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1910 Jersey County Federal Census Index
Mississippi TownshipThis transcription of the index to the Jersey County Federal Census of 1910 was contributed by Delores Molloy. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

Name Dwelling Township Page
Chiles, Elizabeth 1 Mississippi 1-A
Chiles, Flora 1 Mississippi 1-A
Chiles, Ivan 1 Mississippi 1-A
Chiles, James 1 Mississippi 1-A
Chiles, John 1 Mississippi 1-A
Chiles, John A. 1 Mississippi 1-A
Chiles, Josephine 1 Mississippi 1-A
Joker, Charles 2 Mississippi 1-A
Joker, Freda 2 Mississippi 1-A
Joker, Harry 2 Mississippi 1-A
Joker, Herbert 2 Mississippi 1-A
Joker, Jacob 2 Mississippi 1-A
Joker, Jacob Jr. 2 Mississippi 1-A
Joker, Lewis 2 Mississippi 1-A
Joker, Lucy 2 Mississippi 1-A
Joker, Margaret 2 Mississippi 1-A
Joker, Walter 2 Mississippi 1-A
Kuelbs, Elisa 3 Mississippi 1-A
Kuelbs, Fred 3 Mississippi 1-A
Kuelbs, Henry 3 Mississippi 1-A
Kuelbs, Herbert 3 Mississippi 1-A
Kuelbs, Herman 3 Mississippi 1-A
Dambman, Charles 4 Mississippi 1-A
Dambman, Mena 4 Mississippi 1-A
Dambman, Sophia 4 Mississippi 1-A
Dambman, Susie 4 Mississippi 1-A
JoRe?????, Effie 5 Mississippi 1-A
JoRe?????, John 5 Mississippi 1-A
JoRe?????, Louise 5 Mississippi 1-A
Cook, Firm 6 Mississippi 1-A
Cook, Hellen 6 Mississippi 1-A
Cook, Leone 6 Mississippi 1-A
Cook, Ula 6 Mississippi 1-A
Kelly, James F. 7 Mississippi 1-B
Kelly, James H. 7 Mississippi 1-B
Kelly, Leslie L. 7 Mississippi 1-B
Kelly, Mary E. 7 Mississippi 1-B
Kelly, Nellie M. 7 Mississippi 1-B
Kelly, Walter O. 7 Mississippi 1-B
Smith, Bessie 8 Mississippi 1-B
Smith, Julia 8 Mississippi 1-B
Smith, Mabel 8 Mississippi 1-B
Smith, Robert L. 8 Mississippi 1-B
Smith, Tessie 8 Mississippi 1-B
Duty, Abijah 9 Mississippi 1-B
Spaulding, Earl 10 Mississippi 1-B
Spaulding, Samantha 10 Mississippi 1-B
Spaulding, Thaddeus 10 Mississippi 1-B
Reed, Herbert 11 Mississippi 1-B
Reed, Susanna 11 Mississippi 1-B
Adney, Alfred 12 Mississippi 1-B
Adney, Charles 12 Mississippi 1-B
Scoggins, Oscar 13 Mississippi 1-B
Scoggins, Roselle ? B. 13 Mississippi 1-B
Adney, Fannie E. 14 Mississippi 1-B
Adney, Thomas 14 Mississippi 1-B
Mandorca, Mary 15 Mississippi 1-B
Mandorca, Dora 16 Mississippi 1-B
Mandorca, Freda 16 Mississippi 1-B
Mandorca, John 16 Mississippi 1-B
Mandorca, Margaret 16 Mississippi 1-B
Mandorca, Mattie 16 Mississippi 1-B
Mandorca, Sophia 16 Mississippi 1-B
McDow, James 17 Mississippi 1-B
McDow, Lucy 17 Mississippi 1-B
Scoggins, Asa 18 Mississippi 1-B
Scoggins, Lucinda E. 18 Mississippi 1-B
Chappee, James 19 Mississippi 1-B
Chappee, Mamie 19 Mississippi 1-B
Chappee, Sarah 19 Mississippi 1-B
Smith, Mande E. 20 Mississippi 1-B
Smith, William H. 20 Mississippi 1-B
Mott, Ida 21 Mississippi 1-B
Mott, John P. 21 Mississippi 1-B
Mott, Laverne 21 Mississippi 1-B
Mott, Maggie 21 Mississippi 1-B
Hirtt or Hirtl, Alfred 22 Mississippi 1-B
Hirtt or Hirtl, August 22 Mississippi 1-B
Hirtt or Hirtl, Bessie 22 Mississippi 1-B
Hirtt or Hirtl, Elmer 22 Mississippi 1-B
Hirtt or Hirtl, Frank 22 Mississippi 1-B
Hirtt or Hirtl, Mary 22 Mississippi 1-B
Hirtt or Hirtl, Thomas 22 Mississippi 1-B
Hirtt or Hirtl, Ada 22 Mississippi 2-A
Hirtt or Hirtl, Edna 22 Mississippi 2-A
Hirtt or Hirtl, Harry 22 Mississippi 2-A
Erb, Dora C. 23 Mississippi 2-A
Erb, George J. 23 Mississippi 2-A
Erb, Henry G. 23 Mississippi 2-A
Erb, Henry W. Jr. 23 Mississippi 2-A
Erb, Lewis C. 23 Mississippi 2-A
Erb, Nettie E. 23 Mississippi 2-A
Erb, Sophia L. 23 Mississippi 2-A
Jenkins, Earl 24 Mississippi 2-A
Jenkins, Ethel 24 Mississippi 2-A
Jenkins, Harold M. 24 Mississippi 2-A
Jenkins, Melford 24 Mississippi 2-A
Jenkins, William 24 Mississippi 2-A
Boedy, Sarah 25 Mississippi 2-A
Davis, Lawrence 25 Mississippi 2-A
Slaten, Fannie 26 Mississippi 2-A
Slaten, Rolla 26 Mississippi 2-A
Gilham, Charles C. 27 Mississippi 2-B
Gilham, Martha V. 27 Mississippi 2-B
Gilham, Ruth V. 27 Mississippi 2-B
Gorham, Allie or Allice 28 Mississippi 2-B
Gorham, Elma M. 28 Mississippi 2-B
Gorham, Harvey 28 Mississippi 2-B
Gorham, Lucy E. 28 Mississippi 2-B
Gillham, Edna L. 29 Mississippi 2-B
Gillham, Luther M. 29 Mississippi 2-B
McCormick, Clennos ? E. 30 Mississippi 2-B
McCormick, Ella N. 30 Mississippi 2-B
McCormick, Frank 30 Mississippi 2-B
McCormick, Truman E. 30 Mississippi 2-B
Lurton, Carrie O. 31 Mississippi 2-B
Lurton, Henry C. 31 Mississippi 2-B
Lurton, Melli or Metti 31 Mississippi 2-B
Lurton, Minnie M. 31 Mississippi 2-B
Lurton, Nelson E. 31 Mississippi 2-B
Burris, Charles E. 32 Mississippi 2-B
Burris, Dora C. 32 Mississippi 2-B
Burris, Emil M. 32 Mississippi 2-B
Brigg, George M. 33 Mississippi 2-B
Brigg, Margaret L. 33 Mississippi 2-B
Blackburn, Charles 34 Mississippi 2-B
