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1910 Jersey County Federal Census Index
Quarry TownshipThis transcription of the index to the Jersey County Federal Census of 1910 was contributed by Delores Molloy. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

Name Dwelling Township Page
Brainerd, Benner 1 Quarry 13-A
Brainerd, Geo. 1 Quarry 13-A
Brainerd, Nona 1 Quarry 13-A
Brainerd, Ruth 1 Quarry 13-A
????, Mat 1 Quarry 1-A
????. Maria 1 Quarry 1-A
Schweiger, Roland 1 Quarry 1-A
Duncan, Ethel Fern 2 Quarry 13-A
Duncan, W. T. 2 Quarry 13-A
Duncan, Zula 2 Quarry 13-A
Slaten, M. T. 2 Quarry 1-A
Slaten, Mary D. 2 Quarry 1-A
Walker, Floyd E. 3 Quarry 13-A
Walker, Henry 3 Quarry 13-A
Walker, Ruby 3 Quarry 13-A
B???, Julia 3 Quarry 1-A
Bower, Mary 3 Quarry 1-A
Bower, O’neil ? 3 Quarry 1-A
Burns, Eugene 3 Quarry 1-A
Burns, Joseph 3 Quarry 1-A
O’neil, Ellen 3 Quarry 1-A
O’neil. William 3 Quarry 1-A
Updyke, Lulu 3 Quarry 1-A
Updyke, Ollie 3 Quarry 1-A
Pivoda, Clarence 4 Quarry 13-A
Pivoda, Cora 4 Quarry 13-A
Pivoda, Wanda 4 Quarry 13-A
Rowden, Ernest 4 Quarry 1-A
Rowden, Geraldine 4 Quarry 1-A
Rowden, Lossie 4 Quarry 1-A
Defohia ?, Antoine 5 Quarry 13-A
Defosha ?, Ruth 5 Quarry 13-A
Manley, Thomas 5 Quarry 13-A
Metzler, Jacob 5 Quarry 13-A
Metzler, Josephine 5 Quarry 13-A
Miller, Elsie 5 Quarry 1-A
Miller, Henry C. 5 Quarry 1-A
Miller, Paul A. 5 Quarry 1-A
Watson, Alice 6 Quarry 13-A
Watson, Charles 6 Quarry 13-A
Watson, Edith 6 Quarry 13-A
Watson, Elmer 6 Quarry 13-A
Watson, Jasper 6 Quarry 13-A
Watson, John 6 Quarry 13-A
Watson, Viola 6 Quarry 13-A
Godfrey, Elizabeth 6 Quarry 1-A
Godfrey, James 6 Quarry 1-A
Watson, Bessie 7 Quarry 13-A
Watson, Frank 7 Quarry 13-A
Watson, James 7 Quarry 13-A
Br???, Chas. 7 Quarry 1-A
Br???, Victorine 7 Quarry 1-A
Slaten, Gertrude 7 Quarry 1-A
Journey, Lillian 8 Quarry 13-A
Journey, Lucille 8 Quarry 13-A
Journey, Mabel 8 Quarry 13-A
Journey, Paul 8 Quarry 13-A
Journey, William 8 Quarry 13-A
Journey. Albert 8 Quarry 13-A
Stafford, Angeline 8 Quarry 1-A
Stafford, Jno. M. 8 Quarry 1-A
Caslick, Daniel 9 Quarry 13-A
Caslick, Edith 9 Quarry 13-A
Caslick, Nancy J. 9 Quarry 13-A
Rippley, Brainerd 9 Quarry 1-A
Rippley, Clementine 9 Quarry 1-A
Rippley, Josie 9 Quarry 1-A
Rippley, William 9 Quarry 1-A
Simpson, Lela 10 Quarry 13-A
Simpson, Levi 10 Quarry 13-A
Simpson, Lydia 10 Quarry 13-A
Simpson, Raymond 10 Quarry 13-A
William, Bernice 10 Quarry 13-A
William, Birdie 10 Quarry 13-A
William, Eva 10 Quarry 13-A
William, Geneva 10 Quarry 13-A
Eduards, Emily F. 10 Quarry 1-A
Eduards, Harry P. 10 Quarry 1-A
Eduards, Percy 10 Quarry 1-A
Eduards, Wm. H. 10 Quarry 1-A
Felter, Wm. W. 10 Quarry 1-A
Williams, Angeline 11 Quarry 13-A
Williams, Edward 11 Quarry 13-A
Williams, William P. 11 Quarry 13-A
Banks, Claridge 11 Quarry 1-A
Wallace, Orid 11 Quarry 1-A
Wallace, Stella 11 Quarry 1-A
Watson, Jane 12 Quarry 13-A
Watson, Wm. H. 12 Quarry 13-A
Watson, William H. 12 Quarry 13-B
Thomas, Mary J. 12 Quarry 1-A
Bushy or Bushey, Daughter 13 Quarry 13-B
Bushy or Bushey, Alice 13 Quarry 13-B
Bushy or Bushey, Emil 13 Quarry 13-B
Bushy or Bushey, Florence 13 Quarry 13-B
Bushy or Bushey, John 13 Quarry 13-B
Bushy or Bushey, Sarah E. 13 Quarry 13-B
Thomas, Minnie 13 Quarry 1-A
Thomas, C. H. 13 Quarry 1-A
Thomas, Frank N. 13 Quarry 1-A
Thomas, R. R. 13 Quarry 1-A
Thomas, S. S. 13 Quarry 1-A
Frank Dabbs 14 Quarry 13-B
Guess, Henry 14 Quarry 13-B
Miller, Alice 14 Quarry 13-B
Miller, charles 14 Quarry 13-B
Miller, Henrietta 14 Quarry 13-B
Williams, John 14 Quarry 13-B
Marshall, J. H. 14 Quarry 1-A
Marshall, Sarah 14 Quarry 1-A
Kaslick, Daniel 15 Quarry 13-B
Kaslick, Elizabeth 15 Quarry 13-B
Kaslick, John 15 Quarry 13-B
Kaslick, Lena 15 Quarry 13-B
Kaslick, Nellie 15 Quarry 13-B
McCluebek ?, Jean 15 Quarry 1-A
McCluebek, Eileen 15 Quarry 1-A
McCluebek, Rose 15 Quarry 1-A
Kaslick, Bessie 16 Quarry 13-B
Kaslick, Clark 16 Quarry 13-B
Kaslick, Selma 16 Quarry 13-B
McClintock, J. A. 16 Quarry 1-B
McClintock, John 16 Quarry 1-B
McClintock, S. J. 16 Quarry 1-B
Kaslick, Henry 17 Quarry 13-B
Williams, Fannie 17 Quarry 13-B
Williams, Madge 17 Quarry 13-B
Williams, Mark 17 Quarry 13-B
Williams, Mirna 17 Quarry 13-B
Williams, Robert 17 Quarry 13-B
Mull, Bessie 17 Quarry 1-B
Mull, David 17 Quarry 1-B
Mull, Ella 17 Quarry 1-B
Mull, Richard 17 Quarry 1-B
Franz, Agnes 18 Quarry 13-B
Franz, Charles 18 Quarry 13-B
Franz, Freda 18 Quarry 13-B
Franz, Grace 18 Quarry 13-B
Franz, Lela 18 Quarry 13-B
Franz, Leo 18 Quarry 13-B
Franz, Lily 18 Quarry 13-B
Franz, Martha 18 Quarry 13-B
Franz, Wesley 18 Quarry 13-B
Hoffman, Trixie 18 Quarry 1-B
Hoffman, Wm. 18 Quarry 1-B
Fox, Annie 19 Quarry 13-B
Fox, Esther 19 Quarry 13-B
Fox, Fannie 19 Quarry 13-B
Fox, Katie 19 Quarry 13-B
Fox, Nellie 19 Quarry 13-B
Fox, Patrick 19 Quarry 13-B
Hethcote, Bertha 19 Quarry 1-B
Hethcote, Clara 19 Quarry 1-B
Hethcote, George 19 Quarry 1-B
Hethcote, Leo 19 Quarry 1-B
Wahl, Dollie 19 Quarry 1-B
Wahl, John 19 Quarry 1-B
Wahl, Nellie 19 Quarry 1-B
Wahl, Norman 19 Quarry 1-B
Brown, Alma 20 Quarry 13-B
Brown, Charles 20 Quarry 13-B
Brown, Holding ? 20 Quarry 13-B
Brown, Lemuel E. 20 Quarry 13-B
Brown, William 20 Quarry 13-B
Diamond, Amanda 20 Quarry 1-B
Diamond, Charles 20 Quarry 1-B
Diamond, Charles 20 Quarry 1-B
H????, Nellie 20 Quarry 1-B
Dowdall, C. D. 21 Quarry 13-B
Dowdall, Henry 21 Quarry 13-B
Dowdall, Mary E. 21 Quarry 13-B
Dowdall, Eugene C. 21 Quarry 14-A
Dowdall, Ida May 21 Quarry 14-A
Eagan, Bridget 21 Quarry 14-A
Eagan, Francis 21 Quarry 14-A
McDonald, Barney 21 Quarry 14-A
Burnett, Adeline 21 Quarry 1-B
Burnett, Agnes 21 Quarry 1-B
Burnett, Clarance 21 Quarry 1-B
Burnett, Frank 21 Quarry 1-B
