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1910 Jersey County Federal Census Index
Ruyle TownshipThis transcription of the index to the Jersey County Federal Census of 1910 was contributed by Delores Molloy. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

Henry, Lucy1Ruyle1-A
Statler, Clarence1Ruyle1-A
Statler, Glen ?1Ruyle1-A
Statler, J. H.1Ruyle1-A
Statler, James H.1Ruyle1-A
Statler, Yella ?1Ruyle1-A
Stiners ?, Matilda J.2Ruyle1-A
Stiners ?, Thomas2Ruyle1-A
Crawel or Crauch, Lawrence3Ruyle1-A
Crawel or Crauch, Lee3Ruyle1-A
Crawel or Crauch, Maud3Ruyle1-A
Crawel or Crauch, Opal3Ruyle1-A
Hulgens, R. G.3Ruyle1-A
Thornhill, S. R.3Ruyle1-A
Scott, Clarence4Ruyle1-A
Scott, Ethel4Ruyle1-A
Scott, Etta4Ruyle1-A
Scott, Fay4Ruyle1-A
Scott, George4Ruyle1-A
Scott, George4Ruyle1-A
Scott, Harald4Ruyle1-A
Scott, Russell4Ruyle1-A
Alexander, Clifford5Ruyle1-A
Alexander, Sanford5Ruyle1-A
Alexander, Verna5Ruyle1-A
Whillicox, Joseph6Ruyle1-A
Whillicox, Pala or Lola6Ruyle1-A
Alexander, George7Ruyle1-A
Holmes, Ben7Ruyle1-A
Polgerid, Delbert7Ruyle1-A
Polgerid, Hattie7Ruyle1-A
Polgerid, Helen7Ruyle1-A
Polgerid, Howard7Ruyle1-A
Polgerid, Minnie7Ruyle1-A
Barnett, Alice8Ruyle1-A
Barnett, Ernest8Ruyle1-A
Barnett, Jefferson8Ruyle1-A
Barnett, Lillian8Ruyle1-A
Barnett, Mural8Ruyle1-A
Kemper, J. W.8Ruyle1-B
Kemper, Kenneth8Ruyle1-B
Kemper, Mary8Ruyle1-B
Cluster, Chaley9Ruyle1-B
Cluster, Crist9Ruyle1-B
Cluster, Martha W.9Ruyle1-B
Cluster, William T.9Ruyle1-B
Hill, Delia9Ruyle1-B
Hill, Walter9Ruyle1-B
Kemper, Charlotte10Ruyle1-B
Kemper, Joseph W.10Ruyle1-B
Kemper, Victor10Ruyle1-B
Hard, Clifford11Ruyle1-B
Hard, Harold11Ruyle1-B
Hard, Ina M.11Ruyle1-B
Hard, Leonardis11Ruyle1-B
Hard, Lietha E.11Ruyle1-B
Hard, Luella11Ruyle1-B
Hard, Nellie M.11Ruyle1-B
Kirkland, Thomas11Ruyle1-B
Palmer, Orin12Ruyle1-B
Parish, Bertha13Ruyle1-B
Parish, Eveline B.13Ruyle1-B
Parish, James13Ruyle1-B
Parish, James13Ruyle1-B
Walker, Edward13Ruyle1-B
Walker, James13Ruyle1-B
Palmer, A—–14Ruyle1-B
Parish, E——-14Ruyle1-B
Parish, Gertrude14Ruyle1-B
Parish, Laverne14Ruyle1-B
Parish, Thelma14Ruyle1-B
Elliott, Clarence L.16Ruyle1-B
Elliott, Lewis Jr.16Ruyle1-B
Elliott, Mary C.16Ruyle1-B
Elliott, Benjamin17Ruyle1-B
Elliott, Floyd17Ruyle1-B
Elliott, Mary17Ruyle1-B
Elliott, Hallie M.18Ruyle1-B
Elliott, Mala ?18Ruyle1-B
Elliott, Oscar18Ruyle1-B
Elliott, Mildred18Ruyle1-B
Parish, Gertrude19Ruyle1-B
Parish, John Jr.19Ruyle1-B
Parish, Mildred19Ruyle1-B
Van Ma—–, Fern20Ruyle1-B
Van Ma—–, Serene20Ruyle1-B
