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1910 Jersey County Federal Census Index
Jersey TownshipThis transcription of the index to the Jersey County Federal Census of 1910 was contributed by Delores Molloy. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

Waddell, Minnie K.1Jersey1-A
Waddell, Samuel A.1Jersey1-A
Lynn, Edward2Jersey1-A
Lynn, James2Jersey1-A
Lynn, Loretta2Jersey1-A
Lynn, Sarah2Jersey1-A
Lynn, Sarah2Jersey1-A
Lynn, Susan M.2Jersey1-A
Lynn, Thomas2Jersey1-A
Bane, Agnes3Jersey1-A
Bane, James3Jersey1-A
Bane, Julia3Jersey1-A
Bane, Mary3Jersey1-A
Bane, Patrick3Jersey1-A
Bane, William3Jersey1-A
Landon, Alvira E.4Jersey1-B
Landon, Etta U.4Jersey1-B
Landon, Herbert U.4Jersey1-B
Landon, Leslie4Jersey1-B
Landon, William D.4Jersey1-B
Thompson, Anna B.5Jersey1-B
Thompson, Edward B.5Jersey1-B
Thompson, Gilbert5Jersey1-B
Thompson, Leslie5Jersey1-B
Thompson, Mary5Jersey1-B
Powell, Cornelia F.6Jersey1-B
Powell, Harold O.6Jersey1-B
Powell, Hattie P.6Jersey1-B
Powell, John F.6Jersey1-B
Powell, Joseph R.6Jersey1-B
Powell, Leslie C.6Jersey1-B
Powell, Roland6Jersey1-B
Yocom, Claud M.7Jersey1-B
Yocom, Grace W.7Jersey1-B
Aeraman, Mac8Jersey2-A
Heller, Clara M.8Jersey2-A
Heller, Fred W.8Jersey2-A
Heller, Minnie C.8Jersey2-A
Lozey, John8Jersey2-A
McCanse, Cecil C.8Jersey2-A
Niemyer, Fred9Jersey2-A
Schiele, George P.9Jersey2-A
Schiele, Ida C.9Jersey2-A
Cope, Adelaide10Jersey2-A
Cope, Olive M.10Jersey2-A
Cope, Orville A.10Jersey2-A
Cope, William J.10Jersey2-A
Cope, William R.10Jersey2-A
Cummings, Blanche H.11Jersey2-A
Cummings, Eva L.11Jersey2-A
Cummings, Hilda C.11Jersey2-A
Cummings, Howard H.11Jersey2-A
Cummings, Thomas11Jersey2-A
Gibson, Frederick R.12Jersey2-A
Gibson, Joseph L.12Jersey2-A
Gibson, Joseph M.12Jersey2-A
Gibson, Sarah C.12Jersey2-A
Fitzpatrick, Ann13Jersey2-A
Fitzpatrick, John B.13Jersey2-A
Fitzpatrick, Thomas J.13Jersey2-A
Green, Katherine13Jersey2-A
Green, William L.13Jersey2-A
Malay, Martin13Jersey2-A
Spellman, James J.13Jersey2-A
Little, Cora M.14Jersey2-A
Little, Ernest W.14Jersey2-A
Bright, Calvin U.15Jersey2-A
Bright, Fannie M.15Jersey2-A
Bright, Frank M.15Jersey2-A
Bright, Mary C.15Jersey2-A
Massey, Francis S.16Jersey2-B
Massey, Harry L.16Jersey2-B
Massey, James T.16Jersey2-B
Massey, Kathleen16Jersey2-B
Massey, Lucille M.16Jersey2-B
Massey, Marguerite16Jersey2-B
Massey, Mary A.16Jersey2-B
Massey, Nellie16Jersey2-B
Massey, Stephen L.16Jersey2-B
Mooney, Michael16Jersey2-B
Mayland, Frank H.17Jersey2-B
Kirkpatrick, James A.18Jersey2-B
Kirkpatrick, Lillie L.18Jersey2-B
Kirkpatrick, Mattie S.18Jersey2-B
Kirkpatrick, Robert F.18Jersey2-B
Kirkpatrick, Russel18Jersey2-B
Snell, Arthur R.19Jersey2-B
Snell, Edith A.19Jersey2-B
Snell, Harry F.19Jersey2-B
Snell, Hugh H.19Jersey2-B
Snell, Leora A.19Jersey2-B
Snell, Mary A.19Jersey2-B
Snell, Ray O.19Jersey2-B
Miner, George W.20Jersey3-A
Miner, Mary I.20Jersey3-A
Miner, Maud20Jersey3-A
Curran, Alice J.21Jersey3-A
Curran, John P.21Jersey3-A
Curran, Katherine O.21Jersey3-A
Curran, Margueret M.21Jersey3-A
Curran, Martin A.21Jersey3-A
Curran, Mary E.21Jersey3-A
Curran, Richard21Jersey3-A
Long, Martin21Jersey3-A
Grimes, Florence22Jersey3-A
Grimes, Gertrude22Jersey3-A
Grimes, Isabelle22Jersey3-A
Grimes, James22Jersey3-A
Grimes, Jarret T.22Jersey3-A
Maguire, Lloyd22Jersey3-A
Powers, Hattie M.23Jersey3-A
Powers, John23Jersey3-A
Powers, Louis L.23Jersey3-A
Powers, Malinda D.23Jersey3-A
