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1920 Jersey County Census Index – B

If you find the surname you are looking for, you can return to the 1920 Page to find the family in the township listing. This will allow you to view all the individuals residing in the dwelling and their neighbors. This transcription of the index to the Jersey County Federal Census of 1920 was contributed by Delores Molloy. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors.
Babptist or Bapptist, Eula ? F.114Ruyle5-A
Babptist or Bapptist, Florence114Ruyle5-A
Babptist or Bapptist, Frank W.114Ruyle5-A
Bailey, Phoebe E.115Otter Creek5-B
Bailey, Stephen W.115Otter Creek5-B
Baird, Ada L.205Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Baird, Albert170Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
Baird, Ben D.205Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Baird, Charles A.170Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
Baird, Clara M.170Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
Baird, James E.205Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Baird, Mary E.170Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
Baird, Russel T.170Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
Baker, Alta Mae175Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Baker, Anna175Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Baker, Celia46Ruyle2-B
Baker, Chas.101Mississippi5-A
Baker, Eathel175Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Baker, Edward175Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Baker, Effie172Jerseyville, Ward # 47-B
Baker, Emeline175Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Baker, Fay46Ruyle2-B
Baker, Fred36Jersey2-B
Baker, Freda36Jersey2-B
Baker, Lela46Ruyle2-B
Baker, Lola101Mississippi5-A
Baker, Marjorie36Jersey2-B
Baker, Martha101Mississippi5-A
Baker, Mary46Ruyle2-B
Baker, Maude175Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Baker, Meda36Jersey2-B
Baker, Myrtle101Mississippi5-A
Baker, Ray46Ruyle2-B
Baker, Robert L.172Jerseyville, Ward # 47-B
Baker, Rufus Jr.175Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Baker, Rufus Sr.175Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Baker, Stephen101Mississippi5-A
Baker, Zerelda175Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Balcom, Alice R.8Rosedale1-A
Balcom, Fannie J.8Rosedale1-A
Balcom, Harry L.3Rosedale1-A
Balcom, John B.8Rosedale1-A
Balcom, John I. (Jr.?)8Rosedale1-A
Balcom, Lee L.3Rosedale1-A
Balcom, Myrtle L.3Rosedale1-A
Balcom, Theda L.3Rosedale1-A
Baldridge, Alice33Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Baldridge, Clyde33Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Baldridge, Harris33Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Baldridge, Hazel33Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Baldridge, Jennie33Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Baldridge, Lenard33Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Baldridge, Loyal33Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Baldridge, Mabel33Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Baldridge, Willie33Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Baldwin, Albert R.22Fidelity1-B
Baldy, Amelia186Mississippi8-A
Baldy, Daniel186Mississippi8-A
Baldy, Glenn E.186Mississippi8-A
Baldy, Roy E.186Mississippi8-A
Ball, Bert100Jersey5-B
Ballard, Alice29Jerseyville, Ward #21-B
Ballard, Carl135Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Ballard, Dona or Dora60Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Ballard, Edwin61Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Ballard, Elmer61Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Ballard, Elvin61Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Ballard, George61Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Ballard, Grace134Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Ballard, Grace135Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Ballard, Harold C.134Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Ballard, Hazel30Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Ballard, John30Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Ballard, Joseph134Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Ballard, Lewis29Jerseyville, Ward #21-B
Ballard, Lewis60Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Ballard, Lwewis45Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Ballard, Marie60Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Ballard, Mary61Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Ballard, Mary135Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Ballard, Mildred60Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Ballard, Minnie60Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Ballard, Roy60Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Ballard, Ruby61Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Ballard, Viola61Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Ballard, William135Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Ballon, Charles1Jerseyville, Ward 11-A
Ballon, Mary1Jerseyville, Ward 11-A
Ballyard, Rex79Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Balow, James160Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Balow, James H.164Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Balow, Mollie E.164Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Balow, Pricella160Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Bandy, Amanda J.128Jersey6-B
Bandy, George W.128Jersey6-B
Bane, Agnes51Jersey3-A
Bane, James51Jersey3-A
Bane, Mary51Jersey3-A
Bane, Patrick51Jersey3-A
Bank, John55Richwood3-A
Bank, Lena55Richwood3-A
Bank, Stephen55Richwood3-A
Banon, Frank131Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Banon, James131Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Banon, John140Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Banon, Josephine15Jerseyville, Ward #21-B
Banon, Julia140Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Banon, Katie131Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Banon, Margaret131Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Banon, Mary140Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Banon, Minnie131Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Banon, Patric131Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Banon, Richard15Jerseyville, Ward #21-A