Van Ma—–, William20Ruyle1-B
Armstrong, Charles21Ruyle1-B
??????, Wm.22Ruyle2-A
Smith, Eila22Ruyle2-A
Smith, Ernest22Ruyle2-A
Smith, Eugene22Ruyle2-A
Smith, Hattie22Ruyle2-A
Smith, Jasper A.22Ruyle2-A
Smith, Milton22Ruyle2-A
Smith, Myron22Ruyle2-A
Smith, Nanine22Ruyle2-A
Barton, Andrew23Ruyle2-A
Lynch, Katie24Ruyle2-A
Palmer, George Jr.24Ruyle2-A
Palmer, Maria E.24Ruyle2-A
San Matre, Mary N.25Ruyle2-A
San Matre, Minerva25Ruyle2-A
San Matre, W. G.25Ruyle2-A
Struabe, Bessie26Ruyle2-A
Struabe, Christian26Ruyle2-A
Struabe, Frank26Ruyle2-A
Struabe, Mary26Ruyle2-A
Smith, Clement P.27Ruyle2-A
Smith, Earl C.27Ruyle2-A
Smith, Goldie27Ruyle2-A
Smith, Mildred J.27Ruyle2-A
McKennan ?, Frank28Ruyle2-A
McKennan ?, John H.29Ruyle2-A
Teyon, Bulah30Ruyle2-B
Teyon, Charles H.30Ruyle2-B
Teyon, Emma30Ruyle2-B
Teyon, Lester30Ruyle2-B
McKennan ?, H. B.31Ruyle2-B
McKennan, Edward31Ruyle2-B
McKennan, Mary31Ruyle2-B
McKennan, Mary31Ruyle2-B
Ruyle, Cassie32Ruyle2-B
Ruyle, George B.32Ruyle2-B
Ruyle, Lillie32Ruyle2-B
Ruyle, Lloyd32Ruyle2-B
Ruyle, Myron32Ruyle2-B
Ruyle, ?ettie M.33Ruyle2-B
Ruyle, Amos L.33Ruyle2-B
Ruyle, Ann33Ruyle2-B
Ruyle, Della M.33Ruyle2-B
Ruyle, Eric M.33Ruyle2-B
Hally, Lee34Ruyle2-B
Wheeler, Bertha J.34Ruyle2-B
Wheeler, Jennette34Ruyle2-B
Wheeler, John M.34Ruyle2-B
Holingsworth, George35Ruyle2-B
Holingsworth, Lora A.35Ruyle2-B
Stamps, Catherine35Ruyle2-B
Stamps, Clarabelle M.35Ruyle2-B
Stamps, Effie M.35Ruyle2-B
Stamps, Howard S.35Ruyle2-B
Stamps, John H.35Ruyle2-B
Stamps, Sylvester35Ruyle2-B
Johnson, Asa36Ruyle2-B
Long or Lang, Edwin L.36Ruyle2-B
Long or Lang, Lottie36Ruyle2-B
Ruyle, Dora J.37Ruyle2-B
Ruyle, Doras B.37Ruyle2-B
Ruyle, Strait H.37Ruyle2-B
Ruyle, Thomas B.37Ruyle2-B
Melow, Stanley38Ruyle2-B
Wilton, ???? (wife)38Ruyle2-B
Wilton, Edwin38Ruyle2-B
Wilton, James38Ruyle2-B
Wilton, Mabel38Ruyle2-B
Wilton, Myrtle38Ruyle2-B
Wilton, Orville38Ruyle2-B
Wilton, Richard38Ruyle2-B
Dodge, Harriet39Ruyle2-B
Dodge, Laura R.39Ruyle2-B
Dodge, Mary C.39Ruyle2-B
Dodge, V. L.39Ruyle2-B
Foster, Charles39Ruyle2-B
Haynes, May40Ruyle3-A
Kitchell, Anna40Ruyle3-A
Kitchell, Cledas40Ruyle3-A
Kitchell, George W.40Ruyle3-A
Kitchell, Meda40Ruyle3-A
Madden, Joseph40Ruyle3-A
Higgens, Eua L.41Ruyle3-A
Higgens, Iona R.41Ruyle3-A
Higgens, John K.41Ruyle3-A
Higgens, Lois V.41Ruyle3-A
Higgens, Martha41Ruyle3-A
Leyon, Samuel41Ruyle3-A
Armstrong, Arthur42Ruyle3-A
Armstrong, Edna42Ruyle3-A
Armstrong, Rebecca42Ruyle3-A
Armstrong, William W.42Ruyle3-A