Powers, Richard23Jersey3-A
Powers, William R.23Jersey3-A
Catt, Catherine24Jersey3-A
Catt, Charley24Jersey3-A
Catt, Henry24Jersey3-A
Catt, James24Jersey3-A
Catt, John24Jersey3-A
Weller, Harry25Jersey3-A
Brokamp, John H.26Jersey3-A
Downey, Elizabet M.26Jersey3-A
Downey, G. Irene26Jersey3-A
Downey, Herbert G.26Jersey3-A
Downey, James C.26Jersey3-A
Powell, George26Jersey3-A
Cowan, Elvira C.27Jersey3-A
Cowan, Frank M.27Jersey3-A
Cowan, Lita M.27Jersey3-A
Cowan, Mary27Jersey3-A
Cowan, Myrtle M.27Jersey3-A
Isringhausen, Emil27Jersey3-A
Whitworth, Lawrence R.27Jersey3-A
Whitworth, Leslie L.27Jersey3-A
Kallal, Frank U.28Jersey3-B
Kallal, John T.28Jersey3-B
Kallal, Josephine M.28Jersey3-B
Kallal, Louis28Jersey3-B
Kallal, Marie L.28Jersey3-B
Kallal, Raymond N ?.28Jersey3-B
Kallal, Thomas A.28Jersey3-B
Kraus, Francis28Jersey3-B
Krueger, Edward W.28Jersey3-B
Krueger, Frances D.28Jersey3-B
Krueger, Helena E.28Jersey3-B
Quinn, Catherine29Jersey3-B
Quinn, Catherine I.29Jersey3-B
Quinn, John J.29Jersey3-B
Quinn, Loretta C.29Jersey3-B
Quinn, Mary M.29Jersey3-B
Welsh, Lawrence29Jersey3-B
Randolph, Alice C.30Jersey3-B
Randolph, Carleton T.30Jersey3-B
Randolph, Jane B.30Jersey3-B
Randolph, Julia C.30Jersey3-B
Randolph, Julia H.30Jersey3-B
Randolph, Oliver P.30Jersey3-B
Randolph, Oliver S.30Jersey3-B
Burn, Ella31Jersey3-B
Burn, Eula31Jersey3-B
Burn, Frank W.31Jersey3-B
Burn, Harold W.31Jersey3-B
Clark, Gilbert O.31Jersey3-B
Fulkerson, Dwight D.32Jersey3-B
Fulkerson, Joseph R.32Jersey3-B
Fulkerson, Mary A.32Jersey3-B
Fulkerson, Charlotte D.33Jersey3-B
Fulkerson, Florence E.33Jersey3-B
Fulkerson, Frank E.33Jersey3-B
Fulkerson, william H.33Jersey3-B
Lowe, Florence A.33Jersey3-B
Miller, Alice34Jersey3-B
Miller, Charles S.34Jersey3-B
Miller, Olive C.34Jersey3-B
Miller, Patrick H.34Jersey3-B
Miller, Patrick O.34Jersey3-B
Miller, T. Frank34Jersey3-B
Patton, Albert34Jersey3-B
Birkenmeyer, Charles35Jersey3-B
Birkenmeyer, Earl35Jersey3-B
Birkenmeyer, Frank35Jersey3-B
Birkenmeyer, Grace35Jersey3-B
Birkenmeyer, Ione35Jersey3-B
Birkenmeyer, Irene35Jersey3-B
Ely, Cornelius G.36Jersey4-A
Ely, Etta36Jersey4-A
Ely, George I.36Jersey4-A
Ely, Issiac F.36Jersey4-A
Ely, Matilda M.36Jersey4-A
Nichens, Carl R.37Jersey4-A
Nichens, Charlotte I.37Jersey4-A
Nichens, Harry W.37Jersey4-A
Nichens, Michael S.37Jersey4-A
O’Donnell, Mary37Jersey4-A
Rhoads, Joseph37Jersey4-A
Kuebrick, Caroline38Jersey4-A
Kuebrick, Florence M.38Jersey4-A
Kuebrick, Francis38Jersey4-A
Kuebrick, John38Jersey4-A
Kuebrick, Leo J.38Jersey4-A
Kuebrick, Paul38Jersey4-A
Luker, Gilbert38Jersey4-A
Luker, Harry38Jersey4-A
Allen, Edward T.39Jersey4-A
Allen, James R.39Jersey4-A
Allen, Julia E.39Jersey4-A
Allen, Leo A.39Jersey4-A
Allen, Richard39Jersey4-A
Dugan, Catherine39Jersey4-A
Vaughn, Jerry39Jersey4-A
Baker, Effie M.40Jersey4-A
Baker, Robert L.40Jersey4-A
Gilleland, Bertram40Jersey4-A
Gilleland, Olive S.40Jersey4-A
Gilleland, Samuel40Jersey4-A
Novotny, Anna41Jersey4-A
Novotny, Elizabeth41Jersey4-A
Novotny, Frank41Jersey4-A
Novotny, Frank41Jersey4-A
Novotny, John41Jersey4-A
Novotny, Joseph41Jersey4-A
Novotny, Josephine41Jersey4-A
Singleton, Frances42Jersey4-A
Singleton, Russell42Jersey4-A
Wheelock, John Jr.43Jersey4-A
Wheelock, Mary J.43Jersey4-A
Davenport, Daisy44Jersey4-A
Richards, George M.44Jersey4-A
Richards, Mattie44Jersey4-A
Richards, Truman J.44Jersey4-A
Sperry, Edward C.45Jersey4-A
Sperry, Kelly P.45Jersey4-A