Banon, Walsh Walter140Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Barnal, Harry M.2Elsah Village1-A
Barnal, Mary J.5Elsah Village1-A
Barnal, Michael E.5Elsah Village1-A
Barnal, Myrtle2Elsah Village1-A
Barnes, Albert111Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Barnes, Elijah W.21Ruyle1-B
Barnes, Ellie M.65Ruyle3-B
Barnes, Florence W.177Mississippi7-B
Barnes, George1Ruyle1-A
Barnes, Harriet A.18Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Barnes, Irene18Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Barnes, Lucy1Ruyle1-A
Barnes, Mary V.65Ruyle3-B
Barnes, Nellie C.49Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Barnes, O.F.18Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Barnes, Oddie R.21Ruyle1-B
Barnes, Paul D.65Ruyle3-B
Barnes, Riva111Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Barnes, Ruth A.65Ruyle3-B
Barnes, Sarah J.1Ruyle1-A
Barnes, Stephen F.65Ruyle3-B
Barnes, Thelma W.177Mississippi7-B
Barnes, Wayne C,177Mississippi7-B
Barnes, Wilber H.65Ruyle3-B
Barnett, A. O.128Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
Barnett, Arthur50Fidelity3-A
Barnett, Clarence141Richwood7-A
Barnett, Colen M.58Ruyle3-A
Barnett, Frank193Piasa8-B
Barnett, George193Piasa8-B
Barnett, Hannah193Piasa8-B
Barnett, Herschel W.58Ruyle3-A
Barnett, Leona M.58Ruyle3-A
Barnett, May E.50Fidelity3-A
Barnett, Phobe ( Pheobe ?)128Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
Barnett, Robert C.58Ruyle3-A
Barnett, Rosie141Richwood7-A
Barnett, Ruth193Piasa8-B
Barnett, Thomas193Piasa8-B
Barnett, Vivian J.58Ruyle3-A
Barnett, william50Fidelity3-A
Barr, Bernard W.196Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Barr, Bruce W.196Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Barr, Ella M.151Jerseyville, Ward # 36-B
Barr, Helen B.151Jerseyville, Ward # 36-B
Barr, Joseph H.196Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Barr, Joseph H.196Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Barr, June W.196Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Barr, Louise R.196Jerseyville, Ward # 38-B
Barr, Lulu H.103Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Barr, Luther G.151Jerseyville, Ward # 36-B
Barrett, Annie142Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Barrett, Hannah36Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Barrett, James36Jerseyville, Ward # 42-B
Barrett, Paul E.142Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Barringer, Fred or Ferd.39Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Barringer, Kenneth25Jersey2-A
Barringer, Mary E.39Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Barringer, Meta25Jersey2-A
Barringer, Nellie9Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Barringer, Otto25Jersey2-A
Barringer, udolph9Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Barringer, Velma9Jerseyville, Ward # 31-A
Barry, Daisy4Jerseyville, Ward #21-A
Barry, Dr. E.L.H.4Jerseyville, Ward #21-A
Barry, Eugene19Jersey1-B
Bartell, Fred41Elsah Village2-A
Bartell, Virginia41Elsah Village2-A
Barth, Dave29Elsah Village1-B
Bartlett, Dorothy195Piasa8-B
Bartlett, Eugene195Piasa8-B
Bartlett, Florence195Piasa8-B
Bartlett, Helen195Piasa8-B
Bartlett, Helen195Piasa8-B
Bartlett, Herbert H.122Otter Creek6-A
Bartlett, Herold195Piasa8-B
Bartlett, Lewis W.124Otter Creek6-A
Bartlett, Lulu81Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Bartlett, Lulu B.124Otter Creek6-A
Bartlett, Minnie162Jerseyville, Ward # 47-A
Bartlett, Ralph195Piasa8-B
Bartlett, Ruth H.38Rosedale2-B
Bartlett, Sarah81Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Bartlett, Sarah A.162Jerseyville, Ward # 47-A
Bartlett, W. H.162Jerseyville, Ward # 47-A
Bartlett, Walter81Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Bartlett, Warren C.122Otter Creek6-A
Bartlett, William195Piasa8-B
Bartlett, William195Piasa8-B
Barton, Charley H/134Otter Creek6-B
Barton, Christopher3Otter Creek1-A
Barton, Elizebeth3Otter Creek1-A
Barton, George134Otter Creek6-B
Barton, Grace L.134Otter Creek6-B
Barton, Harry H.3Otter Creek1-A
Bates, Arch83Fidelity4-A
Bates, Charles E.42Elsah Village2-A
Bates, Dorris O.35Elsah Village2-A
Bates, Earl H.35Elsah Village2-A
Bates, Emma83Fidelity4-B
Bates, Henry14Elsah Village1-A
Bates, Inez M.35Elsah Village2-A
Bates, Lelia C.148Fidelity7-B
Bates, Lula B.14Elsah Village1-A
Bates, Opal F.14Elsah Village1-A
Bates, Raymond H.14Elsah Village1-A
Bates, Ruth42Elsah Village2-A
Bates, Thons. (Thomas?)148Fidelity7-B
Bates, Walter122Mississippi5-B
Bates, William H.148Fidelity7-B
Bauer, Adeline125Piasa6-A
Bauer, Agnes211Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Bauer, Alice34Piasa2-A
Bauer, Anna34Piasa2-A
Bauer, Bart129English Township6-B
Bauer, Barth211Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Bauer, Beatrice34Piasa2-A
Bauer, Edward211Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Bauer, Francis211Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Bauer, Fred34Piasa2-A
Bauer, George220Mississippi9-B
Bauer, Hilda185Piasa8-A
Bauer, Isabela125Piasa6-A
Bauer, Jacob185Piasa8-A
Bauer, Jennie ?185Piasa8-A
Bauer, Jessie M.220Mississippi9-B
Bauer, John Henry185Piasa8-A
Bauer, Lawrence211Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Bauer, Leora34Piasa2-A
Bauer, Lola J.220Mississippi9-B
Bauer, Marie211Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Bauer, Mary211Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Bauer, Mary A.220Mississippi9-B
Bauer, Wade H.220Mississippi9-B
Baum, Anna118Fidelity6-A
Baum, Anna M.118Fidelity6-A
Baum, Fritz118Fidelity6-A
Baxter, Ida M.256Jerseyville, Ward 110-A
Baxter, Thurston H.256Jerseyville, Ward 110-A
Baxter, Wesley256Jerseyville, Ward 19-B
Bayer, Catherine78Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Bayer, Frank78Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Bayer, Lucy78Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Beach, Charlie H.58English Township3-B
Beach, Cornelia G.71English Township4-A
Beach, Don M.142Otter Creek6-B
Beach, Freda203Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Beach, Froman A.63English Township3-B
Beach, Geneva P.142Otter Creek6-B
