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1910 Jersey County Federal Census Index
Otter Creek TownshipThis transcription of the index to the Jersey County Federal Census of 1910 was contributed by Delores Molloy. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

Kirchner, Alvina1Otterville1-A
Kirchner, Charles H.1Otterville1-A
Kirchner, Dora1Otterville1-A
Kirchner, Fred1Otterville1-A
Kirchner, Jesse1Otterville1-A
Kirchner, Leslie1Otterville1-A
Kirchner, Louise1Otterville1-A
Kirchner, Walter1Otterville1-A
Murphy, Mary F.2Otterville1-A
Murphy, William H.2Otterville1-A
Case, Margaret F.3Otterville1-A
Case, Rosalie A.3Otterville1-A
Case, Thomas A.3Otterville1-A
Vanausdall, Allen M.4Otterville1-A
Vanausdall, Hallie M.4Otterville1-A
Vanausdall, Lennora A.4Otterville1-A
Daugherty, George H.5Otterville1-A
Daugherty, Theda5Otterville1-A
Daugherty, William5Otterville1-A
McDow, Marion F.6Otterville1-A
McDow, Melissa S.6Otterville1-A
Rogers, Elizabeth6Otterville1-A
Lemkuhl, Ada M.7Otterville1-A
Lemkuhl, Harry7Otterville1-A
Lemkuhl, Lucille7Otterville1-A
Lemkuhl, Mark M.7Otterville1-A
Lemkuhl, Pauline P.7Otterville1-A
Lemkuhl, Wm. F.7Otterville1-A
Moreland, John E.8Otterville1-A
Moreland, RAlph M.8Otterville1-A
S. Smith, Maggie M.8Otterville1-A
S. Smith, Mary M.8Otterville1-A
S. Smith, Walter C.8Otterville1-A
Newberry, George9Otterville1-A
Newberry, George B.9Otterville1-A
Newberry, Hattie9Otterville1-A
Craig, Delia10Otterville1-A
Newberry, Bessie M.11Otterville1-A
Newberry, Della M.11Otterville1-A
Newberry, Fred11Otterville1-A
Newberry, Jesse R.11Otterville1-A
Newberry, Lemuel H.11Otterville1-A
Newberry, Nellie C.11Otterville1-A
Fredenberg, Charles M.12Otterville1-A
Fredenberg, Delevan W.12Otterville1-A
Fredenberg, Gregory12Otterville1-A
Fredenberg, Mark A.12Otterville1-A
Fredenberg, Mary12Otterville1-A
Anderson, John F.13Otterville1-A
Anderson, Sarah M.13Otterville1-A
Anderson, Charles M.13Otterville1-B
Anderson, George W.13Otterville1-B
Anderson, Ollie R.13Otterville1-B
Osburn, Cecil E.14Otterville1-B
Osburn, Evalina L.14Otterville1-B
Osburn, George R.14Otterville1-B
Osburn, Hattie L.14Otterville1-B
Osburn, Leslie E.14Otterville1-B
Osburn, Mary I.14Otterville1-B
Osburn, Nina B.14Otterville1-B
Osburn, Theda G.14Otterville1-B
Osburn, Thomas T.14Otterville1-B
Brown, Ruby V.15Otterville1-B
Lahey, Albert E.15Otterville1-B
Lahey, Dudley C.15Otterville1-B
Lahey, Lizzie M.15Otterville1-B
Lahey, Oscar L.15Otterville1-B
Lahey, Reuben I.15Otterville1-B
Lahey, Ruth E.15Otterville1-B
Lahey, Samuel C.15Otterville1-B
Lahey, William E.15Otterville1-B
Daugherty, Leslie M.16Otterville1-B
Daugherty, Lila W.16Otterville1-B
Daugherty, Stella16Otterville1-B
White, Charles O.17Otterville2-A
White, Jessie V.17Otterville2-A
White, Ruth M.17Otterville2-A
White, Walter L.17Otterville2-A
White, Walter O.17Otterville2-A
Bethel, Dorothy E.18Otterville2-A
Bethel, Emma J.18Otterville2-A
Bethel, Eva J.18Otterville2-A
Bethel, Ida M.18Otterville2-A
Bethel, Lula V.18Otterville2-A
Bethel, Mark J.18Otterville2-A
Bethel, Mary E.18Otterville2-A
BEthel, Neva J.18Otterville2-A
Bethel, Rolain D.18Otterville2-A
Bethel, Rolain H.18Otterville2-A
Bethel, Tessie E.18Otterville2-A
Bethel, William O.18Otterville2-A
Murphy, Alma E.19Otterville2-A
Murphy, Pearl M.19Otterville2-A
Murphy, William A.19Otterville2-A
Barton, Christopher20Otterville2-A
Barton, Elizabeth20Otterville2-A
Barton, John A.20Otterville2-A
Owen, Martha C.21Otterville2-A
Purl, Mary M.21Otterville2-A
McAdams, anna22Otterville2-A
Lee, Joseph E23Otterville2-A
Lee, Minnie A.23Otterville2-A
Murphy, Melinda J.24Otterville2-A
Price, Mary E.24Otterville2-A