Blackburn, Dora 34 Mississippi 2-B
Blackburn, Flora 34 Mississippi 2-B
Blackburn, Harold 34 Mississippi 2-B
Blackburn, Orlando 34 Mississippi 2-B
Blackburn, Roy N. 34 Mississippi 2-B
Blackburn, William 34 Mississippi 2-B
Blackburn, William 34 Mississippi 2-B
Heitzman, Inez M. 35 Mississippi 2-B
Heitzman, John 35 Mississippi 2-B
Heitzman, Josephine 35 Mississippi 2-B
Carries, Harrie 36 Mississippi 2-B
Carries, Mary M. 36 Mississippi 2-B
White, Jacob M. 37 Mississippi 2-B
White, Lora M. 37 Mississippi 2-B
William, Arthur S. 38 Mississippi 2-B
William, Hester 38 Mississippi 2-B
William, Jennie M. 38 Mississippi 2-B
William, John W. 38 Mississippi 2-B
Greeling, Arthur R. 39 Mississippi 2-B
Greeling, John E. 39 Mississippi 2-B
Greeling, John W. 39 Mississippi 2-B
Greeling, Mary E. 39 Mississippi 2-B
Head, Bearnice E. 40 Mississippi 3-A
Head, Emma F. 40 Mississippi 3-A
Head, Enos S. 40 Mississippi 3-A
Head, George 40 Mississippi 3-A
Head, Grace M. 40 Mississippi 3-A
Head, Lewis 40 Mississippi 3-A
Head, Robert N. 40 Mississippi 3-A
Ganell, Ida B. 41 Mississiippi 3-A
Ganell, Margaret E. 41 Mississippi 3-A
Austin, Elizabeth J. 42 Mississippi 3-A
Demoth, William 42 Mississippi 3-A
Michael, Flossie E. 43 Mississippi 3-A
Michael, Lawrence 43 Mississippi 3-A
Michael, Mary L. 43 Mississippi 3-A
Rutherford, Golda 44 Mississippi 3-A
Rutherford, Lucille F. 44 Mississippi 3-A
Spangle, Clara J. 44 Mississippi 3-A
Spangle, Perry 44 Mississippi 3-A
Smith, Robert M. 45 Mississippi 3-A
Smith, Sarah M. 45 Mississippi 3-A
Whyte, Edgar L. 46 Mississippi 3-B
Whyte, Elizabeth 46 Mississippi 3-B
Whyte, Lucy B. 46 Mississippi 3-B
Whyte, Samuel M. 46 Mississippi 3-B
Spaulding, Clarence T. 47 Mississippi 3-B
Spaulding, Eugene H. 47 Mississippi 3-B
Spaulding, Irene C. 47 Mississippi 3-B
Spaulding, Walter M. 47 Mississippi 3-B
Briggs, Bessie I. 48 Mississippi 3-B
Briggs, Daisy P. 48 Mississippi 3-B
Briggs, Paul T. 48 Mississippi 3-B
Hughes, Harry P. 49 Mississippi 3-B
Hughes, Margaret L. 49 Mississippi 3-B
Hughes, Thomas 49 Mississippi 3-B
Chaplin, Leta M. 50 Mississippi 3-B
McDow, John N. 50 Mississippi 3-B
McDow, Mary E. 50 Mississippi 3-B
McDow, Claude N. 51 Mississippi 3-B
McDow, Dwight N. 51 Mississippi 3-B
McDow, Lucy M. 51 Mississippi 3-B
Gillham, Ida O. 52 Mississippi 3-B
Gillham, Richard C. 52 Mississippi 3-B
Rutherford, George W. 53 Mississippi 3-B
Angel, Benjamin A. 54 Mississippi 3-B
Angel, James J. 54 Mississippi 3-B
Angel, John 54 Mississippi 3-B
Angel, Katy 54 Mississippi 3-B
Angel, Lanaora 54 Mississippi 3-B
Angel, Lawrence 54 Mississippi 3-B
Swann, Caleb E. 55 Mississippi 3-B
Swann, Prentice A. 55 Mississippi 3-B
Swann, Sarah S. 55 Mississippi 3-B
Larabee, Gussie M. 56 Mississippi 3-B
Larabee, Mary E. 56 Mississippi 3-B
Larabee, William 56 Mississippi 3-B
Larabee, William M. 56 Mississippi 3-B
Homer, Charles W. 57 Mississippi 3-B
Homer, Clara M. 57 Mississippi 3-B
Homer, James C. 57 Mississippi 3-B
Homer, James W. 57 Mississippi 3-B
Homer, Laura N. 57 Mississippi 3-B
Homer, Mary L. 57 Mississippi 3-B
Briggs, Clarence B. 58 Mississippi 3-B
Briggs, Eva 58 Mississippi 3-B
Briggs, William J. 58 Mississippi 3-B
Tonkison, Aline J. 58 Mississippi 3-B
Beeman, William W. 59 Mississippi 3-B
McDow, Blanche 60 Mississippi 4-A
McDow, BYron L. 60 Mississippi 4-A
McDow, John H. 60 Mississippi 4-A
McDow, Medora A. 60 Mississippi 4-A
McDow, Ray or Roy H. 60 Mississippi 4-A
Pulliam, Sarah A. 61 Mississippi 4-A
Pulliam, Winfield W. 61 Mississippi 4-A
Riester, Albert J. 62 Mississippi 4-A
Riester, Lillie B. 62 Mississippi 4-A
Riester, Myrtle V. 62 Mississippi 4-A
Riester, Thomas M. 62 Mississippi 4-A
Knight, Almeda M. 63 Mississippi 4-A
Knight, Joseph 63 Mississippi 4-A
Knight, Joseph H. 63 Mississippi 4-A
Knight, Walter E. 63 Mississippi 4-A
McDow, Elizabeth L. 64 Mississippi 4-A
McDow, Homer L. 64 Mississippi 4-A
McDow, Lulu C. 64 Mississippi 4-A
McDow, Ruth C. 64 Mississippi 4-A
Bland, Leta P. 65 Mississippi 4-A
Bland, Margarette 65 Mississippi 4-A
Darr, Mathew 65 Mississippi 4-A
Darr, Octa V. 65 Mississippi 4-A
Darr, Ruth E. 65 Mississippi 4-A
Rintoul, Earl A. 66 Mississippi 4-B
Rintoul, Nellie S. 66 Mississippi 4-B
Rintoul, Oscar 66 Mississippi 4-B
Rintoul, Reba F. 66 Mississippi 4-B
Rintoul, Sarah A. 66 Mississippi 4-B
Rintoul, Victor O. 66 Mississippi 4-B
Rintoul, William A. 66 Mississippi 4-B
Hanley, Maggie 67 Mississippi 4-B
Kane, Frank 67 Mississippi 4-B
Kane, Michael 67 Mississippi 4-B
Cook, Arthur E. 68 Mississippi 4-B
Cook, Carrie E. 68 Mississippi 4-B
Cook, Charles E. 68 Mississippi 4-B
Cook, Edward E. 68 Mississippi 4-B
Cook, Frances E. 68 Mississippi 4-B
Cook, Harold E. 68 Mississippi 4-B
Cook, Marion E. 68 Mississippi 4-B
Chamberlin, Gladys M. 69 Mississippi 4-B