Burnett, William 21 Quarry 1-B
Burnett, Wm. 21 Quarry 1-B
Michael, Agnes 22 Quarry 14-A
Michael, Noma or Nona 22 Quarry 14-A
Michael, Orena 22 Quarry 14-A
Michael, Rebecca 22 Quarry 14-A
Michael, Shea 22 Quarry 14-A
Booth, Edward 22 Quarry 1-B
Harris, Annie 22 Quarry 1-B
Harris, Charles A. 22 Quarry 1-B
Harris, Edna 22 Quarry 1-B
Harris, John 22 Quarry 1-B
Harris, Minnie 22 Quarry 1-B
Tucker, George 23 Quarry 14-A
Tucker, Louise 23 Quarry 14-A
Callahan, Jennie 23 Quarry 1-B
Callahan, Thomas 23 Quarry 1-B
Wahl, James 23 Quarry 1-B
Wahl, Mary M. 23 Quarry 1-B
Wahl, Olivia 23 Quarry 1-B
Wahl, Son ( unnamed) 23 Quarry 1-B
Shaw, C. D. 24 Quarry 14-A
Shaw, Esto 24 Quarry 14-A
Shaw, Leo O. 24 Quarry 14-A
Shaw, M. T. 24 Quarry 14-A
Shaw, William 24 Quarry 14-A
Sh???, Maria 24 Quarry 1-B
Wellington, William 24 Quarry 1-B
O’Donnell, Bernadette 25 Quarry 14-A
O’Donnell, Catherine 25 Quarry 14-A
O’Donnell, Charles 25 Quarry 14-A
O’Donnell, Elisabeth 25 Quarry 14-A
O’Donnell, Elisabeth 25 Quarry 14-A
O’Donnell, Francis 25 Quarry 14-A
O’Donnell, Isabella 25 Quarry 14-A
O’Donnell, John 25 Quarry 14-A
O’Donnell, Margaret 25 Quarry 14-A
O’Donnell, Minnie 25 Quarry 14-A
O’Donnell, Monica 25 Quarry 14-A
O’Donnell, Patrick 25 Quarry 14-A
O’Donnell, Thomas 25 Quarry 14-A
Chapee, James 25 Quarry 1-B
Chapee, James 25 Quarry 1-B
Chapee, Lela 25 Quarry 1-B
Chapee, Margaret 25 Quarry 1-B
Chapee, Nina 25 Quarry 1-B
Chapee, Sarah 25 Quarry 1-B
Simpson, Casper 26 Quarry 14-A
Simpson, Dora 26 Quarry 14-A
Simpson, Glenna 26 Quarry 14-A
Simpson, Harry 26 Quarry 14-A
Warner, Cora K. 26 Quarry 1-B
Warner, Edwin M. 26 Quarry 1-B
Warner, F. G. 26 Quarry 1-B
Moller, Mattie E. 26 Quarry 2-A
Warner, Harvey Lee 26 Quarry 2-A
Warner, Robert G. 26 Quarry 2-A
Quitt, Christian 27 Quarry 14-A
Eastman, Addie 27 Quarry 2-A
Eastman, Anna E. 27 Quarry 2-A
Eastman, Anna M. 27 Quarry 2-A
Eastman, Daisy 27 Quarry 2-A
Eastman, Mary E. 27 Quarry 2-A
Hills, Amelia B. 28 Quarry 14-A
Hills, Hamilton 28 Quarry 14-A
Hills, Saidie 28 Quarry 14-A
O’Neil, Agnes 28 Quarry 2-A
O’Neil, Bernice 28 Quarry 2-A
O’Neil, Ida 28 Quarry 2-A
O’Neil, Thomas 28 Quarry 2-A
Means or Mears, Edith 29 Quarry 14-A
Means or Mears, Ella 29 Quarry 14-A
Means or Mears, Rector 29 Quarry 14-A
Lewis, Nina 29 Quarry 2-A
Purg—–, Charlie 29 Quarry 2-A
Purg—–, Fred 29 Quarry 2-A
Purg—–, Hilda 29 Quarry 2-A
Purg—–, Oscar W. 29 Quarry 2-A
Purg—–, Preston 29 Quarry 2-A
Purg—–, Ruth 29 Quarry 2-A
Purg—–, Sophia 29 Quarry 2-A
Purg—–. Ella 29 Quarry 2-A
Spalding, John 29 Quarry 2-A
Larby, Clara 30 Quarry 14-A
Larby, George 30 Quarry 14-A
Larby, George 30 Quarry 14-A
Larby, James 30 Quarry 14-A
Larby, Louisa 30 Quarry 14-A
Larby, Pearl 30 Quarry 14-A
Eastman, John N.? 30 Quarry 2-A
Eastman, Lilly M. 30 Quarry 2-A
Eastman, Vera A. 30 Quarry 2-A
Crisswell, James 31 Quarry 14-A
Crisswell, Katie 31 Quarry 14-A
Crisswell, Oril 31 Quarry 14-A
Crisswell, Bessie 31 Quarry 14-B
Crisswell, Ruth 31 Quarry 14-B
Crisswell, Walter 31 Quarry 14-B
Patton, Beatrice 31 Quarry 2-A
Patton, Harry 31 Quarry 2-A
Patton, Harry W. 31 Quarry 2-A
Noble, canot read 32 Quarry 14-B
Noble, John 32 Quarry 14-B
Thurman, Alpuis ? 32 Quarry 14-B
Conroy, Alice 32 Quarry 2-A
Conroy, Catherine 32 Quarry 2-A
Conroy, Douglas 32 Quarry 2-A
Conroy, Edward 32 Quarry 2-A
Conroy, Ethel 32 Quarry 2-A
Conroy, Harry 32 Quarry 2-A
Conroy, Mary 32 Quarry 2-A
Conroy, Nona 32 Quarry 2-A
Conroy, Robert 32 Quarry 2-A
Conroy, Simon 32 Quarry 2-A
Conroy, Tessie 32 Quarry 2-A
Rowling, George 33 Quarry 14-B
Rowling, George 33 Quarry 14-B
Rowling, Grace 33 Quarry 14-B
Rowling, Laurence 33 Quarry 14-B
Rowling, Ross 33 Quarry 14-B
Rowling, Walter 33 Quarry 14-B
Rowling, William 33 Quarry 14-B
Tucker, Anna C. 33 Quarry 2-A
Tucker, Elmer 33 Quarry 2-A
Tucker, Ethel 33 Quarry 2-A
Tucker, Harry A. 33 Quarry 2-A
Tucker, Wm. H. 33 Quarry 2-A
Kenny, John 34 Quarry 14-B
Kenny, Leo 34 Quarry 14-B
Kenny, Margaret 34 Quarry 14-B
O’Donnell, Margaret 34 Quarry 14-B
O’Donnell, Thomas 34 Quarry 14-B
Dempsy, Annie 34 Quarry 2-A
Dempsy, Charlie 34 Quarry 2-A
Dempsy, Jim 34 Quarry 2-A
Dempsy, John 34 Quarry 2-A
Dempsy, Luke 34 Quarry 2-A
Hooper, Emma 35 Quarry 14-B
Hooper, Etta 35 Quarry 14-B
Hooper, Fleta 35 Quarry 14-B
Hooper, Fred 35 Quarry 14-B
Hooper, Jesse 35 Quarry 14-B
Hooper, Leo 35 Quarry 14-B
Slaten, C. J. 35 Quarry 2-A
Slaten, Elizabeth 35 Quarry 2-B
Davenport, Daisy 36 Quarry 14-B
Gardner, Thos ? 36 Quarry 14-B
Gardner, Joseph 36 Quarry 14-B
Gardner, Leo 36 Quarry 14-B
Gardner, Louisa 36 Quarry 14-B
Whalen, Bridget 36 Quarry 2-B
Whalen, Daniel 36 Quarry 2-B
Whalen, Edward 36 Quarry 2-B
Whalen, James 36 Quarry 2-B
Whalen, James 36 Quarry 2-B
Whalen, John 36 Quarry 2-B
Whalen, Mary 36 Quarry 2-B
Whalen, Theresa 36 Quarry 2-B
Whalen, Thomas 36 Quarry 2-B
Whalen, William 36 Quarry 2-B
Noble, Ellis 37 Quarry 14-B
Noble, I. N. 37 Quarry 14-B
Noble, Ida 37 Quarry 14-B
Noble, Laurence 37 Quarry 14-B
Noble, May 37 Quarry 14-B
Nimos ?, Walter 37 Quarry 2-B
Nimos, Effie 37 Quarry 2-B
Nimos, Jesse 37 Quarry 2-B
Nimos, Marian 37 Quarry 2-B
Nimos, William 37 Quarry 2-B
Gearing, Altha M. 38 Quarry 14-B
Gearing, Mamie 38 Quarry 14-B
Gearing, Margaruite 38 Quarry 14-B
Gearing, Walter 38 Quarry 14-B
Gearing, Walter 38 Quarry 14-B
Husted, Deborah 38 Quarry 2-B
Husted, Gladys M. 38 Quarry 2-B
Husted, Hazel S. 38 Quarry 2-B
Husted, Ira 38 Quarry 2-B
Husted, Manuel D. 38 Quarry 2-B
Noble, Addie 39 Quarry 14-B
Noble, Clarence 39 Quarry 14-B
Noble, T. Clyde 39 Quarry 14-B
Seik, Edgar 39 Quarry 2-B
Seik, George 39 Quarry 2-B
Seik, Harold 39 Quarry 2-B
Seik, Herman 39 Quarry 2-B
Seik, Irene 39 Quarry 2-B
Seik, Mabel 39 Quarry 2-B
