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1910 Jersey County Federal Census Index
Piasa TownshipThis transcription of the index to the Jersey County Federal Census of 1910 was contributed by Delores Molloy. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

Brown, Willard1Piasa, Brighton1-A
Pincard, Emily B.1Piasa, Brighton1-A
Morgan, William B.2Piasa, Brighton1-A
Ricker, Marguerita3Piasa, Brighton1-A
Schaeberle, Frank4Piasa, Brighton1-A
Schaeberle, Joseph4Piasa, Brighton1-A
Schaeberle, Leonard4Piasa, Brighton1-A
Schaeberle, Minnie M.4Piasa, Brighton1-A
Schaeberle, Sylvester4Piasa, Brighton1-A
Schaeberle, Theresia4Piasa, Brighton1-A
Wilde, John H.4Piasa, Brighton1-A
Schwab, Carrie J.5Piasa, Brighton1-A
Schwab, Fred C.5Piasa, Brighton1-A
Schwab, Lee L.5Piasa, Brighton1-A
Schwab, Ralph H.5Piasa, Brighton1-A
Schwab, Theodore J.5Piasa, Brighton1-A
Reader, James C.6Piasa, Brighton1-A
Reader, Mary R.6Piasa, Brighton1-A
Reader, Raymond W.6Piasa, Brighton1-A
Lippold, Herman7Piasa, Brighton1-A
Sauerwen, Elizabeth7Piasa, Brighton1-A
Lark, Josephine M.8Piasa, Brighton1-A
Lark, Mary A.8Piasa, Brighton1-A
Barth, Wilhelmina9Piasa, Brighton1-A
Ebbler, Annie M.10Piasa, Brighton1-A
Ebbler, Henry R.10Piasa, Brighton1-A
Grabbe, Philip11Piasa, Brighton1-A
Telgman, Frederic12Piasa, Brighton1-A
Telgman, Minnie12Piasa, Brighton1-A
Sansche, Charles13Piasa, Brighton1-A
Sansche, Elmer13Piasa, Brighton1-A
Sansche, Hattie M.13Piasa, Brighton1-A
Sansche, Jerrie M.13Piasa, Brighton1-A
Sansche, Martha13Piasa, Brighton1-A
Sansche, Oral13Piasa, Brighton1-A
Bohn, Carolina14Piasa, Brighton1-A
Stark ?, Katie15Piasa, Brighton1-A
Stark ?, Philip W.15Piasa, Brighton1-A
Davis, Elizabeth16Piasa, Brighton1-A
Stark ?, Amelia M.16Piasa, Brighton1-A
Stark ?, Mary B.16Piasa, Brighton1-A
Brocken, Augusta17Piasa1-B
Brocken, Charles H.;17Piasa1-B
Brocken, Clarence A.17Piasa1-B
Brocken, Clemmens17Piasa1-B
Brocken, Clifford17Piasa1-B
Brocken, Jacob17Piasa1-B
Broken, Fred H.17Piasa1-B
Schroeder, Neta18Piasa1-B
Schroeder, Alvin18Piasa1-B
Schroeder, Elfreda18Piasa1-B
Schroeder, Esther18Piasa1-B
Schroeder, Frank H.18Piasa1-B
Schroeder, Frank W.18Piasa1-B
Schroeder, Minnie A.18Piasa1-B
Schroeder, Victor, W.18Piasa1-B
Yost, John19Piasa1-B
Yost, John19Piasa1-B
Yost, Mary19Piasa1-B
Yost, William J.19Piasa1-B
Theis, Henry20Piasa1-B
Hart, Christina K.21Piasa1-B
Hart, Edna C.21Piasa1-B
Hart, Edward O.21Piasa1-B
Hart, Frank E.21Piasa1-B
Hart, Orville H.21Piasa1-B
Hart, Viola N.21Piasa1-B
Buelman ?, Rosa22Piasa1-B
Sanger, Charles22Piasa1-B
Sanger, Emma C.22Piasa1-B
Sanger, Louis22Piasa1-B
Sanger, Mary22Piasa1-B
Sanger, Philip22Piasa1-B
Dunham, cannot read F.23Piasa1-B
Dunham, Margaret W.23Piasa1-B
Dunham, William P.23Piasa1-B
Sellmeir, Anna M.24Piasa1-B
Sellmeir, cannot read W.24Piasa1-B
Sellmeir, John W.24Piasa1-B
Sellmeir, William H.24Piasa1-B
Da????, William Y.25Piasa1-B
Fitzgibbons, Bridget25Piasa1-B
Fitzgibbons, Martin J.25Piasa1-B
Fitzgibbons, Mary25Piasa1-B
Fitzgibbons, William25Piasa1-B
Fitzgibbons, James26Piasa1-B
Fitzgibbons, John E.26Piasa1-B
Fitzgibbons, Thomas26Piasa1-B
Ingersoll, John27Piasa1-B
Ingersoll, Mary E.27Piasa1-B
Ingersoll, Wallace A.27Piasa1-B
Nurenberger, Ellen27Piasa2-A
????ey, ——— Gr’dau.28Piasa2-A
????ey, ——— Gr’dau.28Piasa2-A
???luckie, Niece28Piasa2-A
Welsh ?, Gertrude28Piasa2-A
Welsh ?, John28Piasa2-A
Welsh ?, Margaret J.28Piasa2-A
Welsh ?, Marty28Piasa2-A
Welsh ?, Stella M.28Piasa2-A
Welsh ?, Thomas R.28Piasa2-A
Rhun ?, Annie29Piasa2-A
Rhun ?, John29Piasa2-A
Rhun ?, Mary29Piasa2-A
Craig, Mary30Piasa2-A
Craig, William H.30Piasa2-A
Hawkins, Burt O.31Piasa2-A
Hawkins, Edward31Piasa2-A
Hawkins, Edward31Piasa2-A