Chamberlin, Maggie 69 Mississippi 4-B
Cook, Elon 69 Mississippi 4-B
Cook, Palmyra 69 Mississippi 4-B
Schweickhardt, Hallie 70 Mississippi 4-B
Schweickhardt, John 70 Mississippi 4-B
Schweickhardt, John Jr. 70 Mississippi 4-B
Schweickhardt, Mary 70 Mississippi 4-B
Schweickhardt, Robert 70 Mississippi 4-B
Jennings, Aloina ? 71 Mississippi 4-B
Jennings, Annie 71 Mississippi 4-B
Jennings, Anthony 71 Mississippi 4-B
Jennings, Charles 71 Mississippi 4-B
Jennings, Laverne 71 Mississippi 4-B
Jennings, Son six months 71 Mississippi 4-B
Boedy, Amelia 72 Mississippi 4-B
Boedy, Daniel 72 Mississippi 4-B
Boedy, Elmer L. 72 Mississippi 4-B
Boedy, Glen E. 72 Mississippi 4-B
Boedy, Grace I. 72 Mississippi 4-B
Boedy, John I. 72 Mississippi 4-B
Boedy, Roy E. 72 Mississippi 4-B
Boedy, Walter D. 72 Mississippi 4-B
Timpe, Arlene 73 Mississippi 4-B
Timpe, Flora 73 Mississippi 4-B
Timpe, Joseph 73 Mississippi 4-B
Timpe, Ralph 73 Mississippi 4-B
Bregenzer, Agnus B. 74 Mississippi 4-B
Bregenzer, John 74 Mississippi 4-B
Bregenzer, Mary 74 Mississippi 4-B
Peoples, Edwin 75 Mississippi 5-A
Peoples, Maria A. 75 Mississippi 5-A
Peoples, Martha 75 Mississippi 5-A
Peoples, Mary 75 Mississippi 5-A
Peoples, Pauline 75 Mississippi 5-A
Peoples, Theodora 75 Mississippi 5-A
Peoples, Theodore L. 75 Mississippi 5-A
Haymond, John E. 76 Mississippi 5-A
Haymond, Lila E. 76 Mississippi 5-A
Haymond, Lucia G. 76 Mississippi 5-A
Haymond, Mary 76 Mississippi 5-A
Haymond, Mary E. 76 Mississippi 5-A
Speer, Garnet M. 77 Mississippi 5-B
Speer, James F. 77 Mississippi 5-B
Speer, Lenard B. 77 Mississippi 5-B
Speer, Nellie A. 77 Mississippi 5-B
Dobbs or Dabbs, Edger M. 78 Mississippi 5-B
Dobbs or Dabbs, Julia 78 Mississippi 5-B
Stith, Rebecca C. 79 Mississippi 5-B
Stith, Thomas L. 79 Mississippi 5-B
Breitweiser, Edna 80 Mississippi 5-B
Breitweiser, Elizabeth 80 Mississippi 5-B
Breitweiser, Elma 80 Mississippi 5-B
Breitweiser, Jarome C. 80 Mississippi 5-B
Breitweiser, Katy E. 80 Mississippi 5-B
Breitweiser, Leo J. 80 Mississippi 5-B
Breitweiser, Robert E. 80 Mississippi 5-B
Breitweiser, Robert E. Jr. 80 Mississippi 5-B
Breitweiser, Wilbur H. 80 Mississippi 5-B
Walsh, Anna B. 81 Mississippi 5-B
Walsh, David P. 81 Mississippi 5-B
Walsh, Margaret 81 Mississippi 5-B
Walsh, Michael 81 Mississippi 5-B
Cornelius, Blanche O. 82 Mississippi 5-B
Cornelius, George W. 82 Mississippi 5-B
Cornelius, Gertrude 82 Mississippi 5-B
Hunter, Charles E. 83 Mississippi 5-B
Hunter, Lulu 83 Mississippi 5-B
Pruitt, Howard W. 84 Mississippi 5-B
Pruitt, Lillie M. 84 Mississippi 5-B
Pruitt, Lloyd R. 84 Mississippi 5-B
Pruitt, Roy H. 84 Mississippi 5-B
Arkebauer, Edward 85 Mississippi 5-B
Arkebauer, Maggie E. 85 Mississippi 5-B
Agee, Edward 86 Mississippi 5-B
Agee, Mabel 86 Mississippi 5-B
Agee, Robert 86 Mississippi 5-B
Agee, Susan 86 Mississippi 5-B
Agee, William T. 87 Mississippi 5-B
Agee, Carl 87 Mississippi 5-B
Agee, Charles 87 Mississippi 5-B
Agee, Edith 87 Mississippi 5-B
Agee, Ella 87 Mississippi 5-B
Agee, Ella 87 Mississippi 5-B
Agee, Fannie 87 Mississippi 5-B
Agee, John 87 Mississippi 5-B
Reno, Carter H. 88 Mississippi 5-B
Reno, Prudence 88 Mississippi 5-B
Dawson, John W. 89 Mississippi 5-B
Dawson, Mary C. 89 Mississippi 5-B
Elanoer, Earl S. 90 Mississippi 6-A
Elanoer, Edward T. 90 Mississippi 6-A
Elanoer, Martha 90 Mississippi 6-A
Elanoer, Tildon 90 Mississippi 6-A
Walsh, Catherine 91 Mississippi 6-A
Walsh, Celia 91 Mississippi 6-A
Walsh, Ierne 91 Mississippi 6-A
Walsh, James 91 Mississippi 6-A
Walsh, John 91 Mississippi 6-A
Walsh, Loretto 91 Mississippi 6-A
Walsh, Mary 91 Mississippi 6-A
Walsh, Mathew 91 Mississippi 6-A
Lawson, Benjamin 92 Mississippi 6-A
Lawson, Irene 92 Mississippi 6-A
Lawson, Mason C. 92 Mississippi 6-A
Slaten, Henry L. 93 Mississippi 6-A
Stuckert, Carrie 94 Mississippi 6-B
Stuckert, Dora 94 Mississippi 6-B
Stuckert, Emily 94 Mississippi 6-B
Stuckert, Henry 94 Mississippi 6-B
Stuckert, Jennie 94 Mississippi 6-B
Stuckert, Margarette 94 Mississippi 6-B
Stuckert, Nellie 94 Mississippi 6-B
Stuckert, Phillip 94 Mississippi 6-B
Leasenfelt, Ethel 95 Mississippi 6-B
Leasenfelt, Frank L. 95 Mississippi 6-B
Leasenfelt, Harriet 95 Mississippi 6-B
Leasenfelt, Margaret 95 Mississippi 6-B
Leasenfelt, Verna J. 95 Mississippi 6-B
Mundy, Harvey 95 Mississippi 6-B
Sturdevant, Charles J. 96 Mississippi 6-B
Sturdevant, Nora S. 96 Mississippi 6-B
Sturdevant, Raymond 96 Mississippi 6-B
Sturdevant, Stephen 96 Mississippi 6-B
McClusky, Amy 97 Mississippi 6-B
McClusky, Henry H. 97 Mississippi 6-B
McClusky, Mary A. 97 Mississippi 6-B
Cornwell, James H. 98 Mississippi 6-B
Dreier, Bertha 99 Mississippi 6-B
Dreier, Edith 99 Mississippi 6-B
Dreier, Ernest 99 Mississippi 6-B
