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1910 Jersey County Federal Census Index
Fidelity TownshipThis transcription of the index to the Jersey County Federal Census of 1910 was contributed by Delores Molloy. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

Stone, Hannah C.1Fidelity1-A
Downs, Grace L.2Fidelity1-A
Downs, William M.2Fidelity1-A
Marshall, Clarence B.2Fidelity1-A
Marshall, Elizabeth2Fidelity1-A
Marshall, Grace2Fidelity1-A
Bell, Edna I.3Fidelity1-A
Bell, Emlie3Fidelity1-A
Bell, James H.3Fidelity1-A
Bell, Otis R.3Fidelity1-A
Crist, Louis C.4Fidelity1-A
Crist, Mabel, C.4Fidelity1-A
Crist, Rebecca4Fidelity1-A
Moran, Elmer E.5Fidelity1-A
Moran, Harley E.5Fidelity1-A
Moran, Rose A.5Fidelity1-A
Moran, Thomas5Fidelity1-A
Moran, Tresia W.5Fidelity1-A
Watson, Otto6Fidelity1-A
Watson, Pearl P.6Fidelity1-A
Watson, Robert G.6Fidelity1-A
Watson, Sarah L.6Fidelity1-A
Webb, Carrie A.7Fidelity1-A
Webb, Colonel S.7Fidelity1-A
Webb, William7Fidelity1-A
Melder, Fannie L.8Fidelity1-A
Melder, James C.8Fidelity1-A
Melder, Mildred M.8Fidelity1-A
Melder, Paul W.8Fidelity1-A
Melder, William8Fidelity1-A
Moore, Sarah E.8Fidelity1-A
Moore, William8Fidelity1-A
Thompson, Ceyle D.9Fidelity1-A
Thompson, William9Fidelity1-A
Clark, Charles P.10Fidelity1-A
Clark, Cora M.10Fidelity1-A
Clark, Irma10Fidelity1-A
Clark, Kenneth10Fidelity1-A
Darnell, Gladys M.11Fidelity1-A
Darnell, Mamie E.11Fidelity1-A
Darnell, Verna M.11Fidelity1-A
Darnell, William O.11Fidelity1-A
Huff, John12Fidelity1-A
Huff, Martha A.12Fidelity1-A
Jewell, Raymond R.12Fidelity1-A
Smith, Clifford T.13Fidelity1-A
Smith, Harry H.13Fidelity1-A
Smith, Mary A.13Fidelity1-A
Smith, Thomas R.13Fidelity1-A
Bell, Harry G.14Fidelity1-A
Bell, Arley D.14Fidelity1-B
Carney, Augusta F.15Fidelity1-B
Carney, John15Fidelity1-B
Carney, Naomi M.15Fidelity1-B
Carney, Richard15Fidelity1-B
Huff, Annie16Fidelity1-B
Huff, John16Fidelity1-B
Huff, Lester16Fidelity1-B
Huff, William16Fidelity1-B
Huff, William H.16Fidelity1-B
Sheehe, Mary16Fidelity1-B
Smith, Ernest17Fidelity1-B
Smith, Louis A,17Fidelity1-B
Smith, Lucille N.17Fidelity1-B
Smith, Margurite17Fidelity1-B
Smith, Mary H.17Fidelity1-B
Smith, Velma F.17Fidelity1-B
Tolins ?, Antin17Fidelity1-B
Moore, Margaret18Fidelity1-B
Watson, John H.19Fidelity1-B
Watson, Lucy A.19Fidelity1-B
Tuetken, Elmer20Fidelity1-B
Tuetken, Carl20Fidelity1-B
Tuetken, Herman J.20Fidelity1-B
Tuetken, Marguerite20Fidelity1-B
Tuetken, Marie L.20Fidelity1-B
Tuetken, Paul20Fidelity1-B
Cornelius, Annie A.21Fidelity1-B
Cornelius, Hattie O.21Fidelity1-B
Cornelius, Homer D.21Fidelity1-B
Cornelius, Hoyl S.21Fidelity1-B
Cornelius, Jessie H.21Fidelity1-B
Cornelius, Octie A.21Fidelity1-B
Cornelius, Roland N.21Fidelity1-B
Cornelius, Ruth G.21Fidelity1-B
Cornelius, Sylvia H.21Fidelity1-B
Henderon, Rena E.22Fidelity1-B
Henderson, Elroy22Fidelity1-B
Forester, Carl23Fidelity1-B
Deichler, Anna E.24Fidelity1-B
Deichler, Charles H.24Fidelity1-B
Deichler, Clara L.24Fidelity1-B
Deichler, Freida, N.24Fidelity1-B
Deichler, Mary L.24Fidelity1-B
Deichler, Vida I.24Fidelity1-B
Deichler, William H.24Fidelity1-B
Moore, Ina B.25Fidelity1-B
Moore, Mollie B.25Fidelity1-B
Moore, Robert E.25Fidelity1-B
Ferguson, Adolphus V.26Fidelity1-B
Ferguson, Neome B.26Fidelity2-A
Kramer, Mellie B.27Fidelity2-A
Rodell, Adolph27Fidelity2-A
Rodell, Emuel27Fidelity2-A
Rodell, Francis H.27Fidelity2-A
Rodell, Jacob27Fidelity2-A
Rodell, Mary H.27Fidelity2-A
Rodell, Pearl T.27Fidelity2-A
Rodell, Winfred J.27Fidelity2-A
Bringhurst, Edna A.28Fidelity2-A
Bringhurst, James28Fidelity2-A
Bringhurst, Neva E.28Fidelity2-A
Bringhurst, Paul H.28Fidelity2-A
Griswold, John T.29Fidelity2-A
Griswold, Lloyd29Fidelity2-A
Griswold, Mary C.29Fidelity2-A
Griswold, Warren N.29Fidelity2-A
Ruyle, Bertha M.30Fidelity2-A