Sperry, Lucy A.45Jersey4-A
Sperry, Rachel E.45Jersey4-A
French, John W.46Jersey4-B
French, L. Mae46Jersey4-B
Shortal, James H.46Jersey5-A
Shortal, James R.46Jersey5-A
Shortal, Josephine46Jersey5-A
Shortal, Robert M.46Jersey5-A
Shortal, William M.46Jersey5-A
Beiermann, Alphons L.47Jersey4-B
Beiermann, Carl F,47Jersey4-B
Beiermann, Howard47Jersey4-B
Beiermann, Sylvester P.47Jersey4-B
Beiermann, Theresa47Jersey4-B
Beiermann, Victor J.47Jersey4-B
Levene, Rosa R.47Jersey5-A
Levene, Thomas H.47Jersey5-A
Massey, Clarence L.48Jersey4-B
Massey, Frances L.48Jersey4-B
Massey, Henry C.48Jersey4-B
Massey, Henry W.48Jersey4-B
Massey, Mary R.48Jersey4-B
Massey, Mildred48Jersey4-B
Massey, Roy W.48Jersey4-B
Massula, George48Jersey4-B
Pruit, Kersey H.48Jersey5-A
Strebel, Caddie (Addie ?)48Jersey5-A
Strebel, Lloyd48Jersey5-A
Strebel, William M.48Jersey5-A
Reed, Jessie R.49Jersey5-A
Reed, Louella M.49Jersey5-A
Reed, Walter A.49Jersey5-A
Reed, William49Jersey5-A
Foster, Marguetet50Jersey5-A
Foster, Marie50Jersey5-A
Foster, William S.50Jersey5-A
Hopper, Carl51Jersey5-A
Hopper, Emma51Jersey5-A
Hopper, Fred C.51Jersey5-A
Hopper, William E.51Jersey5-A
Hopper, William S.51Jersey5-A
Perkins, George W.52Jersey5-A
Perkins, Lela P.52Jersey5-A
Perkins, Mary A.52Jersey5-A
Perkins, Mearl52Jersey5-A
Pruit, Barbara V.53Jersey5-A
Pruit, Ernest L.53Jersey5-A
Pruit, George M.53Jersey5-A
Pruit, Mable53Jersey5-A
Pruit, Virgil L.53Jersey5-A
Wiseman, Emma54Jersey5-A
Wiseman, Henry W.54Jersey5-A
Lanham, Elmer T.55Jersey5-A
Lanham, Fred E.55Jersey5-A
Lanham, Gussie55Jersey5-A
Lanham, James E.55Jersey5-A
Lanham, James H.55Jersey5-A
Lanham, Nettie E.55Jersey5-A
Close, Leslie D.56Jersey5-A
Close, Raela ? M.56Jersey5-A
Close, Thomas B.56Jersey5-A
Daniels, Walker56Jersey5-A
Guilander, Orville B.56Jersey5-A
Gross, Dovie M.57Jersey5-A
Gross, Leslie R.57Jersey5-A
Gross, Rubie57Jersey5-A
Gross, William57Jersey5-A
Steckel, Augusta58Jersey5-B
Steckel, Bertha58Jersey5-B
Steckel, Fred58Jersey5-B
Steckel, Gertrude58Jersey5-B
Steckel, Minnie58Jersey5-B
Steckel, Minnie58Jersey5-B
Steckel, Peter58Jersey5-B
Steckel, Peter A.58Jersey5-B
Albert, Abbie E.59Jersey6-A
Albert, Anthony J.59Jersey6-A
Thiel, William J.59Jersey6-A
Flamm, Carl W.60Jersey6-A
Flamm, Gertrude60Jersey6-A
Flamm, Harry60Jersey6-A
Flamm, Ines R.60Jersey6-A
Flamm, John E.60Jersey6-A
Flamm, Louis L.60Jersey6-A
Flamm, Myrtle L.60Jersey6-A
Flamm, Nettie60Jersey6-A
Flamm, William F.60Jersey6-A
Kruegel, Gertrude61Jersey6-A
Kruegel, Otto61Jersey6-A
Kruegel, Theodore61Jersey6-A
Little, Cornelia62Jersey6-A
Little, Pinkney S.62Jersey6-A
Burns, Patrick63Jersey6-A
Randolph, Harriet T.63Jersey6-A
Randolph, Oreston F.63Jersey6-A
Randolph, Salina B.63Jersey6-A
Randolph, Wilson63Jersey6-A
Bandy, Amanda64Jersey6-A
Bandy, George W.64Jersey6-A
Cabalek, Anna E.65Jersey6-A
Cabalek, Jacob V.65Jersey6-A
Cabalek, Josephine R.65Jersey6-A
Cabalek, Mary L.65Jersey6-A
McManis, Thomas65Jersey6-A
Nelson, Dorothy M.65Jersey6-B
Nelson, Edward65Jersey6-B
Nelson, Harry L.65Jersey6-B
Nelson, Mary L.65Jersey6-B
Landiss, Fannie M.66Jersey6-B
Landiss, Issiac66Jersey6-B
Landiss, Lucy V.66Jersey6-B
Landiss, Mary H.66Jersey6-B
Guilander, Chalmer67Jersey6-B
Guilander, Harry E.67Jersey6-B
Guilander, John R.67Jersey6-B
Guilander, Susie67Jersey6-B
Roady, Katherine C.68Jersey6-B
Roady, Nathaniel A.68Jersey6-B
Roady, Orville B.68Jersey6-B
Mains, Anna E.69Jersey6-B