Price, Richard B.24Otterville2-A
Price, William24Otterville2-A
Wahle, Edith25Otterville2-A
Wahle, John25Otterville2-A
Wahle, Joseph25Otterville2-A
Green, Josephine26Otterville2-A
McDow, Margaret26Otterville2-A
McDow, William H.26Otterville2-A
Landon, Edna G.27Otterville2-A
Landon, Henry C27Otterville2-A
Landon, Jessie E.27Otterville2-A
Landon, Newborn son27Otterville2-A
Spangle, Emma J.28Otterville2-A
Spangle, Lewis C.28Otterville2-A
Spangle, Opal L.28Otterville2-A
Lemkuhl, Almira29Otterville2-A
Lemkuhl, Leo29Otterville2-A
Lemkuhl, Wm. H.29Otterville2-A
Dodson, Aaron30Otterville2-A
Dodson, Amy I.30Otterville2-A
Dodson, Jennie M.30Otterville2-B
Wahle, Adolph31Otterville2-B
Wahle, Clarence A.31Otterville2-B
Wahle, Fred31Otterville2-B
Wahle, George G.31Otterville2-B
Wahle, Harry H.31Otterville2-B
Wahle, Lulu31Otterville2-B
Wahle, Robert31Otterville2-B
Hagen, Anna32Otterville2-B
Hagen, Edward32Otterville2-B
Hagen, George32Otterville2-B
Hagen, George32Otterville2-B
Hagen, John K.32Otterville2-B
Hagen, Kunigunda32Otterville2-B
Giers, Isabelle33Otterville2-B
Howard, John D.34Otterville2-B
Teany, John W.34Otterville2-B
Teany, Martha V.34Otterville2-B
Bell, Martha35Otterville2-B
Bell, William P.35Otterville2-B
Humiston, Charles O.36Otterville2-B
Humiston, Ethel, E.36Otterville2-B
Humiston, Jason A.36Otterville2-B
Humiston, Laura E.36Otterville2-B
Humiston, Linus36Otterville2-B
Humiston, Mary A.36Otterville2-B
Humiston, Vera L.36Otterville2-B
Kirchner, Ida L.37Otterville2-B
Kirchner, Lloyd H.37Otterville2-B
Kirchner, William H.37Otterville2-B
Flautt, Hazel I.38Otterville2-B
Flautt, James A.38Otterville2-B
FLautt, James L.38Otterville2-B
Flautt, John G.38Otterville2-B
FLautt, Mary O.38Otterville2-B
Flautt. Mary F.38Otterville2-B
Humiston, Dorothy G.39Otterville2-B
Humiston, Grace A.39Otterville2-B
Humiston, Luther B.39Otterville2-B
Humiston, Oliver F.39Otterville2-B
Gleason, Bridget40Otterville2-B
Gleason, Catherine A.40Otterville2-B
Gleason, Charles H.40Otterville2-B
Gleason, Philip40Otterville2-B
Balcom, Claudia41Otterville2-B
Balcom, Frances41Otterville2-B
Balcom, Georgia B.41Otterville2-B
Balcom, John L.41Otterville2-B
Balcom, John L.41Otterville2-B
Balcom, Lloyd L.41Otterville2-B
Vannort, William H.42Otterville3-A
Currie, Eva I.43Otterville3-A
Currie, Ida V.43Otterville3-A
Currie, Jennie B43Otterville3-A
Currie, William F.43Otterville3-A
Calhoun, Joseph R.44Otter Creek3-B
Suldies, Clarence D.44Otter Creek3-B
Suldies, Florence M.44Otter Creek3-B
Suldies, Jennie E.44Otter Creek3-B
Suldies, John E.44Otter Creek3-B
Suldies, Joseph H.44Otter Creek3-B
Suldies, Lizzie M.44Otter Creek3-B
Suldies, Sabina44Otter Creek3-B
Suldies, William44Otter Creek3-B
Suldies, William O.44Otter Creek3-B
Sinclairs, Emma45Otter Creek3-B
Sinclairs, Fred45Otter Creek3-B
Sinclairs, Keefer J.45Otter Creek3-B
Sinclairs, Russell R.45Otter Creek3-B
Bray, Elizabeth46Otter Creek3-B
Bray, Ira D.46Otter Creek3-B
Cope, Lucinda L.46Otter Creek3-B
Calhoun, Oscar W.47Otter Creek3-B
Henson, Joel47Otter Creek3-B
Henson, Lucy M.47Otter Creek3-B
Ilaten (Slaten ?), Gertrude F.48Otter Creek3-B
Ilaten (Slaten ?), Oscar S.48Otter Creek3-B
Reoard (Revard ?), John J.48Otter Creek3-B
Frazer, Charles H.49Otter Creek3-B
Frazer, Henry49Otter Creek3-B
Frazer, Louisa C.49Otter Creek3-B
Frazer, Oscar W.49Otter Creek3-B
Frazer, Tony A.49Otter Creek3-B
Cummings, Bird50Otter Creek3-B
Cummings, Frances C.50Otter Creek3-B
Cummings, John50Otter Creek3-B
Cummings, Leslie R.50Otter Creek3-B
Sinclair, Mary J.50Otter Creek3-B
Sinclair, William50Otter Creek3-B
Worthey, Leslie W.50Otter Creek3-B
Bray, Charles A.51Otter Creek4-A
Bray, Edward L.51Otter Creek4-A