Ruyle, Cecil A.30Fidelity2-A
Ruyle, Eliza A.30Fidelity2-A
Ruyle, Fay E.30Fidelity2-A
Ruyle, John T.30Fidelity2-A
Ruyle, William L.30Fidelity2-A
Bell, Charles H.31Fidelity2-A
Bell, George L.31Fidelity2-A
Bell, Orville31Fidelity2-A
Christopher, Warren32Fidelity2-A
Rodell, George T.33Fidelity2-A
Rodell, George W.33Fidelity2-A
Rodell, Ivy D.33Fidelity2-A
Rodell, Laura E.33Fidelity2-A
Erwin, Albert D.34Fidelity2-A
Erwin, Tillie E.34Fidelity2-A
Price, Thomas A.35Fidelity2-A
Pruitt, Della M.35Fidelity2-A
Pruitt, Frank L.35Fidelity2-A
Pruitt, Lelia G.35Fidelity2-A
Pruitt, Myrtle L.35Fidelity2-A
Pruitt, Richard O.35Fidelity2-A
Pruitt, Russell J.35Fidelity2-A
Pruitt, Thelma I.35Fidelity2-A
Pruitt, Thomas A.35Fidelity2-A
Pruitt., Nora C.35Fidelity2-A
Lutz, Annie K.36Fidelity2-A
Lutz, Fred F.36Fidelity2-A
Lutz, Henry36Fidelity2-A
Lutz, Henry W.36Fidelity2-A
Lutz, May E.36Fidelity2-A
Lutz, Paul W.36Fidelity2-A
Daniels, James F.37Fidelity2-A
Daniels, Ellen37Fidelity2-B
Daniels, William R.37Fidelity2-B
Marshall, Cora M.38Fidelity2-B
Marshall, William H.38Fidelity2-B
Erwin, Walter E.39Fidelity2-B
Grimm, Henry F.40Fidelity2-B
Grimm, Louis W.40Fidelity2-B
Grimm, Mary H.?40Fidelity2-B
Riley, Ida M.41Fidelity2-B
Riley, Rebecca41Fidelity2-B
Riley, William W.41Fidelity2-B
Ferguson, Elizabeth42Fidelity2-B
Ferguson, Perry C.42Fidelity2-B
Lawrence, Elsie M.43Fidelity2-B
Lawrence, Marcus43Fidelity2-B
Lawrence, Martin V.43Fidelity2-B
Downs, Alice I.44Fidelity2-B
Downs, Edna C.44Fidelity2-B
Downs, Evaline A.44Fidelity2-B
Downs, Everette44Fidelity2-B
Downs, George I.44Fidelity2-B
Downs, Hattie44Fidelity2-B
Downs, Lucy B.44Fidelity2-B
Downs, May44Fidelity2-B
Downs, Nellie I.44Fidelity2-B
Stone, Rebecca A.45Fidelity2-B
Stone, Sadie45Fidelity2-B
Stone, Simon T.45Fidelity2-B
Pruitt, Lucy46Fidelity2-B
Pruitt, William46Fidelity2-B
Ritchey, Everett46Fidelity2-B
Kramer, John P.47Fidelity2-B
Rodell, Annie N.47Fidelity2-B
Rodell, Harold47Fidelity2-B
Rodell, William P.47Fidelity2-B
Beard, Charles E.48Fidelity2-B
Beard, Edward A.48Fidelity2-B
Beard, Emma O.48Fidelity2-B
Beard, Nettie M.48Fidelity2-B
Beard, Walter F.48Fidelity2-B
Roady, Raymond49Fidelity2-B
Roady, Rosetta C.49Fidelity2-B
Roady, Rosetta W.49Fidelity2-B
Roady, Solomon T.49Fidelity2-B
Roady, Solomon W.49Fidelity2-B
Wiegand, Odelia A.50Fideilty3-A
Wiegand, Albert C.50Fidelity2-B
Wiegand, Amelia E.50Fidelity2-B
Wiegand, Curt F.50Fidelity2-B
Wiegand, Gertrude C.50Fidelity2-B
Wiegand, Orvas F.50Fidelity2-B
Wiegand, Rosie A.50Fidelity3-A
Christopher, Mary B.51Fidelity3-A
Hauskins, Jane M.51Fidelity3-A
Aydelott, Sarah A.52Fidelity3-A
Aydelott, Thomas B.52Fidelity3-A
Stone, Louise52Fidelity3-A
Roenig, Lydia53Fidelity3-A
Reed, John54Fidelity3-A
Reed, Minnie54Fidelity3-A
Reed, Thomas54Fidelity3-A
Roady, Dora H.55Fidelity3-B
Roady, Grace L.55Fidelity3-B
Roady, John55Fidelity3-B
Roady, Mary R.55Fidelity3-B
Walter, George56Fidelity3-B
Walter, George W.56Fidelity3-B
Walter, Grace M.56Fidelity3-B
Walter, Harriett C.56Fidelity3-B
Walter, Helen C.56Fidelity3-B
Walter, Henrietta56Fidelity3-B
Walter, Louis E.56Fidelity3-B
Walter, Russell H.56Fidelity3-B
Tucker, Charles J.57Fidelity3-B
Tucker, Ida M.57Fidelity3-B
Tucker, Laura A.57Fidelity3-B
Tucker, Luther C.57Fidelity3-B
Tucker, Roy A.57Fidelity3-B
Coleman, Catherine O.58Fidelity3-B
Coleman, Daniel58Fidelity3-B
Coleman, Ellen M.58Fidelity3-B
Coleman, Marcus S.58Fidelity3-B
Coleman, Marguerite A.58Fidelity3-B
Coleman, Mary A.58Fidelity3-B
Coleman, Michael H.58Fidelity3-B
Coleman, Michael H.58Fidelity3-B
Coleman, Patrick58Fidelity3-B
Fitzgerald, James M.58Fidelity3-B
Fitzgerald, John W.58Fidelity3-B
Fitzgerald, no name58Fidelity3-B
Fitzgerald, Thomas P.58Fidelity3-B
Moore, Alvah H.59Fidelity3-B
Moore, Cecil T.59Fidelity3-B
Moore, Clarence H.59Fidelity3-B