Thompson, Charlotte J.43Ruyle3-A
Thompson, David W.43Ruyle3-A
Elliott, Carl C.44Ruyle3-A
Elliott, Keith E.44Ruyle3-A
Elliott, Margriet44Ruyle3-A
Ruyle, Charles H.45Ruyle3-A
Ruyle, Claude M.45Ruyle3-A
Ruyle, Milton45Ruyle3-A
Ruyle, Alda or Alta46Ruyle3-A
Ruyle, Cleo46Ruyle3-A
Ruyle, Roy46Ruyle3-A
Haukins, Clara47Ruyle3-A
Haukins, Edith47Ruyle3-A
Haukins, Mildred S.47Ruyle3-A
Haukins, Samuel A.47Ruyle3-A
Alward, James48Ruyle3-A
Alward, Racheal48Ruyle3-A
Alward, Richard48Ruyle3-A
Alward, Sadie48Ruyle3-A
Murphy, Andrew48Ruyle3-A
Thompson, Etta49Ruyle3-A
Thompson, Orrie49Ruyle3-A
Reno, Harry50Ruyle3-A
Reno, Lemuel50Ruyle3-A
Reno, Martha E.50Ruyle3-A
Bridges, Edgar R.51Ruyle3-A
Bridges, Etta M.51Ruyle3-A
Bridges, Russ S.51Ruyle3-A
Bridges, Sylvia B.51Ruyle3-A
Gross, Joseph52Ruyle3-A
Gross, Sarah C.52Ruyle3-A
Daniels, Irvin ?53Ruyle3-B
Gross, Charles H.53Ruyle3-B
Gross, Florence J.53Ruyle3-B
Gross, John53Ruyle3-B
Gross, Ruth M.53Ruyle3-B
Gross, Sarah E.53Ruyle3-B
Murry, Lizzie54Ruyle3-B
Okrstrom, Charles54Ruyle3-B
Okrstrom, Ellen54Ruyle3-B
Gross, Alvin55Ruyle3-B
Gross, Hattie55Ruyle3-B
Gross, Joseph55Ruyle3-B
Gross, Lester55Ruyle3-B
Gross, Mildred55Ruyle3-B
Shine, James56Ruyle3-B
Shine, Julia56Ruyle3-B
Daugherty, Agnes57Ruyle3-B
Daugherty, Ellen57Ruyle3-B
Daugherty, Julia57Ruyle3-B
Daugherty, Loretta57Ruyle3-B
Daugherty, Mollie57Ruyle3-B
Daugherty, Patrick W.57Ruyle3-B
Daugherty, Ursula57Ruyle3-B
Daugherty, William P.57Ruyle3-B
Tinan, Micheal57Ruyle3-B
Barnes, Effie M.58Ruyle4-A
Barnes, Paul L.58Ruyle4-A
Barnes, Ruth A.58Ruyle4-A
Barnes, Stephen58Ruyle4-A
Daniels, Evert M.59Ruyle4-A
Daniels, Hazel N.59Ruyle4-A
Daniels, Iva or Ina59Ruyle4-A
Daniels, John59Ruyle4-A
Barnes, Charles W.60Ruyle4-A
Barnes, Fred R.60Ruyle4-A
Barnes, Jessie E.60Ruyle4-A
Barnes, John W.60Ruyle4-A
Barnes, Lynn J.60Ruyle4-A
Barnes, Mary60Ruyle4-A
Ruyle, Chester W.60Ruyle4-A
Ruyle, Edgar T.60Ruyle4-A
Ruyle, Eliza E.60Ruyle4-A
Ruyle, Imo60Ruyle4-A
Ruyle, Myrtle60Ruyle4-A
Elliott, John B.61Ruyle4-A
Elliott, John B.61Ruyle4-A
Elliott, Marie61Ruyle4-A
Elliott, Susie L.61Ruyle4-A
Haukins or Hankins, Albert F.62Ruyle4-A
Haukins or Hankins, Nancy62Ruyle4-A
Perrin, Samuel62Ruyle4-A
Barnes, Edward F.63Ruyle4-A
Barnes, Nellie M.63Ruyle4-A
Carr, Christian L .63Ruyle4-A
Haynes, Albert R.64Ruyle4-A
Haynes, Buren T.64Ruyle4-A
Haynes, Carl64Ruyle4-A
Haynes, Frances64Ruyle4-A
Haynes, Guilda64Ruyle4-A
Haynes, Maggie64Ruyle4-A
Ryan, Ada65Ruyle4-A
Ryan, Christopher65Ruyle4-A
Ryan, Edith65Ruyle4-A
