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1920 Jersey County Census Index – C

If you find the surname you are looking for, you can return to the 1920 Page to find the family in the township listing. This will allow you to view all the individuals residing in the dwelling and their neighbors. This transcription of the index to the Jersey County Federal Census of 1920 was contributed by Delores Molloy. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors.
Cadwallader, Beula C.16Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Cadwallader, J.K.16Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Cadwallader, Jesse16Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Calhoun, Amy S.89Otter Creek4-B
Calhoun, Amytis A.94Otter Creek4-B
Calhoun, Beryl170Jersey8-B
Calhoun, Caleb C.94Otter Creek4-B
Calhoun, Charles E.89Otter Creek4-B
Calhoun, Clare104Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Calhoun, Cory N.89Otter Creek4-B
Calhoun, Edith111Otter Creek5-B
Calhoun, Edna M.111Otter Creek5-B
Calhoun, Edward9Jerseyville, Ward #21-A
Calhoun, Edwin H.111Otter Creek5-B
Calhoun, Elizabeth170Jersey8-B
Calhoun, Harry L.94Otter Creek4-B
Calhoun, Jaunita9Jerseyville, Ward #21-A
Calhoun, Mable9Jerseyville, Ward #21-A
Calhoun, Mary A.94Otter Creek4-B
Calhoun, Ruth E.89Otter Creek4-B
Calhoun, Vere ?9Jerseyville, Ward #21-A
Calhoun, Wesley170Jersey8-B
Callahan, Elizabeth214Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Callahan, George W.214Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Callahan, Marguarite214Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Callahan, W.G.214Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Camp, Albert44Piasa2-B
Camp, Cora137Jersey7-A
Camp, George137Jersey7-A
Camp, Helen44Piasa2-B
Camp, Henry P.32Elsah4-A
Camp, Isabella137Jersey7-A
Camp, Kenneth44Piasa2-B
Camp, Nana44Piasa2-B
Camp, Olive32Elsah4-A
Camp, W. A.44Piasa2-B
Camp, William137Jersey6-B
Campbell, Alexander138English Township7-A
Campbell, Carrie119English Township6-A
Campbell, Charles12Jerseyville, Ward 11-A
Campbell, Charlie119English Township6-A
Campbell, Clara132Jersey6-B
Campbell, Clarinda132Jersey6-B
Campbell, George W.76Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Campbell, Gladys132Jersey6-B
Campbell, Gus97Richwood5-A
Campbell, Jesse J.75Elsah6-A
Campbell, Jessie12Jerseyville, Ward 11-A
Campbell, Jim104Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
Campbell, John Y.132Jersey6-B
Campbell, Jonah37Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Campbell, Joseph (I.?)109Ruyle5-A
Campbell, Joseph W.109Ruyle5-A
Campbell, Josie E.132Jersey6-B
Campbell, Laura20Jerseyville, Ward #21-B
Campbell, Lewis52Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
Campbell, Lora F.104Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
Campbell, Martha W.179Otter Creek8-A
Campbell, Mary97Richwood5-A
Campbell, Mary L.227Mississippi9-B
Campbell, Mayetta20Jerseyville, Ward #21-B
Campbell, Melvin119English Township6-A
Campbell, Minnie67Richwood4-A
Campbell, Mrs. Georgia76Jerseyville, Ward # 43-B
Campbell, Myrtis75Elsah6-A
Campbell, Nannie L.37Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Campbell, Nellie A.227Mississippi9-B
Campbell, Orbit J.179Otter Creek8-A
Campbell, Phebe P.109Ruyle5-A
Campbell, Russell A.227Mississippi9-B
Campbell, Ruthey119English Township6-A
Campbell, Sarah20Jerseyville, Ward #21-B
Campbell, Sarah J.52Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
Campbell, Stillman179Otter Creek8-A
Campbell, Velma75Elsah6-A
Campbell, Velma L.227Mississippi9-B
Campbell, Verna37Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Campbell, Virgil75Elsah6-A
Campbell, Virgil132Jersey6-B
Campbell, Wilbur75Elsah6-A
Campbell, William67Richwood4-A
Campbell, Zerah A.227Mississippi9-B
Campion, Cornelius83Jersey4-B
Campion, Elmer106Fidelity5-A
Campion, Hannah C.106Fidelity5-A
Campion, Harry106Fidelity5-A
Campion, Julia106Fidelity5-A
Campion, Nellie83Jersey4-B
Campions, Charles R.106Fidelity5-A
Campions, Edith106Fidelity5-A
Campions, Eva A.106Fidelity5-A
Campions, John J.106Fidelity5-A
Campions, John J.106Fidelity5-A
Cannon, Fred E.21Elsah3-B
Cannon, Mary K.21Elsah3-B