Moore, Eldon E.59Fidelity3-B
Moore, Genela S.59Fidelity3-B
Moore, Herbert D.59Fidelity3-B
Moore, Hugh T.59Fidelity3-B
Moore, Lelia G.59Fidelity3-B
Moore, Sarah J.59Fidelity3-B
Searles, Clarence R.60Fidelity3-B
Searles, Jennie G.60Fidelity3-B
Boner, Mary O.61Fidelity3-B
Boner, William A.61Fidelity3-B
Ineen ?, Ada62Fidelity3-B
Ineen ?, James F.62Fidelity3-B
Ineen ?, Roy H.62Fidelity3-B
Collins, Bridget O.63Fidelity3-B
Collins, Ellen M.63Fidelity3-B
Collins, Patrick63Fidelity3-B
Collins, Thomas W.63Fidelity3-B
Collins, David M.63Fidelity4-A
Collins, Patrick J.63Fidelity4-A
Shearin, Thomas63Fidelity4-A
Day, Bertha M.64Fidelity4-A
Day, Ira O.64Fidelity4-A
Day, Sarah E.64Fidelity4-A
Day, William A.64Fidelity4-A
Day, William A. Jr.64Fidelity4-A
Day, Alma J.65Fidelity4-A
Day, Glenn R.65Fidelity4-A
Day, Thomas M.65Fidelity4-A
Reeves, Clifford H.66Fidelity4-A
Reeves, Culas M.66Fidelity4-A
Reeves, Dora66Fidelity4-A
Reeves, Dorothy66Fidelity4-A
Reeves, Goldie66Fidelity4-A
Reeves, Lillian66Fidelity4-A
Reeves, Russell W.66Fidelity4-A
Reeves, Ulysses G.66Fidelity4-A
Tracy, Milton J.67Fidelity4-A
Watson, John W.67Fidelity4-A
Watson, Nola M.67Fidelity4-A
Watson, Sarah B.67Fidelity4-A
Gorman, Bernard L.68Fidelity4-A
Gorman, Bernard L. Jr.68Fidelity4-A
Gorman, James L.68Fidelity4-A
Gorman, Rose68Fidelity4-A
McGowan, Hugh68Fidelity4-A
Furlong, John69Fidelity4-A
Furlong, John Jr.69Fidelity4-A
Furlong, Katherine69Fidelity4-A
Furlong, Margaret69Fidelity4-A
Furlong, Mary69Fidelity4-A
Furlong, Stephen69Fidelity4-A
Thurn, Carl H.70Fidelity4-A
Thurn, Mary ?70Fidelity4-A
Thurn, Nellie C.70Fidelity4-A
Thurn, William H.70Fidelity4-A
Fritz, Ethel71Fidelity4-A
Fritz, Eugene71Fidelity4-A
Fritz, Florence71Fidelity4-A
Fritz, George71Fidelity4-A
Fritz, Helen71Fidelity4-A
Fritz, Herschel71Fidelity4-A
Fritz, Mildred71Fidelity4-A
Fritz, Pearl71Fidelity4-A
Fritz, Ralph71Fidelity4-A
Fritz, Zana ?71Fidelity4-A
Fritz, Sherman71Fiselity4-A
Collins, Daniel72Fidelity4-A
Collins, Annie72Fidelity4-B
Collins, Ellen E.72Fidelity4-B
Collins, Joseph L.72Fidelity4-B
Collins, Mary L.72Fidelity4-B
Collins, Teresa L.72Fidelity4-B
Mohrman, George73Fidelity4-B
Mohrman, Joseph H.73Fidelity4-B
Mohrman, Mary E.73Fidelity4-B
Boker, Fred74Fidelity4-B
Pruitt, Cora S.74Fidelity4-B
Pruitt, Hazel N.74Fidelity4-B
Pruitt, Walter S.74Fidelity4-B
Shine Teresa E.75Fidelity4-B
Shine, John75Fidelity4-B
Shine, Julia F.75Fidelity4-B
Shine, Lester T.M.75Fidelity4-B
Shine, Margaret L.75Fidelity4-B
Shine, Mary75Fidelity4-B
Shine, Mary S.75Fidelity4-B
Quirk, Alice E.76Fidelity4-B
Quirk, Alice E.76Fidelity4-B
Quirk, Henrietta F.76Fidelity4-B
Quirk, John D.76Fidelity4-B
Quirk, Joseph L.76Fidelity4-B
Quirk, Mary G.76Fidelity4-B
Quirk, Robert J.76Fidelity4-B
Quirk, William76Fidelity4-B
Quirk, William F.76Fidelity4-B
Gilworth, Catherine77Fidelity4-B
Gilworth, Edward77Fidelity4-B
Gilworth, Elsie E.77Fidelity4-B
Gilworth, Viola E.77Fidelity4-B
Stiert ?, Elizabeth B.78Fidelity4-B
Stiert ?, James78Fidelity4-B
Benett, Geneoeve?79Fidelity4-B
Powers, Annie J.79Fidelity4-B
Powers, Geraldine79Fidelity4-B
Powers, John79Fidelity4-B
Powers, Edward80Fidelity4-B
Powers, Mary J.80Fidelity4-B
Rich, Alice T.81Fidelity4-B
Rich, James H.81Fidelity4-B
Rich, Russell T.81Fidelity4-B
Rice, Calista E.82Fidelity4-B
Rice, Charles A.82Fidelity4-B
Rice, Mary N.82Fidelity4-B
Berkenmeyer, Annie83Fidelity4-B
Berkenmeyer, Charles83Fidelity4-B
Berkenmeyer, William83Fidelity4-B
Berkenmeyer. Richard83Fidelity4-B
Carson, Gene V.83Fidelity5-A
Gilworth, George R.84Fidelity5-A
Gilworth, Jennie84Fidelity5-A
Gilworth, Robert E.84Fidelity5-A
Cunningham, James85Fidelity5-A
Miner, Clarence C.85Fidelity5-A
Miner, Stella B.85Fidelity5-A
Porter, Alma W.86Fidelity5-A
Porter, Edgar H.86Fidelity5-A
Porter, William E.86Fidelity5-A