Mains, Floyd F.69Jersey6-B
Mains, Gladys I.69Jersey6-B
Mains, Hattie T.69Jersey6-B
Mains, Warren69Jersey6-B
Britton, Bessie70Jersey6-B
Britton, Nellie M.70Jersey6-B
Britton, Page70Jersey6-B
Britton, Rosa70Jersey6-B
Daniels, Louis71Jersey6-B
Howard, Joseph71Jersey6-B
Lyall, Anna F.71Jersey6-B
Lyall, Urna M.71Jersey6-B
Lyall, William71Jersey6-B
Woolsey, Alice R.72Jersey6-B
Woolsey, Amos A.72Jersey6-B
Woolsey, Eva J.72Jersey6-B
Woolsey, Louis D.72Jersey6-B
Woolsey, May72Jersey6-B
Woolsey, Mildred72Jersey6-B
Woolsey, Stephen H.72Jersey6-B
Woolsey, U. Jaunita72Jersey6-B
Burns, Daisy73Jersey6-B
Burns, Hugh73Jersey6-B
Nevelyn, Marvy73Jersey6-B
Wychoff, Elizabeth74Jersey6-B
Wychoff, Mary74Jersey6-B
Wychoff, Spencer74Jersey6-B
Wychoff, William74Jersey6-B
Hurly, Edna75Jersey6-B
Hurly, Joseph O.75Jersey6-B
Hurly, Thomas W.75Jersey6-B
Foster, Joseph76Jersey7-A
Shortal, A. Hazel76Jersey7-A
Shortal, Anna76Jersey7-A
Shortal, Florence C.76Jersey7-A
Shortal, Grace A.76Jersey7-A
Shortal, Irene M.76Jersey7-A
Shortal, J. Leslie76Jersey7-A
Shortal, John M.76Jersey7-A
Shortal, L. Raymond76Jersey7-A
Shortal, Mary M.76Jersey7-A
Shortal, Paul C.76Jersey7-A
Gaffney, Grace E.77Jersey7-A
Gaffney, Henry77Jersey7-A
Gaffney, John77Jersey7-A
Gaffney, Nancy L.77Jersey7-A
Gaffney, Rosa M.77Jersey7-A
Gaffney, Thomas77Jersey7-A
Gaffney, William77Jersey7-A
Dougherty, Fannie C.78Jersey7-A
Dougherty, G. Leslie78Jersey7-A
Dougherty, John W.78Jersey7-A
Dougherty, M. Aline78Jersey7-A
Giers, Annie79Jersey7-A
Giers, Barney79Jersey7-A
Giers, Harmon79Jersey7-A
Giers, Henry J.79Jersey7-A
Giers, Joseph79Jersey7-A
Giers, Josephine79Jersey7-A
Giers, Mary79Jersey7-A
Giers, William79Jersey7-A
Woodruff, Ezra T,80Jersey7-A
Woodruff, Hattie H.80Jersey7-A
Woodruff, Lucille B.80Jersey7-A
Woodruff, S. Virginia80Jersey7-A
Sunderland, Augusta R.81Jersey7-A
Sunderland, Baby81Jersey7-A
Sunderland, John P.81Jersey7-A
Sunderland, Louise O.81Jersey7-A
Sunderland, Mildred81Jersey7-A
Sundreland, Jean81Jersey7-A
White, J. Irvin82Jersey7-A
White, John I.82Jersey7-A
White, Sarah J.82Jersey7-A
Cory, E. Mary83Jersey7-A
Cory, Florence M.83Jersey7-A
Cory, Lester J.83Jersey7-A
Waters, Charles H.84Jersey7-A
Waters, Hattie84Jersey7-A
Pritchett, Charlotte85Jersey7-A
Pritchett, D. Perry85Jersey7-A
Pritchett, Charlotte M.85Jersey7-B
Pritchett, Edward Lynn85Jersey7-B
Pritchett, Gilbert D.85Jersey7-B
Pritchett, Nora L.85Jersey7-B
Beiermann, Elizabeth86Jersey7-B
Beiermann, Frank P.86Jersey7-B
Beiermann, Walter86Jersey7-B
Beaty, Agnes A.87Jersey8-A
Beaty, Carl E.87Jersey8-A
Beaty, Luther R.87Jersey8-A
Nail, Ada E.88Jersey8-A
Nail, Barber88Jersey8-A
Nail, Jessie E.88Jersey8-A
Nail, Leland F.88Jersey8-A
Cadmus, Buela E.89Jersey8-A
Cadmus, Jessie C.89Jersey8-A
Cadmus, William A.89Jersey8-A
Campbell, Laura P.90Jersey8-A
Campbell, Mary E.90Jersey8-A
Campbell, Sarah E.90Jersey8-A
Beatty, Eliza A.91Jersey8-A
Beatty, George B.91Jersey8-A
Beatty, John R.91Jersey8-A
Beatty, William J.91Jersey8-A
Owens, Bessie B.92Jersey8-A
Owens, Edith92Jersey8-A
Owens, Emma92Jersey8-A
Owens, Herbert92Jersey8-A
Owens, Ora E.92Jersey8-A
Owens, Payton92Jersey8-A
Merry, Mary A.93Jersey8-A
Merry, Michael H.93Jersey8-A
Powers, Patrick93Jersey8-A
Lucky, Dorethy94Jersey8-A
Lucky, Joseph94Jersey8-A
Weber, Hattie94Jersey8-A
Weber, John94Jersey8-A
Weber, Joseph94Jersey8-A
Weber, Walter94Jersey8-A
Weber, William94Jersey8-A
Woolsey, Herbert O.95Jersey8-A