Brown, Bennett 40 Quarry 14-B
Brown, George 40 Quarry 14-B
Brown, Hazel 40 Quarry 14-B
Brown, Laren ? 40 Quarry 14-B
Brown, Laveta 40 Quarry 14-B
Brown, Martha 40 Quarry 14-B
Brown, Percival 40 Quarry 14-B
Brown, Richard 40 Quarry 14-B
Haws, L—– stepsister 40 Quarry 2-B
Hoffnagle, Della 40 Quarry 2-B
Hoffnagle, George 40 Quarry 2-B
Hoffnagle, sister (no name) 40 Quarry 2-B
Worthey, Mary 40 Quarry 2-B
Buelhman, John 41 Quarry 15-A
Rice, Birdie 41 Quarry 2-B
Rice, Henry 41 Quarry 2-B
Fuller, Clifford M. 42 Quarry 15-A
Fuller, Emma 42 Quarry 15-A
Fuller, Frank 42 Quarry 15-A
Fuller, Gladys 42 Quarry 15-A
Lewis, Charlie 42 Quarry 2-B
Lewis, George 42 Quarry 2-B
Lewis, Jesse 42 Quarry 2-B
Lewis, May 42 Quarry 2-B
Lewis, Minnie 42 Quarry 2-B
Riley, Lyenrgus ? 43 Quarry 15-A
Slaten, Bernice 43 Quarry 15-A
Slaten, Catherine 43 Quarry 15-A
Slaten, Claude 43 Quarry 15-A
Slaten, Elsie 43 Quarry 15-A
Slaten, Emmett 43 Quarry 15-A
Slaten, Ernest 43 Quarry 15-A
Slaten, Leslie 43 Quarry 15-A
Slaten, Mabel 43 Quarry 15-A
Slaten, Mary I. 43 Quarry 15-A
Wildt, Elizabeth 43 Quarry 15-A
Austin, Alonzo 43 Quarry 2-B
Austin, Harry 43 Quarry 2-B
Austin, Lossie 43 Quarry 2-B
Austin, Rosa Lee 43 Quarry 2-B
Shellenberger, Annie 43 Quarry 2-B
Shellenberger, Charles 43 Quarry 2-B
Shellenberger, Vera 43 Quarry 2-B
Whitico, Joseph E. 43 Quarry 2-B
Amberg, Elise 44 Quarry 2-B
Amberg, J. M. 44 Quarry 2-B
Amberg, Mary 44 Quarry 2-B
Amberg, Alice 44 Quarry 3-A
Amberg, Fred 44 Quarry 3-A
Amberg, Kathleen 44 Quarry 3-A
Amberg, Neva 44 Quarry 3-A
Amberg, Nona 44 Quarry 3-A
Browen or Brower ?, Alice 45 Quarry 15-A
Browen or Brower ?, Charles 45 Quarry 15-A
Browen or Brower ?, Chauncy 45 Quarry 15-A
Browen or Brower ?, Eva 45 Quarry 15-A
Browen or Brower ?, Harry 45 Quarry 15-A
Browen or Brower ?, Kenneth 45 Quarry 15-A
Browen or Brower ?, Minnie 45 Quarry 15-A
Browen or Brower ?, Ray 45 Quarry 15-A
Browen or Brower ?, Ruth 45 Quarry 15-A
Schultz, Charles 45 Quarry 3-A
Schultz, Mary E. 45 Quarry 3-A
Zimmerman, Catherine 46 Quarry 15-A
Zimmerman, Edward 46 Quarry 15-A
Zimmerman, Frank 46 Quarry 15-A
Zimmerman, Fred 46 Quarry 15-A
Zimmerman, Harry 46 Quarry 15-A
Zimmerman, Max 46 Quarry 15-A
Zimmerman, Pauline 46 Quarry 15-A
Zimmerman, Wm. 46 Quarry 15-A
Fox, Elvira 46 Quarry 3-A
Fox, Martin 46 Quarry 3-A
Fox, William 46 Quarry 3-A
Vanausdall, Ada 47 Quarry 15-A
Vanausdall, Charles 47 Quarry 15-A
Vanausdall, Everett 47 Quarry 15-A
Vanausdall, Rowena 47 Quarry 15-A
Barnes, Catherine 47 Quarry 3-A
Barnes, Edward 47 Quarry 3-A
Barnes, Lizzie 47 Quarry 3-A
Dyer, Mary E. 47 Quarry 3-A
Highfill, Edward 48 Quarry 15-A
Highfill, Hester 48 Quarry 15-A
Highfill, Lloyd 48 Quarry 15-A
Highfill, Raymond 48 Quarry 15-A
Highfill, Verna 48 Quarry 15-A
Lefaivre, Clara 48 Quarry 3-A
Lefaivre, Evans 48 Quarry 3-A
Lefaivre, Fannie 48 Quarry 3-A
Lefaivre, George 48 Quarry 3-A
Lefaivre, Hudson 48 Quarry 3-A
Lefaivre, Julius 48 Quarry 3-A
Lefaivre, Nora 48 Quarry 3-A
Lefaivre, Rudolph 48 Quarry 3-A
Lefaivre, Vioplet 48 Quarry 3-A
Ontis, Bernice 49 Quarry 15-A
Ontis, Charles 49 Quarry 15-A
Ontis, Moak ? 49 Quarry 15-A
Ontis, Ollie 49 Quarry 15-A
Ontis, Tommy 49 Quarry 15-A
Ontis, Uneta 49 Quarry 15-A
Dempsey, Hugh 49 Quarry 3-A
Dempsey, Leo 49 Quarry 3-A
Dempsey, Margaret 49 Quarry 3-A
Dempsey, Martha 49 Quarry 3-A
Pittenger, Clara 49 Quarry 3-A
Pittenger, Earl 49 Quarry 3-A
Pittenger, Jno 49 Quarry 3-A
Cope, John 50 Quarry 15-A
Cope, Lilly 50 Quarry 15-A
Cope, Albert 50 Quarry 15-B
Cope, Clinton 50 Quarry 15-B
Cope, Edith 50 Quarry 15-B
Cope, Ethel 50 Quarry 15-B
Cope, Maria 50 Quarry 15-B
Cope, Viola 50 Quarry 15-B
Lewis, Clarence 50 Quarry 3-A
Lewis, Claude 50 Quarry 3-A
Lewis, Marion 50 Quarry 3-A
Lewis, Myrtle 50 Quarry 3-A
Lewis, Nora 50 Quarry 3-A
Lewis, Stella 50 Quarry 3-A
Gaesenhumer ?, Gus 51 Quarry 15-B
Gaesenhumer ?, William 51 Quarry 15-B
Staggs, Nellie 51 Quarry 3-A
Staggs, T. F. 51 Quarry 3-A
Pivoda, Anna 52 Quarry 15-B
Pivoda, Applonia 52 Quarry 15-B
Pivoda, Frank 52 Quarry 15-B
Pivoda, John 52 Quarry 15-B
Browning, A. 52 Quarry 3-A
Browning, Ethel 52 Quarry 3-A
Browning, Violet 52 Quarry 3-A
Dempsey, Jane 52 Quarry 3-A
Dempsey, Kathleen 52 Quarry 3-A
Dempsey, W. H. 52 Quarry 3-A
Dempsey, Wm. S. 52 Quarry 3-A
Dobson, no name 52 Quarry 3-A
Keon, J. J. 52 Quarry 3-A
Mayer, Martin 52 Quarry 3-A
Persin, John 52 Quarry 3-A
Potter, Wm. Ray 52 Quarry 3-A
Dempsey, Adele 52 Quarry 3-B
Dempsey, Edward 52 Quarry 3-B
William, Agnes 53 Quarry 15-B
William, Catherine 53 Quarry 15-B
William, Jacob 53 Quarry 15-B
William, Jacob 53 Quarry 15-B
William, Stephen 53 Quarry 15-B
Miller, August 53 Quarry 3-B
Miller, Frank 53 Quarry 3-B
Miller, George 53 Quarry 3-B
Miller, Minnie 53 Quarry 3-B
Miller, Robert 53 Quarry 3-B
Miller, William 53 Quarry 3-B
Pivoda, Fayette 54 Quarry 15-B
Pivoda, John D. 54 Quarry 15-B
Pivoda, Mabel E. 54 Quarry 15-B
Pivoda, Mary 54 Quarry 15-B
Pivoda, Oda M. 54 Quarry 15-B
Pivoda, Sarah J. 54 Quarry 15-B
Pivoda, Stephen 54 Quarry 15-B
Robinson, Daniel 54 Quarry 3-B
Steinman, Louise 55 Quarry 15-B
Steinman, Robert 55 Quarry 15-B
Marshall, Ashley 55 Quarry 3-B
Marshall, Joseph 55 Quarry 3-B
Marshall, Robert 55 Quarry 3-B
Marshall, Rose 55 Quarry 3-B
Boyer, Anna 56 Quarry 15-B
Boyer, Ceviro 56 Quarry 15-B
Boyer, Claude 56 Quarry 15-B
Boyer, Walter 56 Quarry 15-B
Whitfield, Ernest 56 Quarry 3-B
Whitfield, Jessie 56 Quarry 3-B
Whitfield, Jno. 56 Quarry 3-B
Whitfield, Loren 56 Quarry 3-B
Whitfield, Nicholas 56 Quarry 3-B
Tucker, Arnold 57 Quarry 15-B
Tucker, Charles 57 Quarry 15-B
Tucker, Emma 57 Quarry 15-B
Tucker, Norman 57 Quarry 15-B
Easterly, Elbert 57 Quarry 3-B
Easterly, Fannie M. 57 Quarry 3-B