Beach, Gerald203Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Beach, Gertrude71English Township4-A
Beach, Hellen D.63English Township3-B
Beach, Ida71English Township4-A
Beach, Lee Otis203Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Beach, Marie25Jerseyville, Ward 11-B
Beach, Mary E.142Otter Creek6-B
Beach, Otis203Jerseyville, Ward #29-A
Beach, Walter L.71English Township4-A
Beach, Wilma F.58English Township3-B
Bean, Annie H.69Ruyle3-B
Bean, Denis C.70English Township4-A
Bean, Harrold T.70English Township4-A
Bean, Hettie C.70English Township4-A
Bean, Hubert E.70English Township4-A
Bean, Leslie G.70English Township4-A
Bean, Milton R.69Ruyle3-B
Bean, Wilber F.70English Township4-A
Bean, William69Ruyle3-B
Bean, William A.69Ruyle3-B
Beard, Charles E.26Fidelity1-B
Beard, Edward26Fidelity1-B
Beard, Emma26Fidelity1-B
Beard, Mattie27Fidelity1-B
Beatty, Anna147Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Beatty, Carl93Jersey5-A
Beatty, Charles106Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Beatty, Chas. Jr.106Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Beatty, Florence41Mississippi2-B
Beatty, Geo.106Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Beatty, Henrietta41Mississippi2-B
Beatty, Kathryne187Jersey9-A
Beatty, Lela106Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Beatty, Lester41Mississippi2-B
Beatty, Mabel C.187Jersey9-A
Beatty, Mabel G.170Mississippi7-B
Beatty, Marie93Jersey5-A
Beatty, Martin L.41Mississippi2-B
Beatty, Mary147Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Beatty, Perry187Jersey9-A
Beatty, R. Christy41Mississippi2-B
Beatty, Ralph187Jersey9-A
Beatty, Robert L.170Mississippi7-B
Beatty, Robert S.147Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Beatty, Roy O.170Mississippi7-B
Beaty, Agnes A.190Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Beaty, Betty154Jerseyville, Ward # 47-A
Beaty, David E.154Jerseyville, Ward # 47-A
Beaty, Jennie AW.147Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Beaty, John N.147Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Beaty, L. R.190Jerseyville, Ward # 48-A
Beaty, Matilda S.154Jerseyville, Ward # 47-A
Beaver, Everett G.65Otter Creek3-B
Beaver, Florence B.65Otter Creek3-B
Beaver, George F.65Otter Creek3-B
Beaver, Goldie P.65Otter Creek3-B
Beaver, Lester O.65Otter Creek3-B
Beaver, Merle B.65Otter Creek3-B
Beaver, Stella M.65Otter Creek3-B
Beaver, William B.65Otter Creek3-B
Bechtold, Anna71Elsah6-A
Bechtold, Bernard J.108Elsah7-B
Bechtold, Edward M.50Elsah Village2-B
Bechtold, Frank J.108Elsah7-B
Bechtold, Henry52Elsah5-A
Bechtold, Ida M.50Elsah Village2-B
Bechtold, John M.50Elsah Village2-B
Bechtold, Joseph M.71Elsah6-A
Bechtold, Mary C.50Elsah Village2-B
Bechtold, Mary K.108Elsah7-B
Bechtold, Mary L.108Elsah7-B
Bechtold, Mathias71Elsah6-A
Becker, Wm.77Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Becker, Alvina M.88English Township5-A
Becker, Anna107Ruyle5-A
Becker, Anny M.84English Township4-B
Becker, Charles88English Township5-A
Becker, Clarance86English Township4-B
Becker, Cora77Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Becker, Dorthey86English Township4-B
Becker, Edward J.86English Township4-B
Becker, Elenor C.86English Township4-B
Becker, Ernest H.107Ruyle5-A
Becker, Frances86English Township4-B
Becker, Frank85English Township4-B
Becker, Fredrick88English Township5-A
Becker, Hilda J.86English Township4-B
Becker, Ivie77Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Becker, Joe85Jerseyville, Ward 14-A
Becker, John85English Township4-B
Becker, Joseph86English Township4-B
Becker, Josephine W.84English Township4-B
Becker, Linnia88English Township5-A
Becker, Lizzie77Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Becker, Mandy85Jerseyville, Ward 14-A
Becker, Marry85English Township4-B
Becker, Sophia107Ruyle5-A
Becker, Theodore84English Township4-B
Becker, Walter77Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Becker, Wilhelmina84English Township4-B
Beckner, Asa108English Township5-B
Beckner, Illgie ? M.108English Township5-B
Beckner, Melvin108English Township5-B
Beckner, Sarah M.108English Township5-B
Beeman, William W.86Mississippi4-B
Beierman, August C.169Fidelity8-B
Beierman, Cletus169Fidelity8-B
Beierman, Frances169Fidelity8-B
Beierman, Frances169Fidelity8-B
Beierman, Henry169Fidelity8-B
Beierman, Leonard W.169Fidelity8-B
Beierman, Lucile169Fidelity8-B
Beierman, Margarite169Fidelity8-B
Beierman, Mauretta169Fidelity8-B
Beierman, Richard169Fidelity8-B
Beiermann, Andrew178Jersey8-B
Beiermann, Anna S.77Jersey4-B
Beiermann, Carl77Jersey4-B
Beiermann, Christopher77Jersey4-B
Beiermann, Clarence178Jersey8-B
Beiermann, Dorthy178Jersey8-B
Beiermann, Edna162Jersey8-A
Beiermann, Elizabeth162Jersey8-A
Beiermann, Emma178Jersey8-B
Beiermann, Frank162Jersey8-A
Beiermann, Harold77Jersey4-B
Beiermann, Herbert178Jersey8-B
Beiermann, Herman77Jersey4-A
Beiermann, Mary178Jersey8-B
Beiermann, Minnie178Jersey8-B
Beiermann, Paul77Jersey4-B
Beiermann, Raymond77Jersey4-B
Beiermann, Sylvester77Jersey4-B
Beiermann, Theresa77Jersey4-A
Beiermann, Walter162Jersey8-A
Bell, Annie C.49Jerseyville, Ward # 33-A
Bell, Bert126Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
Bell, Charles H.20Fidelity1-B
Bell, Charles H.49Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Bell, Charles Z.130Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
Bell, Charley N.156Otter Creek7-B
Bell, Clifford C.130Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Bell, Eber168Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Bell, Effie126Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
Bell, Fannie B.156Otter Creek7-B
Bell, Florence130Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Bell, George L.195Mississippi8-B
Bell, Geraldine130Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Bell, Harry N.152Otter Creek7-A
Bell, Ida N.152Otter Creek7-A
Bell, Joseph N.156Otter Creek7-B
Bell, Leslie195Mississippi8-B
Bell, Lizzie168Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Bell, martha J.152Otter Creek7-A
Bell, Mattie G.156Otter Creek7-B
Bell, Maurice A.130Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Bell, Nancy C.195Mississippi8-B
Bell, Nellie130Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
Bell, Nellie W.126Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