Cannot read, Chauncey49Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
Carlin ?, Lena40Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
Carney, Augusta E.142Fidelity7-A
Carney, Catherine138Fidelity7-A
Carney, George201Piasa9-A
Carney, Kate201Piasa9-A
Carney, Peter H.138Fidelity7-A
Carney, Richard E.142Fidelity7-A
Carney, William T.138Fidelity7-A
Carpunky, Althea139Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Carpunky, Edna226Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Carpunky, Ethel226Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Carpunky, Fred138Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Carpunky, Harold139Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Carpunky, Helen139Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Carpunky, James226Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Carpunky, Leslie C.65Rosedale3-B
Carpunky, Louise139Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Carpunky, Mary138Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Carpunky, Raymond107Piasa5-A
Carpunky, Theise107Piasa5-A
Carpunky, Truman107Piasa5-A
Carpunky, Wesley139Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Carpunky, William138Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Carpunky, William139Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Carpunky, William Jr.139Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Carpunky, Zip107Piasa5-A
Carr, Fern76Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Carr, Heneritta76Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Carr, Paul76Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Carrico, Andrew54English Township3-A
Carrico, Homer M.55English Township3-B
Carrico, Marrion55English Township3-A
Carrico, Marry E.55English Township3-B
Carrico, Mollie94Mississippi4-B
Carrico, Seyvetna55English Township3-B
Carroll, Alvias47Richwood2-B
Carroll, David133Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Carroll, Ethell47Richwood2-B
Carroll, Fred47Richwood2-B
Carroll, Glenn C.4Rosedale1-A
Carroll, Howard J.4Rosedale1-A
Carroll, John C.4Rosedale1-A
Carroll, Lula M.4Rosedale1-A
Carroll, Mary108Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Carroll, Mary133Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Carroll, mary E.4Rosedale1-A
Carroll, William C.4Rosedale1-A
Carroll, william W.4Rosedale1-A
Carson, Damon75Jersey4-A
Carson, Delbert75Jersey4-A
Carson, Ellen75Jersey4-A
Carson, Elmer75Jersey4-A
Carson, George75Jersey4-A
Carson, Gladys75Jersey4-A
Carson, Jacob75Jersey4-A
Carter, Flora167Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Carter, Howard167Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Carter, J. Lee167Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Carter, James167Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Carter, James167Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Carter, Pearl167Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Carter, Raymond167Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Case, Albertie R.136Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Case, Margaret F.136Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Case, Margret F.39Otter Creek2-A
Case, Rosalie A.39Otter Creek2-A
Case, Thomas A.136Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Case, Thomas A.39Otter Creek2-A
Casey, George46Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
Cason, Adrian W.123Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Cason, Audrey G.123Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Cason, Leal F.123Jerseyville, Ward # 35-A
Cason, Lena123Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Cason, Melba F.123Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Cason, Morris L.123Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Cato, Harry H,96Fidelity5-A
Cato, Howard96Fidelity5-A
Cato, James96Fidelity5-A
Cato, Nellie96Fidelity5-A
Catt, Charles I.55Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Catt, Chas.23Jerseyville, Ward #21-B
Catt, Edith160Jersey8-A
Catt, Elizabeth23Jerseyville, Ward #21-B
Catt, Ella55Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Catt, Frank160Jersey8-A
Catt, Gertrude160Jersey8-A