Ryan, George E.65Ruyle4-A
Ryan, Helen65Ruyle4-A
Ryan, Henry65Ruyle4-A
Ryan, Lena S.65Ruyle4-A
Ryan, Mildred65Ruyle4-A
Stephenson, Flora B.66Ruyle4-A
Stephenson, Richard66Ruyle4-A
Emery, Letha67Ruyle4-A
Emery, Opal A.67Ruyle4-A
Emery, Orville67Ruyle4-A
Ryan, James68Ruyle4-A
Ryan, Mary68Ruyle4-A
Drake, Alice69Ruyle4-B
Drake, George W.69Ruyle4-B
Turner, Clifford70Ruyle4-B
Turner, Henry M.70Ruyle4-B
Turner, Ida M.70Ruyle4-B
Ryan, Ethel71Ruyle4-B
Madden, James72Ruyle5-A
Madden, John72Ruyle5-A
Rhoades, E.. B.72Ruyle5-A
Rhoades, Edith W.72Ruyle5-A
Rhoades, Irl W.72Ruyle5-A
Rhoades, Owen E.72Ruyle5-A
Bennett, Ada73Ruyle5-A
Bennett, Myrtle L.73Ruyle5-A
Bennett, W. F.73Ruyle5-A
Strunk, Vivian I.74Ruyle5-A
Young, Albert74Ruyle5-A
Young, Effie74Ruyle5-A
Young, Esther74Ruyle5-A
Ryan, Alma75Ruyle5-A
Ryan, Carrie75Ruyle5-A
Ryan, Evertt75Ruyle5-A
Ryan, John T.75Ruyle5-A
Ryan, Louise75Ruyle5-A
Ryan, Thadeous75Ruyle5-A
Ryan, Theo75Ruyle5-A
Rice, Don T.76Ruyle5-A
Rice, Mary E.76Ruyle5-A
Ryan, Angeline ?77Ruyle5-A
Ryan, Lillie M.77Ruyle5-A
Ryan, Richard77Ruyle5-A
Ryan, Walter R.77Ruyle5-A
Beasley, Ana ? Ona ?78Ruyle5-A
Beasley, Ema78Ruyle5-A
Beasley, James W.78Ruyle5-A
Fritz, Charles H.79Ruyle5-A
Fritz, Josephine79Ruyle5-A
Fritz, Lyem ?79Ruyle5-A
Fritz, Ruth79Ruyle5-A
Fritz, Willis F.79Ruyle5-A
Goete, Frank79Ruyle5-A
Johnson, Wiley80Ruyle5-B
Campbell, cannot read81Ruyle5-B
Campbell, Phene P.81Ruyle5-B
Pruitt, Harry82Ruyle5-B
Pruitt, Mrs. annie82Ruyle5-B
Pruitt, Revell82Ruyle5-B
Marshall, Helen83Ruyle5-B
Sutton, George83Ruyle5-B
Sutton, Helen83Ruyle5-B
Sutton, Lewis83Ruyle5-B
Sutton, Maud83Ruyle5-B
Kitzmiller, Eliza84Ruyle5-B
Kitzmiller, Henry84Ruyle5-B
Kitzmiller, Joseph84Ruyle5-B
Rhoads, Clara85Ruyle5-B
Rhoads, Eva85Ruyle5-B
Rhoads, Frank85Ruyle5-B
Rhoads, no name85Ruyle5-B
Rhoads, Robert85Ruyle5-B
Rhoads, Robert85Ruyle5-B
Rhoads, Ruth85Ruyle5-B
Ritchy, David L.86Ruyle5-B
Ritchy, John86Ruyle5-B
Ritchy, Katie86Ruyle5-B
Ritchy, Willie I.86Ruyle5-B
Strand or Stroud, Angenetie87Ruyle5-B
Strand or Stroud, Era87Ruyle5-B
Strand or Stroud, Florence87Ruyle5-B
Strand or Stroud, Glady87Ruyle5-B
Strand or Stroud, Merle87Ruyle5-B
Strand or Stroud, Ruth87Ruyle5-B
Strand or Stroud, S. E.87Ruyle5-B
Darley, Josua S.88Ruyle5-B
Strand or Stroud, Fannie G.88Ruyle5-B
Strand or Stroud, Wiley O.88Ruyle5-B
Elliott, Dorthy ? B.89Ruyle5-B
Elliott, Maria J.89Ruyle5-B
Elliott, Milton C.89Ruyle5-B
Elliott, Rena M.89Ruyle5-B
Smith, Don89Ruyle5-B
Walker, Carl90Ruyle5-B
Walker, Clare90Ruyle5-B