Dreier, Ethel 99 Mississippi 6-B
Rusk, Andrew M. 100 Mississippi 6-B
Rusk, Charles R. 100 Mississippi 6-B
Rusk, Ella 100 Mississippi 6-B
Rusk, Harry T. 100 Mississippi 6-B
Burley, Dora 101 Mississippi 7-A
Burley, Orlando R. 101 Mississippi 7-A
Hase or Hose, Della L. 102 Mississippi 7-A
Hase or Hose, James C. 102 Mississippi 7-A
Hase or Hose, James W. 102 Mississippi 7-A
Hase or Hose, Lewis H. 102 Mississippi 7-A
Hase or Hose, Myrtle L. 102 Mississippi 7-A
Hase or Hose, Willard John 102 Mississippi 7-A
Hase or Hose, William H. 102 Mississippi 7-A
Widman Florence 103 Mississippi 7-A
Widman, Emily J. 103 Mississippi 7-A
Widman, Freda 103 Mississippi 7-A
Widman, Gotleib F. 103 Mississippi 7-A
Widman, Lena 103 Mississippi 7-A
Widman, Mary B. 103 Mississippi 7-A
McDanel, Annie L. 104 Mississippi 7-A
McDanel, Charles G. 104 Mississippi 7-A
McDanel, Charles G. Jr. 104 Mississippi 7-A
McDanel, Edith 104 Mississippi 7-A
McDanel, Ethel 104 Mississippi 7-A
McDanel, Georgana 104 Mississippi 7-A
McDanel, Lewis H. 104 Mississippi 7-A
McDanel, Margarette 104 Mississippi 7-A
McDanel, Minnie 104 Mississippi 7-A
Foster, Catherine 105 Mississippi 7-A
Foster, James R. 105 Mississippi 7-A
Foster, William H. 105 Mississippi 7-A
Giberson, Jack B. 106 Mississippi 7-A
Palmer, Alma G. 106 Mississippi 7-A
Palmer, Cleon C. 106 Mississippi 7-A
Palmer, Edgar E. 106 Mississippi 7-A
Palmer, Frank L. 106 Mississippi 7-A
Palmer, James L. 106 Mississippi 7-A
Palmer, Lora R. 106 Mississippi 7-A
Giberson, Ephraim C. 107 Mississippi 7-B
Giberson, Lola I. 107 Mississippi 7-B
Giberson, Sarah E. 107 Mississippi 7-B
Zunesteg, Agatha P. 108 Mississippi 7-B
Zunesteg, Anthony J. 108 Mississippi 7-B
Zunesteg, Cora M. 108 Mississippi 7-B
Zunesteg, Lu A. 108 Mississippi 7-B
Zunesteg, Pensleaf S. 108 Mississippi 7-B
Zunesteg, Rebecca F. 108 Mississippi 7-B
Wade, Elvira G. 109 Mississippi 7-B
Wade, Florence 109 Mississippi 7-B
Wade, Heber 109 Mississippi 7-B
Fessler, Andrew 110 Mississippi 7-B
Fessler, Clifton 110 Mississippi 7-B
Fessler, Inez 110 Mississippi 7-B
Fessler, Isabelle 110 Mississippi 7-B
Fessler, Mattie 110 Mississippi 7-B
Fessler, Robert 110 Mississippi 7-B
Fessler, Roy 110 Mississippi 7-B
Fessler, Susan 110 Mississippi 7-B
Fessler, William 110 Mississippi 7-B
Winger, Catherine 111 Mississippi 7-B
Winger, John F. 111 Mississippi 7-B
Chaplin, Robert G. 112 Mississippi 7-B
McDow, Martha L. 112 Mississippi 7-B
McDow, Robert A. 112 Mississippi 7-B
Smith, Edith 113 Mississippi 7-B
Smith, Edward J. 113 Mississippi 7-B
Smith, John E. 113 Mississippi 7-B
Darby, William 114 Mississippi 7-B
Spangle, Hallie E. 114 Mississippi 7-B
Spangle, Jeannette 114 Mississippi 7-B
McCalla, , Borsoer ? A. 115 Mississippi 7-B
McCalla, Amanda G. 115 Mississippi 7-B
McCalla, Joanna 115 Mississippi 7-B
McCalla, Nathaniel G. 115 Mississippi 7-B
Gerson, Addison, B. 116 Mississippi 7-B
Gerson, Albert W. 116 Mississippi 7-B
Gerson, Alice M. 116 Mississippi 7-B
Gerson, Clara 116 Mississippi 7-B
Gerson, Frank K. 116 Mississippi 7-B
Gerson, Hattie H. 116 Mississippi 7-B
Gerson, Ulria 116 Mississippi 7-B
Smith, Anna L. 117 Mississippi 8-A
Smith, George E. 117 Mississippi 8-A
Smith, George W. L. 117 Mississippi 8-A
Benware, Lucinda J. 118 Mississippi 8-A
Cook, Elizabeth C. 119 Mississippi 8-A
Cook, Thomas W. 119 Mississippi 8-A
Wade, Raechael W. 120 Mississippi 8-A
McDow, Clyde H. 121 Mississippi 8-A
McDow, Ruby E. 121 Mississippi 8-A
McDow, Tell E. 121 Mississippi 8-A
McDow, Velva M. 121 Mississippi 8-A
Chappee, Bert 122 Mississippi 8-A
Chappee, Lovie M. 122 Mississippi 8-A
Swann, Floyd E. 122 Mississippi 8-A
Rintoul, John Q.? 123 Mississippi 8-A
Rintoul, Leo E. 123 Mississippi 8-A
Rintoul, Lucy H. 123 Mississippi 8-A
Rintoul, Mildred E. 123 Mississippi 8-A
Rintoul, Morris C. 123 Mississippi 8-A
Rintoul, Nellie P. 123 Mississippi 8-A
Swann, Roy E. 123 Mississippi 8-A
Freeman, Benjamin F. 124 Mississippi 8-A
Freeman, John H. 124 Mississippi 8-A
Freeman, Sarah F. 124 Mississippi 8-A
Tonkinson, George W. 125 Mississippi 8-A
Tonkinson, Julia M. 125 Mississippi 8-A
Tonkinson, Susan M. 125 Mississippi 8-A
Lurton, Emma 126 Mississippi 8-A
Lurton, Howard M. 126 Mississippi 8-A
Lurton, Marion N. 126 Mississippi 8-A
Lurton, Martha P. 126 Mississippi 8-A
Harlan, Bertha M. 127 Mississippi 8-A
Harlan, Charles A. Jr. 127 Mississippi 8-A
Harlan, Cratta M. 127 Mississippi 8-A
Harlan, Harold A. 127 Mississippi 8-A
Greeling, Effie M. 128 Mississippi 8-B
Greeling, Ephriam J. 128 Mississippi 8-B
Greeling, Opal L. 128 Mississippi 8-B
Greeling, Pearl L. 128 Mississippi 8-B
Knapp, Evelyn G. 128 Mississippi 8-B
Knapp, Osborne 128 Mississippi 8-B
Engel, Carrie J. 129 Mississippi 8-B
Engel, Leo A. 129 Mississippi 8-B