Bray, John F.51Otter Creek4-A
Bray, John T.51Otter Creek4-A
Bray, Leslie L.51Otter Creek4-A
Bray, Lizzie L.51Otter Creek4-A
Bray, Marcus W.51Otter Creek4-A
Bray, Mary F.51Otter Creek4-A
Donihey, Katie51Otter Creek4-A
Brockmeyer, Martin52Otter Creek4-A
Sinclair, Clifford E.52Otter Creek4-A
Sinclair, Kathleen I.52Otter Creek4-A
Sinclair, Lloyd W.52Otter Creek4-A
Sinclair, Maggie52Otter Creek4-A
Sinclair, Mary L.52Otter Creek4-A
Sinclair, Sadie M.52Otter Creek4-A
Sinclair, William U.52Otter Creek4-A
Cope, Albert53Otter Creek4-A
Cope, Allen53Otter Creek4-A
Cope, Alma53Otter Creek4-A
Cope, Cynthia J.53Otter Creek4-A
Cope, John E.53Otter Creek4-A
Brockmeyer, Ada M.54Otter Creek4-A
Brockmeyer, Carolin D.54Otter Creek4-A
Brockmeyer, Frank W.54Otter Creek4-A
Brockmeyer, Ida M.54Otter Creek4-A
Brockmeyer, John54Otter Creek4-A
Dabbs, Hettie E.55Otter Creek4-A
Dabbs, John W.55Otter Creek4-A
Dabbs, Mary L.55Otter Creek4-A
Dabbs, Nellie M.55Otter Creek4-A
Hills, Ethel M.56Otter Creek4-A
Hills, Florence B.56Otter Creek4-A
Hills, Rosetti56Otter Creek4-A
Hills, Stephen M.56Otter Creek4-A
White, Eva E.57Otter Creek4-A
White, George S.57Otter Creek4-A
White, Helen L.57Otter Creek4-A
Costolo, Thaddeus58Otter Creek4-A
Johnson, Everett E.58Otter Creek4-A
Johnson, Harry E.58Otter Creek4-A
Johnson, Minnie C.58Otter Creek4-A
Scott, Oscar R.58Otter Creek4-A
Henson, Franklin59Otter Creek4-A
Henson, Georgia M.59Otter Creek4-A
Henson, Gladys M.59Otter Creek4-A
Henson, Nolia M.59Otter Creek4-A
Henson, Oscar M.59Otter Creek4-A
Scott, Marion V.59Otter Creek4-A
Scott, Rossie R.59Otter Creek4-A
Stamps, Albert J.60Otter Creek4-B
Stamps, Beulah A.60Otter Creek4-B
Stamps, George L.60Otter Creek4-B
Stamps, Mary E.60Otter Creek4-B
Stamps, Mary I.60Otter Creek4-B
Hewitt, Jesse S.61Otter Creek4-B
Hewitt, John61Otter Creek4-B
Hewitt, John F.61Otter Creek4-B
Hewitt, Mary61Otter Creek4-B
Hewitt, Mary J.61Otter Creek4-B
Hewitt, Mary M.61Otter Creek4-B
Hewitt, Paul L.61Otter Creek4-B
Hewitt, Stella E.61Otter Creek4-B
Ahrling, Anthony62Otter Creek4-B
Ahrling, Marie62Otter Creek4-B
Ahrling, Minnie62Otter Creek4-B
Harmon, Virginia R.63Otter Creek4-B
Henson, Milo63Otter Creek4-B
Hooper, Louis63Otter Creek4-B
Scott, Theodore R.63Otter Creek4-B
White, Gracie E.63Otter Creek4-B
White, John W.63Otter Creek4-B
White, Nettie63Otter Creek4-B
White, Rosa M.63Otter Creek4-B
Hooper, Lottie64Otter Creek4-B
Hooper, Sarah64Otter Creek4-B
Hooper, William64Otter Creek4-B
Quinn, Emma M.65Otter Creek4-B
Quinn, Henry R.65Otter Creek4-B
Quinn, Lefa J.65Otter Creek4-B
Quinn, Philip W.65Otter Creek4-B
Quinn, Rosa P.65Otter Creek4-B
Quinn, Rose I.65Otter Creek4-B
Quinn, Thomas H.65Otter Creek4-B
McGowen, Edward W.66Otter Creek4-B
McGowen, Pearl A.66Otter Creek4-B
Richey, Alice67Otter Creek4-B
Richey, Earl C.67Otter Creek4-B
Richey, Helen C.67Otter Creek4-B
Richey, Joseph V.67Otter Creek4-B
Richey, Loretto67Otter Creek4-B
Richey, Mary E.67Otter Creek4-B
Richey, Nellie P.67Otter Creek4-B
Richey, William P.67Otter Creek4-B
Stamps, Elizabeth J.68Otter Creek4-B
Stamps, George W.68Otter Creek4-B
Stamps, Rowena E.68Otter Creek4-B
Deffer, Margaret69Otter Creek4-B
Deffer, Thomas R.69Otter Creek4-B
English, David J.69Otter Creek4-B
Maguire, Acey L.69Otter Creek5-A
Maguire, Claudy S.69Otter Creek5-A
Maguire, Dora G.69Otter Creek5-A
Maguire, Lucy B.69Otter Creek5-A
Maguire, William W.69Otter Creek5-A
Springman, Edna A.70Otter Creek5-A
Springman, Edward70Otter Creek5-A
Springman, Hazel C.70Otter Creek5-A
Springman, Irene C.70Otter Creek5-A
McDow, Effie A.71Otter Creek5-A
Springman, Bertha C.71Otter Creek5-A
Springman, Henry A.71Otter Creek5-A