Hawkins, Garnetta31Piasa2-A
Hawkins, John31Piasa2-A
Hawkins, Leanna M.31Piasa2-A
Hawkins, Lutie ?31Piasa2-A
Hawkins, Norah L.31Piasa2-A
Hawkins, Queen V. or I.31Piasa2-A
Welch or Welsh, Birdie C.32Piasa2-A
Welch or Welsh, Richard F.32Piasa2-A
Breitweiser, Thomas33Piasa2-A
Breitweiser, ???? F.33Piasa2-A
Breitweiser, ???gra F.33Piasa2-A
Breitweiser, Clara M.33Piasa2-A
Breitweiser, Ruth M.33Piasa2-A
Breitweiser, Spencer ?33Piasa2-A
Breitweiser, Victor M.33Piasa2-A
Breitweiser, Anna R.34Piasa2-A
Breitweiser, Appollonia K.34Piasa2-A
Breitweiser, Frank34Piasa2-A
Breitweiser, Frank W.34Piasa2-A
Breitweiser, Mary E.34Piasa2-A
Breitweiser, Matilda A.34Piasa2-A
Orban, Alfred35Piasa2-A
Orban, Anna35Piasa2-A
Orban, Carl35Piasa2-A
Orban, Edna35Piasa2-A
Orban, Frank35Piasa2-A
Orban, Frank35Piasa2-A
Orban, Gustave O.35Piasa2-A
Orban, Henry35Piasa2-A
Orban, Lena35Piasa2-A
Orban, Otto35Piasa2-A
Orban, William F.35Piasa2-A
???liey, daughter36Piasa2-B
???liey, son36Piasa2-B
???liey, son John36Piasa2-B
???liey, Barttery ?36Piasa2-B
faded out, Charles37Piasa2-B
faded out, Genevieve ?37Piasa2-B
faded out, Robert37Piasa2-B
Bowers, John38Piasa2-B
Jones ?, ——- E.38Piasa2-B
Jones ?, John E.38Piasa2-B
Jones ?, John R.38Piasa2-B
Jones ?, Roger38Piasa2-B
Robinson, Carl ?39Piasa2-B
Robinson, Susan39Piasa2-B
faded out, Arnold S.40Piasa2-B
faded out, daughter40Piasa2-B
faded out, daughter40Piasa2-B
faded out, Emma L.40Piasa2-B
faded out, Frank T.40Piasa2-B
faded out, Herman O.40Piasa2-B
faded out, Julius H.40Piasa2-B
faded out, Mary E.40Piasa2-B
faded out, Walter H.40Piasa2-B
faded out, William H.40Piasa2-B
Heinegar, Ferdinand41Piasa2-B
Ba????er, E???? J.42Piasa2-B
Ba????er, John42Piasa2-B
Ba????er, Minnie42Piasa2-B
Ba????er, Theodore J.42Piasa2-B
Boekler, Katie43Piasa2-B
Boekler, Philip43Piasa2-B
Giesler, Bessie A.44Piasa2-B
Giesler, Clarence H.44Piasa2-B
Giesler, Edmund A.44Piasa2-B
Giesler, Florence H.44Piasa2-B
Giesler, Henry C.44Piasa2-B
Giesler, Lester W.44Piasa2-B
Giesler, William T.44Piasa2-B
Boehlar ?, Bertha L.45Piasa2-B
Boehlar ?, Charles W.45Piasa2-B
Boehlar ?, Joseph45Piasa2-B
Boehlar ?, Joseph H.45Piasa2-B
Boehlar ?, Julia M.45Piasa2-B
Boehlar, Mabel H.45Piasa2-B
Dolan, Ann46Piasa2-B
Dolan, Peter46Piasa2-B
Norton, Edward J.47Piasa2-B
Norton, Fraancis E.47Piasa2-B
Norton, Frances47Piasa2-B
Norton, John47Piasa2-B
Norton, Alice E.47Piasa3-A
Norton, Edith M.47Piasa3-A
Norton, Edmund C.47Piasa3-A
Norton, John47Piasa3-A
Norton, Lillian H.47Piasa3-A
Norton, Ruth B.47Piasa3-A
Norton, Walter T.47Piasa3-A
Long, Charles B.48Piasa3-A
Long, Charles S.48Piasa3-A
Long, Ella L.48Piasa3-A
Long, Elliott C.48Piasa3-A
Long, Jerome W.48Piasa3-A
Long, Walter C.48Piasa3-A
Gross, Bermendina C.49Piasa3-A
Gross, Elmer S.49Piasa3-A
Gross, John W.49Piasa3-A
Gross, Joseph L.49Piasa3-A
Gross, Mabel C.49Piasa3-A
Miller, Annie50Piasa3-A
Miller, Annie E.50Piasa3-A
Miller, David50Piasa3-A
Miller, Della M.50Piasa3-A
Miller, Harry D.50Piasa3-A
Miller, Herbert C.50Piasa3-A
Springman, Edward50Piasa3-A
Springman, Fred50Piasa3-A
Baizer ?, Annie51Piasa3-A
Baizer ?, Donald F.51Piasa3-A
Baizer ?, John M.51Piasa3-A
Baizer ?, John P.51Piasa3-A
Wilson, Jeanette51Piasa3-A
Michael, Edward L.52Piasa3-A
Michael, Francis P.52Piasa3-A
Michael, Pauline E.52Piasa3-A
Michael, Peter52Piasa3-A
Michael, Spencer F.52Piasa3-A
Michael, Ursuline P.52Piasa3-A
Perce, Dora A.53Piasa3-A
Perce, George H.53Piasa3-A
Perce, Loretta53Piasa3-A
Perce, Mary A.53Piasa3-A
Kell, Edward54Piasa3-A
Large, Benjamin F.55Piasa3-A
Large, Charles55Piasa3-A
Large, Charles A.55Piasa3-A
Large, Emma M.55Piasa3-A
Large, John W.55Piasa3-A
Large, Ralph H.55Piasa3-A
Large, Rebecca55Piasa3-A
Large, Sadie M.55Piasa3-A