Shaaf, Christina 130 Mississippi 8-B
Vanausdoll, Edna N. 130 Mississippi 8-B
Vanausdoll, Florence G. 130 Mississippi 8-B
Vanausdoll, Glen B. 130 Mississippi 8-B
Vanausdoll, James C. 130 Mississippi 8-B
Vanausdoll, Raechael L. 130 Mississippi 8-B
Vanausdoll, Theodore 130 Mississippi 8-B
Shaaf, Edith 131 Mississippi 8-B
Shaaf, Edward 131 Mississippi 8-B
Shaaf, Ellen 131 Mississippi 8-B
Shaaf, George E. 131 Mississippi 8-B
Shaaf, John 131 Mississippi 8-B
Shaaf, Lawrence 131 Mississippi 8-B
Shaaf, Lewis C. 131 Mississippi 8-B
Shaaf, Mary E. 131 Mississippi 8-B
Shaaf, Willie 131 Mississippi 8-B
Waggoner, John T. 132 Mississippi 8-B
Waggoner, Lucy E. 132 Mississippi 8-B
Waggoner, Roseanna E. 132 Mississippi 8-B
Waggoner, Susan R. 132 Mississippi 8-B
White, Rosine E. 132 Mississippi 8-B
Miller, Thomas 133 Mississippi 8-B
White, Charles H. 133 Mississippi 8-B
White, Mary L. 133 Mississippi 8-B
Campbell, Edward T. 134 Mississippi 8-B
Campbell, Nellie A. 134 Mississippi 8-B
Campbell, Russell A. 134 Mississippi 8-B
Vanausdoll, Addie R. 135 Mississippi 8-B
Vanausdoll, Ida B. 135 Mississippi 8-B
Vanausdoll, Lenard R. 135 Mississippi 8-B
Vanausdoll, Letitia 135 Mississippi 8-B
Vanausdoll, Ora L. 135 Mississippi 8-B
Vanausdoll, Ruby 135 Mississippi 8-B
Vanausdoll, William C. 135 Mississippi 8-B
Gisey, Albert 136 Mississippi 8-B
Hooper, Bertha 136 Mississippi 8-B
Hooper, Bessie 136 Mississippi 8-B
Hooper, Hattie 136 Mississippi 8-B
Hooper, Henry Jr. 136 Mississippi 8-B
Chaplin, Anna M. 137 Mississippi 8-B
Chaplin, Nina M. 137 Mississippi 8-B
Chaplin, William J. 137 Mississippi 8-B
Brock, Gregory L. 138 Mississippi 9-A
Slaten, James R. 138 Mississippi 9-A
Whitcomb, Mary J. 138 Mississippi 9-A
Price, Elmer 139 Mississippi 9-A
Price, Marion R. 139 Mississippi 9-A
Price, Mildred I. 139 Mississippi 9-A
Price, Zetta M. 139 Mississippi 9-A
Marshaw, Fred E. 140 Mississippi 9-B
Marshaw, Joseph 140 Mississippi 9-B
Marshaw, Joseph E. 140 Mississippi 9-B
Marshaw, Martha E. 140 Mississippi 9-B
Williams, Birdie 140 Mississippi 9-B
Williams, Eva A. 140 Mississippi 9-B
McDow, Bessie I. 141 Mississippi 9-B
McDow, Charles W. 141 Mississippi 9-B
McDow, Nenah 141 Mississippi 9-B
Landon, Lawrence 142 Mississippi 9-B
Landon, Mayme E. 142 Mississippi 9-B
Cornwell, Catherine 143 Mississippi 9-B
Cornwell, Edwin G. 143 Mississippi 9-B
Shuffle, Lanna 143 Mississippi 9-B
Wadlow, Charles E. 144 Mississippi 9-B
Wadlow, Enid E. 144 Mississippi 9-B
Wadlow, Grace I. 144 Mississippi 9-B
Wadlow, Mabel M. 144 Mississippi 9-B
Wadlow, Stanley E. 144 Mississippi 9-B
Wadlow, Winifred E. 144 Mississippi 9-B
Briggs, Alby E. 145 Mississippi 9-B
Briggs, Mary 145 Mississippi 9-B
Cornwell, Bert C. 145 Mississippi 9-B
Cornwell, Cora E. 145 Mississippi 9-B
Cornwell, Lita M. 145 Mississippi 9-B
Laubscher, Herbert 145 Mississippi 9-B
Cadwallader, Jessie K. 146 Mississippi 9-B
Cadwallader, Liza M. 146 Mississippi 9-B
Lynn, James 146 Mississippi 9-B
Caldwell, Anna 147 Mississippi 9-B
Caldwell, Henry 147 Mississippi 9-B
Caldwell, Leta 147 Mississippi 9-B
Prine, Albert E. 148 Mississippi 9-B
Prine, Chloe B. 148 Mississippi 9-B
Kimmery, Elmer L. 149 Mississippi 9-B
Kimmery, Margarete B. 149 Mississippi 9-B
Kimmery, Robert R. 149 Mississippi 9-B
Kimmery, Russell W. 149 Mississippi 9-B
Kimmery, Ruth I. 149 Mississippi 9-B
Updike, Alice 159 Mississippi 9-B
Updike, Clarende (Clarence ?) 159 Mississippi 9-B
Updike, Edith 159 Mississippi 9-B
Updike, Verna 159 Mississippi 9-B
Prine, Arthur J. 160 Mississippi 10-A
Prine, James R. 160 Mississippi 10-A
Prine, Mary A. 160 Mississippi 10-A
Prine, Matilda 160 Mississippi 10-A
Mason, John M. 161 Mississippi 10-A
Mason, Sarah L. 161 Mississippi 10-A
Condry, Joe 162 Mississippi 10-A
Condry, Mary 162 Mississippi 10-A
Condry, Michael 162 Mississippi 10-A
Crum, Charles 163 Mississippi 10-A
Crum, Charles H. 163 Mississippi 10-A
Crum, Effadell 163 Mississippi 10-A
Crum, Mary C. 163 Mississippi 10-A
Crum, Sarah E. 163 Mississippi 10-A
Cline, James 164 Mississippi 10-A
Cline, John 164 Mississippi 10-A
Reddish, Agnus 165 Mississippi 10-A
Reddish, Edna L. 165 Mississippi 10-A
Reddish, Edward L. 165 Mississippi 10-A
Reddish, Lewis M. 165 Mississippi 10-A
Reddish, Mena 165 Mississippi 10-A
Kitzmiller, Andrew 166 Mississippi 10-A
Kitzmiller, Andrew Jr. 166 Mississippi 10-A
Kitzmiller, Florence 166 Mississippi 10-A
Kitzmiller, Hallie 166 Mississippi 10-A
Kitzmiller, Maggie 166 Mississippi 10-A
Kitzmiller, Mary 166 Mississippi 10-A
Kitzmiller, Susie 166 Mississippi 10-A
Kitzmiller, Warren 166 Mississippi 10-A
Kitzmiller, Willie 166 Mississippi 10-A
Darlington, John H. 167 Mississippi 10A
Darlington, Magnolia B. 167 Mississippi 10-A
Durbin, Bessie 168 Mississippi 10-A