Duncan, Clark 58 Quarry 15-B
Duncan, Harry E. 58 Quarry 15-B
Duncan, Ruth J. 58 Quarry 15-B
Gorrell, Harriet 58 Quarry 3-B
Miller, Peachie 58 Quarry 3-B
Miller, Seamore 58 Quarry 3-B
Miller, William 58 Quarry 3-B
Stadder ?, Arthur 59 Quarry 15-B
Stadder, Carrie 59 Quarry 15-B
Murphy, Albert J. 59 Quarry 3-B
Murphy, Charles 59 Quarry 3-B
Murphy, Estelle 59 Quarry 3-B
Murphy, Irene 59 Quarry 3-B
Mayhall, Harold 60 Quarry 15-B
Mayhall, Henry 60 Quarry 15-B
Mayhall, James 60 Quarry 15-B
Mayhall, Laura 60 Quarry 15-B
Meyer, Daisy 60 Quarry 3-B
Meyer, J. H. 60 Quarry 3-B
Meyer, Marie S. 60 Quarry 3-B
Risley, Albert 61 Quarry 15-B
Donohue, Owen 61 Quarry 3-B
Doyle, Frank 61 Quarry 3-B
Doyle, Philip 61 Quarry 3-B
Doyle, Philip 61 Quarry 3-B
Doyle, Rosa 61 Quarry 3-B
Doyle, willie 61 Quarry 3-B
Schleomn ?, Alice 61 Quarry 3-B
Schleomn ?, Bertha 61 Quarry 3-B
Schleomn ?, Lizzie 61 Quarry 3-B
Ontis, Bertha 62 Quarry 15-B
Ontis, John 62 Quarry 15-B
Ontis, Leslie 62 Quarry 15-B
Ontis, Mildred 62 Quarry 15-B
Ontis, Pearl 62 Quarry 15-B
Ontis, Warren 62 Quarry 15-B
Baxter, James 62 Quarry 3-B
Baxter, Rita 62 Quarry 3-B
Baxter, Vesta 62 Quarry 3-B
Baxter, Warren 62 Quarry 3-B
Gowin, Ernest 63 Quarry 16-A
Gowin, Paris M. 63 Quarry 16-A
Gowin, Rachel 63 Quarry 16-A
Patton, Freda 63 Quarry 16-A
Goodrich, John 63 Quarry 3-B
Goodrich, Mary 63 Quarry 3-B
Goodrich, Raymond 63 Quarry 3-B
Goodrich, Re?tor 63 Quarry 3-B
Toal, Ethel 63 Quarry 3-B
Toal, Leo 63 Quarry 3-B
Goodrich, Lucille 63 Quarry 4-A
Goodrich, Robert 63 Quarry 4-A
Legate, Addie M. 64 Quarry 16-A
Legate, Clark L. 64 Quarry 16-A
Legate, Earl E. 64 Quarry 16-A
Legate, Luther 64 Quarry 16-A
Legate, Madson L.? 64 Quarry 16-A
Legate, Orville W. 64 Quarry 16-A
Legate, Wesley W. 64 Quarry 16-A
Fredenberg, Charles 64 Quarry 4-A
Robinson, Charles 64 Quarry 4-A
Robinson, Danile 64 Quarry 4-A
Robinson, Enid 64 Quarry 4-A
Robinson, Frank 64 Quarry 4-A
Robinson, Harold 64 Quarry 4-A
Robinson, Lenora 64 Quarry 4-A
Carpenter, George 65 Quarry 16-A
Carpenter, Robert 65 Quarry 16-A
Roades, Charles 65 Quarry 16-A
Roades, Genette 65 Quarry 16-A
Roades, Mary 65 Quarry 16-A
Bray, Albert 65 Quarry 4-A
Bray, Alice 65 Quarry 4-A
Bray, Blanche 65 Quarry 4-A
Bray, Emilie 65 Quarry 4-A
Bray, Ernest 65 Quarry 4-A
Bray, Fred 65 Quarry 4-A
Bray, Harry 65 Quarry 4-A
Bray, Henry E. 65 Quarry 4-A
Bray, Olive 65 Quarry 4-A
Briggs, Mary 66 Quarry 16-A
Briggs, Mattie 66 Quarry 16-A
Briggs, Thomas 66 Quarry 16-A
Redd, Ada 66 Quarry 4-A
Redd, Alice 66 Quarry 4-A
Redd, Charles 66 Quarry 4-A
Redd, Lambert 66 Quarry 4-A
Redd, William 66 Quarry 4-A
Goodrich, Lucinda 67 Quarry 16-A
Goodrich, R. C. 67 Quarry 16-A
Stafford, Charles 67 Quarry 4-A
Stafford, Hector 67 Quarry 4-A
Stafford, Mary 67 Quarry 4-A
Stafford, Nadine 67 Quarry 4-A
Staffore, Abbie 67 Quarry 4-A
Zimmerman, Mae 68 Quarry 16-A
Zimmerman, Pauline 68 Quarry 16-A
Zimmerman, Stanley 68 Quarry 16-A
Zimmerman, Wm. J. 68 Quarry 16-A
Brainard, Bertha 68 Quarry 4-A
Brainard, Harold 68 Quarry 4-A
Slaten, Byron 69 Quarry 16-A
Slaten, Calvin 69 Quarry 16-A
Slaten, Edward 69 Quarry 16-A
Slaten, Ellen 69 Quarry 16-A
Slaten, James 69 Quarry 16-A
Slaten, James 69 Quarry 16-A
Slaten, Martin 69 Quarry 16-A
Slaten, Oscar 69 Quarry 16-A
Thomas, Blanche 69 Quarry 4-A
Thomas, Eliza 69 Quarry 4-A
Thomas, Henry 69 Quarry 4-A
Thomas, Leslie 69 Quarry 4-A
Thomas, Mason 69 Quarry 4-A
Thomas, William 69 Quarry 4-A
Patton, Blanche 70 Quarry 16-A
Patton, Calvin 70 Quarry 16-A
Patton, Earl 70 Quarry 16-A
Patton, Elijah 70 Quarry 16-A
Patton, Louisa 70 Quarry 16-A
Patton, Nancy 70 Quarry 16-A
Patton, Russell 70 Quarry 16-A
Patton, Turner 70 Quarry 16-A
Price, Alice 70 Quarry 16-A
Price, Fred 70 Quarry 16-A
Price, Theodore 70 Quarry 16-A
Brower, Bernard 70 Quarry 4-A
Brower, Bernice 70 Quarry 4-A
Brower, Leonard 70 Quarry 4-A
Brower, Mary A. 70 Quarry 4-A
Brower, Willard 70 Quarry 4-A
Brower, William 70 Quarry 4-A
Allemang, C. Roxie 71 Quarry 16-A
Allemang, Milfred 71 Quarry 16-A
Allemang, Raymond D. 71 Quarry 16-A
Phase, Anna 71 Quarry 4-A
Phase, Frank 71 Quarry 4-A
Phase, Harry 71 Quarry 4-A
Phase, Nellie 71 Quarry 4-A
Kirk, Katie 72 Quarry 16-A
Kirk, Patrick William 72 Quarry 16-A
Kirk, William J. 72 Quarry 16-A
Kirk, Bessie 72 Quarry 16-B
Kirk, Frank 72 Quarry 16-B
Kirk, Laura 72 Quarry 16-B
Kirk, Mary 72 Quarry 16-B
Callahan, Katie 72 Quarry 4-A
Davenport, William 72 Quarry 4-A
Atkeson, Amytis ? 73 Quarry 16-B
Atkeson, Arthur 73 Quarry 16-B
Atkeson, Charles 73 Quarry 16-B
Atkeson, Dannielle 73 Quarry 16-B
Atkeson, James 73 Quarry 16-B
Atkeson, Raymond 73 Quarry 16-B
Beeman, Eau ? 73 Quarry 4-A
Beeman, Jose 73 Quarry 4-A
Beeman, Orman 73 Quarry 4-B
Malone, Sarah 73 Quarry 4-B
Quitt, Albert 74 Quarry 16-B
Quitt, Elisabeth 74 Quarry 16-B
Quitt, Joseph 74 Quarry 16-B
Thurm, Gertrude 74 Quarry 16-B
Thurm, Hattie 74 Quarry 16-B
Thurm, Max 74 Quarry 16-B
Lane, Lillie 74 Quarry 4-B
Lane, Minnie 74 Quarry 4-B
Lane, Nat 74 Quarry 4-B
Lane, Nat 74 Quarry 4-B
Lane, Wilhelmina 74 Quarry 4-B
Rickoff, Herman 75 Quarry 16-B
Rickoff, Sarah 75 Quarry 16-B
Amberg, Charles M. 75 Quarry 4-B
Amberg, Forda 75 Quarry 4-B
Amberg, Louise 75 Quarry 4-B
Groppel, Gussie 75 Quarry 4-B
Jacob, Oehler 75 Quarry 4-B
Johnson, George 75 Quarry 4-B
Wedding, Clarence 75 Quarry 4-B
Gearing, Lloyd 76 Quarry 16-B
Gearing, Mary 76 Quarry 16-B
Baxter, Agnes 76 Quarry 4-B
Baxter, Clayton 76 Quarry 4-B
Baxter, Harold 76 Quarry 4-B
Chatterton, Josiah B. 76 Quarry 4-B
La Marsh, Birdie C. 77 Quarry 5-A
La Marsh, Carrie C. 77 Quarry 5-A
La Marsh, Frank 77 Quarry 5-A
La Marsh, George 77 Quarry 5-A
La Marsh, Hattie L. 77 Quarry 5-A
La Marsh, Henry 77 Quarry 5-A