Woolsey, Nora M.95Jersey8-A
Culborson, Floyd B.96Jersey8-A
Waddell, Charley A.96Jersey8-A
Waddell, Elmyra L.96Jersey8-A
Cooper, Christopher N.97Jersey8-B
Cooper, Cora E.97Jersey8-B
Raftis, Ellen I.98Jersey8-B
Raftis, Mary E.98Jersey8-B
Raftis, Michael98Jersey8-B
Welsh, John98Jersey8-B
Kappler, Elizabeth M.99Jersey8-B
Kappler, Henry99Jersey8-B
Kappler, Lillie M.99Jersey8-B
Duncan, Thomas100Jersey8-B
Parsell (Parcell ?), Emma E.100Jersey8-B
Parsell (Parcell ?), James M.100Jersey8-B
Parsell (Parcell ?), Mildred A.100Jersey8-B
Abeln, Catherine101Jersey8-B
Abeln, Frank101Jersey8-B
Abeln, Harmon101Jersey8-B
Abeln, Lena101Jersey8-B
Hodge, Della F.102Jersey8-B
Hodge, Hazel102Jersey8-B
Hodge, John102Jersey8-B
Hodge, May102Jersey8-B
Beatty, Charles A.103Jersey8-B
Beatty, Charley A.103Jersey8-B
Beatty, Dora103Jersey8-B
Beatty, Frederick103Jersey8-B
Beatty, Lela103Jersey8-B
Parcell (Parsell ?), Etta104Jersey8-B
Parcell (Parsell ?), Jeremiah104Jersey8-B
Gilworth, Neta105Jersey8-B
Gilworth, William105Jersey8-B
McCauley, James105Jersey8-B
Breitweiser, Elvin106Jersey8-B
Breitweiser, Ira106Jersey8-B
Breitweiser, John106Jersey8-B
Breitweiser, Mabel106Jersey8-B
Duggan, Annie E.107Jersey8-B
Duggan, Eleanor107Jersey8-B
Duggan, John107Jersey8-B
Duggan, John M.107Jersey8-B
Adams, Charles E.108Jersey9-A
Adams, Charles N.108Jersey9-A
Woodbury, Robert108Jersey9-A
Woodbury, Sadie B.108Jersey9-A
Cline, E. Lloyd109Jersey9-A
Cline, Emanuel109Jersey9-A
Cline, Irl R.109Jersey9-A
Cline, Mary E.109Jersey9-A
Beaty, Annie S.110Jersey9-A
Beaty, Henry R.110Jersey9-A
Duncan, John110Jersey9-A
Nation, Nellie111Jersey9-A
Riggs, A. Lincoln111Jersey9-A
Riggs, Ida M.111Jersey9-A
Riggs, Verl111Jersey9-A
Stanley, Edward B.112Jersey9-A
Stanley, Florence L.112Jersey9-A
Stanley, Loran C.112Jersey9-A
Stanley, Sarah K.112Jersey9-A
Seet, David C.113Jersey9-A
Seet, Lorene O.113Jersey9-A
Seet, Norma113Jersey9-A
Stanley, Belle114Jersey9-A
Stanley, Charles B.114Jersey9-A
Stanley, Clifford114Jersey9-A
Stanley, Mathew C.114Jersey9-A
Stanley, Nettie114Jersey9-A
Henegan, Augustus F.115Jersey9-A
Henegan, Ellen115Jersey9-A
Henegan, George F.115Jersey9-A
Henegan, James115Jersey9-A
Henegan, Leo P.115Jersey9-A
Henegan, Mary115Jersey9-A
Henegan, Mathew H.115Jersey9-A
Henegan, Philip115Jersey9-A
Beatty, Mabel G.116Jersey9-A
Beatty, Robert S.116Jersey9-A
Beatty, Roy O.116Jersey9-A
Jones, George E.117Jersey9-B
Jones, Julia L.117Jersey9-B
Straton, Elizabeth117Jersey9-B
Sunderland, Charles A.118Jersey9-B
Sunderland, E. Mary118Jersey9-B
Sunderland, Joseph W.118Jersey9-B
Sunderland, Mary E.118Jersey9-B
Sunderland, Sarah S. ( I. ?)118Jersey9-B
Price, Harry L.119Jersey9-B
Price, Lilia B.119Jersey9-B
Price, Myra A.119Jersey9-B
Price, Philip A.119Jersey9-B
Price, William C.119Jersey9-B
Oscar, John120Jersey9-B
Ryan, Lillian I.120Jersey9-B
Ryan, Marcus J.120Jersey9-B
Ryan, Mattie H.120Jersey9-B
Ryan, Stuart L.120Jersey9-B
Dugan, Daisy121Jersey9-B
Dugan, George L.121Jersey9-B
Dugan, Lenard L.121Jersey9-B
Dugan, Lucile121Jersey9-B
Dugan, Raymond A.121Jersey9-B
Long, Frank122Jersey9-B
Long, James D.122Jersey9-B
Long, Robert122Jersey9-B
Long, Sarah A.122Jersey9-B
Day, Charles123Jersey9-B
Day, John J.123Jersey9-B
Day, Leo123Jersey9-B
Day, Lloyd123Jersey9-B
Day, Lulu123Jersey9-B
Day, Sarah C.123Jersey9-B
Voorhees, John124Jersey9-B
Timpe, Eva L.125Jersey9-B
Timpe, Nellie L.125Jersey9-B
Timpe, Peter125Jersey9-B