Porter, William E.86Fidelity5-A
Apps, Mary A.87Fidelity5-A
Ely, Adelia E.87Fidelity5-A
Ely, Archibald F.87Fidelity5-A
Ely, Arthur L.87Fidelity5-A
Ely, Mabel M.87Fidelity5-A
Ely, Richard F.87Fidelity5-A
Roady, Angelina A.88Fidelity5-A
Roady, Campbell G.88Fidelity5-A
Roady, Charlotte F. B.88Fidelity5-A
Roady, John C.88Fidelity5-A
Roady, Otis L.88Fidelity5-A
Holmes, Annie M.89Fidelity5-A
Holmes, Eric W.89Fidelity5-A
Holmes, Glen M.89Fidelity5-A
Holmes, Vail M.89Fidelity5-A
Rhine, Catherine M.90Fidelity5-A
Rhine, Rollie V.90Fidelity5-A
Clamfritt ?, Lela R.91Fidelity5-A
Clamfritt ?, Samuel R.91Fidelity5-A
Clamfritt ?, Sarah N.91Fidelity5-A
Clamfritt, Claude R.91Fidelity5-A
Pritchett, Addie E.92Fidelity5-A
Pritchett, Albert H.92Fidelity5-A
Herring, Bertha M.93Fidelity5-A
Herring, John A.93Fidelity5-A
Herring, John L.93Fidelity5-A
Herring, Margaret E.93Fidelity5-A
Herring, Nancy A.93Fidelity5-A
Herring, Nettie M.93Fidelity5-A
Herring, Paul R.93Fidelity5-A
Herring, William93Fidelity5-A
Rich, Arthur R.94Fidelity5-A
Rich, Arthur R. Jr.94Fidelity5-A
Rich, Hannah E.94Fidelity5-A
Rich, Irma R.94Fidelity5-A
Carroll, John J.95Fidelity5-A
Carroll, Michael95Fidelity5-A
Carroll, Thomas95Fidelity5-A
Carroll, Timothy95Fidelity5-A
Seago, Helen R.95Fidelity5-B
Seago, Mary E.95Fidelity5-B
Sinclair, Caroline96Fidelity5-B
Sinclair, Emma96Fidelity5-B
Sinclair, Frankie96Fidelity5-B
Sinclair, Grover E.96Fidelity5-B
Sinclair, Myrtle96Fidelity5-B
Sinclair, Samuel96Fidelity5-B
Chism, Alice A.97Fidelity5-B
Chism, Amanda A.97Fidelity5-B
Chism, Frank E.97Fidelity5-B
Chism, Irene V.97Fidelity5-B
Chism, Thelma B.97Fidelity5-B
Tonsor, Agnes98Fidelity5-B
Tonsor, Agnes98Fidelity5-B
Tonsor, Bertha98Fidelity5-B
Tonsor, Mary M.98Fidelity5-B
Tonsor, Stephen98Fidelity5-B
Tonsor, Stephen J.98Fidelity5-B
Woods, Celia A.99Fidelity5-B
Woods, Frankie H.99Fidelity5-B
Woods, Hubert L.99Fidelity5-B
Woods, Jennie99Fidelity5-B
Woods, Lillie M.99Fidelity5-B
Woods, Stephen G.99Fidelity5-B
Woods, William T.99Fidelity5-B
Spangle, Andrew B.100Fidelity5-B
Spangle, Mary J.100Fidelity5-B
Spangle, Silas100Fidelity5-B
Spangle, William P.100Fidelity5-B
Ring, Charles P.101Fidelity5-B
Ring, David F.101Fidelity5-B
Ring, Denis D.101Fidelity5-B
Ring, Edward S.101Fidelity5-B
Ring, Edward Sr.101Fidelity5-B
Ring, Harriett101Fidelity5-B
Ring, Harriett L.101Fidelity5-B
Ring, Helen M.101Fidelity5-B
Ring, John A.101Fidelity5-B
Ring, Mary101Fidelity5-B
Fitzgerald, Katie102Fidelity5-B
Komank, Edward J.102Fidelity5-B
Komank, Frank102Fidelity5-B
Komank, Frank M.102Fidelity5-B
Komank, Helena N.102Fidelity5-B
Komank, John W.102Fidelity5-B
Komank, Vincent M.102Fidelity5-B
Hartman, Harry G.103Fidelity5-B
Hewitt, Hannah M.103Fidelity5-B
Hewitt, Wiliam R.103Fidelity5-B
Stephenson, David104Fidelity6-A
Stephenson, Poebe N.104Fidelity6-A
Albert, James N.105Fidelity6-A
Albert, Mollie105Fidelity6-A
Albert, Nicholas105Fidelity6-A
Albert, William F.105Fidelity6-A
Vaughn, Ellen106Fidelity6-A
Vaughn, Francis E.106Fidelity6-A
Vaughn, Harry106Fidelity6-A
Vaughn, James A.106Fidelity6-A
Vaughn, Jerry106Fidelity6-A
Vaughn, John106Fidelity6-A
Vaughn, Margaret106Fidelity6-A
Vaughn, Thomas P.106Fidelity6-A
Day, Adeline V.107Fidelity6-A
Day, Thomas L.107Fidelity6-A
Ashford, George W.108Fidelity6-A
Ashford, Lenora108Fidelity6-A
Ashford, Nosle ?108Fidelity6-A
Ashford, Paul108Fidelity6-A
Ashford, Raymond108Fidelity6-A
Ewin, Eva E.109Fidelity6-A
Ewin, Fannie L.109Fidelity6-A
Ewin, Isabel B.109Fidelity6-A
Ewin, John109Fidelity6-A
Ewin, John C.109Fidelity6-A
Ewin, Myrtle L.109Fidelity6-A
Ewin, Paul W.109Fidelity6-A
Ewin, Rose L.109Fidelity6-A
Ewin, Ruth A.109Fidelity6-A
McCollister, Albert S.110Fidelity6-A
McCollister, Edith110Fidelity6-A
McCollister, Elizabeth110Fidelity6-A