Lynch, Carelton W. 168 Mississippi 10-A
Lynch, Mary W. 168 Mississippi 10-A
Young, Albertis 169 Mississippi 10-A
Young, Anna C. 169 Mississippi 10-A
Young, Champ C. 169 Mississippi 10-A
Young, Maud S. 169 Mississippi 10-A
Ross, Anna 170 Mississippi 10-A
Stubblefield, Arthur 170 Mississippi 10-A
Stubblefield, Elizabeth 170 Mississippi 10-A
Stubblefield, Irene 170 Mississippi 10-A
Mallett, Arthur 171 Mississippi 10-A
Mallett, Edgar 171 Mississippi 10-A
Mallett, Louisa 171 Mississippi 10-A
Wadlington, Elisa 172 Mississippi 10-A
Graham, Abby 173 Mississippi 10-A
Graham, John F. 173 Mississippi 10-A
Graham, John J. 173 Mississippi 10-A
Dreier, Mary 174 Mississippi 10-A
Vovirol, Albert 174 Mississippi 10-B
Lester, Lottie 175 Mississippi 10-B
Lester, Reed or Read 175 Mississippi 10-B
Seribner, Adelia 176 Mississippi 11-A
Seribner, Adelia E. 176 Mississippi 11-A
Seribner, Esteleen E. 176 Mississippi 11-A
Seribner, Sarah E. 176 Mississippi 11-A
Seribner, Truman A. 176 Mississippi 11-A
Seribner, Truman P. 176 Mississippi 11-A
Everts, Emma L. 177 Mississippi 11-A
Everts, Frederica S. 177 Mississippi 11-A
Everts, Hugh O. 177 Mississippi 11-A
Everts, Lenard H. 177 Mississippi 11-A
Everts, Mabel O. 177 Mississippi 11-A
Everts, Roscoe L. 177 Mississippi 11-A
Haag, Michael 177 Mississippi 11-A
Bane, Catherine M. 178 Mississippi 11-A
Bane, John F. 178 Mississippi 11-A
Morton, Elizabeth 179 Mississippi 11-A
Morton, James 179 Mississippi 11-A
Morton, John 179 Mississippi 11-A
Morton, John 179 Mississippi 11-A
Morton, Julia 179 Mississippi 11-A
Morton, William 179 Mississippi 11-A
Tracy, William 179 Mississippi 11-A
Walsh, Bridget 180 Mississippi 11-A
Walsh, Lackey 180 Mississippi 11-A
Walsh, Mary 180 Mississippi 11-A
Wright, Florence C. 181 Mississippi 11-A
Wright, Henry L. 181 Mississippi 11-A
Wright, Katy 181 Mississippi 11-A
Wright, Maggie L. 181 Mississippi 11-A
Wright, Mary E. 181 Mississippi 11-A
Wright, Simon 181 Mississippi 11-A
Wright, Theodore R. 181 Mississippi 11-A
Walsh, Julia 182 Mississippi 11-A
Walsh, Mathew Jr. 182 Mississippi 11-A
Walsh, Walter 183 Mississippi 11-A
Walsh, Catherine 184 Mississippi 11-A
Walsh, Catherine A. 184 Mississippi 11-A
Walsh, John P. 184 Mississippi 11-A
Walsh, Martin T. 184 Mississippi 11-A
Walsh, Mary E. 184 Mississippi 11-A
Walsh, Rosa A. 184 Mississippi 11-A
Henson, Harry W. 185 Mississippi 11-A
Henson, Julia C. 185 Mississippi 11-A
Henson, Lewis T. 185 Mississippi 11-A
Darlington, Mary 186 Mississippi 11-A
Miller, Christiana 187 Mississippi 11-B
Miller, John D. 187 Mississippi 11-B
Chappell, Arthur E. 188 Mississippi 11-B
Chappell, Elmer S. 188 Mississippi 11-B
Chappell, Evert E. 188 Mississippi 11-B
Chappell, Uncie E. 188 Mississippi 11-B
Erwin, James L. 189 Mississippi 11-B
Erwin, Nancy E. 189 Mississippi 11-B
Watson, Rebecca J. 189 Mississippi 11-B
Gisler, Elizabeth 190 Mississippi 11-B
Gisler, Fred 190 Mississippi 11-B
Gisler, George F. 190 Mississippi 11-B
Gisler, Mary E. 190 Mississippi 11-B
Gisler, Raymond 190 Mississippi 11-B
Leming, Theodore 191 Mississippi 11-B
Leming, Tina J. 191 Mississippi 11-B
Mundy, Edith 191 Mississippi 11-B
Rue, Charles A. 192 Mississippi 11-B
Rue, John 192 Mississippi 11-B
Rue, Rolando 192 Mississippi 11-B
Watson, Arthur F. 193 Mississippi 11-B
Watson, Elizabeth M. 193 Mississippi 11-B
Watson, Elmer E. 193 Mississippi 11-B
Watson, Mena 193 Mississippi 11-B
Watson, Ray 193 Mississippi 11-B
Watson, Thomas F. 193 Mississippi 11-B
Darby, Cora N. 194 Mississippi 11-B
Darby, Harry T. 194 Mississippi 11-B
Wylder, Elizabeth 195 Mississippi 11-B
Wylder, Isabella 195 Mississippi 11-B
Wylder, Lucy A. W. 195 Mississippi 11-B
Wylder, Robert M. 195 Mississippi 11-B
Wylder, Thomas H. C. 195 Mississippi 11-B
Beatty, Ernest E. 196 Mississippi 11-B
Beatty, Florence G. 196 Mississippi 11-B
Beatty, Henrietta C. 196 Mississippi 11-B
Beatty, Lester D. 196 Mississippi 11-B
Beatty, Martin L. 196 Mississippi 11-B
Beatty, Rueben C. 196 Mississippi 11-B
Stone, Dovie M. 197 Mississippi 11-B
Stone, Golda E. 197 Mississippi 11-B
Stone, Lloyd E. 197 Mississippi 11-B
Stone, Orleana E. 197 Mississippi 11-B
Stone, Roscoe O. 197 Mississippi 11-B
Stone, Simon F. 197 Mississippi 11-B
Mason, Mildred A. 198 Mississippi 12-A
Oscar, Christiana 198 Mississippi 12-A
Oscar, William F. 198 Mississippi 12-A
Smock, Holmes W. 199 Mississippi 12-A
Smock, Olive J. 199 Mississippi 12-A
Smock, Raymond H. 199 Mississippi 12-A
Smock, Susie S. 199 Mississippi 12-A
Aljets, Henry 200 Mississippi 12-A
Aljets, John M. 200 Mississippi 12-A
Mode, Frank 200 Mississippi 12-A
Teutkin, Alberta W. 200 Mississippi 12-A
Teutkin, Emma H. 200 Mississippi 12-A
Teutkin, Henry J. 200 Mississippi 12-A
Teutkin, Josephine A. E. 200 Mississippi 12-A