Catt, Harold V.17Jerseyville, Ward # 31-B
Catt, Henry95Jersey5-A
Catt, Henry J.17Jerseyville, Ward # 31-B
Catt, Hollis W.17Jerseyville, Ward # 31-B
Catt, Hubert J.17Jerseyville, Ward # 31-B
Catt, James95Jersey5-A
Catt, John95Jersey5-A
Catt, Katherine95Jersey5-A
Catt, Lela160Jersey8-A
Catt, Lora97Jerseyville, Ward 14-A
Catt, Mayme M.17Jerseyville, Ward # 31-B
Catt, Stephen W.97Jerseyville, Ward 14-A
Cauley, Ben119Mississippi5-B
Cauley, Clara B.119Mississippi5-B
Cauley, Rupert L.119Mississippi5-B
Cauley, Waneta B.119Mississippi5-B
Caulthard, Eva130Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Caulthard, Ida130Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Caulthard, Will A. Sr.130Jerseyville, Ward 16-A
Cease ?, Alonzie ?183Piasa8-A
Cease ?, Sarah183Piasa8-A
Ceotzach ?, Charles F.170Jerseyville, Ward # 47-B
Chamberlin, Clarence H.4Elsah3-A
Chamberlin, Marguerite4Elsah3-A
Chaplin, Anna M.73Mississippi4-A
Chaplin, Robert74Mississippi4-A
Chaplin, William J.73Mississippi4-A
Chapman, Donael ? W.155Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
Chapman, Ellen38Piasa2-B
Chapman, Harry99Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
Chapman, Pethemia155Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
Chapman, Sarah99Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
Chapman, Thelma155Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
Chapman, Walter155Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
Chappee, Amelia89Elsah6-B
Chappee, Bert C.243Mississippi10-B
Chappee, Bertha243Mississippi10-B
Chappee, James166Mississippi7-A
Chappee, John89Elsah6-B
Chappee, Mame166Mississippi7-A
Chappee, Nancy89Elsah6-B
Chappee, Webster38Elsah4-A
Chappel, Charles67Piasa3-B
Chappel, Chester66Piasa3-B
Chappel, Elmer S.139Mississippi6-B
Chappel, Helen67Piasa3-B
Chappel, Lulu67Piasa3-B
Chappel, Marjorie67Piasa3-B
Chappel, Minnie66Piasa3-B
Chappel, Tillie67Piasa3-B
Chappel, William67Piasa3-B
Chappell, A. R.66Jerseyville, Ward # 43-B
Chappell, Albert R.66Jerseyville, Ward # 43-B
Chappell, Arthur E.139Mississippi6-B
Chappell, Blanche E.3Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Chappell, Clyde R.133Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Chappell, Dorothy J.139Mississippi6-B
Chappell, Ella V.139Mississippi6-B
Chappell, Emeline E.133Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Chappell, Everett E.139Mississippi6-B
Chappell, Ewdard E.133Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Chappell, Fred3Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Chappell, Jesse M.66Jerseyville, Ward # 43-B
Chappell, R. S.76Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Chappell, Richard P.76Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Charleton, Allen H.69Piasa3-B
Charleton, Charlotte A.69Piasa3-B
Charleton, Elsie69Piasa3-B
Charleton, J. H.69Piasa3-B
Chisam, Amanda149Fidelity7-B
Chisam, Ardell149Fidelity7-B
Chisam, Frank149Fidelity7-B
Chisam, Thelma149Fidelity7-B
Chism, George138English Township7-A
Chism, Mary E.138English Township7-A
Christian, Alice162Richwood8-A
Christian, Dominick162Richwood8-A
Christian, Frank162Richwood8-A
Christian, Frank L.162Richwood8-A
Christian, Staria162Richwood8-A
Christon, Chloris16Richwood1-B
Christopher, Adam128Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Cisco, Flora149Jerseyville, Ward # 36-B
Cisco, George149Jerseyville, Ward # 36-B
Cisco, Roscoe149Jerseyville, Ward # 36-B
Clafflin, Clyde159Richwood8-A
Clancy, J.J.12Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Clark, Alice J.42Rosedale2-B
Clark, Audry B.42Rosedale2-B
Clark, Charles229Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Clark, Clinton103Richwood5-B
Clark, Clyde229Jerseyville, Ward #210-A
Clark, Dorthy E.42Rosedale2-B
Clark, Edward G.79Mississippi4-B
Clark, Elizabeth229Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Clark, Fred L.42Rosedale2-B
Clark, George J.79Mississippi4-B
Clark, Glenn229Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Clark, Harold D.116Richwood6-A
Clark, John W.127Jersey6-B
Clark, Lillian M.33Jerseyville, Ward # 42-A
Clark, Lillie246Jerseyville, Ward 19-B
Clark, Lottie K.79Mississippi4-B
Clark, Louis M.42Rosedale2-B