Large, Melvin H.55Piasa3-B
Emmons, Alice M.56Piasa3-B
Emmons, Clarence56Piasa3-B
Emmons, John F.56Piasa3-B
Emmons, John W.56Piasa3-B
Emmons, Sadie56Piasa3-B
Emmons, Stella V.56Piasa3-B
Emmons, Charles57Piasa3-B
Emmons, Charles J.57Piasa3-B
Emmons, Clyde O.57Piasa3-B
Emmons, Divona M.57Piasa3-B
Emmons, Lena K.57Piasa3-B
Emmons, Benjamin58Piasa3-B
Emmons, Catherine58Piasa3-B
Emmons, Henry58Piasa3-B
McNear, Clara59Piasa3-B
McNear, Elisha ? M.59Piasa3-B
Lewis, Lydia60Piasa3-B
Montgomrey, Louisa60Piasa3-B
Hopson, Fred W.61Piasa3-B
Hopson, Marion W.61Piasa3-B
Hopson, Mary F.61Piasa3-B
Wagenblast, Earl F.62Piasa3-B
Wagenblast, Fred W.62Piasa3-B
Wagenblast, Jennie F.62Piasa3-B
Massears, Frances I.63Piasa3-B
Massears, John H.63Piasa3-B
Massears, Paul A.63Piasa3-B
Massears, Richard63Piasa3-B
Massears, Walter J.63Piasa3-B
Massears, Caroline64Piasa3-B
Fitzsimmons, Edward V.65Piasa3-B
Fitzsimmons, Frank E.65Piasa3-B
Fitzsimmons, James E.65Piasa3-B
Fitzsimmons, Mary E.65Piasa3-B
Fitzsimmons, Sarah A.65Piasa3-B
Rothe, Catherine66Piasa3-B
Rothe, Catherine J.66Piasa3-B
Rothe, Charles J.66Piasa3-B
Rothe, Ellen66Piasa3-B
Rothe, Emma M.66Piasa3-B
Rothe, Freda A.66Piasa3-B
Rothe, Herman F.66Piasa3-B
Rothe, Herman G.66Piasa3-B
Rothe, Lydia66Piasa3-B
Rothe, Otto F.66Piasa3-B
Zoh??rey, Benjamin67Piasa3-B
Zoh??rey, Benjamin F.67Piasa3-B
Zoh??rey, Clarence W.67Piasa3-B
Zoh??rey, Margaret T.67Piasa3-B
Zoh??rey, Augusta E.67Piasa4-A
Zoh??rey, Elmer E.67Piasa4-A
Zoh??rey, Fannie H.67Piasa4-A
Zoh??rey, Herman J.67Piasa4-A
Zoh??rey, Robert G.67Piasa4-A
Bettendorf, William68Piasa4-A
Harnisch, Charles F.68Piasa4-A
Harnisch, Ernest E.68Piasa4-A
Harnisch, Louisa68Piasa4-A
Weber, Arthur68Piasa4-A
Weber, Augustus68Piasa4-A
Franch (French?), Clarence L.69Piasa4-A
Franch (French?), Frank H.69Piasa4-A
Franch (French?), Leland L.69Piasa4-A
Franch (French?), Minnie69Piasa4-A
Franch (French?), Sylvia E.69Piasa4-A
Weigel, Christina70Piasa4-A
Weigel, Frank70Piasa4-A
Weigel, Frank70Piasa4-A
Weigel, Mary F. or T.70Piasa4-A
Fairanks, Martha A.71Piasa4-A
Fairbanks, Amos T.71Piasa4-A
Fairbanks, Ernest71Piasa4-A
FAirbanks, Florence71Piasa4-A
Fairbanks, Lulu71Piasa4-A
Stewart, Alfred71Piasa4-A
Ilsah, John72Piasa4-A
Schuerer, Edward73Piasa4-A
Junette, Earl74Piasa4-A
Junette, Grace74Piasa4-A
Junette, James74Piasa4-A
Junette, Jessie74Piasa4-A
Junette, John74Piasa4-A
Junette, Lena74Piasa4-A
Downs, (daughter) A.75Piasa4-A
Downs, Elmer ? T.75Piasa4-A
Downs, Lelia E.75Piasa4-A
Downs, Lydia E.75Piasa4-A
Downs, Mary I.75Piasa4-A
Downs, William P.75Piasa4-A
R?????aras, Andrew L.76Piasa4-A
R?????aras, Martha E.76Piasa4-A
R?????aras, Samuel T.76Piasa4-A
faded out, Elfreda A.77Piasa4-A
faded out, Louis H.77Piasa4-A
faded out, Minnie T.77Piasa4-A
faded out, William H.77Piasa4-A
Emmons, Louis78Piasa4-A
Emmons, Pearl78Piasa4-A
Emmons, Sarah78Piasa4-A
Jennings, Florence79Piasa4-B
Jennings, John79Piasa4-B
Nelson, Alice H.80Piasa4-B
Nelson, Annie M.80Piasa4-B
Nelson, Eleanor M.80Piasa4-B
Nelson, James J.80Piasa4-B
Nelson, Richard J.80Piasa4-B
Nelson, Richard W.80Piasa4-B
Nelson, Sadie J.80Piasa4-B
Carney, Catherine81Piasa4-B
Carney, George81Piasa4-B
Carney, John81Piasa4-B
Carney, Mary E.81Piasa4-B
Chappell, Chester J.82Piasa4-B
Chappell, Mary A.82Piasa4-B
Chappell, Charles M.83Piasa4-B
Chappell, Chavalier S.83Piasa4-B
Chappell, Hester83Piasa4-B
Chappell, Lula M.83Piasa4-B
Chappell, Tillia M.83Piasa4-B
Miller, Harry A.84Piasa4-B
Tennard, Alice Ruth84Piasa4-B
Tennard, Elizabeth84Piasa4-B
Tennard, George84Piasa4-B
Tennard, John84Piasa4-B
Tennard, Lillian A.84Piasa4-B
Breitweiser, Herman P.85Piasa4-B
Breitweiser, Nettie T. or F.85Piasa4-B
Breitweiser, Peter85Piasa4-B