McCollister, Fannie B.110Fidelity6-A
McCollister, Isaac F.110Fidelity6-A
Dodge, Ida S.111Fidelity6-A
Dodge, Marcus F.111Fidelity6-A
Dodge, Sylvia N.111Fidelity6-A
Dodge, William K.111Fidelity6-A
McCollister, Edward F.111Fidelity6-A
Simmons, Arthur112Fidelity6-A
Springman, Derbea ?112Fidelity6-A
Tuetken, Bertha R.112Fidelity6-A
Tuetken, Muriel F.112Fidelity6-A
Tuetken, Robert C.112Fidelity6-A
Tuetken, William F.112Fidelity6-A
Tuetken, William R.112Fidelity6-A
Powers, Mary J.113Fidelity6-A
Powers, Walter113Fidelity6-A
Powers, Walter J.113Fidelity6-A
Powers, Mary E.113Fidelity6-B
Carne ?, Helen114Fidelity6-B
Carne ?, Josh E.114Fidelity6-B
Carne, Isaac114Fidelity6-B
Douglas, Mary J.114Fidelity6-B
Bgay ?, Frank D.115Fideilty6-B
Bgay ?, James A.115Fidelity6-B
Bgay ?, Loren F.115Fidelity6-B
Bgay ?, Myra Viola115Fidelity6-B
Bgay ?, Nellie Belle115Fidelity6-B
Coleman, Eliza M.116Fidelity6-B
Coleman, Eugene P.116Fidelity6-B
Coleman, James116Fidelity6-B
Coleman, James L.116Fidelity6-B
Coleman, John L.116Fidelity6-B
Coleman, Lydia E.116Fidelity6-B
Coleman, Matthew F.116Fidelity6-B
Coleman, Richard J.116Fidelity6-B
Coleman, Thomas H.116Fidelity6-B
Coleman, William P.116Fidelity6-B
Watson, Celia117Fidelity6-B
Watson, Clarence117Fidelity6-B
Watson, Lydia117Fidelity6-B
Watson, Sarah117Fidelity6-B
Freeman, George H.118Fidelity6-B
Tucker, Amy118Fidelity6-B
Tucker, Clinton F.118Fidelity6-B
Tucker, Courtney F.118Fidelity6-B
Tucker, Flossie M.118Fidelity6-B
Tucker, Henry B.118Fidelity6-B
Tucker, Leslie L.118Fidelity6-B
Tucker, Ora C.118Fidelity6-B
Tucker, Thelma L.118Fidelity6-B
Tucker, William J. B.118Fidelity6-B
Long, Charles P.119Fidelity6-B
Long, Effie119Fidelity6-B
Coleman, Andrew120Fidelity6-B
Coleman, Catherine120Fidelity6-B
Coleman, Etta120Fidelity6-B
Coleman, James D.120Fidelity6-B
Coleman, William P. Jr.120Fidelity6-B
Coleman, William P. Sr.120Fidelity6-B
Roady, John A.121Fidelity6-B
Roady, Marguerite L.121Fidelity6-B
Roady, Maude D.121Fidelity6-B
Roady, Verna L.121Fidelity6-B
Roady, William A.121Fidelity6-B
Carney, Catherine122Fidelity6-B
Gaffney, Charles P.122Fidelity6-B
Gaffney, Marguerite R.122Fidelity6-B
Caffery, Mary A.123Fidelity7-A
Cunningham, Annie G.123Fidelity7-A
Cunningham, Catherine M.123Fidelity7-A
Cunningham, Dennis F.123Fidelity7-A
Cunningham, John M.123Fidelity7-A
Cunningham, Thomas H.123Fidelity7-A
Cunningham, Thomas P.123Fidelity7-A
Phelan, Mary123Fidelity7-A
Phelan, Robert P.123Fidelity7-A
Aydelott, Berniece124Fidelity7-A
Aydelott, Frank124Fidelity7-A
Aydelott, Nettie124Fidelity7-A
Moore, Charles E.124Fidelity7-A
Moore, Edward S.124Fidelity7-A
Moore, Lester M.124Fidelity7-A
Moore, Lloyd E.124Fidelity7-A
Moore, Lydia E.124Fidelity7-A
Lahey, Catherine L.125Fidelity7-A
Lahey, Denis A.125Fidelity7-A
Lahey, Henrietta F.125Fidelity7-A
Lahey, James S.125Fidelity7-A
Lahey, Rachel A.125Fidelity7-A
Medd, Frank125Fidelity7-A
Moore, Augustus L.126Fidelity7-A
Moore, Catherine A.126Fidelity7-A
Moore, Helen M.126Fidelity7-A
Moore, James D.126Fidelity7-A
Moore, Margaret J.126Fidelity7-A
Moore, Mary M.126Fidelity7-A
Moore, Muriel M.126Fidelity7-A
Moore, William H. Jr.126Fidelity7-A
Moore, William H. Sr.126Fidelity7-A
Mulcahey, William H.126Fidelity7-A
Cunningham, John W.127Fidelity7-A
Gorsy, Bridget127Fidelity7-A
Gorsy, James127Fidelity7-A
Gorsy, Jane127Fidelity7-A
Hembrow, Charles G.128Fidelity7-A
Hembrow, Edward128Fidelity7-A
Hembrow, Eva M.128Fidelity7-A
Hembrow, Hannah128Fidelity7-A
Hembrow, Hannah Y.128Fidelity7-A
Hembrow, Henrietta128Fidelity7-A
Hembrow, Sarah M.128Fidelity7-A
Hembrow, William R.128Fidelity7-A
Kinney, Timothy129Fidelity7-A
Bonnivar, Adolph T.130Fidelity7-A
Bonnivar, Charles H.130Fidelity7-A
Bonnivar, Lucy Q.130Fidelity7-A
Bonnivar, Theodore L.130Fidelity7-A
Craig, Leslie W.131Fidelity7-B