Clark, Mande229Jerseyville, Ward #210-A
Clark, Margaret103Richwood5-B
Clark, Melvin103Richwood5-B
Clark, Minnie120Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Clark, Myra229Jerseyville, Ward #210-A
Clark, Ralph93Jerseyville, Ward # 44-B
Clark, Robert120Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Clark, Robert C.33Jerseyville, Ward # 42-A
Clary, Alma112Rosedale5-B
Clary, Arthur112Rosedale5-B
Clary, Hamil112Rosedale5-B
Clary, Orvil112Rosedale5-B
Clary, Sylvia A.112Rosedale5-B
Clary, Tresa I.112Rosedale5-B
Clary, Truman N.112Rosedale5-B
Clendenny, Bernard L.144Mississippi6-B
Clendenny, Logan L.144Mississippi6-B
Clendenny, Margaret E.144Mississippi6-B
Clendenny, Opal F.144Mississippi6-B
Cline, Alonzo L.115Mississippi5-B
Cline, Chester L.115Mississippi5-B
Cline, Edward O.115Mississippi5-B
Cline, Edward W.115Mississippi5-B
Cline, Elizbeth115Mississippi5-B
Cline, Elmer W.115Mississippi5-B
Cline, Emanuel4Fidelity1-A
Cline, James150Mississippi6-B
Cline, John150Mississippi6-B
Cline, John W.115Mississippi5-B
Cline, Mary E.4Fidelity1-A
Cline, Nellie M.115Mississippi5-B
Clines, Jane138English Township7-A
Close, Ernest143Jerseyville, Ward 16-B
Clower, Charles80Richwood4-B
Cluster, Chris I.31Fidelity1-B
Cluster, Martha W.31Fidelity1-B
Cluster, William T.31Fidelity1-B
Cochran, A. H.103Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Cochran, Amos43Mississippi2-B
Cochran, Diomd (Diamond ?)43Mississippi2-B
Cochran, Ernest43Mississippi2-B
Cochran, Kenneth43Mississippi2-B
Cochran, Leta43Mississippi2-B
Cochran, Lois43Mississippi2-B
Cochran, Manson43Mississippi2-B
Cochran, Minnie43Mississippi2-B
Cochran, Rae43Mississippi2-B
Cochran, Ruby43Mississippi2-B
Cochran, Winons103Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Cockrell, Charles K.29Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Cockrell, Charlotte4Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Cockrell, Charlotte29Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Cockrell, Elias29Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Cockrell, George C.4Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Cockrell, George C. Jr.4Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Cockrell, James H.8Elsah Village1-A
Cockrell, Martha P.8Elsah Village1-A
Cockrell, Mayme4Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Cogburn, Annia M.98English Township5-B
Cole, Ada146Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Cole, Charles75Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Cole, Clyde M.63Jerseyville, Ward # 33-A
Cole, Effie E.75Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Cole, Effie E.63Jerseyville, Ward # 33-A
Cole, LaVerne146Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Cole, Lois146Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Cole, Sarah52Jerseyville, Ward # 33-A
Cole, Vesta Jane146Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Cole, Will W.75Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Colean, Loneeta220Jerseyville, Ward 18-B
Coleman, Agnes128Fidelity6-B
Coleman, Andrew C.107Fidelity5-A
Coleman, Annie156Fidelity8-A
Coleman, Clinton E.101Richwood5-A
Coleman, Daniel128Fidelity6-B
Coleman, Elizabeth9Jersey1-A
Coleman, Eugene9Jersey1-A
Coleman, James156Fidelity8-A
Coleman, James9Jersey1-A
Coleman, John9Jersey1-A
Coleman, Kare107Fidelity5-A
Coleman, Leah B.101Richwood5-A
Coleman, Liza9Jersey1-A
Coleman, Mamie176Jersey8-B
Coleman, Marie128Fidelity6-B
Coleman, Mary128Fidelity6-B
Coleman, Michael128Fidelity6-B
Coleman, Michael128Fidelity6-B
Coleman, Patrick128Fidelity6-B
Coleman, Patrick156Fidelity8-A
Coleman, Quint101Richwood5-A
Coleman, Richard176Jersey8-B
Coleman, Russell101Richwood5-A
Coleman, Thelma101Richwood5-B
Coleman, Thomas H.9Jersey1-A
Coleman, William107Fidelity5-A
Coleman, William P.107Fidelity5-A
Coleman, Wm. R.9Jersey1-A
Collenberger, Geo.238Jerseyville, Ward #210-A
Collenberger, Jessie238Jerseyville, Ward #210-A
Colley, Albert W.53Elsah5-A
Colley, Emily53Elsah5-A
Colley, Sidney53Elsah5-A
Colley, Stella M.53Elsah5-A
Collier, Frank75Richwood4-B
Collier, Vida75Richwood4-B
Collier, William75Richwood4-B
Collins, Annie C.127Fidelity6-B
Collins, Daniel127Fidelity6-B