Bell, Russell M.130Jerseyville, Ward # 45-B
Bell, Zella Fay130Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Belt, Austin282Jerseyville, Ward 110-B
Belt, Elizabeth282Jerseyville, Ward 110-B
Belt, Elizabeth118Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Belt, George W.2English Township1-A
Belt, Lloyd282Jerseyville, Ward 110-B
Belt, Louise118Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Beneke, Clarence14Quarry1-B
Beneke, Ernest14Quarry1-B
Beneke, Gertrude14Quarry1-B
Bennett, Beulah183Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Bennett, Louis183Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Bennett, Mary C.183Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Benson, Agatha L.125Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Benson, Bertha B.125Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Benson, Bertha E.125Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Benson, Bodine125Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Benson, Claud E.125Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Benson, Robert A.204Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Benson, Ruth C.125Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Benson, Susie E.192Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Benson, William192Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Benton, Dorthey83English Township4-B
Benton, Gertrude83English Township4-B
Benton, Margrette83English Township4-B
Benton, Marie83English Township4-B
Benton, Mary83English Township4-B
Bergenger, Bertha D>36Elsah4-A
Bergenger, Clarence J.36Elsah4-A
Bergenger, Edna L.36Elsah4-A
Bergenger, Loretta C.36Elsah4-A
Berkenmeyer, Cecelia158Mississippi7-A
Berkenmeyer, Earl158Mississippi7-A
Berry, Bertha153Jersey7-B
Berry, Cecil L.153Jersey7-B
Berry, Charles C.153Jersey7-B
Berry, Clara B.77Elsah6-A
Berry, Dorothy77Elsah6-A
Berry, Elmer E.79Elsah6-A
Berry, Elmer L.79Elsah6-B
Berry, Eugene C.77Elsah6-A
Berry, Fiola F.153Jersey7-B
Berry, Fredonia L.V.79Elsah6-B
Berry, Geneva J.?77Elsah6-A
Berry, George R.153Jersey7-B
Berry, Hettie E.69Otter Creek3-B
Berry, James69Jerseyville, Ward 13-A
Berry, James L. Jr.69Jerseyville, Ward 13-A
Berry, John C.77Elsah6-A
Berry, Kenneth C.153Jersey7-B
Berry, Lois T.77Elsah6-A
Berry, Lola L.77Elsah6-A
Berry, Mildred P.79Elsah6-B
Berry, Nancy J.77Elsah6-A
Berry, Nellie M.153Jersey7-B
Berry, Ollie W.A.77Elsah6-A
Berry, Robert C.77Elsah6-A
Berry, Rosie153Jersey7-B
Berry, Russell77Elsah6-A
Berry, Spencer E.79Elsah6-B
Berry, Thelma A.153Jersey7-B
Berry, Viola E.79Elsah6-A
Berry, Willard R.153Jersey7-B
Berry, Winnie ?69Jerseyville, Ward 13-A
Berta, Antonnette60Jerseyville, Ward # 33-A
Berta, Vinson60Jerseyville, Ward # 33-A
Berta, Wayne60Jerseyville, Ward # 33-A
Bertman, Alfonso80Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Bertman, Beatrice80Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Bertman, Doris Jand149Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Bertman, Eugenia80Jerseyville, Ward #24-A
Bertman, Fred J.13Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Bertman, George G.75Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Bertman, Helen75Jerseyville, Ward 13-B
Bertman, Helen149Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Bertman, Herbert80Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Bertman, John80Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Bertman, John Jr.80Jerseyville, Ward #24-A
Bertman, Lloyd149Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Bertman, Louise169Jerseyville, Ward 17-A
Bertman, Mary80Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Bertman, Rose Mary80Jerseyville, Ward #24-A
Bessler, Appollonia165Piasa7-B
Besterfeldt, Albert E.7Elsah3-A
Besterfeldt, Bessie H.7Elsah3-A
Besterfeldt, Enos W.7Elsah3-A
Besterfeldt, John C.7Elsah3-A
Besterfeldt, Mina V.7Elsah3-A
Besterfeldt, Selinda3Elsah Village1-A
Besterfeldt, Warren O.7Elsah3-A
Bethel, Edith I.141Otter Creek6-B
Bethel, Emma J.13Otter Creek1-A
Bethel, Enid D.13Otter Creek1-A
Bethel, Ester M.141Otter Creek6-B
Bethel, Ev va J.13Otter Creek1-A
Bethel, Fleda L.127Rosedale6-A
Bethel, George B.127Rosedale6-A
Bethel, Ida C.127Rosedale6-A
Bethel, Lulu V.13Otter Creek1-A
Bethel, Mark J.141Otter Creek6-B
Bethel, Mary E.13Otter Creek1-A
Bethel, Raymond E.13Otter Creek1-A
Bethel, Rollin H,13Otter Creek1-A
Bethel, Tessie E.13Otter Creek1-A
Bethel, William O.13Otter Creek1-A
Bettendorph, Anna130Piasa6-A
Bettendorph, Carl130Piasa6-A
Bettendorph, Chas.133Piasa6-A
Bettendorph, Louis130Piasa6-A
Biederman, Annie J.90English Township5-A
Biederman, Gladis Y.90English Township5-A
Biederman, Leo S.90English Township5-A
Biederman, Lovie L.90English Township5-A
Biederman, Lucile175Jerseyville, Ward # 47-B
Biederman, Otto90English Township5-A
Biederman, Zella M.90English Township5-A
Bierman, Ernest A.130English Township6-B
Bierman, Eugene L.145English Township7-B
Bierman, Florance B.130English Township6-B
Bierman, Gilbert97English Township5-A
Bierman, Josephine97English Township5-A
Bierman, Lawrence A.145English Township7-B
Bierman, Leo H.130English Township6-B
Bierman, Ludovick A.145English Township7-B
Bierman, Mary202Jerseyville, Ward 18-A
Bierman, Mary A.145English Township7-B
Bierman, Morris97English Township5-A
Bierman, Robert L.130English Township6-B
Bierman, Roman C.130English Township6-B
Bierman, Scelia C.130English Township6-B
Bierman, Sutor ?202Jerseyville, Ward 18-A
Bierman, Theodore J.145English Township7-B
Bierman, Tony97English Township5-A
Bieterman, Henry25English Township2-A
Bigger, Mary87Jerseyville, Ward 14-A
Bigger, Mary E.87Jerseyville, Ward 14-A
Bigger, william87Jerseyville, Ward 14-A
Bigger, Wm. R.87Jerseyville, Ward 14-A
Bigs, Lola59Rosedale3-A
Birch, Joseph138English Township7-A
Bireman, Joseph C.145English Township7-B
Birkenmayer, Annie179Fidelity9-A
Birkenmayer, Charles179Fidelity9-A
Birkenmayer, Richard179Fidelity9-A
Birkenmayer, William179Fidelity9-A
Birkenmeyer, Dan77Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Birkenmeyer, Elizabeth1Fidelity1-A
Birkenmeyer, Francis63Jersey3-B
Birkenmeyer, Grace63Jersey3-B
Birkenmeyer, Iona63Jersey3-B
Birkenmeyer, Irene63Jersey3-B
Birkenmeyer, Laura1Fidelity1-A
Birkenmeyer, Lee ?77Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Birkenmeyer, Louella77Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Birkenmeyer, Roy1Fidelity1-A