Walker, Glenn E.90Ruyle5-B
Walker, Henry90Ruyle5-B
Walker, Laura M.90Ruyle5-B
Gilworth, Harvey Y.91Ruyle6-A
Gilworth, Keith H.91Ruyle6-A
Gilworth, Nellie M.91Ruyle6-A
Fink, John H.92Ruyle6-A
Fink, Joseph N.92Ruyle6-A
Fink, Lucinda92Ruyle6-A
Garrison, Amos92Ruyle6-A
Frank, John93Ruyle6-A
Huff, William93Ruyle6-A
Ruff, Anna93Ruyle6-A
Ruff, Caddie ?93Ruyle6-A
Ruff, Orson93Ruyle6-A
Ruff, Yiley ? J.93Ruyle6-A
Moore, Fredrick94Ruyle6-A
Moore, Matilda94Ruyle6-A
Morre, Gracie94Ruyle6-A
Miller, Bessie L.95Ruyle6-A
Miller, Clarence95Ruyle6-A
Moore, Dehlia96Ruyle6-A
Moore, Harry E.96Ruyle6-A
Moore, Jacob96Ruyle6-A
Moore, Sarah J.96Ruyle6-A
Daniels, Charles97Ruyle6-A
Gilworth, Alma97Ruyle6-A
Gilworth, Dean97Ruyle6-A
Gilworth, Elmer97Ruyle6-A
Gilworth, Leo97Ruyle6-A
Gilworth, Reed97Ruyle6-A
Huff, John97Ruyle6-A
Whitlock, Ollie98Ruyle6-A
Whitlock, Perry98Ruyle6-A
Whitlock, Walter98Ruyle6-A
Frost, Alma99Ruyle6-A
Frost, Anna99Ruyle6-A
Frost, Elmer99Ruyle6-A
Frost, Flossie99Ruyle6-A
Frost, Ida99Ruyle6-A
Frost, Mildred99Ruyle6-A
Frost, S. N.99Ruyle6-A
Frost, Stella99Ruyle6-A
Frost, Weltha99Ruyle6-A
Stancil, Martha100Ruyle6-A
Young, Elkans L.100Ruyle6-A
Young, Emma100Ruyle6-A
Young, Lee100Ruyle6-A
Young, Lillie100Ruyle6-A
Young, Pete100Ruyle6-A
Young, Steven100Ruyle6-A
Williams, Jennie101Ruyle6-A
Williams, Joshua101Ruyle6-A
Boner, Edwin102Ruyle6-B
Boner, Lizzie102Ruyle6-B
Boner, Orville102Ruyle6-B
Farmer, Alfred E.103Ruyle6-B
Farmer, Effie M.103Ruyle6-B
Farmer, Henry103Ruyle6-B
Farmer, John N.103Ruyle6-B
Chamness, Isaac A.104Ruyle6-B
Whitlock, Beverly104Ruyle6-B
Whitlock, Orna or Oma104Ruyle6-B
Bradshaw, Mary J. or I.105Ruyle6-B
Bradshaw, Raymond G.105Ruyle6-B
Bradshaw, Thomas L.105Ruyle6-B
Robinson, Carrie105Ruyle6-B
Elliott, D. B.106Ruyle7-A
Elliott, David106Ruyle7-A
Elliott, Julia106Ruyle7-A
Elliott, Marie106Ruyle7-A
Elliott, Moniae ?106Ruyle7-A
Elliott, Verda106Ruyle7-A
Kinser, Philip107Ruyle7-A
Lillis, John107Ruyle7-A
Lillis, Joseph R.107Ruyle7-A
Lillis, Leslie H.107Ruyle7-A
Lillis, Marie J.107Ruyle7-A
Lillis, Mary107Ruyle7-A
Ryan, Patrick107Ruyle7-A
Elliott, Lewis108Ruyle7-A
Elliott, Lula108Ruyle7-A
Elliott, Ross108Ruyle7-A
Elliott, Serena108Ruyle7-A
Dodge, Frederick L.109Ruyle7-A
Dodge, Lewis E.109Ruyle7-A
Dodge, Rena M.109Ruyle7-A
Hostoll ?, Charles109Ruyle7-A
Toleer, Joseph109Ruyle7-A
Toleer, Mary109Ruyle7-A
Toleer, Clifford E.110Ruyle7-A
Toleer, Hallie K.110Ruyle7-A
Toleer, James R.110Ruyle7-A
Toleer, Jean M.110Ruyle7-A
Toleer, Joseph L.110Ruyle7-A