Craig, Lucy C.131Fidelity7-B
Craig, Lucy E.131Fidelity7-B
Craig, Tunis H.131Fidelity7-B
Man?e, Charles131Fidelity7-B
Lahey, Catherine A.132Fidelity7-B
Lahey, Gussene M.132Fidelity7-B
Lahey, Jeremiah132Fidelity7-B
Lahey, Minnie T.132Fidelity7-B
Lahey, Philip H.132Fidelity7-B
Voorhees, Nina T.133Fidelity7-B
Voorhees, Richard H.133Fidelity7-B
Grizzle, Adam E.134Fidelity7-B
Grizzle, Adam J.134Fidelity7-B
Grizzle, Charles L.134Fidelity7-B
Grizzle, Chester C.134Fidelity7-B
Grizzle, Doouglas C.134Fidelity7-B
Grizzle, Jessie R.134Fidelity7-B
Grizzle, Lucy M.134Fidelity7-B
Grizzle, Mary E.134Fidelity7-B
Grizzle, Paul H.134Fidelity7-B
Grizzle, Tossie L.134Fidelity7-B
Hicks, Ina M.135Fidelity7-B
Hicks, John135Fidelity7-B
Hicks, Lizzie M.135Fidelity7-B
Oertel, Albert C.136Fidelity7-B
Oertel, Anna M.136Fidelity7-B
Oertel, Charles A.136Fidelity7-B
Oertel, Paul J.136Fidelity7-B
Weber, Isabel137Fidelity7-B
Weber, Marie137Fidelity7-B
Powers, Ellen138Fidelity7-B
Powers, Mary138Fidelity7-B
Powers, Peter J.138Fidelity7-B
Powers, Thomas138Fidelity7-B
Brown, Starry139Fidelity7-B
Lu?ky (c or e), Georgiana139Fidelity7-B
Lu?ky (c or e), John139Fidelity7-B
Parsell, Dora M.140Fidelity7-B
Parsell, Grace E.140Fidelity7-B
Parsell, Oliver P.140Fidelity7-B
Parsell, Stewart P.140Fidelity7-B
Cook, Elmer141Fidelity7-B
Cook, Mary J.141Fidelity7-B
Cook, Rolla141Fidelity7-B
Cook, Ruth141Fidelity7-B
Cook, William H.141Fidelity7-B
Little, Arby142Fidelity7-B
Little, Edna B.142Fidelity7-B
Little, Ralph J.142Fidelity7-B
Little, Clarence J.142Fidelity8-A
Little, Russell A.142Fidelity8-A
Corzine, Bernadene143Fidelity8-A
Corzine, Eugenia G.143Fidelity8-A
Corzine, Helen T.143Fidelity8-A
Corzine, Nora D.143Fidelity8-A
Corzine, William H.143Fidelity8-A
Parsell, Emma E.144Fidelity8-A
Parsell, Harry T.144Fidelity8-A
Raftus, Johanna145Fidelity8-A
Raftus, Mary A.145Fidelity8-A
Raftus, Thomas F.145Fidelity8-A
Raftus, William145Fidelity8-A
Coleman, Annie A.146Fidelity8-A
Coleman, James146Fidelity8-A
Coleman, John Sr.146Fidelity8-A
Coleman, Patrick146Fidelity8-A
Cunningham, James L.146Fidelity8-A
Armstrong, Angie147Fidelity8-A
Armstrong, Evelyn R.147Fidelity8-A
Armstrong, Harry147Fidelity8-A
Armstrong, Harvy Y.147Fidelity8-A
Armstrong, Hattie147Fidelity8-A
Armstrong, Mehetbel D.147Fidelity8-A
Armstrong, Susie D.147Fidelity8-A
Gato, Howard148Fidelity8-A
Gato, James148Fidelity8-A
Gato, Nellie148Fidelity8-A
Whitlock, Edwin b.149Fidelity8-A
Whitlock, Mildred I.149Fidelity8-A
Whitlock, Peter149Fidelity8-A
Whitlock, Rosy L.149Fidelity8-A
Trotter, Charles W.150Fidelity8-A
Trotter, Maggie Y.150Fidelity8-A
Cunningham, Bessie M.151Fidelity8-A
Cunningham, Eunice A.151Fidelity8-A
Cunningham, Harry F.151Fidelity8-A
Cunningham, Iram P.151Fidelity8-A
Cunningham, Nora151Fidelity8-A
Cunningham, Robert151Fidelity8-A
Cunningham, Sarah151Fidelity8-A
Gabel, Joseph152Fidelity8-A
Hopper, Bertha A.152Fidelity8-A
Smith, Charles S.152Fidelity8-A
Smith, Julia A.152Fidelity8-A
Smith, Nellie R.152Fidelity8-A
Watson, James153Fidelity8-A
Watson, Lottie D.153Fidelity8-A
Watson, Vera R. D.153Fidelity8-A
Watson, Verna D.153Fidelity8-A
Darr, Chalmer154Fidelity8-B
Darr, Charles W.154Fidelity8-B
Darr, Chester154Fidelity8-B
Darr, Cora N.154Fidelity8-B
Darr, Edwin A.154Fidelity8-B
Darr, Guy R.154Fidelity8-B
Darr, Lottie P.154Fidelity8-B
Darr, Margaret S.154Fidelity8-B
Darr, Melissa154Fidelity8-B
Cummings, Annie A.155Fidelity8-B
Cummings, Annie J.155Fidelity8-B
Cummings, Florence M.155Fidelity8-B
Cummings, Peter155Fidelity8-B
Cummings, Peter J.155Fidelity8-B
Cummings, Susan M.155Fidelity8-B
Oertel, Alvin O.156Fidelity8-B
Oertel, Anna156Fidelity8-B
Oertel, Charles H.156Fidelity8-B
Oertel, Emma E.156Fidelity8-B
Oertel, Ida L.156Fidelity8-B
Barnett, Albert O.157Fidelity8-B
Barnett, Phoebe N.157Fidelity8-B