Lan???, Bertha B.130Jersey9-B
Lan???, Frank S. or I.130Jersey9-B
Lan???, Virginia C.130Jersey9-B
Lan???, Zella F.130Jersey9-B
Woolsey, Edward130Jersey9-B
Millard, Robert131Jersey9-B
Voorhees, Helen131Jersey9-B
Voorhees, Jane T.131Jersey9-B
Voorhees, Murray131Jersey9-B
Voorhees, Stella B.131Jersey9-B
Voorhees, Tillis B.131Jersey9-B
Vahle, Elizabeth132Jersey10-A
Vahle, Sherril C.132Jersey10-A
Vahle, Velma132Jersey10-A
Vahle, William132Jersey10-A
Cory, John A.133Jersey10-A
Cory, Myera ?, J.133Jersey10-A
Goul??, Annie133Jersey10-A
Goul??, Frederick J.133Jersey10-A
Long, Walter C.133Jersey10-A
Haynes, Adam T.134Jersey10-A
Haynes, Ellen134Jersey10-A
Haynes, Frances A.134Jersey10-A
Haynes, Frances L.134Jersey10-A
Haynes, Lucinda134Jersey10-A
Keller, Harry134Jersey10-A
Fitzgerald, Thomas135Jersey10-A
Murphy, Michael135Jersey10-A
Murphy, Nellie135Jersey10-A
Murphy, Nora135Jersey10-A
Murphy, William135Jersey10-A
Berry, Bertha U.136Jersey10-A
Berry, Cecela L.136Jersey10-A
Berry, George R.136Jersey10-A
Berry, Rosa L.136Jersey10-A
Berry, Thelma A.136Jersey10-A
Berry, Willard R.136Jersey10-A
Nevius, Christopher137Jersey10-A
Nevius, Edward A.137Jersey10-A
Nevius, Margueret A.137Jersey10-A
Nevius, Nellie B.137Jersey10-A
Bray, Fred W.138Jersey10-A
Bray, George138Jersey10-A
Bray, Lena138Jersey10-A
Bray, Stella C.138Jersey10-A
Steinkuehler, Elizabeth139Jersey10-A
Steinkuehler, Flora E.139Jersey10-A
Steinkuehler, Floyd R.139Jersey10-A
Steinkuehler, Henry J.139Jersey10-A
Barringer, Ferdinand140Jersey10-A
Barringer, Mary E.140Jersey10-A
Dugan, Clarence E.141Jersey10-B
Dugan, Emelene141Jersey10-B
Dugan, John W.141Jersey10-B
Brooks, Clara A.142Jersey10-B
Brooks, Florence H.142Jersey10-B
Brooks, Fred L.142Jersey10-B
Brooks, Gladys P.142Jersey10-B
Brooks, Harold B.142Jersey10-B
Brooks, Helen M.142Jersey10-B
Brooks, Lynn B.142Jersey10-B
Brooks. Arthur M.142Jersey10-B
Lanham, Christy C.143Jersey10-B
Lanham, Dora R.143Jersey10-B
Fitzgerald, George W.144Jersey10-B
Fitzgerald, Susan M.144Jersey10-B
Tuohy, Daniel145Jersey10-B
Tuohy, Frank145Jersey10-B
Tuohy, John145Jersey10-B
Tuohy, Leo145Jersey10-B
Tuohy, Patrick145Jersey10-B
Tuohy, Thomas145Jersey10-B
Tuohy, William145Jersey10-B
Hunter, Annie146Jersey10-B
Hunter, Blanch146Jersey10-B
Hunter, Helen146Jersey10-B
Hunter, Herschel S.146Jersey10-B
Hunter, Ina146Jersey10-B
Hunter, Lillian146Jersey10-B
Hunter, William H.146Jersey10-B
Hunter, Wilma146Jersey10-B
Davis, Grace M.147Jersey10-B
Davis, Harry E.147Jersey10-B
Davis, Louis L.147Jersey10-B
Woodruff, George H,147Jersey10-B
Woodruff, Mary C.147Jersey10-B
Haycraft, Grace148Jersey10-B
Hunt, Charles W.148Jersey10-B
Hunt, Dora M.148Jersey10-B
Hunt, Dorothy M.148Jersey10-B
Hunt, Douglas D.148Jersey10-B
Hunt, Harry J. or G.148Jersey10-B
Hunt, Helen R.148Jersey10-B
Hunt, Judson D.148Jersey10-B
Hunt, Ralph A.148Jersey10-B
Hildred, Celista W.149Jersey10-B
Hildred, Jerome M.149Jersey10-B
Hildred, Laura E.149Jersey10-B
Hildred, Laure E.149Jersey10-B
Hildred, William H.149Jersey10-B
McGuire, Walter149Jersey10-B
Hill, Edward150Jersey11-A
Ross, David W.150Jersey11-A
Ross, Florence E.150Jersey11-A
Ross, Gerva150Jersey11-A
Ross, Herbert L.150Jersey11-A
Ross, Sadie L.150Jersey11-A
Ross, William150Jersey11-A
Ross, Yolanda M.150Jersey11-A
Henderson, Bessie C.151Jersey11-A
O’Donnell, Charles E.151Jersey11-A
O’Donnell, Helen M.151Jersey11-A
O’Donnell, Mollie A.151Jersey11-A
Farmer, Ellen152Jersey11-B