Teutkin, Julia E. R. 200 Mississippi 12-A
Teutkin, Minnie 200 Mississippi 12-A
Teutkin, Walter A. 200 Mississippi 12-A
Gerardi, Edith 201 Mississippi 12-A
Gerardi, John 201 Mississippi 12-A
Gerardi, John W. 201 Mississippi 12-A
Gerardi, Mary 201 Mississippi 12-A
Gerardi, Vera 201 Mississippi 12-A
Gerardi, Elnora B? 202 Mississippi 12-A
Gerardi, Joseph 202 Mississippi 12-A
Gerardi, Lotta C. 202 Mississippi 12-A
Gerardi, Mary E. 202 Mississippi 12-A
Egelhoff, Alice 203 Mississippi 12-A
Egelhoff, Edith 203 Mississippi 12-A
Egelhoff, Estella 203 Mississippi 12-A
Egelhoff, Fred W. 203 Mississippi 12-A
Egelhoff, Mabel 203 Mississippi 12-A
Egelhoff, Mary M. 203 Mississippi 12-A
Powell, Andrew W. 204 Mississippi 12-A
Powell, Antoinette V. 204 Mississippi 12-A
Powell, George V. 204 Mississippi 12-A
Powell, Joseph S. 204 Mississippi 12-A
Powell, Spencer A. 204 Mississippi 12-A
Talmage, Ethel F. 205 Mississippi 12-A
Talmage, Lucy A. 205 Mississippi 12-A
Talmage, Samuel H. 205 Mississippi 12-A
Talmage, Willard A. 205 Mississippi 12-A
Talmage, Willard A. Jr. 205 Mississippi 12-A
Walsh, James E. 206 Mississippi 12-A
Weiland, Fred J. 207 Mississippi 12-A
Weiland, Howard R. 207 Mississippi 12-A
Weiland, Minnie O. 207 Mississippi 12-A
Weiland, Roberta F. 207 Mississippi 12-A
Breitweiser, Dickson R. 208 Mississippi 12-B
Breitweiser, Fay L. 208 Mississippi 12-B
Breitweiser, Frank W. 208 Mississippi 12-B
Breitweiser, Fred L. 208 Mississippi 12-B
Breitweiser, Lillie M. 208 Mississippi 12-B
Stirren, Fred 208 Mississippi 12-B
Bowers, Arnold O. 209 Mississippi 12-B
Bowers, Cecil G. 209 Mississippi 12-B
Bowers, Della J. 209 Mississippi 12-B
Bowers, George W. 209 Mississippi 12-B
Bowers, Harry E. 209 Mississippi 12-B
Bowers, Joseph 209 Mississippi 12-B
Bowers, Mary E. 209 Mississippi 12-B
Bowers, Orville G. 209 Mississippi 12-B
Bowers, Susie 209 Mississippi 12-B
Bowers, Viola R. 209 Mississippi 12-B
Reynolds, Charles S. 210 Mississippi 13-A
Reynolds, Labonty L. 210 Mississippi 13-A
Reynolds, Luce ?, B. 210 Mississippi 13-A
Reynolds, Mollie J. 210 Mississippi 13-A
Reynolds, Rosa B. 210 Mississippi 13-A
Reynolds, Rosa D. 210 Mississippi 13-A
Cope, Archie 211 Mississippi 13-A
Cope, Beaulah M. 211 Mississippi 13-A
Cope, Carrie W. 211 Mississippi 13-A
Cope, Elizabeth 211 Mississippi 13-A
Cope, John R. 211 Mississippi 13-A
Siller, Bertha E. 212 Mississippi 13-A
Siller, Esther L. 212 Mississippi 13-A
Siller, Louis 212 Mississippi 13-A
Siller, Marion L. 212 Mississippi 13-A
Fleischer, Bertha 213 Mississippi 13-A
Fleischer, Carl 213 Mississippi 13-A
Fleischer, Herman O. 213 Mississippi 13-A
Fleischer, Ruth H. 213 Mississippi 13-A
Condry, Edward 214 Mississippi 13-A
Howe, Eleanor 214 Mississippi 13-A
Howe, Anna 214 Mississippi 13-A
Howe, Edward 214 Mississippi 13-A
Howe, Elizabeth 214 Mississippi 13-A
Howe, John 214 Mississippi 13-A
Murray, Anna 214 Mississippi 13-A
Martin, Emma F. 215 Mississippi 13-A
Martin, Frank 215 Mississippi 13-A
Martin, George W. 215 Mississippi 13-A
Martin, Malinda 215 Mississippi 13-A
Martin, Ray 215 Mississippi 13-A
Martin, Roy 215 Mississippi 13-A
Stubblefield, Luther H. 216 Mississippi 13-A
Stubblefield, Nellie A, 216 Mississippi 13-A
Timpe, Augustus 216 Mississippi 13-A
Timpe, Carl C. 216 Mississippi 13-A
Timpe, Charles 216 Mississippi 13-A
Hatch, Hazel 217 Mississippi 13-A
Hatch, Loretta 217 Mississippi 13-A
Dabbs, William C. 218 Mississippi 13-A
Leach, Clarence R. 218 Mississippi 13-A
Leach, Edward M. 218 Mississippi 13-A
Leach, Harry M. 218 Mississippi 13-A
Leach, Mary A. 218 Mississippi 13-A
Leach, Michael 218 Mississippi 13-A
Walsh, Catherine R. 219 Mississippi 13-B
Walsh, Elizabeth A. 219 Mississippi 13-B
Walsh, John R. 219 Mississippi 13-B
Walsh, Mary J. 219 Mississippi 13-B
Walsh, Richard J. 219 Mississippi 13-B
Gibson, Frances F. 220 Mississippi 13-B
Gibson, Ruth E. 220 Mississippi 13-B
Gibson, Wesley U. 220 Mississippi 13-B
Henrion, Harry N. 221 Mississippi 13-B
Henrion, Hattie 221 Mississippi 13-B
Henrion, Nicolas 221 Mississippi 13-B
Ash, Della 222 Mississippi 13-B
Ash, Lela A. 222 Mississippi 13-B
Ash, Lucy M. 222 Mississippi 13-B
Ash, Sylvester, M. 222 Mississippi 13-B
Ash, Virgil E. 222 Mississippi 13-B
Meyer, Dena M. 223 Mississippi 13-B
Meyer, Fred 223 Mississippi 13-B
Meyer, Hannah 223 Mississippi 13-B
Meyer, Herman V. 223 Mississippi 13-B
Meyer, Herman V. Jr. 223 Mississippi 13-B
Meyer, Minnie J. 223 Mississippi 13-B
Sloman, Charles D. 224 Mississippi 13-B
Sloman, Charles D. 224 Mississippi 13-B
Sloman, James 224 Mississippi 13-B
Hicks, Albert J. 225 Mississippi 13-B
Hicks, Estella M. 225 Mississippi 13-B
Hicks, Myron M. 225 Mississippi 13-B
Everts, Eugene A. 226 Mississippi 14-A
Everts, Mabel E. 226 Mississippi 14-A