Toleer, Lois M.110Ruyle7-A
Toleer, Mary L.110Ruyle7-A
Palmer, Martha J.111Ruyle7-A
Alward, John112Ruyle7-A
Alward, Lula May112Ruyle7-A
Alward, Opal E.112Ruyle7-A
Alward, William112Ruyle7-A
Staton, Andrew112Ruyle7-A
Parish, Alwilda ?113Ruyle7-A
Parish, John113Ruyle7-A
Rhoads, Agnes A.114Ruyle7-A
Sanders, Clarence S.114Ruyle7-A
Sanders, George E.114Ruyle7-A
Sanders, Jene V.114Ruyle7-A
Sanders, Mellnotte114Ruyle7-A
Sanders, Nellie M.114Ruyle7-A
Willings, Frank114Ruyle7-A
Brown, Clarence E.115Ruyle7-B
Brown, Doris115Ruyle7-B
Brown, Frank O.115Ruyle7-B
Brown, Lizzie H.115Ruyle7-B
Brown, Mina115Ruyle7-B
Griffin, Jasper115Ruyle7-B
Rhoads, Nancy J.115Ruyle7-B
Whitlock, Emma116Ruyle7-B
Whitlock, Lloyde116Ruyle7-B
Whitlock, William T.116Ruyle7-B
Loy, Anna117Ruyle7-B
Loy, Frank117Ruyle7-B
Loy, George117Ruyle7-B
Loy, Nellie117Ruyle7-B
Loy, Oliver117Ruyle7-B
Loy, Thedore117Ruyle7-B
Loy, William117Ruyle7-B
Loy, Yady117Ruyle7-B
Long, David118Ruyle7-B
Long, Eliza118Ruyle7-B
Long, Mary H.118Ruyle7-B
Long, Vellna L. or D.118Ruyle7-B
Long, William118Ruyle7-B
Stocks, John119Ruyle7-B
Stocks, Lou119Ruyle7-B
Stocks, Nellie J.119Ruyle7-B
A————, Lewis120Ruyle7-B
A————, Lizzie120Ruyle7-B
Ballard, Alice121Ruyle7-B
Ballard, L. H.121Ruyle7-B
Whitlock, Earl122Ruyle7-B
Whitlock, Harry122Ruyle7-B
Whitlock, Jessie122Ruyle7-B
Whitlock, Rose122Ruyle7-B
Bowers, Mary123Ruyle7-B
Bowers, Otis123Ruyle7-B
Bowers, William H.123Ruyle7-B
Gunn, Emma M.124Ruyle8-A
Sanders, Louise R.124Ruyle8-A
Sanders, Narton H.124Ruyle8-A
Sanders, Pearl H.124Ruyle8-A
Wastler, Daniel W.124Ruyle8-A
Haynes, Charles125Ruyle8-A
Haynes, Maggie M.125Ruyle8-A
Champion, Cleo126Ruyle8-A
Champion, Joseph126Ruyle8-A
Champion, Joseph C.126Ruyle8-A
Champion, Mary126Ruyle8-A
Farmer or Foner, Henry S.127Ruyle8-A
Farmer or Foner, Ida127Ruyle8-A
Cardwell, Eva128Ruyle8-A
Cardwell, Minerva128Ruyle8-A
Cardwell, William128Ruyle8-A
Sanders, Charles P.129Ruyle8-A
Sanders, Deane129Ruyle8-A
Sanders, Myrtle E.129Ruyle8-A
Sanders, Stanley E.129Ruyle8-A
Sanders, Alice130Ruyle8-A
Sanders, Allitia130Ruyle8-A
Sanders, Platt A.130Ruyle8-A
Mann, Addie131Ruyle8-A
Mann, Nellie131Ruyle8-A
Palmer, Arthur L.131Ruyle8-A
Palmer, L. D.131Ruyle8-A
Palmer, Lloyd131Ruyle8-A
Barnes, George132Ruyle8-A
Barnes, Gipson132Ruyle8-A
Barnes, Sarah J.132Ruyle8-A
Madden, Frank133Ruyle8-A
Tober, Bridget133Ruyle8-A
Tober, Johny T.133Ruyle8-A
Tober, Maye ?133Ruyle8-A
Tober, Samuel J.133Ruyle8-A
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