Springman, William H.71Otter Creek5-A
Richey, Anna A.72Otter Creek5-A
Richey, Bryan J.72Otter Creek5-A
Richey, Clarence R.72Otter Creek5-A
Richey, Floyd E.72Otter Creek5-A
Richey, Mary A.72Otter Creek5-A
Richey, Stella E.72Otter Creek5-A
Richey, Vincent E.72Otter Creek5-A
Kirchner, Benjamin F.73Otter Creek5-A
Kirchner, Edward73Otter Creek5-A
Kirchner, Elmer B.73Otter Creek5-A
Kirchner, Emma E.73Otter Creek5-A
Kirchner, Maggie E.73Otter Creek5-A
Kirchner, Nellie F.73Otter Creek5-A
Kirchner, Rosetta M.73Otter Creek5-A
Kirchner, Susan A.73Otter Creek5-A
Scott, Clara V.74Otter Creek5-A
Scott, Clarence E.74Otter Creek5-A
Scott, Herbert R.74Otter Creek5-A
Scott, Isabelle S.74Otter Creek5-A
Scott, James74Otter Creek5-A
Scott, John74Otter Creek5-A
Zahn, Amelia75Otter Creek5-A
Zahn, Charles F.75Otter Creek5-A
Zahn, George75Otter Creek5-A
Zahn, Julia75Otter Creek5-A
Beach, Dan or Don M.76Otter Creek5-A
Beach, Ella M.76Otter Creek5-A
Beach, Geneva P.76Otter Creek5-A
Beach, Mary E.76Otter Creek5-A
Davenport, Wesley L.76Otter Creek5-A
Lockridge, Andrew R.77Otter Creek5-A
Lockridge, Edna77Otter Creek5-A
Lockridge, George77Otter Creek5-A
Lockridge, Handsford77Otter Creek5-A
Lockridge, Louise77Otter Creek5-A
Lockridge, Mandy or Maudy77Otter Creek5-A
Lockridge, Vernie77Otter Creek5-A
Lockridge, Ruth77Otter Creek5-B
Overmeyer, Leo78Otter Creek5-B
Vinson, Elsie M.78Otter Creek5-B
Vinson, George78Otter Creek5-B
Vinson, Nona B.78Otter Creek5-B
Vinson, William L.78Otter Creek5-B
Hewitt, Cornelius79Otter Creek6-A
Young, Catherine80Otter Creek6-A
Young, Walter F.80Otter Creek6-A
Young, Young, Edna80Otter Creek6-A
Schaaf, Bertha81Otter Creek6-A
Schaaf, Frank81Otter Creek6-A
Schaaf, Lawrence81Otter Creek6-A
Schaaf, Mark81Otter Creek6-A
Schaaf, Tina81Otter Creek6-A
Schaaf, Carrie82Otter Creek6-A
Schaaf, Charles B.82Otter Creek6-A
Schaaf, Edna82Otter Creek6-A
Schaaf, Sophia82Otter Creek6-A
Schaaf, Stella82Otter Creek6-A
Westfall, Anna83Otter Creek6-A
Westfall, Edward W.83Otter Creek6-A
Westfall, Eva83Otter Creek6-A
Westfall, Frances83Otter Creek6-A
Westfall, Jasper83Otter Creek6-A
Westfall, Jasper M.83Otter Creek6-A
Westfall, Laura83Otter Creek6-A
Westfall, Lony83Otter Creek6-A
Dabbs, Kerney (Kenney ?) O.84Otter Creek6-B
Dabbs, Mary A.84Otter Creek6-B
Dabbs, Mary A.84Otter Creek6-B
Dabbs, William O.84Otter Creek6-B
Dabbs, Lester F.85Otter Creek6-B
Dabbs, Lindley L.85Otter Creek6-B
Dabbs, Rosetta85Otter Creek6-B
Dabbs, William A.85Otter Creek6-B
Landon, Elmer86Otter Creek6-B
Landon, Linley86Otter Creek6-B
Landon, Roy R.86Otter Creek6-B
Schanz, Anna C.87Otter Creek6-B
Schanz, Ellen87Otter Creek6-B
Schanz, Frederic87Otter Creek6-B
Schanz, Mary E.87Otter Creek6-B
Schanz, William L.87Otter Creek6-B
Cummings, Hazel D.88Otter Creek6-B
Cummings, James M.88Otter Creek6-B
Cummings, Luther M.88Otter Creek6-B
Seago, Ernest F.89Otter Creek6-B
Seago, George89Otter Creek6-B
Seago, Ida B.89Otter Creek6-B
Scott, Charles90Otter Creek6-B
White, Lucy M.90Otter Creek6-B
White, Mildred M.90Otter Creek6-B
White, Roy90Otter Creek6-B
Aldridge, Edward91Otter Creek6-B
Aldridge, Nellie B.91Otter Creek6-B
Aldridge, Phoebe A.91Otter Creek6-B
Hubbard, Mary J.91Otter Creek6-B
Hubbard, Wm. F.91Otter Creek6-B
Painter, John91Otter Creek6-B
Griffin, Caroline92Otter Creek6-B
Griffin, Charles W.92Otter Creek6-B
Healey, Alvena H.93Otter Creek6-B
Healey, Harry P.93Otter Creek6-B
Healey, Rosa J.93Otter Creek6-B
Healey, Stephen93Otter Creek6-B
Healey, Wesley S.93Otter Creek6-B
Vainey, Edward J.94Otter Creek6-B
Vainey, John W.94Otter Creek6-B
Vainey, Josephine L.94Otter Creek6-B
Hutchison, Blanche E.95Otter Creek6-B