Beiermann, August C.158Fidelity8-B
Beiermann, Cletith A.158Fidelity8-B
Beiermann, Francis L.158Fidelity8-B
Beiermann, Leonard W.158Fidelity8-B
Beiermann, Lucille E.158Fidelity8-B
Kennedy, Mary159Fidelity8-B
Kennedy, William159Fidelity8-B
Moxey, Elsie J.160Fidelity8-B
Moxey, Harry G.160Fidelity8-B
Moxey, Irl (Earl ?) P.160Fidelity8-B
Moxey, Isaac M.160Fidelity8-B
Moxey, Lester G.160Fidelity8-B
Moxey, Robert L.160Fidelity8-B
Clark, Alice C.161Fidelity8-B
Clark, Belle161Fidelity8-B
Clark, Bernice161Fidelity8-B
Clark, Isaac P.161Fidelity8-B
March, Benjamin H.161Fidelity8-B
Stone, David A.161Fidelity8-B
Apps, Edwin M.162Fidelity8-B
Armstrong, Mary S.162Fidelity8-B
Armstrong, William H.162Fidelity8-B
Holmes, Emma C.163Fidelity8-B
Holmes, Lucy E.163Fidelity8-B
Holmes, Mabel M.163Fidelity8-B
Holmes, William E.163Fidelity8-B
Holmes, Wilmer E.163Fidelity8-B
Voorhees, Harry V.164Fidelity8-B
Voorhees, Harriett R.164Fidelity9-A
Voorhees, Harry D.164Fidelity9-A
Voorhees, Nettie A.164Fidelity9-A
Nuernberger, Annie M.165Fidelity9-A
Nuernberger, Henry F.165Fidelity9-A
Nuernberger, Mary A.165Fidelity9-A
Nuernberger, Otto165Fidelity9-A
Douglas, Charles H.166Fidelity9-A
Douglas, James W.166Fidelity9-A
Douglas, Joseph F.166Fidelity9-A
Douglas, Magdalene J.166Fidelity9-A
Douglas, Mary J.166Fidelity9-A
McGabney, Samuel L.167Fidelity9-A
Stone, Annie R.167Fidelity9-A
Stone, Chrisby ( ly ?)167Fidelity9-A
Stone, Goldie T.167Fidelity9-A
Stone, John M.167Fidelity9-A
Stone, Myrtle167Fidelity9-A
Stone, Rebecca R.167Fidelity9-A
Stone, Samuel E.167Fidelity9-A
Stone, Jesse W.168Fidelity9-A
Stone, John L.168Fidelity9-A
Stone, Molly168Fidelity9-A
Pearce, Gilbert D. Jr.169Fidelity9-A
Pearce, Gilbert Sr.169Fidelity9-A
Pearce, Hattie S.169Fidelity9-A
Pearce, Marion D.169Fidelity9-A
Pearce, Wilmot S.169Fidelity9-A
Pearce, Grover P.170Fidelity9-A
Pearce, Mary E.170Fidelity9-A
Cairns, Alexander171Fidelity9-A
Cairns, Elizabeth E.171Fidelity9-A
Cairns, Freanish ?, A.171Fidelity9-A
Hickman ?, Dean B.171Fidelity9-A
Hickman ?, John D.171Fidelity9-A
Phelan, Elizabeth172Fidelity9-A
Phelan, John172Fidelity9-A
Berkenmeyer, Amy D.173Fidelity9-A
Berkenmeyer, Daniel W.173Fidelity9-A
Berkenmeyer, Lee R.173Fidelity9-A
Berkenmeyer, Luela B.173Fidelity9-A
Piggott, Levi173Fidelity9-A
Long, Fred A.174Fidelity9-A
Long, Harold F.174Fidelity9-A
Muffley, Caroline L.174Fidelity9-A
Muffley, Lola E.174Fidelity9-A
Muffley, William H.174Fidelity9-A
Muffley. William C.174Fidelity9-A
Wright, Barbara174Fidelity9-A
Nelson, Fred A.175Fidelity9-A
Nelson, Anna E.175Fidelity9-B
Nelson, Ida K.175Fidelity9-B
Cook, Herbert176Fidelity9-B
Simmons, Elmer R.176Fidelity9-B
Simmons, Emma H.176Fidelity9-B
Bates, Arch177Fidelity9-B
Bates, Emma E.177Fidelity9-B
Bates, Jessie I.177Fidelity9-B
Bates, Nina B.177Fidelity9-B
Bates, William H.177Fidelity9-B
Kirchner, Harmon L.178Fidelity9-B
Kirchner, Harold W.178Fidelity9-B
Kirchner, Lennie178Fidelity9-B
Kirchner, Ray E. or C.178Fidelity9-B
Kirchner, Russell L.178Fidelity9-B
Kirchner, Theda K.178Fidelity9-B
Scoggines, Andrew J.179Fidelity9-B
Scoggines, John B.179Fidelity9-B
Scoggines, John C.179Fidelity9-B
Scoggines, Lafayette179Fidelity9-B
Scoggines, Minnie B.179Fidelity9-B
Scoggines, Tinie M.179Fidelity9-B
Shaw, Cassie A.179Fidelity9-B
Shaw, Cecile M.179Fidelity9-B
Shaw, Emmet E.179Fidelity9-B
Shaw, Frank R.179Fidelity9-B
Shaw, Robert S.179Fidelity9-B
Geisler, Herman J.180Fidelity9-B
Lyles, Adeline A.180Fidelity9-B
Lyles, Amelia J.180Fidelity9-B
Lyles, Harry180Fidelity9-B
Lyles, James T.180Fidelity9-B
Lyles, Jennie180Fidelity9-B
Maloney, Thomas M.181Fidelity9-B
Oscar ?, Charles182Fidelity9-B
Oscar ?, Jessie182Fidelity9-B
Oscar ?, John182Fidelity9-B
Oscar ?, Theodore182Fidelity9-B
Hartwick, Mary M.183Fidelity9-B
Hartwick, William A.183Fidelity9-B