Collins, David113Fidelity5-B
Collins, David L.113Fidelity5-B
Collins, Dorthy E.127Fidelity6-B
Collins, Ellen127Fidelity6-B
Collins, Geneva166Jersey8-A
Collins, Hellen113Fidelity5-B
Collins, John166Jersey8-A
Collins, Lawrence127Fidelity6-B
Collins, Leo J.127Fidelity6-B
Collins, Louise113Fidelity5-B
Collins, Margaret113Fidelity5-B
Collins, Mary A.127Fidelity6-B
Collins, Patrick113Fidelity5-B
Collins, Rosetta G.127Fidelity6-B
Collins, Theresa127Fidelity6-B
Collins, Thomas113Fidelity5-B
Collins, Thomas E.113Fidelity5-B
Condry, Michael207Mississippi9-A
Conklin, A. L.121Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
Conklin, Cora D.121Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
Conklin, Etta121Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
Conklin, Laura125Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
Conklin, Sarah121Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
Conklin, Theodore121Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
Connely, George138English Township7-A
Connolly, Clarence38Mississippi2-B
Connolly, Cletua ?38Mississippi2-B
Connolly, Edmond38Mississippi2-B
Connolly, Hannah38Mississippi2-B
Connolly, Irene38Mississippi2-B
Connolly, Peter38Mississippi2-B
Connolly, Vera38Mississippi2-B
Connors, John78Jersey4-B
Connors, John Jr.78Jersey4-B
Connors, Julia F.78Jersey4-B
Connors, Margaret78Jersey4-B
Convey, Christella107Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Convey, Eileen107Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Convey, John107Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Cook, Arthur E.189Mississippi8-A
Cook, Carrie E.189Mississippi8-A
Cook, Charles E.189Mississippi8-A
Cook, Charley138English Township7-A
Cook, Dorothy P.180Mississippi7-B
Cook, Eula V.180Mississippi7-B
Cook, Evert E.189Mississippi8-A
Cook, Firm180Mississippi7-B
Cook, Forrest E.66Fidelity3-B
Cook, Francis E.189Mississippi8-A
Cook, Garrett8Richwood1-A
Cook, Harold E.189Mississippi8-A
Cook, Helen V.180Mississippi7-B
Cook, Herbert54Fidelity3-A
Cook, Leone G.180Mississippi7-B
Cook, Marion E.189Mississippi8-A
Cook, Marjorie J.66Fidelity3-B
Cook, Mary Jane157Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Cook, Nanomi66Fidelity3-B
Cook, Norman E.180Mississippi8-A
Cook, Palmyra181Mississippi8-A
Cook, Paul K.180Mississippi8-A
Cook, Ralph W.180Mississippi8-A
Cook, Rollie66Fidelity3-B
Cook, Virgil E.189Mississippi8-A
Cook, William157Jerseyville, Ward #27-A
Cooley, Raymond2Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Coombs, Alta126Richwood6-B
Coombs, Amanda25Richwood1-B
Coombs, Cleo43Richwood2-B
Coombs, Everett43Richwood2-B
Coombs, James L.126Richwood6-B
Coombs, Nola43Richwood2-B
Coombs, Pearl126Richwood6-B
Coombs, Rose126Richwood6-B
Coons, Charles138English Township7-A
Coop, Harry10Richwood1-A
Coop, Harry10Richwood1-A
Coop, Myrtle10Richwood1-A
Coop, Wheeler10Richwood1-A
Cooper, Alfred138Otter Creek6-B
Cooper, Alma71Richwood4-A
Cooper, Bertha71Richwood4-A
Cooper, Cora200Jerseyville, Ward 18-A
Cooper, Edna71Richwood4-A
Cooper, George72Richwood4-A
Cooper, Jessie138Otter Creek6-B
Cooper, John71Richwood4-A
Cooper, Otis71Richwood4-A
Cooper, Raymond O.138Otter Creek6-B
Cooper, Robert71Richwood4-A
Cooper, Robert71Richwood4-A
Cooper, Rose71Richwood4-A
Cooper, Virgie71Richwood4-A
Cope, Allen79Richwood4-B
Cope, Arch223Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Cope, Arthur189Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Cope, Bertha187Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Cope, Bessie119Richwood6-A
Cope, Bessie60Rosedale3-A
Cope, Blanch18Otter Creek1-B
Cope, Charles L.8English Township1-A
Cope, Chester A.106Mississippi5-A
Cope, Clarence108Richwood5-B
Cope, Clinton28Quarry2-B
Cope, Clyde141Jerseyville, Ward 16-B
Cope, Dwight2Otter Creek1-A
Cope, Edward52Richwood3-A
Cope, Effie106English Township5-B
Cope, Elida M.2Otter Creek1-A
Cope, Elizabeth223Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Cope, Ethel L.106Mississippi5-A
Cope, Fay52Richwood2-B
Cope, Frank42Richwood2-B
Cope, George141Jerseyville, Ward 16-B
Cope, Glen N.8English Township1-A
Cope, Gussie52Richwood2-B
Cope, Harry106English Township5-B