Hutchison, Charles A.95Otter Creek6-B
Hutchison, Claude C.95Otter Creek6-B
Hutchison, Elizabeth A.95Otter Creek6-B
Hutchison, William95Otter Creek6-B
Busch, George F.96Otter Creek7-A
Busch, Howard F.96Otter Creek7-A
Busch, Mabel C.96Otter Creek7-A
Busch, Berha M.97Otter Creek7-A
Busch, Carl O.97Otter Creek7-A
Busch, Othilda C.97Otter Creek7-A
Busch, Roy E.97Otter Creek7-A
Busch, Siesel H.97Otter Creek7-A
Price, George98Otter Creek7-A
Price, Josephine98Otter Creek7-A
Price, Russell G.98Otter Creek7-A
Arbogast, Charles W.99Otter Creek7-A
Arbogast, Margaret99Otter Creek7-A
Groppell, Augusta E.100Otter Creek7-A
Groppell, Florence L.100Otter Creek7-A
Groppell, Francis L.100Otter Creek7-A
Groppell, John H.100Otter Creek7-A
Catt, Henry101Otter Creek7-A
Noble, Addie F.102Otter Creek7-A
Noble, Addie F.102Otter Creek7-A
Noble, George W.102Otter Creek7-A
Noble, Jay M.102Otter Creek7-A
Noble, Ruth102Otter Creek7-A
Noble, Ruth102Otter Creek7-A
Cope, Alma B.103Otter Creek7-A
Cope, Blanche103Otter Creek7-A
Cope, Lester103Otter Creek7-A
Cope, Lulu E.103Otter Creek7-A
Cope, Milo103Otter Creek7-A
Hageman, Charlotte H.104Otter Creek7-A
Hageman, Howard H.104Otter Creek7-A
Kirchner, Charles R.104Otter Creek7-A
Kirchner, Charlotte104Otter Creek7-A
Kirchner, Della L.104Otter Creek7-A
Kirchner, Harry W.104Otter Creek7-A
Frazer, Elmer L.105Otter Creek7-A
Frazer, George F.105Otter Creek7-A
Frazer, Grace V.105Otter Creek7-A
Frazer, Lavina105Otter Creek7-A
Frazer, Lucy I.105Otter Creek7-A
Frazer, William C.105Otter Creek7-A
Smith, Edith E.106Otter Creek7-B
Smith, Emogene106Otter Creek7-B
Smith, Jessie M.106Otter Creek7-B
Smith, Leesa W.106Otter Creek7-B
Smith, Leola V.106Otter Creek7-B
Smith, Stephen C.106Otter Creek7-B
Reed, Arch P.107Otter Creek7-B
Reed, Myrtle O.107Otter Creek7-B
Daugherty, Adele108Otter Creek7-B
Daugherty, John G.108Otter Creek7-B
Daugherty, John G.108Otter Creek7-B
Spangle, Alice M.109Otter Creek7-B
Spangle, Alzada109Otter Creek7-B
Spangle, Eva G.109Otter Creek7-B
Spangle, George W.109Otter Creek7-B
Spangle, Gladys I.109Otter Creek7-B
Spangle, Jessie M.109Otter Creek7-B
Spangle, Leslie R.109Otter Creek7-B
Spangle, Lloyd E.109Otter Creek7-B
Spangle, Mildred I.109Otter Creek7-B
Spangle, Walter J.109Otter Creek7-B
Terry, Charles H.110Otter Creek7-B
Terry, Jesse R.110Otter Creek7-B
Terry, Mary G.110Otter Creek7-B
Depper, Alice111Otter Creek7-B
Depper, Barney111Otter Creek7-B
Depper, Bertha111Otter Creek7-B
Depper, Caroline111Otter Creek7-B
Depper, Edward111Otter Creek7-B
Depper, Grace111Otter Creek7-B
Depper, Henry111Otter Creek7-B
Depper, Henry J.111Otter Creek7-B
Depper, Roy111Otter Creek7-B
Moss, Lucinda C.112Otter Creek7-B
Moss, Nettie D.112Otter Creek7-B
Slaten, Calvin P.112Otter Creek7-B
Calhoun, Caleb C.113Otter Creek7-B
Calhoun, Edwin H.113Otter Creek7-B
Calhoun, Harry L.113Otter Creek7-B
Calhoun, Mary A.113Otter Creek7-B
Calhoun, Amy114Otter Creek7-B
Calhoun, Cory N.114Otter Creek7-B
Godfrey, Albert W.115Otter Creek7-B
Godfrey, Ernest J.115Otter Creek7-B
Godfrey, James M.115Otter Creek7-B
Godfrey, Sazetta115Otter Creek7-B
Wallace, Alfred Jr.115Otter Creek7-B
Morgan, Freda O.116Otter Creek7-B
Morgan, Russell J.116Otter Creek7-B
Morgan, William R>116Otter Creek7-B
Wallace, Charles E.117Otter Creek8-A
Wallace, Charles W.117Otter Creek8-A
Wallace, Dolly M.117Otter Creek8-A
Wallace, Leona M.117Otter Creek8-A
Wallace, Presley E.117Otter Creek8-A
Wallace, William M.117Otter Creek8-A
Walker, Edna F.118Otter Creek8-A
Walker, Emma M.118Otter Creek8-A
Walker, William M.118Otter Creek8-A
Frazer, Charles E.119Otter Creek8-A
Frazer, Fred F.119Otter Creek8-A
Frazer, George F.119Otter Creek8-A