Breitweiser, Raymond G.85Piasa4-B
Morewise, John86Piasa4-B
Flynn, Clement F.87Piasa4-B
Flynn, Fern C.87Piasa4-B
Flynn, Gertruse S.87Piasa4-B
Flynn, John87Piasa4-B
Flynn, John T.87Piasa4-B
Flynn, Mary A.87Piasa4-B
Flynn, Patrick E.87Piasa4-B
Carder, Katie G.88Piasa4-B
Carder, Mary A.88Piasa4-B
Carder, William F.88Piasa4-B
Connissee ?, John B.88Piasa4-B
Nugent, James D.89Piasa4-B
Nugent, John R.89Piasa4-B
Nugent, Sophia S.89Piasa4-B
Conary, Martin90Piasa4-B
Conary, Mary E.90Piasa4-B
Conary, Michael T.90Piasa4-B
Hainline, Arthur G.91Piasa4-B
Hainline, Elizabeth91Piasa4-B
Hainline, faded out91Piasa5-A
Hainline, faded out (son)91Piasa5-A
Breitweiser, Clamentina92Piasa5-A
Breitweiser, Harry E92Piasa5-A
Breitweiser, Orville92Piasa5-A
Breitweiser, Peter ?92Piasa5-A
Breitweiser, Sophia92Piasa5-A
Stone, Fred W.93Piasa5-A
Stone, Mary93Piasa5-A
???????an, (daughter) M.94Piasa5-A
???????an, (son)94Piasa5-A
???????an, George94Piasa5-A
???????an, John94Piasa5-A
???????an, Nellie M.94Piasa5-A
???????an, Peter94Piasa5-A
???????an, Rosa94Piasa5-A
Marshall, ?????? B.95Piasa5-A
Marshall, Daniel95Piasa5-A
Marshall, John95Piasa5-A
Marshall, John95Piasa5-A
Marshall, Phoebe A.95Piasa5-A
Marshall, Rubie ? G.95Piasa5-A
faded out, Mother96Piasa5-A
faded out, Eva M.96Piasa5-A
faded out, Francis96Piasa5-A
faded out. Katie96Piasa5-A
faded out, William97Piasa5-A
Bothwell, Agnes98Piasa5-A
Bothwell, Joseph98Piasa5-A
McDonald, William98Piasa5-A
Maxeiner, Edward S.99Piasa5-A
Morrow, Anna99Piasa5-A
Morrow, Edward H.99Piasa5-A
Morrow, Lydia A.99Piasa5-A
Morrow, Robert99Piasa5-A
Morrow, Robert C.99Piasa5-A
Hainer or Hamer, Conrad100Piasa5-A
Hainer or Hamer, Edith F.100Piasa5-A
Hainer or Hamer, Walter W.100Piasa5-A
Hainer or Hamer, William T.100Piasa5-A
Hamer or Hainer, Clarence M.101Piasa5-A
Hamer or Hainer, Emily D.101Piasa5-A
Hamer or Hainer, Ethel B.101Piasa5-A
Hamer or Hainer, William W.101Piasa5-A
Poeibler, Annie A,102Piasa5-A
Poeibler, Annie L. or S.102Piasa5-A
Poeibler, John J.102Piasa5-A
Poibler, John G.102Piasa5-A
???sen, Emma103Piasa5-A
???sen, Nels103Piasa5-A
faded out, Charles104Piasa5-B
Hughes, Albert105Piasa5-B
Hughes, Anna D.105Piasa5-B
Hughes, Frances W.105Piasa5-B
Hughes, Josephine105Piasa5-B
Hughes, Mary E.105Piasa5-B
Hughes, Perry G.105Piasa5-B
Hughes, Sylvester105Piasa5-B
O’Donnell, Edward106Piasa5-B
O’Donnell, Helen106Piasa5-B
O’Donnell, Mary106Piasa5-B
O’Donnell, Thomas F.106Piasa5-B
Maeden, Arnold107Piasa5-B
Maeden, Evert107Piasa5-B
Maeden, Margaret J.107Piasa5-B
Maeden, Minnie107Piasa5-B
Maeden, Walter F.107Piasa5-B
Grove, Emma108Piasa5-B
Grove, George F.108Piasa5-B
Grove, Mabel M.108Piasa5-B
Grove, Myrtle H.108Piasa5-B
Grove, Philip108Piasa5-B
Grove, Viola T.108Piasa5-B
faded out, (daughter) M.109Piasa5-B
faded out, (son)109Piasa5-B
faded out, (son)109Piasa5-B
faded out, (son)109Piasa5-B
faded out, (wife)109Piasa5-B
faded out, Louis109Piasa5-B
faded out, Lucille109Piasa5-B
??nnam, Ivy M.110Piasa5-B
??nnam, Orville110Piasa5-B
??nnam, Thomas110Piasa5-B
Ebbler, Arnold111Piasa5-B
Ebbler, Edward111Piasa5-B
Ebbler, Ellen111Piasa5-B
Ebbler, Emma111Piasa5-B
Ebbler, Laura111Piasa5-B
Ebbler, Otto111Piasa5-B
CorP?ader, Bernice E.112Piasa5-B
CorP?ader, Emma112Piasa5-B
CorP?ader, Walter S.112Piasa5-B
Schwab, Alma C.113Piasa5-B
Schwab, Anna113Piasa5-B
Schwab, Emma113Piasa5-B
Schwab, Lydia E.113Piasa5-B
Schwab, Mary F.113Piasa5-B
Schwab, Mary W.113Piasa5-B
Schwab, William J.113Piasa5-B
Kulenkamp, William114Piasa5-B
Kulenkamp, Elmer D.114Piasa6-A
Kulenkamp, Howard E.114Piasa6-A
Kulenkamp, Leanora114Piasa6-A
Kulenkamp, Lucille?114Piasa6-A
Kulenkamp, Oliver W.114Piasa6-A
Kulenkamp, Ophelia L.114Piasa6-A
??aman, Daniel115Piasa6-A