Cope, Helen189Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Cope, Henry R.106Mississippi5-A
Cope, Imogene141Jerseyville, Ward 16-B
Cope, Jalia (Julia ?)141Jerseyville, Ward 16-B
Cope, Jerry52Richwood2-B
Cope, Jesse99Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Cope, John A.28Quarry2-B
Cope, John L.8English Township1-A
Cope, Julia189Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Cope, Lena M.108Richwood5-B
Cope, Leonard2Otter Creek1-A
Cope, Leslie H.18Otter Creek1-B
Cope, Lester18Otter Creek1-B
Cope, Lily28Quarry2-B
Cope, Lottie141Jerseyville, Ward 16-B
Cope, Lula119Richwood6-A
Cope, Lula M.60Rosedale3-A
Cope, Lulu E.100Jerseyville, Ward #24-B
Cope, Marie28Quarry2-B
Cope, Mark108Richwood5-B
Cope, Mark108Richwood5-B
Cope, Mark W.18Otter Creek1-B
Cope, Mary42Richwood2-B
Cope, Mary M.108Richwood5-B
Cope, May108Richwood5-B
Cope, Mirtal (Myrtle ?)8English Township1-A
Cope, Myrtle99Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Cope, Naomi L.106Mississippi5-A
Cope, Nathan141Jerseyville, Ward 16-B
Cope, Olga42Richwood2-B
Cope, Orin Kenneth100Jerseyville, Ward #24-B
Cope, Rachael144Richwood7-B
Cope, Raymond223Jerseyville, Ward #29-B
Cope, Robert52Richwood2-B
Cope, Rollin119Richwood6-A
Cope, Rollin60Rosedale3-A
Cope, Roy8English Township1-A
Cope, Ruby108Richwood5-B
Cope, Russell52Richwood2-B
Cope, Ruth110Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
Cope, Stella144Richwood7-B
Cope, Thelma52Richwood2-B
Cope, Violet L.106Mississippi5-A
Cope, Virgil52Richwood2-B
Cope, Wesley42Richwood2-B
Cope, William H.144Richwood7-B
Cordrey, Ester E.56Rosedale3-A
Cordrey, Jewel Dean56Rosedale3-A
Cordrey, Oscar S.56Rosedale3-A
Corley, Harry43Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Cornelius, Anna A.7Fidelity1-A
Cornelius, Clarence A.94Elsah7-A
Cornelius, Edith A.94Elsah7-A
Cornelius, Everett E.94Elsah7-A
Cornelius, Frances90Elsah6-B
Cornelius, George62Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Cornelius, Gertie62Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Cornelius, Grace133Richwood7-A
Cornelius, Hoit S.7Fidelity1-A
Cornelius, John A.90Elsah6-B
Cornelius, Octie7Fidelity1-A
Cornelius, Sylvia7Fidelity1-A
Cornelius, Willie62Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Cornelius, Winfield90Elsah6-B
Corns, Blanche59Jerseyville, Ward 13-A
Corns, Emma59Jerseyville, Ward 13-A
Corns, James W.31Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Corns, Josephine D.31Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Corns, Rhoady H.31Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Corns, Will59Jerseyville, Ward 13-A
Cornwall, Edward G.159Mississippi7-A
Cornwall, Kathne ?(Kathrine ?) M.159Mississippi7-A
Cornwell, Bert C.154Mississippi7-A
Cornwell, Cora E.154Mississippi7-A
Cornwell, Leta M.154Mississippi7-A
Cornwell, Mary M.154Mississippi7-A
Cory, Blanche L.149Otter Creek7-A
Cory, Dorothy I.149Otter Creek7-A
Cory, Edith Mae46Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Cory, Emily E.43Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Cory, Fannie J.158Otter Creek7-B
Cory, Florence M.46Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Cory, Helen K.19Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Cory, Joel E.43Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Cory, John A.20Jerseyville, Ward 11-B
Cory, John P.46Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Cory, John T.158Otter Creek7-B
Cory, Josie A.19Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Cory, Lester J.46Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Cory, Levy145Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Cory, Marion L.46Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Cory, Mary J.20Jerseyville, Ward 11-B
Cory, Mildred Q.158Otter Creek7-B
Cory, Paulene R.149Otter Creek7-A
Cory, Raymond E.158Otter Creek7-B
Cory, Waller (Walter ?) W.149Otter Creek7-A
Cory, Walter B.19Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Corzine, Catherine84Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Corzine, Charles F.207Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Corzine, Earl125Piasa6-A
Corzine, George125Piasa5-B
Corzine, George E.125Piasa5-B
Corzine, Herschel207Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Corzine, Isabel125Piasa5-B