Hartwick, William S.183Fidelity9-B
Peebles, Mary E.183Fidelity9-B
Freeman, Jessie184Fidelity9-B
Freeman, Lester184Fidelity9-B
Freeman, Merle184Fidelity9-B
Freeman, Samuel184Fidelity9-B
Freeman, Walter184Fidelity9-B
Englehardt, Hattie M.185Fidelity10-A
Hurd Emmet D.185Fidelity10-A
Hurd (Herd ?), Cordelia E.185Fidelity9-B
Trotter, Anna H.185Fidelity9-B
Trotter, Thomas I.185Fidelity9-B
Craig, Annie H.186Fidelity10-A
Craig, Catherine E.186Fidelity10-A
Craig, Charles G.186Fidelity10-A
Craig, Emma L. P.186Fidelity10-A
Craig, Garrett S.186Fidelity10-A
Craig, Henry R.186Fidelity10-A
Craig, Myrtle N.186Fidelity10-A
Bean, James187Fidelity10-A
Bean, Melina187Fidelity10-A
Bean, Thomas J.187Fidelity10-A
Bean, William187Fidelity10-A
Gumm, Emma B.188Fidelity10-A
Gumm, George C.188Fidelity10-A
Granes or Graner, Charles189Fidelity10-A
Granes or Graner, Charles189Fidelity10-A
Granes or Graner, Clara189Fidelity10-A
Granes or Graner, Stella189Fidelity10-A
Granes or Graner, William189Fidelity10-A
Beiermann, Andrew J.190Fidelity10-A
Beiermann, Clarence A.190Fidelity10-A
Beiermann, Mary T.190Fidelity10-A
Beiermann, Minnie E.190Fidelity10-A
Woods, Andrew C.191Fidelity10-A
Woods, Lloyd S.191Fidelity10-A
Woods, Mabel M.191Fidelity10-A
Woods, Mary E.191Fidelity10-A
Woods, Mary J.191Fidelity10-A
Woods, Nellie191Fidelity10-A
Corzine, Anna W.192Fidelity10-A
Corzine, Bertha H.192Fidelity10-A
Corzine, Jacob F.192Fidelity10-A
Mencley ?, Hazel E.193Fidelity10-A
Mencley ?, Joseph I.193Fidelity10-A
Mencley ?, Leander W.193Fidelity10-A
Mencley ?, Mary J.193Fidelity10-A
Mencley ?, Otto B.193Fidelity10-A
Mencley ?, Vilo L.193Fidelity10-A
Mencley ?, Zella E.193Fidelity10-A
Kadel, Margaret A.194Fidelity10-A
Kadel, Mary194Fidelity10-A
Kadel, Mary W.194Fidelity10-A
Kadel, Norma E.194Fidelity10-A
Kadel, William194Fidelity10-A
Kadel, William F.194Fidelity10-A
Parsell, Effie C.194Fidelity10-A
Parsell, Frank S.194Fidelity10-A
Parsell, James S.194Fidelity10-A
Parsell, Rena B.194Fidelity10-A
Strebel, Ada C.195Fidelity10-B
Strebel, Fred W.195Fidelity10-B
Strebel, Kenneth L.195Fidelity10-B
Strebel, Sarah195Fidelity10-B
Strebel, William F.195Fidelity10-B
Flynn, Bernard R.196Fidelity10-B
Flynn, Edward196Fidelity10-B
Flynn, Harold E.196Fidelity10-B
Flynn, Mary M.196Fidelity10-B
Smith, Arron R.197Fidelity10-B
Smith, Florence E.197Fidelity10-B
Smith, Harry A.197Fidelity10-B
Smith, Mildred V.197Fidelity10-B
Taylor, Carlo197Fidelity10-B
Taylor, James C.197Fidelity10-B
Taylor, John A.197Fidelity10-B
Taylor, Mark W.197Fidelity10-B
Taylor, Sarah E.197Fidelity10-B
Taylor, Z. Culver197Fidelity10-B
Barnett, Annie M.198Fidelity10-B
Barnett, Arthur H.198Fidelity10-B
Barnett, Elizabeth M.198Fidelity10-B
Barnett, Rosie E.198Fidelity10-B
Barnett, William198Fidelity10-B
Hickman, Adeline M.199Fidelity10-B
Hickman, Dean P.199Fidelity10-B
Hickman, John B.199Fidelity10-B
Hickman, Salinda E.199Fidelity10-B
Felke, Emma C.200Fidelity10-B
Felke, Maud M.200Fidelity10-B
Felke, Walter R.200Fidelity10-B
Felke, William W.200Fidelity10-B
Felke, Willie P.200Fidelity10-B
Kamp, Anna E.201Fidelity10-B
Kamp, Charles201Fidelity10-B
Kamp, Lena S.201Fidelity10-B
Kamp, Mary201Fidelity10-B
Birkenmeyer, Elizabeth T.202Fidelity10-B
Birkenmeyer, Irma M.202Fidelity10-B
Campbell, Cyrus W.203Fidelity10-B
Campbell, Linnie G.203Fidelity10-B
Bray, Catherine L.204Fidelity10-B
Bray, James R.204Fidelity10-B
Bray, Mary F.204Fidelity10-B
Bray, William H.204Fidelity10-B
White, John T. ?205Fidelity10-B
White, Mary M.205Fidelity10-B
Gavin, James S.206Fidelity10-B
Gavin, Mary206Fidelity10-B
Gavin, Joseph A.206Fidelity11-A
Gavin, Katherine E.206Fidelity11-A
Gavin, Philip A.206Fidelity11-A
Gavin, Thomas E.206Fidelity11-A
White, John E.206Fidelity11-A
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