Birt, Cecil P.1Otter Creek1-A
Bishop, Alice85Jerseyville, Ward #24-A
Bishop, Lois85Jerseyville, Ward #24-A
Bishop, Melville Lee85Jerseyville, Ward #24-A
Bishop, Myrtle85Jerseyville, Ward #24-A
Bishop, Nelson85Jerseyville, Ward #24-A
Blackburn, Flora93Mississippi4-B
Blackburn, Roy N.93Mississippi4-B
Blackburn, William93Mississippi4-B
Blackburn, William B.93Mississippi4-B
Blaeser, Buelah32Richwood2-A
Blaeser, Charles32Richwood2-A
Blaeser, Edgar5Richwood1-A
Blaeser, John5Richwood1-A
Blaeser, Margaret32Richwood2-A
Blaeser, Mary5Richwood1-A
Blancey, Hugh28Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Bland, Elizabeth6Elsah3-A
Bland, Guy ?, E.6Elsah3-A
Bland, John E.6Elsah3-A
Bland, Joseph107Elsah7-B
Bland, Katherine E.78Elsah6-A
Bland, Marguerete E.245Mississippi10-B
Bland, Robert78Elsah6-A
Blasa, Bessie C.126Otter Creek6-A
Blasa, Charles70Rosedale3-B
Blasa, Clayton J.70Rosedale3-B
Blasa, Dorothy O.126Otter Creek6-A
Blasa, Fred168Otter Creek8-A
Blasa, Freda R,168Otter Creek8-A
Blasa, Frelan E.126Otter Creek6-A
Blasa, Henry126Otter Creek6-A
Blasa, Jasper H.126Otter Creek6-A
Blasa, Lloyd W.70Rosedale3-B
Blasa, Mary E.70Rosedale3-B
Blasa, Pearl C.70Rosedale3-B
Blasa, Ray J.70Rosedale3-B
Blasa, Robert E.126Otter Creek6-A
Blay, Charlotte34Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Blay, Earl34Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Blay, Emma34Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Blay, James34Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Blay, Leona34Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Blazer, Maria J.83English Township4-B
Blazer, Peter83English Township4-B
Bligh, Frank264Jerseyville, Ward 110-A
Bligh, Kathallen138Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Bligh, Margaret264Jerseyville, Ward 110-A
Bligh, Margaret M.138Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Bligh, Preston138Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Blish, Emma49Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
Blish, Harry L.154Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
Blish, Lela154Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
Blish, Letta154Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
Blish, Louis D.154Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
Blish, Nell M.154Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
Bloomer, Ada195Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Bloomer, Elizabeth A.195Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Bloomer, John G.195Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Bloomer, John G. Hr.195Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Bloomer, Katharine M.195Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Bloomer, Maude195Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Bloomer, Thomas C.195Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Boedy, Bertha H.35Elsah4-A
Boedy, Charles F.178Mississippi7-B
Boedy, Charles W.T.178Mississippi7-B
Boedy, Clarence V.178Mississippi7-B
Boedy, John E>35Elsah4-A
Boedy, Mamie E.S.178Mississippi7-B
Boedy, Marie O.205Mississippi9-A
Boedy, Robert C.178Mississippi7-B
Boedy, William J.205Mississippi9-A
Boehler, Charles147Piasa6-B
Boehler, Joseph147Piasa6-B
Boehler, Joseph Jr.147Piasa6-B
Boehler, Julia147Piasa6-B
Boehler, Kate146Piasa6-B
Boehler, Mabel147Piasa6-B
Boehler, Philip146Piasa6-B
Boewdy ?, Margaret112Jerseyville, Ward # 35-A
Bohanan, Agnes29Jerseyville, Ward 11-B
Bohanan, Hugh29Jerseyville, Ward 11-B
Bohn, Fred C.107Otter Creek5-A
Bohn, Mabel M.107Otter Creek5-A
Boker, Alonzo242Jerseyville, Ward #210-B
Boker, Anna123Piasa5-B
Boker, Donald123Piasa5-B
Boker, George63Ruyle3-A
Boker, John123Piasa5-B
Boker, John M.123Piasa5-B
Boker, Maggie242Jerseyville, Ward #210-B
Boker, William242Jerseyville, Ward #210-B
Boner, Edwin F.115Ruyle5-A
Boner, Elizabeth115Ruyle5-A
Boner, Tillie187Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Boner, Will187Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Booker, Anna20Piasa1-B
Booker, Charles20Piasa1-B
Booker, Edna20Piasa1-B
Booker, Henry20Piasa1-B
Booker, Henry20Piasa1-B
booker, William20Piasa1-B
Boomer, Irene29Jerseyville, Ward # 42-A
Boomer, John A.128English Township6-B
Borman, Clara76Richwood4-B
Borman, Joseph76Richwood4-B
Bothwell, Sadie120Jerseyville, Ward #25-B
Bott, David51Piasa3-A
Bott, Dorothy51Piasa3-A
Bott, Elmer51Piasa3-A
Bott, Elner ?51Piasa3-A
Bott, Eugene51Piasa3-A
Bott, John51Piasa3-A
Bott, Olive ?51Piasa3-A
Bott, Oliver19Piasa1-B
Bott, Oliver Jr.19Piasa1-B
Bott, Sophia19Piasa1-B
Boushka, Charlie31English Township2-A
Boushka, Julia31English Township2-A
Boushka, Leo31English Township2-A
Boushka, Matt31English Township2-A
Bowen, Etta M.24Elsah3-B
Bowen, Harry L.24Elsah3-B
Bowen, Harry J.24Elsah3-B
Bower, George F.33Elsah Village2-A
Bower, Octa33Elsah Village2-A
Bowers, Arnold81Richwood4-B
Bowers, Joseph81Richwood4-B
Bowers, Susie81Richwood4-B
Bowersock, Charlie57Jerseyville, Ward 13-A
Bowersock, Emma57Jerseyville, Ward 13-A
Bowker, James E.161Fidelity8-A
Bowker, Winnie Y.161Fidelity8-A
Bowler, Barbara E.24Jerseyville, Ward # 42-A
Bowler, Peter A.24Jerseyville, Ward # 42-A
Bowler, William P.24Jerseyville, Ward # 42-A
Bowman, Etna V.19Elsah3-B
Bowman, Fredric L.19Elsah3-B
Bowman, Harriet B.146Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Bowman, Hattie C.146Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Bowman, James A.19Elsah3-B
Bowman, James E.106Elsah7-B
Bowman, James H.19Elsah3-B
Bowman, Mary E.19Elsah3-B
Bowman, Nellie G.146Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Bowman, Nettie L.19Elsah3-B
Bowman, Raymond S.19Elsah3-B
Bowman, Stephen S.146Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Bown, Charles J.98Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Boyce, Elbert A.89Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Boyce, Mazine R.89Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Boyce, susie B.89Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Boyer, Burleigh101Jersey5-B
Boyer, Charles N.101Jersey5-B
Boyer, Emma101Jersey5-B
Boyer, Katherine101Jersey5-B
Boyle, James157Piasa7-A
Boyle, Michael69Ruyle3-B
Boyle, Peter138English Township7-A
Br???keyer, Ada M.58Otter Creek3-A
