Griffin, Caroline67Otter Creek3-B
Griffin, Charles W.67Otter Creek3-B
Griffin, Cora74Richwood4-A
Griffin, David D.168Fidelity8-B
Griffin, Dora C.45Otter Creek2-B
Griffin, Frank B.168Fidelity8-B
Griffin, Gerald H.45Otter Creek2-B
Griffin, Hoarce40Otter Creek2-B
Griffin, Ida B.40Otter Creek2-B
Griffin, Iris L.168Fidelity8-B
Griffin, Lawrence140Richwood7-A
Griffin, Lilly Dell74Richwood4-A
Griffin, Lula168Fidelity8-B
Griffin, Rose74Richwood4-A
Griffin, Ruby V.45Otter Creek2-B
Griffin, Verna E.168Fidelity8-B
Griffin, Virgil S.168Fidelity8-B
Griffin, William74Richwood4-A
Griffith, John F.201Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Griffith, John P.201Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Grimes, Florence96Jersey5-A
Grimes, Gertrude96Jersey5-A
Grimes, Isabell96Jersey5-A
Grimm, Dora177Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Grimm, Edward177Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Grimm, Genevieve177Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Grimm, Glenn177Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Grimm, Herman177Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Grimm, Norman177Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Grimm, Rosely177Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Griswold, John P.2Fidelity1-A
Griswold, Mary C.2Fidelity1-A
Griswold, Warren2Fidelity1-A
Grizzle, Adam76Jersey4-A
Grizzle, Adam J. Jr.76Jersey4-A
Grizzle, Adeline66Ruyle3-B
Grizzle, Bertha175Jersey8-B
Grizzle, Bertha E.66Ruyle3-B
Grizzle, Carl75Piasa4-A
Grizzle, Charles L.145Jersey7-A
Grizzle, Christopher C.68Jersey4-A
Grizzle, Clara L.39Rosedale2-B
Grizzle, Daris16Jersey1-B
Grizzle, Dorthey145Jersey7-A
Grizzle, Edwin145Jersey7-A
Grizzle, Ethel76Jersey4-A
Grizzle, Evelin145Jersey7-A
Grizzle, Frank A.76Jersey4-A
Grizzle, Freeman J.66Ruyle3-B
Grizzle, Harry E.76Jersey4-A
Grizzle, Joseph E.175Jersey8-B
Grizzle, Juanita L.39Rosedale2-B
Grizzle, Lee43Fidelity2-A
Grizzle, Lucy16Jersey1-B
Grizzle, Mary76Jersey4-A
Grizzle, Nora V.66Ruyle3-B
Grizzle, Ora145Jersey7-A
Grizzle, Paul H.76Jersey4-A
Grizzle, Sarah66Ruyle3-B
Grizzle, Tossie L.76Jersey4-A
Grizzle, Trilby75Piasa4-A
Grizzle, Truman16Jersey1-B
Grizzle, Virginia M.175Jersey8-B
Grizzle, Wilbur145Jersey7-A
Grizzle, William C.39Rosedale2-B
Groppel, Alice135Richwood7-A
Groppel, August111Richwood5-B
Groppel, Charles111Richwood5-B
Groppel, Charles H.23Rosedale2-A
Groppel, Clara135Richwood7-A
Groppel, Clemmons G.33Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Groppel, Dorthy33Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Groppel, Eddie135Richwood7-A
Groppel, Edgar J.10Rosedale1-A
Groppel, Edna C.23Rosedale2-A
Groppel, Edward T.109Rosedale5-B
Groppel, Effie109Rosedale5-B
Groppel, Ella M.12Rosedale1-B
Groppel, Ernest W.12Rosedale1-B
Groppel, Frank A.10Rosedale1-A
Groppel, Fred111Richwood5-B
Groppel, Fred W.9Rosedale1-A
Groppel, Freda G.33Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Groppel, Fredric135Richwood7-A
Groppel, Harold135Richwood7-A
Groppel, Henry135Richwood7-A
Groppel, Henry135Richwood7-A
Groppel, Hettie L.23Rosedale2-A
Groppel, Howard F.10Rosedale1-A
Groppel, Julia E.44Otter Creek2-B
Groppel, Lena111Richwood5-B
Groppel, Leo135Richwood7-A
Groppel, Louis E.109Rosedale5-B
Groppel, Lula110Richwood5-B
Groppel, Margaret M.33Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Groppel, Mary135Richwood7-A
Groppel, Matilda M.10Rosedale1-A