Corzine, Lena78Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Corzine, Louise J.189Jerseyville, Ward # 38-A
Corzine, Mattie M.207Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Corzine, Oliver125Piasa5-B
Corzine, Ruth H.189Jerseyville, Ward # 38-A
Costello, Anna M.66English Township3-B
Costello, Harry A.66English Township3-B
Costello, Josephene66English Township3-B
Costello, Margrett66English Township3-B
Costello, Margrette66English Township3-B
Costello, Mary J.66English Township3-B
Costello, Mike66English Township3-B
Costello, Thomas F.66English Township3-B
Cottingham, Alta82Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Cottingham, Carey82Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Cottingham, Elizabeth A.82Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Cottingham, Elsa82Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Cottingham, Ira82Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Cottingham, Irman82Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Cottingham, Lloyd82Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
County Jail–none285Jerseyville, Ward 110-B
Cowen, Frank82Jersey4-B
Cowen, Jason112Rosedale5-B
Cowen, Lela82Jersey4-B
Cowen, Mary82Jersey4-B
Cowen, Mirtle82Jersey4-B
Cox, A. B.93Piasa4-B
Cox, A. B. Jr.93Piasa4-B
Cox, Bert144Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Cox, Charles144Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Cox, Clarence144Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Cox, Cordelia144Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Cox, Earl144Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Cox, Edward93Piasa4-B
Cox, Elsie144Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Cox, Harry256Jerseyville, Ward # 311-A
Cox, Joseph B.93Piasa4-B
Cox, Loyd P.93Piasa4-B
Cox, Ruby93Piasa4-B
Cox, Susan93Piasa4-B
Cox, William I.93Fidelity4-B
Coyle, Julia102Mississippi5-A
Coyle, Rufus102Mississippi5-A
Craig, Catherine59Fidelity3-B
Craig, Delila23Otter Creek1-B
Craig, Emma59Fidelity3-B
Craig, Garrett S.59Fidelity3-B
Craig, Henry59Fidelity3-B
Craig, Julius59Fidelity3-B
Craig, Lucy E.103Fidelity5-A
Craig, Mirtle59Fidelity3-B
Craig, Ruth59Fidelity3-B
Craig, Tunnis H.103Fidelity5-A
Cravan, Nancy59Richwood3-A
Cray, Charles86Jerseyville, Ward 14-A
Cray, Ella73Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Cray, Frances86Jerseyville, Ward 14-A
Cray, Gus73Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Cray, Herbert D. or O.199Jersey9-B
Cray, Lou86Jerseyville, Ward 14-A
Cray, Tiffer86Jerseyville, Ward 14-A
Cresswell, Barnal W.37Elsah Village2-A
Cresswell, Bessie M.47Elsah Village2-A
Cresswell, Edwin L.37Elsah Village2-A
Cresswell, Katherine W.47Elsah Village2-A
Cresswell, Myrtle G.37Elsah Village2-A
Cresswell, Ruth G.47Elsah Village2-A
Cresswell, Walter J.37Elsah Village2-A
Crissey, C. W.28Piasa2-A
Crissey, Kenneth28Piasa2-A
Crissey, Nellie28Piasa2-A
Crocker, James A.136Fidelity7-A
Crocker, Jane136Fidelity7-A
Cromwell, James H.191Mississippi8-B
Crone, David213Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Crone, Edward111English Township6-A
Crone, Edward E.111English Township6-A
Crone, Elizabeth213Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Crone, Ernest185Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Crone, Ernest213Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Crone, Ethel185Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Crone, Ethel213Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Crone, James185Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Crone, James T.185Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Crone, Jessie185Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Crone, Lawrence185Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Crone, Martha J.111English Township6-A
Crone, Victor185Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Crone, Virgil185Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Cronin, John M.49Elsah Village2-B
Cronin, Nettie M.49Elsah Village2-B
Cross, Anna B. Mrs.105Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Cross, Edward18Jerseyville, Ward 11-B