Br???keyer, Caroline58Otter Creek3-A
Br???keyer, Frank W.58Otter Creek3-A
Br???keyer, Henry J.58Otter Creek3-A
Br???keyer, Ida M.58Otter Creek3-A
Br???keyer, John H.58Otter Creek3-A
Bracy, Ada153Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Bracy, James153Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Bradley, Albert D.122Rosedale6-A
Bradley, Alice R.122Rosedale6-A
Bradley, Charles W.122Rosedale6-A
Bradley, Emma E.123Rosedale6-A
Bradley, George F.122Rosedale6-A
Bradley, Henry P.122Rosedale6-A
Bradley, Lida A.122Rosedale6-A
Bradley, Lydia G.26Rosedale2-A
Bradley, Mary F.122Rosedale6-A
Bradley, William E.122Rosedale6-A
Bradshaw, Emily166Jerseyville, Ward 15-B
Bradshaw, Fannie109Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Bradshaw, Levis D.109Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Bradshaw, Mary49Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Bradshaw, R. G.109Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Bradshaw, Thomas49Jerseyville, Ward # 43-A
Brainded, Charles37Quarry2-A
Brainded, George37Quarry2-A
Brainded, George C.37Quarry2-A
Brainded, Nona37Quarry2-A
Brainded, Ruth37Quarry2-A
Brammeier, A. F.45Jerseyville, Ward #22-B
Brammeier, Dorthy45Jerseyville, Ward #22-B
Brammeier, Helen45Jerseyville, Ward #22-B
Brammeier, Marie45Jerseyville, Ward #22-B
Brammeier, Robert45Jerseyville, Ward #22-B
Brandt, Dorothy S.61Rosedale3-B
Brandt, Edna B.61Rosedale3-B
Brandt, Elvina I.61Rosedale3-B
Brandt, Emma61Rosedale3-B
Brandt, Louis H.61Rosedale3-B
Brandt, Wert61Rosedale3-B
Branon, Charles148Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Branon, Emily V.148Jerseyville, Ward #26-B
Bray, Catherine L.55Otter Creek3-A
Bray, Edward50Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
Bray, Elizebeth56Otter Creek3-A
Bray, Hubert J.55Otter Creek3-A
Bray, Ira D.56Otter Creek3-A
Bray, James R.55Otter Creek3-A
Bray, John50Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
Bray, John J.55Otter Creek3-A
Bray, Josephine L.55Otter Creek3-A
Bray, Lester50Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
Bray, Mark W.55Otter Creek3-A
Bray, Mary F.55Otter Creek3-A
Bray, Mollie50Jerseyville, Ward 12-B
Breden, Harold G.108Otter Creek5-A
Breden, Mae A.108Otter Creek5-A
Breden, Norman L.108Otter Creek5-A
Breden, Ralph E.108Otter Creek5-A
Breden, William F.108Otter Creek5-A
Bregenger, Bertha K.36Elsah4-A
Bregenger, Edward J.36Elsah4-A
Bregenzer, Agnes172Piasa7-B
Bregenzer, Ida172Piasa7-B
Bregenzer, John172Piasa7-B
Bregenzer, Mary172Piasa7-B
Bregenzer, Roslie172Piasa7-B
Breitweiser, Alma56Mississippi3-B
Breitweiser, Anna63Fidelity3-B
Breitweiser, Anna166Piasa7-B
Breitweiser, Appollonia166Piasa7-B
Breitweiser, Clara20Mississippi1-B
Breitweiser, Clementine59Piasa3-B
Breitweiser, Dixon46Mississippi3-A
Breitweiser, Edna56Mississippi3-B
Breitweiser, Edward46Mississippi3-A
Breitweiser, Elizbeth56Mississippi3-B
Breitweiser, Elvin40Mississippi2-B
Breitweiser, Emma46Mississippi3-A
Breitweiser, Fay ?46Mississippi2-B
Breitweiser, Frank46Mississippi2-B
Breitweiser, Frank166Piasa7-B
Breitweiser, Frank166Piasa7-B
Breitweiser, Fred46Mississippi2-B
Breitweiser, Frederick46Mississippi3-A
Breitweiser, Harry59Piasa3-B
Breitweiser, Ira63Fidelity3-B
Breitweiser, Jerome166Piasa7-B
Breitweiser, Jerome P.56Mississippi3-B
Breitweiser, John40Mississippi2-B
Breitweiser, John46Mississippi3-A
Breitweiser, Katie56Mississippi3-B
Breitweiser, Leo J.175Mississippi7-B
Breitweiser, Leola I.175Mississippi7-B
Breitweiser, Lillie46Mississippi2-B
Breitweiser, Mabel40Mississippi2-B
Breitweiser, Mabel A.175Mississippi7-B
Breitweiser, Mary40Mississippi2-B
Breitweiser, Mary46Mississippi3-A
Breitweiser, Matilda166Piasa7-B
Breitweiser, May20Mississippi1-B
Breitweiser, Norma A.175Mississippi7-B
Breitweiser, Orville59Piasa3-B
Breitweiser, Paul20Mississippi1-B
Breitweiser, Peter59Piasa3-A
Breitweiser, Robert E.56Mississippi3-B
Breitweiser, Robert E.56Mississippi3-B
Breitweiser, Ruth20Mississippi1-B
Breitweiser, Sophia59Piasa3-B
Breitweiser, Spenser20Mississippi1-B
Breitweiser, Thomas20Mississippi1-B
Breitweiser, Victor20Mississippi1-B
Breitweiser, Vida46Mississippi3-A
Breitweiser, Wilbur H.56Mississippi3-B
Brewer, Lewis16Elsah3-B
Brewster, Bertie17Richwood1-B
Brewster, Bertrand17Richwood1-B
Brewster, Leila17Richwood1-B
Brichel, William H.47Elsah Village2-B
Brickey, Ferdinand W.147Jersey7-A
Brickey, Lou E.147Jersey7-A
Brickey, Nellie L.94Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Brickey, Ray J.94Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Brickey, Ray Jr.94Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Bridges, Allie146Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Bridges, Cora29Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Bridges, Edgar R.55Ruyle3-A
Bridges, Harley112Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Bridges, Mary E.55Ruyle3-A
Bridges, Minnie112Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Bridges, Orvil112Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Bridges, Russell L.55Ruyle3-A
Bridges, Sylvia B.55Ruyle3-A
Bridges, William146Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Bridges, William L.146Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Bridgewater, Harry76Richwood4-B
Brietweiser, Hettie30Jerseyville, Ward 11-B
Brietweiser, Paul30Jerseyville, Ward 11-B
Brietweiser, Raymond30Jerseyville, Ward 11-B
Briggs, Bessie114Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Briggs, Bessie61Mississippi3-B
Briggs, Daisy61Mississippi3-B
Briggs, Earnest45Richwood2-B
Briggs, Ellis45Richwood2-B
Briggs, Emily45Richwood2-B
Briggs, Jefferson45Richwood2-B
Briggs, Jerome45Richwood2-B
Briggs, Juliette78Elsah6-A
Briggs, Morrise114Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Briggs, Paul T.61Mississippi3-B
Briggs, Tiffon114Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Briggs, Virgil114Jerseyville, Ward 15-A
Briggs, William45Richwood2-B
Brigham, Jane24Richwood1-B
Bright, Alfred173Richwood8-B
Bright, Clara M.149Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Bright, Eva149Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Bright, John H.154Jersey7-B
Bright, John R.149Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Bright, Myra J.154Jersey7-B