La Marsh, Joseph 77 Quarry 5-A
La Marsh, Julia E. 77 Quarry 5-A
La Marsh, Leo P. 77 Quarry 5-A
La Marsh, Lucy 77 Quarry 5-A
La Marsh, Myrtle B. 77 Quarry 5-A
La Marsh, Sarah E. 77 Quarry 5-A
La Marsh, Tony R. 77 Quarry 5-A
Ripply, Alice 78 Quarry 5-A
Ripply, Dora 78 Quarry 5-A
Ripply, Geo. 78 Quarry 5-A
Ripply, George 78 Quarry 5-A
Ripply, Mary 78 Quarry 5-A
Ripply, Margorie 78 Quarry 5-B
Ripply, Robert 78 Quarry 5-B
La Marsh, Jesse 79 Quarry 5-A
La Marsh, William 79 Quarry 5-A
Slaten, Emma J. 80 Quarry 5-A
Slaten, George W. 80 Quarry 5-A
Mooney, Elizabeth 81 Quarry 5-A
O’Keefe, Bartholomew ? 81 Quarry 5-A
O’Keefe, Nellie E. 81 Quarry 5-A
O’Keefe, Rose Agnes 81 Quarry 5-A
O’Keefe, Thomas 81 Quarry 5-A
Wallace, Enoch 82 Quarry 5-A
Wallace, Mary J. 82 Quarry 5-A
Wallace, Stella 82 Quarry 5-A
Wallace, William 82 Quarry 5-A
Wallace, William L. 82 Quarry 5-A
Admire, David 83 Quarry 5-A
McGee, J. S. 83 Quarry 5-A
McGee, Sally 83 Quarry 5-A
Reynolds, Roy 83 Quarry 5-A
Reynolds, John 84 Quarry 5-A
Reynolds, John 84 Quarry 5-A
Reynolds, Maggie 84 Quarry 5-A
Reynolds, Mary 84 Quarry 5-A
Patrick, Delilah 85 Quarry 5-A
Sykes, Joseph 85 Quarry 5-A
Sykes, Sarah 85 Quarry 5-A
Sykes, William 85 Quarry 5-A
Baldwin, Lizzie 86 Quarry 5-A
Barlow, Annie 86 Quarry 5-A
Barlow, James 86 Quarry 5-A
Mysenberg, Ernest 87 Quarry 5-A
Mysenberg, Clara L. 87 Quarry 5-B
Mysenberg, Edith H. 87 Quarry 5-B
Mysenberg, Mary H. 87 Quarry 5-B
Mysenberg, Robert L. 87 Quarry 5-B
Cockshort, Elizabeth 88 Quarry 5-B
Cockshort, Thomas 88 Quarry 5-B
Howe, Elisabether 88 Quarry 5-B
Howe, Jake 88 Quarry 5-B
Freeman, Agnes 89 Quarry 5-B
Freeman, Curtis 89 Quarry 5-B
Freeman, Elizabeth 89 Quarry 5-B
Freeman, Herman 89 Quarry 5-B
Freeman, Katherine 89 Quarry 5-B
Freeman, Kathleen 89 Quarry 5-B
Albright, Louie 90 Quarry 5-B
Albright, Michael 90 Quarry 5-B
Banfield, Etta 90 Quarry 5-B
Banfield, Ruby 90 Quarry 5-B
Banfield, Walter 90 Quarry 5-B
Mohler, Charles W. 91 Quarry 5-B
Mohler, Emily 91 Quarry 5-B
Mohler, Eva Grace 91 Quarry 5-B
Mohler, Louis R. 91 Quarry 5-B
Crandall, Charles 92 Quarry 5-B
Crandall, Martha 92 Quarry 5-B
Ament ?, George 93 Quarry 5-B
Ament ?, Laura 93 Quarry 5-B
Ament ?, Luther 93 Quarry 5-B
Ament ?, Ruby 93 Quarry 5-B
Schiff, Edith 93 Quarry 5-B
Schiff, Temperance 93 Quarry 5-B
Schiff, William 93 Quarry 5-B
Bray, Cecelia 94 Quarry 5-B
Bray, Ruth 94 Quarry 5-B
Bray, Ziba 94 Quarry 5-B
Dunlope, Frank 95 Quarry 5-B
Dunlope, Harry 95 Quarry 5-B
Dunlope, James 95 Quarry 5-B
Dunlope, Rachael 95 Quarry 5-B
Dunlope, William 95 Quarry 5-B
Fisher, Fred W. 96 Quarry 5-B
Fisher, John 96 Quarry 5-B
Fisher, Julia 96 Quarry 5-B
Heath, Clarinda 97 Quarry 5-B
Murphy, Anna 97 Quarry 5-B
Murphy, Joseph 97 Quarry 5-B
Murphy, William 97 Quarry 5-B
Crane, Curtis 98 Quarry 5-B
Lindsey, James 98 Quarry 5-B
Lindsey, Olive 98 Quarry 5-B
Robinson, John 99 Quarry 6-A
Robinson, Margaret 99 Quarry 6-A
Donahue, Ida 100 Quarry 6-A
Ripply, Bernice 100 Quarry 6-A
Ripply, Camile 100 Quarry 6-A
Ripply, Carlyle 100 Quarry 6-A
Ripply, Frank 100 Quarry 6-A
Ripply, Greggory 100 Quarry 6-A
Ripply, John 100 Quarry 6-A
Ripply, Leo 100 Quarry 6-A
Ripply, Monica 100 Quarry 6-A
Ripply, Nora 100 Quarry 6-A
Ripply, Zita 100 Quarry 6-A
Jones, Alexander 101 Quarry 6-A
Jones, Vena 101 Quarry 6-A
Tiamey ?, Alice 101 Quarry 6-A
Williams, Nelson 101 Quarry 6-A
McDonald, Bridget 102 Quarry 6-A
Mooney, Bessie 102 Quarry 6-A
Mooney, James L. 102 Quarry 6-A
Mooney, Sammy 102 Quarry 6-A
Mooney, Teresa 102 Quarry 6-A
Mooney, Thomas 102 Quarry 6-A
Mooney, Vincent 102 Quarry 6-A
Baxter, Fannie 103 Quarry 6-A
Baxter, Hernando 103 Quarry 6-A
Baxter, Roscoe 103 Quarry 6-A
Bartels, John 104 Quarry 6-A
Bartels, Lena 104 Quarry 6-A
Bartels, Louis 104 Quarry 6-A
Journy, Ethel 105 Quarry 6-A
Journy, Nancy E. 105 Quarry 6-A
Journy, William 105 Quarry 6-A
Suddeth, Eva 105 Quarry 6-A
Park, Ella 106 Quarry 6-A
Park, Ethel 106 Quarry 6-A
Park, Ward 106 Quarry 6-A
Park, Wesley 106 Quarry 6-A
Dempssy ?, G. M. 107 Quarry 6-A
Dempssy ?, Hattie R. 107 Quarry 6-A
Cope, Almst ? 108 Quarry 6-A
Cope, Daniel 108 Quarry 6-A
Cope, Floyd 108 Quarry 6-A
Cope, Ivy 108 Quarry 6-A
Cope, Mary 108 Quarry 6-A
Cope. Daniel 108 Quarry 6-A
Smith, Hattie 109 Quarry 6-A
Smith, Henry 109 Quarry 6-A
Smith, Mary 109 Quarry 6-A
Smith, Mattie 109 Quarry 6-A
Fleak, Margaret 109 Quarry 6-B
Harper, Mary 109 Quarry 6-B
Banfield, Mary A. 110 Quarry 6-B
Banfield, William 110 Quarry 6-B
Powers, Frank 110 Quarry 6-B
Powers, Grant 110 Quarry 6-B
Powers, Katie 110 Quarry 6-B
Powers, Katie 110 Quarry 6-B
Siemer, Dora 110 Quarry 6-B
Siemer, John 110 Quarry 6-B
Brady, Anna 111 Quarry 6-B
Russler, Minnie 112 Quarry 6-B
Shulty, Louisa 112 Quarry 6-B
Quitt, Caroline 113 Quarry 6-B
Quitt, Paulina 113 Quarry 6-B
Quitt, Richard 113 Quarry 6-B
Allemang ?, Ella 114 Quarry 6-B
Allemang ?, Leon 114 Quarry 6-B
Nugent, Alma 115 Quarry 6-B
Nugent, Elizabeth J. 115 Quarry 6-B
Nugent, Leslie 115 Quarry 6-B
Nugent, Rufus R. 115 Quarry 6-B
Cope, Cecelia 116 Quarry 6-B
Cope, Ella 116 Quarry 6-B
Cope, Nora 116 Quarry 6-B
Cope, William 116 Quarry 6-B
Green, Elijah 116 Quarry 6-B
Grubb, Addie 117 Quarry 6-B
Grubb, Clayton 117 Quarry 6-B
Grubb, Fred 117 Quarry 6-B
Grubb, Helen 117 Quarry 6-B
Grubb, Lola 117 Quarry 6-B
Wadlow, Cecil 118 Quarry 6-B
Wadlow, Harold 118 Quarry 6-B
Wadlow, infant son 118 Quarry 6-B
Wadlow, Lora 118 Quarry 6-B
Wadlow, Nettie 118 Quarry 6-B
Wadlow, Sherman 118 Quarry 6-B
Wadlow, Verna 118 Quarry 6-B
Wadlow, Walter 118 Quarry 6-B
Edsall, Callie 119 Quarry 6-B
Edsall, Edward 119 Quarry 6-B
Dodson, F. M. 120 Quarry 6-B
Dodson, Flora 120 Quarry 6-B
Miller, Louis 121 Quarry 6-B