Everts, Myron V. 226 Mississippi 14-A
Voorhees, Albert 226 Mississippi 14-A
Voorhees, Lela 226 Mississippi 14-A
Walz, Christopher 227 Mississippi 14-A
Walz, Jacob 227 Mississippi 14-A
Walz, John 227 Mississippi 14-A
Walz, Louise M. 227 Mississippi 14-A
Gleespan, Hannah 228 Mississippi 14-A
Gleespan, Hugh 228 Mississippi 14-A
Handler, Augusta L. 229 Mississippi 14-A
Handler, Charles 229 Mississippi 14-A
Handler, Edna E. 229 Mississippi 14-A
Handler, Eleanor 229 Mississippi 14-A
Handler, Frank L. 229 Mississippi 14-A
Handler, Katy E. 229 Mississippi 14-A
Handler, Lanora B. 229 Mississippi 14-A
Wahl, Alice 230 Mississippi 14-A
Wahl, Catherine 230 Mississippi 14-A
Wahl, James 230 Mississippi 14-A
Wahl, James F. 230 Mississippi 14-A
Wahl, Richard W. 230 Mississippi 14-A
Gisy, Flora A. 231 Mississippi 14-A
Gisy, Glen G. 231 Mississippi 14-A
Gisy, John J. 231 Mississippi 14-A
Walsh, Alice M. 232 Mississippi 14-A
Walsh, Andrew 232 Mississippi 14-A
Brown, Christella 233 Mississippi 14-A
Brown, Mary A. 233 Mississippi 14-A
Fitzgerald, Agnus 233 Mississippi 14-A
Fitzgerald, James C. 233 Mississippi 14-A
Fitzgerald, Elizabeth L. 234 Mississippi 14-A
Fitzgerald, Emmett A. 234 Mississippi 14-A
Fitzgerald, James W. 234 Mississippi 14-A
Fitzgerald, Marion E. 234 Mississippi 14-A
Fitzgerald, William U.? 234 Mississippi 14-A
Middleton, Anna M. 235 Mississippi 14-A
Middleton, John W. 235 Mississippi 14-A
Middleton, Lester L. 235 Mississippi 14-A
Middleton, Lida M. 235 Mississippi 14-A
Middleton, Lulu E. 235 Mississippi 14-A
Middleton, Luther N. 235 Mississippi 14-A
Middleton, William R. 235 Mississippi 14-A
Calhoun, Oscar 236 Mississippi 14-A
Fitzgerald, Bridget 236 Mississippi 14-A
Fitzgerald, John E. 236 Mississippi 14-A
Kallal, Cyrill V. 237 Mississippi 14-A
Kallal, John S. 237 Mississippi 14-A
Kallal, Rosa A. 237 Mississippi 14-A
Keeley, Alice M. 238 Mississippi 14-B
Keeley, Kent K. 238 Mississippi 14-B
Keeley, Kermit L. 238 Mississippi 14-B
Keeley, Lois 238 Mississippi 14-B
Keeley, Meade D. 238 Mississippi 14-B
Lurton, Florins 239 Mississippi 14-B
Lurton, John 239 Mississippi 14-B
Lurton, Noble 239 Mississippi 14-B
Lurton, Olivia 239 Mississippi 14-B
Gilworth, Flora L. 240 Mississippi 14-B
Gilworth, James R. 240 Mississippi 14-B
Gilworth, John W. 240 Mississippi 14-B
Gilworth, John W. Jr. 240 Mississippi 14-B
Gilworth, Velma M. 240 Mississippi 14-B
Seago, ALbert 241 Mississippi 14-B
Seago, Barbara 241 Mississippi 14-B
Seago, Charlotte E. 241 Mississippi 14-B
Seago, Eva M. 241 Mississippi 14-B
Seago, Francis C. 241 Mississippi 14-B
Seago, Laura E. 241 Mississippi 14-B
Seago, Lenard L. 241 Mississippi 14-B
Doty, Betta M. 242 Mississippi 14-B
Doty, Conway L. 242 Mississippi 14-B
Doty, Lee E. 242 Mississippi 14-B
Doty, Marion 242 Mississippi 14-B
Doty, Vera M. 242 Mississippi 14-B
Hill, Charles W. 243 Mississippi 14-B
Hill, Clifford M. 243 Mississippi 14-B
Hill, David T. 243 Mississippi 14-B
Hill, Emily 243 Mississippi 14-B
Hill, Lawrence D. 243 Mississippi 14-B
Hill, Luella 243 Mississippi 14-B
Hill, William C. 243 Mississippi 14-B
Cory Walter B. 244 Mississippi 14-B
Cory, Hellen K. 244 Mississippi 14-B
Cory, Josea A. 244 Mississippi 14-B
Kirby, Ella M. 244 Mississippi 14-B
Wick, John W. 244 Mississippi 14-B
French, Augusta 245 Mississippi 14-B
French, Harrison H. 245 Mississippi 14-B
Greenwalt, Bi—–a R. 246 Mississippi 14-B
Greenwalt, Charles 246 Mississippi 14-B
Greenwalt, Edward 246 Mississippi 14-B
Greenwalt, Ella M. 246 Mississippi 14-B
Greenwalt, Eva 246 Mississippi 14-B
Greenwalt, Stella M. 246 Mississippi 14-B
Busch, Frank H. 247 Mississippi 14-B
Eglehoff, August 247 Mississippi 14-B
Richards, Arsy O. 247 Mississippi 14-B
Richards, Olive G. 247 Mississippi 14-B
Landon, Carrie C. 248 Mississippi 15-A
Landon, Dorothy M. 248 Mississippi 15-A
Landon, Elizabeth Z. 248 Mississippi 15-A
Landon, Esther L. 248 Mississippi 15-A
Landon, Harold 248 Mississippi 15-A
Landon, Luella E. 248 Mississippi 15-A
Landon, Roy A. 248 Mississippi 15-A
Lynn, Ellis 249 Mississippi 15-A
Lynn, Elmer 249 Mississippi 15-A
Lynn, Floyd 249 Mississippi 15-A
Lynn, Ollie 249 Mississippi 15-A
Lynn, Walter S. 249 Mississippi 15-A
Lynn, Walter S. Jr. 249 Mississippi 15-A
Kelly, Edrie V. 250 Mississippi 15-B
Kelly, Effie C. 250 Mississippi 15-B
Mott, John M. 250 Mississippi 15-B
Mott, Minerva O. 250 Mississippi 15-B
Buckles, Mahala C. 251 Mississippi 15-B
Reed , Helen 251 Mississippi 15-B
Reed, Clarence B. 251 Mississippi 15-B
Reed, Edward E. 251 Mississippi 15-B
Reed, Mary G. 251 Mississippi 15-B
Reed, Walter I. 251 Mississippi 15-B
McAfee, George W. 252 Mississippi 15-B
McAfee, Mollie M. 252 Mississippi 15-B
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