??aman, Emma115Piasa6-A
??aman, Estella A.115Piasa6-A
??aman, Paul C.115Piasa6-A
Roblia ?, Alice116Piasa6-A
Roblia ?, Anna E.116Piasa6-A
Roblia ?, Frances116Piasa6-A
Roblia ?, George116Piasa6-A
Roblia ?, John G.116Piasa6-A
Roblia ?, Julia R.116Piasa6-A
Roth or Rothe, Ellenora117Piasa6-A
Roth or Rothe, George117Piasa6-A
Roth or Rothe, Leanora E.117Piasa6-A
Roth or Rothe, Mary S,117Piasa6-A
Roth or Rothe, Oliver F.117Piasa6-A
Roth or Rothe, Paul H.117Piasa6-A
Roth or Rothe, Theresa A.117Piasa6-A
Roth or Rothe, Walter E.117Piasa6-A
McMann, Ralph118Piasa6-A
McMann, Rosa118Piasa6-A
Smith, Elizabeth118Piasa6-A
Smith, James E.118Piasa6-A
Smith, Roy118Piasa6-A
Hermes, Anton F.119Piasa6-A
Hermes, Catherina119Piasa6-A
Hermes, Edna I.119Piasa6-A
Hermes, Frank J.119Piasa6-A
Hermes, Frank M.119Piasa6-A
Hermes, Fred J.119Piasa6-A
Hermes, Helen J.119Piasa6-A
Hermes, Olen H.119Piasa6-A
Hermes, Sophia F.119Piasa6-A
Hermes, Theodore J.119Piasa6-A
Jones, John120Piasa6-A
Jones, Mary120Piasa6-A
Jones, Thomas J.120Piasa6-A
Jones, Thomas J.120Piasa6-A
Jones, William120Piasa6-A
Wilson, Edward121Piasa6-A
Bott, Anna M.122Piasa6-A
Bott, Anthony E.122Piasa6-A
Bott, Helen122Piasa6-A
Bott, Minnie122Piasa6-A
Bott, Olen J.122Piasa6-A
Luker, Anna T.123Piasa6-B
Luker, Antoine123Piasa6-B
Luker, Frank123Piasa6-B
Luker, Frank123Piasa6-B
Luker, William F.123Piasa6-B
cannot read, Fred124Piasa6-B
cannot read, Samuel125Piasa6-B
D—–ierer, Elizabeth126Piasa6-B
D—–ierer, Frederic A.126Piasa6-B
Maxeiner, Clara A.126Piasa6-B
Maxeiner, Henry P.126Piasa6-B
Bettendorf, Anna127Piasa6-B
Bettendorf, Charles127Piasa6-B
Bettendorf, Conrad127Piasa6-B
Bettendorf, Elizabeth127Piasa6-B
Bettendorf, Louis127Piasa6-B
cannot read, Dollie M.128Piasa6-B
cannot read, head128Piasa6-B
cannot read, wife128Piasa6-B
cannot read, William G.128Piasa6-B
??ner, Anna E.129Piasa6-B
??ner, Walter H.129Piasa6-B
??ner, William P.129Piasa6-B
Lauck ?, Elizabeth129Piasa6-B
Wagenblast, Barbara130Piasa6-B
Wagenblast, Louis130Piasa6-B
Wagenblast, Russell L.130Piasa6-B
Wagenblast, Ruth A.130Piasa6-B
Wagenvlast, Victor F.130Piasa6-B
Simpson, Fay I.131Piasa6-B
Simpson, George H.131Piasa6-B
Simpson, Mabel G.131Piasa6-B
Simpson, Margaret M.131Piasa6-B
Simpson, Marie S.131Piasa6-B
Simpson, Mildred A.131Piasa6-B
Simpson, Viola M.131Piasa6-B
Rottgers, Annie132Piasa6-B
Rottgers, Annnie132Piasa6-B
Rottgers, Charles H.132Piasa6-B
Wagenblast, Daral V.133Piasa6-B
Wagenblast, Dora133Piasa6-B
Wagenblast, son134Piasa6-B
Wagenblast, Barbara M.134Piasa6-B
Wagenblast, Everett F.134Piasa6-B
Wagenblast, Hattie L.134Piasa6-B
Wagenblast, John Y.134Piasa6-B
Wagenblast, Melchi—-?134Piasa6-B
Schafer, Caroline C.135Piasa6-B
Schafer, David135Piasa6-B
Schafer, William E.135Piasa6-B
Schafer, Herman B.135Piasa7-A
Schafer, Samuel G.135Piasa7-A
Kuehnel, Albert F.136Piasa7-A
Kuehnel, Edward136Piasa7-A
Kuehnel, Louisa136Piasa7-A
Kuehnel, Otto136Piasa7-A
Dependahl, Hilda E.137Piasa7-A
Dependahl, Selma A.137Piasa7-A
Dependahl, William Y.137Piasa7-A
Weiser, Olga S.137Piasa7-A
Groshans, Anna E.138Piasa7-A
Groshans, Emma138Piasa7-A
Groshans, Henry138Piasa7-A
Groshans, Robert H.138Piasa7-A
Murlehy, Grace138Piasa7-A
Murlehy, Lucilla138Piasa7-A
Murlehy, Lucille138Piasa7-A
Murlehy, William T.138Piasa7-A
Landers or Sniders, Clara140Piasa7-A
Landers or Sniders, Clinton140Piasa7-A
Landers or Sniders, Leonard140Piasa7-A
Landers or Sniders, Lottie140Piasa7-A
Landers or Sniders, Myrtle140Piasa7-A
cannot read, August H.141Piasa7-A
cannot read, Charles141Piasa7-A
cannot read,142Piasa7-A
cannot read, Clarence A.142Piasa7-A
cannot read, Edna ?142Piasa7-A
cannot read, Elma R.142Piasa7-A
cannot read, Ethel L.142Piasa7-A
cannot read, Etta142Piasa7-A