Frazer, Harry W.119Otter Creek8-A
Frazer, Herbert L.119Otter Creek8-A
Frazer, Maggie E.119Otter Creek8-A
Williams, John B.120Otter Creek8-A
Brown, Doris B.121Otter Creek8-A
Brown, Elsie W.121Otter Creek8-A
Brown, Harold E.121Otter Creek8-A
Brown, Lawrence E.121Otter Creek8-A
Brown, Lester A.121Otter Creek8-A
Brown, William L.121Otter Creek8-A
Fuller, William J.122Otter Creek8-A
Noble, Claude A.122Otter Creek8-A
Noble, George W.122Otter Creek8-A
Noble, Thomas B.122Otter Creek8-A
Noble, Vernie122Otter Creek8-A
Claudge ?, Francis A.123Otter Creek8-A
Cory, Birdie M.124Otter Creek8-A
Cory, Edward R.124Otter Creek8-A
Cory, Fanny J.124Otter Creek8-A
Cory, Flossie E.124Otter Creek8-A
Cory, John F.124Otter Creek8-A
Cory, Joseph F.124Otter Creek8-A
Cory, Mildred I.124Otter Creek8-A
Cory, Robert L.124Otter Creek8-A
Cory, Rose A.124Otter Creek8-A
Cory, Walter W.124Otter Creek8-A
Walker, Harriet A.125Otter Creek8-A
Walker, Thomas125Otter Creek8-A
Butt, Amelia F.126Otter Creek8-A
Butt, Henry J.126Otter Creek8-A
Butt, Selma126Otter Creek8-A
Walker, Gertie B.127Otter Creek8-A
Walker, Louis127Otter Creek8-A
Walker, Ralph127Otter Creek8-A
Bartlett, Herbert H.128Otter Creek8-A
Bartlett, Lewis W.128Otter Creek8-A
Bartlett, Susan E.128Otter Creek8-A
Bartlett, Warren C.128Otter Creek8-A
Hagen, Anna S.129Otter Creek8-B
Hagen, Frank H.129Otter Creek8-B
Hagen, Kate M.129Otter Creek8-B
Hagen, Lilly M.129Otter Creek8-B
Hagen, Michael129Otter Creek8-B
Hagen, Thomas E.129Otter Creek8-B
Hutchinson, Gertrude B.130Otter Creek8-B
Hutchinson, Russell R.130Otter Creek8-B
Milford, Bartholomew C.131Otter Creek8-B
Milford, Elizabeth131Otter Creek8-B
Worthey, Newell J.131Otter Creek8-B
Dabbs, Catherine132Otter Creek9-A
Dabbs, William W.132Otter Creek9-A
Springman, John W.132Otter Creek9-A
Weaver, Anna M.133Otter Creek9-A
Weaver, William133Otter Creek9-A
Vinson, Charles134Otter Creek9-A
Vinson, Cora134Otter Creek9-A
Vinson, Fred134Otter Creek9-A
Vinson, Helen134Otter Creek9-A
Vinson, Lena134Otter Creek9-A
Vinson, Alice M.135Otter Creek9-A
Vinson, George135Otter Creek9-A
Vinson, Henry J.135Otter Creek9-A
Vinson, Lloyd135Otter Creek9-A
Vinson, Robert135Otter Creek9-A
Glunker, Emil136Otter Creek9-A
Glunker, Emma136Otter Creek9-A
Glunker, Fred136Otter Creek9-A
Glunker, Freda136Otter Creek9-A
Glunker, Gustave136Otter Creek9-A
Glunker, Gustave A.136Otter Creek9-A
Cooper, Edith M.137Otter Creek9-A
Cooper, Joseph A.137Otter Creek9-A
Cooper, Marvin C.137Otter Creek9-A
Cooper, Sarah I.137Otter Creek9-A
Dabbs, Earl W.138Otter Creek9-A
Dabbs, Herbert W.138Otter Creek9-A
DAbbs, Mary C.138Otter Creek9-A
Dabbs, Truman138Otter Creek9-A
Schaaf, Blanche138Otter Creek9-A
Schmidt, Fred138Otter Creek9-A
Engel Mary139Otter Creek9-A
Engel, Clara C.139Otter Creek9-A
Engel, Edith L.139Otter Creek9-A
Engel, Fred W.139Otter Creek9-A
Engel, Fred W.139Otter Creek9-A
Engel, Harold E.139Otter Creek9-A
Engel, Nora A.139Otter Creek9-A
Kappel, Eva K.139Otter Creek9-A
Blasa, Henry140Otter Creek9-A
Hills, Linley W.141Otter Creek9-A
Hutchinson, Elvin C.141Otter Creek9-A
Hutchinson, Emma M.141Otter Creek9-A
Hutchinson, Zada141Otter Creek9-A
Landon, Charles F.142Otter Creek9-B
Landon, Clyde R.142Otter Creek9-B
Landon, Mary E.142Otter Creek9-B
Landon, Myra M.142Otter Creek9-B
Landon, Paul O.142Otter Creek9-B
Landon, Sarah E.142Otter Creek9-B
Martin, George143Otter Creek9-B
Martin, James W.143Otter Creek9-B
Martin, Newton143Otter Creek9-B
Martin, Ollie143Otter Creek9-B
Gowens, Emma L.144Otter Creek9-B
Gowens, Frances P.144Otter Creek9-B
Gowens, Frances P.144Otter Creek9-B
Gowens, George N.144Otter Creek9-B
Gowens, Henry B.144Otter Creek9-B
Gowens, Henry M.144Otter Creek9-B