Bright, Ruth B.149Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Bright, Valentine H.149Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Bringhurst, Edna9Fidelity1-A
Bringhurst, James9Fidelity1-A
Bringhurst, Paul A.9Fidelity1-A
Britton, Nellie36Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Britton, Page36Jerseyville, Ward #22-A
Brock, Carrie M.31Rosedale2-A
Brock, Justin O.45Elsah Village2-A
Brockman, Adelia C.102Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Brockman, Carolina H.8585Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Brockman, Cornelius E.102Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Brockman, Fred H.102Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Brockman, Herman F.102Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Brockman, Louis H.85Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Brockman, Minnie85Jerseyville, Ward # 44-A
Brockmeyer, Anna M.113Jerseyville, Ward # 35-A
Brockmeyer, August H.113Jerseyville, Ward # 35-A
Brockmeyer, Carl H.113Jerseyville, Ward # 35-A
Brockmeyer, Chas. H.113Jerseyville, Ward # 35-A
Brockmeyer, Marie E.113Jerseyville, Ward # 35-A
Brockus or Brockers, James268Jerseyville, Ward 110-A
Brockus or Brockers, Rose268Jerseyville, Ward 110-A
Brokhamp, John145Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Brooks, Arthur69Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Brooks, Callie88Jersey5-A
Brooks, Clara69Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Brooks, Clarence88Jersey5-A
Brooks, Everet88Jersey5-A
Brooks, Florence69Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Brooks, Harold69Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Brooks, Helen69Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Brooks, Howard W.88Jersey5-A
Brooks, Lynn126Jersey6-B
Brooks, Minta Jane88Jersey5-A
Brooks, Nellie126Jersey6-B
Brooks, Paddy214Jerseyville, Ward 18-B
Brooks, Pauline69Jerseyville, Ward #23-B
Brooks, Ralph88Jersey5-A
Brooks, Ray P.88Jersey5-A
Brown, Agnes184Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Brown, Alice40Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Brown, Alice L.40Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Brown, Amos172Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Brown, Andrew J.40Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Brown, B. H.104Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Brown, Cecil13Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Brown, Charles62Richwood3-A
Brown, Charles8Quarry1-A
Brown, Clarence E.122Ruyle5-B
Brown, Dollie M.98Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Brown, Doris A.122Ruyle5-B
Brown, Dorris A.133Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Brown, Dorthea U.40Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Brown, Dorthey I. (Dorothy ?)9English Township1-A
Brown, Eddie172Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Brown, Emma62Richwood3-A
Brown, Emma G.121Rosedale6-A
Brown, Etta A.103Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Brown, Francis M.103Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Brown, Frank O.133Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Brown, Franklin62Richwood3-A
Brown, George62Richwood3-A
Brown, Gertrude104Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Brown, Gladys9English Township1-A
Brown, Goldie173Jerseyville, Ward #27-B
Brown, Grace M.122Ruyle5-B
Brown, Harry M.98Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Brown, Harvey172Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Brown, Hellen L.40Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Brown, Henry8Quarry1-A
Brown, Hilda99Jerseyville, Ward #24-B
Brown, Jessie188Fidelity9-A
Brown, Jessie B.98Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Brown, John9English Township1-A
Brown, John188Fidelity9-A
Brown, John184Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Brown, John L.103Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Brown, Laura F.103Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Brown, Lavina51Jerseyville, Ward # 33-A
Brown, Lester W.188Fidelity9-A
Brown, Lola B.98Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Brown, Lutitia172Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Brown, Lutitia172Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Brown, Mable99Jerseyville, Ward #24-B
Brown, Marie115Jerseyville, Ward #25-A
Brown, Marvel172Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Brown, Mary107Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Brown, Mina D.133Jerseyville, Ward # 35-B
Brown, Mott99Jerseyville, Ward #24-B
Brown, Myrtle104Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Brown, Olin98Jerseyville, Ward # 34-B
Brown, Ollie7Quarry1-A
Brown, Ollie8Quarry1-A
Brown, Prudence188Fidelity9-A
Brown, Ramona L.40Jerseyville, Ward # 32-B
Brown, Richard172Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Brown, Richard104Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Brown, Robert184Jerseyville, Ward 17-B
Brown, Robert104Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Brown, Ronald104Jerseyville, Ward # 45-A
Brown, Rpbert B.9English Township1-A
Brown, Ruth O.99Jerseyville, Ward #24-B
Brown, Sarah99Jerseyville, Ward #24-B
Brown, Sarah M.188Fidelity9-A
Brown, Thomas7Quarry1-A
Brown, William172Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Brown, William M.121Rosedale6-A
Brueggeman, Helen57Richwood3-A
Brueggeman, Ida57Richwood3-A
Brueggeman, Lena57Richwood3-A
Brueggeman, Lois57Richwood3-A
Brueggeman, Mary57Richwood3-A
Brummer, Henry29Piasa2-A
Brummer, Lois ?29Piasa2-A
Brummer, mary138Piasa6-B
Brummer, William138Piasa6-B
Bryan, William84English Township4-B
Bryant, Amelia52Elsah5-A
Bryant, Anna E.52Elsah5-A
Bryant, Arthur C.52Elsah5-A
Bryant, Harold A.52Elsah5-A
Bryant, Lee R.47Rosedale3-A
Bryant, Mary47Rosedale3-A
Bryant, William47Rosedale3-A
Budt, lottie E.36Rosedale2-B
Budt, Stella E.36Rosedale2-B
Budt, William36Rosedale2-B
Buelman, John J.28Otter Creek2-A
Buesen, Nick13Jerseyville, Ward # 41-B
Bull, Asher A.102Rosedale5-A
Bull, Clara102Rosedale5-A
Bull, Dorothy110Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
Bull, Herman D.110Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
Bull, Jaret104Richwood5-B
Bull, Lela110Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
Bull, Leslie J.102Rosedale5-A