Booker, Mike 122 Quarry 6-B
Miller, John 122 Quarry 6-B
Ellis, Abbie 123 Quarry 6-B
Ellis, W. M. 123 Quarry 6-B
Ellis, William 123 Quarry 6-B
Ellis, Charles 123 Quarry 7-A
Ellis, Johnnie 123 Quarry 7-A
Ulrich, Rose 124 Quarry 7-A
Ulrich, William 124 Quarry 7-A
Poleet, Geo 125 Quarry 7-A
Poleet, Nancy 125 Quarry 7-A
Poleet, Philip 125 Quarry 7-A
Crull, Bird 126 Quarry 7-A
Crull, Esther B. 126 Quarry 7-A
Crull, Helen 126 Quarry 7-A
Crull, Katterina 126 Quarry 7-A
Crull, Mark 126 Quarry 7-A
Crull, Nina 126 Quarry 7-A
Crull, Roy 126 Quarry 7-A
Ruebel, Charles 127 Quarry 7-A
Ruebel, Eda 127 Quarry 7-A
Ruebel, Marguite ? 127 Quarry 7-A
Ruebel, Maurine 127 Quarry 7-A
Ruebel, Titania 127 Quarry 7-A
Cunningham, James 128 Quarry 7-A
Snow, John 129 Quarry 7-A
Snow, Maria 129 Quarry 7-A
Dunlope, Cumi ? 130 Quarry 7-A
Dunlope, William 130 Quarry 7-A
Davis, Irma 131 Quarry 7-A
Davis, Marguerite 131 Quarry 7-A
Davis, Oliver 131 Quarry 7-A
Davis, Sina (Lena ?) 131 Quarry 7-A
Noble, Everett 132 Quarry 7-A
Noble, Jean 132 Quarry 7-A
Noble, Nettie 132 Quarry 7-A
Landon, Alvinra E. 133 Quarry 7-A
Landon, Flora May 133 Quarry 7-A
Landon, Harry L. 133 Quarry 7-A
Landon, Jewel M. 133 Quarry 7-A
Landon, Lucy 133 Quarry 7-A
Landon, Ralph E. 133 Quarry 7-A
Landon, Virgil R. 133 Quarry 7-A
Martin, Joshua 133 Quarry 7-A
Mauk, Charles L. 134 Quarry 7-A
Mauk, Ione 134 Quarry 7-A
Mauk, Mattie 134 Quarry 7-A
Mauk, Opal 134 Quarry 7-A
Slaten, Not Green ? 134 Quarry 7-A
Dick, S. Martha ? 135 Quarry 7-A
Dick, William 135 Quarry 7-A
Allemang, Tony Tony 136 Quarry 7-A
Slaten, Belle 136 Quarry 7-A
Slaten, Geo N. 136 Quarry 7-A
Slaten, Nina Rose 136 Quarry 7-A
Crane ?, Fannie 137 Quarry 7-B
Crane ?, Harry ? very faded 137 Quarry 7-B
Crane ?, John 137 Quarry 7-B
Crane ?, Richard 137 Quarry 7-B
Crane ?, Walter A. 137 Quarry 7-B
McCaul, Eliza 138 Quarry 7-B
McCaul, James 138 Quarry 7-B
Tonkinson, Douglas 139 Quarry 7-B
Tonkinson, John 139 Quarry 7-B
Tonkinson, Lottie 139 Quarry 7-B
Tonkinson, Theodore 139 Quarry 7-B
Wallace, Alfred 139 Quarry 7-B
Wallace, Alfred 139 Quarry 7-B
Wallace, Gladys 139 Quarry 7-B
Wallace, Jesse 139 Quarry 7-B
Wallace, Laura 139 Quarry 7-B
Wallace, Ross ? 139 Quarry 7-B
Calloway, Johanna 140 Quarry 7-B
Calloway, Thomas 140 Quarry 7-B
Calloway, Walter 140 Quarry 7-B
Hanberg, Theresa 140 Quarry 7-B
Barker, Louis 141 Quarry 7-B
Barker, Mabel 141 Quarry 7-B
Barker, Nellie 141 Quarry 7-B
Barker, Nina 141 Quarry 7-B
Johnson, Charles 142 Quarry 7-B
Johnson, Edward 142 Quarry 7-B
Johnson, Eva 142 Quarry 7-B
Johnson, James 142 Quarry 7-B
Johnson, Mina 142 Quarry 7-B
Johnson, Minnie 142 Quarry 7-B
Johnson, Vern 142 Quarry 7-B
Johnson, William 142 Quarry 7-B
Thomas, Charles 143 Quarry 7-B
Thomas, Earl F. 143 Quarry 7-B
Thomas, Mary M. 143 Quarry 7-B
Riordan, Dennis 144 Quarry 7-B
Riordan, Johanna 144 Quarry 7-B
Riordan, John 144 Quarry 7-B
Riordan, Mary 144 Quarry 7-B
Callahan, Anna 145 Quarry 7-B
Callahan, Daniel 145 Quarry 7-B
Callahan, Johnny 145 Quarry 7-B
Callahan, Nona 145 Quarry 7-B
Gilmore, Martin 145 Quarry 7-B
Dougherty, Allie 146 Quarry 7-B
Dougherty, Samuel 146 Quarry 7-B
Schumacher, Lizzie 147 Quarry 7-B
Schumacher, Victor 147 Quarry 7-B
Porter, Mary 148 Quarry 7-B
Atchison ?, Eli 148 Quarry 8-A
Bicford, Alph 149 Quarry 8-A
Bicford, Coretta 149 Quarry 8-A
Bicford, Dennis 149 Quarry 8-A
Bicford, Flora 149 Quarry 8-A
Robinson, E. 150 Quarry 8-A
Redd, Jennie 151 Quarry 8-A
Redd, William 151 Quarry 8-A
Kaslick, Frederick 152 Quarry 8-A
Kaslick, Golda 152 Quarry 8-A
Kaslick, Roy 152 Quarry 8-A
Kaslick, Sarah U. 152 Quarry 8-A
Kaslick, William 152 Quarry 8-A
Callahan, John 153 Quarry 8-A
Callahan, John 153 Quarry 8-A
Callahan, Mary 153 Quarry 8-A
Fisher, Clarence 154 Quarry 8-A
Fisher, Fred 154 Quarry 8-A
Fisher, Katherina 154 Quarry 8-A
Fisher, Lena 154 Quarry 8-A
Fisher, Minard 154 Quarry 8-A
Amburg, Arleigh 155 Quarry 8-A
Amburg, Bert 155 Quarry 8-A
Amburg, Chas 155 Quarry 8-A
Amburg, Della 155 Quarry 8-A
Amburg, Lleord ? 155 Quarry 8-A
Amburg, Manda 155 Quarry 8-A
McClintock, Clarence 156 Quarry 8-A
McClintock, Edgar 156 Quarry 8-A
McClintock, Gregory 156 Quarry 8-A
McClintock, James 156 Quarry 8-A
McClintock, Louise 156 Quarry 8-A
McClintock, Mark 156 Quarry 8-A
Dempsy, James 157 Quarry 8-A
Dempsy, John 157 Quarry 8-A
Dempsy, Julia 157 Quarry 8-A
Gibbons, Margaret 157 Quarry 8-A
Byrnes, Alice 158 Quarry 8-A
Byrnes, Margaret 158 Quarry 8-A
Byrnes, W. T. 158 Quarry 8-A
Maroh or Marot, Buel 159 Quarry 8-A
Maroh or Marot, Charles 159 Quarry 8-A
Maroh or Marot, Glen 159 Quarry 8-A
Maroh or Marot, Louise 159 Quarry 8-A
MAroh or Marot, Robert 159 Quarry 8-A
Maroh or Marot, Slaton 159 Quarry 8-A
Suttles, Louis 159 Quarry 8-A
Wahl, Clinton 160 Quarry 8-A
Wahl, Mary 160 Quarry 8-A
Wahl, William 160 Quarry 8-A
Amburg, Mary J. 161 Quarry 8-B
Amburg, Robert C. 161 Quarry 8-B
Bray, Eliza 162 Quarry 8-B
Bray, Rowena 162 Quarry 8-B
Bray, William 162 Quarry 8-B
Allbright, Henry 163 Quarry 8-B
Wallace, Arleigh 163 Quarry 8-B
Wallace, Freddie 163 Quarry 8-B
Wallace, Lela 163 Quarry 8-B
Wallace, Lilly 163 Quarry 8-B
Wallace, Newton 163 Quarry 8-B
Highfill, Benj 164 Quarry 8-B
Highfill, Herbert 164 Quarry 8-B
Highfill, Melvin 164 Quarry 8-B
Highfill, Sarah 164 Quarry 8-B
Cooper, Clyde 165 Quarry 8-B
Cooper, Verna 165 Quarry 8-B
Cooper, Victor 165 Quarry 8-B
Slaten, Alberta M. 166 Quarry 8-B
Slaten, Dexter C. 166 Quarry 8-B
Slaten, Mary E. 166 Quarry 8-B
Schafer, Herman 167 Quarry 8-B
Schafer, Orpha 167 Quarry 8-B
Brownin, Elizabeth 168 Quarry 8-B
Brownin, Enos 168 Quarry 8-B
Hayes, Elmer 169 Quarry 8-B
Hayes, Mary 169 Quarry 8-B
Hayes, William 169 Quarry 8-B
Smith, Jane 170 Quarry 8-B