cannot read, Ina E.142Piasa7-A
cannot read, James G.142Piasa7-A
cannot read, Jesse R.142Piasa7-A
cannot read, Margaret142Piasa7-A
cannot read, Mary L.142Piasa7-A
Down, Anna E.143Piasa7-A
Down, Michael A.143Piasa7-A
Jennings, Anna M.44144Piasa7-A
Jennings, Elizabeth144Piasa7-A
Jennings, Gertrude144Piasa7-A
Jennings, Hazel V.144Piasa7-A
Jennings, Ida C.144Piasa7-A
Jennings, Irene C.144Piasa7-A
Jennings, James144Piasa7-A
Jennings, Lester144Piasa7-A
Jennings, Lucille E.144Piasa7-A
Jennings, Mary S.144Piasa7-A
Jennings, Mauriel J.144Piasa7-A
Jennings, Sarah L.or S.144Piasa7-A
Butler, Daniel M.145Piasa7-B
Holmes, Anna A.146Piasa7-B
Holmes, Ira ?146Piasa7-B
Holmes, Trilby146Piasa7-B
Shinn, Allie H.147Piasa7-B
Shinn, Eva147Piasa7-B
Shinn, Herbert S.147Piasa7-B
Shinn, Ruth I.147Piasa7-B
Cannot read, Mary J.148Piasa7-B
Long, Blankafowrd148Piasa7-B
Long, Harold S.148Piasa7-B
Long, Helen T.148Piasa7-B
Long, Hilda I.148Piasa7-B
Bartlett, John G.149Piasa7-B
Bartlett, Minnie B.149Piasa7-B
Bartlett, Sarah A.149Piasa7-B
Bartlett, William H.149Piasa7-B
Bartlett, Elizabeth A.150Piasa7-B
LeRoy, Ellen150Piasa7-B
Scheffel, Anna E.151Piasa7-B
Scheffel, Fred George151Piasa7-B
Scheffel, Herbert H.151Piasa7-B
Scheffel, Herman E.151Piasa7-B
Scheffel, Olga W.151Piasa7-B
Dependahl, Alma A.152Piasa7-B
Dependahl, Emma L.152Piasa7-B
Dependahl, Henry W.152Piasa7-B
Dependahl, Minnie J.152Piasa7-B
Dependahl, William F.152Piasa7-B
Down, John S.153Piasa7-B
Down, Lillie M.153Piasa7-B
Down, Mabel A.153Piasa7-B
Gowon, Frank153Piasa7-B
Gowon, Frank E.153Piasa7-B
Gowon, Lillie R.153Piasa7-B
Barnett, Frank Y.154Piasa7-B
Barnett, George W.154Piasa7-B
Barnett, Hannah154Piasa7-B
Barnett, Pearl I.154Piasa7-B
Barnett, Ruth A.154Piasa7-B
Barnett, Thomas154Piasa7-B
Weiser, Harold H.155Piasa7-B
Weiser, Hugo C.155Piasa7-B
Weiser, Olga J.155Piasa7-B
Edson, Catherine R.156Piasa7-B
Edson, George W.156Piasa7-B
Edson, Hattie J.156Piasa7-B
Edson, James E.156Piasa7-B
Edson, Martha E.156Piasa7-B
Edson, Mary E.156Piasa7-B
Edson, Edward O.156Piasa8-A
Bartlett, Dorothy157Piasa8-A
Bartlett, Helen157Piasa8-A
Bartlett, Helena L.157Piasa8-A
Bartlett, Ralph157Piasa8-A
Bartlett, William157Piasa8-A
Bartlett, William157Piasa8-A
Gibbons, James158Piasa8-A
Herring, Chancey158Piasa8-A
Herring, Ethel158Piasa8-A
Herring, Jacob158Piasa8-A
Herring, Roy158Piasa8-A
Herring, Virginia158Piasa8-A
Wellington, John A.158Piasa8-A
Wellington, Maud S.158Piasa8-A
Gibbons, Celia159Piasa8-A
Gibbons, James P.159Piasa8-A
Gibbons, John F.159Piasa8-A
Gibbons, Joseph F.159Piasa8-A
Gibbons, Mary159Piasa8-A
Gibbons, William M.159Piasa8-A
Knight, Frances160Piasa8-A
Ries or Kies, Caroline160Piasa8-A
Doty Fay C.161Piasa8-A
Doty, Eva J.161Piasa8-A
Doty, Grace J.161Piasa8-A
Doty, John H.161Piasa8-A
Doty, Rebecca A.161Piasa8-A
Doty, Susan A.161Piasa8-A
Doty, Viva M.161Piasa8-A
Bauer, Adeline L.162Piasa8-A
Bauer, Emma D.162Piasa8-A
Bauer, Isabella162Piasa8-A
Corzine, George162Piasa8-A
Corzine, George E.162Piasa8-A
Corzine, Isabella162Piasa8-A
Corzine, Oliver F.162Piasa8-A
Hanold, Caroline M.163Piasa8-A
Hanold, Elmer L.163Piasa8-A
Hanold, Emma C.163Piasa8-A
Hanold, Lester B.163Piasa8-A
Hanold, Oscar W.163Piasa8-A
Hanold, Oswald W.163Piasa8-A
Hanold, Ruth E.163Piasa8-A
Twinbolt, Alice164Piasa8-A
Twinbolt, Dale164Piasa8-A
Twinbolt, Florence164Piasa8-A
Twinbolt, George164Piasa8-A
Morgan, Ann165Piasa8-A
Morgan, Henry165Piasa8-A
Gibbons, Robert166Piasa8-B
Elliott, Alice H.167Piasa8-B
Elliott, Edna167Piasa8-B
Elliott, Frank W.167Piasa8-B
Elliott, Harry H.167Piasa8-B
Elliott, Lida167Piasa8-B
Elliott, Lola167Piasa8-B
Elliott, Taylor B.167Piasa8-B
Ingham, Carrie L.168Piasa8-B
Ingham, Dorothy E.168Piasa8-B