Bull, Mary A.102Rosedale5-A
Bummer or Bremmer, Frank29Elsah3-B
Bummer or Bremmer, Katherine29Elsah3-B
Bunse Daisy L.56Elsah5-A
Bunse, Charlie79English Township4-B
Bunse, Clem C.80English Township4-B
Bunse, Edward C.80English Township4-B
Bunse, Frank C.80English Township4-B
Bunse, Fredrick J.80English Township4-B
Bunse, George A.80English Township4-B
Bunse, Georgia T.56Elsah5-A
Bunse, Henry J.80English Township4-B
Bunse, Henry V.80English Township4-B
Bunse, John W.56Elsah5-A
Bunse, Joseph30Elsah4-A
Bunse, Louis56Elsah5-A
Bunse, Marry80English Township4-B
Bunse, Violet L.56Elsah5-A
Bunse, William56Elsah5-A
Bunsey, Catherine211Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Bunsey, Catherine I.211Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Bunsey, Eva238Jerseyville, Ward # 310-B
Bunsey, Francis C.211Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Bunsey, Frederick L.211Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Bunsey, Herman238Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
Bunsey, John R.211Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Bunsey, Mary J.238Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
Bunsey, Peter211Jerseyville, Ward # 39-A
Bunsey, William238Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
Bunsey, William238Jerseyville, Ward # 310-A
Burch, Claude174Fidelity8-B
Burch, Estelle160Jerseyville, Ward # 47-A
Burch, Hazel E.174Fidelity8-B
Burch, Hazel E.174Fidelity8-B
Burch, Helen160Jerseyville, Ward # 47-A
Burch, Maurita G.174Fidelity8-B
Burg, Anna M.79Otter Creek4-A
Burg, Della D.79Otter Creek4-A
Burg, Minnie79Otter Creek4-A
Burg, Otto E.79Otter Creek4-A
Burge, Darrell52Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Burge, Earl94Jerseyville, Ward #24-B
Burge, Harry52Jerseyville, Ward #22-B
Burge, James94Jerseyville, Ward #24-B
Burge, Jane L.94Jerseyville, Ward #24-B
Burge, Myrtle52Jerseyville, Ward #22-B
Burge, Rolin52Jerseyville, Ward #23-A
Burger, Docia46Jersey3-A
Burger, Floy A.47Ruyle2-B
Burger, Freeman46Jersey3-A
Burger, Martha J.47Ruyle2-B
Burk, Henry240Jerseyville, Ward #210-A
Burk, Mary Jane240Jerseyville, Ward #210-A
Burke, Hannora150Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Burke, Margaret A.150Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Burke, Michael J.150Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Burke, William H.150Jerseyville, Ward # 46-B
Burmeister, Clara E.57Elsah5-A
Burmeister, Gustav J.57Elsah5-A
Burmeister, Henry E.57Elsah5-A
Burmeister, John G,57Elsah5-A
Burmeister, Theresa M.57Elsah5-A
Burmeister, William H.57Elsah5-A
Burnett, Ada133Richwood7-A
Burnett, Chas. Q.111Mississippi5-B
Burnett, Frank134Richwood7-A
Burnett, Goldie134Richwood7-A
Burnett, William133Richwood7-A
Burns, Alice14Piasa1-B
Burns, Anna14Piasa1-B
Burns, Aurthur60Jersey3-B
Burns, Clara60Jersey3-B
Burns, Clara60Jersey3-B
Burns, Daisy140Jersey7-A
Burns, Eula60Jersey3-B
Burns, Frank60Jersey3-B
Burns, Hugh140Jersey7-A
Burns, Irene142Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Burns, Irene14Piasa1-B
Burns, John142Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Burns, John14Piasa1-B
Burns, John14Piasa1-B
Burns, Lena142Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Burns, Leo W.182Mississippi8-A
Burns, Leonard60Jersey3-B
Burns, Lincoln ?149Jersey7-B
Burns, Marvie140Jersey7-A
Burns, Mary E.182Mississippi8-A
Burns, Mary J.148Jersey7-B
Burns, Mathias148Jersey7-B
Burns, Mauretta142Jerseyville, Ward #26-A
Burns, May60Jersey3-B
Burns, Patrick W.217Jerseyville, Ward # 39-B
Burns, Peter149Jersey7-B
Burns, Robert60Jersey3-B
Burns, Ruth60Jersey3-B
Burns, Sina149Jersey7-B
Burns, Teresa217Jerseyville, Ward # 39-B
Burns, william J.38Rosedale2-B
Burrus, Harry103Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
Burrus, Helen103Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
Burrus, Nellie103Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
Burton, Nancy239Jerseyville, Ward #210-A
Burus, Anna103Jerseyville, Ward 14-B
Burus, Katie E.30Jerseyville, Ward # 32-A
Busch, Alice O.41Otter Creek2-B
Busch, Carl132Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Busch, George F.41Otter Creek2-B
Busch, Howard F.41Otter Creek2-B
Busch, Irene C.41Otter Creek2-B
Busch, Mabel C.41Otter Creek2-B
Busch, Otillie132Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Busch, Roy132Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Busch, Sigel132Jerseyville, Ward # 46-A
Busch, Virgil L.41Otter Creek2-B
Buschel, Geo. H.83Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Buschel, Henry W.83Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Buschel, Nancy A.83Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Buschel, Walter B.83Jerseyville, Ward # 34-A
Busey, mary E.164Jerseyville, Ward # 37-A
Bush, Bessie186Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Bush, Charles182Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Bush, Dayle186Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Bush, Dorothy182Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Bush, Eva182Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Bush, Frank40Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
Bush, George182Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Bush, Mary182Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Bush, Mary Loucile182Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Bush, Minnie186Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Bush, Olive40Jerseyville, Ward 12-A
Bush, Pauline186Jerseyville, Ward #28-B
Bush, Russell186Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Bush, Thomas186Jerseyville, Ward #28-A
Butler, Agnes137Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Butler, Bethel137Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Butler, Daniel92Piasa4-B
Butler, George137Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Butler, Henry101Jerseyville, Ward #24-B
Butler, Laverne137Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Butler, Myra137Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Butler, Starley ?137Jerseyville, Ward # 36-A
Butt ?, Henry31Quarry2-B
Butt ?, Seima ?31Quarry2-B
Byrnes, Emma54Piasa3-A
Byrnes, Helen54Piasa3-A
Byrnes, John54Piasa3-A
Byrnes, John M.54Piasa3-A
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