Farmer, George152Jersey11-B
Farmer, George W.152Jersey11-B
Farmer, Harry152Jersey11-B
Farmer, James E.152Jersey11-B
Farmer, John152Jersey11-B
Wood, Mary152Jersey11-B
Mains, Emmalene153Jersey11-B
Mains, Truman K.153Jersey11-B
Mains, William153Jersey11-B
Stevens, Cora C.154Jersey11-B
Stevens, Edward L.154Jersey11-B
Stevens, Felter B.154Jersey11-B
Stevens, James J.154Jersey11-B
Stevens, Nellie M.154Jersey11-B
Miller, Charles155Jersey11-B
Miller, Edna155Jersey11-B
Miller, Elizabeth L.155Jersey11-B
Miller, Stella F.155Jersey11-B
Bradshaw, Bevie156Jersey11-B
Bradshaw, George W.156Jersey11-B
Bradshaw, Merle156Jersey11-B
Grizzle, Christopher157Jersey11-B
Grizzle, Mary E.157Jersey11-B
Barringer, Julia R.158Jersey11-B
Barringer, Nellie E.158Jersey11-B
Barringer, Rudolph158Jersey11-B
Barringer, Velma G.158Jersey11-B
Graham, Durward B.159Jersey11-B
Graham, Grace E.159Jersey11-B
Graham, Locke A.159Jersey11-B
Graham, Nellie B.159Jersey11-B
Waters, John160Jersey11-B
Waters, Payton160Jersey11-B
Waters, Sarah A.160Jersey11-B
Waters, Wellington160Jersey11-B
Waters, Arthur M.161Jersey11-B
Waters, Eva M.161Jersey11-B
Waters, Rosa E.161Jersey11-B
Sayer, Fannie162Jersey11-B
Sayer, William F.162Jersey11-B
Burns, Leo W.163Jersey12-A
Smith, Anna E.163Jersey12-A
Smith, George E.163Jersey12-A
Smith, Hugh C.163Jersey12-A
Smith, Mary A.163Jersey12-A
Smith, Alfred F.164Jersey12-A
Smith, Alma V.164Jersey12-A
Smith, Annie ?, E.164Jersey12-A
Smith, Charles, F.164Jersey12-A
Smith, George L.164Jersey12-A
Smith, Nora A.164Jersey12-A
Barringer, Kennth D.165Jersey12-A
Barringer, Meta S.165Jersey12-A
Barringer, Otto165Jersey12-A
Woolsey, Alvin165Jersey12-A
Woolsey, Barbara A.165Jersey12-A
Woolsey, George H.165Jersey12-A
Woolsey, Wayne165Jersey12-A
Baker, Christine169Jersey12-A
Baker, Fred169Jersey12-A
Cunningham, Norney ?170Jersey12-B
Berger, Hulda ( Hilda ? )171Jersey12-B
Berger, Ressie ( Bessie ? )171Jersey12-B
Berger, William M.171Jersey12-B
Grizzle, Adeline172Jersey12-B
Grizzle, Bertha C.172Jersey12-B
Grizzle, Elsie172Jersey12-B
Grizzle, Ida Z.172Jersey12-B
Grizzle, John M.172Jersey12-B
Grizzle, Martha A.172Jersey12-B
Grizzle, Nora V.172Jersey12-B
Grizzle, Sarah J.172Jersey12-B
Grizzle, Stella M.172Jersey12-B
Grizzle, Truman L.172Jersey12-B
Waters, Charles W.173Jersey12-B
Waters, Edna173Jersey12-B
Waters, John W.173Jersey12-B
Waters, LeRoy173Jersey12-B
Tucker, Louis E.173Jersey13-B
Whitlock, George W.173Jersey13-B
Whitlock, Rachael M.173Jersey13-B
Cray, Augustus L.174Jersey12-B
Cray, Ella M.174Jersey12-B
Cray, Herbert B.174Jersey12-B
Cray, Leslie R.174Jersey12-B
Cray, Minerva174Jersey12-B
Huff, Mary174Jersey12-B
Loy, Louis174Jersey12-B
Ritchey, Edna P.174Jersey13-B
Ritchey, Gertrude L.174Jersey13-B
Ritchey, Nettie or Nellie174Jersey13-B
Ritchey, Van174Jersey13-B
Mains, Bracy175Jersey12-B
Mains, Houston R.175Jersey12-B
Mains, Johanna175Jersey12-B
Mains, Thomas J.175Jersey12-B
Mains, Walter J.175Jersey12-B
Carson, Agnes E.175Jersey14-A
Carson, Ellen R.175Jersey14-A
Carson, Elmer J.175Jersey14-A
Carson, Emma M.175Jersey14-A
Carson, George W.175Jersey14-A
Carson, Gladys E.175Jersey14-A
Carson, Jacob175Jersey14-A
Marshall, William175Jersey14-A
Graves, A. Henry176Jersey12-B
Lyle, Ernest R.176Jersey12-B
Lyle, Lavana176Jersey12-B
Lyle, Richard176Jersey12-B
Lyle, Thomas H.176Jersey12-B
Lyle, Tossie C.176Jersey12-B
Lyle, Truman M.176Jersey12-B
Frank, Freeman176Jersey14-A