Ingham, Hannah T.168Piasa8-B
Ingham, Margaret168Piasa8-B
Ingham, Roland B.168Piasa8-B
Ingham, Ruth H.168Piasa8-B
Ingham, Thomas C.168Piasa8-B
Ingham, Warren T.168Piasa8-B
Huebner, Anton L.169Piasa8-B
Huebner, Catherine169Piasa8-B
Huebner, Elizabeth K.169Piasa8-B
Huebner, John169Piasa8-B
Huebner, John T.169Piasa8-B
Huebner, William J.169Piasa8-B
Gotter, Alice170Piasa8-B
Gotter, Godfrey170Piasa8-B
Gotter, Godfrey170Piasa8-B
Gotter, Johanna170Piasa8-B
Gotter, John170Piasa8-B
Gotter, Sarah170Piasa8-B
Heideman, Edward A.171Piasa8-B
Heideman, George F.171Piasa8-B
Heideman, Minnie F.171Piasa8-B
Heideman, Otto L.171Piasa8-B
Fuser or Fiser, Bertha172Piasa8-B
Fuser or Fiser, florence H.172Piasa8-B
Fuser or Fiser, mabel M.172Piasa8-B
Fuser or Fiser, Martin P.172Piasa8-B
Schroeder, Hattie L.172Piasa8-B
Boyle, James173Piasa8-B
Jones, Amos T.173Piasa8-B
Miller, Carrie E.173Piasa8-B
Miller, Hazel M.173Piasa8-B
Miller, Jasper173Piasa8-B
Gerdt, Mary174Piasa8-B
Gerdt, Willam174Piasa8-B
Gerdt, Yetta174Piasa8-B
Pawot or Prwot, Margaret175Piasa8-B
Pawot or Prwot, William W.175Piasa8-B
Prwot or Pawot, Anna176Piasa8-B
Boker, Anna S.177Piasa8-B
Boker, Henry177Piasa8-B
Boker, Catherine A.177Piasa9-A
Boker, Charles W.177Piasa9-A
Boker, Edna M.177Piasa9-A
Boker, Henry J.177Piasa9-A
Boker, Lily H.177Piasa9-A
Boker, William G.177Piasa9-A
Huebner, Alma B.178Piasa9-A
Huebner, Edward J.178Piasa9-A
Huebner, Emma A.178Piasa9-A
Huebner, Frank178Piasa9-A
Huebner, Victor F.178Piasa9-A
Hightchew, Alice M.179Piasa9-A
Hightchew, Ernest T.179Piasa9-A
Hightchew, Opal M.179Piasa9-A
Fenstermaker, Charles E.180Piasa9-A
Fenstermaker, Grace180Piasa9-A
Fenstermaker, Loretta M.180Piasa9-A
Fenstermaker, Mabel180Piasa9-A
Fenstermaker, Mary I.180Piasa9-A
Fenstermaker, Nellie G.180Piasa9-A
Fenstermaker, William A.180Piasa9-A
Fenstermaker, William J.180Piasa9-A
O’Donnell, Ann181Piasa9-A
O’Donnell, John181Piasa9-A
O’Donnell, Joseph181Piasa9-A
Miller, Anna E.182Piasa9-A
Miller, Elizabeth182Piasa9-A
Miller, Walter182Piasa9-A
Miller, William182Piasa9-A
Miller, William182Piasa9-A
Hermes, Anna M.183Piasa9-A
Hermes, Martin H.183Piasa9-A
Hermes, Oscar J.183Piasa9-A
Hermes, Pearl M.183Piasa9-A
Hermes, Ruth K.183Piasa9-A
D——, Charles W.184Piasa9-A
D——, Esther B.184Piasa9-A
D——, Mary M.184Piasa9-A
Yost, Elizabeth185Piasa9-A
Yost, Ella185Piasa9-A
Yost, Henry185Piasa9-A
Yost, Irene185Piasa9-A
Yost, Minnie185Piasa9-A
Yost, Walter185Piasa9-A
Yost, William185Piasa9-A
Brummer, Henry W.186Piasa9-A
Brummer, Henry W.186Piasa9-A
Brummer, Louisa186Piasa9-A
Archer, John W.187Piasa9-A
Archer, Sarah W.187Piasa9-A
Brumhead, Jane188Piasa9-B
Brumhead, William188Piasa9-B
Edwards, Fred M.189Piasa9-B
Edwards, Marshall H.189Piasa9-B
Edwards, Sara F.189Piasa9-B
Edwards, Terry W.189Piasa9-B
Jennings, James190Piasa9-B
Jennings, Mary190Piasa9-B
Edwards, Ida I.191Piasa9-B
Edwards, Thomas H.191Piasa9-B
Edwards, William H.191Piasa9-B
Metzger, Catherine192Piasa9-B
Houze, George H.193Piasa9-B
Houze, Mary E.193Piasa9-B
Schuetz, Mary194Piasa9-B
Schuetz, William194Piasa9-B
Sunderland, Clarence194Piasa9-B
Sunderland, Daniel194Piasa9-B
Sunderland, Leslie194Piasa9-B
McGnnis, Earl195Piasa9-B
Mundle, Dixon195Piasa9-B
Mundle, Kenneth E.195Piasa9-B
Mundle, Leonora F.195Piasa9-B
Houze, Edna196Piasa9-B
Houze, Elmer196Piasa9-B
Mundle, Charlotte196Piasa9-B
Mundle, Thomas G.196Piasa9-B
Harrigan, Daniet197Piasa9-B
Harrigan, Margaret197Piasa9-B
Harrigan, Marguerite197Piasa9-B
Harrigan, Mary197Piasa9-B
Harrigan, Simon197Piasa9-B
Smutzler, Anna198Piasa9-B
Smutzler, Herman198Piasa9-B
Smutzler, Mary198Piasa9-B
Smutzler, William F.198Piasa9-B
Schneider, Albert199Piasa9-B
Schneider, August199Piasa9-B
Schneider, Frank199Piasa9-B