Groppel, Minnie M.9Rosedale1-A
Groppel, Nellie135Richwood7-A
Groppel, Neoma E.23Rosedale2-A
Groppel, Oscar H.10Rosedale1-B
Groppel, Raymond C.23Rosedale2-A
Groppel, Theodore L.44Otter Creek2-B
Groppel, Theresa111Richwood5-B
Groppel, Tillie135Richwood7-A
Groppel, Velma A.12Rosedale1-B
Groppel, William J.12Rosedale1-B
Gropple, Augusta3Jerseyville, Ward #210-B
Gropple, Carl E.86Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Gropple, Emma L.86Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Gropple, Florence3Jerseyville, Ward #210-B
Gropple, Francis3Jerseyville, Ward #210-B
Gropple, Grace136Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Gropple, Katie86Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Gropple, Louis136Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Gropple, Morris3Jerseyville, Ward #210-B
Gropple, William F.136Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Gross, Alvin R.93Ruyle4-B
Gross, Carl157Jersey8-A
Gross, Charles H.79Ruyle4-A
Gross, Claude157Jersey8-A
Gross, Doby157Jersey8-A
Gross, Dorothy I.93Ruyle4-B
Gross, Earl157Jersey8-A
Gross, Edna157Jersey8-A
Gross, Floyd Q.93Ruyle4-B
Gross, Hattie B.93Ruyle4-B
Gross, John79Ruyle4-A
Gross, John E.157Jersey8-A
Gross, Joseph94Ruyle4-B
Gross, Joseph L.93Ruyle4-B
Gross, Joseph Q.93Ruyle4-B
Gross, Mildred M.93Ruyle4-B
Gross, Pearl D.93Ruyle4-B
Gross, Ray157Jersey8-A
Gross, Rita157Jersey8-A
Gross, Ruby157Jersey8-A
Gross, Sarah C.94Ruyle4-B
Gross, Sarah E.79Ruyle4-A
Gross, Wilbur L.93Ruyle4-B
Gross, William157Jersey8-A
G’Sell, Agnes E.126Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
G’Sell, Francis J.126Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
G’Sell, Julius F.126Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
G’Sell, Maybelle E.126Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
G’Sell, Maybelle J.126Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
G’Sell, Robert R.126Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Gubser, Eliza168Jerseyville, Ward # 47-B
Gubser, Henry J.168Jerseyville, Ward # 47-B
Gubser, Herbert168Jerseyville, Ward # 47-B
Gubser, Luella168Jerseyville, Ward # 47-B
Guenther, Bertha M.137Otter Creek6-B
Guenther, Herman137Otter Creek6-B
Guenther, Herman O.137Otter Creek6-B
Guenther, Josephine137Otter Creek6-B
Guenther, Muretta W.137Otter Creek6-B
Guess, Earl M.4Otter Creek1-A
Guess, Fredric L.4Otter Creek1-A
Guess, Josephine E.4Otter Creek1-A
Guess, Ollie C.4Otter Creek1-A
Gunterman, Clyde H.123English Township6-B
Gunterman, Edna M.49Rosedale3-A
Gunterman, Elma116Richwood6-A
Gunterman, Frank116Richwood6-A
Gunterman, Gertrude123English Township6-B
Gunterman, Hazel123English Township6-B
Gunterman, Herb18Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Gunterman, Herbert127Richwood6-B
Gunterman, Herschel B.123English Township6-B
Gunterman, Hildred G.123English Township6-B
Gunterman, Holland J.123English Township6-B
Gunterman, John123English Township6-B
Gunterman, Leslie C.49Rosedale3-A
Gunterman, Raymond116Richwood6-A
Gunterman, Stella18Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Gunterman, William127Richwood6-B
Gunthren, John F.9Rosedale1-A
Gutterson ?, George50Richwood2-B
Gwillim, Blanche120Piasa5-B
Gwillim, Clarence120Piasa5-B
Gwillim, Clyde120Piasa5-B
Gwillim, Grace120Piasa5-B
Gwillim, Lydia120Piasa5-B
Gwillim, Percy120Piasa5-B
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