Loy, Mary176Jersey14-A
Mains, Edith176Jersey14-A
Mains, Edna176Jersey14-A
Mains, James F.176Jersey14-A
Mains, Kenneth176Jersey14-A
Mains, Robert176Jersey14-A
Mains, Stella176Jersey14-A
Moore, James176Jersey14-A
Coons, Charles177Jersey12-B
Frank, Edwin H.177Jersey12-B
Loy, Alfred W.177Jersey12-B
Loy, Alice F.177Jersey12-B
Loy, John177Jersey12-B
Long, Clyde L.177Jersey14-A
Huff, Jesse178Jersey12-B
Prough, Annie178Jersey12-B
Prough, Louis A.178Jersey12-B
Prough, Malinda178Jersey12-B
Whitlock, Ada M.178Jersey14-A
Whitlock, Arnold L.178Jersey14-A
Whitlock, Deeforest178Jersey14-A
Whitlock, Dora R.178Jersey14-A
Whitlock, Emma M.178Jersey14-A
Whitlock, George B.178Jersey14-A
Whitlock, George D.178Jersey14-A
Mason, Albert R.179Jersey12-B
Mason, Elmer H.179Jersey12-B
Mason, Emily A.179Jersey12-B
Mason, Pinkney A.179Jersey12-B
Dryer, Walter179Jersey14-A
Stalhaut, August179Jersey14-A
Westerhold, Alfred F.179Jersey14-A
Westerhold, Edna M.179Jersey14-A
Westerhold, Edward F.179Jersey14-A
Westerhold, Mary179Jersey14-A
Westerhold, Raymond179Jersey14-A
Plato, Clara180Jersey1`3-A
Plato, Elsie180Jersey13-A
Plato, Howard C.180Jersey13-A
Plato, Ive M.180Jersey13-A
Plato, Phillip L.180Jersey13-A
Halbert, Jessie180Jersey14-B
Mains, Andrew J.180Jersey14-B
Mains, Eliza R.180Jersey14-B
Mains, Lusille M.180Jersey14-B
Mains, Ralph H.180Jersey14-B
Mains, Ralph H.180Jersey14-B
Mains, Ricberta ? J.180Jersey14-B
Mains, William T.180Jersey14-B
Hutchins, Carl E.181Jersey13-A
Hutchins, Clyde V. ?181Jersey13-A
Hutchins, Geraldine181Jersey13-A
Hutchins, Irwin C.181Jersey13-A
Hutchins, Stella G.181Jersey13-A
Pope, Bessie E.181Jersey14-B
Pope, James E.181Jersey14-B
Pope, Sadie181Jersey14-B
Smalley, Lucius181Jersey14-B
Washam, Florence R.182Jersey13-A
Washam, Harry T.182Jersey13-A
Washam, Mary E.182Jersey13-A
Washam, William L.182Jersey13-A
Patterson, Fannie C.182Jersey14-B
Patterson, Horace G.182Jersey14-B
Irwin, Amos183Jersey13-A
Irwin, Mary183Jersey13-A
Irwin, Sennie (Lennie ?)183Jersey13-A
Keehner, Carl183Jersey14-B
Keehner, Edith183Jersey14-B
Keehner, Edward183Jersey14-B
Keehner, George183Jersey14-B
Keehner, Lawrence183Jersey14-B
Keehner, Maggie183Jersey14-B
Prough, Margret184Jersey13-B
Prough, Simon184Jersey13-B
Smith, Margret184Jersey13-B
Cummings, Owens184Jersey14-B
Riley, George A.185Jersey13-B
Riley, Janette L.185Jersey13-B
Riley, Lucy L.185Jersey13-B
Star, John P.185Jersey13-B
Chapman, Theodore S.185Jersey14-B
Chapman, Sarah185Jersey14-B
Van Nort, Wilson A.186Jersey13-B
Woolsey, Alberta I.187Jersey13-B
Woolsey, Austin187Jersey13-B
Woolsey, Hattie187Jersey13-B
Estis, Andrew188Jersey13-B
Estis, Clarence188Jersey13-B
Estis, Frances188Jersey13-B
Estis, Harvey188Jersey13-B
Estis, William188Jersey13-B
Settemayer, Florance188Jersey13-B
Settemayer, Julia188Jersey13-B
Settemayer, Verna H.188Jersey13-B
Moore, Lloyd E.189Jersey13_B
Moore, John189Jersey13-B
Moore, John W.189Jersey13-B
Moore, Laura189Jersey13-B
Moore, Maggie A.189Jersey13-B
Moore, Mary E.189Jersey13-B
Moore, Nancy C.189Jersey13-B
Moore, Nettie A.189Jersey13-B
Frost, Charles190Jersey13-B
Woolsey, Evert M.190Jersey13-B
Woolsey, George M.190Jersey13-B
Woolsey, Katie190Jersey13-B
Prough, Cordelia R.191Jersey13-B
Prough, Fred191Jersey13-B
Prough, Freda191Jersey13-B
Stocks, Annie M.192Jersey13-B
Stocks, Orange F.192Jersey13-B
Stocks, Robert W.192Jersey13-B
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