Rogers, Clifford E.145Otter Creek9-B
Rogers, George W.145Otter Creek9-B
Rogers, Helen M.145Otter Creek9-B
Rogers, Inis L.145Otter Creek9-B
Rogers, John V.145Otter Creek9-B
Rogers, Lulu S.145Otter Creek9-B
Rogers, Otto M.145Otter Creek9-B
Rogers, William H.145Otter Creek9-B
Cope, Clyde146Otter Creek9-B
Cope, Julia146Otter Creek9-B
Cope, Nathan146Otter Creek9-B
Cope, Walter146Otter Creek9-B
Gettings, James A.147Otter Creek9-B
Ferguson, Alice L.148Otter Creek9-B
Ferguson, Clifford L.148Otter Creek9-B
Ferguson, George W.148Otter Creek9-B
Ferguson, Harry E.148Otter Creek9-B
Ferguson, Oliver T.148Otter Creek9-B
Ferguson, Thomas J.148Otter Creek9-B
Reed, Firmin149Otter Creek9-B
Reed, Fred149Otter Creek9-B
Reed, Lloyd149Otter Creek9-B
Reed, Louisa V.149Otter Creek9-B
Reed, Sara D.149Otter Creek9-B
Reed, Theda149Otter Creek9-B
Goodnight, Birdie I.150Otter Creek9-B
Goodnight, Jewell C.150Otter Creek9-B
Patton, Blanche L.150Otter Creek9-B
Patton, Junior S.150Otter Creek9-B
Patton, Martha S.150Otter Creek9-B
Patton, Sylvester J.150Otter Creek9-B
Gettings, Della I.151Otter Creek10-A Researcher note: should be Delia I.
Gettings, Dzias D.151Otter Creek10-A Researcher note: should be Ozias
Gettings, Ella N.151Otter Creek10-A
Gettings, Isaac N.151Otter Creek10-A
Gettings, James M.151Otter Creek10-A
Gettings, William A.151Otter Creek10-A
Hooper, George E.152Otter Creek10-B
Mackeldon, Nettie E.152Otter Creek10-B
Mackeldon, Wm.152Otter Creek10-B
Mackelson, Philip G.152Otter Creek10-B
Gunther, Harmon C153Otter Creek10-B
Gunther, Josephine H.153Otter Creek10-B
Gunther, Mary Beth153Otter Creek10-B
Gunther, Otto H.153Otter Creek10-B
Gunther, Wilmina M.153Otter Creek10-B
Hart, Asbury R.154Otter Creek10-B
Hart, Clayton A.154Otter Creek10-B
Hart, Earl S.154Otter Creek10-B
Hart, Elmer M.154Otter Creek10-B
Hart, Lettie M.154Otter Creek10-B
Hart, Mary A.154Otter Creek10-B
Hart, Milton154Otter Creek10-B
Miller, Frank M.155Otter Creek10-B
Miller, Sarah155Otter Creek10-B
Steed, Clara156Otter Creek10-B
Steed, Emma156Otter Creek10-B
Steed, Harlin O.156Otter Creek10-B
Steed, Henry W.156Otter Creek10-B
Steed, Ida156Otter Creek10-B
Steed, Lottie156Otter Creek10-B
Steed, Rosa L.156Otter Creek10-B
Steed, Roy E.156Otter Creek10-B
Brands, Bertha B.157Otter Creek10-B
Brands, Carl M.157Otter Creek10-B
Brands, Christopher C.157Otter Creek10-B
Brands, Paul O.157Otter Creek10-B
Ridenbark, John W.158Otter Creek11-A
Ridenbark, Mahalia J.158Otter Creek11-A
Legate, Clifford S.159Otter Creek11-A
Legate, Ida B.159Otter Creek11-A
Legate, Samuel159Otter Creek11-A
Gilmore, Joseph160Otter Creek11-A
Gilmore, Susan J.160Otter Creek11-A
Schlansker, Gertrude161Otter Creek11-A
Schlansker, Grace161Otter Creek11-A
Schlansker, Joseph B.161Otter Creek11-A
Schlansker, Mahalia A.161Otter Creek11-A
Hudson, Grace162Otter Creek11-A
Hudson, Grace C.162Otter Creek11-A
Bell, Harry U.163Otter Creek11-A
Bell, Ida U.163Otter Creek11-A
Bell, Martha J.163Otter Creek11-A
Shea, John E.164Otter Creek11-A
Shea, Lily L.164Otter Creek11-A
Hart, Ada V. or W.165Otter Creek11-A
Hart, Ernest B.165Otter Creek11-A
Hart, Eva L.165Otter Creek11-A
Hart, Lula M.165Otter Creek11-A
Patton, Jane E.165Otter Creek11-A
Bell, Charles N.166Otter Creek11-A
Bell, Fanny B.166Otter Creek11-A
Bell, James K.166Otter Creek11-A
Bell, Joseph N.166Otter Creek11-A
Bell, Mattie G.166Otter Creek11-A
Noble, Charles W.166Otter Creek11-A
Sunderland, Edward167Otter Creek11-B
Sunderland, Emma M.167Otter Creek11-B
Duncan, Bertha R.168Otter Creek11-B
Duncan, Cora F.168Otter Creek11-B
Duncan, Emma168Otter Creek11-B
Duncan, George E.168Otter Creek11-B
Duncan, Warren M.168Otter Creek11-B