Schneider, Otto199Piasa9-B
Schneider, Pauline199Piasa9-B
Wittman, Kunigunda200Piasa9-B
Wittman, Peter J.200Piasa9-B
Wittman, Edward S.201Piasa9-B
Wittman, George S.201Piasa9-B
Wittman, George S.201Piasa9-B
Wittman, Margaret E.201Piasa9-B
Wittman, Mary M.201Piasa9-B
Compton, Richard S.202Piasa9-B
Robinson, Florence J.202Piasa9-B
King, Charles203Piasa10-A
King, Clara203Piasa10-A
King, Eliza203Piasa10-A
King, Ella203Piasa10-A
King, Frank203Piasa10-A
King, Frank203Piasa10-A
King, Stella203Piasa10-A
Williams, Mattie203Piasa10-A
Haag, Elizabeth204Piasa10-A
Haag, William F.204Piasa10-A
Schmidt, William204Piasa10-A
Miller, Emma A.205Piasa10-A
Miller, John205Piasa10-A
Miller, Laura E.205Piasa10-A
Miller, Oscar J.205Piasa10-A
Miller, Venda A.205Piasa10-A
Gown or Gorin, Addie206Piasa10-A
Gown or Gorin, Anna206Piasa10-A
Gown or Gorin, George206Piasa10-A
Hefferson, Maria207Piasa10-A
Hefferson, Michael207Piasa10-A
Distlehorst, Carl H.208Piasa10-A
Distlehorst, Carl W.208Piasa10-A
Distlehorst, Laura M.208Piasa10-A
Distlehorst, Louisa M.208Piasa10-A
Distlehorst, Otto W.208Piasa10-A
Burke, Barney209Piasa10-A
Burns, Alice M.209Piasa10-A
Burns, Annie M.209Piasa10-A
Burns, Irene M.209Piasa10-A
Burns, John A.209Piasa10-A
Burns, John E.209Piasa10-A
Goss, Clyde C.210Piasa10-A
Goss, Edna V.210Piasa10-A
Goss, Lucy B.210Piasa10-A
Goss, Oscar L.210Piasa10-A
Goss, Robert O.210Piasa10-A
Burns, Emma211Piasa10-A
Burns, Helen M.211Piasa10-A
Burns, John211Piasa10-A
Burns, John E.211Piasa10-A
Cairns, Alexander212Piasa10-A
Cairns, Edna B.212Piasa10-A
Cairns, Hannah R.212Piasa10-A
Mitchell, James213Piasa10-A
Mitchell, Jane213Piasa10-A
Mitchell, John S.213Piasa10-A
Mitchell, Norwal213Piasa10-A
Mitchell, Robert213Piasa10-A
Dailey, Joseph F.214Piasa10-A
Dailey, Anne214Piasa10-B
Dailey, Grace214Piasa10-B
Dailey, Joseph214Piasa10-B
Dailey, Lee214Piasa10-B
Dailey, Thomas214Piasa10-B
Leeson, James214Piasa10-B
Huber, Anton215Piasa10-B
Huber, Frank215Piasa10-B
Huber, Philip215Piasa10-B
Wittman, Frances215Piasa10-B
Raider, Joseph216Piasa10-B
Roessler, Appollinia216Piasa10-B
Aechorn, Catherine217Piasa10-B
Mayerhofer, Anna217Piasa10-B
Mayerhofer, Anton217Piasa10-B
Mayerhofer, Joseph217Piasa10-B
Mayerhofer, Mary217Piasa10-B
Springman, Edward218Piasa10-B
Springman, Elizabeth218Piasa10-B
Springman, Lee218Piasa10-B
Springman, Marie F.218Piasa10-B
Bauer, Huldah L.219Piasa10-B
Bauer, Jacob P.219Piasa10-B
Dependahl, Adele219Piasa10-B
Dependahl, Caroline W.219Piasa10-B
Dependahl, Edith B.219Piasa10-B
Dependahl, Freda A.219Piasa10-B
Dependahl, Walter E.219Piasa10-B
Montague, Arthur M.220Piasa10-B
Montague, Emma M.220Piasa10-B
Montague, James S.220Piasa10-B
Montague, Raymond W.220Piasa10-B
Montague, Roy L.220Piasa10-B
Montague, Smuel A.220Piasa10-B
Geisler, Christian J.221Piasa10-B
Geisler, Mary221Piasa10-B
Stahlin, Joseph222Piasa10-B
Stahlin, William222Piasa10-B
Huebener, Benjamin S.223Piasa10-B
Huebener, Frances B.223Piasa10-B
Huebener, Fred J.223Piasa10-B
Huebener, George H.223Piasa10-B
Huebener, Lawrence J.223Piasa10-B
Huebener, Lawrence J.223Piasa10-B
Huebener, Sophia223Piasa10-B
Huebener, Sophia C.223Piasa10-B
Farrell, Annie C.224Piasa10-B
Farrell, Arthur J.224Piasa10-B
Springman, Frances225Piasa10-B
Springman, Lee225Piasa10-B
Lenhardt, Annie L.225Piasa11-A
Lenhardt, Louise H.225Piasa11-A
Springman, Theodore225Piasa11-A
Oertel, Alma L.226Piasa11-A
Oertel, Amelia226Piasa11-A
Oertel, Elizabeth L.226Piasa11-A
Oertel, Frank G.226Piasa11-A
Oertel, Helen W.226Piasa11-A
Oertel, John G.226Piasa11-A
Oertel, Otto L.226Piasa11-A
Oertel, Wilhelmina226Piasa11-A
Sutton, Fanny227Piasa11-A
Sutton, James227Piasa11-A
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