Davenport, John 171 Quarry 8-B
Davenport, Pearl 171 Quarry 8-B
Davenport, Roy 171 Quarry 8-B
Davenport, Tanzetta 171 Quarry 8-B
Smith, Hartford 172 Quarry 8-B
Smith, Howard 172 Quarry 8-B
Smith, Lee 172 Quarry 8-B
Smith, Mary 172 Quarry 8-B
Crandall, Alma 173 Quarry 9-A
Crandall, Beatrice 173 Quarry 9-A
Crandall, George A. 173 Quarry 9-A
Crandall, Laura 173 Quarry 9-A
Crandall, Marina 173 Quarry 9-A
Crandall, Verna May 173 Quarry 9-A
Crandall, William 173 Quarry 9-A
Campbell, Herther 174 Quarry 9-A
Browning, Arthur 175 Quarry 9-A
Browning, Cecil 175 Quarry 9-A
Hays, ??? Olney 176 Quarry 9-A
Hays, Freeman 176 Quarry 9-A
Hays, Hallie 176 Quarry 9-A
Hays, Mande 176 Quarry 9-A
Hays, Myrtle 176 Quarry 9-A
Campbell, Joseph 177 Quarry 9-A
Campbell, Charlie 177 Quarry 9-A
Campbell, Ellis or Eleis 177 Quarry 9-A
Campbell, Isabella 177 Quarry 9-A
Brown, George 178 Quarry 9-A
Brown, James M. 178 Quarry 9-A
Brown, John W. 178 Quarry 9-A
Brown, Minerva 178 Quarry 9-A
Brown, Sarah A. 178 Quarry 9-A
Brown, Thomas 178 Quarry 9-A
Harris, Clarence 179 Quarry 9-A
Harris, Ervin 179 Quarry 9-A
Harris, Fern 179 Quarry 9-A
Harris, Gladys 179 Quarry 9-A
Harris, Mary 179 Quarry 9-A
Harris, Mary L. 179 Quarry 9-A
Harris, Samuel B. 179 Quarry 9-A
Williamsmeyer, Anna M. 180 Quarry 9-A
Williamsmeyer, Catherine 180 Quarry 9-A
Williamsmeyer, Joseph 180 Quarry 9-A
Williamsmeyer, Mary 180 Quarry 9-A
Harris, Daisy 181 Quarry 9-A
Harris, Mary 181 Quarry 9-A
Harris, Walter 181 Quarry 9-A
Leonin, John 181 Quarry 9-A
Tomkins, Bert 181 Quarry 9-A
Ewing, Arthur 182 Quarry 9-A
Ewing, Belle 182 Quarry 9-A
Ewing, Ethel 182 Quarry 9-A
Sawyer, Archie 182 Quarry 9-A
Sawyer, Richard 182 Quarry 9-A
Sawyer, Richard 182 Quarry 9-A
Sawyer, Vesta 182 Quarry 9-A
Heath, Cornelia 183 Quarry 9-A
Heath, Daniel 183 Quarry 9-A
Vanosdoll, Cassie 184 Quarry 9-B
Vanosdoll, Chester 184 Quarry 9-B
Vanosdoll, Otis 184 Quarry 9-B
Faeiman ?, Charley 185 Quarry 9-B
Faeiman ?, Freda 185 Quarry 9-B
Faeiman ?, Fritz 185 Quarry 9-B
Faeiman ?, Lena 185 Quarry 9-B
Faeiman ?, Lora 185 Quarry 9-B
Faeiman ?, Mark 185 Quarry 9-B
Faeiman ?, Peter 185 Quarry 9-B
Faeiman ?, Sophia 185 Quarry 9-B
Hansby, William M. 186 Quarry 9-B
Daugherty, Mary A. 187 Quarry 9-B
Daugherty, Sarah C. 187 Quarry 9-B
Ransom, Charles E. 187 Quarry 9-B
Timmons, Joseph 188 Quarry 9-B
Timmons, Julia 188 Quarry 9-B
Timmons, Mary M. 188 Quarry 9-B
Pohlman, Anna 189 Quarry 9-B
Pohlman, Lawrence 189 Quarry 9-B
Pohlman, Leo 189 Quarry 9-B
Pohlman, Raymond 189 Quarry 9-B
Gilmore, George 190 Quarry 9-B
Gilmore, James 190 Quarry 9-B
Gilmore, Mary 190 Quarry 9-B
Gilmore, Recter 190 Quarry 9-B
Hill, John 190 Quarry 9-B
Miller, Edward 190 Quarry 9-B
Highfill, Aleta 191 Quarry 9-B
Richie, Dona or Donald 191 Quarry 9-B
Richie, Martha 191 Quarry 9-B
????, Joseph 192 Quarry 9-B
????, Sylvani 192 Quarry 9-B
McCourt, Mary 192 Quarry 9-B
Fawler, Alice 193 Quarry 9-B
Fawler, Herbert 193 Quarry 9-B
Lanby, Edward 194 Quarry 9-B
Lanby, Emily 194 Quarry 9-B
Lanby, James 194 Quarry 9-B
Lanby, Lora 194 Quarry 9-B
Lee, Addie 195 Quarry 9-B
Lee, Albert 195 Quarry 9-B
Lee, Fannie 195 Quarry 9-B
Lee, Flossie 195 Quarry 9-B
Lee, Floyd 195 Quarry 9-B
Lee, Robert 195 Quarry 9-B
Miller, Isaac 195 Quarry 9-B
Layne, Dora 196 Quarry 10-A
Layne, Everett 196 Quarry 10-A
Layne, John 196 Quarry 9-B
Layne, John Jr. 196 Quarry 9-B
Layne, Lois 196 Quarry 9-B
Hosey, Edward 197 Quarry 10-A
Hosey, Ethel 197 Quarry 10-A
Hosey, Hubert 197 Quarry 10-A
Hosey, Mollie 197 Quarry 10-A
Guntren, John 198 Quarry 10-A
Holteen, Albert 198 Quarry 10-A
Poling, Minnie 198 Quarry 10-A
Smith, Delia 198 Quarry 10-A
Smith, Pearl 198 Quarry 10-A
Booker, Edith 199 Quarry 10-A
Booker, Elbert 199 Quarry 10-A
Booker, John C. 199 Quarry 10-A
Booker, Marcella 199 Quarry 10-A
Booker, Mary 199 Quarry 10-A
Booker, Samuel 199 Quarry 10-A
Booker, Wilbur 199 Quarry 10-A
Dowdall, Malissa 200 Quarry 10-A
Dowdall, W. H. 200 Quarry 10-A
Draper, Nellie 201 Quarry 10-A
Draper, Warren 201 Quarry 10-A
Martin, Bessie 201 Quarry 10-A
Martin, Blanche 201 Quarry 10-A
Martin, Essie 201 Quarry 10-A
Martin, Mark H. 201 Quarry 10-A
Martin, Stella 201 Quarry 10-A
McCann, Carrie 202 Quarry 10-A
McCann, Christopher 202 Quarry 10-A
McCann, John L. 202 Quarry 10-A
McCann, Katie 202 Quarry 10-A
McCann, Lela 202 Quarry 10-A
McCann, Mabel 202 Quarry 10-A
McCann, Pearl 202 Quarry 10-A
McCann, Roy 202 Quarry 10-A
McCann, Silas 202 Quarry 10-A
McCann, Teddy 202 Quarry 10-A
Clark, Charles 203 Quarry 10-A
Kemper, Henry 203 Quarry 10-A
Kemper, Levi 203 Quarry 10-A
Kemper, Rosetta 203 Quarry 10-A
Larkey, Fannie 204 Quarry 10-A
Larkey, Grace 204 Quarry 10-A
Larkey, Jas?? Albert 204 Quarry 10-A
Larkey, Lela 204 Quarry 10-A
Suttles, Benjamin 204 Quarry 10-A
Sauvage, Anna 205 Quarry 10-A
Sauvage, Conrad 205 Quarry 10-A
Sauvage, Nancy 205 Quarry 10-A
Wagner, Frank 206 Quarry 10-A
Wagner, Adele 206 Quarry 10-B
Wagner, Amelia 206 Quarry 10-B
Wagner, Barbara 206 Quarry 10-B
Wagner, Clara 206 Quarry 10-B
Wagner, Edgar 206 Quarry 10-B
Wagner, Frances 206 Quarry 10-B
Wagner, Harold 206 Quarry 10-B
Wagner, Lawrence 206 Quarry 10-B
Shine, Catherine 207 Quarry 10-B
Shine, James 207 Quarry 10-B
Shine, Minnie 207 Quarry 10-B
Faeiman, Albert 208 Quarry 10-B
Faeiman, Catherine 208 Quarry 10-B
Faeiman, James 208 Quarry 10-B
Faeiman, Laverne 208 Quarry 10-B
Faeiman, Letitia 208 Quarry 10-B
Faeiman, Raymond 208 Quarry 10-B
Faeiman, Robert 208 Quarry 10-B
Faeiman, Zita 208 Quarry 10-B
Telkamp, Annie 209 Quarry 10-B
Telkamp, Benjamin 209 Quarry 10-B
Telkamp, Helen 209 Quarry 10-B
Cary, Benjamin 210 Quarry 10-B
Note: Quarry township Cary family spelled their name Carey.    