Wieland, Bertha M.169Otter Creek11-B
Wieland, Daniel W.169Otter Creek11-B
Wieland, Louis A.169Otter Creek11-B
Wieland, Margaret A.169Otter Creek11-B
Hagen, Adam E.170Otter Creek11-B
Hagen, Anna170Otter Creek11-B
Hagen, Charles170Otter Creek11-B
Hagen, Clara170Otter Creek11-B
Hagen, Edward170Otter Creek11-B
Hagen, Freddie170Otter Creek11-B
Hagen, Harry170Otter Creek11-B
Hagen, Helen M.170Otter Creek11-B
Hagen, William W.170Otter Creek11-B
Hardy, Mark H.171Otter Creek11-B
Milford, Julia F.171Otter Creek11-B
Milford, Marion F.171Otter Creek11-B
Crandall, Blanche G.172Otter Creek11-B
Crandall, Ephraim P.172Otter Creek11-B
Crandall, Ivy M.172Otter Creek11-B
Crandall, James172Otter Creek11-B
Crandall, Oka I.172Otter Creek11-B
Henson, Rosa A.173Otter Creek11-B
Henson, Russell S.173Otter Creek11-B
Henson, Samuel173Otter Creek11-B
Hooper, Adolph H.174Otter Creek11-B
Hooper, Dora L.174Otter Creek11-B
Hooper, Emma M.174Otter Creek11-B
Hooper, Frank174Otter Creek11-B
Hooper, Frank W.174Otter Creek11-B
Hooper, Freda M.174Otter Creek11-B
Hooper, Henry174Otter Creek11-B
Hooper. George R.174Otter Creek11-B
Worthey, Aaron L.175Otter Creek11-B
Worthey, Harry A.175Otter Creek11-B
Worthey, Lucy.175Otter Creek11-B
Worthey, Mary E.175Otter Creek11-B
Moss, Fanny J.176Otter Creek12-A
Moss, Grace V.176Otter Creek12-A
Moss, Harmon W.176Otter Creek12-A
Moss, Helen L.176Otter Creek12-A
Moss, Norman F.176Otter Creek12-A
Davidson, Harmon H.177Otter Creek12-A
Davidson, Laura E.177Otter Creek12-A
Davidson, Orman S.177Otter Creek12-A
Davidson, Rory M.177Otter Creek12-A
Slaten, Abraham L.178Otter Creek12-A
Slaten, Florence J.178Otter Creek12-A
Slaten, Harold Y.178Otter Creek12-A
Slaten, Lela M.178Otter Creek12-A
Slaten, Pluma E.178Otter Creek12-A
Slaten, Tressie C.178Otter Creek12-A
Allen, Lawrence179Otter Creek12-A
Allen, Lena179Otter Creek12-A
Allen, Maria E.179Otter Creek12-A
Allen, Marion O.179Otter Creek12-A
Allen, Ollie B.179Otter Creek12-A
Bohem, Fred C.180Otter Creek12-A
Bohem, Mabel C.180Otter Creek12-A
Lewis, Emily180Otter Creek12-A
Gowin, John L.181Otter Creek12-A
Gowin, Leonard181Otter Creek12-A
Gowin, Lula M.181Otter Creek12-A
Gowin, Minor181Otter Creek12-A
Gowin, Myrle E.181Otter Creek12-A
Lane, Arthur182Otter Creek12-A
Lane, Clayton182Otter Creek12-A
Lane, Emmet182Otter Creek12-A
Lane, Ethel182Otter Creek12-A
Lane, Narcissus C.182Otter Creek12-A
Lane, Robert L.182Otter Creek12-A
Lane, Robert L.182Otter Creek12-A
Whirl, Julia A.182Otter Creek12-A
Mears, George R.183Otter Creek12-B
Mears, Hattie E.183Otter Creek12-B
Dougherty, Catherine184Otter Creek12-B
Dougherty, Daniel J.184Otter Creek12-B
Dougherty, Leola M.184Otter Creek12-B
Bradfish, Ethel M.185Otter Creek12-B
Bradfish, John E.185Otter Creek12-B
Bradfish, Lilian C.185Otter Creek12-B
Slaten, Charlotte J.185Otter Creek12-B
Slaten, Charlotte M.185Otter Creek12-B
Slaten, Omelia E.185Otter Creek12-B
Edsall, Emma186Otter Creek12-B
Edsall, Thomas J.186Otter Creek12-B
Edsall, William H.186Otter Creek12-B
Edsall, Zola186Otter Creek12-B
Osburn, Dellie J.187Otter Creek12-B
Gowin, Elmer N.188Otter Creek12-B
Gowin, George M.188Otter Creek12-B
Gowin, George R.188Otter Creek12-B
Gowin, Lela E.188Otter Creek12-B
Gowin, Leslie N.188Otter Creek12-B
Gowin, Libby E.188Otter Creek12-B
Gowin, Minor S.188Otter Creek12-B
Gowin, Stella R.188Otter Creek12-B
Parsons, Samuel R.189Otter Creek12-B
Wadlow, George190Otter Creek13-A
Wadlow, Lulu190Otter Creek13-A
Wadlow, William D.190Otter Creek13-A
Botkin, Almira M.191Otter Creek13-A
Botkin, Millard F.191Otter Creek13-A
Botkin, William D.191Otter Creek13-A
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