Cross, Hugh18Jerseyville, Ward 11-B
Cross, Josephine65Richwood4-A
Cross, Loula18Jerseyville, Ward 11-B
Crow, Adda M.18English Township1-B
Crow, Dorthey H.18English Township1-B
Crow, Ellen J.18English Township1-B
Crow, Harrold E.18English Township1-B
Crow, Henry W.18English Township1-B
Crow, Mavis L.18English Township1-B
Croxford, Harold P.81Elsah6-B
Croxford, Harvey W.81Elsah6-B
Croxford, John A.81Elsah6-B
Croxford, John S.81Elsah6-B
Croxford, Keltie or Kittie D.81Elsah6-B
Croxford, Lila M.81Elsah6-B
Croxford, Mary F.81Elsah6-B
Croxford, Verne LeR.81Elsah6-B
Crull Rhoda L.118Rosedale6-A
Crull, Beatha C.130Rosedale6-B
Crull, Bernice S.115Rosedale5-B
Crull, Charles118Rosedale6-A
Crull, Charles E.20Rosedale1-B
Crull, Darius E.115Rosedale5-B
Crull, Dorothy114Rosedale5-B
Crull, Elizabeth A.111Rosedale5-B
Crull, Elizabeth F.114Rosedale5-B
Crull, Emma E.20Rosedale1-B
Crull, Esther91Fidelity4-B
Crull, Ethel M.130Rosedale6-B
Crull, Hazer ?159Richwood8-A
Crull, Imogene20Rosedale1-B
Crull, Israh L.114Rosedale5-B
Crull, James111Rosedale5-B
Crull, James L.114Rosedale5-B
Crull, Jasper20Rosedale1-B
Crull, Leola114Rosedale5-B
Crull, Lester W.115Rosedale5-B
Crull, Lizzie115Rosedale5-B
Crull, Lucile E.20Rosedale1-B
Crull, Margarete I.22Otter Creek1-B
Crull, Martha W.20Rosedale1-B
Crull, Mildred L.114Rosedale5-B
Crull, Plowman, L.130Rosedale6-B
Crull, Ralph E.115Rosedale5-B
Cudahy, Johanan247Jerseyville, Ward 19-B
Culick ?, Daniel49Quarry3-A
Culick ?, Edith49Quarry3-A
Culick ?, Nancy J.49Quarry3-A
Cumming, Bernice I.47Otter Creek2-B
Cumming, Birdie47Otter Creek2-B
Cumming, Frances C.47Otter Creek2-B
Cumming, John L.47Otter Creek2-B
Cumming, Raymond L.47Otter Creek2-B
Cummings, Agnes A.78Fidelity4-A
Cummings, Alice41Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Cummings, Annie J.78Fidelity4-A
Cummings, Blanche32Jersey2-A
Cummings, Charles127Richwood6-B
Cummings, Dorothy B.156Otter Creek7-B
Cummings, Edith127Richwood6-B
Cummings, Effie41Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Cummings, Effie127Richwood6-B
Cummings, Elmer41Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Cummings, Emma127Richwood6-B
Cummings, Ethel41Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Cummings, Eva32Jersey2-A
Cummings, Florence261Jerseyville, Ward 110-A
Cummings, Hilda32Jersey2-A
Cummings, Howard32Jersey2-A
Cummings, Ira127Richwood6-B
Cummings, Jane97Rosedale5-A
Cummings, John41Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Cummings, John F.8Jerseyville, Ward # 41-A
Cummings, Joseph P.78Fidelity4-A
Cummings, Leo E.78Fidelity4-A
Cummings, Lucy223Jerseyville, Ward 18-B
Cummings, Margaret223Jerseyville, Ward 18-B
Cummings, Nellie118Richwood6-A
Cummings, Owen32Jersey2-A
Cummings, Ray118Richwood6-A
Cummings, Raymond41Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Cummings, Susie M.78Fidelity4-A
Cummings, Thomas32Jersey2-A
Cummings, Truman41Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Cummings, Victor118Richwood6-A
Cummings, Virginia32Jersey2-A
Cummings, William41Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Cummings, Zada41Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Cunningham, Grace140Fidelity7-A
Cunningham, James68Jersey4-A
Cunningham, James L.68Jersey4-A
Cunningham, Katie140Fidelity7-A
Cunningham, Mamye17Jerseyville, Ward 11-B
Cunningham, Maurice140Fidelity7-A
Cunningham, Owen17Jerseyville, Ward 11-B
Cunningham, Paul140Fidelity7-A
Cunningham, Sara68Jersey4-A
Cunningham, Sarah120Jersey6-A
Cunningham, Thomas140Fidelity7-A
Curios, Tom2Jerseyville, Ward 11-A
Curns, Edna144Piasa6-B
Curns, Hannah144Piasa6-B
Curns, Zan—- ?144Piasa6-B
Curran, Alice138Jersey7-A
Curran, August138Jersey7-A
Curran, Catherine138Jersey7-A
Curran, Richard138Jersey7-A
Curry, Jennie V.8Otter Creek1-A
Curtin, Bernice24Jerseyville, Ward #21-B
Cutler, Edwin M.71Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Cutler, Jennie71Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Cyter, Charles102Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Czia, Freda M.94Rosedale5-A
Czia, Hazel (N.?)95Rosedale5-A
Czia, Henry L.94Rosedale5-A
Czia, Joseph F.95Rosedale5-A
Czia, Rosa95Rosedale5-A
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