Cary, Elizabeth 210 Quarry 10-B
Cary, Frank 210 Quarry 10-B
Cary, George 210 Quarry 10-B
Cary, Harmon 210 Quarry 10-B
Cary, Henry 210 Quarry 10-B
Cary, Peter 210 Quarry 10-B
Cary, Theresa 210 Quarry 10-B
Casten, Cecil 211 Quarry 10-B
Casten, Felicia 211 Quarry 10-B
Casten, Fred 211 Quarry 10-B
Casten, Harold 211 Quarry 10-B
Casten, Lena 211 Quarry 10-B
Casten, Leslie 211 Quarry 10-B
Dowdall, Curtis 212 Quarry 10-B
Dowdall, Edward 212 Quarry 10-B
Dowdall, Emma 212 Quarry 10-B
Dowdall, Esther 212 Quarry 10-B
Dowdall, Florence 212 Quarry 10-B
Dowdall, Fred 212 Quarry 10-B
Green, Clyde 212 Quarry 10-B
Green, Murrel 212 Quarry 10-B
Defasia, Franklin 213 Quarry 10-B
Defasia, Robert 213 Quarry 10-B
Defasia, Ruth 213 Quarry 10-B
Davis, Frank 214 Quarry 10-B
Davis, Henrietta 214 Quarry 10-B
Davis, Howard 214 Quarry 10-B
Weigel, Catherine 215 Quarry 11-A
Weigel, Jacob 215 Quarry 11-A
Foster, Ashley 216 Quarry 11-A
Foster, Ellice 216 Quarry 11-A
Foster, Fayette 216 Quarry 11-A
Foster, Fledel 216 Quarry 11-A
Foster, Inez 216 Quarry 11-A
Veach, Charles 217 Quarry 11-A
Schockhart, Achilles 218 Quarry 11-A
Potter, Harmon 219 Quarry 11-A
Potter, Herbert 219 Quarry 11-A
Potter, Katie 219 Quarry 11-A
Potter, Lena 219 Quarry 11-A
Potter, Lilly 219 Quarry 11-A
Potter, Peter 219 Quarry 11-A
Wheeler, Charles 220 Quarry 11-A
Wheeler, Clifford 220 Quarry 11-A
Wheeler, Hallie 220 Quarry 11-A
Wheeler, Laura 220 Quarry 11-A
Wheeler, Margueritte 220 Quarry 11-A
Wallace, Claude 221 Quarry 11-A
Wallace, Elijah 221 Quarry 11-A
Wallace, Ella 221 Quarry 11-A
Wallace, Henry 221 Quarry 11-A
Wallace, Katie 221 Quarry 11-A
Wallace, Leonard 221 Quarry 11-A
Wallace, Mary A. 221 Quarry 11-A
Wallace, Perry 221 Quarry 11-A
Wallace, Raymond 221 Quarry 11-A
Wallace, Zella 221 Quarry 11-A
Wadlow, Clayton 222 Quarry 11-A
Wadlow, Gladys 222 Quarry 11-A
Wadlow, Laverne 222 Quarry 11-A
Wadlow, Minerva 222 Quarry 11-A
Wadlow, Ray or Roy 222 Quarry 11-A
Wadlow, Waltersd 222 Quarry 11-A
Haynes, Dora Alice 223 Quarry 11-A
Haynes, Louis R. 223 Quarry 11-A
Daubman, Earl 224 Quarry 11-A
Daubman, Fern 224 Quarry 11-A
Daubman, Hazel 224 Quarry 11-A
Daubman, Stella 224 Quarry 11-A
Daubman, William 224 Quarry 11-A
Forbes, Leslie 225 Quarry 11-A
Forbes, Maria 225 Quarry 11-A
Forbes, Nellie 225 Quarry 11-A
Forbes, Richard 225 Quarry 11-A
Forbes, Willie 225 Quarry 11-A
Hale, George 225 Quarry 11-A
Hale, Mabel 225 Quarry 11-A
Hale, Willie 225 Quarry 11-B
Meyers, Allen 225 Quarry 11-B
Forbes, anna 226 Quarry 11-B
Forbes, Fred 226 Quarry 11-B
Forbes, Fritz 226 Quarry 11-B
Whitfield, Mary 227 Quarry 11-B
Ridenour, Alice 228 Quarry 11-B
Ridenour, Clayton 228 Quarry 11-B
Ridenour, Levi 228 Quarry 11-B
Ridenour, Lulu 228 Quarry 11-B
Ridenour, Raymond 228 Quarry 11-B
Guthrie, Asher 229 Quarry 11-B
Guthrie, Cassie 229 Quarry 11-B
Guthrie, Daisie 229 Quarry 11-B
Guthrie, Fannie J. 229 Quarry 11-B
Guthrie, Ralph 229 Quarry 11-B
Campbell, David ? 230 Quarry 11-B
Campbell, Lloyd 230 Quarry 11-B
Schdansker/Schdousker, David Lynn 230 Quarry 11-B
Schdansker/Schdousker, Mattie 230 Quarry 11-B
Wallace, Alva 231 Quarry 11-B
Wallace, Birdie 231 Quarry 11-B
Wilson, Corrine 231 Quarry 11-B
Wagner, Augustine 232 Quarry 11-B
Wagner, Charles 232 Quarry 11-B
Wagner, Clinton 232 Quarry 11-B
Wagner, Louis 232 Quarry 11-B
Jordan, Grace 233 Quarry 11-B
Wright, Alfred 233 Quarry 11-B
Wright, Mildred L. 233 Quarry 11-B
Depper, Lloyd 234 Quarry 11-B
Miller, Earl 234 Quarry 11-B
Miller, Pearl 234 Quarry 11-B
Monroe, Anthony 234 Quarry 11-B
Monroe, Mary 234 Quarry 11-B
Meyer, John 235 Quarry 11-B
Meyer, Ruby 235 Quarry 11-B
Shellemberg, Elizabeth 236 Quarry 11-B
Shellemberg, Fredrick 236 Quarry 11-B
Shellemberg, Louis 236 Quarry 11-B
Stafford, Dwight 237 Quarry 11-B
Stafford, Elisabeth 237 Quarry 11-B
Eckman, E. P. 238 Quarry 11-B
Bradfisch, Earl 239 Quarry 11-B
Bradfisch, Lynn 239 Quarry 11-B
Bradfisch, Mary E. 239 Quarry 11-B
Bradfisch, Ray 239 Quarry 11-B
Bradfisch, Russ 239 Quarry 11-B
Ruebel, Elizabeth 240 Quarry 11-B
Ruebel, Margaret 240 Quarry 11-B
Watson, John 241 Quarry 12-A
Smith, Jane 242 Quarry 12-A
Preston, Carl 243 Quarry 12-A
Preston, J. L—— H. 243 Quarry 12-A
Preston, Pauline 243 Quarry 12-A
Browfield, Leroy H. 244 Quarry 12-A
Browfield, Susan 244 Quarry 12-A
K———?, Martha 245 Quarry 12-A
K———?, Rosa 245 Quarry 12-A
K———?, William 245 Quarry 12-A
Wilson, Adah 246 Quarry 12-A
Wilson, Arthur 246 Quarry 12-A
Wilson, Ellen 246 Quarry 12-A
Wilson, Harry 246 Quarry 12-A
Wilson, Lola 246 Quarry 12-A
Wilson, Walter 246 Quarry 12-A
Simpson, D. W. 247 Quarry 12-A
Simpson, Lois 247 Quarry 12-A
Simpson, Lois E. 247 Quarry 12-A
Simpson, Stanly 247 Quarry 12-A
Simpson, Willie 247 Quarry 12-A
Hays, Alice 248 Quarry 12-A
Hays, John 248 Quarry 12-A
Hays, Leo 248 Quarry 12-A
Hays, Lloyd 248 Quarry 12-A
Hays, Loretta 248 Quarry 12-A
Hays, Margaret 248 Quarry 12-A
Hays, Robert 248 Quarry 12-A
Dowdall, Daisy R. 249 Quarry 12-A
Dowdall, Jewel 249 Quarry 12-A
Dowdall, John 249 Quarry 12-A
Dowdall, John H. 249 Quarry 12-A
Dowdall, Leota 249 Quarry 12-A
Dowdall, Malissa 249 Quarry 12-A
Forbes, Arleigh 250 Quarry 12-A
Forbes, Clyde 250 Quarry 12-A
Forbes, Ethel 250 Quarry 12-A
Forbes, Harry 250 Quarry 12-A
Forbes, Helena 250 Quarry 12-A
Forbes, Luella 250 Quarry 12-A
Forbes, Tony 250 Quarry 12-A
Meier, Clara 251 Quarry 12-A
Meier, Harry 251 Quarry 12-A
Meier, Martha 251 Quarry 12-A
Meier, Olinda 251 Quarry 12-A
Meier, Teddie 251 Quarry 12-A
Meier, William 251 Quarry 12-A
Meier, Willie 251 Quarry 12-A
Meier, Anna 252 Quarry 12-A
McCauley, Lee 253 Quarry 12-A
McCauley, Everett 253 Quarry 12-B
McCauley, Lee 253 Quarry 12-B
McCauley, Maud 253 Quarry 12-B
McCauley, Robert 253 Quarry 12-B
Wallace, Clarence 254 Quarry 12-B
Wallace, Ethel 254 Quarry 12-B
Wallace, Eugene 254 Quarry 12-B
Wallace, Opal 254 Quarry 12-B
Wallace, Robert 254 Quarry 12-B
Wallace, Enid 255 Quarry 12-B
Wallace, Lewis 255 Quarry 12-B
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